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RUSSIA LOOK TO RESTRUCTURE MAP & WORLD ENERGY ISSUES Chris Goggin of Rinnai explores current global energy matters embellished by the Ukraine crises.

RUSSIA LOOK TO RESTRUCTURE MAP & WORLD ENERGY ISSUES Chris Goggin explores current global energy matters embellished by the Ukraine crises. If a prolonged insurgency materializes during the up and coming years, what will this mean for global energy provision and costs?


ussian militar y aggression is fully deployed and operational throughout Ukrainian cities. Running parallel alongside the on-going Ukrainian crises are issues regarding European energy security, rising fuel costs and the prospect of wider war. Rinnai will attempt to offer exposition to the overtly convoluted geopolitics of the current conditions of the energy industry and the effect to the UK customer of domestic fuel. Global energy costs are currently experiencing fluctuations as Europe’s main supplier of gas is Russia. Heavy financial sanctions imposed on the Russian economy mean that European gas supplies have begun to be

limited by Russia in response and could be possibly cut indefinitely or entirely. European reliance on Russian gas is well documented, it is estimated that up to, or more than 40% of EU gas imports are provided by Russia. Germany, the Netherlands and Italy in particular are dependent on Russian gas supplies whilst countries like Poland are attempting to wean themselves from Russian natural gas. Russian gas is seen as a major obstacle towards future European security, exemplified by the newly constructed and completed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline that lies bet ween Russia and Germany. Poland and Ukraine both voiced repeated concerns that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline threatened the security of central Europe. Russian energy market manoeuvring means that NATO opposition economies are reliant on energy imports from Russia which therefore limits the severity of a collective response; it could be argued that a major part of Europe’s economic capacity is powered by Moscow approved fuel importation. All EU member states realise this arrangement must end to ensure future energy security. Germany has suspended any action of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline underneath the Baltic Sea and Europe is introducing plans to cut Russian gas imports by two thirds in a year. This will be done through increased LNG imports and continued use of coal – 2050 NetZero ambitions may have to be recalibrated. The Nord Stream 2 was designed to carry natural gas to Germany, doubling its imports from Russia and crucially cutting out the Ukrainian ‘middleman’. Ukraine stood to lose £2.2 billion a year in transit fees. Gazprom, the Kremlin backed Russian energy company, instead, would profit.

Under the terms of a recent deal made between the US and Germany, it has been decided that $50 million of green energy credits and a full refund of lost transit fees will be provided to the Ukraine government through to 2024 by way of compensation. In essence the Nord Stream 2 pipeline consisted of two functions: primarily to expunge revenue from the Ukrainian economy, weakening the state’s ability to function and defend itself from attack; secondly, to also maintain a strong hold of influence on the largest EU economy - Germany. US disapproval of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was strong and several sanctions were placed on playing parties. Well placed US paranoia focused on Russian attempts to covert energy exports into future political leverage. US assumptions have been proved accurate. How is Germany now going to continue providing national energy? As the main player in EU politics Germany has to function efficiently for continued EU economic success. Neither the Netherlands nor Germany is keen on further sanctioning Russia’s international oil exports citing worries over energy shortages. The UK and USA governments, alternatively, have sanctioned Russian global oil exports taking direct aim at Moscow’s financial ability to continue manufacturing armaments.

For now it is believed that Russia will continue to export large amounts of gas to Germany and other EU countries like Italy; although future disruptions to European gas delivery is expected due to military conflict. If long-term German gas supply is compromised Europe could turn to Africa in the hope of replacing a secure supply of gas. Tanzania is attempting to place itself at the forefront of this discussion, saying that a lack of infrastructure is the only real obstacle. Tanzania believes that if pipework can be laid between Europe and East Africa a working relationship is entirely feasible. Other regions are working to relieve themselves from Russian gas reliance. Poland, Denmark and Norway are working together in constructing a new gas infrastructure route. A 215 million euro EU funded “Baltic Pipe” is being laid between Norway and Poland via Denmark which is soon to be in operational use. This cross-country gas pipeline will facilitate Danish gas supplies as well as providing the Polish government with a secure source of energy that has not travelled from Russia. This arrangement ensures elevated levels of Norwegian gas exports that will benefit Norway’s national purse. Russia could counter any further EU imposed financial restrictions with retaliatory measures of their own. Gas flow is already reduced and financial tariffs have already been extended to customers across the globe. UK petrol and diesel are reportedly at record levels of cost whilst US prices are at 8 year highs. OPEC member states can increase production of oil to supplement global loss. However, as Russia is a prominent member of OPEC, all other parties are remaining neutral meaning that oil production will remain at current levels further reinforcing a discernible rise in customer cost. Will financial sanctions placed by the UK and US governments affect Russia’s long term financial ability in the global energy market? Any Russian loss on European gas exports could be filled by China - who has recently agreed with Russia to take on addi-

tional gas imports that amount to a quarter of what is already exported. The deal between the countries is said to be worth $117.5 billion and will last for 30 years. Continued military action in Ukraine will increase all wholesale costs on all global energy products and other purchasable items. Financial forecasts say problems will become more evident the longer this crisis continues. Russia has announced it will cut Europe’s gas supply if more damaging financial restrictions are imposed on its energy industry. Militar y conflict in Ukraine has already restructured the international energy market with new avenues of potential distribution becoming apparent across the globe. European nations that require gas could look towards Africa, whilst Russia and China strengthen ties. It should be mentioned that although Russian and Chinese links appear strong their relationship could be affected by rapid military escalation. Unified global decarbonisation plans will not be as smooth in an international context, but could be accelerated by EU nations that are keen to avoid future Russian energy supplies. Advancing alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen and renewables has already been mentioned as a long term goal in reducing emissions and Russian energy imports. In the short term the EU and UK could resort to coal, a move that will limit ecological targets.

Coal appears to be a likely source of consistent power despite its unfashionable reputation. UK parliament is reviewing the feasibility of new and temporary measures that will allow for coal mining to begin. Issues regarding “national security” and “geopolitical considerations” will heavily influence the final decision. Other short-term domestic power facilitation may include an increase in North Sea natural gas. Future UK energy policy could potentially be dominated by hydrogen. UK investors could and perhaps should be provided with governmental confidence and economic stimulus towards British hydrocarbons – a key ingredient in the production of hydrogen. Incorporating plans that necessitate the advancement of hydrogen will benefit the UK in the long-term, as hydrogen appears to be the global fuel of the future. Conflict in Ukraine has further complicated energy industry geopolitics. All economies that are involved have to now locate alternative measures in national fuel options. UK customers of gas should be aware that a positive conclusion regarding energy bills are also reliant on an escalation or reduction of military action in Ukraine. The current position of European energy security, supply and cost is uncertain. And this could continue for some time. For more information on the RINNAI product range visit www.rinnaiuk.com

STELRAD. FIT FOR THE FUTURE. Stelrad’s range of radiators are aesthetically designed to perform with the future in mind. All radiators, including current and new models are fully compatible with low temperature heating systems and are in stock for immediate delivery. Stelrad have the radiators to meet your installation, specification and contract needs.


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I N V I TAT I O N D U R AV I T D E S I G N D AY S 2 0 2 2 O N L I N E 2 2 ND M A R C H 2 0 2 2 - 0 4 : 0 0 P. M . C E T


M O R E D U R A V I T.


Join us for the Duravit Design Days 2022. We will inspire you with three spectacular design series and two renowned international designers as well as a new range of faucets designed by Philippe Starck. Experience the latest Duravit insights, international design trends and sustainable innovations on the 22nd of March 4:00 p.m. CET.

