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July 2022

Peter Moore, CEO of Its Lolly, on the exponential take up of their app and how hospitality providers should be adopting technology to gain a competitive edge The power of technology to improve the customer’s digital journey Staying competitive in hospitality means juggling lots of demands including keeping on top of rising prices and staying relevant for today’s discerning customer. More than ever, it has become vitally important to adopt technologies to help manage costs, satisfy customers and boost profits. App-based ordering has become the norm as the generations become more digitised. At Lolly we are focused on delivering integrated technology solutions, which work together to enhance the customer journey. We have designed our app to seamlessly interface with everything from the point of sale (PoS), through to kitchen video systems, digital displays, payments and the back-office. We enable hospitality owners to control costs and give their customers the best experience. A fast and frictionless self-checkout is the approach I’d argue that all hospitality providers should be striving for.

The Lolly app – serving customers the future (pre-order, loyalty and payments)

Are You Going Mobile?

At the end of 2021, we were delighted to launch the Lolly app, and we have seen many of our customers adding this to their portfolio of solutions. Six months later, we have 55,000+ users of the app, which has completed more than 350,000 transactions . Customers who download the app can pay for meals, snacks and drinks at a given location, using their mobile. They can see their order history for re-ordering, get e-receipts, top-up their e-wallet, pre-order, utilise discounts automatically, as well as collect loyalty points and redeem vouchers. We’re also soon to launch specific allergen profiling.

Scan and Go – speed and efficiency Scan and Go – a recent add-on to the Lolly app puts the power of PoS into the hands of the customer. Using the app, they can simply scan, pay and go in one simple solution, removing the need for a traditional POS or self-serve till. Shoppers are often in a hurry particularly when it comes to grabbing lunch or dinner on the go. Speed and efficient service keeps turnover high and builds brand loyalty. The unattended shopping environment will become an ever-increasing option in the corporate environment and on the high street.


Since launch end of 2021 six months later we have:

July 2022

55,000 Users 350,000 Transactions Carbon food scoring - putting the customer in control of their food choices We have recently launched carbon food scoring functionality in the app - another first into Lolly’s digital suite of products. The new tool is designed to help customers to understand the carbon impact of the food and drinks they order by calculating the Co2e value1 for each product with an ata-glance visual scale enabling the user to understand the CO2e score and where it is on a scale of low to high. These measures help customers understand the impact their food choices make on the planet. It helps to put them in control of making informed carbon food choices and reducing their individual carbon footprint. They are advised, as an example, that an enchilada comes in at a score of 50 Co2e (medium), whereas fish and chips are rated very high at 300. When a customer makes their food

choices, adding, deselecting or amending items, they can see the ordering system adding up or subtracting the overall carbon rating. Uniquely, operators can send encouraging messages relating to the CO2e such as ‘your CO2e is 100 Co2e against an average of 200 Co2e’. And as they can see the score by individual product – they are knowledgeable about how environmentally sound their decisions are. Just as it has become mandatory for some businesses to clearly and prominently display calorie counts, at the point of choice, it could only be a matter of time before sustainability measures are a ‘licence’ to operate. In which case, we’re helping our hospitality customers get ahead of the game. Once the consumer has all of the CO2e facts they can decide how they manage their carbon scores, giving them choice. Harnessed well, this will enable hospitality providers to align with their customers’ preferences and demonstrate how they are playing their part as corporate citizens, in turn, they’ll experience greater levels of customer loyalty.

Are you part of the hospitality mobile revolution? Having vision and expertise that provides our customers with the latest trends, sales techniques, brand engagement and regulatory changes leaves them free to focus on their business and delighting their customers. It’s this work ethic and attitude that is at the heart of the incredible success of the Lolly app. We are responding to the need for a completely contactless solution by pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver the tools for tomorrow, now is the time to become part of this digital revolution.

get ready to be


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All grinding, brewing and frothing happens automatically under the counter allowing full line of sight to your customer. Reduce time, reduce noise, reduce staff, increase space to interact with customers and up-sell. By using the TopBrewer app, you can also create an unmanned café allowing customers to personalise and brew their favourite drink safely with contactless payment.

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ARE YOU A CIDER PRODUCER ? Cider Hub was born of a deep admiration for the passion that you, the independent producer, place in your ciders. The story behind your brand and orchards, the care you instil in your cider’s production, and your passion to create something great are all essential elements of fully enjoying your cider, a fact we know resonates with discerning consumers. We showcase your brand, products and events and help you connect you with these consumers and, just as importantly, guide new pubs, venues and curious cider drinkers to appreciate your pursuit of perfection. By partnering with Cider Hub, you gain exposure to the customers that matter: Pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels, while not forgetting the home cider enthusiast looking to discover the next favourite tipple. Cider Hub directs all sales straight to the producers own webshop, so you get the full sale (no commission taken)! Cider Hub can also provide you access to all the marketing point of sale support you would expect.

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The coffee experience you will never forget! With its sleek under-counter design and market-leading technology, TopBrewer takes the coffee experience to the next level, offering barista-quality coffee “on tap” without compromising on aesthetics. Its patented world’s smallest milk foamer and FlashSteamer provide the correct pressure to froth fresh milk to a beautiful, hot, silky texture with air correctly dosed to give you the perfect foam for lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. All of this happens at the touch of an app, freeing up staff to focus on the customer. TopBrewer’s advanced stainless steel grinders and brewing mechanism automatically set the right parameters for accurate extraction, delivering the precision and consistency of operations needed for large scale operators. All of this comes together to deliver an exquisitely brewed coffee using freshly ground whole beans that are especially roasted for TopBrewer. With a capacity of up to 400 drinks per day, TopBrewer serves an extensive menu of specialty coffees, hot chocolate and still & sparkling water. With the addition of steaming hot water for tea drinkers, there is something for everyone with TopBrewer.


With its innovative app control and customisation features, TopBrewer gives you all the performance of a superautomatic machine, whilst reigniting the passion and theatre of the coffee experience.


Winning Ways With American Craft Beer The World Beer Cup, organised by the Brewers Association, the trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers, recently wrapped up in Minneapolis, Minnesota after awarding 16 medals to American craft breweries active in the UK and export markets. Fourteen American craft breweries who export overseas were successful, bringing home eight gold medals, four silver and four bronze between them and accounting for 4.9% of all medals awarded. Returning after cancellation

in 2020 due to the pandemic, the 2022 World Beer Cup was the largest competition to date with 10,542 entries from 2,493 breweries representing 57 countries. In total, 307 medals were awarded in 103 beer style categories to 17 different countries. There were 226 judges from 28 countries representing 32% of judges from outside the USA. Lotte Peplow, Brewers Association American Craft Beer Ambassador for Europe, comments: “Having access to award-winning American craft beers in the UK is a unique opportunity for chefs

and restauranteurs to stock high quality, innovative and sought-after beers that will create a point of difference and stand out amongst competitors. Many of the breweries who medalled started the global craft beer movement and continue to lead it to this day, such as Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, Deschutes Brewery and Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Winning a medal at the highly competitive World Beer Cup is one of the greatest achievements in the art of brewing and the hospitality industry is lucky enough to have access to such beers in international markets.” But what makes an American craft beer stand out and why stock them? American craft brewers are widely recognised as pioneering the global craft beer revolution through innovative use of ingredients, brewing techniques and a ‘can-do attitude. They claim to lead the world in brewing creativity, experimentation, differentiation and innovation. Combine access to fresh, well-maintained raw materials with technical expertise and an unswerving commitment to quality and it’s easy to see why American craft beer is often seen as the gold standard around the world. Examples of medal-winning American craft breweries active in the UK include Alesmith Brewing Co, Allagash Brewing Co, Hoppin Frog Brewing Co and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Available from selected wholesalers or direct from the or



A Fresh Rebrand and Launch of New Website For

July 2022

The Decarbonizer. In line with their plans for the future, UK-based manufacturer Vaclensa Ltd has unveiled the new brand identity and website for The Decarbonizer. Previously known as simply ‘Decarbonizer’ the new branding delivers a modern look for the flagship product which, after 50 years, continues to help hospitality businesses operating commercial kitchens save on costs and reduces time to clean cooking equipment. The new logo has a sharp tone which underlines The Decarbonizer’s ability to cut through grease and burnt-on carbon from a range of cooking equipment, and the tagline could not be more to the point; by using The Decarbonizer to clean your cooking equipment, you will spend less on water bills, less on chemicals and staff will have more time to cook and serve customers instead of having to spend more time scrubbing grills and cleaning filters.

