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Black Edition Stainless Steel Towel Rails by JIS Europe 100% stainless steel towel rails 01825 722988 www.sussexrange.co.uk info@jiseurope.co.uk January 2023 HOME-DESIGNER AND ARCHITECT MAGAZINE


Paul Illingworth, Designer Manager at Abode says, “Popular with interior designers and homeowners alike, industrial-style kitchens stand to remain a firm favourite in 2023, with the latest trends reporting a new appreciation for sinks and taps that command an entire room scheme. This, along with the rise of contemporary matt black and brass finishes, is allowing interior designers to complement big ticket items like appliances and designer fixtures, as well as bring extra refinement to this year’s industrial-style kitchen.”

Available in Brushed Nickel and a combination Matt Black & Antique Brass finish, the new Industria 3 IN 1 is defined by its urban slimline aesthetic, contemporary monobloc design and modern finish options. Delivering domestic cold, hot and filtered steaming hot water via a specially designed dual-stage handle for optimum safety, users

simply push the left handle down and then pull forward to release the steaming hot water.

Knurling has become a popular technique for introducing texture into a room, now a known and well loved feature of the industrial kitchen. Industria captures this trend perfectly, designed with two diamond knurled single lever handles and matching spout collar to provide a direct contrast between the smooth body of the tap and functional elements. The deep knurling also helps to provide extra grip if the users hands are wet and soapy, and the insulated 180° swivel spout ensures maximum flexibility for the busy family kitchen or keen cook.

The hot water temperature is set via the PROBOIL under sink boiler: an intelligent hot water boiler, offering fast and trouble-free delivery of steaming hot filtered water at

the touch of a handle. The next generation in intelligent hot water boilers and rigorously field-tested, the PROBOIL Boiler range currently offers a 2-litre stainless steel tank, toolless installation and is an insulated model with low running costs, quick re-boil times and simple intuitive digital controls.

Easy to change and fit, Industria includes a high-quality carbon and resin scale filter and installation pack which promises supreme water filtration and scale control, and is also part of the free of charge Abode filter recycle scheme. Users can simply return expired filters to Abode, gratis via Royal Mail, ensuring a no cost and straight-forward solution for both the home and environment and for added peace of mind, the new Industria 3 IN 1 Steaming Hot Water Tap is covered by a 5-year warranty.

Recognised as a must-have kitchen appliance, 1the hot tap is now reportedly fitted in 40% of new kitchens, which is adding huge value to eco-conscious new builds and home updates with a series of financial rewards for the end user like reduced energy and water consumption.

Pronteau by Abode offers a range of WRAS approved steaming hot water taps, all regulated and approved under the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme having undergone extensive testing to ensure these taps do not cause waste or undue consumption. What’s more, all components within the

Pronteau hot water tap system are also WRAS approved; an essential accreditation that demonstrates Abode’s commitment to designing compliant cutting-edge products for the kitchens of tomorrow.

For further info, please contact Abode: call 01226 283 434, email info@abodedesigns.co.uk, visit www.abodedesigns.co.uk, www.pronteau.co.uk and www.proboil.co.uk

industrial chic
next level, the new Industria 3 IN 1 Steaming Hot Water Tap by Abode
the company’s leading Pronteau Collection and
industrial style kitchens
and function. Main Image & Top-Right: Pronteau Industria 3 IN 1 Matt Black & Antique Brass This image & image left: Pronteau Industria 3 IN 1 Brushed Nickel
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Copper is one of the most versatile materials on the planet and has played a key part in bringing about change, inventions, and new opportunities across society.

It has long been praised for its natural beauty and inherent material properties, yet most of its uses, remain hidden throughout our homes, hospitals, public transport, offices, and in renewable energy sources..

So just how essential is copper to everyday life?

Homes and transport

In your home, you’ll find copper running through your walls, supplying water from your boiler to your bathroom and kitchen, powering your shower and providing hot water to your taps and radiators.

It’s also found in the wiring of household electronics and appliances such as your kettle, microwave, oven, and television.

Copper is also a key material for heating homes, not just in traditional central heating systems but in sustainable heating alternatives such as solar panels, solar thermal systems and air source heat pumps. These systems rely on copper to improve efficiency, as it is a superior conductor of heat.

When choosing which pipes to use with heat pumps flow rate and pressure drops must also be considered. As well as having serious environmental problems, plastic pipes have a considerably smaller bore size and internal area than copper, which has a dramatic effect on flow characteristics. If installers select plastic pipe instead of copper without checking the size correctly, this could negatively impact the heat pump’s performance.

Outside of the home, copper is essential in both cars and public transport. It can be found in the wiring and batteries of electric car and their chargers, as well as a car’s and other motor vehicles’ brake lines. Copper is also vital in keeping public transport running by powering our train and tram lines and their brakes.

Office spaces

Copper piping is as essential in our office spaces too, as it has the capability to effectively heat or cool large spaces. When supplying hot water to busy offices, copper is chosen because of its durability, reducing the risk of leaks and other plumbing problems.

In fact, copper is so durable that it is used in Sweden’s nuclear waste handling technology, where copper canisters encapsulate the radioactive waste for long-term storage. The canisters are required to keep their integrity for at least 100,000 years but are thought to last five times as long with copper ensuring the safety and longevity of the solution.

As well as being found in the pipework in the ceiling above your office, copper is used in the wiring of computers, printers, and other devices that are vital in offices. Put simply, we wouldn’t be able to work without it!



In addition to our homes and office spaces, copper is an essential in hospitals too. It’s one of the only materials trusted to supply medical grade gases, such as oxygen, to patients’ bedsides with no leaks or contamination. Additionally, it has anti-microbial properties which help to protect the health of patients, with studies showing that it can reduce infection rates by 58%.

Our hospitals use medical grade copper to prevent contamination and bacterial growth and, at a time when hospitals are facing

unprecedented demand to ensure patient safety, its use is vital to limit transmission of diseases and keeping patients safe in our places of care.

What makes copper an everyday essential?

Copper’s widespread usage across the home, office, and medical environments, as well as within innovations, is thanks to its ability to be infinitely recycled, without any loss of performance or properties. This ability ensures it will continue to be an everyday essential for generations to come.

Copper has been recycled and reused for as long as we have depended on it, with a fully developed scrap collecting infrastructure which has existed for centuries.

When copper pipes come to the end of their life, they simply go into the furnace and are melted down

and made into brand new copper items, such as pipes. This process does not affect the performance or properties of the new items, copper used once will be identical to that used 100 or 1,000,000 times.

As a result, almost half of Europe’s copper demand is being met by recycled materials and at least 65% of all copper ever produced is still in circulation today.

From homes and hospitals, to transport and offices, copper is the material of the future. Thanks to its superior quality, safety, and ability to be infinitely recycled, it is playing a vital part in our everyday lives, creating a more sustainable future for everyone.