R E G I S T E R N O W A N D V I S I T W W W . D U R A V I T. C O M / D D D 2 2

Abode, designer and

distributor of market leading kitchen taps, sinks, bathroom taps & showering solutions add a layer of luxury to the modern home with Pronteau: a high-specification range of 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 steaming hot taps with exclusive safety features and quality assured.

Propure 4 IN 1 Quad Matt Black

Paul Illingworth, Design Director at Abode says, “As construction output is set to return to pre-pandemic levels in 2022, we stand ready to assist our customers with a range of designs for every project and budget. The super-luxe and prime residential markets are set to be a key part of the UK’s economic recovery going forwards and our research shows that luxury is being redefined for a new generation of home buyers wanting added convenience in the kitchen, which is stylish and sustainable. We are therefore keen to convey why our Pronteau range is the steaming hot water tap of choice for future-proof, environmentally-aware design briefs and in support of this paradigm shift, we have also launched a digital Sink & Tap Specification Manual, specially curated for the luxury development market where Pronteau sits alongside our premium range of designer sinks and taps by Abode.” Recognised as a must-have kitchen appliance, the hot tap is now reportedly fitted in 40% of new kitchens, which is adding huge value to eco-friendly new builds and home updates with a series of financial rewards for the end user like reduced energy and water consumption. Pronteau by Abode offers a range of WRAS approved steaming hot water taps, all regulated and approved under the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme having undergone extensive testing to ensure these taps do not cause waste or undue consumption. What’s more, all components within the Pronteau hot water tap system are also WRAS approved; an essential accreditation that demonstrates Abode’s commitment to designing compliant products for the kitchens of tomorrow.


Project 4 IN 1 Quad & HotKey® Brushed Nickel

We are big believers in supporting excellence in kitchen design, which is why we have a dedicated team of Pronteau specialists, as well as a Pronteau Install Fleet, Technical Support hotlines and customer website www.pronteau.co.uk, so our customers have the support they require, pre and post purchase .

Paul Illingworth, Design Manager, Abode

Leanne Adamson Marketing Manager

Prostream 3 IN 1 Swan Urban Copper

The Pronteau difference is founded on three core lifestyle elements: a superior style, heightened level of safety and sustainable operation. Why 98°C hot? During development, the company considered every aspect of safety, both for the dispensing of the steaming hot water and the maximum temperature for stored water in the boiler. By dispensing a steaming hot water from 75°C to a maximum 98°C, Pronteau steaming hot water taps are fully compliant with Part G(3) of the UK Building Regulations. Plus, all Pronteau hot taps are insulated which means the water is hotter at the end of the spout but the outside surface remains cool to touch. Market-leading HotKey® design and technology helps guarantee safety and prevent accidents in the home. The steaming hot water is operated by a magnetic HotKey® which is placed on the front of the tap. This fob can then be hidden out of children’s reach, placed high up on a magnetic surface like an extractor or fridge-freezer, or on the back of the tap for optimum safety. Steaming hot water can only be dispensed when the HotKey is in the operating position at the front of the tap. Hidden inside the tap body, a proximity sensor detects when the HotKey® is nearby, activating the boiler to pump steaming hot water through a separate central channel to the spout and without it, the tap becomes an ordinary 3-way mixer tap. Paul adds “We believe our hot taps are the safest on the market and exclusive innovations like our HotKey® open up Pronteau to a new set of homeowners living with dexterity problems or arthritis, especially when compared to competitor designs, which offer a less ergonomic mode of operation.” The hot water temperature is set via the PROBOIL under sink boiler: an intelligent hot water boiler, offering fast and trouble-free delivery of steaming hot filtered water at the touch of a handle. The

Leanne Adamson, Marketing Manager, Abode

next generation in intelligent hot water boilers and rigorously field-tested, the PROBOIL Boiler range currently offers a 2-litre stainless steel tank, toolless installation and is an insulated model with low running costs, quick re-boil times and simple intuitive digital controls. www.proboil.co.uk Abode Filter Recycle Scheme, which is 100% unique to Abode gives its customers extra peace of mind by ensuring redundant filters are recycled at the point of the product’s end of life. The company will send the used filters to its approved recycle partner who responsibly oversees the separation of each component part where the plastic is ground down and ready for reuse along with the internal resin. For further information, please contact Pronteau by Abode: 01226 283 434 info@abodedesigns.co.uk www.pronteau.co.uk For the latest company updates, please follow Abode on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn #WaterTheWayYouWantIt


industry news


THE SECURITY EVENT 2022 Abloy UK is showcasing its comprehensive range of innovative digital access solutions on stand 3/H30 at The Security Event, held at the NEC in Birmingham from 5th – 7th April 2022..


at Jefferies, Commercial Director at Abloy UK, said: “We’ve seen a major shift towards flexible working since the pandemic, which requires adaptable access control. In addition, we’re seeing greater demand for solutions that utilise mobile credentials to accommodate the changing and increasingly complex requirements. “Research[1] shows over two-thirds of organisations will have adopted mobile access control to some extent within two years. It comes as no surprise, with the extensive benefits these systems offer, not only in terms of meeting security challenges, but also in relation to health and safety, compliance, and efficiency. “With the wide range of digital access solutions available from Abloy, the possibilities are endless and we can meet


virtually any requirements. We’re able to specify a tailored solution to provide flexible, scalable and compliant security, and help control the movement of people in a wide range of building types and applications. “Sustainability is also a key focus – both for our business operations and for that of our clients. We prioritise meeting our own sustainability targets, and ensure the solutions we specify on behalf of our customers create a more sustainable future for their organisation too.” Products in Abloy’s portfolio include Incedo™ Business, Aperio®, SMARTair™, and CLIQ®, which can be combined with compliant electric locks to create a bespoke access control system, designed specifically for an organisation’s needs, and to meet building regulations.

industry news IncedoTM Business is a flexible security ecosystem that combines ASSA ABLOY’s world-leading range of wireless locks and other access hardware with flexible software, multiple management options and the ability to scale on demand, in any direction. Incedo connects security software and hardware within a single, seamless platform with the ability to have complete remote control of a premises and manage the ever-changing movement of people across multiple sites.

dential options. In addition to the Openow™ mobile solution which enables the sending, revoking and updating of virtual keys over the air in seconds, Abloy will be featuring the i-max electronic escutcheon ideal for areas of high traffic use and the i-gate digital padlock, that you lock and unlock with your mobile phone. eCLIQ is a retro-fit solution to control the movement of people, and allows access to be easily granted, changed and removed while providing a wide range of data for health and safety purposes.

To meet increasing demand for mobile credentials, Abloy has recently launched ASSA ABLOY’s IncedoTM Business Mobile Keys that offer secure mobile access, simplified management and user convenience and efficiency.

ASSA ABLOY PULSE is an intelligent, energy harvesting, future-proof solution you can install new or retro-fit in existing sites, which is suitable for all kinds of environments, from schools to assisted living blocks and multi-resident apartments.

Aperio technology offers cost-effective, integrated access control, and is the ideal retrofit option to update an existing access control system to wire-free, providing a simple, intelligent way to upgrade the controllability and security level of a premises.

Abloy also offers compliant Low Energy Electric Locks, which only consume energy when the lock is being used, in contrast to door magnets which require a constant electric current to keep the door locked. These Electric Locks have an annual energy consumption of 0.02kWh compared to 52.0kWh per year for those reliant on magnets.

It utilises a short distance wireless communication protocol, designed to link an online electronic access control system with an Aperio-enabled mechanical lock, offering affordable online door control of internal doors, existing access control system extension, and enhanced security. SMARTair utilises electronic locks to provide advanced, user-friendly access management with multiple cre-

For further information on products and services available from Abloy, visit stand 3/ H30 at the Security Event 2022, or alternatively visit https://bit.ly/3wfq54M, call 01902 364 500, or email info@abloy.co.uk.


