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Welcome to the September issue of Engineering Update! It’s certainly been a mixed bag of news in the sector this past month. UK manufacturing output has fallen for the first time since February 2021, and it is vital that the industry receives the finance it is desperately in need of to fight the ever increasing threat of inflation. It’s our opinion that this should be a first priority for the incoming Prime Minister, whomever they might be.

Editorial Laura

On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons for optimism. For example, UK vehicle manufacturing is picking up with three consecutive months of growth, and we still have plenty of companies across the industry committed to tackling our greatest challenges, innovating new products for the ever changing business landscape and the existential issues our planet is facing. We look at a number of these in this issue, with a focus on energy, the pharmaceutical industry, intelligent manufacturing and cloud and big data! Enjoy! Kane Weller - Publications


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Digital transformation is taking a firmer grip on modern-day manufacturing see pages 44 & 45...

A SENSOR OF PERSPECTIVE MetLase leading the charge

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The Value of Remote Data Access28 |3 A Step in The Right Direction For Climate Change14 Taking Your FDM Printing to Another Level38 Turning Heads in a Rotating Industry22 Growing Output Whilst Decarbonising56 September 2022

New this year - 10 hours of free content for visitors: Day 1 - Knowledge Sharing and Industry Insights - Panel discussions, guest speaker interviews, case studies and interactive sessions delivered by industry experts. Day 2 - Education Zone - Learning and development, with free training including Advanced Programme (Diploma) refresher courses (ideal for individual CPD or exam preparation), and the all new End User Guidance (EUG) and Introduction to Lifting Equipment (ILE) training courses. Ask the Expert Surgeries - 15-minute sessions with the LEEA CEO and SLT on key topics of importance.

Exhibitor Fast Pitch - A series of 5-minute pitches from our exhibitors to engage the audience giving a succinct overview of the key brands, services and innovative products on the market. Exhibition Space - To secure a stand on the exhibition show floor, or to become one of our sponsors, contact the team on +44 (0)20 3488 2865 or email Book your free visitor ticket now at

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|5 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE Details available from Barry George • Industrilås GB • Halesfield 17 • Telford TF7 4PF Office: 01952 580 845 • • ✔ Ease of assembly ✔ Secure ✔ Choice of key locking options ✔ Ex-stock or bespoke designs to customer specifications ✔ Massive range of options ISOAccreditations:9001•ISO 140O01 • DIN EN 61373 The complete range of quality access hardware from Swedish manufacturer Industrilås is now available direct from its Telford office and warehouse. Most items are ex-stock. Key advantages to designers and users include: ACCESS. ALL AREAS Industrilas GB half pp generic.pdf 1 04/03/2022 10:29

Rob outlines how second-hand equipment has been crucial to the growth and expansion of his business: “As clothing manufacturers, we require a lot of machinery for our factory; everything from equipment required for the actual production of clothing like knitting and dyeing machines,

The company now manufactures and delivers fully customisable clothing to start-ups, SMEs and established fashion brands.

The top ten biggest costs when setting up a business are:

According to recent research, the average cost for starting a business in the UK is £22,756³ (in the first year), which doesn’t even include the manufacturing of new products or purchasing stock.

The top ten biggest fears and concerns are:

New research by online asset disposal specialists reveals the biggest fears, concerns and costs when setting up a business.

Opening a new business can be a terrifying prospect because there's always a lot of uncertainty. Almost two out of five (39%) business owners said they were concerned about managing finances, and nearly a third (32%) of business owners were worried about not earning enough to recover from initial business investment.

10. Being incapable of handling success (4%)

Whilst equipment and supplies are expected to be a major expense when setting up an engineering business, business owners could cut these costs dramatically by purchasing second-hand machinery instead of brand-new equipment.

Second-hand Equipment Case Study - Hawthorn International Founded eight years ago by Rob Williams and his business partner, having been a clothing start-up brand before, Hawthorn International has used secondhand equipment to grow rapidly.

REVEALED: The biggest concerns when setting up a new engineering business


1. Equipment and supplies (27%) 2. Stock (23%) 3. Sales and marketing (23%)

1. Not attracting customers (49%) 2. Finances (39%) 3. “What if everything goes wrong?” (36%) 4. Not earning enough to recover an investment (32%) 5. Not knowing where to start  (17%) 6. Failing the family (14%) 7. Not being an expert (14%) 8. Not being believed in (11%) 9. Being considered “crazy” (5%)

4. Finance (22%) 5. Insurance costs (22%) 6. Premises (22%) 7. Professional fees (e.g. hiring a solicitor or lawyer) (17%)

10. Large-scale machinery (8%)

Surprisingly, nearly half (49%) of business owners claimed they were almost put off from starting their business because they feared they would not attract customers, and over three in ten (36%) business owners admitted to thinking about failure before even starting.

8. Technology costs (12%) 9. Staffing and employment (8%)

For example, a new Hydrovane 504 Screw Compressor can sell for upwards of £1,500. Whereas in one of BPI’s live lots, the bid currently stands at £200 with no reserve.

However, when asked what the highest initial costs were when setting up their business, more than a quarter (27%) of business owners advised that equipment and supplies were the most expensive asset, followed by stock and sales and marketing services (23%).

With consumer price inflation rising sharply in recent months and the 12-month growth rate reaching 7.9%¹, BPI Auctions surveyed UK business owners to determine the biggest concerns before setting up a business and the highest costs when starting out².

September 2022 6| ENGINEERING PDATE • Survey reveals the biggest fears and concerns of prospective business owners • Equipment and supplies revealed as the biggest costs when setting up a business • Experts advise why second-hand equipment is the future of business

Lamonde Automation Limited Quality Products: Expert PLC Web Browser  OPC UA Server  WebView  In Excess of 300 Communication Drivers  Event Bar Chart  Database Server  SQL Query  Energy Demand Display/Setting Features Include:

The environmental ‘Right to Repair’ legislation has put the consumer back in charge of their electrical goods and helps to address the ‘throwaway tech culture’ head-on which TR Fastenings supports. After years of campaigning this EU legislation will drive change in assembly methods with a major shift in how electronics and domestic appliances will be manufactured and serviced. It is already playing a key role in helping to extend product life, cut carbon emissions, and reduce landfill. Where there are more mechanical assembly methods employed there could even be a boost to create more jobs within the industry sector.

Loss to the economy This started to change in July 2021, when new laws came into force requiring manufacturers to make spare parts much more available to consumers. It was particularly important in the electronics market, where global brands had increasingly prevented user access. However, this was against a backdrop of growing concerns about electrical recycling and wastage. It is estimated that 1.5m tonnes of electrical and electronic read more...

September 2022 8| ENGINEERING PDATE

New Legislation ‘The Right to Repair’ in 2022

Sven Brehler, Director of Engineering commented “This is a very positive development that has been years in the making. While this is primarily about giving control to the consumer there is also a very strong environmental case here as well. It will mean that fewer companies will weld products for example and instead introduce fasteners back into their designs that can be undone/unscrewed providing extra accessibility for repairing items rather than having to always replace the entire unit. The environmental benefits are considerable, and this change will have wide reaching and a long-lasting impact on the manufacturing sector.”

As a major supplier to the Health and Home market TR is actively supporting new designs and the re-introduction of fasteners so that they can be accessible for disassembly and repair.

Benefits of repair over new Repairing a broken component part instead, particularly where the rest of the appliance works fine, saves the end user money in the first instance. Therefore, the need to replace a machine is much less likely, and it extends the life of the repaired product which in turn cuts down carbon emissions. It also helps the environment at both ends of the supply chain, even potentially creating jobs in the independent repair sector.

Benefit to consumers Currently if an electrical product or domestic appliance develops a fault, having the ability to source spare parts and fix it yourself, or use an independent repairs service provider, has always made perfect sense. However, this has not really been possible for a long time. Today if you attempt to repair electronic goods or appliances it negates the warranty, so manufacturers have always sought to discourage it. The expected redesign of appliances will reduce products being welded for example which currently makes them inaccessible and therefore less likely to be repaired.

• Minimal

• Versatile and

September 2022 10| ENGINEERING PDATE

FURTHER INFORMATION Please visit our website: solvent-cleaners/ for information about other uses and applications for Clarea® products. For more advice, please telephone us on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our website contact form. Visit applications-and-case-studies for information about uses and applications for all EnviroTech Europe products. For more advice, please telephone us on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our website contact form. All products are supplied and supported by EnviroTech Europe Ltd. Manufactured in the United Kingdom and available on short delivery times through our dedicated team of distributors worldwide.

General purpose industrial solvent cleanerssafe for users and the environment

Clarea® non-chlorinated industrial solvent cleaners are compatible with all metals, composites and most plastics used to remove dirt, oil, grease, or other contaminants from surfaces without causing harm or leaving residue. They are used as immersion cleaners for component cleaning in manufacturing and engineering industries and as wipe cleaners for large surface areas prior to painting or powder coating. The environmental concerns and health hazards of the chlorinated solvents used as industrial degreasing agents has led to the formulation of this EnviroTech range of safer cleaning solvents.

What to consider when choosing suitable solvent cleaning products?

EFFICIENT AND ECONOMICAL cost-effective solutions for all your industrial cleaning odour and low toxicity for operators Multipurpose uses can reduce the inventory of cleaning fluids. uses - evaporation rates suitable for hand wipe, spray, or immersion tank cleaning Clarea® HC40 for brush and hand wiping, air dries. Flash point 40°C Clarea® HC62 for spray or immersion cleaning Flash point 62°C Contains no chlorine, other halogens or stabilisers with all metals and composites and most plastics pre-cleaner for paint or powder coatings reliable, environmentally friendly cleaning

• Safe,

Clarea® products are aliphatic hydrocarbon based low odour degreasing solvents with specified flash points. They will remove oils, greases, hydraulic fluids cutting fluids and a wide variety of hydrocarbon based protective coatings. Clarea® solvents can be safely used with all metals and composites and most plastic and paint finishes. Clarea® HC40 is low odour degreasing fast drying solvent with a flash point of 40°C. It is suitable for ultrasonic and dip systems and can be used with brush or in hand-wipe processes. Clarea® HC62 is a degreasing solvent with a flash point over 60°C. It is suitable for hand-wipe applications when used externally.

Solvents used for cleaning must be highly refined and leave no residues on drying. They need to be highly effective removing oils and soils without causing damage or corrosion of the parts or components being processed and leave minimal residues. Cleaning specifications vary widely from very demanding automotive and aerospace applications to less demanding applications where critical cleaning is not needed such as pre-used parts or assemblies from the transportation, aerospace, or manufacturing equipment sectors. Heavily contaminated when removed from service these must be free of oils, soils, grease and dirt before disassembly prior to refurbishing and rebuilding. Much of this work will be manual and the considerations for the safety of operators, hand wiping or brush cleaning is paramount.