To find out more about the benefits of copper, visit www.cuspuk.com.



The largest producer of natural stone in Northern Europe, Lundhs is delighted to make its debut into a London showroom. Part of the company’s commitment to supporting and supplying the A&D community, the EDGE Eco Showroom ensures architects and interior designers are able to engage with and see the beauty of Lundhs’ natural stones in person, as well as allow the company to be part of valuable networking opportunities within the industry.

“We are thrilled to have a presence within a reputable sustainability-focused showroom within London. The capital is a thriving hub for architects, specifiers and interior designers and we are excited to be participating in a

The Norwegian Natural Stone specialists are delighted to have a presence in the capital within the prestigious EDGE Eco Showroom.

number of industry talks, events and networking opportunities to build on our relationships with the A&D community.” Thor-Anders Lundh Håkestad, CEO, Lundhs

EDGE Eco Showroom

London’s first interior design and construction showroom dedicated to sustainable products and materials; Lundhs is delighted to have been welcomed into the EDGE Eco Showroom. A welcome space for architects, interior designers and construction professionals, Lundhs proudly displays a selection of their stones as wall cladding and countertop installations for visitors to see. A central hub that brings forward-thinking, sustainability-led brands together, Lundhs will be participating and hosting a number of CPD and industry talks as part of its collaboration with this innovative eco-driven space.

Crafted directly from nature’s landscape, Lundhs Real Stone offers architects, designers and specifiers the ultimate versatility when it comes to surface choice. A 100% natural stone, each of the materials in the Lundhs Real Stone portfolio is available in six finishes, each unique in their own way, providing the opportunity to create truly impressive design schemes.

Specified by architects and interior designers the world over, Lundhs is dedicated to providing the A&D community with a first-class service. Beautifully constructed surface

sample boxes displaying each of the six finishes of every stone can be ordered from Ben Ayling, Lundhs Business Dev. Manager in the UK, in addition to further technical information, material and support regarding projects.

Durable, distinctive and completely natural, Lundhs Real Stone surfaces all boast high heat, scratch, water, UV and stain resistance as well as minimum maintenance, making it one of the most versatile surface choices in the world. Thanks to its low porosity and natural resistance to the elements (both heat and frost) the surfaces are often specified for building façades and outdoor paving in addition to its most popular and frequent use – as kitchen or bathroom countertops.

As a RIBA CPD provider, Lundhs also supports its network of architects and designers by carrying out seminars on a regular basis.


EDGE Eco Showroom, 146 Marylebone Road, NW1 5PH, London



For a Chapter Living refurbishment project in King’s Cross, London, Powdertech developed two shades of blue gloss powder coating to match original blue glass that was being replaced as part of the building refurbishment.

The project

Chapter Living student accommodation in King’s Cross has undergone an extensive overhaul inside and out. The previous building had made a colourful statement with windows in two shades of blue glass. Although this would have to be replaced by clear non-combustible glass the designers were keen to retain the shiny blue shades which would reflect the vibrant character of the King’s Cross area.

A major part of the refurbishment was recladding the two sixteen-storey blocks. Century Facades was appointed to carry out this work. It was imperative that all materials used should be non-combustible conforming to EN 13501-1, rating of A1 or A2-s1, d0

Colour matching advice and powder development

The blue shades, formally in the glass, could be replicated within areas of the rainscreen façade and spandrel panels across the accommodation blocks by high gloss polyester powder coating in those shades.

Powdertech was sent shards of blue glass from the old windows, to match with a powder coating both in shade and gloss level. Working in close contact with the client Powdertech directed one of its powder manufacturers to make two unique shades of blue to match the old glass in both colour and gloss. The spandrel panel systems for the facade were manufactured and supplied by Metalline Architectural Fabrications. Powdertech coated 4500 sq m of metal, made up of aluminium spandrel panels of sizes ranging from 350mm by 2.5 m to a larger size of 900mm by 4.5mm.

The non-combustible cladding panels are designed to help prevent fire damage quickly and easily spreading as part of the system. They perform to technical criteria, sound insulation and thermal performance and reduce environmental issues. Powdertech’s powder coatings and application techniques all conform to reaction to fire rating A2-s1,d0, thus contributing to the fire safety of the panels.

The Benefits of Powdertech powder coating

• Striking finish achieved through using polyester resins system.

• Expertise in colour matching and selecting the most suitable powder manufacturer for bespoke shades.

• High performance corrosion protection and weather resistance

• High level of colour and gloss retention

• Conform to A2-s1,d0

• Fast and efficient lead times

• All powders are Qualicoat class 1 or class 2 approved

• Conform to BS EN12206-1



The traits customers talk about most when they leave a review are professionalism (42%), quality of work (34%), and punctuality (13%).

• Tree surgeons are perceived as the tidiest.

• Plumbers are the best at returning calls or messages.

• Tilers are the most likely to be recommended.

See the full results below for more insights.


Perceived value 4% Tidiness 7% Punctuality 13%

TOP We used AI to analyse over 10,000 reviews about tradespeople See what customers say & which trades win We analysed over 10,000 reviews that customers wrote about tradespeople they’d hired. We used advanced text analysis to gauge and measure the sentiment of phrases for twelve different trades. * Net Sentiment Score is the number of positive instances of a phrase relating to a trait minus the number of negative instances. For example if a trade has 100 positive instances of a trait and 10 negative instances, their Net Sentiment Score is 90.

TRAITS – WHICH TRADES CAME Professionalism 42% Quality of work 34%

Most common tradespeople traits

So what do customers talk about most when they write a review? Well, it’s professionalism and the quality of work that take the lion’s share. OUT BEST? We dug deeper into the five traits that people really care about; professionalism, quality of work, punctuality, tidiness and perceived value. Professionalism # Trade Net Sentiment Score 1 Painters 1,647 2 Tilers 1,590 3 Handymen 1,508 4 Gardeners 1,504 5 Heating engineers 1,486 Quality of work # Trade Net Sentiment Score 1 Builders 1,567 2 Painters 1,410 3 Carpenters 1,395 4 Tilers 1,285 5 Plasterers 1,082
TRADE IS BEST AT RETURNING CALLS AND MESSAGES? A common grumble amongst customers or potential customers is ‘they never got back to me’. So which trades are the best at getting back to customers? Best at returning messages # Trade Net Sentiment Score 1 Plumbers 122 2 Heating engineers 106 3 Electricians 57 4 Tree surgeons 56 5 Builders 39 WHICH WORDS DO CUSTOMERS USE MOST? To help visualise the kind of language customers use when they write a review we’ve created this word cloud with the most popular phrases used. my local toolbox tradesperson review analysis word cloud Watch this space for more insights from our analysis of 10,000 reviews. •11• Punctuality # Trade Net Sentiment Score 1 Heating engineers 654 2 Handymen 590 3 Painters 488 4 Plumbers 458 5 Electricians 478 Tidiness # Trade Net Sentiment Score 1 Tree surgeons 414 2 Plasterers 336 3 Painters 252 4 Heating engineers 229 5 Gardeners 211 Perceived value # Trade Net Sentiment Score 1 Electricians 178 2 Plasterers 151 3 Plumbers 143 4 Roofers 107 5 Heating engineers 126 TRADES MOST LIKELY TO BE RECOMMENDED All experienced tradespeople know that the best way to keep a steady stream of customers queuing is to get recommended by previous customers. So how likely is each trade to be recommended? Here are the top five… Most likely to be recommended # Trade % of customers who’d recommend their trade 1 Tilers 57% 2 Painters 56% 3 Plasterers 53% 4 Handymen 49% 5 Heating engineers 49%


is significantly reduced. Indeed, after only a few years against a leaky joint, investment in new sealing tapes will have paid for itself.