PORTUGUESE HOME CLUSTER SEEKS ITS “BEST PARTICIPATION EVER” IN MAISON & OBJET For the first time, the French fair will feature a space entirely dedicated to Portuguese brands The Maison & Objet March 2022 edition, which takes place between the 24 th and the 28 th , promises to mark the long history of Portuguese participation in the prestigious French event. In addition to the always high national contingent number, this will be the first edition ever to feature an area exclusively dedicated to national companies and products, called “MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally at Maison & Objet”. The 700m2 space reserved for Portuguese companies is located in pavilion 6, stand F112 - G111, of Maison & Objet. The center of this space will be filled with a Showcase of products from the Portuguese home area. Coordinated by APIMA and AICEP and curated by the interior designer Tânia Peixoto, the exhibition will include more than 100 products from around 40 companies, seeking to promote the values of differentiation, boldness and complementarity that characterize this industry. Around this space, in stands whose identity promotes the homogeneity and synergy of the national offer, there will be 17 companies from the different sectors of this cluster, such as furniture, decorative textiles, lighting and decoration, among others. “This is a pioneering project in the international marketing of the Portuguese Home Sector, allowing the promotion, in a joint and complementary way, of the various sectors that comprise it. At the same time, we are able to support and promote the participation of smaller companies, which individually would face major challenges to be present at this event, which will certainly be reflected in the notoriety and recognition they will achieve in strategic markets” explains Joaquim Carneiro, president of APIMA. “We are very optimistic about the impact of this initiative, believing


that it will translate into the best participation ever. All materials, products and structures were carefully and demandingly selected, ensuring that they convey the vectors of excellence, aesthetics and sustainability that are recognized by our companies “, concludes. The brands Serip, Salma, Magyk, Botaca, Hatt, Memoir Essence, Wonderlight, Bateye, Wood Tailors Club, Villa Lumi, A.Brito, Zagas, Aldeco, Casa Magna, Made to Last, Animovel e Relax Vanguard Atelier (RVA) integrate the stands of the “MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally at Maison & Objet” space. In a period of great challenges for Portuguese companies, this fair is very relevant for the annual objectives of these brands, which justifies the visit to the Portuguese stand, on March 24, by representatives of the most relevant public institutions. João Neves, Deputy Secretary of State and of the Economy, Nuno Mangas, President of Compete, and Rita Araújo, AICEP Board Member, will get to know the offer and talk to the dozens of Portuguese companies present at one of the world’s largest events for this cluster. The Portuguese Home Cluster is made up of more than 7 500 companies, representing around 61 000 jobs and a turnover of 3.3 billion euros. The various sectors that comprise it are responsible for around 4.5% of the total expor ts of the Por tuguese economy.

autosizing feature name


autosizing feature name




owdertech Wood Finish has been used in the renovation of four residential blocks on Albert Road, North London, where wooden screen shutters across the frontage of each apartment needed replacing. The sliding shutters create an attractive appearance as well as performing shade from direct sunlight, but over recent years the wood had warped and deteriorated. Warping meant that the screens no longer travelled smoothly across the windows, and deterioration had caused the louvres to loosen with the danger that they might fall on people walking below. Refurbishment also provided the opportunity to refit with materials conforming to current fire safety regulations..

A solution with many benefits Considering the refurbishment, the developers were keen to retain the screens and felt that the appearance of wood was appealing. The screens could easily be replaced using aluminium for the frame aerofoil blades and the look of wood easily delivered by using a shade from Powdertech’s Wood Finish (PWF™) range. PWF30, a dark shade, closest to the original wood, was selected. In total Powdertech pre-treated and coated 9500 linear metres of extruded aluminium, each individual foil being 1.22m in length. Using aluminium brings the obvious benefits of strength combined with lightweight. The screens will not warp and need only minimal maintenance. Powdertech Wood Finish conforms to the required reaction to fire specification for residential buildings of this type, A2-s1, d0, and the metal itself is non-combustible thus solving a number of issues in one. Wood Finish on aluminium is a winning combination.

Why Wood Finish, PWF™? • The finish combines the strength and longevity of metal with the warm, natural appeal of wood. • Excellent corrosion protection and weather resistance • High level of colour and gloss retention and excellent abrasion resistance • Low maintenance - unlike wood

• Conforms to Fire Reaction classification A2-s1, d0 • Can be applied to most metallic substrates including aluminium, galvanized steel, cast metals and stainless steel • The PWF range conforms to BS EN 12206-1 and Qualicoat specifications .

For more information visit www.powdertechcorby.co.uk


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Restoring a fire damaged home to its traditional, historic beauty “It’s an emotional rollercoaster losing your home in a fire,” says Alex Coppock, architect, Communion Architects. “The resurrection project was all about recreating a healthy home than honoured the cottage’s traditional beauty.”


he thatched cottage in Worcestershire suffered an extremely bad fire. This left the downstairs of the property severely damaged, the second floor almost lost and the roof completely demolished. “The historic fabric and traditional structure of the part-Medieval, part-Victorian cottage had been almost destroyed,” says Alex. “It needed a lot of care to restore it to its former glory. “As different areas of the property were in different conditions, designing the right solution was challenging. It was difficult to know where to start. We worked with Timothy Smith Builders Ltd to bring the project to life.”


“The homeowner is so delighted with the finish, they and the architect have agreed just to seal the walls and to leave them unpainted – something you only usually do if you’re polishing or marbling plaster. “It’s a learning experience at the start, as you begin to understand how to use the lime plaster, but it’s incredibly easy to pick up. If it does start to dry, you can damp it down and it comes back to life again. It’s very workable.” An elegant finish “The homeowner is thrilled,” says Alex. “The project has delivered the best of both worlds: a restored home, using traditional materials, which means it will stay dry and warm.”

Matching tradition and heritage “The cottage was a listed building, so we collaborated with the conservation officer and followed Historic England guidance to ensure we preserved the historical elegance of the property and best practice,” says Alex.

“We had some great technical advice from the Lime Green team. They helped us understand our lime-based options, how different products and materials work together, and how to get the best results. Their products make lime very easy to use.

“Breathability was also incredibly important. Much of the water damage from the fire had dried out, but the original structure of the building only contained an ‘outer leaf’ wall.

“It is so good to return the cottage back to its former glory, with modern versions of the honest materials that would have been used in the Medieval and Victorian eras.”

“An ‘outer leaf wall’ means that as soon as the outside wall gets wet, the inside wall becomes vulnerable to damp.

Restoring traditional beauty

“Protecting the building, called for a way to keep it dry, healthy and comfortable for a long time to come. We specified a woodfibre board with a lime plaster internally and lime render externally. The cottage was originally built using lime-based products and had stood the property in good stead all these years until fire tore it apart.

“I’d used traditional lime products before, but the process was always much slower – waiting for up to seven days between coats while the material fully dries out,” says Ian Miller, master plasterer.

“Lime Green was recommended to us by a friend who’d used their mortars, plasters and renders on several occasions and found them to be ideal.

“Lime Green’s materials were much quicker to use – just put a coat on, notch with a trowel, embed mesh all over, apply another 3mm on top, flatten, leave for 1.5 hours and finish with a trowel. That’s it – you do the wall once, instead of up to three times, as with other lime plasters I’ve used.

“They gave us a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all the lime-based materials we needed: Internal Warmshell Insulation (IWI) system (woodfibre insulation boards topped with Solo lime plaster) and an external lime render.