• Excellent

• Flexible

• Compatible

For more efficient cleaning and higher system availability The new compact conductivity sensors LDL100 and LDL200 from ifm impress with their fast and precise media differentiation. This helps you to control CIP processes efficiently and to increase the availability of your system. The new LDLs are also simple to commission: They are ready for use out-of-the-box and transmit the conductivity and temperature of the medium via a single M12 connection - digitally and loss-free thanks to IO-Link. As there is no additional evaluation unit required, you also save system costs. So easy, so good. ifm – close to you! Discover the new easy way to control CIP m / / uk Go ifmonlineGo ifmonline yearsWARRANTYonifmproducts

You can also purchase HUMMEL’s ball valves with a ribbed nipple for connecting plastic hoses. Such products can be used in drinking water continue reading

September 2022 12| ENGINEERING PDATE

Components for central heating systems by HUMMEL

Central heating systems are used in housing, workplace, public utility buildings as well as in private detached houses. This solution is applied both within a complex infrastructure and in smaller circulation systems with a private boiler room or a fireplace with a water jacket. In the majority of systems (electrical or ventilation) the aim is to hide them mostly because they are not really decorative, however in the case of central heating systems it is not always possible to do so. A radiator and circulation pipes connected to it will stay visible – this is why there are customers who search for appealing design combined with high quality and durability. And here come the new products available from TME, namely plumbing components by ForHUMMEL.manyyears, we have been adding to the TME portfolio more and more items that are not electrotechnical devices or electronic components. In our catalogue, you can find mechanical components and elements for automatic and pneumatic systems – as well as plumbing/hydraulic system components. This is the case with HUMMEL product, too. The brand was previously known as a supplier of mechanical components, cable accessories, and industrial connectors. However, this German manufacturer provides high-quality plumbing components, most of all for central heating and drinking water systems. Valves, heads and turncocks The only adjustable components of central heating systems which are used by the ordinary users are valves controlling the flow and the temperature in a room.

Durable and precisely manufactured plumbing components with an appealing design • Valves, heads and turncocks • Connectors and cover collars • Venting • Adapters and reductions • Installation components (fittings) • Toolbox cases

A thermostatic head is a good example of a high-quality HUMMEL product which combines functionality, ease of use and appealing design.

The head offers stepless adjustment with 5 levels on the scale – they correspond to a range of temperatures from 8°C up to 28°C (20°C in the case of setpoint 3; full closure of flow – 0).

HUMMEL thermostatic valve inserts and automatic flow rate controller are also Thermostaticavailable.heads are available e.g. in chrome and white versions.

The flow stops on its own within ca. 18 minutes after the selected ambient temperature is reached. Additionally, the heads are equipped with a protection that prevents water in the radiator from freezing. The regulators are available in a compact version with 1/2”, 3/8” and 3/4” connectors.

Moreover, the HUMMEL range of products includes throughflow valves (with a possibility to cut off the flow) –they can be equipped with a small turncock or adjusted using a screwdriver. These components are available in straight and angular versions. Draining valves closed with a dedicated key, integrated with a 3/4” connector (and a protection cap) are a similar group of products. They are used to flush and empty the radiators, thanks to which users can easily perform maintenance works and secure the radiator if it is going to be cut off from the central heating circulation system in winter (for example in a holiday cabin).

we make ideas come to life

Total Error Band ±0,1

0…1000 bar Accuracy ±0,05

°C Interfaces RS485, 4…20 mA, 0…10 V Operational Temperature Range -40…120 °C Series 35X

|13 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE


We know our customers’ requirements for price and quality and meet their demands with uncompromising service. Not only do we offer standard and bespoke perforated metal sheets, we are able to offer you a range of secondary operations as detailed below.

Aesthetic nishes and protective coating We can offer powder coating and hot dip galvanizing solutions to meet your speci cations. For more information please contact us tel: 01925 839610 | email: | to %FS %FS -10…80


Complete solutions With a continued investment in the latest equipment and a network of professional partners we are able to produce prime quality products and solutions – from a simple perforated sheet to the fully formed and coated custom made part. Cutting We can cut and shape perforated sheet to meet the needs of your nal application.

Levelling For some applications a high degree of atness is required, we have processes in place to ensure our perforated coils and sheets meet with your most demanding requirements.

Rolling and forming We can roll, bend and form perforated sheets to match your design.

RMIG is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal and its related products.

A step in the right direction

With growing awareness of the need to protect the world from catastrophic climate change, manufacturers are coming under pressure to operate in a more environmentally conscious way. Schaeffler is leading the charge by implementing sustainability-based initiatives across its operation.

There is increasing pressure within the manufacturing sector to tackle the climate crisis and recognise how sustainable manufacturing is integral to their success and brand reputation. Schaeffler's processes emphasise energy -efficiency, environmental compatibility and the conservation of resources. With the aim of becoming carbon neutral across all production sites worldwide by 2030. Improvements in sustainability should take a multi-faceted approach. Combining economic success with responsible activity through significant innovation, agility, and efficiency ensures better processes, occupational safety, and a sustainable supply chain. Sustainable procurement Sustainable procurement should involve a circular economy and conducting life cycle assessments (LCA's) to help develop improvement measures. Schaeffler aims to go beyond just following national laws and internationally recognised standards. By working with certified suppliers, setting up industry initiatives and creating industry dialogues with its business partners to incorporate expertise while actively shaping development in sustainable procurement. Power to the people It's not only production materials that should be sustainable but also practices. Respect for human rights is an indispensable part of corporate responsibility, and labour laws prevent violations. Employee health and well-being should form part of the sustainability strategy. Schaeffler works with groups and industry initiatives to actively help shape development in this area and recognise its employees' expertise, skills, and dedication to ensure the continuous development of its sustainability-based agenda. Action plan Whilst government-led strategies and targets are essential, organisations have to play a role in tackling the climate crisis for this to become a reality. The opportunity to mitigate the effect of our action on the planet is there, and the question is will they take it? Learn more on how Schaeffler is moving towards a more sustainable future for all. sustainability/index.jsp/en/group/

IDEAL FOR OILGASAND TEMPERATUREHIGH SURVEYSSHIP CIVIL & STRUCTURESMARINE TUBESPIPES/ SIMPLE MAINTENANCEINTEGRITYASSET CYGNUS SURFACE ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAUGES • Multi-mode accurate measurement including heavily corroded metals with a thin or no coating • Light, intuitive, reliable material thickness gauges • Large sunlight readable display with Live A-scan • Data logging capability for easy reporting/analysis • Designed for safe operation in explosive atmospheres: Class 1, Division 2, Group D locations only, as defined in NFPA 70, Article 500 SCAN THE QR CODE TO GET YOUR FREE QUOTE OR CALL OUR TEAM ON +44 (0) 1305 265 533 QUOTE EU2022 WITH ORDER CYGNUS-INSTRUMENTS.COM

The new 30x magnification A1-Series reflective beam expander incorporates high precision off-axis mirrors which have constant focal lengths, regardless of the wavelength of light being focused. Unlike lens-based beam expanders, the new high magnification beam expander can be used with collimated polychromatic light without the need of any fine focus adjustment.

September 2022 16| ENGINEERING PDATE

High magnification beam expander for laser applications

Supplied housed in a robust aluminium cover – the 30x magnification A1-Series beam expander comes with provision for secure fixing to an optical table. Alignment aids are provided to ensure correct beam pointing and tracking during integration. Manufactured to better than lambda/5 transmitted wavefront accuracy, the 30x magnification reflective beam expander produces no central obscuration and highly efficient transmission is obtained, unspoilt by diffraction patterns.

Traditionally the combination of small aperture and high beam magnification is difficult to manufacture because the optics associated with such a beam expander are difficult to test using state of the art interferometers. The difficulty arises from the fact that small aperture laser beams, when highly magnified, generate artifacts within the interferometer making it extremely hard to distinguish and analyse what are true errors and what are artificial errors. Working with a customer, Optical Surfaces Ltd. examined the options to manufacture a small aperture beam expander able to deliver artifact-free high magnification. The options presented to the customer were to use either a transmissive (lens-based) or a reflective (mirror-based) beam expander approach to their application. Drawing upon over 50 years’ experience of serving the high-power laser community, Optical Surfaces Ltd. advised that the use of reflective beam expanders would be particularly useful for high energy applications with lasers operating within the femtosecond pulses regime. This is because the wavelength bandwidth in such applications is relatively large, and a reflective solution allows fully achromatic operation. Also, the coatings on a lens-based beam expander may not be suitable to withstand the high energy intensities typically encountered in such applications, in contrast to the proven hard dielectric coating options available for reflective mirrors.

Optical Surfaces Ltd. has developed a new compact beam expander that uniquely delivers high magnification (x30) from small aperture (2mm) high power laser beam lines.

Working on this project – Optical Surfaces Ltd has developed a proprietary method to suppress the artefacts shown by interferometers during testing thereby making it possible to manufacture such a high magnification (30x) reflective beam expander for small aperture applications.

For further information on the 30x magnification A1-Series reflective beam expander please visit or contact Optical Surfaces Ltd. on +44-208-668-6126 /

ecoUK AC PLTD OWER ENCLOSEDPOWERSUPPLY DINSUPPLYPOWERRAIL OPEN POWERFRAMESUPPLY MEAN WELL POWER SUPPLIES Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd, Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF CALL OUR EXPERT TEAM TODAY! +44 (0) 1844 204420 Email us at

A CCTV camera for use in Nuclear applications

September 2022 18| ENGINEERING PDATE

Working closely with manufacturers of agricultural sorting systems - Resolve Optics has va proven track record of custom designing SWIR lenses that optimise both the resolution and imaging contrast achievable with the product. For further information on developing a custom SWIR lens to help optimise results from your agricultural sorting system please contact Resolve Optics Ltd. on +44-1494-777100 or

High Contrast SWIR Lenses

Following on from the widely reported accidents at Chernobyl, and more recently the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants, the need for CCTV camera systems that can operate even when subject to high radiation was evident. Drawing upon its expertise in radiation resistant lenses - Resolve Optics has established itself as a world leader in the supply of key camera lenses used in applications including the inspection of fuel elements, pressure vessels and nuclear cores, as well as the inspection of loading and offloading of nuclear materials.

Radiation Resistant Lenses for CCTV cameras

A bruised apple revealed using SWIR inspection

Resolve Optics reports on growing demand for radiation resistant fixed focus and zoom lenses for CCTV cameras used for visual inspection in nuclear power stations.

For further information on highly radiation resistant lenses for CCTV cameras please visit or contact Resolve Optics Ltd. on +44-1494-777100 /

All optical elements in Resolve Optics radiation-resistant lens designs for CCTV cameras are made using cerium oxide-doped glass or synthetic silica. This allows Resolve Optics fixed focus and zoom camera lenses to withstand radiation doses up to 1 billion rads and temperatures up to 100°C without significant discoloration or performance degradation. These specialist lenses also provide high image resolution and minimum geometric distortion from 400 to 750 nm.