“Retrofitting properties with products like Winframer, Vario SD and BLOCO ONE has become a direct focus for property developers and housing associations and is a cost-effective way to insulate existing properties very quickly. As they say the greenest home is one already built. It just needs proper retrofit insulation.”

He says it’s not just the frames themselves that need attention when it comes to keeping out the cold this winter - it’s the entire installation which has to be addressed.

Most property owners probably don’t realise that they are among the majority with energy inefficient windows until they feel a cold draught from somewhere, or see their electric and gas bills rapidly escalate as they struggle to keep their properties warm.

“With 25% of the heat leaking from around windows it’s now even more important to effectively seal around the window to wall gap,” Andy Swift says. “Even before the current energy crisis, it was always an area requiring urgent attention but now it has become paramount because millions of people are struggling to heat their homes and stay warm this coming winter.”

“However, by using modern foam sealants to create a thermal and airtight seal around the window, the amount of heat loss around frames

A pre-compressed tape, ISO BLOCO ONE, which has been independently tested and is both BBA and Passivhaus certified, can be used on joints up to 42 mm, providing a high-performance weather tightness and thermal/ acoustic insulation seal for fenestration applications as the weather gets cold.

Quickly applied by hand around the frame during fitting, ISO BLOCO ONE are energy rated weather tight thermal and acoustic tapes which reduce heat loss and noise ingress to a U value better or equal to the frame. This assures property and homeowners that a comprehensive ‘A’ rated installation can been completed rather than just an ‘A’ rated window supplied.

The tapes can be used to seal joints providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Product can accommodate a temperature range of -30° to +90° and is impermeable to driving rain with a minimum of 600 Pa, making it one of the best performing tapes in its class. Once installed, a building will also be better protected from elemental factors like wind, dust and moisture ingress by accommodating the changes in structural movement caused by environmental, cyclical and settlement factors.

Photocaption: Foam sealant tapes from ISO Chemie improve property energy efficiency

Quick and easy-to-apply, with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, ISO BLOCO ONE can be used to provide effective gap seals to accommodate expansion and movement while remaining permeable to trapped water and water vapour in extreme weather conditions – in the same way as a flexible breathable style building façade material.

ISO-Chemie is one of Europe’s main producers of impregnated foam sealants, specialising in the manufacturer of foam products from polyethylene (EPE), polypropylene (EPP) and polyurethane (PUR) using the latest production techniques.

More at www.iso-chemie.eu

As winter’s icy grip bites harder, the effective insulation and sealing of windows and doors is a priority, says Andy Swift, sales and operations manager for foam sealants specialist, ISO Chemie.
t: 01376 530 800 e: hq@crittall-windows.co.uk INNERVISION® w: crittall-windows.co.uk Image: Gabby Maharajah (info@mustard.events) / Metwin Ltd Crittall interior steel screens & doors Bespoke design and colour to your specification


A design team reimagines a 1930 Embassry Row residence while celebrating its traditional heritage

When gifted interior designers, architects and owners come together with a single vision for a home’s future, the results can seem like kismet. Especially when that home, rising among the stately residences of Embassy Row, imparts a distinguished architectural past. Completed in 1930 for a financier whose taste and fortune rose above the Great Depression, the elegant Georgian Revival house presents a gracefully balanced façade, as well as generous, gracious proportions within.

To realize their ideas, the new owners gathered a present-day dream team including interior designers Jose Solis Betancourt and Paul Sherrill, partners in Solis Betancourt & Sherrill, along with Ankie Barnes of BarnesVanze Architects. As Sherrill recalls, “The client respected the traditional architecture of the house and wanted to embrace and restore that.”

At the same time, the family with children wanted “something a little bit more contemporary and comfort-


able,” adds Solis Betancourt. “They entertain, so they needed large rooms and lots of seating areas. Everyone was interested in balancing traditional and modern design.”

To achieve that balance, Barnes introduced more natural light through new bays and larger glass doors and windows along the back. These changes were matched by the designers’ monochromatic palette of very light colors, from faux limestone walls in the entry to celadon in the dining room and buttery strié in the owners’ bedroom. “We were trying to keep it very subtle and peaceful, maintaining as much lightness as possible,” notes Sherrill. A foundation of contemporary, upholstered furnishings sporting clean, classic forms mingles nimbly with gilded antique chairs, restored marble fireplaces and artwork from the owners’ collection.

A hint of what’s to come welcomes the visitor. In the entrance vestibule, modern light sculptures in graceful swirls were commissioned by the interior designers to fit existing niches. The 30-foot-long entrance hall unfurls ahead—its promenade of spaces defined by paired columns and glistening marble floors detailed with dark borders. At its terminus, a small seating area nestles at the foot of a grand staircase.

“For that space, we designed a narrow perching bench,” says Sherrill, likening its carved wood base to fluting on a column, its gilding influenced by Art Deco. Throughout the home, the designers subtly referenced classical revival elements of that period, which, Sherrill points out, “would have been high style when the house was built.” Enfolded by the staircase curve, a life-sized marble figure echoes ancient Rome while opposite, the designers choreographed twin images of ballerinas by artist Umberto Ciceri. As in a hologram, the dancers are set in motion when family or visitors walk by.

Suffused with light, this area benefits from renovations made to the four-story, six-bedroom house by Barnes, collaborating with project manager Matthew Fiehn. On the staircase landing, enlarged glass doors, newly surrounded by sidelight and fanlight windows, lead out to a sweeping stone terrace. “The connection from the house to the garden on the back was not as strong as it could be,” Barnes explains. “And to my mind the principal rooms were not as well-connected and as generously lit as they should be.” The architect admires the home’s piano nobile plan, in which primary living spaces are placed one floor up. “It means you can organize public rooms in a very grand manner, not complicated by the need to enter,” he observes. “The house is wonderful in that regard—and many others.”

