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Russia Look to Restructure Map & World Energy Issues Chris Goggin of Rinnai explores current global energy matters embellished by the Ukraine crises. Copper as a Force for Good: Improving the Sustainability of the Construction Industry

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May 2022

Russia Look to Restructure Map & World Energy Issues


Chris Goggin explores current global energy matters embellished by the Ukraine crises. If a prolonged insurgency materializes during the up and coming years, what will this mean for global energy provision and costs?

ussian military aggression is fully deployed and operational throughout Ukrainian cities. Running parallel alongside the on-going Ukrainian crises are issues regarding European energy security, rising fuel costs and the prospect of wider war. Rinnai will attempt to offer exposition to the overtly convoluted geopolitics of the current conditions of the energy industry and the effect to the UK customer of domestic fuel. Global energy costs are currently experiencing fluctuations as Europe’s main supplier of gas is Russia. Heavy financial sanctions imposed on the Russian economy mean that European gas supplies have begun to be limited by Russia in response and could be possibly cut indefinitely or entirely. European reliance on Russian gas is well documented, it is estimated that up to, or more than 40% of EU gas imports are provided by Russia. Germany, the Netherlands and Italy in particular are dependent on Russian gas supplies whilst countries like Poland are attempting to wean themselves from Russian natural gas. Russian gas is seen as a major obstacle towards future European security, exemplified by the newly constructed and completed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline that lies bet ween Russia and Germany. Poland and Ukraine both voiced repeated concerns that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline threatened the security of central Europe. Russian energy market manoeuvring means that NATO opposition economies are reliant on energy imports from Russia which therefore limits

the severity of a collective response; it could be argued that a major part of Europe’s economic capacity is powered by Moscow approved fuel importation. All EU member states realise this arrangement must end to ensure future energy security. Germany has suspended any action of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline underneath the Baltic Sea and Europe is introducing plans to cut Russian gas imports by two thirds in a year. This will be done through increased LNG imports and continued use of coal – 2050 NetZero ambitions may have to be recalibrated. The Nord Stream 2 was designed to carry natural gas to Germany, doubling its imports from Russia and crucially cutting out the Ukrainian ‘middleman’. Ukraine stood to lose £2.2 billion a year in transit fees. Gazprom, the Kremlin backed Russian energy company, instead, would profit. Under the terms of a recent deal made between the US and Germany, it has been decided that $50 million of green energy credits and a full refund of lost transit fees will be provided to the Ukraine government through to 2024 by way of compensation. In essence the Nord Stream 2 pipeline consisted of two functions: primarily to expunge revenue from the Ukrainian economy, weakening the state’s ability to function and defend itself from attack; secondly, to also maintain a strong hold of influence on the largest EU economy - Germany. US disapproval of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was strong and several sanctions were placed on playing

parties. Well placed US paranoia focused on Russian attempts to covert energy exports into future political leverage. US assumptions have been proved accurate. How is Germany now going to continue providing national energy? As the main player in EU politics Germany has to function efficiently for continued EU economic success. Neither the Netherlands nor Germany is keen on further sanctioning Russia’s international oil exports citing worries over energy shortages. The UK and USA governments, alternatively, have sanctioned Russian global oil exports taking direct aim at Moscow’s financial ability to continue manufacturing armaments. For now it is believed that Russia will continue to export large amounts of gas to Germany and other EU countries like Italy; although future disruptions to European gas delivery is expected due to military conflict. If long-term German gas supply is compromised Europe could turn to Africa in the hope of replacing a secure supply of gas. Tanzania is attempting to place itself at the forefront of this discussion, saying that a lack of infrastructure is the only real obstacle. Tanzania believes

May 2022

that if pipework can be laid between Europe and East Africa a working relationship is entirely feasible. Other regions are working to relieve themselves from Russian gas reliance. Poland, Denmark and Norway are working together in constructing a new gas infrastructure route. A 215 million euro EU funded “Baltic Pipe” is being laid between Norway and Poland via Denmark which is soon to be in operational use. This cross-country gas pipeline will facilitate Danish gas supplies as well as providing the Polish government with a secure source of energy that has not travelled from Russia. This arrangement ensures elevated levels of Norwegian gas exports that will benefit Norway’s national purse. Russia could counter any further EU imposed financial restrictions with retaliatory measures of their own. Gas flow is already reduced and financial tariffs have already been extended to customers across the globe. UK petrol and diesel are reportedly at record levels of cost whilst US prices are at 8 year highs. OPEC member states can increase production of oil to supplement global loss. However, as Russia is a prominent member of OPEC, all other parties are remaining neutral meaning that oil production will remain at current levels further reinforcing a discernible rise in customer cost. Will financial sanctions placed by the UK and US governments affect Russia’s long term financial ability in the global energy market? Any Russian loss on European gas exports could be filled by China - who has recently agreed with Russia to take on addi-