Traditionally fruit, vegetable and grain sorting methods have relied upon visible inspection of parameters such as shape, size, colour, texture and defects to determine quality. Compared to visible light - SWIR’s shorter wavelengths enable images to be acquired with stronger contrast and higher resolution, which are both important criteria for agricultural inspection and sorting. SWIR is a proven technology for helping food and agricultural producers reduce waste, increase yield and improve quality by identifying bruised produce which can be identified and removed during the sorting process. In addition - SWIR is able to detect foreign objects such as stones and other foreign contaminants during sorting. For cost reasons, many off-the-shelf SWIR lens designs are based upon a standard visible lens with AR coating designed for the SWIR waveband. These lenses do not account for the way that glass transmits in the SWIR region and as such the final image quality can often be compromised. This problem is particularly apparent with the latest generation of higher resolution InGaAs SWIR sensors. Resolve Optics is a leading developer and supplier of high contrast SWhort Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) lenses for agricultural sorting applications.

Fluregiene 200™ Protecting your surfaces for longer. For more information about Fluregiene 200™ call us now on +44 01386 425755 or email Easy cleaning of hygiene conscious parts Reduces microbial growth Permanent coating protection Fluregiene 200™ provides protection for hygiene conscious parts and surfaces • Excellent corrosion resistance • Low friction anti-fouling and anti-stick properties • Durable and easy to clean/wipe down • Permanently applied to metals, alloys and plastics • Built-in antimicrobial technology actively reduces microbes on the surface of the coating. • Reduces fungal growth and surfaces stay fresh longer Low friction PTFE based containingcoating technologyantimicrobialBioCote®

details visit:, call (01536) 413904 or e-mail:

And then there’s FOD. The threat of foreign object damage is a real and present danger in many engineering workplaces. Using Snap-on Level 5™ minimises the risk of human error, as automated tool control constantly tracks every tool and detects which tools have been removed or returned, ensuring greater protection against FOD.

As engineering managers cope with relentless pressure to deliver improved productivity, often with fewer skilled hands and tighter budgets, the benefits of professional tool storage and management become stronger than ever.

• Audible

• No

September 2022 20| ENGINEERING UPDATE

Snap-on’s Level 5™ asset management system is network ready

Snap-on’s Level 5™ ATC boxes are network ready, using either Ethernet or wireless connection. That enables users to review activity at all Level 5 boxes in their location from one central computer, avoiding the time consuming need to inspect eachForbox.technical

Snap-on Industrial’s Level 5™ automated total asset management system brings order to any workplace, enabling engineers and technicians to know exactly where to find every tool they need, when they need it, saving time and easing stress. How useful would it be if all your workshop’s valuable tools could be tracked from one central LevelSnap-on’spoint?

Engineered to track individual tools by user, without bar codes, scanners, RFID tags or other add-ons, the system works at the speed its users demand. Other systems require additional steps to scan or log activity. The Snap-on system does this automatically so users save time and don’t have to depend on other steps to ensure accurate results.

5™ system makes that possible. It provides complete reports on everything managers or supervisors need to keep an eye on. They are even informed when a tool needs to be refilled or ordered.

• Errors announced and displayed to indicate incorrect tool position or advise when a drawer is not closed. Says Richard Packham, Director UK & Europe for Snap-on Industrial: “Snapon’s automated system takes asset management to an entirely new level. The ability to monitor several boxes from one central computer offers a huge advantage to engineering managers.”

• Automatic

Major benefits of the system include: individual tool scanning required; No RFID tags to install or replace; No limitations on tool size: from ¼” screwdriver bit to just less than the size of the drawer; interface, with an easy to use touchscreen voice confirmation of tool removal and replacement locking for maximum security

• Intuitive

12-13 October 2022 Coventry Building Society Arena THE LARGEST UK EVENT DEDICATED TO DESIGN ENGINEERING Celebrating 10 years Interested in exhibiting? Get in touch with for more information on our exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities. @EngDesignShow #EngDesignShow

Industrial photographer, Adrian Waine, is no stranger to the pages of Manufacturing Update. His imagery ranks amongst the best we feature. In this article we get a new perspective on what it takes to create stunning images in challenging environments –Mel Meader, Chief Operating Officer, of Carter Manufacturing, explains in this interview with editor Taylor Owens how Adrian provides the creative spark for their pictures.

“The right equipment is necessary, especially lighting. We strive to create original images to capture the imagination of our target audience. Ambient light alone is very limiting in this respect. With the equipment must come knowledge in how to use it for maximum creative effect. We discuss a shot list in advance which defines who needs to obtain what. Adrian supplies all photography and lighting equipment required to capture a shot. He also brings a time-served assistant with him and suggests must-haves in terms of relevant props. This makes the photography process much easier on the day as everything is to hand when needed.”

“Without a doubt. We have had several uses from the imagery and expect more. They are being used in our website and have been used in exhibition stands, within our social media and marketing campaigns. The key to getting the most out of the time hinges on the advance preparation. The magical creative flair, if you like, is left to Adrian.”

When the photographs are completed do you feel that the investment in time and money are worthy of the results?

“We discovered Adrian Waine through his images being credited in an associates website. For us, the work speaks for itself and having found these images we started to dig a little deeper. Once satisfied with the imagery, we set about talking with Adrian informally to get a feel for him and how he approaches each commission. His wider industry expertise and experience quickly shone through and gave us the confidence we were seeking.”

Does the photographer’s equipment or lack of it have any consequences?

22| Is the photographer’s knowledge of your industry important?

Turning Heads in a Rotating Industry

“Carter Manufacturing is a global supplier of precision bearings and tooling to aerospace, medical, nuclear and defence. We require exceptional images to support our business and make it stand out across all the markets in which we are active. Having used various photographers in the past, we have a good idea of what we need in a photographer to achieve our desired images. Experience in all the sectors in which we are involved is not realistic but having knowledge of some plus the ability to adapt those to others is the What references do you seek before hiring a photographer?

Working at the forefront of emerging technologies you need to create the right feel when drawing in customers. Adrian achieves this well and we believe that it is well received by our customers, ‘a homemade shot’ will not do.” Is building a long-term relationship with a photography important? We began working with Adrian in 2020, and have already completed three shoots with him, with more in the pipeline. Adrian seems to keep well on top of trends. We see our future relationship with Adrian being a constant to keep our imagery fresh, current and eye-catching in an ever changing world. Does photography help the business attract new talent?

Carter Manufacturing is a pioneering company and to inspire and attract a new generation of engineers to propel our industry forward we need to show our workplaces for the centres of technological excellence that they are. Adrian’s images come together to tell that story. Mel Meader, Chief Operating Officer, Carter Manufacturing Limited +44 1865 821 720 Mob 07859 Photography : Adrian Waine Tel 0151 356 facilitiescommissionedwithAdrianadrian@photographyforindustry.com3855wasformerlystaffphotographerSaudiARAMCOandwasregularlywithintheoilprocessingofSaudiArabia. |23

Modern cameras and high-end phone cameras, pack a lot of punch these days, are you not tempted to try taking your own pictures?

Is organising a photographic shoot in a working factory disruptive? “I know it sounds repetitive, but again preparation is key when commissioning a professional photographer like Adrian. Disruption is often minimal when you append time building a shot list, prop portfolio and select the people involved in advance. Adrian adapts where he can and will always adjust or generate an additional shot outside of the plan if he can and so maximise the useable shots taken on the day.”

“You cannot capture the images of this quality using a phone or personal camera. Attention to detail comes from experience and Adrian’s speaks for itself.

Lighting, camera angles and feel cannot be re-created without using a time served photographer. Owning an oil painting set doesn’t make you an artist!

DLO directs light exactly where it’s needed and is ideal for use in specific, close-up workspaces, reducing glare to avoid people being ‘blinded’ by the emitted light, while its excellent colour definition facilitates safety critical hazardous area tasks.

certified installed LED lighting is now available from Wolf Safety

people expect from Wolf - and are seen in our portable and temporary lighting ranges - can now be found in this new installed lighting range, which we are proud to introduce.”

September 2022 24| ENGINEERING PDATE

Says Miles Jackson, Wolf Safety’s Sales and Marketing Director: “We know that users of Wolf products trust us to keep them safe, especially when they need to work in highly volatile atmospheres and other hazardous “Allworkplaces.thevalues

Wolf Safety have introduced a powerful new range of ATEX certified LED installed lighting, designed for permanent use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The world’s leading manufacturer of portable and temporary ATEX and IECEx certified hazardous area safety lighting, Wolf have been keeping people safe for more than 110 years.

• Floodlights with a market leading maximum light output of up to 25,932 lumens;

Forward Facing Array (FFA) technology can be preferable for safely illuminating large hazardous areas which need wide, even and bright light coverage, where lights are mounted away from people or at heights where glare and intensity can’t have an adverse effect on the working environment.

• Bulkhead lighting, also featuring DLO (with battery back-up emergency versions also available);

• Linear luminaires featuring the new, revolutionary Directional Linear Optics (DLO) or standard Forward Facing Array LED configurations (with battery back-up emergency versions also available);

For detailed technical information visit:

Safe for use in hazardous areas, ATEX

• High bay lighting.

The company’s designers and production engineers have now brought their vast knowledge and expertise to bear on a new range of highly effective LED installed lighting, which is safe to use in Zones 1 and 21 hazardous areas.

The range includes:

|25 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE Improve your liquid transfer operations with... +44 (0)1772 323529 | The Right Connection • Cam & Groove Couplers • Stainless Steel Hose Assemblies • Ball Valves • Actuated Valves • PTFE Hose Assemblies • Bespoke Fabrication • Industrial Hose Couplings UNCOMMON EXCELLENCE • DESIGN • CUSTOMER SERVICE • INNOVATION • MANUFACTURING • QUALITY • TECHNICAL EXPERTISE • UNCOMMON EXCELLENCE • DESIGN • Hoses and hose assemblies • Hose & pipe fittings • No-spill couplings • Safety breakaway fittings • Blow-Out prevention couplings • Hydraulic Fracturing: Low Pressure Systems • Loading arms • Liquid level sensing • Zero emission valves Fluid transfer products for upstream, downstream and refining • Global inventory and locations • Sales and technical support worldwide • In-house engineering & design • ISO 9001 accredited • Pressure Equipment Directive Products: Dixon ProductsPetrochemical

Keeping an ConnectionOT/ITSecure

September 2022 26| ENGINEERING PDATE

There is, without doubt, value in process data. More and more companies are waking up to that reality. C-level executives and upper management are keen to extract that value using analytical tools and techniques provided by their IT departments. However, security is always an issue. Best practices dictate that OT and IT networks be completely isolated from each other. This can best be accomplished using a DMZ to ensure no direct link between corporate networks and control networks. Only known and authenticated actors can enter the system at all. Firewalls protect both the OT and IT sides, configured to allow only outbound connections to the DMZ. This ensures that only the correct data passes between networks. To enable a secure, robust connection across a DMZ, and support real-time bidirectional communication, Skkynet recommends secure tunnelling. Well-designed tunnelling middleware can seamlessly aggregate a variety of industrial protocols like OPC, MQTT, and Modbus and send their data securely across a DMZ to clients running in IT or the cloud. There is no need for VPNs, and all inbound firewall ports can stay closed. Anyone familiar with OPC UA or MQTT might ask, why not use one of those protocols to make the connection? Put simply, they weren’t designed for the task. Getting data out of a plant through a DMZ typically requires two or more servers, daisy chained together. The OPC UA protocol is simply too complex to reproduce well in a chain like this. MQTT requires each node in the chain to be individually configured, and the Quality of Service guarantees cannot propagate through the chain, making data unreliable. Skkynet's secure-by-design tunnelling solution connects and integrates OPC UA and MQTT protocols at either or both ends of the tunnel and supports bi-directional data transfer across a DMZ in real time.