The central stair leads to the main floor’s commodious hall and formal dining room, its entrance framed by symmetrically arranged, sculptural console tables. Above, large paintings by Wolf Kahn bring luminous color to the gently modulated tones that flow through the hall, dining room and

living room. Underpinning all three areas, glimmering carpets were custom-woven in tempered patterns to suit the expansive spaces, including the nearly 34-footlong living room. An archival-design Vladimir Kagan sofa was recreated for this room; its curves point the way toward a classical Crema Marfil marble fireplace.

Added onto the back of the living room, a new glass bay overlooks the verdant garden. This intimate seating area has become a favored spot for the owners to host small luncheons and teas. In addition to a thorough upgrade of the home’s infrastructure, architectural interventions ordered other spaces for modern living. One floor above, a similar glass bay extends the owners’ bedroom. Three additional bedrooms and a library-cum-family gathering space also grace that floor while on the fourth story, the architects created a sky-lit playroom.

In the informal wing on the main floor, Barnes transformed darker spaces into a procession of lofty, lightfilled rooms that extend from the back of the house to the front. Replacing service stairs behind the elevator with a more compact spiral stairway gained seven feet for the new family room, formerly a 12-foot-wide office. The home’s architectural formality extends into this wing, from the family room facing east to the kitchen and delightful breakfast area on the west-facing front.

Carrara marble, first viewed on the entrance-hall floor, reappears on kitchen countertops, backsplash and deep window wells. “It’s beautiful to have this continuity and uniformity of materials,” muses Sherrill, adding that in traditional European homes it was standard practice to use local stone, with variations, throughout. That refined restraint corresponds to ideas embraced by both the architect and owners, who, Sherrill maintains, “wanted a peaceful and harmonious experience.”

Solis Betancourt concurs: “It was a real, true collaboration.”

Renovation Architecture: Ankie Barnes, FAIA, LEEP AP, principal; Matthew Fiehn, AIA, LEED AP, project manager, BarnesVanze Architects, Washington, DC. Interior Design: Jose Solis Betancourt and Paul Sherrill, Solis Betancourt & Sherrill, Washington, DC. Renovation Contractor: Zantzinger, Washington, DC.



A luxurious home is the image of extravagance and allows you to live that lavish lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Yet, no matter what type of home you move into, there are certain things to consider before doing so. Many homeowners believe that simply unpacking is the only task necessary before settling in, however, it’s important to get acquainted with your new house so that you can begin to feel comfortable in it. Getting acquainted requires you to take the time to learn how your new home functions and how you can make it best work for you. Here are some tips on what to consider when moving into your new, luxury home.

1. Complete a walkthrough

Before moving in your belongings, do a complete walkthrough of your new house. Doing so allows you to get a better idea of floor space while also performing final checks on any repairs you requested from previous owners. While conducting a walkthrough, ensure that anything included in the sales price is present in the house. Inspect all items to ensure they’re functioning properly – extend your inspection to include light switches, outlets, doors, windows, and other fixtures. Although you’re likely to clean the home again before moving in furniture, use this initial examination to determine whether the home is free from all debris, dirt and mould.

If you find an issue with the home that violates the sale contract, be sure to get in touch with your realtor immediately. They can inform you of the recourse for the situation and advise you on issues not covered in the contract.

2. Set up internet and utilities

For those moving houses, Sky and other providers offer broadband deals that may work better for your new location. For instance, those moving into a larger home may opt for fibre broadband deals to benefit from faster internet speeds. Be sure to browse internet deals

before determining whether sticking with your current plan is the better option.

Take the time to arrange the transference of utilities before moving into your new home. Verify that your gas, electric, heating and cooling, and water are set up on the day of your move to avoid problems once you get there. You must give utility providers at least 48 hours notice before moving. Some may ask you to provide them with a metre reading before leaving your old home. For more advice on dealing with your energy supply when moving home, visit Citizens Advice here.

3. Determine floor plan

You’ll probably already have an idea of how you want to arrange furniture in your new home, but now is the time to think about the logistics of it. Making a furniture floor plan allows you to move quicker and more easily. At the very least, ensure you know what’s going on in what room.

4. Change locks

Changing the locks on your new home gives you peace of mind that it’s safe and secure. Schedule a locksmith to come by or perform a lock change yourself where knowledgeable. Make sure you re-key all doors and windows leading between the exterior and interior.


Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and manufactured from over 90% recyclable material. It will not rust, flake or corrode.

It is the sustainable, durable choice and can be used in all systems including open. We source our rails ethically and take our social responsibility seriously, from our sourcing to our manufacture to our charity initiatives.

We offer 3 formats of rail throughout the range: Electric, dual fuel and central heating only. We offer both polished and satin finishes as well as the Black Edition Range, manufactured from 100% stainless steel and powder coated black, hereby giving you the ultimate flexibility within your heating as well as visual requirements.

The cornerstones of our business are quality, stock holding and ultimately customer service. The three work hand in hand. We offer an extensive range of sizes and accessories, and constantly strive to bring new and interesting product to the market, whilst always marrying practicality and durability with design aesthete.

We have always maintained a policy of stockholding and all orders are dispatched for next day delivery when ordered before midday. This added to our extensive product range only goes to further improve the service we are able to offer.

Our staff are firstly and foremost polite, friendly and efficient, furthermore they are knowledgeable and able to deal with your queries. There will always be a friendly and

willing person on the other end of the line ready to assist you.

We have a large selection of gallery shots, showing the visual diversity of our rails, on our website www.sussexrange.co.uk .

Comfortable in both a modern and contemporary bathroom as well as the traditional, we think you will be impressed by the diversity of the images shown.

We are confident you will be happy with your purchase and are pleased to offer a 25 year guarantee.

Should you wish any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01825 722988 or info@jiseurope.co.uk

JIS Europe first introduced the Sussex Range to the market in 1998. At that time although there were ladder rails on the market we were unique in that the rails were manufactured from 100% Stainless Steel.
Black Edition Stainless Steel Towel Rails by JIS Europe 100% stainless steel towel rails 01825 722988 www.sussexrange.co.uk info@jiseurope.co.uk


Hamworthy Heating, trusted British manufacturer and supplier of commercial heating and hot water products, is set to celebrate the future of heating with the launch of its first ever monobloc air source heat pump range, the Tyneham, designed to meet UK efficiency requirements in commercial applications.

In line with the latest uplift of Building Regulations’ ‘Conservation of fuel and power: Approved Document L’, which state that non-domestic buildings should be moving to low-carbon heat sources, the launch of the new Tyneham Heat Pump range plays a key role in decarbonisation.

Heat pumps are simple and efficient appliances that extract heat energy from the environment and upgrade it to heat for central heating and hot water requirements. By taking “free energy” from the air via a refrigerant cycle they generate heat without releasing any carbon emissions. Furthermore, with fewer moving parts to go wrong, they have a long-life expectancy with reduced service and maintenance costs.