The new website ( is easy to navigate and features a helpful FAQ section which, as UK Marketing Manager Daniel Cross says, will be an ongoing project. Daniel said “we are working hard on an exclusive project to develop more training and support videos and materials for the website’s ‘Help’ section, many of which are produced as a direct request from both existing and new customers. While we have our standard training and support materials, we are happy to prepare bespoke materials to meet our customers own particular way of training their staff.” The rebrand and new website are the first part of a larger plan for The Decarbonizer and Vaclensa’s hospitality division, with more exciting developments in the pipeline for 2022 and beyond.


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The Rum Renaissance:

Is Rum the new Gin?

Rum identified as key growth area within UK spirits in 2022, seeing strong share gains of 1.7% in On-Trade compared with 2019, and growing twice as fast as total spirits in Off-Trade UK now the third largest rum market in the world, with premium driving its growth – a subcategory forecasted to grow by 9.1% by 2025 Rum category sits at heart of booming UK cocktail culture, featuring in 5 of the top 20 cocktails across the On-Trade, and 3 of the top 10 cocktails made at home 10

The pull of premium The trend for premiumisation is hugely prevalent within rum and is an important driver of the growth the category has experienced since 2021. Premium rum recorded an 18% increase in value sales in the Off-Trade in 2021, compared to a declining Standard rum category (-1.7%) . The Campari Group UK rum report anticipates that growth will continue to come through the top end of the category in 2022 as consumers continue to show a greater appreciation for the quality of rum on offer, and the ‘drinking less but better’ trend plays an enhanced role in the category. Similarly, in the On-Trade, consumer preference for quality has led to positive momentum for premium rum brands – with premium rum growing its share of the category by 6.1% on 2019. Over two-thirds of UK consumers noted they would spend more for a quality drink – with a third of these consumers drinking rum as a regular drink – further highlighting the opportunity for the trade to boost the frequency of these premium occasions by stocking a range of high-quality rums. Linked to the draw of Premium is the role of aged liquids, as consumers closely associate aged liquid with being a quality spirit. According to Campari Group UK’s report, 70% of consumers agree that if a rum has an age statement, they are more likely to view it as high-quality liquid. Aged rums can therefore act as a smart recruitment tool, encouraging consumers of malt whisky and other aged dark spirits to explore the category, building on their existing appreciation for the complex flavours that aged spirits


Globally, the rum category has experienced sustained value growth, similar to spirits since 2000, with the category really taking off in the UK since 2019 and showing no signs of slowing down. Out of the top 10 rum markets globally, the IWSR forecasts the UK as having the highest CAGR growth rate to 2021 with 4.8% growth, taking the total value of the category to £1.17bn – placing the UK as the third largest rum market in the world.

offer. The popularity of aged rum is expected to grow in the next few years, and there is an opportunity to further educate consumers around the different rums on offer, really building upon the authenticity and heritage of brands, such as Appleton Estate – profiling rum as a spirit that can be enjoyed sipped neat. The role of Spiced Campari Group UK’s rum report also highlights the important role that Spiced Rum is playing within the category, accelerating interest, and recruiting a new generation of consumers into the category. Spiced has been the key growth driver of total rum in the UK over the last two years and is expected to continue to drive the category forwards in 2022. In the On-Trade in 2021, Spiced/ Flavoured Rum achieved a 6.3% share of spirits, an increase of 1.2% compared to 2019, with taste the number one factor driving consumer interest in the subcategory. Meanwhile in the Off-Trade, Spiced Rum has grown 9% compared to 2021, as younger shoppers continue to discover and explore the category. The report also highlighted the central role flavour more broadly is playing in attracting new consumers to the category, with Flavoured Rum’s share of total rum value in the UK Off-Trade growing a significant 4.3% from 2019 to 2021. As awareness of the diversity and richness of rum increases, the report highlights the importance that Style plays for consumers, with this currently being the #1 way in which UK consumers navigate the rum category. This focus on style is driven by a lack of broader knowledge about the rum category, with 94% of consumers open to improving this – demonstrating a demand and need for education. This highlights a key job to be done for both suppliers and operators, as consumers are hungry to better understand rum styles, country of origin differentials and flavour profiles. Rum and cocktails The research also found rum to sit at the heart of the ever-popular cocktail trend, with the category’s versatility of serve allowing it take full advantage of the growing cocktail movement being seen across the UK. Rum features in five of the top 20 cocktails across the On-Trade and three of the top ten cocktails made at home. As UK consumers continue to become cocktail curious, this curiosity can act as a great way of introducing consumers to the category or expanding their rum style repertoire, through

July 2022

A landmark report by Campari Group UK reveals how rum increasingly represents a key growth area within spirits in 2022 and beyond for both the On and Off-Trade, with the category playing into central consumer and shopper trends influencing the market.

versatile favourites such as Wray and Nephew. The report also highlights how three of the most popular rum serves (the Mojito, Daiquiri and Rum Punch) can be tailored depending on the venue they’re being served in or by the skill of the consumer or bartender making the drink, as referenced by Chris Dennis in the report – Campari Group UK’s Rum & Whiskies Ambassador. “Our Rum Report shows just how much of an opportunity we see rum being for the UK market in 2022 and the years ahead. The category is elevating itself far beyond what has previously been perceived as a rum-and-coke-dominated category, to one with endless opportunities within high-end cocktails and beyond,” comments Brad Madigan, Managing Director, Campari Group UK. “Rising consumer interest and discovery of rum aided through the rise of premium rums such as Appleton Estate, as well as the category’s growing role within the cocktail trend led by brands such as Wray & Nephew, means it’s a really exciting time to hero the rum category in the UK. We have a tremendous opportunity to continue to premiumise rum in this market and educate consumers on the vast potential of this fantastic category.”



Rising to the challenge of getting the airspace right Ian Rogers, Sales Director @ Gilberts Blackpool, looks at the impact of ventilation on the success- or otherwise- of a hospitality venue

“It has a great atmosphere!” How often do you hear that phrase? Yet how many of us appreciate the role of ventilation in the achievement of that atmosphere? Not enough, and we feel hot and uncomfortable. Too much, and we feel cold. As we begin to go out and about again, ventilation is more important than ever. It needs to deliver the correct amount of fresh air for the activity and occupancy levels. It goes without saying that the airflow and air change in a hotel bedroom differs massively from that required in a sports hall or swimming pool. It also needs to do so at a comfortable temperature and RH (relative humidity), with appropriate acoustic attenuation, without draughts nor cold spots, without striation, and without pollutants. Ventilation goes beyond the delivery of fresh air however. Well-designed and


chosen ventilation can play a major role in the overall aesthetics of the internal space: inlets, extracts can be an architectural feature in their own right. This is perfectly demonstrated in the growing use of exposed services, where the ventilation diffusers form a central element of the interior design. The design trend also demonstrates the ventilation industry’s capability to evolve and develop solutions that meet aesthetic, ethical and financial pressures. Such installations also typify the need for all parties in the construction process to work together. Whilst the concept of exposed services looks trendily industrial, it impacts on the ability of standard ventilation diffusers to work properly. With no ceiling, there is no surface for the incoming air to ‘cling’ to. Thus it can ‘dump’ onto the occupants below, making them, feel cold and uncomfortable. Simple addition of a coanda plate to the diffuser addresses the problem. As an aside, some manufacturers have appreciated the architectural considerations, and can now manufacture bespoke

coanda plates so the only limit is the architect’s imagination! With the growing consciousness about the environment, natural ventilation solutions, or those that optimise this as far as possible, are becoming increasingly prevalent. Natural ventilation in essence harnesses basic physics of air movement, in which

The latest evolution is a hybrid system, which ticks the boxes for all involved. It is modular, a stand-alone solution mounted at high level through the external façade to ventilate a single zone or space. In large spaces such as sports halls, units can be mounted vertically.