12-13 October 2022 Coventry Building Society Arena THE LARGEST UK EVENT DEDICATED TO DESIGN ENGINEERING Celebrating 10 years Interested in exhibiting? Get in touch with for more information on our exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities. @EngDesignShow #EngDesignShow


However, neither OPC UA nor MQTT were designed to work through a DMZ, which typically requires two or more servers, chained together one after the other. The OPC UA protocol is simply too complex to reproduce well in a daisy chain like this. MQTT requires each node in the chain to be individually configured, and its Quality of Service guarantees cannot propagate through the chain, making data Instead,unreliable.toenable a secure, robust connection across a DMZ, and support real-time bidirectional communication, Skkynet recommends secure tunnelling . Well-designed tunnelling middleware can seamlessly aggregate a variety of industrial protocols like OPC, MQTT, and Modbus and send their data securely across a DMZ to clients running in IT or the cloud. There is no need for VPNs, and all inbound firewall ports can stay closed. This secure-by-design tunnelling solution connects and integrates OPC UA and MQTT protocols at either or both ends of the tunnel and supports bi-directional data transfer across a DMZ in real time. It’s a way to gain the value of remote data access, with minimal risk.

The Value of Remote Data Access

This kind of data collection depends on good data communications protocols. Today, IoT and Industrie 4.0 applications often use OPC UA and MQTT. OPC UA is most often used for in-plant connectivity, while MQTT provides networking Collectingconnections. data from industrial systems also require security. Best practices dictate that OT and IT networks be completely isolated from each other, using a DMZ and firewalls. A DMZ ensures no direct link between corporate networks and control networks. And firewalls protect both the OT and IT sides, configured to allow only outbound connections to the DMZ.

Intelligence is based on observation. A brilliant mind must gather information before it can act upon it. Intelligent manufacturing is no different. Data is the foundation, and it must be collected. For best results, the data must be timely, relevant, and complete.

With a myriad of new product launches, innovative technologies and live demonstrations of the latest smart manufacturing solutions, PPMA Total Show 2022 is set to be the ‘must attend’ event this Autumn, for members of the processing, packaging machinery, robots and industrial vision communities. For three days from 27-29th September, Hall 5 at the NEC Birmingham will be transformed into a focal point of innovation and discovery, showcasing the very best technologies, smart solutions and processing machinery covering the entire production line. – the ‘must attend’ event this Autumn

PPMA Total Show 2022

30| September 2022 ENGINEERING PDATE

Packed with the most diverse gathering of over 350 stands representing 2,000 brands, exhibitors will range from world-leading multinational corporations to specialist niche companies, all sharing a genuine interest in making a positive difference to the businesses of show visitors.

Now in its 34th year, and incorporating three major exhibition brands, including Pakex and Interphex, PPMA Total Show 2022 will deliver an eclectic mix of best-in-class machinery, ancillary products and live equipment demonstrations catering for a wide range of sectors including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, household products and toiletries, building supplies, pet care, FMCG and contract packing.

PPMA Total Show 2022 is already shaping up to be the launch pad for a host of exciting new product introductions, industry firsts and debut showings. Following a threeyear research and development project, Brillopak will debut its new high-speed, multi-material handling automatic Tray & Punnet PAKer, which according to David Jahn, Sales Director at Brillopak, the primary driver behind its development was its customers. “In this market efficiency is everything… our customers have to find economies in all the steps prior to final delivery.”

KB Packing’s new Invictus Nano Stretch Film will have its first showing at the exhibition, while Alphabond will present SafeMelt, the latest patent pending technology making safety visible and that reduces CO2 use by 67%.

Newtec Odense will introduce three new solutions from its range of weighing, packing and sorting machinery primarily for the fruit and vegetable industry. These include the Newtec Mini Weigher, Model 2008PCM and its compatible Newtec Wash Down Trolley, as well as the Newtec High Care Step Conveyor, Model KeymacHCSC.has also announced it will launch the K101SXL Sleever, which offers a new level of flexibility for customers looking to sleeve a PPMA Total’s success over the years, lies in the fact that the show’s agenda is always a true reflection of the direction of the industry with the needs and the requirements of visitors at its heart

|31 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE

OMRON will debut a series of bottling line demonstrations featuring the benefits of smart technology, while Fortress will present its new ‘Food Safety Cultural Playbook’, a modular cultural food safety roadmap underpinned by a new package of digital tools to engage workforces. Continuing the safety theme, Euchner will showcase its new CKS2 Safe Key system and the new CTS guard locking device for enabling access restriction, safe installation lockout and starting modes.

Jenton and Soken Engineering will both present new all-inclusive range of heat-sealing packing systems for ‘on the go’ food businesses wanting to improve presentation, product lifespan and handle a varied range of lunch products on a single system.

Baumer will introduce its new generation PAD20 level sensor for highly accurate and reliable detection of air and gas bubbles. Baumer will also be demonstrating its range of award-winning process sensors, object detection sensors, high performance U500 and UR18 ultrasonic sensors, and the innovative Baumer Sensor Suite. Cobalt Systems will present its new Nexus 3 Print and Apply labelling system alongside its existing wide range of automation options including verification and validation applications featuring Zebra Technologies.

32| September 2022 ENGINEERING PDATE wider range of ready meals on the same machine.

As one previous PPMA Total Show visitor explained when asked to sum up the unique nature of the visitor experience, “It’s the only way to see what you are not looking for. An internet search only gives what you think you want, not new ideas you don’t know about.”

Other exhibitors planning new product launches at the show include Advance Automated Systems, AM Labels, Aricode Printing Technology, Boplan, IMA ILAPAK, Markem-Imaje, Minebea Intec, Pace Mechanical Handling, Packline, ProXES, Resier, S4 Enginering, Schneider Electric, Sharp Systems, Sollas and WestRock.

“I can say with confidence and experience, that PPMA Total’s success over the years, lies in the fact that the show’s agenda is always a true reflection of the direction of the industry with the needs and the requirements of visitors at its heart,” explains Richard Little, PPMA Show Director. “There is always something to discover throughout the aisles, be that new processing equipment, a small niche product or a whole integrated production solution that can increase production efficiencies, deliver cost savings or simply enhance operations for visitor’s businesses.”

Visitors will also benefit from a rich showground for networking and developing future business partnerships with unparalleled access to leading industry experts willing to sharing their insights, expertise and knowledge.

IBIS Packaging Solutions will present its new Robotize GoPal Pallet Lift, which enables operators to take or remove a pallet by pressing a button, while Epson will demonstrate the GX4 and GX8, the latest additions to its range of SCARA robots, alongside its popular VT6-A901S Six axis robot utilising vision for product ALRADidentification.Instruments will present its new Omron Sentech Visible/ SWIR 400nm~170nm Camera, CBC Computar VisSWIR Lenses and Visible/SWIR illumination unit, as well as product demonstrations for Thermal Imaging/inspection, Visible and Shortwave Infrared imaging, a Machine Vision system with automated vision software and a 3D surface inspection system for research, aerospace and robotics.

Continues Richard Little, “While innovation will remain a key theme throughout the show, machinery, equipment and services that offer real production efficiencies, labour and cost savings as well as helping to deliver on sustainability commitments will be a high priority for visitors at solutions to help them through the increasingly demanding economic challenges.”

“Where else can you access such a wealth of free consultancy whilst being surrounded by the largest gathering of live technology demonstrations and new product launches – there really is no substitute for face-toface conversation and getting real ‘hands-on’ experience with the latest equipment.”

Similarly, Cimlogic will be launching its new energy management solution, an additional module to its suite of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Solutions to address the need to minimise energy consumption at a time of soaring prices. In addition to the host of product launches and new technology demonstrations, the PPMA Group Industry Awards for 2022 will also take place at the show. On Wednesday 28th September, visitors to PPMA Total Show can join the celebrations of the industry’s finest, who will be rewarded for their achievements and commitment to delivering innovative products, performance-enhancing solutions and best-in-class services, when category winners will be announced and presented with their awards.

PPMA Total Show 2022 is free to attend. To avoid missing out on the must-attend event this Autumn, go to to secure your free visitor pass.

Sharing this outlook, Tony McDonald, Sales and Marketing Director at ILAPAK UK said, “Two of the topics on everyone’s lips are workforce shortages and sustainable packaging,” adding “The equipment we will have on show illustrates how we can help.”

|33 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE

Free visitor Registration

Endoline Automation has also seen a growing demand from its customers for sustainable solutions and will be showing its new Glue Sealing 248 Fully Automatic High Speed Case Erector. Andrew Yates, Managing Director of Endoline Automation explains, “While our systems have been re-engineered over the years to reduce energy consumption and cut emissions to support the environmental objectives of our customers, we are looking at ways to help them decrease plastic use and waste even further by offering ecofriendly sealing alternatives.”

All flowmeters manufactured by Titan (except for the small beverage meters) are calibrated against traceable standards, tested and issued with a calibration certificate. Twelve months ago, Titan decided to make the significant investment in a new calibration rig which would both increase their capacity and improve their capability to calibrate their liquid flow measurement devices. Having just received delivery of this new rig, it is being commissioned, calibration software installed, and will be ready to be put to use within the month.

Jeremy Thorne, Operations Manager at Titan Enterprises, commented: “Historically the production of our flowmeters has been limited by the flowmeter calibration capability. The new flow rig will increase our calibration capacity at the lower flow rates below 4 L/min. This will enable us to increase our production throughput as well as expanding Titan’s total range of flow calibration.” Why should flow meters be calibrated? Engineers, scientists and measurement specialists rely on a flow meter’s accuracy to maintain or improve the financial viability, quality and safety of a product or process. Used within a wide variety of applications, including pharmaceuticals, aerospace, food and beverage, energy, and agro/ petrochemical, where accurate flow measurement is critical, regular calibration ensures these measuring devices continue to operate within acceptable limits.

Titan Enterprises has been performing all its calibration requirements in-house since 1994 using their positive displacement oil or water flow rigs.