The new Tyneham heat pump range from Hamworthy offers superb operational reliability, excellent quality, and outstanding performance. One of the smallest commercial heat pumps on the market, the new product offering from Hamworthy Heating features a co-efficiency of performance (COP) rating of up to 4.85, to provide efficient, low carbon heating.

The seven models in the range boast six nominal outputs of between 14 to 70kW, which can also be cascaded to achieve higher outputs in larger installations. Incorporating inverter controller compressor to accurately match the heat demand, RG32 refrigerant also maximises low global warming potential.

Quiet running and featuring a monobloc design, all components are conveniently housed in the main unit which is compact and lightweight for ease of commission and installation.

Available to purchase with variable options such as, flexible hoses, anti-vibration feet, externally mounted control units, and single-phase units, Tyneham air source heat pumps can also be combined with Hamworthy modular boilers for a hybrid heating system.

Experts in its field, Hamworthy Heating has a huge breadth of experience in commercial heating. Kevin Potter, Hamworthy Regional Sales Manager comments: “With decades of commercial heating experience behind us, we understand

the importance and value in finding ecologically efficient solutions, now more than ever. As heat pumps play an important role, we’re proud to be adding our new Tyneham range to our innovative product offering”.

Hamworthy Heating has a strong reputation in the commercial heating and hot water market with exceptional technical and after sales support. Designed with ease of service in mind, Hamworthy Heating also provide a range of servicing options and training to ensure you get the most out of products.

For more information, please contact Hamworthy Heating on 01202 662 552 or by email at sales@hamworthy-heating.com or go to: www.hamworthy-heating.com

•20• industry news


Brick structures for the new Homey collection

The new Homey collection by Ceramiche Piemme is a true design tool not just for bathrooms, but for many other applications. This “brick” reliefs effect wall tile is available in multiple colors and finishes.

Designed for walls application in the size of 30x60cm (9.5 mm thickness), this 3D structure in porcelain stoneware is characterized by a material that creates a dynamic effect, that gives designers a great potential to express their creativity and designs ideas.

This thin stripe relief is available in four (4) glossy colors (White, Mustard, Green, Blue) and four (4) matte finishes (White, Powder, Clay, Gray) and they are inspired by the warm tones of pure clay material. These colors are the

perfect solution to create an enlarge effect in any room of a residential or a commercial application.

The collection is also available in a porcelain stoneware, floor tile in “ton sur ton” shades, in four (4) sizes: from the large 120x120 cm and 60x120 cm, to 60x60 cm, and a 10x60 cm stripe, that can also be laid in a fish bone pattern.


• Colored body fine porcelain stoneware

• Colors: Glossy (White, Mustard, Green, Blue); Matt (White, Powder, Clay, Grey)

• Size: 30x60 cm

• Thickness: 9.5 mm

bathrooms & kitchens


Zencha complete bathroom range by Sebastian Herkner and Duravit awarded “Gold” in the “Excellent Product Design –Bath and Wellness” category at the German Design Award 2023

• Designer Sebastian Herkner and complete bathroom manufacturer Duravit acknowledged for excellent design quality

• The Zencha bathroom range: inspired by Japanese rituals and craftsmanship

• The organic shapes of above-counter basins and bathtubs are a perfect match for the sophisticated storage furniture

Above-counter basins with a gentle outwards slope and generously proportioned bathtubs meet minimalist furniture – and win over the jury at the German Design Award 2023. The Zencha complete bathroom range by Sebastian Herkner is inspired by traditional Japanese rituals and craftsmanship.

“The bathroom is the last place of offline refuge in the home. A place where the user takes centre stage and can focus on the inner self. It allows for a moment of deceleration and concentration – in the same way as a tea ceremony. These were useful metaphors for my studio as we approached this design,” said Sebastian Herkner.

This idea is most clearly expressed by the extraordinary above-counter basin and the freestanding bathtubs: slightly bulbous at the base, the refined curve tapers upwards to a subtle, outward-slanting edge. The linear, minimalist furniture sets a harmonious contrast, rounding off the designer bathroom with an elegantly effortless look.


Making a ritual out of routine

“Ultimately I’m a customer myself, I have certain requirements in terms of how my bathroom should look and what I value. What matters to me is that each of my designs has a sense of purpose. In an age of overconsumption and excess waste, I see my responsibility as taking a respectful approach to handling resources, time, and energy,” said Sebastian Herkner, describing the origination process of Zencha.

“We spent a good three years working on Zencha. This involved an ongoing process of constant interaction. Taking your time is important when it comes to a complex product line like Zencha. Our main concern was to elaborate every detail to perfection. The delicate design of the storage furniture, for example, took a lot of development effort by Duravit.”

The washbasins, which are available in four colour variants – gloss and matt – each underline the pareddown elegance of the design. Combining them with the modular Zencha furniture creates an individual and balanced interaction between the ceramic washbasin and matt lacquered carcass.

The fronts of the vanity units and tall cabinets come in a range of different feels, textures, and colours for an individual material mix. The free-standing bathtub is an open invitation to take some time out and take care of yourself.

The mirror, also designed by Sebastian Herkner, completes the iconic bathroom series. Its round, organic contours reflect the shape of the washbasins and are accentuated by an all-round LED strip. Zencha’s perfectly conceived design concept transforms the daily bathroom routine into a ritual.

When designers’ dreams come true…

“I’ve always wanted to develop a bathroom series for Duravit,” said the designer from Offenbach. He can now take his place in the rollcall of renowned designers such as Philippe Starck and Cecilie Manz who have already designed collections for the German manufacturer.

He struck the jackpot with his very first complete bathroom range: Gold in the German Design Award.

“It’s a brilliant affirmation for my team and me, as was the entire cooperation with Duravit. When you’re working on a new design, your main focus isn’t on the desire to win an award with it. It’s more about designing something unique and meaningful. For this effort to be rewarded with the German Design Award is naturally extremely gratifying,” said Herkner.

He won over the jury with his special sense of shape and colour, material and texture.

“With Zencha we definitely succeeded in designing something new for Duravit – that was exactly what we aspired to do. An understated design language, with strong emotional and sensual accents, an appreciation of authentic materials, and three colour styles,” said Sebastian Herkner, summarizing Zencha in closing.


•23• bathrooms & kitchens


Natural materials are trending and rapidly growing in popularity, especially in styles that are charming and simplistic without feeling dated or old-fashioned. With this in mind, Keller is thrilled to announce the development of Cottage Life, the premier country style kitchen.


Authenticity and naturalism form the basis of this all-new design. The built-in kitchen cabinets blend seamlessly with the surroundings in a minimalist design that nevertheless employs a substantial amount of storage space, ensuring that modern function and application is maintained. The 708 handles meld perfectly with the rest of the range, lining up perfectly to create an orderly, symmetrical pattern that adds to the range’s tidy appearance. The island grants additional space and utility, particularly in the form of a hob that fits perfectly into the aesthetic despite the country theme. The deepened sink cabinets provide a comprehensive range of storage room, efficiently maximising use of the available area, and a small shelf on the back wall presents extra space simultaneously with a light, modest design.