Extending the modular concept, which simplifies life for designer, contractor and building user, a further development in internal ventilation is thermal control. The concept is proven in practice, already installed in venues as diverse as multi-storey retail outlets, car showrooms and exhibition centres.

A hybrid system eliminates the need for complex ducting and interconnection with a building management system (BMS). It is low energy, using natural air movement to ventilate the internal space, and recovering heat from the internal, used air as it is exhausted to minimise the variance in temperature between the fresh and the stale. Latest variants can be specified to include an LPHW coil, providing supplementary heating and removing the need for radiators. Not only does this therefore reduce the build costs, but also releases profitable floor space and eliminates the need to consider and address low surface temperature issues.

Thermally-controlled diffusers adjust airflow depending on the internal air temperature. They deliver omnidirectional, rotating warm air in the vertical, and cool air in a horizontal direction, thereby eliminating draughts whilst providing rapid and efficient initial warm up and eliminating potential cold spots at low level. Depending on the thermal control technology within, they change the air within the internal space in seconds. They can accommodate a range of ceiling supply applications, including exposed ductwork, square ceiling grids, clip-in ceilings and perforated ceilings.


There are also options to add filtration to modulate noise and external pollutants. Thus the internal space can be ventilated to the required Regulations for the usage, without the need to open windows.

July 2022

warm air rises, pulling cooler air in at lower level. But there needs to be a chimney to create that draw- it may be a roof terminal in a sports hall, or a stairwell or atrium acting as a ventilation stack in a hotel.

As Britain re-opens for business, it is crucial that our venues make best use of ventilation to ensure clean air with which to breathe. The challenge is designing and installing solutions that meet that need, but provide benefits for the whole construction supply chain. That challenge is being met; it is up to the specifiers and installers to keep up to speed with the developments, and embrace them, for the wellbeing of us all. Gilberts tel 01253 766911 E:



Five tips to take advantage of restaurant localism

Jaipal Yadav, managing director of restaurant software business, Favouritetable.

Before the pandemic, globalisation’s popularity was already waning as restaurant owners and customers alike began to better understand the impacts of international trade on the environment and the sometimes bland result of an overabundance of sameness no matter where you chose to eat. Cue an outpouring of love for ‘localism’ – the very opposite of its globalised competitor and a significantly different way in which consumers have developed buying and restaurantbooking habits. Indeed a 2021 Barclaycard report found almost two-thirds of UK consumers chose to buy closer to home than in the

previous year, with more than nine in ten saying they would continue to do so post-pandemic. Similar research from the Farm Retail Association found that 89% of farm shops reported an increase in sales since 2019, and 64% expect sales to increase further through 2022.

2. Online marketing can be tailored to encourage customer preferences and demands for highly individual occasions, rather than simply mirroring the same tired and formulaic promotions used by big chains.

In short consumers are cutting back on ‘hyper-consumption’ as part of a conscious effort to help communities and niche brands that are building success on their local credentials as multinationals adjust product ranges to appeal to more local tastes.

3. Automated marketing allows restaurateurs to engage with guests and do much more than just confirm bookings. For example, create locally-focussed events such as barn dances, wine tasting or patriotic celebrations, then showcase them via SMS, email and social media.

So, how can software technology help restaurateurs take advantage of this growing trend for all things local? For starters it’s important to recognise that, post-pandemic, tech-savvy consumers now expect to book online with ease and order food digitally from their table or even home. Investing in modern reservation software isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must for speedy, efficient and accurate busy restaurants. To meet localised demands and opportunities, consider the following: 1. Party booking software allows restaurants to develop bespoke, themed customer experiences, ranging from a gathering of the village history society, through to special celebrations championing local food.

4. Improving online inventor y management is crucial and ensures kitchen staff can instantly monitor stock and manage supply chains for locally-sourced meat, vegetables and other materials to keep menus fresh and fully up-to-date. 5. Table-planning software avoids the sometimes flavourless feel put out by chain restaurants. Maximising floor plans and shaking-up table layouts while keeping an automated eye on maximising occupancy might mean dedicating half a restaurant’s floor-space to a ‘mums and tots’ group in the morning, then resetting for conventional dining in the afternoon and evening – a great way to charm local communities. All of this attention to detail based on the needs of nearby towns and villages can pay huge dividends to revitalising your hospitality strategy, making localism a crucial point of difference as the restaurant sector continues to rebuild. People tend to be travelling shorter distances for leisure activities and dining-out and this is key to anticipating long-term viability plans for restaurant operators who rely on repeat business, customer loyalty and recommendations.


Restaurant software letting you down? Tired of overpriced, do-little products and poor customer support? Then try Favouritetable - the best value, commission-free, full-function restaurant management system on the market. Contact us now to try Favouritetable completely FREE for 30 days and experience all of the following functionality and more!

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KOPA Grilling Solutions, the specialists in charcoal ovens, has launched the KOPA FirePlace, a self-contained modular cooking platform that gives foodservice consultants and end users the ability to design a bespoke cooking station that can be adapted to accommodate multiple cooking styles on a daily basis. Fully customizable, KOPA FirePlace enables customers to create the perfect cooking station from a range of cooking equipment, from flat grills to rotisseries, pizza ovens to smokers, and swap in/out different equipment as needed to adapt to changing menus. Customers can choose from a complete suite of KOPA products, from the Japanese-style Robata multi-level/ multi zone charcoal grills, to its popular Argentine-style Parilla grills with its impressive chain and wheel structure.


Each station can also accommodate different fuel types, including charcoal and wood, and ancillary equipment including heated or refrigeration drawers and storage cabinets. First previewed at Horeca in 2020 and now formally available, KOPA FirePlace cooking stations can be built in all shapes and sizes depending on customer need. It allows users and foodservice consultants to design into new spaces, or to be retrofitted into an existing kitchen. The platform is also designed such that its back and side walls have built in fire bricks, so that no expensive building or installation works are required to ensure global fire safety compliance. Miran Stirn, Managing Director of KOPA Grilling Solutions, says that flexibility is key: “Our mission is to create memorable

dining experiences, but it is also to create memorable cooking experiences for those who use our equipment. “By being modular, chefs can set up the cooking station quickly and easily to accommodate different menus on different days and move with the trends. And while we have typical sizes, and use standard materials, principally stainless steel to ensure product quality, our key differentiator is that everything we build can be bespoke. “It is anchored to a core belief that a consultant should be able to imagine a kitchen and we design our equipment around them, and not the other way around.”

World Overshoot Day – the day on which the planet reaches a level of carbon it can no longer absorb is getting earlier every year and so it is incumbent on all of us to do everything we can to reduce our CO2e as rapidly as possible, and simultaneously, to help the planet’s carbon absorption through tree planting and other renewal projects. Through the power of tree growing, and the added reduction in emissions provided by Trees4Travel’s renewable energy projects we CAN still prevent catastrophic climate change – but we MUST ACT NOW to make an impact. Trees4Travel works closely with verified tree planting organisations in developing countries who are experts in their local environments, with the full engagement & consent of indigenous peoples & local communities in a way that respects their cultural & ecological rights. The company supports projects that plant a variety of tree species, native to a region to maximise biodiversity & restore natural ecosystems, whilst maintaining those forests, supporting nature & people together. Trees4Travel will only invest in reforestation projects - reforestation is the natural or intentional restocking of existing forests & woodlands that have been depleted, usually through deforestation, but also after clearcutting. The Trees4Travel double up promise also means investment into renewable energy programmes to prevent the production of carbon in the future. Trees4Travel’s actions align to 13 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainability Goals. “#Makeapledge reminds us that we can all do our bit, and that if we all work together, we can still reduce the effects of climate change, return habitat and provide employment to be planet and people positive” said Nico Nicholas Chief Eco Officer of Trees4Travel.