Titan Enterprises use piston provers for flow meter calibration, our primary rigs rated from 0.002-40 L/min and 0.05-160 L/min. With the new rig our low-end flow calibration can be reduced to 0.05 ml/min. The calibrators use a piston within a smooth bore tube to act as a moving barrier between the pressurising gas and the displaced test fluid. All Titan flow calibrations are traceable to national standards and have real time temperature compensation to accommodate changes in the fluid properties. Our piston prover systems are calibrated annually against certified weigh scales and are pneumatically or hydraulically driven to ensure a constant flow rate. Like the main flow rigs the volumetric throughput for Titan’s new calibration rig is traceable to national standards via a water draw test. Flows as low as 0.05 ml/min may be calibrated using this rig, which has a repeatability value of ±0.02% and operates at an uncertainty of Jeremy0.03%.concludes: “Titan will also be increasing its production staffing levels to meet increasing demand, optimise our production rates and functionality that the new rig will give us.” For further information on flow measurement devices to suit specific applications, please contact Titan Enterprises on +44 (0)1935 812790 or

Titan Enterprises Expands its Liquid Flow Meter Calibration Capacity

September 2022 34| ENGINEERING PDATE

Flow Meter Calibration Methodology

Jeremy added: “As well as calibrating our flow meters during production, we also offer a re-calibration service to our customers. The performance and accuracy of flowmeters, even the most rugged ones, will degrade over time. Mechanical meters will wear, and electronic ones can suffer minor degradation in the electronics or mechanical damage from impact or corrosion.”

|35 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE Fluid Carr ying Flexibility Swivel Joints Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK ArticulatedPipework InTorsionHosesRotatingCylinders Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable. Tel: +44(0)1663 735003 E-mail:

Monitran Monitran Ltd, Monitor House, 33 Hazlemere Road, Penn, HP10 8AD, UK T: +44 (0)1494 816569

Directory September 2022 36|

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies European Corporate Office, Hambridge Lane, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5TU 01635

Trifast House, Bellbrook Park, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QW Free phone: 08454 811 800


Blackfast Chemicals Ltd Unit 5 Russell House , Molesey Road, Walton-onThames, Surrey, KT12 3PE 0207 339 7370,

Phoenix Mecano Ltd 26 Faraday Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 8RY +44 (0)1296

T&D Corporation Mr Minoru Ito, European Sales Office, Gronauer Straße 1, 61194 Niddatal, Germany 0049 (0)6034

Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF Tel: +44

ODU-UK LTD. Unit 3A, Whitworth Court, Manor Park, Runcorn WA7 1WA. Tel.: (0044)-330 002 0640, TR Fastenings LTD

HRS Heat Exchangers 0-12 Caxton Way, Watford Business Park, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 www.hrs-heatexchangers.com8JYEmail:info@uk.hrs-he.comTel:+44(0)1923232335 Rotech Machines Limited 1 Brownfields Court Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire, AL7 www.rotechmachines.com1AJ BÜLTE GmbH Kunststofferzeugnisse Carl-Sonnenschein-Straße 22 D-59348 Lüdinghausen – Germany Phone: (+49) 02591 / 91 94 – 0 Wood Automated Systems UK (ATG – Systems) Tenter Road, Moulton Park Industrial Estate Northampton, NN3 6AX +44 (0)7827 Lascar Electronics Ltd UK Module www.lascarelectronics.comWhiteparish,HouseWiltshireSP52SJ+44(0) Foremost Electronics Ltd 14 Bluegate Business Park Great Bardfield, Essex CM7 4PZ TEL: +44 (0) 1371 811171 FAX: +44 (0) 1371 810933 WEB: Seepex UK Ltd. 3 Armtech Row Houndstone Business Park Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8RW T +44 1935 Mecmesin Ltd Newton House, Spring Copse Business Park, Slinfold, West Sussex, RH13 0SZ w: t: +44 (0) 1403 799979 e: Directory |37 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE

miniFactory Ultra

So with the miniFactory Ultra 3D printer, you can take your FDM printing to an Ultra level!

Book a free Consultation: Request a sample print: com/1r9eXe6M0Q_GWLUFgfRG8lAf1ccihttps://share-eu1.hsforms. Website: Email: Telephone: 01257 228411

Aarni Process Monitoring System is great for research as well as production, enabling 3D printing quality assurance easily during the printing process. With Aarni, you can trust your part production with accurate line-by-line monitoring that ensures the part is certified and your 100th part is just as strong as your 1st. In addition, miniFactory Ultra 3D printer has an open material system that unlocks the most comprehensive material range on the market. With the advanced heated chamber up to 250°C, the material range includes the most high-performing polymers and composites. The heated chamber 3D printer enables 3D printing of engineering and high performance polymers stably and dimensionally correct. Having access to the heated chamber hugely increases the range of materials available to you. As the miniFactory Ultra has been developed and optimised for production with Ultra Polymers, despite extreme processing temperatures, users can safely manufacture parts with the world's top performing polymers and polymer composites. As a result, the material range for the miniFactory Ultra is much wider than in closed systems or in systems with lower chamber 3Dtemperatures.printing can be utilised in many seriesprototypeausedprintingmoulding.asmethodsmanufacturingforIt’sFoodSpace,Motorsport,toindustries,differentjustnameafew,Aerospace,andMedical.agreatoptiontraditionalsuchinjection3Dcanbetoprintspecificpart,orsmallquickly.

Motorsport 3D printing revolutionises the automotive industry by offering the opportunity for more environmentally friendly and on-demand production. Due to the high-performance polymers, you can make lightweight, durable, and reliable automotive parts quickly and cost-effectively. The automotive industry enables a short lead time for assembly tools and jigs. By utilising high performance polymers, the durability of these tools can be pushed to the next level due to the extreme chemical and heat resistance of the material.


The miniFactory Ultra is a manufacturethatindustrialone-of-a-kind3Dprinterallowsyoutohighquality parts cost-effectively and quickly. Whether you need a single prototype or an extensive series of specific components, miniFactory’s 3D printing system lets you manufacture parts on-site using moreproductionqualityThus,polymershigh-performanceandcomposites.yougetthehighestinthefastesttimeandhavetimetofocusonthe

September 2022 38| ENGINEERING PDATE

If you’re ready to take your FDM printing to another level with ultra polymers then the miniFactory Ultra could be the machine for you!

Be inspired by innovation at EngineeringAdvanced Find out what’s in store for this year’s attendees

September 2022 40| ENGINEERING PDATE On November 2 and 3, Advanced Engineering will return to the NEC, Birmingham for its 13th edition. With 80 per cent of exhibitor space already sold, engineering and manufacturing businesses should act fast if they want to secure a stand. Last year, over 7,000 people attended across the two days, including representatives from Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover, Alpine F1, Ford, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and the Ministry of ThisDefence.edition of Advanced Engineering will celebrate and display innovation, growth and development within the UK’s engineering industry. Across the show’s seven zones — aerospace, composites, automotive, advanced metals, connected manufacturing, space and satellite and, new for this year, product testing and quality control, businesses will showcase their latest, ground-breaking technologies and inspire cross-industry collaboration that pushes the UK’s engineering industry to new heights. Following the success of the 2021 edition, attendees also found the 60 hours of free learning, courtesy of the four forums scattered across the show floor, insightful and inspiring. Highlights included workshops and talks from automotive lifestyle blogger James William Walker, also known as Mr JWW, the Aerospace Technology Institute, Rolls-Royce, Airbus, ADS, the UK Space Agency, Jaguar Land Rover, Composites UK, BAE Systems Make UK and more. These four forums will return in 2022, sponsored and supported by companies including HP, University of Strathclyde, GRP Solutions, Euroresins, Cristex Composite Materials, Ripley Solutions and more. Advanced Engineering is the place to be for the UK’s engineering community. Exhibitor space is selling out fast. To book your stand, visit and make an enquiry. Alternatively, you can contact our Head of Sales, Ali Farr on +44 (0)20 3196 4244.

BOOK YOUR STAND | +44 (0)20 3196 4300 The UK’s LEADING annual gathering of OEMs and engineering and manufacturing supply chain2professionals&3November 2022 | NEC Birmingham An absolutely outstanding event! We’ve met many great people who we will be looking to work with in the future, and overall it has been a very successful couple of days. Matt Travis, Engineering Manager, JCB Co-located with Scan the QR code to discover the event Association partners Trade AssociationComposites

Asusage.demand continues to increase, providers of storage systems need to connect a number of cells. The Han S® is specially designed to meet this need, providing simple, fast and safe connections and supporting the assembly of battery storage modules in large quantities.

Secure plug-in connections for modular battery storage

The sustainable use of renewable energies such as wind or solar power can only be achieved through energy storage modules, as these enable time-delayed, needs-based use of the collected energy. The new Han® S connector range from HARTING now makes it easier to connect large arrays of battery storage modules. With the Han S® series, HARTING offers secure connection technology for modular battery storage systems. The compact and flexible housings accommodate contacts for currents up to 200 A and 1500 V and bulkhead housings can be flexibly rotated through 360 degrees. HARTING have also coloured the positive terminals red and the negative terminals black, which prevents incorrect mating. To learn more, please connector-battery-storage


The Han S® offers users plug-in connections for storage modules while providing maximum safety, since the design meets all technical requirements and is based on the latest standard UL 4128 for stationary energy storage systems. The entire range meets the highest standardisation level required by the international market. These properties are also beneficial for service and maintenance. If a cell in an energy storage module shows a drop in performance, the respective management system can be used to switch it off and have it replaced. To do so, the Han S® interfaces of the adjacent modules are simply turned to the locked state to make room for the switch-out. This procedure can be done without interrupting the energy storage functions of the neighbouring modules. Han S® is the first high-current battery connector that meets the relevant UL and railway standards for stationary energy storage systems. Among others, it fulfils the requirements of UL 4128 for connectors in electrochemical battery system applications, UL 1973 for batteries in stationary applications, for emergency power supply for vehicles and in light rail application and UL 9540 for energy storage systems and accessories. Han S® is also shock and vibration proof according to the relevant railway standards.

The use of connectors also speeds up the construction of energy storage modules, which have huge benefits for many companies, including the ability to maintain an uninterruptible power supply and savings on energy costs by using delayed load

The HARTING standard helps us to ensure that the connection from our product to downstream products is always compatible. Michael Schnakenberg, CEO, Commeo GmbH Han® S - Secure plug-in connections for modular battery storage ■ Error-free connections through an effective mechanical coding system ■ Safe installations assured by visual locking control and finger protected contacts ■ High flexibility over different mounting possibilities with 360° positioning for cable entry and contact terminations ■ Complies with all relevant UL energy storage standards (UL1973, UL9540, UL4128) One Range. No

MetLase has been doing this since its inception in 2015 and now boasts a client base of tier 1s, primes and Original generationmaritimeaerospace,fromManufacturersEquipment(OEMs)theautomotive,FormulaOne,andpowerworlds.