Utilising stoic stain dark grey oak and trendy Bronx linen, the colours and materials in this uncomplicated design prioritise clean, pristine living, unblemished by the rigours of modern life.

The interior is cloaked in colour ‘mist’, a series of white, grey, and black shades that create a remarkably striking veneer. The worktop and back wall are comprised of composite materials, giving the appearance of elegant marble and bold stone respectively. Bronx linen is a soft-touch contrast to the surrounding composite shell and solid oak cabinets, further emphasising the natural element.

Keller is committed to attainability and accessibility in their products. For a lower price tag but identical high standard, try a wood look front in melamine instead of solid wood.

Keller is well known for offering the widest range of colours (1950 NCS) and finishes in the kitchen furniture market and is proud to have been a carbon neutral kitchen manufacturer since 2017 and has taken the next step to becoming carbon negative.

For further information, please visit www.kellerkitchens.com.




CaberMDF Trade and CaberMDF Trade MR, from the West Fraser range, are lightweight, medium density fibreboard panels which have been developed for applications where the end design is important, such as for shop-fitting and caravan manufacture – the Trade MR (moisture resistant) version being ideal for areas subject to intermittent damp or humid conditions, such as in kitchens and shower rooms.

Lightweight, both board types are easy to handle, cut or machine; while when drilled or routed the finish is clean and sharp as the material does not splinter or chip, thanks to its high-quality fibres and internal bond strength. Both panel types are suitable for light furniture making, such as wardrobes, shelving and panelling, while the smooth surface to the panels is also ideal for painting or even grain printing.

Manufactured at the UK’s premier site for MDF production, which features the very latest in design, development and resin technology, the 1220mm wide Trade and Trade MR boards are available in lengths of 2440 and 3050mm; as well as thicknesses of 12, 15, 18, 22 and 25mm.

Being precision-made in the UK means less waste onsite and the associated costs of disposal to landfill, plus lower transportation charges. As well as guaranteeing a more secure supply in a currently challenging global market, specialist manufacturers, fit-out contractors or other customers can specify West Fraser’s well proven MDF options with total confidence.

In addition, the UK or European grown timber used to make the boards is FSC® (C012533) certified, while CaberMDF Trade and Trade MR boards conform to European E1 emission standard, comply with BS EN 622: Parts 1 and 5, and carry the CE mark.

West Fraser’s sustainably managed operations from forest to factory gate contribute to CaberMDF ’s manufacture being a net carbon negative process, and therefore another reason for its wide specification across the UK, as the construction industry tries to reduce its environmental impact.

To find out more about West Fraser’s products for housebuilders, get in touch with Dan Clarke – email Daniel.Clarke@westfraser.com or download product brochures from the housebuilder page of the West Fraser website https://uk.westfraser.com/housebuilders/

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit https://uk.westfraser.com/

•26• industry news



were similarly specified in various colours to reflect the aesthetics required for each area.

Explained Bobby Armstrong, Senior Contracts Manager Building Services @ Emtec, “Virgin as a brand is committed towards sustainability and is committed towards achieving LEED Gold or Silver standards in all of its hotels, hence the choice of VRF to cool and heat the Edinburgh hotel. The main issue for us was choosing grilles and diffusers that complimented and enhanced the building fabric, rather than try to mimic it.

Gilberts has risen to the challenge of delivering indoor air quality to a constantly evolving brief for a high profile, luxury hotel.

The new Virgin Hotel in Edinburgh is the first in the UK for the global brand and has overcome a complex array of challenges in its construction over the past four years. The £65m, 222- bedroomed venue sits in the heart of the ancient city- a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Three listed buildings have been merged into a cohesive whole with the addition of new build elements and a suspended glass link bridge.

The build team of ICA Studios (architects), Thomas Johnstone (main contractors) and Emtec (building services) worked closely with the supply chain to deliver the brief. With not a single straight wall to work from within the existing fabric, the specification inevitably had to flex to accommodate almost daily discoveries and problems whilst enhancing as many of

the original historic features as possible.

Emtec turned to Britain’s leading independent air movement specialist Gilberts to supply all the ventilation grilles and diffusers to ensure supply and return of air from the variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system to the whole hotel.

A stand-out element has been Gilberts’ GHV double deflection grilles, specially produced in a bronze finish to sit within 200 years-old wood panelled walls.

Gilberts provided a raft of different powder coated finishes to the diverse LG linear bar grilles in the bedrooms. The DG4 louvre faced diffusers, GSF swirl diffusers and GSLS linear slot diffusers utilised to supply the correct ambient conditions throughout the hotel

“Gilberts has been fantastic all the way through this technically challenging project, delivering the depth of detail and flexibility required to accommodate delivery of a build that began during the strictest Covid working practices.”

The Virgin Edinburgh is one of a trio of luxury hotels in Scotland’s capital being ventilated by Gilberts, and builds on Gilberts’ proven track record in hospitality and heritage air movement.

Founded some six decades ago, today family-owned Gilberts’ 95,000 sq ft head office and manufacturing facility includes its own research and development and test facilities, enabling it to continue to evolve its product range and develop bespoke solutions for specific client requirements. Gilberts is now acknowledged as the UK’s leading independent air movement specialist, offering mechanical natural and hybrid ventilation distribution solutions.

Gilberts tel 01253 766911; e: info@gilbertsblackpool.com www.gilbertsblackpool.com

•27• industry news



Leading the Industry Change for Environmental Improvement!


the UK’s Number 1 sealant and Adhesive is manufactured in Britain, with British Design and award-winning British Technology. Leaders in research and development, the company was the first to bring a Hybrid Polymer to market 20 years ago and has proudly introduced the revolutionary and environmentally complaint Tribrid® sealant and adhesive technology with explo -

CT1 is now leading the change for environmental improvements within the industry and is proactively taking the initiative to develop both recycled and 100% recyclable packaging for its full range of colours.

Creating long term sustainable solutions is at the very core of our products, service and relationships. We don’t simply have customers or suppliers, we build partnerships, growing together for long term mutual benefits. There is no greater benefit than a better environment for everyone.

CT1 Introduces Revolutionary New Eco-Compliant Cartridges!

CT1 is again leading the market once more with the introduction of its new Eco-Compliant Cartridges. This game changing packaging technology is manufactured from 80% recycled content and is totally 100% recyclable.

How Will You Notice the Difference?

CT1’s revolutionary Tribrid® Sealant and Adhesive formulation will now be supplied in a distinctive ‘all black’ cartridge that both encapsulates and emulates the company’s display branding and instore stands. So, it doesn’t matter if its CT1 Clear, White, Grey, Brown or Black, every one of CT1’s range will soon be available to you in these game-changing 100% recyclable eco-compliant cartridges!