“The products – Solo (one coat lime plaster) and Ultra (insulating base coat) – are great and easy to work with. Once you’ve got the consistency right, they’re easy to apply and the finish is absolutely fantastic.

“The home looks absolutely beautiful. Everyone involved couldn’t be happier with the results,” finishes Alex. “Lime Green’s experience and knowledge in regard to the project specifications, and the team’s practical assistance on site, means we’ll definitely be recommending them for future projects. “It’s been a privilege working with a team of talented and experienced contractors, hand in hand with Lime Green, to give this historic cottage the opportunity to continue to be a beautiful dwelling for anyone who becomes part of its future story for hundreds of years to come.” To find out more about the materials used, visit Lime Green Products Ltd or call 01952 728 611.


CHOOSING THE RIGHT SUSTAINABLE WOOD FINISH Consumers today are more conscious than ever about the sustainability credentials of the products they buy and use. There is a clear trend for switching to more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. That’s why so many people turn to Osmo when looking for a wood finish, as it’s not only high-quality, durable and easy to maintain, but it is also made from sustainable ingredients.


A Sustainable Solution

Choosing the right finish

FSC© Certification

The foundation of Osmo wood finishes is based upon purified and refined natural resources which are carefully harvested into natural oils and hard waxes. Osmo products contain natural vegetable oils to help nourish the wood and retain flexibility. Depending on the product, they might include: linseed oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil as well as thistle oil. The interior range of hard wax oil products also contains natural plant waxes carnauba wax and candelilla wax, offering wear resistance and repellency. Furthermore, our extensively cleaned pigments have been approved for use in the food industry.

Osmo’s mission is to preserve the natural beauty and durability of wood with only the highest quality and environmentally friendly products. Products made from wood; from flooring to furniture, are made from organic matter, so will continue to need nourishment to ensure the product stays in the best possible condition, both aesthetically and structurally. Our advice is to make use of a high-quality finish, full of natural ingredients to complement the woods properties. This will ensure that the wood continues to breathe and respond well to environmental conditions, removing any possibility of cracking or and blistering.

Osmo supports sustainable forestry and works diligently to ensure that the origin of timbers used can be proven. To help improve, and with our natural resources in mind, Osmo has taken on the high standard of FSC©-certification for certain products. In choosing an Osmo product, you can be reassured that the product is not just good for wood, but good for the environment too. For more information on Osmo and its range of environmentally friendly and sustainable products and finishes, call Osmo UK direct on 01296 481220 or alternatively visit www.osmouk.com.


editors choice

Blenheim Strategic Partners Set to Change Land Promotion with Revolutionary End to End Solution Building on its own successes, Blenheim Estate has launched Blenheim Strategic Partners, a new approach to property development which offers a unique package of expertise in land promotion, masterplanning and development to landowners throughout the country.


lenheim Strategic Partners is the official formation of a long-term collaboration between Blenheim Estate and Vanderbilt Strategic Ltd, bringing together the expertise of Blenheim Estate’s Property Director Roger File and founder of Vanderbilt, Edward Spencer-Churchill, together with leading planner Nigel McGurk as Head of Planning and Pye Homes as development partner. The model offered by Blenheim Strategic Partners enables landowners to retain a long-term involvement in the development of their land. Rather than selling land to a developer this enables landowners to benefit from ‘patient capital’ – the higher land values achieved as developments reach completion. Furthermore, through the experienced team, success to date of Blenheim Estate Homes and principles developed in line with The Prince’s Foundation and Landowner Legacy, this new offering includes the concept of legacy – designing new communities in line with the standards put in place over generations. Priorities of these principles include sustainable community development and


intrinsic environmental standards. At Park View half of the properties will be affordable housing, with rents 40% below market rates. At Church Farm, each of the 240 homes will have a ground source heat pump, and the properties at Hill Rise and Banbury Road will be built to Passivhaus standards. These first schemes have influenced the work of the Building Better Building Beautiful Commission and have won awards including WhatHouse? Best Partnership Scheme and Estates Gazette’s Public/ Private Partnership. Dominic Hare CEO of Blenheim Strategic Partners, comments, ‘Blenheim has over 300 years of experience in land development, stewardship and investment and an inherent understanding of legacy. From the creation of Blenheim Palace and gardens to the new communities that we have developed locally, the Estate has provided insight and inspiration. Blenheim Strategic Partners offers an understanding of value beyond the financial: longevity, social value and a respect for land, people and place. It also offers a strong financial basis and access to funding, from both private individuals and the wider Blenheim finance group.’

editors choice

Roger File, Property Director of Blenheim Strategic Partners explains, ‘Over 30% of the UK’s landmass is owned by long term landowners. Typically such families or organisations will have a vested interest in the future of their estate, while also requiring a financial return. By entering into a collaborative partnership with Blenheim Strategic Partners, landowners can facilitate new, environmentally-sensitive and sociably responsible communities which are inspired by their unique setting and have community health and wellbeing at their heart.’ Hugh Petter, Director of ADAM Architecture, who has worked in partnership with Blenheim comments, ‘Blenheim is, without a doubt, a leader in its field. Its work with ADAM Architecture at Park View was recognised as an exemplar development in the Knight Frank report Cost and Value produced for the Government’s Building Better Building Beautiful Commission. Blenheim Strategic Partners understands the value of good architecture that respects local character, and the importance of investment in place-making to create a vibrant new community. It will pioneer sustainable design and environmental innovation and is led by a strong and engaged team who are a pleasure to work with.’

Charlie Dugdale, Partner of Knight Frank (London), comments, ‘Knight Frank has worked with Blenheim Estate Homes since its inception because we recognised its strikingly different approach. Where others were driven by short-term profits Blenheim realised that long-term value would be realised by adopting a principles-based philosophy inspired by legacy, and understanding its place in a circular economy. Further, we recognised that the partnership between Blenheim Estate and Pye Homes offered landowners an approach to legacy which is unique – a partner that would meet their expectations from the start to the finish of the development cycle. Blenheim Estate Homes’ schemes are thoughtfully planned and developed to deliver real benefits including high standards of sustainability, longevity and a focus on community development. The significant benefit to landowners is longer-term involvement in the land promotion and sale process which inevitably results in higher profits.’ Blenheim Strategic Partners is currently working with landowners nationally, including in Hampshire, Berkshire, Worcestershire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire and looks forward to seeing the benefits of its model elsewhere.




nterior designers and home decor influencers say retro naturalistic greens, bright colours, sk y-blues, purple-blue hues, vibrant yellows, sultry black will make up the colour palette for chic home-owners this year. The trend is for home-owners to be more adventurous in the shapes of windows and door styles too. As the ‘eyes’ of your home they deserve the attention - adding a deft touch of flair highlights your individuality and gives your home a unique characteristic style - that’s you.

Shape-up Curves and rounded shapes are back – and authenticity and handcrafted products are the hip buzz words. So, if you’re considering a new look, a window, external door,


The retro look of steel windows, doors and screens is very much ‘in’. Crittall says they don’t have to be just rectangular and white…

You may want to make a style statement or maximise the view from your property with a sweeping panoramic style window or bring the outside in – the solutions are there. For example, floor to ceiling and ‘wide-view’ window options and Sixties-style picture windows are making a come-back.

internal screen do not have to be the ubiquitous rectangular shape in white or black.

Go for bigger round, oval or even diamond shape steel windows for impact.

On-trend are steel-framed windows and external doors with arches and sweeping curves. Get inspired – think outside the box

Internally, consider a dramatic steel screen set with different sized colour glass panes – reds, greens, blues – clear, opaque, or textured

Echo the past with gothic and lancet shape windows or heritage style oriel bay and bow windows, ‘bullseye’ panes and rondels. Or capture the essence of the 1920s with Art Deco porthole style windows.