“Many digitised concepts are readily available to implement into current applications, although selecting the most appropriate and having the right expertise to optimise performance is often overlooked,” explained Richard Gould, Business Development Manager at MetLase.

The shift in adoption has been accelerated considerably and an increasing number of companies are exploring how digitalisation can transform their operations, yet there is still uncertainty around the correct choice of technology, the cost and, importantly for all manufacturers, the return on investment.

The Yorkshire-based company, which employs 30 highly skilled engineers at its state-of-the-art base at the Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre, is transforming business operations to be more efficient, cost-effective and responsive through the integration of a variety of sensors. This isn’t as easy as you think due to the multitude of options, but making the right selection when it comes to sensors and technology is vital when introducing digital technologies.

Digital transformation is taking a firmer grip on modern-day manufacturing, with more companies exploring how these technologies can help them achieve cost and operational improvements. Leading the charge is MetLase in Rotherham, an engineering business that is using the ‘advanced sensor technology’ to deliver innovations that contribute to ‘greener’ travel. If we could go back 20 years and ask an engineer about the importance of sensors, we may - if lucky - get a shrug of the Transportshoulders.ourselves forward two decades and the power of collecting data effectively is transforming the way we make everything, whether that is electric cars and the latest smartphones, or body implants and components for use in aerospace engines.

He continued: “One area in particular where we have seen dramatic results is

“Our team of engineers have a deep understanding of digital technologies and have developed a suite of standardised smart products to answer manufacturers greatest challenges.

44| September 2022 ENGINEERING PDATE A sensor perspectiveof

This is where firms need to take a step back and take a strategic view, turning to experts who have already developed solutions that could be integrated into or modified to suit their operations.

The team works in partnership with our customers to ensure they adopt these products in the most optimal way possible, bringing about rapid improvements in quality, cost and delivery.”

“Leveraging the power of MetElements, the sensors were also designed to withstand the flood cutting coolant as well as the swarf generated by the milling operation.

|45 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE in the application of sensor technology in tooling and fixturing, integrating into MetLase’s smart products, bringing benefits to the entire value chain.”

At the heart of MetLase’s digital roadmap is MetElements, which has been developed so that it can integrate almost any type of sensor or digital device into bespoke fixtures and products. This hardware and software framework, which offers scalability and flexibility, has been adopted by The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) as part of a series of research trials applying the use of smart positioning to ‘lightweight’ structural airframe components.

“The system gave live feedback about the component’s geometric condition during the milling process, so a 3D display could be created that showed how the component was distorting in near real-time (60Hz).”

Backed by MetLase expertise, the overall programme saw a 12% reduction in the final part weight due to the reduction in wall Equallythickness.importantly, a negligible distortion was noted due to the pre-planning of the residual stress distribution before machining and this was verified during the process using the ‘smart machining’ sensors.

Daniel Smith, Technical Fellow in the Aerostructure and Landing Gear Team at the AMRC, added his support: “The project successfully demonstrated the power of adding sensing equipment to existing industrial processes, and the positive impact of harvesting live in-process data can have, in order to validate model data and ultimately improve the quality of the output component geometry.

“Thecomponent.solution we selected was the implementation of a series of specialised distance sensor units designed to attach to the existing fixturing within the machine tool. The eight sensor modules used low-cost ‘smartphone grade’ sensors and were designed so that they did not interfere with the cutter path.

Richard went on to add: “We have a strong working relationship with the AMRC, so used this collaborative partnership to work with its engineers to explore how sensors could be used in adjusting the machining process in real time, compensating for any warping as the part is being cut, and delivering better geometric accuracy in the final

“Just like on the AMRC project, this digital flexibility allows the right sensing solution to be used for the right job; saving money for SME and large organisations alike.”

The 7000 grade aluminium used in these types of components is renowned for its internal residual stresses and its habit of warping during machining; especially if the component is thin walled, as this lowers the geometric stiffness of the final component.

Stewart Lowth, Product Development and Innovation Manager at MetLase, concluded: “MetElements gives us an adaptable platform for any connected technologies to communicate with each other, whether they are traditional industrial automation sensors or modern small-factor smartphone style sensors.

For further information, please visit or follow @metlase on Twitter, metlase-ltd on LinkedIn.

“MetLase has been instrumental in the implementation fo sensor technology throughout this project, working with us from the start and then supporting us with their own design, engineering and digital manufacturing expertise. It has delivered a number of tangible results, but importantly has given us a solid use case on how industry could retrofit lowcost smart i4.0 sensing to existing offthe-shelf-machining equipment.”

Reducing the impact on the environment in manufacturing

With pressure being put on all businesses to lower their carbon footprint and meet the government’s net zero target, sustainability is going to be a big challenge for many in manufacturing.

Why is it important for manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint? Manufacturing products for today’s world produces a lot of greenhouse gasses. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, one-fifth of the world’s carbon emissions come from manufacturing and production, consuming 54% of the world’s energy sources. Considering this impact, it’s clear to see why there’s an urgent need for manufacturing companies to address their responsibilities and reduce their carbon footprint.

From a business perspective, it’s also important because it benefits the bottom line.

One of the main goals for businesses should be to reduce waste and use less. This could mean looking at ways to reduce packaging or reuse packaging. When that’s not possible the next step should be to recycle. This is a simple but effective way to reduce

And it’s not just government pressure. There is increasing pressure from consumers and potential employees. As more customers gravitate towards sustainable brands and businesses, companies need to adapt their business practices to become more sustainable. Taking a stance and becoming more environmentally friendly can make you much more attractive as a business. So, what can businesses do to reduce their environmental impact and how can you make sure you bring benefits to your business as well as the planet?

Putting sustainability at the centre of your business strategy can add real value to your business, helping you save costs and give you a competitive advantage. From small, simple steps to long-term strategy plans, there are many ways businesses, both big and small, can reduce their environmental impact.

The manufacturing and construction sectors together account for 16% of the total UK carbon emissions. In an industry that produces significant carbon emissions, manufacturing businesses have a big part to play in reducing their environmental impact and meeting the government’s net zero target.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

46| September 2022 ENGINEERING PDATE

What can manufacturers do to reduce environmentaltheirimpact?

Choose sustainable suppliers Making sure your business is playing its part to protect the environment is great but what about the businesses you work with? By choosing to work with sustainable suppliers you can make sure you’re reducing your environmental impact across your supply chain. Ask suppliers for their sustainability objectives and metrics and look for evidence that these policies are put into practice. You can also check if a supplier uses a certified environmental management system such as ISO 14001 to reduce their environmental impact.  Implement an environmental management system ISO 14001 is the International Standard for environmental management systems and can be achieved by any business, regardless of size or sector. ISO 14001 is designed to help businesses identify, manage, and reduce the environmental impact of their business. With improved efficiency businesses can maintain at least the same quality and level of output, while using less energy.

With increasing focus from government and consumers on what businesses can do to tackle climate change, ISO 14001 can help businesses prove their green credentials whilst improving their performance and reputation.

Gaining ISO 14001 certification demonstrates your commitment to reducing waste and minimises how your business negatively impacts the environment. What benefits can ISO 14001 certification bring to your business? There are many business benefits to achieving the ISO 14001 Standard, from meeting legislation and demonstrating your green credentials to reducing waste and improving efficiency.

• Reduced environmental impact

• Cost savings from resource, waste, and energy management

Author: Serena Cooper Serena has worked for QMS since 2022, writing creative and informative content on ISO certification and consultation to help businesses reach their potential. Find out more about ISO Standards for the manufacturing industry and the benefits they can deliver to your business.

|47 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE your organisation’s carbon footprint. Having a recycling system in place will also nurture a greener culture, building employee awareness and engagement to be more environmentally friendly.

• An improved corporate image showing you are a responsible employer

By using the ISO 14001 framework, organisations can benefit from:

• A competitive edge to win more tenders by showing your environmental awareness

• A happier and more engaged workforce Legislative compliance


Research and development can mean many things but for C.K Tools this means listening intently to what the industry is asking for. We utilise a panel of professionals to not only find solutions to problems, but to also find the existing product evolutions that will make the job that much more efficient. From there, our NPD team go into design and consider the aesthetics, the ergonomics, and of course the materials. There’s no product without a clear rationale; each one is meticulously planned, CAD designed, prototyped and tested.

Tool choice is a careful consideration for any engineer or maintenance technician; an inadequate tool could affect safety, it could compromise the finish, or it could lead to downtime and an un-forecasted replacement purchase. And if the tool choice was a recommendation from the supplier then they fall short on the basic requirement of any transaction – trust.

There are several elements that contribute to the ‘premium’ factor: the R&D process; the source of the materials; the engineering and manufacturing procedures; to the quality control and accreditation. Each element undergoes a constant review as new materials, manufacturing techniques, or industry requirements are uncovered, with the effectiveness, durability and safety of the products always top of mind.

48| September 2022 ENGINEERING PDATE

Material choice is of great importance to C.K Tools and has contributed considerably to the reputation we’ve built over more than 200 years. In the most part we procure our steel from and manufacture our products in Germany, in particular the North Rhine, which is worldrenowned for its steel production. The region’s steel has varying levels and mixes of chromium, which has excellent corrosion resistance, vanadium, which works PROVE A WISE INVESTMENT

While there will always be the industry need to utilise ‘good, better, best’ options, investing in premium hand tools can really make a difference in both the short and long-term. But what does premium really mean? What defines a premium hand tool?

Brinley Buckley-Roberts, Brand Manager at Carl Kammerling International, the home of C.K Tools, discusses why premium hand tools are worth the investment.

In the engineering trade, reputation is an important commodity. Whether you’re an engineer or industrial maintenance technician, reputation can be the difference in your operation working effectively and efficiently. It also plays a vital role in one of the most integral parts of any job – the choice of tools.

|49 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE as a deoxidiser and reduces wear, and molybdenum, which when combined with chromium gives greater strength and impact resistance. Not content with its premium grade steel, the North Rhine is also known as the industrial heartland for tool manufacturing. The steel mills, chemical and water treatment businesses, and manufacturing plants all reside there and have developed great ways of collaborating over the years to ensure that the potential of the raw material is not lost through the processing and engineering stages.

Premium tool brands know what matter; they understand their customers; they understand the requirements of each and every job; and they are unwavering in their pursuit of precision engineering the perfect product to sell and to use. So, as you can see, there’s a reason why German engineered products come with a premium, but rest assured, they’ll be the best investments you’ll place.

The precision engineering techniques don’t stop at the steel; hand tools have to be inherently comfortable and safe to handle. To ensure this, every single screwdriver handle is injection moulded directly to the steel, giving the ultimate torsion-proof bond for increased reliability, durability, control, and comfort.