Never has our environment mattered more for our future, and CT1 is leading the change for improvement, better sustainability and waste reduction. Not only is it a technologically unique and universal sealant and adhesive that already reduces the number of separate products needed for different construction jobs, but it is also now supplied in a 100% recyclable cartridge.

CT1 is the Most Cost-Effective Choice!

CT1 continually invests in the best, always delivering new technological and environmental improvements that provide huge performance and financial benefits for customers. And customers love it because they can replace several different products into just one cartridge, saving time and money, reducing waste while providing CT1’s outstanding bonding performance and perfect sealing solutions every time.

Exclusive Partnership with Ritter GmbH Further Embeds ‘Design for Recycling’ into our Processes

In an exclusive collaboration CT1, the leading provider of Tribrid® polymer sealants and adhesives in the UK, will unite in partnership with Ritter GmbH, the most advanced producer of plastic cartridges from recycled raw material, to provide Britain’s trades with the best products in the most environmentally friendly, ecological complaint cartridges available.

CT1 is the Safest and Strongest Choice!

CT1 is already the most sustainably minded manufacturer and supplier of sealant and construction adhesive in the UK, and this partnership further strengthens ‘design for recycling’ and creating long term solutions for customers into our production processes.

CT1 contains no solvents nor isocyanates, is almost odourless and releases no vapours nor harmful toxins.


It’s also 350% stronger with superior elongation, secured colour retention and enhanced performance even in the harshest outdoor applications. It can be used both internally and externally to bond and seal almost every building material in most applications, including under water.

That’s why CT1 is the number 1 product of choice for trades in every sector of the industry including roofing contractors, joiners, window suppliers, kitchen fitters, bathroom installers, as well as specialist fit out and building companies.

CT1 is the Environmentally Compliant Choice!

With over 25 accreditations already, we are committed to environmental sustainability. CT1 is the most ecologically advanced and environmentally compliant product on the market, making it the healthiest choice for home, landscaping and commercial projects, especially clinical and food preparation environments. CT1 is the only manufacturer to conform to U.E. Directives in relation to environmental builds in producing a 100% ecological compliant product. In fact, CT1 is the only product in the UK market with the highly prestigious NAAF Asthma and Allergy Association Approval Certificate as well as achieving the coveted GEV EMICODE® EC1 Plus for the lowest indoor emissions.

Since homes and buildings have become more passive and better insulated, studies have shown they have also become a breeding ground for harmful substances that cause allergies and asthma. CT1 has been rigorously tested and is scientifically proven to be the safest choice to reduce the risk of asthma and allergy attacks.

Furthermore, CT1 is also the safest choice for our pets and wildlife. As it contains no solvents and free from harmful substances CT1 is 100% eco-compliant, can even be applied under water while ensuring no detrimental impacts on ecological biodiversity, aquatic plants, animals or fish.

Join the Revolution!

We’re excited to launch CT1’s new Eco-Complaint cartridges, making even more environmental and ecological improvements and leading the change for more sustainable products and packaging that reduce construction waste and consumer cost while simultaneously helping to create a better future for all generations. CT1 Eco Cartridges are available now in all good builders’ merchants nationwide and online from www.ct1.com CT1 –



We Innovate – Not Imitate!
Copied but Never Equalled!



Luxury interiors brand Rowen Homes has dropped their new paint range, with 5 neutral shades to fit perfectly in each of their glam neutral schemes, from a cooler grey scheme to warm neutral shades, there is even an off-black colour for a statement room.

The glam homeware brand has collaborated with fellow North East based business, Blend to bring the stunning shades to life, each in a scrubbable, flat matt finish that is perfect for interior walls and ceilings. Each shade has been carefully hand selected by the Rowen Homes’ interior design team, to create the perfect selection of neutrals.

In-house interior designer, Rosie McDonnell, comments; “We have had so much fun creating our new paint range, it’s amazing to finally see the collection brought to life. Since Rowen Homes launched, we have always had customers asking for paint recommendations, so we decided it’s time to launch our own. Our customers are used to Rowen Homes quality, so we went with a superior, scrubbable paint, in the 5 gorgeous neutral shades that our customers know and love, to sit perfectly in each of our coveted collections.”

Rowen Homes launched in 2020, and have since amassed a huge following of loyal customers and fans, over 1 million across their social platforms, who gain interior inspiration from the brand’s dreamy home content. The announcement of the paint launch was inspired by the 100s of comments they receive from their customers every week asking for paint ideas.

Jamie, customer experience team leader at Rowen Homes, comments; ”We are so excited to announce our paint launch, as it’s been eagerly anticipated by our customers. We offer a personal shopping experience here at Rowen Homes, hand picking products to suit our customer’s dream schemes - so the introduction of our paint collection will help bring the full look together!”

Each colour from the collection is available as a reusable peel and stick sample, which is sprayed with the paint to ensure an accurate colour, perfect for trying out the paints in different rooms and lighting without leaving any mess or marks!

Customers are already snatching up samples, hoping to find their dream paint colour to fit their rowen homes rooms.

“I just ordered samples in linen and white sands! EXCITED!!!!” One instagram commenter wrote.

The Rowen Homes x Blend paint collection is available to shop now, starting from £45, with peel and stick samples retailing for £1 each. Shop the paint collection now at rowenhomes.com/collections/paint.



Cladding – the profiled exterior and predominately metal finish to industrial and commercial buildings, is mostly coated in the production process which gives it a life of approximately 20 years before it starts to discolour. Both flexible and adaptable, it can be over-painted at any point during its lifetime, the process normally being relatively quick with minimal disruption.

A primer and finish in One Can

Most of the commonly encountered external cladding on buildings can be over coated using Bradite One Can which is both primer and finish, with excellent adhesion and anti corrosive properties. Steel and non-ferrous metals must be properly prepared and primed while wood, fibreglass, concrete and mineral substrates should be free of contamination, dust and efflorescence. Suitable existing epoxy and polyurethane coatings should be cleaned and abraded as necessary.

Most external cladding will last for a period of between 10 and 20 years before any maintenance is needed. The deterioration is usually gradual and will move from simple chalking or colour fading, to failure of the coating. This is followed by corrosion of the protective zinc or aluminium alloy under the decorative coating and finally by failure of the steel substrate itself. When the steel substrate itself has failed, it is usually by perforation or excessive steel thinning by corrosion. This is when the cladding needs to be replaced.

Up until the corrosion and failure of the steel substrate itself, Bradite’s One Can can be successfully used to upgrade the cladding and extend its life by up to 10 years.

Bradite One Can is a cross linking, anti corrosive water thinned coating that’s easy to apply and can offer a 10- year maintenance cycle. Full BS 4800, RAL and NCS Colours  are available, while specific corporate colours can be achieved by using Bradite’s extensive colour mixing database and can match specific corporate colours.