To become a Trees4Travel partner, or to add another tree to your current subscription simply go to and follow the easy steps. 29


World Environment Day Trees4Travel calls on Travel Industry to #MakeAPledge for #OnlyOneEarth

July 2022

Award winning ‘tech for good’ company Trees4Travel is calling on travel industry partners and colleagues – new and existing, to #makeapledge and make June’s World Environment Day, EVERY day by planting just one extra tree a month to help the planet.


Raise a glass to English Wines with Lyme Bay Winery The toast of the town! Devon’s Lyme Bay Winery puts English wines on the map. If “English drinks” only bring to mind hoppy beers, malty ales and crisp ciders then it’s time to add a new glass to the menu.. English wines are earning well-deserved recognition across the globe – and award-winning Lyme Bay Winery in Devon is an English wine producer leading this revolutionary charge. “We source the best fruit from growers across the country rather than managing vineyards of our own”, explains Lyme Bay Winery’s managing director and head winemaker James Lambert. “That way we have access to different grape varieties grown on different soils in different microclimates to make our characterful still and sparkling English wines.” Like any process dependent on the bounty of the land, the work of the Winery’s viticulturists never stops. Each


wine is fermented, blended and aged under the supervision of its experienced team who focus on producing quality English still and sparkling wines, as well as many other products including mead, rum and fruit wine. The current wine list comprises of Pinot Noir 2020, Chardonnay 2020, Bacchus 2021, Shoreline 2021, Brut Reserve NV, Sparkling Rose NV, Classic Cuvee 2017, Shoreline Rose 2019, and Pinot Noir Rose 2019. The latest fruits of these endeavours are the new releases of Lyme Bay Winery’s Bacchus and Shoreline vintages. Bacchus 2021 includes fruit from Essex, Kent, and Hereford to create an intense, aromatic, fresh and zesty wine with a balanced, rounded body that makes a perfect accompaniment to seafood dishes.


Shoreline 2021 is a blend of Bacchus, Reichensteiner and Seyval Blanc grapes from Devon, Essex and Oxfordshire that delivers a well-balanced, crisp lemonand-lime acidity with complex layers. Lyme Bay Winery also has a range of premium still wines, only produced in vintage years and celebrating the characters of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir still wine grape clones from select vineyards. This aspect of fine wine production and grape cultivation is curated under the watchful eye of the Winery’s consultant agronomist Duncan McNeill – an expert in wine-growing practices who works closely with Lyme Bay’s premium vineyard partners across the Crouch Valley in Essex. “Put simply, our team’s dedication, patience and craft mean they know how to make the best English wines”, says James, “and we are delighted that this attention to detail has resulted in the growing recognition of English wines around the world, as well as some notable awards for our still wines.” Indeed, Lyme Bay Winery’s Pinot Noir 2020 recently took home Gold from both the 2022 International Wine Challenge and the International Wine & Spirit Competition, and Silver in the Decanter World Wine Awards, alongside Silver medals for Chardonnay 2020 at all three events. “These international medals prove we’re on the right track”, says James, “and our continued British Retail Consortium accreditation ensures all our products are crafted to the highest standards thanks to our top quality processes.” With unique flavours, consumerfriendly prices and sustainable practices that support family-run businesses, there’s something for everyone when you choose an English wine. Get in touch to try our range today! +44(0)1297 551355



Elis Provides Sustainable Alternative For Workwear, Linen And Laundry With businesses looking for ways to improve their sustainability, catering workwear, linen and laundry services provider, Elis UK, explains how its circular economy approach can help.

solution that addresses environmental issues. In 2021, the Group’s CO2 emissions per kg of delivered, laundered textiles were 19% lower than in 2010, which is testament to the efforts made over many years. Our mission is to make our customers’ lives easier and contribute to their success through a sustainable, responsible process.” Elis was the first company in its sector to announce its target of net zero emissions by 2045 and is one of only twelve companies selected to join the NHS Net Zero International Leadership Group. It uses a circular economy model to provide its customers with a more sustainable solution. Elis supplies workwear and linen on a rental basis, collecting used items and delivering laundered garments and linen on a schedule to meet the needs of the customer. In its circular economy approach, customers’ items are maintained, repaired, reused and redeployed in order to optimise their lifespan. Elis’s expertise and processes in its highly efficient industrial laundries help to minimize water, energy and cleaning product


consumption to reduce the impact on the environment. The use of workwear maintained by Elis, rather than at home or using a traditional laundry, reduces CO2 emissions by up to 37% and water consumption by 48% (Source: EY). Based on the circular economy, Elis’s services increasingly enable customers to reduce their emissions. Comments Elis UK marketing and customer experience manager, Paul Swift: “The circular economy is specifically designed to eliminate waste and pollution, circulating and sharing products and materials and regenerating nature. The Elis circular economy model, primarily through reducing the consumption of natural resources and keeping products in use, is a sustainable

As part of its commitment to net zero carbon emissions, Elis is undertaking a number of major initiatives, which will help to ensure that its customers receive services that leave an eversmaller environmental footprint. These include continuing to improve the energy efficiency in its operations; constantly improving the vehicle fleet and delivery routes; optimising the product lifespan, optimising the choice of materials and expanding reuse and recycling of textiles. In three years, Elis UK has already reduced its CO2 emissions by 33% and its consumption of water per kilo of laundered linen by 23%. Elis UK has been certified over many years by the Carbon Trust for reductions in CO2 emissions and water usage.” For further information see or call free on 0808 1698265.


KITCHEN BLENDER N° 37 A silent and powerful blender

July 2022

Adapted to intensive use thanks to its powerful and silent commercial motor, it mixes all kinds of hot and cold preparations. Its highly resistant blades crush quickly hard ingredients (ice cubes, lobster carcass...). Its new accessory, the Chefstick, allows you to stir the most compact mixtures while breaking the air pockets that form around the knives, so you can get through the most difficult preparations! Its speed variation will allow you to obtain an optimal result while remaining silent. Built to last, it has received the Longtime attesting its robustness and durability. This appliance is intended for restaurants, hospitals, childcare centers, hotels and ice cream shops.

Simplicity and Efficiency • Variation speed: from 0 to 18 000 rpm/min • Santos’s exclusive patent: Santosafe® safety system locking the bowl and lid, which allows a hands-free use. The motor stops when the safety device is opened. • 4 Bowls available: 2L and 4L, stainless steel or transparent. • Filler cap: add ingredients while blending. 21


NELSON LAUNCHES NEW ‘GLASS DRY’ – ENSURING COOL, DRY GLASSES IN MINUTES Nelson has launched Glass-Dry, an innovative solution to a problem shared by many busy bar operators having to resort to using hot, wet glasses straight from the glasswasher, a practice which will inevitably have a detrimental impact on whatever drink they’re used for. Although glasses taken from a glasswasher will eventually air dry, this will take a considerable time, so any establishment running short of glassware must use them as they are or resort to drying them with a cloth, risking possible cross contamination. The Glass-Dry slashes the drying time to just four minutes and is perfect for all types of beer glasses, champagne flutes, wine glasses and cocktail glasses. It works by drawing air in via its base and circulating it around the glasses through its grid plate. The cooling action, meanwhile, is achieved by the velocity of air passing over the glasses, reducing the glass temperature to just below ambient which means they can be utilised immediately.