Main image: an exterior arched steel window and doors create that wow factor; image courtesy of Squib Photography/ Three Spires Glass.

Below: an interior steel window with vibrant colours makes a big impact; image courtesy of Metwin.

panes – squares, rectangles to create a wonderful talking point. Or introduce a brightly coloured glass motif like a flower in to an interior or external porthole window for elegance.

Show your colours Russell Ager, managing director at Crittall Windows, pioneers of steel frame window manufacture for 160 years, says: “These days, you can colour-match almost everything in the home – décor, furnishings, appliances - even your window frames – inside and out. “With the modern take on the ‘retro look’ now very much the vogue, steel windows are enjoying a big resurgence in popularity in homes including luxury minimalist warehouse apartments. Adding that savvy splash of colour will ensure an even bigger wow factor. “A wide choice of 46 standard – as well as custom-made - colours meets individual needs. There’s also a dual colour option. For impact, try a bold or a darker colour on the outside and a neutral/ white finish on the inside to match/ blend-in with the interior décor. They are available in any RAL or BS colour. “Crittall’s legacy of shaping and influencing design and heritage of delivering excellence can be seen worldwide. We have our imitators,

but the style and quality of authentic Crittall products are never matched. Tailor-made to meet almost any individual requirement – shape or colour - steel windows, doors and Innervision screens are designed and fabricated to last a lifetime.” The slim ‘timeless’ frames and sight-lines, the graceful elegance offered by steel windows, present a light delicate feel inside and out, giving consistency of design. A welcome sense of airiness and space is created. While for that minimalist look, there are most attractive grey, white and black options. Every Crittall window, door and internal screen is made from high grade, recycled steel. Hot dip

Crittall® and InnerVision® are registered trademarks.

galvanized, means they are virtually maintenance free. Polyester powder coated, they also have a consistent, even, coating, not requiring redecoration for 25 - 30 years. An extensive range of classic and luxury hardware is available to complement your look. A unique blend of precision machining and hand-crafted finishing for every bespoke product ensures style, elegance and value, whether your project is newbuild or renovation of an existing property. More Crittall Windows info www.crittall-windows.co.uk t: 01376 530800 e: hq@crittall-windows.co.uk




ccording to interior designer Heidi Caillier, it’s the effects of the weather on people’s homes. Prone to grey skies and rain, this picturesque stretch of the Pacific Northwest, she says, ‘lends itself particularly well to the sensibilities of traditional British design. You need to feel wrapped up in a warm, comforting, layered space.’ When she f irs t began working on this new-build four-bedroom waterfront home for a young family, it was this idea of creating a cosy atmosphere that preoccupied her thoughts. An expansive bungalow with three-metre-high ceilings, this house could easily have appeared austere or cold, but for its owners, who run several wine labels on the West Coast, that was to be avoided at all costs. ‘It was imperative that it not feel pretentious,’ reveals Heidi. Looking through the couple’s Pinterest boards, she discovered a love of mid-centur y design, and also the starting point for a palette that was earthy and grounded, but with an enlivening mix of colour and pattern. The seeds of an interior may have been there, but Heidi wanted to push things further. Her initial scheme for the living room featured the same floral pattern across the sofa, curtains and walls.


‘They did not go for that,’ she says with a laugh, but her compromise, which sees a ‘Togo’ sofa dressed in blue Scalamandré fabric paired with a matching lampshade and footstool, is not so very far from that all-guns-blazing beginning. ‘I am 100 per cent onboard with chintz,’ admits Heidi. ‘I hold myself back with pattern sometimes because clients don’t always go for it, but I am a firm believer that everything can go together.’ In this home, that means several bold florals, as well as plaids and textured wallpapers. Adding to that eclectic mix is a wealth of furniture from varied eras. ‘I always try to add one piece of vintage to every room,’ says Heidi. ‘Here, there’s much more.’ Like when it came to adding decorative touches, her intention was to create layers – mid-century next to modern, traditional beside trend-setting. ‘I will say, in general, I’m more drawn to traditional furniture shapes (things that feel more full and stuffed),’ she says, ‘but when it comes to lighting, I tend to prefer a more modern fixture. I think it cuts through some of the seriousness.’ Often full of guests – whether friends from college (the owners both grew up in nearby Seattle and attended school there) or colleagues stopping by for a wine-tasting – serious is a criticism that could never be levelled at this home. If there were one word that could be used to describe it, Heidi would choose ‘comfortable’. ‘I think the essence of comfort is a home that you can make memories in. It’s about creating a backdrop for life.



HOME LIFTS FOR ALL SITUATIONS HOME LIFTS EXPERTS’ TEAM KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT HOME LIFTS AND THEY’RE READY AND WAITING TO SHARE THEIR EXPERTISE WITH YOU. Whether you’re working to a budget, you need a home lift that will blend seamlessly with your classic or contemporary home, or you are looking for a larger model to take a wheelchair or give multiple floor access, Home Lifts Experts can help you make the right choice. Home Lifts Experts technical surveyors then work with you and the installation team to make sure that the simple process of installing your lift goes as smoothly as you’d expect. Three strong ranges to choose from: A Stiltz home lift is an affordable alternative to a stairlift. Attractive and discreet, it isn’t boxy as some other domestic lifts can be. Despite its compact dimensions, it provides a generous travelling space, and can carry either two or three people, depending on the model you select. No load-bearing walls are required for installation, thanks to the Stiltz lift’s self-supporting rail system. It is also notably quiet in operation. A Lifton home lift provides an elegant solution with a choice of two models, the larger of which will accommodate a full-sized wheelchair. Smart technology balanced with intelligent design ensures that access needs can be met around the home, without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Once again, the lift is self-supporting, and there are no visible hoists: discreet wire cables are concealed within the rails. Without complicated external motors, the lift simply plugs into a domestic power socket.


The Aritco home lift, as shown here, is the ultimate customisable through-floor solution. If you need a lift to travel further than two storeys, or you want to specify the size, internal and external colours, lighting and more, then the Scandinavian Aritco is ideal. The lift comes with its own app, to control how it looks and performs, and it is as smooth and quiet in

operation as you would expect. All this design and engineering quality comes with economy too: the lift only uses the same amount of electricity as a TV or home computer. For full product information, please visit Home Lifts Experts’s website (it will open in a new window).


Her Majesty The Queen choses Stiltz Trio Homelift for future proofed independence at Balmoral As seen widely across the national press, Stiltz Limited, based in Kingswinford, has been selected by our treasured Monarch to install a Trio+ wheelchair-friendly Homelift at Craigowan Lodge on the Balmoral Estate. As a specialist manufacturer with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise under their belt, it is only fitting that a Stiltz product has been chosen by the Royal Family. Stiltz is a proudly British business, and it is an honour to know The Queen can now benefit from independent access between floors today, and in the future. Her new spacious homelift is part of future-proofing upgrades at The Queen’s private cottage that combine safety and security with tasteful adaptations. This type of Royal appointment represents the highest level of endorsement any UK manufacturer can achieve. It is indicative of the superior safety and quality that Stiltz is renowned for, across both consumer and trade markets. Unlike commercial lifts from other manufacturers, Stiltz solutions have been specifically developed for home use, not adapted from commercial applications. This unique approach clearly appealed to

the Windsors and was enhanced by efficient planning, installation and commissioning. No major structural alterations would have been required at Craigowan Lodge, as Stiltz dual rail technology carries the weight of the lift through a simple aperture between floors. Stiltz Homelifts co-founder Lachlan Faulkner comments: “As a relatively young homelift company, we are especially honoured to have been chosen for The Queen’s Scottish residence. Through the support of our valued dealer network, popularity of our homelifts continues to strengthen year-on-year as more end users discover why our products deliver unparalleled enablement. This awareness has now reached the very top of society. We are extremely proud of this install and from everyone at Stiltz, we wish Her Majesty a memorable Platinum Jubilee year.” https://www.stiltz.co.uk/trio-home-lift-overview/