C.K Tools has been working with its current manufacturing partners since 1904 and there’s a reason for it; In today’s market it is very rare that products are manufactured to the very peak of excellence but with German engineering practices that’s a given. Precision engineering requires a number of inputs and with hand tool manufacturing that starts with the quality of the die – the item used to stamp the shape of the tool in the steel. Utilising a mixture of CAD and CNC, dies can be cut to within a tolerance the equivalent of a human hair, delivering a near perfect product with every stamp

Other engineering techniques are then used to ensure our products live up to the premium tag. Induction hardening is a process we use to ensure that parts of products – such as the jaws on pliers – are hardened to withstand heavy usage and ensure long-term performance. It involves electromagnetically heating up the steel and then rapidly cooling it to maintain the desired properties.

A premium product isn’t just premium because a brand says it is; when other bodies endorse a product you know it sits above the rest. Across certain lines, C.K Tools’ products are VDE certified, which is the highest form of independent safety testing in the electrical trade, while the majority achieve GS (Gepruefte Sicherheit) and DIN (Deutsche Institut) accreditation, which are German standards that indicate performance and quality.

Discover our newest range of digital pressure measurement solutions. With RS-485 output.

Manufacturing on the whole is the most regulated industry worldwide, with RegData estimating that over 217,000 regulatory restrictions apply to the sector. Within this, pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing is subject to 76,000 restrictions. These stringent regulations make quality assurance, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and monitoring essential — but what can other industries learn from how pharmaceutical ensures compliance whilst maintaining productivity? Here, Alexandra Hughes, Industry Sales Manager at automation software supplier COPA-DATA UK, explores the lessons that other sectors can take from the pharmaceutical industry.

Keeping compliance and quality at the forefront:

pharmaceutical manufacturing

What other industries can learn from

from the outset

Putting these factors at the forefront

|53 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE continues...

Theandstringentasindustrypharmaceuticalisuniqueitmustapplytoregulationsguidelinesregarding quality and safety. Most of these regulations are also put in place by regulatory bodies for either the point of sale or point of use, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the European Union (EU). The consequences of not following guidelines can be anything from warnings and fines, to ceasing production and even, in serious cases, legal action. The way these regulations are enforced is strict, making compliance essential. Though not all other industries are subject to such strict scrutiny, sectors such as chemical production, food and beverage, or automotive to name a few, are all regulated and have their own compliance criteria. Looking to the future, it is likely that these regulations will become more like pharmaceutical guidelines, with a more datadriven approach to compliance. Now is the time for other sectors to examine how pharmaceutical operations manage productivity and quality whilst meeting regulatoryCompliancestandards.

To meet the many regulations in the industry, pharmaceutical manufacturers tend to ensure compliance from the outset. Equipment is validated to perform accurately and reliably from the start, taking compliance into account even from the very early stages of design. The need to adhere to regulations is at the forefront of the process from start to finish.

The pharmaceutical industry follows Quality by Design (QbD), a strategic process for developing and manufacturing products, to ensure that a final

drug or compound is what is expected, in terms of its quality, efficacy, and purity. At the heart of this is effective risk management and well-defined objectives from the outset. This can be a lesson to other industries — setting out objectives from the design phase and developing a process to minimise risk and to ensure the resulting product meets industry standards. Achieving this can save time, reduce costs and ensure quality.

The pharmaceutical industry may be more highly regulated than most, but the ways in which manufacturers ensure total compliance whilst maintaining efficiency production and consistent product quality can translate across any sector. Taking a data-driven approach and keeping quality at the heart of the full journey of a product is a lesson that all industrial sectors can benefit from.

September 2022 ENGINEERING PDATE of the process rather than as an afterthought can have both short and long term benefits for operations in any industry.

An effective data acquisition platform to allow continuous automatic collection and recording is key for sectors wanting to follow this example, and the benefits can apply across any type of manufacturing operation.

COPA-DATA’s zenon platform can acquire and record data, but also generate alarms and event lists and automatically detect whether a product or parameter is out of tolerance. This flags as an alarm, which can be referred back to at a later date. It also requires authorisation to make parameter changes and generates a list of any recognised changes or events outside normal production, giving full visibility of any deviations from the standard process.

Digitalisation in pharma Other sectors can also follow the pharmaceutical industry’s lead in terms of digitalisation. Having a good system in place for continuous collection and contextualisation of data on process parameters indicative of quality can give full process transparency. Taking this approach can allow manufacturers in any industry to go back to a specific batch or product and understand exactly what occurred in production at that point, and to collecting data and reducing the risk of missed or lost information.

Ongoing quality assurance is also a significant element of compliance in the industry, including the consistent monitoring of inline critical process parameters, offline composition tests, and continuous collection and recording of data. Having thorough records is not only a useful recording exercise, but it can also allow manufacturers to respond to any errors or non-compliance at the earliest opportunity and avoid more severe repercussions, which is beneficial in a number of other industries too.

Assess Vie Learn Implement Go li e Risk-free selec on process With insight, o on’t commit an thing financiall n l o are f ll trained on the so� are and are % s re that it ill ork for o . Find o t more b a ending one of o r free online e ents, and recei e a free paperback book that e plains ho to implement any MRP s stem, not j st o r o MRP | ERP | CRM Man fact ring so� are for an ind str Are o str ggling ith: Wasted me Errors and mistakes Inabilit to gro Stock iss es Prod c on management Financial planning O r ed ca onal approach allo s o to nderstand the benefits of MRP, learn the so� are and helps s to nderstand o r b siness needs in a rela ed, informal atmosphere, ith no hard sell.

Their challenge? How can they dramatically increase output of minerals for batteries whilst meeting their own netzero and decarbonisation targets, especially when the mining industry today emits at least 68 million tonnes of CO2 per year from its diesel-fuelled haul trucks alone1?

The logical solution is for the electrification of the mining industry itself, starting with the biggest contributor of carbon emissions – diesel-powered mobile plant, and more specifically, haul trucks. The largest mining trucks require immense levels of power to traverse the challenging terrain of mine sites – think greater than 2MW continuous peak power to drive the motors (the motors of a typical Tesla 3 are rated around 211kW). Mining trucks also rarely ‘sit still’. They are utilised near24/7 to meet mine productivity targets and they operate in some of the coldest, hottest, highest and deepest environments across the globe.

Ben Ting, Chief Commercial Officer, Echion Technologies Ltd As governments and corporations promote battery electrification and EVs to achieve their decarbonisation and net-zero commitments, the resultant surge in demand for the minerals to fulfil this growing demand for batteries has global miners scratching their heads.

56| September 2022 ENGINEERING PDATE

Growing output while decarbonising: a new electrification solution for the mining industry

September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE In these extreme environments, the batteries on the market today would struggle to continuously deliver the power, energy and lifetime needed for a cost-effective electrification of most mines. So whilst standard lithium ion batteries are currently a popular electrification solution for passenger vehicles, improvements in lithium ion technology are required to achieve this same transition for mining Currently,trucks.a key concept being explored and trialled for mining, as a step toward electrification, is

‘Trolley Assist’ ; diesel electric drive haul trucks receive the power to run the electric motors via catenary or overhead electric wire lines, which are constructed on haul roads of suitable geometry and quality. Studies have shown that this can help reduce diesel use by up 90% 2 , but only for mines that can ‘electrify’ a high percentage of their haul roads. Lithium-ion batteries using niche LTO anode chemistries are today’s best candidate for the tough mining operating conditions, offering high power, fast charge, wide temperature range, long cycle life, excellent safety.

However, this is only suitable again for mines which can ‘electrify’ a high percentage of haul roads. This is due to the low energy density of LTO batteries, which limits the haul truck’s battery electric range. What the mining industry needs to transform its operations are batteries which can match LTO’s high power, fast charge, wide temperature range, long cycle life and excellent safety, but with substantially higher energy density (up to 400Wh/L). At Echion Technologies our unique anode material, XNO® delivers this solution;

What is needed next is investment in this technology – is the mining industry ready to take the leap?

Discussing the matter, Edgardo Pabst Chimenti, Chief of Mine Technology Implementation at Antofagasta Minerals’ Minera Los Pelambres, added: “As mining companies like Antofagasta begin to take action to achieve their net-zero goals, learning about the performance of Echion’s XNO® battery technology through Charge On gives us confidence that a highly competitive solution is right around the corner, helping us to commit to battery technologies as one of our preferred solutions to electrify haul trucks. Battery development is the key factor that will allow us to take the next step, complementing our actual project portfolio which includes trolley systems as one of the cornerstones to start building a greener future.”

It’s clear that the mining industry has the critical role to play in global decarbonisation. Combined with the adoption of on-site renewable energy generation and dynamic charging infrastructure such as trolley assist, XNO® represents the ‘missing piece’ of the mining electrification puzzle. This will enable miners to grow their operations to supply the materials to support widespread battery electrification, whilst reducing the carbon emission of their mines.

58| September 2022 ENGINEERING PDATE XNO® is based on Niobium and gives unrivalled performance in fast charging. Cells made with Echion’s material can be designed to safely full fast charge in two to ten minutes and can offer 180% the energy density of the world’s best LTO cells. Standard graphite anode based batteries are severely limited in their ability to fast-charge due to fundamental safety and longevity concerns under these conditions. XNO® shares electrochemical behaviours to LTO which guarantees the highest safety and longest cycle life while maintaining bestin-class fast-charging capabilities. As a result, the risk of fire or fumes is reduced to near-zero and mine operators can enjoy a lower total cost of ownership, improving the economics for widespread electrification too. Austmine Charge On Innovation Challenge, Echion’s winning proposal, developed with DB Engineering and Consulting highlight the potential to increase operational efficiencies of haul trucks vs. diesel fleets thanks to the unprecedented design flexibilities unlocked by Echion XNO®. This is a result of XNO®’s ability to safely handle the high power charge delivered using Trolley Assist systems. Maximising dynamic charging, resulted in less or no reliance on stationary charging, and more time to keep moving.

Fluregiene 200™ Protecting your surfaces for longer. For more information about Fluregiene 200™ call us now on +44 01386 425755 or email Easy cleaning of hygiene conscious parts Reduces microbial growth Permanent coating protection Fluregiene 200™ provides protection for hygiene conscious parts and surfaces • Excellent corrosion resistance • Low friction anti-fouling and anti-stick properties • Durable and easy to clean/wipe down • Permanently applied to metals, alloys and plastics • Built-in antimicrobial technology actively reduces microbes on the surface of the coating. • Reduces fungal growth and surfaces stay fresh longer Low friction PTFE based containingcoating technologyantimicrobialBioCote®

Pharma distribution is changing due to rapid growth. Church Pharmacy are one of the largest pharmacies in the UK. They embraced a major digital transformation using Kardex Vertical Buffer Module ‘VBM’ which has automated their warehouse delivering increased production within their warehouse distribution. Church Pharmacy working with a system integrator took the decision to move from a traditional to an automated warehouse process. Kardex Vertical Buffer Module is part of their fast-growing product ranges for companies with limited storage space. It’s a scalable shelf system with a movable mast that transports a bin of stock that fits seamlessly into many Pharmaceutical existing processes and building layouts. Enhanced security and greater visibility and ease of use are one of the main benefits of innovation. The software for the VBM can be key as it meets a modern operating concept with a capacitive touchscreen for a faster and intuitive operation as well as higher security of products and data. The associated software is web-based and therefore works with a wide range of hardware and other software solutions. In Pharma production and distribution parts, raw materials and products often require special storage conditions. Depending on

Kardex VBM Pharma distribution short-listed at the Supply Chain Excellence Awards Kardex Remstar alongside their customer Church Pharmacy and systems integrator have been shortlisted in the Supply Chain Excellence Awards in 2022

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|61 September 2022ENGINEERING


“As a pharmacist Church Pharma have a lot of requirements for picking by batch or expiry date, with products in ambient storage and refrigerated units meaning that their order lines can vary.” said Aaron Thornton Kardex Remstar, NB Director UK/Ireland “The impact of innovation at Church Pharmacy has been quite phenomenal. Working with UpSTEAM and the use of batch software in conjunction with our Power Pick Systems has dramatically increased the efficiency at Church Pharmacy and made it a much more streamlined process.”