tional gas imports that amount to a quarter of what is already exported. The deal between the countries is said to be worth $117.5 billion and will last for 30 years. Continued military action in Ukraine will increase all wholesale costs on all global energy products and other purchasable items. Financial forecasts say problems will become more evident the longer this crisis continues. Russia has announced it will cut Europe’s gas supply if more damaging financial restrictions are imposed on its energy industry. Militar y conflict in Ukraine has already restructured the international energy market with new avenues of potential distribution becoming apparent across the globe. European nations that require gas could look towards Africa, whilst Russia and China strengthen ties. It should be mentioned that although Russian and Chinese links appear strong their relationship could be affected by rapid military escalation. Unified global decarbonisation plans will not be as smooth in an international context, but could be accelerated by EU nations that are keen to avoid future Russian energy supplies. Advancing alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen and renewables has already been mentioned as a long term goal in reducing emissions and Russian energy imports. In the short term the EU and UK could resort to coal, a move that will limit ecological targets.

Coal appears to be a likely source of consistent power despite its unfashionable reputation. UK parliament is reviewing the feasibility of new and temporary measures that will allow for coal mining to begin. Issues regarding “national security” and “geopolitical considerations” will heavily influence the final decision. Other short-term domestic power facilitation may include an increase in North Sea natural gas. Future UK energy policy could potentially be dominated by hydrogen. UK investors could and perhaps should be provided with governmental confidence and economic stimulus towards British hydrocarbons – a key ingredient in the production of hydrogen. Incorporating plans that necessitate the advancement of hydrogen will benefit the UK in the long-term, as hydrogen appears to be the global fuel of the future. Conflict in Ukraine has further complicated energy industry geopolitics. All economies that are involved have to now locate alternative measures in national fuel options. UK customers of gas should be aware that a positive conclusion regarding energy bills are also reliant on an escalation or reduction of military action in Ukraine. The current position of European energy security, supply and cost is uncertain. And this could continue for some time. For more information on the RINNAI product range visit:

retr fitting f r net zer There’s an Ecodan for every home

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The switch to low carbon heating systems for our homes is critical to ensure the UK achieves its 2050 net zero carbon emissions target. Find out more at

Construction Update May 2022

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May 2022

Get up to date With GEZE’s latest Product Guide GEZE UK, has updated its Product Guide and Price List to help architects, architectural ironmongers and specifiers choose the most effective product for their needs.


he detailed, illustrated technical guide provides specifiers with essential information about GEZE’s extensive range of door closers, window control systems, sliding door fittings, glass door fittings, and smoke and heat extraction systems.


The Product Guide is available electronically or as hard copy. To order a copy call 01543 443015 or email Andy Howland, Sales and Marketing Director of GEZE UK, said:

Created to be completely user-friendly, the guide is divided into five easy to use sections so that the comprehensive range of products can be found quickly and efficiently, whilst also providing users with a handy reference guide to the applications of all GEZE products.

“The industry is constantly changing, new guidelines and legislation are introduced regularly and GEZE continually innovates to ensure that our products remain at the forefront of technological innovations.

It includes technical drawings, application descriptions and finishes as well as glass preparation information and technical information on a wide variety of solutions for toughened glass.

With this in mind, we publish our comprehensive Product Guide each year so that specifiers have all the information they could need in an easy to use format.”

May 2022

Prosperity & The Pandemic - Salt Town Contractors For some of us, the past two years as we battled COVID- 19, has been a roller coaster ride and at times we thought about ‘what happens next’? It’s offered us time to reflect, think about a better future and how we could make the most of it.

grateful for the opportunity to have his own business and see it go from strength to strength:

Karl Sands did just that. After stepping down from his senior role within a construction safety services company, he decided to start his own business - Salt Town Contractors, specialising in roofing and cladding nationwide.