Nelson offers Glass-Dry in three size options to accommodate glasswasher racks that are 400mm x 400mm, 450mm x 450mm and 500mm x 500mm – although the footprints are slightly larger. The unit simply needs to be plugged in and it’s ready to go. Different glass shapes will require slightly different drying times so the operator simply needs to select the desired time. Glass-Dry can be sited on any flat surface close to a 3-pin socket.

John Nelson. Nelson Glass & Dishwashers. Unit 1. Rowley Ind Park. London W3 8BH Tel: 0800 592 833 Web:

Whether you need simple plants and trees that don’t need tending to or you’re going for a full artificial landscape with turf, hedges and more, we have existing products and the capacity to create custom designs for any need and budget. We’ll offer a no obligation quote to help you plan your projects and we can tailor our service to ‘fir’ your needs.

Full Support Whatever your choices, we have the design experience and know-how needed to make you stand out. We can work with your design to make your premises look incredible, whatever the space and whatever the industry. We can even help you develop the design, drawing on years of experience. Call us today on 01524 858888 or email – Browse our Web Store online for our full stock range and more info on our bespoke solutions on offer.

Who Have We Supplied? Major companies in many industries including ITV, BBC, Channels 4 and 5, Mulberry, Innocent Drinks, Monsoon, Bella Italia, Tescos, Big Brother, The Only Way is Essex, Coronation Street, Dancing on Ice, Park Resorts, Volkswagen, and more. We’ve also sold to house builders, zoos, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, theme parks, colleges and schools, cruise ships, theatres… the list goes on! We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers in the UK, in Europe, and across the World.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Our master craftsmen construct each bespoke order with painstaking care and attention, to create an exceptionally ‘real’ artificial showpiece, and we offer bespoke solutions to suit the needs of your space, business and tastes.

We can provide offers for procurement managers and corporate buyers on bulk orders and for trade, to help you finalise your design. Our quotes are no obligation - so call us today. We look forward to working with you!


Access People for Hospitality The complete employee lifecycle solution, your whole workforce will enjoy using!

Access People for Hospitality delivers:

Recruitment & Onboarding

HR & Workforce Management


Training Management

also Employee screening & RTW checks


also Access EarlyPay

Staff Scheduling & Labour Optimisation

also CPL Learning

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Find out how Access People for Hospitality can help support all your people processes t: 0845 340 4542 e: w:


Vintage specialist Scaramanga was founded by Carl Morenikeji in 2006 after a 6-month trip to India. He sought out artisans who would use the same traditional methods and tools to restore and repair old furniture and make bags.

July 2022

Today Scaramanga offers an extensive range of indoor and outdoor furniture and homewares. He is passionate about craftsmanship, 15 years after launching the Scottish-based business, he still selects all the antique and vintage furniture. They stock hundreds of 4- and 6-seater tables in blue, green and natural hardwood and metal bistro tables. Our chair collection includes painted wooden and metal folding and stacking chairs and benches. They also stock trunks, chests, cupboards, cabinets, armoires, sideboards, doors, windows and decorative pieces. All our stock is carefully restored by a team of expert carpenters and blacksmiths with many years of experience in bringing salvaged furniture back to life. Our styles range from distressed boho to vintage industrial to mid-century modern to colourful Indian and colonial. Scaramanga has gained a worldwide reputation for supplying props to the film industry. Their interiors have been seen in: No Time To Die, Batman, Fantastic Beasts, Disney’s Dumbo, Death On The Nile, The

Hobbit, Victoria and Abdul and many more. Vintage, antique and upcycled furniture have strong green credentials. By breathing new life into pieces that may have been scraped or burnt or recycled we are reducing amount of energy and emissions used to make new furniture. The team at Scaramanga work hard to ensure they are always making a positive impact on their environment. What’s more old furniture was generally better built and made to last. They have stood the test of time and Scaramanga’s furniture is built for longevity. Most of their vintage, antique and upcycled furniture are one-off pieces and all will have a character all of their own and will have an interesting narrative and show a wonderful patina acquired over a number of years. It’s generally well made and built to last for generations. It’s also very environmentally friendly. Their stock is constantly changing with new deliveries weekly. Scaramanga offers competitive trade prices with everything available for immediate delivery. 26

Fabrics that will look as good as new for years to come Never underestimate the power of fabrics, they set the ambience and tone for any environment. Panaz have over 6000 designs available in woven, faux leather, velvet and sheers, suitable for upholstery, drapery and soft furnishings. More than that, as well as great design, Panaz fabrics offer great performance, the fabrics are rigorously tested for flame retardancy, abrasion, stain resistance and easy cleaning, meaning that your fabrics maintain their good looks for longer.

High performance fabrics with great design.

contact for further information +44(0)1282 696969

The Principal York Hotel uses Brintons Axminster carpets and rugs

Brintons commercial:

Combining heritage and luxury carpet design Heritage carpet company Brintons has been at the forefront of the global woven carpet industry for more than 230 years. Brintons has expert designers, sales teams, project managers and agents in all major markets around the world, as well as manufacturing capabilities in UK, Poland, Portugal and India. From palaces to hotels, restaurants to public buildings, convention centres, airports and cruise ships, Brintons has a long history of contributing to the world’s most stunning & beautiful interiors.

After this campaign, Brintons was asked to create a dramatic feature inside the luxurious hotel – this time as a stunning permanent floorcovering. Installing 15,000 m2 of its premiumquality Axminster carpet, Brintons designed suitable contemporary carpets that have been installed in the main public areas, guest rooms, corridors, business and function suites and private apartments at the hotel.

Innovative carpet design

The Brintons Archive Collection is one of the world’s most comprehensive and extensive commercial design archives, amassed since its beginnings in 1783. This industry-leading design resource has been collected and referenced over more than two centuries of carpet manufacturing. Restored and preserved by Brintons’ dedicated archivist, the collection includes many hand-painted designs, artworks and sketches from 1790 to the present day, some from noted designers – Brintons are proud to have original designs from the company of William Morris (Morris & Co), hand painted designs from Voysey and Lewis F Day and work from Matisse, Robin Day and Christopher Dresser. The archive library is a facility unique to Brintons and is an invaluable resource to designers, conservators, decorators, and contractors worldwide.

Brintons offers a variety of product specifications to meet a wide range of commercial applications. From its Axminster carpet where each tuft of yarn is woven and locked into place by shots of backing yarn to create a strong, integrated threedimensional structure, to the Wilton carpets that are made on face-to-face looms where two carpets are woven at the same time, achieving textures from hard twists to super-plush velvets, Brintons can create bespoke carpet designs that incorporate multiple colours and yarn combinations.

Heritage projects In January 1999, Brintons was given special permission to use the Grand Staircase in the derelict former Midland Grand Hotel building (now the St Pancras Renaissance) as the backdrop for the photographs that were used in its ground-breaking ‘some things in life wear better than others’ advertising campaign. The campaign was built around a series of elegant costumes that were designed by Vivienne Westwood but made from Brintons Axminster carpet. St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London


An archive steeped in history

International design With a strong focus on heritage landmarks in the UK, Brintons also works with leading companies in international markets to create bespoke designs for a variety of sectors. Projects include Singapore’s Changi Animae San Diego Airport Group supplying 75,000 sqm carpets to the airport’s buildings, Celebrity Edge Cruise Ships and the luxury hotel W Philadelphia.