Digitalisation is a major benefit with Kardex Power Pick software integrating with a flexible batching and fulfilment tool designed by which helps increase picking speeds and efficiency by added 35-40%. This ensures all stocked items are delivered on-time for efficient picking whilst delivering a tailored solution based on material process and fulfilment flow.

Automation delivered greater productivity for Church Pharmacy with time spent picking reduced from 24 man-hours a day to just six. Picking accuracy – a critical factor in the pharmaceutical sector – has increased to 99.9%. With a 70% increase in picking speed, the solution for Church Pharmacy has a predicted ROI of less than two years. To learn more visit the full story at Kardex or contact us direct

needs, Kardex supplies four controlled environment solutions. These solutions can be integrated into a company’s existing storage and retrieval system and, as a result, sensitive goods are always protected.

HMS presents communication solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Error prevention and networking of CAN-based devices

HMS Networks is now presenting several communication solutions for the rapidly expanding battery market. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) require communication capabilities to connect to batteries and peripheral components, communicate with the power grid, monitor systems remotely and much more.

Since the battery market has been spearheaded by the car industry, CAN is the com-munication standard

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) may be one of the keys to solve the energy crisis and make the world more sustainable. Since green energy sources such as wind and solar are not always available, large battery parks can make it possible to store the energy to use when there is less sun or wind.

Ixxat products from HMS for CAN-based networking and device protection.

62| September 2022 ENGINEERING PDATE

BESS need to communicate Battery Energy Storage Systems are made up of battery cells which are combined into battery packs which can then be combined into containers which in turn can make up battery parks the size of several football fields. The systems can use new or recycled batteries and combine many different components. However, these large battery parks need a lot of communication capabilities in order to work. HMS now presents a comprehensive package of communication solutions catered for this application area.

Networking gateways Battery Energy Storage Systems often combine a variety of different equipment from different industries within a single application – batteries, BMS, PLCs, fire detection units or air conditioning. To combine different equipment, it is necessary to interconnect various protocols and network standards. CAN, Modbus, BACnet, KNX and other proto-cols can be easily linked via intelligent gateways from HMS, which handle the all-important data exchange while also enabling centralized control.

The SG gateways enable centralized control as well as remote access for predictive maintenance, logging or data visualization using the i4SCADA® solution from the HMSowned company WEBfactory®. The SG gateways also provide robust cybersecurity fea-tures, such as firewall, OpenVPN®, TLS encryption and user management. These protective measures are indispensable to protect against cyber-attacks.

|63 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE

Networking gateways from HMS are well-suited for use in BESS. Ixxat® SG-gateways handle communication between energy and industrial protocols whereas WEBfactory i4SCADA allows highly adaptable data visualization.

of choice in many systems. Here, HMS offers an extensive portfolio of communication solutions via the Ixxat brand – for PC connection, networking, line extension, galvanic isolation and more. In networking, the protection of components is crucial, both from external sources (like lightning strikes) and from system-related issues (AC/ DC noise). Device protection is a must to avoid damage.

In addition, these gateways can selectively filter, map and, if necessary, manipulate the data in order to realize the best possible data exchange. Cloud/SCADA connectivity and remote access Intelligent networking is also required in order to connect to cloud solutions or SCADA systems. This connection can be made by using SG (Smart Grid) gateways from HMS that support both energy and industrial fieldbus protocols, as well as protocols required for cloud connection.

“We see a rapidly growing demand for communication solutions in Battery Energy Storage Systems as society as a whole is turning to more sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar,” says Alexander Hess, General Manager at HMS Business Unit Ixxat “Communication is needed to get BESS systems to work and HMS offers an extensive portfolio of industrial communication solutions to solve the communication issues at hand in these systems.” Learn more in this HMS TechTalk

More about communication for Battery Energy Storage Systems:

Brill Power’s plans following investment round are threefold. The company will double its team size across both engineering and commercial operations, while expanding its product range for both static energy storage and for the world’s largest battery market – electric vehicles - based on successful projects completed with Aston Martin, AMTE Power and Delta Cosworth. Finally, the funding will support the next phase in the development of the company’s data platform (BrillAnalytics) to help customers monitor and predict battery safety, health and performance data remotely.

Brill powering its way to making batteries smarter with $10.5m Series A round

• Breakthrough intelligent battery management system saves money, spares increasingly rare materials and accelerates zero emissions

• Proven technology deployed in enterprise stationary storage and residential battery applications

Brill Power, an Oxford University spin-out company, announced the conclusion of its Series A round raising $10.5m today to support its mission to make batteries smarter, cleaner, safer and longer-lasting as a critical element of the shift to zero emissions energy. The funding will support team growth and new product development to expand presence in both static energy storage and the automotive sectors. The round was led by two new bluechip investors - Legal & General Capital and Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital Programme and supported by all of Brill’s existing investors including Oxford Science Enterprises, Oxford Investment Consultants and Oxford University. Shell Ventures and Climate KIC have also become shareholders. The investor confidence is driven by Brill Power’s pioneering development of a new way to manage batteries that suffers none of the limitations of previous methods. Brill’s optimised Active Loading method increases battery life by up to 60% and allows used batteries to discharge up to 46% more energy through a proprietary combination of hardware and intelligent software.

Brill Power’s technology is a key enabler for battery systems in applications including commercial & industrial buildings, on and off grid energy storage, residential homes and electric vehicles in a battery market estimated to be worth $400 billion by 20301. Brill’s solutions are consistent with their new investor interests in partnering with enablers of clean energy generation, including intermittent renewables, as part of the wider shift to clean infrastructure, businesses and technologies.

64| September 2022 ENGINEERING PDATE

Oxford University spin-out Series A funding round led by Legal & General Capital and Barclays

John Bromley, Managing Director, Clean Energy at Legal & General Capital said, “As we grow our climate and clean energy platform, investing in Brill Power is an exciting move into energy storage technologies that are crucial to enable an increase of renewables on the power grid, electrification of transport, and to power our homes, businesses and key infrastructure. Through extended lifetimes, improved safety, and waste reduction, Brill Power’s work is setting a new standard for how to store and use clean power to accelerate progress to our net zero emissions goals.”

James Ferrier, Head of Sustainable Impact Capital at Barclays said, “Reliable and long-lasting storage solutions for renewable energy are going to be vital for a successful and orderly transition to a low-carbon economy. Pioneering technology, such as Brill Power’s battery management system, will play an important role and we are excited to be supporting them as they scale and extend their product range.”

Dr Christoph Birkl, Brill Power’s CEO said, “Thanks to our exceptional team at Brill, we have made great strides over the past two years. We have a ground-breaking commercial product in the marketplace and a pipeline of new developments and products to address the stationary energy storage and automotive markets. Our progress and our potential has attracted an impressive cadre of both existing and new investors. We are delighted to welcome Legal & General Capital and Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital on board while also enjoying the continued support of all our existing investors for the important journey ahead of us. We now have the means to act on the opportunity to offer the market a step-change in improvements for zero-emissions technologies - for the benefit of our investors, our customers and also the community we serve.”

|65 September 2022ENGINEERING PDATE

PPMA Total Show 2022 is free to attend and visitor registration is now open. To pre-register your interest and receive your FREE visitor entry pass go to for more information 66|


September 2022

PPMA TOTAL Show 2022, the UK’s largest processing and packaging machinery, robotics and industrial vision event, is returning to the NEC Birmingham this autumn, and will take place from 27th to 29th September. The three-day event will provide a platform for innovation and live demonstrations of production machinery, act as a central hub for networking, expert knowledge and information share as well as present a rich showground of discovery for visitors seeking new solutions to enhance business performance.

Visitors to the show will also benefit from a daily programme of educational and opinionled presentations hosted at the onsite seminar theatre. Centred around the theme ‘The Future Of…’, the schedule of informative interactive discussions, debate, presentations and workshops will be delivered by respected industry experts who will share their knowledge, provide inspiration and offer their own insights into the future of the PPMAindustry.Total

Richard continues, “We are immensely proud of PPMA Total Show’s long and successful history and the fact that this will be out 34th show clearly demonstrates we deliver a winning formula for both exhibitors and our visitor audience alike. This year’s event will be no exception, and I look forward to welcoming visitors when the show opens its doors again, walking the aisles, networking with peers and gaining inspiration from all the new technologies and live demonstrations on display.”

PPMA Total Show 2022 set to provide a platform for innovation, discovery, interactive demonstrations and information share

Comprising over 350 exhibitor incorporating2,000representingstands,brandsandmajor exhibition brands Pakex and Interphex, visitors to Hall 5 will have unparalleled access to the most comprehensive collection of industry-leading production machinery and smart manufacturing equipment all under one Showcasingroof. the very latest in production-efficient technology, robotic and vision systems combined with state-of-theart materials, containers and packaging design, the event caters for visitors from a wide range of sectors, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, toiletries, building supplies, pet care, FMCG and contract packing.

Show 2022 will also play host to the PPMA Group Awards. Celebrating the best in machinery innovation, smart manufacturing and business acumen, the awards will be presented to winning and highly recommended companies during the final day of the show.

Commenting on the forthcoming show, Richard Little, PPMA Show Director says, “We know our visitor audience wants to get close to the latest technologies – to touch and try, to discover new productionenhancing soslutions and to speak one-toone with product and applications experts from all aspects of production – and this is exactly what PPMA TOTAL delivers.”

For more efficient cleaning and higher system availability The new compact conductivity sensors LDL100 and LDL200 from ifm impress with their fast and precise media differentiation. This helps you to control CIP processes efficiently and to increase the availability of your system. The new LDLs are also simple to commission: They are ready for use out-of-the-box and transmit the conductivity and temperature of the medium via a single M12 connection - digitally and loss-free thanks to IO-Link. As there is no additional evaluation unit required, you also save system costs. So easy, so good. ifm – close to you! Discover the new easy way to control CIP m / / uk Go ifmonlineGo ifmonline yearsWARRANTYonifmproducts

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