Specialist coating manufacturer Bradite, advises what to consider when refurbishing commercial and industrial cladding.

Atmospheric Exposure Conditions

In an Industrial environment, corrosion is mainly caused by a high level of airborne sulphur dioxide or other pollution from industrial and domestic processes combined with high moisture levels.

In a Marine environment, corrosion is mainly caused by a high level of salt, carried as salt spray and combined with high moisture levels. Salt spray can be carried up to 3 kilometres inland depending on the prevailing winds.

One Can has proven excellent performance in both of these exposure conditions.


It is essential to ascertain that current cladding coating still has good adhesion, before over coating. This can be checked by carrying out a cross hatch adhesion test on a sufficient number of elevations (differently exposed elevations may give different results). Where the adhesion is insufficient, the elevation should be completely stripped of old coating, before applying three coats of Bradite One Can, intact areas will only require two full coats, with recoat possible after one hour projects can be completed in shorter time making use of weather conditions and meaning less downtime and more profit.



As in any decorating project, good preparation is the key to a successful finish. Bradite recommends high pressure water cleaning to remove all loose and flaking paint, salts and other contaminants. A detergent like Bradite TD39 should be used combined with scrubbing and high pressure water cleaning to remove any oil contamination not removed by high pressure cleaning alone. Rusted and damaged areas should be mechanically or manually prepared to SIS St 3, clean metallic appearance with little or no rust present.

An intact area of galvanised steel or aluminium substrate should be primed with a first coat Bradite One Can. Care must be taken to ensure that the minimum thickness given in the available data sheets is achieved on the edges of the cladding profile as well as the flat surfaces. It is advised that application by brush and roller may not achieve the required dry film thickness and may then require extra coats.

Application of the surface coating should always be avoided under adverse weather conditions and in particular, low temperatures.  Rain on the surface shortly after application can affect the final appearance. Application should also be avoided in areas exposed to direct sunlight as this may accelerate the drying and affect the application.

Additional Preparation and Procedures

The life of all protective systems can be prolonged by ensuring that the dry film thickness of the paint system on all welds, sharp edges, bolts, nuts and other fixings is at the correct level. This can be achieved by giving extra stripe coats of each coat to more sensitive areas.

For improved performance, all welds and sharp edges should be mechanically ground to a radius of 2mm or more and all pittings filled by welding or with the use of a suitable filler.




The Red House in Dorset beats

rivals, including Macdonald Wright Architects’ Library House

The Royal Institute of British Architects has awarded RIBA House of the Year 2022, to a “contemporary new family house in rural Dorset,” the Red House by David Kohn Architects. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, the structure “reinterprets the style in an intentionally provocative way [...] [with] playful eccentricity, including oversized eaves, patterned red brickwork, and contrasting bold green details”.

Established in 2013, RIBA House of the Year is awarded to the best new house or house extension designed by an architect in the UK. Previous winners of the award that celebrates excellence and innovation in home design include Alison Brooks Architects for House on the Hill (2021), McGonigle McGrath for House Lessans (2019) HaysomWardMiller for Lochside House (2018), Richard Murphy Architects for Murphy House (2016), Skene Catling de la Peña for Flint House (2015), Loyn & Co for Stormy Castle (2014) and Carl Turner Architects for Slip House (2013).

•34• editor's choice

Located on the hills of rural Dorset, the Red House creates a light and airy interior space. The ground floor offers practical and accessible ease of living through an open plan whereas more privacy and coziness are generated in certain enclosed spaces by moving walls, “in and out of alignment [...] offering only glimpses into the different areas, rather than a full view down the length of the house”.

According to the official statement, “the owners wanted a home that could adapt for future accessibility needs” . In fact, the design incorporated several thoughtful design future proofs, without comprising the needs of the present or the style of the house, such as rounded corners, grab-rails, no door handles, and even a lift. Moreover, in designing for climate change, the architects put in place thick walls and deep eaves, the concrete has been left exposed to maximize the thermal stability of the interiors and the deep concrete foundations have been replaced by steel piles, reducing the embodied carbon in the groundworks.

Ordinary yet quirky, extravagant although utilitarian, The Red House confronts our expectations of a house in a beautiful setting that never wants to settle into being one way or another. An aesthetic and sustainable building with future-proof functionality, it draws on architectural references from Morris to Stirling – with many surprises throughout which were

applauded by all the jury members. Internally, the enfilade is formed without doors from the entrance to the living, kitchen, and dining areas, allowing the space to magically flow. This house was certainly the most debated, which in itself deserves praise.-- Taro Tsuruta, Chair of the RIBA House of the Year 2022 jury.

The jury for the House of the Year 2022 was: Taro Tsuruta (Chair), founder Tsuruta Architects; Alison Brooks, founder and creative director of Alison Brooks Architects; Yinka Ilori, founder of Yinka Ilori Studio; Ben Ridley, founder, and director at Architecture for London; Nicola Tikari, co-founder and director of Tikari Works.



The right colour scheme for the children’s room

Until recently, children’s rooms were dominated by uniform and bright colours. Currently, however, the focus is on much more subdued colours, which allow you to go a little more crazy with accessories, and are also conducive to the child while playing and learning. That is why interior designers recommend betting on minimalism – beige, white or grey, which can be broken with a colourful wallpaper and furniture with a distinct colour accent, such as pink wardrobe doors.

When choosing the colour of furniture for a children’s room, it is safest to choose classic, white furniture that will make the room very bright. However, this does not mean that there will be no other colours in the room!

At https://www.dakohome.co.uk/ you will find wardrobes, shelves and other children’s furniture that combine white with interesting colours such as pink, blue, or green!

What kind of furniture for a children’s room?

Although this question seems trivial, in practice it can involve many difficult choices. A desk cannot be missing in a children’s room – even the youngest kids should have a space to draw, paint and read. A comfortable chair with a matching backrest is also necessary. Wardrobes are also an inseparable element of a children’s room. It is worth picking a model that has enough shelves and drawers to store both everyday clothes and those winter and elegant ones!

A properly fitted bed with a comfortable mattress is also significant. For small children’s rooms, bunk beds are recommended (which are suitable not only for two, but also for one child) – they take up less space and allow you to better manage the space in the room!

What accessories for a children’s room?

There can be no shortage of storage space in the children’s room. Wardrobes work well as a place for clothes, while toys can be stored in separate containers or boxes. In the middle of the room, it is worth putting a large and soft rug, which will serve as a play space. It is also worth remembering to install blinds or buy blackout curtains, thanks to which the child will be able to sleep long and peacefully!

Beautifully handcrafted furniture from the experts in comfort COMMERCIAL | RESIDENTIAL | HOSPITALITY Fully compliant contract range available Express delivery in as little as 2 weeks Bespoke manufacturing service Generous and competitive discounts To open a trade account please call 0345 241 1509 or email trade@sofa.com
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