Focus Glazed Fireplaces – Next Generation Innovation The legendary Gyrofocus and its equally famous related fireplaces, Ergofocus and Domofocus. are part of a collection of next-gen fireplaces that comply with the most exacting new regulations. Focus now includes three glazed Ecodesign models. The sculptural shape of these contemporary fires has been perfectly preserved as well as their 360° swivel action. As with the all the new glazed models an ingenious sliding glass window offers a perfect view of the flames without risk of sparks flying all with the added benefit of energy efficiency. Focus works extensively in the hospitality sector and has installed many of their fires in some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants throughout the world. Fires are a great focal point for guests and visitors alike to gather around and

these add atmosphere and comfort to spaces both indoors and outside. Focus is really popular with hospitality architects and interior designers looking for a high quality installation. Focus is based in the south of France and has been designing and manufacturing luxury fires for over 50 years and has built a reputation for creating well-crafted, modern fireplaces that are innovative and award-winning. Focus began a dedicated transformation of its industrial process ten years ago, by creating an R&D department and investing more than 6 million euros into it. In order to further speed up and streamline the certification process, Focus has also equipped itself with a test bench identical to that used by the European laboratories that award Ecodesign approval. It is thanks to this strong

technological component, to a culture very specific to its own products and to a limited series production that Focus can take up these challenges. Thanks to the regulation of the air supply at the base of the opening, it is very easy to adjust the power of the fire and choose low or high intensity options. A key positioned on the duct also helps conserve the fireplace’s energy and maintain heat in the room. The GYROFOCUS is a prestigious design created in 1968, which has become an international classic and the symbol of the brand. This model is taught in a school of architecture and was voted La Cosa Più Bella Del Mondo (the most beautiful design in the world) by Italians. It was exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. To find out more visit



SUMMER SEASON By Indigo Awnings Ltd 01352 740 164

The COVID pandemic was disruptive for all of us and heart breaking for thousands of people, but we have now seen the light at the end of the tunnel. With tight restrictions during the first and second lock down’s, we saw many leisure sector outlets offering take away services which clearly demonstrated just how innovative this industry is. When these finished, every establishment with even the smallest outdoor area made use of the space in order to accommodate customers outside in the fresh air which was deemed to be safer in order to help stop the disease spreading. This move highlighted the fact that previously unused areas could increase footfall and thus profits, and the vast majority of outlets seized this opportunity. However, with six months of lockdown, cash flow was the biggest issue and one that had been predicted by Indigo awnings Ltd who introduced a no deposit lease option. This meant that the very best quality products such as awnings, giant heated parasol and even retractable roof fixed structures could be installed with monthly payment starting one month after completion. Payments can be spread over 12 – 60 months and in fact, the daily takings and thus profits far exceeds the monthly payments and this helped many outlets to get back on their feet. Outdoor areas were turned into attractive spaces which provided weather protection, heaters, lighting and planters. This in turn has created a new trend in terms of business expansion which does attract new customers all year round and not just for the Summer months.

Indigo has installed products at pubs, restaurants, hotels and the casual dining sector throughout the country for over 20 years and it is this which made them the number one choice for post lock down outdoor cover. Trevor Ruddle, Indigo’s Managing Director is proud of the number of outlets they have helped. In fact, he reports that one restaurant on the East coast seafront increased trade by 40% during the holiday season due to the installation of two very large storm proof parasols which created an appealing outdoor space, that didn’t previously exist. The owner told indigo that these actually drew people to his establishment versus others that didn’t offer covered seating. Another example is a high profile hotel sited on London’s Hyde Park Corner. The chain wanted to create a highly visible outdoor covered space that not only looked stunning but was also practical for all year round use. Indigo was chosen to supply four giant heated parasols which were surrounded by high glass screen with planters. Fixed seating and tables were installed and Number One Park Lane was born from what was previously just bare pavement. Ruddle rightly says that he is particularly proud of this installation but moreover, that it demonstrated what can be achieved with a bit of lateral thinking. With an extensive range of high quality products, he states that Indigo has helped hundreds of outlets increase trade with purchasing made easier with the use of their no deposit lease option, it’s a win win he says and we all like that concept.


The Art of Hospitality Lighting Design Lighting has the ability to make or break an interior scheme, whether it is for a hotel bedroom or restaurant space. From setting the mood and creating the desired ambience to fulfilling practical needs such as those of adequate illumination or defining boundaries in open plan spaces, lighting needs careful consideration and planning, preferably at the beginning of any interior project. One of the first things to consider is how the space will be used, as this will determine the kind of lighting needed. For example, task lighting is best for close-up tasks such as reading


or applying makeup and this can be achieved using table lamps, floor lamps or wall lights that can be specifically angled. Take time to think about shadows when placing lights and using two or more fixtures can often help to overcome any problems with this. Wall lights are ideal when space is short, for example on a bedside table, and can still be used even when it is not possible to install cables inside the wall. Our Tree Wall Lamp is our first wall lamp with a plug, perfect for those where drilling into walls is not an option. Ambient lighting refers to the main light for practically illuminating the

whole space. Too bright and the room will cause discomfort to the users, and too dark and the room will appear smaller and unwelcoming. Brighter light can also make the face appear older, something particularly undesirable in a restaurant setting for example. The size of the room will help to determine how many lights are needed and the brightness of the bulbs. For pieces of interest in the space, i.e., pieces of artwork, accent lighting should be used. As the name suggests this is used to draw the eye to certain parts of the space, as well as keeping the attention focussed away from other less desirable areas. The fourth and last lighting type is decorative, which is where my passion lies. I advise my clients to add drama with their lighting,

When designing lighting for my customers, I take inspiration from many different sources. This could be a piece from the 1950s or from a forgotten past, that I can reinvent to give it a new life, or the nature that surrounds us with all its organic shapes. Sometimes even everyday objects have form which I think I can transform to make a great light. I remember during a trip to the island of Sumatra, I was lying on my bed in a modest


choosing bold statement designs that really make an impact in the room. Although decorative lighting places the biggest emphasis on visual appeal, the illumination still plays a big role and I love to experiment with the way certain materials, shapes and colour diffuse the light. Shades with a golden interior provide a warm and welcoming hue, while metallic finishes create beautiful reflections on the wall which add interest and drama. Our Tarya rectangular ceiling light is the perfect combination of decorative and practical, with the shape lending itself perfectly for use over dining tables. The light diffuses softly through the open metal sides, whilst at the same time brighter light is reflected down from the 3 or 4 bulbs inside (depending on size).

hotel with my eyes fixed on the mosquito net hanging over my head. It was not fully hanging but knotted halfway as they are usually kept during the day and I thought, actually this could be a nice shape for a light. This is how I got the idea of the Meduse model.

Decorative lighting is also a great way to bring texture to a room and a stand-out central ceiling pendant is a great way to do this. I love the use of fabric with lighting to achieve a romantic and tranquil atmosphere. Silk is particularly timeless and luxurious for creating a ‘soft’ light and fabrics such as linen, cotton and jute work beautifully to add depth and texture to a room. Using a light as a ‘centre piece’ to me is like adding the final make-up to a room, creating a real style statement. It’s best when used with a dimmer, to enable soft, warm lighting for times when more relaxation and comfort is required. For most projects, a combination of all the different lighting types will work best, allowing for flexibility, depending on the room’s different uses at different times of day. Jo Plismy, Founder Gong 020 3808 4303



The UK’s leading provider of bed, bath and table linen to the hospitality sector, Richard Haworth, is celebrating a huge milestone in its support of the Better Cotton Initiative, after purchasing a million units of Better Cotton in under three years.

July 2022

The Greater Manchester--based business became a member of the BCI - a not for profit organisation that works to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future in 2019. And in just three years the textile manufacturer has acquired more than a million units of Better Cotton - the equivalent of over a million kilograms of cotton. Raj Ruia, director of Richard Haworth, said: “By being a part of the BCI initiative we are supporting responsible cotton farming practices where it matters the most - right on the farms growing the cotton. The BCI promotes better standards in cotton farming around the world and we are proud to be able to champion the initiative’s renewable methods. “To have surpassed the million units of cotton sourced from a BCI gin is a huge achievement for our manufacturing output and our overall CSR aims to ensure we are producing and selling the most sustainable products possible.” Better Cotton licensed farmers must follow and adhere to the BCI’s seven guiding principles to produce cotton in a way that is better for themselves, their communities and the environment. As part of its core offering the BCI trains and supports its 2.7 million licensed farmers to adopt more sustainable processes. When Better Cotton is harvested, it is physically segregated from the farm to the gin ensuring all Better Cotton bales produced by


Linen Manufacturer Marks 1 Million Kilo Milestone in Global Better Cotton Initiative Richard Haworth has purchased over 1,000,000 units of Better Cotton since 2019 participating gins are 100 per cent Better Cotton and can be traced back to licensed farmers. The 100 per cent Better Cotton bales are then purchased by traders and spinners. From this point on, Better Cotton can be mixed with conventional cotton and spun to make the cotton used in Richard Haworth’s wide range of products.

exceed the quantity of cotton purchased with a Better Cotton claim.