ABILITY LIFTS HITS THE TARGET WITH LIFT AT VIRTUAL SHOOTING EXPERIENCE Clays Bar, in Moorgate near the centre of London, is a bar with a difference, where you compete with your friends in an interactive clay target shooting experience on huge 4k screens. As the clay target shooting experience is in the basement, (required for darkness to see the screens better), the client required a platform lift from ground floor to basement. Ability Lifts were contacted, and their Optimum 100s platform lift got a top score for ease of installation with a compact footprint. Travelling between the ground floor and basement, with a lifting capacity of 410 kilogrammes and being self contained, the lift has a one touch call button on each landing and a standard platform size of 1100mm wide x 1480mm deep. The client was thrilled with the finished lift, which fitted perfectly next to the stairwell, and was decorated with some plants to blend in with the upmarket interior. Please contact the Ability Lifts team on 0845 006 8803 or email sales@abilitylifts.co.uk for further information on the Optimum 100s and the other products in the Optimum range of lifts.


Platform Lifts Here at Ability Lifts, we offer solutions for many different access requirements, from platform lifts and stair platform lifts, to external lifts, access lifts and much more. We aim to offer top quality service and highly competitive prices. All of our access lifts are in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD 2006/42/EC, EN8141 and Part M, and we’re happy to advise you with any questions you may have about access requirements. The Optimum 100s - Our best selling enclosed Platform Lift ◌

410kg / 5 persons capacity

Standard platform size of 1100mm wide X 1480mm long

Landing doors 900mm wide X 2000mm high (Alternative special size are available)

Hidden door closers

One touch call button on each landing

Please call us for a chat, we have a range of platform lifts to suit your requirements.

Tel: 0845 006 8803 Email: sales@abilitylifts.co.uk Web: www.abilitylifts.co.uk


NOT ALL EXTERNAL PLATFORM LIFTS ARE THE SAME! Is your external platform lift IP65 rated? This means it offers complete protection from dust, and protection against low pressure water jets from any angle.


e’ve just fitted our Inva Euro platform lift externally at Sheffield University, and the IP65 rating was one of the key factors in deciding to use this particular lift. The Inva Euro is manufactured from stainless steel and then powder coated in a choice of different colour finishes to provide a hard wearing and durable finish. This lift is available in a choice of platform sizes, ranging from 1250mm x 900mm to 1400m x 1100mm, so you can find a size which is ideal for your needs. With travel heights up to 7 metres, as well as emergency battery lowering and an autodialler fitted as standard, this is the perfect choice for an outside lift.


Installation can be completed in as little as 2-3 days, with minimal building work required, and the requirement of just single phase electrics can reduce the cost of an electrician and associated works. The lift is available with optional fire rated doors, tinted glazing and swipe card control, so it’s possible to customise the lift to suit your exact needs. Our client at Sheffield University has been extremely pleased with the installation, offering staff and students assisted access for many years to come. If you would like to know more about our platform lifts or other access solutions, please contact the Invalifts team on 0845 468 2543 or alternatively, email sales@invalifts.com

Platform Lifts Our range of platform lifts includes the Commercial Platform Lift (right) - a premium quality enclosed platform lift with a customisable finish, and the option of glazing on 3 sides. Designed for offices, schools and public buildings with small footprints available, this is a premier platform lift. We also offer stair platform lifts and a range of platform lifts for both internal and external use.

The Platform Lift Experts

Tel: 0845 4682543 Web: www.invalifts.com


A LITTLE LESS IS OFTEN A LOT MORE… …BLACK ACCENTS CONTINUE TO TREND IN BATHROOMS. Black Bathrooms have been on trend for a while now and they look set to play their part in 2022 and beyond.


lack can be used in a variety of ways in your bathroom but ‘Black Accents’ are here to stay! Consider black shower screen frames, black taps, black shower heads, shower valves and accessories, black wastes and traps, black radiators and radiator valves and not forgetting black bathroom accessories. Black accents bring the popular urban influence to our homes and are especially suited to modern, contemporary living. The popular New York Industrial styling has been used by interior designers over the last few years with inspiration taken from Crittal design. Graeme Borchard, MD of UK Bathrooms - the UK’s leading online retailer for premium bathrooms comments “Industrial style doesn’t have to mean hard, cold surfaces or a lack of warmth and finesse, it can mean chic and bright. It’s about your choice of materials, textures and the way these are used.”


A black shower screen, with black taps, black shower, black towel radiator and valves will add beautiful black accents to your bathroom space then add wooden features or wooden flooring to ensure the overall look is not only aesthetically pleasing but gives of a warmth to the beholder. To ensure you achieve that New York Urban style add the Abacus Concept Noir 50cm Basin and Black Washstand, with the additional option of an oak shelf. This super black metal washstand makes an exquisite statement and the additional shelf is ideal for your freshly laundered towels or practical storage. The stand comes complete with a Villeroy & Boch Memento basin and is available in 2 sizes. “Abacus Bathrooms is a brand that really considers every aspect of a new bathroom. You can complete the look with their black flushplate and black bathroom accessories.” continues Graeme. Incorporating black accents into your new space will bring it bang up to date for a fresh, industrial yet contemporary feel.



s always the Fletching is manufactured from 100% stainless steel with all the benefits this carries. Stainless steel will not rust, flake or corrode. Rails can be utilised in all systems including open. Small scratches and dents can be polished out. Furthermore there are no harmful chemical plating processes involved in its manufacture. Our towel rails are a durable and environmentally sound product. The rails themselves are manufactured from over 90% recycled product and are 100% recyclable in themselves. The Fletching with its ball joints is perfect in the more traditional bathroom but we are also seeing these rails increasingly in more individual design lead bathrooms. The Fletching is available in the following sizes and either


a polished or satin finish and in electric, dual fuel or central heating formats, the prices listed are for the central heating format polished. • 1185mm x 520mm (BTU 1963) £724.95 ex VAT • 910mm x 520mm (BTU 1431) £599.95 ex VAT • 635mm x 520mm (BTU1020) £524.95 ex VAT There is a further design the floor to wall model which stands at 1200mm high by 520mm wide has a BTU of 1858 and retails at £799.95 exclusive of VAT. All towel rails within the Sussex Range by JIS Europe are manufactured from 100% stainless steel meaning all rails carry a 25-year guarantee.

We are still fully stocked. Customer Service, quality product and ethically sound sourcing are the cornerstones of our business. Please do visit our website for further details www.sussexrange.co.uk 01825 722988 info@jiseurope.co.uk

Stainless Steel Towel Rails by JIS Europe 100% stainless steel towel rails 01825 722988 www.sussexrange.co.uk info@jiseurope.co.uk

RAISING THE BAR ON LUXURY BATHROOM DESIGN WITH RAK CERAMICS Now more than ever the bathroom is a place of sanctuary, relaxation and comfort. What are they key trends that help create such a space? Ben Bryden, Sales and Marketing Director of RAK Ceramics, looks at the materials, colours and finishes that are coming through to will help architects and installers create bathrooms that meet up to their customers’ high expectations. While we’ve all been staying at home that little bit more than we may have liked, many homeowners have been undertaking a vast amount of home improvement too, with the bathroom being one of the main areas of investment. In fact, research by insurance company confused.com found that Brits spent £34,000 renovating their homes, on average, during lockdown, with 94% of them choosing to upgrade their bathroom. The world looks a little different once again as we traverse 2022, but the investment in our homes looks set to continue and there are several stand-out trends that are coming through in terms of bathroom design.

Hygiene first As we continue to live with the pandemic in 2022, the heightened awareness of good hygiene means that ease of cleaning and anti-bacterial surfaces have really come to the fore. Touchless flushing on WCS like RAK-Sensation, for instance, encourages users to flush in a hygienic way, while the absence of awkward levers or buttons to press makes the bathroom that little bit more accessible to all too, something that is important in multi-generational households or when consumers are hoping to future-proof their current space. In terms of ease of cleaning, rimless WCs are a dream, while anti-bacterial coatings raise the stakes even further in terms of hygiene in the


RAK-Petit solves the problem of creating luxury results in compact spaces, with deepbased washbasins that can be installed alone or combined with RAK-Joy vanity units.

bathroom, acting as an invisible barrier to harmful germs and bacteria. Special glazes, such as RAKSanit, applied during manufacture see these off, with no need for lots of chemicals and copious amounts of cleaning products. A regular wipe down with a soft damp cloth is all that is required, likely to be music to the ears of busy families.

Bathroom style trends From a style viewpoint too, for a long time, the focus for sanitar y ware in the bathroom has been starkly white, but things are changing, with soft pastels and muted shades increasingly being seen on sanitaryware. Less clinical than an all-white bathroom, these

A countertop washbasin in an ontrend colour, such as the RAK-Feeling bowl in Cappuccino will make a statement regardless of how much floor space there is to play with.

For bathroom surfaces, porcelain and ceramic tiles have never been so popular and their practical advantages alone make them so. Hardwearing and easy to clean, porcelain and ceramics tiles can be chosen to emulate the natural beauty of materials like marble, raising the stakes in terms of luxury in the modern bathroom too. Large format tiles or mega slabs minimise grout lines and create a seamless finish over large areas such as bathroom walls too.

pops of colour can be scaled up or down to meet individual tastes. Colour doesn’t need to mean bold and bright and in this instance the trend takes a far subtler approach, with nature-inspired tones, such as those found in the RAK-Feeling collection, adding character while creating a relaxed and tranquil vibe.

Shower power Creating a spa-like feel in the domestic bathroom has become increasingly important to consumers, particularly in the en-suite bathroom which of ten has a grown-up vibe. This is made possible with the inclusion of a contemporary, walk-in, wet-room style shower area.

itaryware and furniture designed specifically for small spaces being key here – reduced projection, slim profiles and plenty of storage are in order. All of these qualities can be found with RAK-Petit, a collection from RAK Ceramics that is designed specifically with small bathrooms in mind.

All of these trends together help create a luxurious and practical bathroom that consumers will feel quite at home in.

Contact: RAK Ceramics UK 01730 237850 www.rakceramics.com/uk/

RAK-Des features minimal lines for a sleek and streamlined finish, with a versatile range of bowls and freestanding washbasins, ensuring a solution for every bathroom.

Shower trays with a very low profile create a feeling of space in the bathroom as the floor area is opened out and access much easier. For baths, think painted exteriors, freestanding tubs offset from other fixtures to make a statement and baths with slim rims.

Compact bathroom solutions Not every bathroom will be blessed with a huge amount of space, but small doesn’t have to mean boring in any sense of the word, with san-


industry news

KAZUHIDE TAKAHAMA, THE JAPANESE DESIGNER WHO FUSED ZEN MINIMALISM WITH ART His masterfully pared-down furniture designs borrowed concepts from Surrealism and the Dada movement

Above: Kazuhide Takahama Left: Paradisoterrestre Below: ‘Antella’ console and ‘Gaja’ chair by Kazuhide Takahama for Cassina De Pasquale & Maffini

With their spare simplicity, the designs of Kazuhide Takahama (1930-2010) appear perfectly in tune with the Japanese philosophy of Zen minimalism. They’re also a reflection of the designer himself, so quietly charismatic that he was known as ‘the stone man’. Yet Takahama’s work was far from being purely Japanese: he embraced a variety of Western influences, including modern European art. Born in Miyazaki on the Japanese island of Kyushu, Takahama studied architecture at the Tokyo Institute of Technology before joining the practice of architect Kazuo Fujioka. In 1957, he oversaw the design of Japan’s first pavilion at the Milan Triennale, which proved to be a life-changing event – he met the entrepreneur Dino Gavina, founder of Simon International (now part of Cassina), and began a lifelong collaboration with him.

Cassina By this time, Takahama was already fascinated by modern art, in particular the Dada movement – his ‘Marcel’ seating collection (1965, pictured top) was a tribute to Marcel Duchamp. Based on polyurethane blocks con-


nected by aluminium brackets, it offered the possibility of endless configurations. It was followed by the ‘Saori’ wall lamp for Nemo in 1973, which evokes the slashed canvases of Spatialist artist Lucio Fontana. After Gavina persuaded Takahama to move to Italy permanently – which he did in 1963, settling with his wife Naeko in Bologna – the designer combined architectural and furniture projects. In 1967, he collaborated with Gavina on Bologna’s The Centre Duchamp, a space for creative innovation. He also continued to fuse his beloved modernist style with Japanese traditions, such as lacquerware. With a structure reminiscent of origami, his ‘Antella’ lacquer table for Cassina in 1974 features folding panels that transform it from oval centrepiece to slender console. The ‘Gaja’ stackable chair (1978) and ‘Djuna’ low table (1983), also for Cassina, recall Bauhaus tubular steel forms.

De Pasquale & Maffini Takahama also flirted with Surrealism. In 1971, he worked with installation artist François-Xavier Lalanne on the illustrated ‘Rhinocéros’ lac-

quer screen. Soon after came the ‘Mantilla’ sofa for Paradisoterrestre (1974), which was inspired by the idea of covering furniture with dust-sheets in a shut-up house. Its flowing ‘mantle’ cover is replaceable, so the sofa’s look can be changed at will. The designer kept working until his final years and left a lasting legacy in Bologna: designing the façade of the city’s Guglielmo Marconi Airport and the shelters at its bus stops.

SHADES OF LIGHT HUDSON VALLEY LIGHTING GROUP INTRODUCES DAZZLING NEW FIXTURES IN A FLASH OF BRILLIANT LIGHTING DESIGN FOR SUMMER 2022. Hudson Valley Lighting Group (HVLG) has been a dominant force in the American Lighting market for more than thirty years, making its 2019 launch in Europe a memorable experience. Its innovative approach of incorporating classic design with trend-led pieces has ensured that it is the US lighting brand that interior designers and style-conscious consumers turn to for elegant designs which span a multitude of styles. HVLG is comprised of four brands: Hudson Valley Lighting, Mitzi, Troy Lighting, and Corbett Lighting, with each brand exhibiting their own individual aesthetics. Each design present in the Summer launch has been exquisitely crafted to make a lasting statement. The Spring/Summer launch features new lighting families including sconces, pendants, chandeliers, and portable lamps. Highlights include: Gansevoort by Hudson Valley Lighting Angled pieces of gradient brass in various sizes intersect for a look that is strong and unexpected. The

stunning floor lamp has dedicated LEDs reflect off the ombre finish brass creating a beautiful lighting effect that changes as the gradient goes from light to dark. Harlow by Mitzi The circular nature of Harlow is both refreshingly playful and elegant, with a combination of seeded glass shades and aged brass handwear (also available in polished nickel). The direct light illustrated by the eight lamps allows for an even wash of light for the room in question, providing a generous display of luminosity, not to mention a dazzling conversation piece. Hope by Mitzi Hope is expressive in nature, playing with spherical forms to create a design that brings fantasy to life. The steel frame is finished with hand-applied gold leaf or soft black, allowing you to choose between a more artful or industrial look. Exposed globe bulbs pop against the glistening finish, providing ample glow in two, three, and eight light versions.