Raj added: “BCI relies on a Mass Balance system, where Better Cotton can be mixed with other types of cotton on its journey from the field to the final product. Our aim at Richard Haworth is for 50% of our total cotton purchased to be Better Cotton within the next 5 years.”

Many Richard Haworth products are manufactured in the UK and all are designed with the quality and durability that prestigious hotels require, with a range of products to suit every budget, style and need.

The BCI’s Mass Balance chain of custody ensures that the quantity of physical cotton sold with a Better Cotton claim cannot

Richard Haworth’s range of bed, bath and table linens are created using the highest quality fabric and are used by some of the most prestigious hotels, restaurants and spas across the country.

To view the full Richard Haworth range and purchase online visit


Robert Welch Designs invests in cloud software implementation with BrightBridge to meet needs of evolving customer expectations Award-winning designers and producers of cutlery, tableware and kitchenware, Robert Welch Designs is making a significant investment in digital transformation, to reflect the evolution of customer requirements and demand for real-time data, in an omnichannel space. It has chosen specialist business software firm BrightBridge to design and implement this complex project. Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution Oracle NetSuite will facilitate improved service for customers spanning the retail, hospitality and trade sectors.

range of channels, so we need a real breadth of functionality. The cloud is the future and we want to be part of that as we know it will afford us the agility to service customers in all areas with speed, efficiency and professionalism – whether they’re a direct consumer, a trade client such as John Lewis & Partners or a hospitality client such as the Shangri-La Group. The solution BrightBridge is implementing will give us the full capability of process automation and instant updates that will furnish our customers with up-to-date information.”

The prestigious firm has a heritage of nearly 70 years and supplies exquisitely designed, high-quality cutlery and other tableware to internationally renowned hotels and restaurants. Robert Welch Designs chose Leicestershire-based BrightBridge due to their specialisms working with clients within retail, distribution and systems integration.

Having a real-time 360-degree view of the business on a single platform, allowing fast identification and therefore resolution of any issues quickly, was also part of the appeal for Robert Welch Designs. The fact it is a cloud-based solution offering automatic updates, and therefore negating the need for manual upgrades, was an even bigger attraction for the business.

The project will comprise implementation of Oracle NetSuite including financials, sales and purchase orders, invoicing, inventory control and real-time management information. WAERlinx, a Built-for-NetSuite solution, will be implemented to handle all elements of warehouse management. Seamless integration of B2B, B2C, Amazon, and major retail partners will be achieved using Jitterbit, an integration platform as a service.

While Robert Welch Designs may be moving with the times when it comes to technology, the company continues to design its products (from stainless-steel cutlery and tableware accessories, through to kitchen knives, cookware and homewares) at the Old Silk Mill, Chipping Campden, the same building in which the family business was founded in 1955.

This will mean the firm can not only effectively integrate the fulfilment of all orders, whether direct or from third party shopping platforms such as Amazon, Shopify and Wayfair, but more importantly, provide the up-to-the-minute information required by Robert Welch customers. This is thanks to the realtime flow of data the platform facilitates, which will mean customers can access information such as order and delivery details, getting an exact status at every stage. This capability was a crucial element for the firm and a major factor in its implementation decision. Ed Smith, IT Director at Robert Welch Designs, based in Chipping Campden, said: “The world is moving at a rapid pace, and as a global supplier, we need a technology solution that will allow us to effectively move with it as our business continues to grow and diversify. The growth of omnichannel means we operate in a broader

“We want to both properly serve our customer base and grow it, and we believe BrightBridge’s expertise in building robust business architecture, coupled with the plethora of features in the NetSuite and WAERlinx solution, will allow us to achieve that. When there is a big community, which Oracle NetSuite has, development and progress are fast-paced and driven by that community,” he added.

Ian Robertson, Sales and Marketing Director at BrightBridge, commented: “It was clear that a firm with such a rich history, stellar reputation and solid high-end customer base needed a solution that would help it continue to exceed customer service expectations via access to real-time data and more intuitive processes. We are confident that the Oracle NetSuite solution, coupled with our expertise, will see a successful implementation for Robert Welch Designs and allow the Company to meet its growth goals.” As BrightBridge is the only European partner of both Oracle NetSuite and leading integration platform Jitterbit, the firm is well-placed to take Robert Welch Designs on its digital transformation journey.

For more information, please visit, or follow BrightBridge on Twitter - @brightbridge_uk – or LinkedIn.



The Cheapest Unit of Energy is the One You Do Not Consume New report reveals vital considerations to mitigate soaring commercial energy prices With much volatility and uncertainty in the energy market today, partially due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, businesses must remain agile when it comes to monitoring and managing their energy. With the government looking to the future with their new energy security strategy, which plans to boost wind, nuclear, solar and hydrogen, commercial energy broker and utilities consultancy Advantage Utilities implores businesses to adopt a similar long-term approach within their latest quarterly energy report. As Europe relies on Russia for around 35% of its natural gas requirements, the Russia/Ukraine crisis is proving to be a cause of concern. Thev expert energy analysts at Advantage Utilities have identified additional ‘bullish’ factors for 2022 as possible Russian gas restrictions and OPEC oil curbs. Commenting on the report, Andrew Grover, Chief Executive Officer at Advantage Utilities said: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused added volatility to what was already an extremely challenging market, even considering the upcoming summer months. This is owing to gas requirements for power generation being high, due to renewable generation being low, coupled with strict targets to get the UK’s and EU’s already depleted gas storage facilities 80% full by 1st November.” He continues: “Even though the UK has little direct reliance, around 40% of Europe’s gas is currently sourced from Russia via either pipelines or LNG exports. When factoring in the cost and timescales to replace this, it’s no wonder why both the UK and Europe have accelerated their need to source supplies from alternative locations, as well as to invest in selfgeneration and cleaner energy.”


The cheapest unit of energy is the one you do not consume As energy costs continue to spiral, businesses should look at energy management to try and retain control of expenditure, by reflecting on how and when they are using energy. Solar solutions in particular are proving popular and many businesses are successfully implementing their own renewable energy on-site. Grover says the process of exploring the viability of on-site renewable energy starts with a simple desktop audit, that may then lead to an actual site audit, to ascertain what products and services businesses may be able to explore, such as EV charging, solar panels, Combined Heat & Power, battery storage, voltage optimisation and load shifting amongst others. “Often, these products and services can be implemented at little

or no cost, or for larger projects it can be achieved capex free,” he says. Grover also notes that the cost of technology, materials, and energy saving measures typically reduce over time. So, an audit or assessment that perhaps did not have a pay-back period that was attractive last time around, may now produce different and more appealing results. There is no denying that it’s a very concerning time for UK businesses, with extraordinarily high energy prices. However, it’s important to remain focused on long-term actions as there are steps that organisations can take to try and mitigate these costs and remain focused on a sustainable future driving toward net zero. Additional products, solutions, guidance and advice on energy management can be found within the latest report by Advantage Utilities.

July 2022


Toto Launch New Automated Tap Collections

Japanese bathroom manufacturer Toto introduces two new automatic tap collections featuring their Self Power and water-saving Eco Cap technologies. These taps are ideally suited for guest bathrooms, hotels and public washrooms and designed to work with a range of washbasins. They have been awarded the prestigious international Red Dot Award and Green Design Award for their outstanding design. Beyond the design and individual preferences, the functional aspects are what make them so successful: The round and square collections each have five different versions – all of which are touch-free and use very little water. One special feature of Toto’s touch-free faucet is the SELF POWER technology, which is also referred to as the integrated “hydropower plant”: One of the smallest sensors in the world is installed in the tap spout, registering people’s hand movements to activate the flow of water. A second technology is also at work inside the tap: A generator converts the energy from the flow of water to power the microsensor.

Another new technology is Toto’s Eco Cap, which adds air to the water to reduce consumption and create a comfortable sensation: The stream of water feels very gentle and full, but the tap only uses two litres.

bathroom. The fewer surfaces people have to touch, the more comfortable. In addition to its touch-free taps, Toto offers a number of other products that help elevate hygiene: Japanese shower toilets with multiple auto functions (Washlet), automatic soap dispensers, hand dryers and washbasins with special dirt-resistant ceramic surfaces.

Society’s experiences with the pandemic over the past few years have sensitised people in a variety of different ways, especially when it comes to hygiene. Cleanliness is important whenever several people use the same



Located in the beautiful Italian Gardens, within Kensington Gardens, which is managed by The Royal Parks’ charity, the Italian Garden café is a new casual dining project, run by second generation Italian, Rob Colicci and designed by interior architecture studio, Article. Viaduct contributed to this project with its curation of distinctive furniture. Against the historic backdrop and heritage of 1860s Kensington Gardens, which features central rosettes carved in Carrara marble, the Portland stone and white marble Tazza Fountain, and a collection of stone statues and urns. Article took inspiration from the Italian design that has blossomed since that time. With its contemporary interior Katy Manolescue, the creative director and partner at Article believes in the value of creating an interior that has longevity. Combining delicious layers of warm tones of biscuit, coffee and cream with refreshing flashes of pale lemon yellow, the interior of the Italian Garden café reflects a modernist design style in a joyful Neapolitan palette offset with black and brass detailing.

The New Italian Gardens Café Neapolitan influences combine with design classics

Viaduct working with Article to curate the latest Royal Parks café

The project extends into the gardens which has the same form, proportion and timeless elegance. Article specified the outdoor textured slatted Latte chairs which are constructed from innovative bio-composite of hemp and 100% recycled plastic. These chairs surround the Emu Darwin tables that sit amongst the billowing bronze grasses bordering the Italianate ponds. The gardens are picture perfect, framed from within by large opening bi-fold doors looking out over one of the finest views in London. Explains Katy Manolescue, Creative Director, Article “We wanted to create a modern reflection of Italian design; championing the mid-century era and the works of Gio Ponti in particular, the great father of Italian design whose work transcends architecture, furniture, product and ceramics. His designs are showcased at the café so perfectly alongside a selection of new furniture”.


Viaduct worked with Article to achieve its vision with the supply of iconic Italian and current British and European furniture designs, which include Gio Ponti’s masterfully crafted Leggera chairs for Cassina and the bold decorative brass edged FA33 mirror for Gubi, originally designed in 1933. According to Will Micklethwaite, Managing Director, Viaduct “We worked closely with Katy at Article to bring this elegant project to life. We have loved seeing the creative process come to fruition.” The result is a contemporary and convivial space in a tranquil setting to enjoy a Colicci own brand crafted coffee, all day dining and the splendid gelato. Furniture supplied and curated by Interior design

It’s no secret that the past couple of years have been turbulent for the hospitality sector, with inflation, rising operational costs, and ongoing staff shortages all taking their toll. Customer expectations are also changing, and the way we pay for food and drink has seen a particularly seismic shift in consumer behaviour - if you’d have told me 3 years ago that my Mum would be paying for dinner via a QR code I’d have laughed. But if you told me 10 years ago that in 2022 I would hardly ever use cash, I’d have had the same reaction. So it’s clear that the world of payments will keep on evolving, and we need to be prepared to adapt. Just as we’ve all seen the benefit of not scrabbling around at the bottom of your bag for change, of tapping your phone rather than writing a cheque, or scanning a QR code rather than asking for the bill, it’s likely that further changes to our everyday payment habits lie in store. But while everyone is talking about crypto and NFTs, there’s another (relatively) new kid on the block which I think will make more of an immediate impact on our industry. Paying for an NFT donut via Bitcoin may get you some press attention, but a payment method that could save venues thousands each year is far more exciting in my opinion.

Even before the potential rise of Open Banking, this emergence of tech in hospitality, and recent changes to the way we pay have already helped the hospitality industry deal with rising costs and meet customer expectations - QR code payments come with much lower fees than most card terminals, and some venues have found that customers are 10x more likely to tip when paying digitally. That’s all before you throw in the time saved not spent flagging a waiter, waiting for the bill and looking for a card reader. And despite concerns about taking away that personal touch, digital ordering and payments have actually helped staff be more efficient - instead of chasing the card reader they can turn tables faster and spend more time with the next set of guests.

So hopefully the next technological advance in payments can not only demystify the murky world of excessive fees, but reduce costs even further and have a significant impact on our sector. Which is where Open Banking comes in. There’s huge potential to build upon the tech that customers are now used to, but reduce the cost to the venue by changing the payment process behind the scenes. It may take some time for operators and customers to understand the benefits of Open Banking. But as attitudes change and adoption rates rise, it could revolutionise our industry. In fact, if the UK hospitality sector turned to Open Banking it could save hundreds of millions a year in fees. I’m open to that.

You might not know much about Open Banking, but if you’ve made a payment on a charity donation website you may well have used it. Put simply, if a customer connects their bank directly to a digital payment service, they’ll cut out all sorts of middle men in the payment flow, in turn cutting out hefty and often hidden fees for the venue. It also opens up possibilities to use banking data to improve the customer experience. Understandably, the words ‘open‘, ‘banking’ and ‘data’ in the same sentence may concern some people, but the reality is far less scary - online services that calculate your credit score are a great example of using Open Banking data to provide useful information and give users control of their data. Now imagine the kind of personalised promotions we could serve our customers if we were able to conduct similar analysis.



However customers pay, payment fees remain shrouded in mystery. In fact, around 80% of the business owners I’ve spoken to are paying far more in fees than they realised. If you’ve ever seen the symbols ++ after the rate you’ve been quoted, you may be in the same boat. This refers to interchange and scheme fees, an additional 0.36% on top of the quoted number, as well as adhoc costs such a PCI acceptance fees which can quickly add up. This leads to misleading rates and a substantially higher monthly invoice than expected.

July 2022

Hidden payment fees are costing the sector millions, but there’s a solution.

This could build upon some of the learnings the hospitality sector is already taking from sectors such as grocery and retail. The last few years have seen a big shift towards using granular data about customer behaviour, and operators can now easily learn when their most popular times are, what customers order at these times, which dishes are ordered with which drinks, which type of customer tips the most, and even which type of advertising brings in the biggest spenders.

Stay ahead of the game this summer! Whether it’s organising sweepstakes, setting up the big screen, or stocking up on extra drinks for the bar, preparing your venue for a summer of sport is no doubt well underway. From writing up your specials boards to working out your rotas, you have probably already thought about most things, but have you also thought about making sure you are correctly licensed to show each event – including the music used as part of the broadcasts? It can be a little confusing, which is why we have put together a quick guide to help you stay ahead of the game this summer. Please visit pplprs. for more information. If you are going to introduce music, or if you are already using music in your business, you’ll usually need a music licence. By purchasing TheMusicLicence you are supporting the future of music by helping to ensure its creators are fairly rewarded for their work. TheMusicLicence covers virtually all commercially released music available – millions of songs & recordings, including the most popular & well-loved music, not just from the UK, but globally, allowing you to choose the music that reflects the atmosphere you want to create in your hospitality based business.

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