Labra by Hudson Valley Lighting Inspired by nature, Labra’s beautiful form is open, airy and elegant. Slender, swooping arms stretch upward giving the piece a decidedly botanical feel. This refined fixture will bring a sense of calm to any space. Landis by Mitzi Part art, part tabletop task lighting, Landis’s base is a unique mix of straight angles and round curves. Light reflects down from the metal dome shade and peeks through its perforations creating a glow that is both gorgeous and functional. Pair the Soft Black metal shade with an Aged Brass or Polished Nickel base. Serenity by Corbett Lighting Serenit y ’s st ylistically eclec tic nature exudes tranquil and detoxifying energy with the use of natural stone. Available in gold leaf with stainless steel, the LED fixture provides a gentle and soft lighting experience.



Conceived by Kettal Studio, the streamlined aluminium structures reflect an effort to further align the brand’s pergolas with architecture. Indeed, the Pavilion H series promises users the ability to carve out their own space outdoors, with a range of customizations that make it possible to align the pergolas with existing builds. At the heart of the design is luminosity, transparency and utmost flexibility with different uses and environments. What does that mean? Whether a user is seeking a relaxing sanctuary in their own backyard, or even a workspace, the pavilions can accommodate those needs. They come in a variety of sizes suited to most exterior environments – and special dimensions on demand. Resilient polyester-powder finishing in colours such as verdant ‘sea moss’, neutral ‘ginger root’ and rosy ‘blossom’ prove a refined match


for even the most ambitious colour palettes; in addition, the upholstery line-up comprises 50 hues. Kettal Studio also ensured that the design could rise to different climactic conditions and technical needs. There are numerous options for the Pavilion H ceilings, for example: clients select from waterproof, polycarbonate, venetian, electric bioclimatic, aluminium or wood. Clad in textile, wood or aluminium, fixed and sliding panels can also be fitted with shelving, blinds, curtains and more. The various models of

spotlights do the trick when night approaches. Power sockets, T V stands and light controls are among the many accessories on offer. Because the Pavilion H pergolas are designed to integrate with architecture, they accentuate design already present rather than detracting from it (as exterior furniture so often does). The demand for holistic exterior solutions and biophilic designs is increasing as people seek a deeper connection with nature in their day-to-day, and the series intuitively responds to that shift.


Summer 2022 W W W. G R A H A M A N D G R E E N . C O . U K

BUILDING REGULATION CHANGES SEE FOCUS ON SEALANT TAPES FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCES New building regulations coming into force this year will require windows to be made even more airtight, says Andy Swift, sales and operations manager for ISO-Chemie.


hanges to Part L of the Building Regulations which come into effect from June 2022, will see the provision for stricter standards and compliance procedures around energy and ventilation per formance, contributing towards a roadmap to a net zero carbon future and new homes designed and built in-line with stricter carbon emissions targets. Specifically, to ensure continuity of the air barrier, window

and door units will have to connect to the primary air barrier and the frames will need to be taped to surrounding structural openings using air sealing tape. This comes against the backdrop where evidence points to doors and windows as the main source of the nation’s chronic energy inefficient homes. Indeed, it could be said that in the light of product innovation over the years, its perhaps ‘criminal’ that the hundreds of thousands of new or retrofit installations completed each year go unchecked or unregulated, producing a legacy of problems for years to come and costing millions of pounds to rectify. This is a pity because with advancements in cost effective, easy-to-use technologies, there never a justifiable reason for delaying or avoiding the specification of better energy efficient window and door sealing solutions.

Air tightness improvements In this respect, the changes to Part L will have to be seen as a step in the right direction for the new


build fenestration sector. It will see requirements for improvements in air tightness, forcing them from 10 air changes per hour down to 8 air changes per hour and also U value on windows shifting from 1.6 to 1.2wm2 k/H, which will require more energy efficient sealant solutions such as thermal foam tapes. The requirement also now states that the frame should be linked back to the wall with an air-tight tape. Heat will always find the fastest exit as it comes up against the ‘A’ or ‘A+’ rated window, and invariably this emanates from the 10mm or so expansion gap left around the window following fitment. This is normally left empty, but some amount of spray foam can be injected to fill the void before a silicone trim is applied for a smart looking finish. Unfortunately, as expedient as this might seem, none of these solutions create a measurable, long term, high performance thermal, acoustic or airtight barrier - the U-Value of the installed window is simply reduced, which leads to heat escape and, ultimately, financial loss.

That ’s why the house building industry and wider construction sector deserves better insulating solutions to improve energy efficiencies, especially if as predicted, the UK market stays buoyant over the next 12 months as the economy continues to recover from the pandemic and building and construction activity remains busy, particular in the face of a chronic national housing shortage and the need to build more affordable housing. In modular construction, which is gaining increasing traction and will see continued integration with the more traditional methods of building in 2022, enabling developers to bring forward housing projects more expediently, designers and specifiers are looking at new ways to deliver low carbon structures, which use sustainable technologies to deliver measurable airtight, acoustic and thermal sealing benefits. And this is where self-adhesive foam sealing tapes can add real value, enabling developers to bring forward housing projects more expediently.

They can use ‘smart’ foams impregnated with different substances to create a measurable U-Value as low as 0.6w/m2k, offer superb thermal insulation and can contribute to acoustic sound reduction by 63dB. As these installation tapes are completely weather tight against driving rain up to hurricane force wind speeds, installers can quickly apply them around the frame during initial fitting. This provides the assurance that they have completed a comprehensive ‘A’ rated installation rather than just supplying an ‘A’ rated window. This

is a benefit that can be sold on to deliver enhanced energy efficiency advantages for customers and property owners.

Technical innovation Building regulation changes will have an unequivocal impact as energy ratings for buildings and property become stricter, and these include energy and ventilation standards for residential and non-domestic buildings that are far better for the environment and fit for the future - higher air and thermal standards for house construction has to be a priority. Technical innovation through sealing technologies is one way that those responsible for fenestration specification can do more to support greater energy efficiency and mee the requirements of Part L. Indeed, as sustainability continues to be of paramount concern in the development of low carbon and eco-friendly building projects, we will see technologies such as energy foam tapes, which can add real value during the initial and post construction phases, only grow in importance as the most effective solutions for sealing window and door frame expansion joints and gaps in houses. Today, there are effective products out there to ensure that airtightness and thermal efficiency within buildings should never be overlooked or ignored - it’s simply a matter of designing in these products. More at www.iso-chemie.eu/en-GB/home/




Recommended suppliers

Rinnai UK Main Office: 9 Christleton Court, Manor Park, Runcorn WA7 1ST London Office: 5th Floor Hyde Park Hayes 3, 11 Millington Road, Hayes UB3 4AZ

Rinnai is a global leader in gas appliance manufacturing, striving for reliable and consistent quality. Rinnai specialise in the development of Commercial and Multi-point water heaters.


Leaders in the electric heating and hot water industry for 15 years. Electric Heating Company Unit 40 Block 5, Third Road Blantyre Industrial Estate Blantyre Glasgow G72 0UP


With more than 30 years of experience, selling to more than 120 countries around the world, Panasonic is unquestionably one of the leaders in the heating and cooling sector. SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd Vicarage Barns, Lower Quinton, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, CV37 8SG