“The pandemic has not been kind to everyone, and it has been a trying time for us all. We had to remain positive and continue providing the quality work that our customers expect. We have been so grateful for all the projects we have been a part of, and value those who supported us from the start. Now that things are getting back to ‘normal’ I am optimistic about our future and can only hope that my colleagues within the construction industry see the same.”

Together with his wife Kim who has taken up the role as Finance Director, the company has firm foundations based on over 16 years industry experience together with resilience to make the business a success even during difficult times. In fact, the company is already working with several UK wide blue-chip customers with plans for real growth this year and for many years to come. The continued aftermath of the pandemic is still affecting the construction industry, with materials shortages causing project delays, but the team at Salt Town Constructors remain positive as the business enters its third year of trading. Through building strong customer relationships and offering the best products and service, Salt Town Contractors continue to have a busy order book and a business that has flourished against adversity. Karl is

Alongside daily operations, Salt Town Contractors became a founding member of Donatable, a social enterprise focusing on giving back to your community and improving corporate social responsibility. Thanks to the organisation, the Salt Town Contractors team have been able to help and support their local community. The Salt Town Contractors team are always happy to discuss any roofing, cladding or maintenance needs relating to your commercial property, just get in touch: | | 0203 885 1452


May 2022

Topgolf moves a step closer to Glasgow launch The highly anticipated Topgolf in Rutherglen is moving a step closer to opening as its team gathered for an official topping out ceremony on Tuesday 22 March. Topgolf’s Vice President of International, Steve Lane was joined by representatives from, South Lanarkshire Council, Clyde Gateway, Scottish Enterprise, Visit Scotland and the many partners involved in the planning and construction of the project including; Luddon Construction, Ashfield Land, CCA (architects), Will Rudd Davidson (engineers), Turley (planners), Currie & Brown (project managers) and DSSR (consulting engineers). The 45,000sq ft three level venue golfing attraction is scheduled to open at the end of the year and will introduce a new way


of golfing to both golfing fans and novices. Located just off the M74, the venue is part of Clyde Gateway, one of Scotland’s biggest and most ambitious regeneration programmes. It’s the global sports and entertainment brand’s first location in Scotland and Steve Lane is confident Glaswegians are going to love the concept. He said: “Topgolf has locations around the globe and has a proven track record of providing top class entertainment and fun for both golfers and nongolfers. Our Glasgow venue will be the first in the UK to use our signature

technology; utilize micro-chipped golf balls and Toptracer technology which will offer even more interactive and dynamic experience for visitors. “Our construction partners have been hard at work preparing the site and kicking off


May 2022 works and it’s already starting to take shape. We’re on track for our launch at the end of this year and we’re looking forward to offering more sneak previews of what to expect very soon.” Martin McKay, Executive Director of Regeneration at Clyde Gateway said: “Clyde Gateway has worked with South Lanarkshire Council and Ashfield Land to attract investment into the site and we are thrilled to welcome Topgolf to the area. “It is another multi-million-pound boost for Rutherglen, following the many new office and industrial buildings constructed in the last few years at Rutherglen

Links Business Park and the hundreds of new jobs that it has attracted. The new jobs with Topgolf are a further economic boost for local communities and Clyde Gateway and South Lanarkshire Council are working to ensure local people have every opportunity to secure employment. “With the nearby Cuningar Loop Woodland Park undergoing major expansion, the arrival of Topgolf reinforces the emergence of this part of Clyde Gateway as an important leisure destination.” Mike Shiel, Senior Manager, Global Investment at Scottish Enterprise, said: “We’re delighted to have worked with our partners to bring Topgolf to Scotland. Once complete, its state-of-the-art

complex will build on the country’s golfing heritage and support the economic rejuvenation of the Clyde Gateway area. “Our targeted approach to attracting international investment is intertwined with Scotland’s strengths and values. With the country deservedly recognised as the ‘Home of Golf’ this is definitely a development that plays to its strengths.” Pauline Elliott, Head of Planning and Economic Development at South Lanarkshire Council, said: “We are delighted that such a unique and innovative development will soon be opening its doors in South Lanarkshire. “It will create jobs in the area for local people and will of course be a real boost to the Rutherglen economy, attracting visitors from across the central belt. We look forward to continuing to support this development with all the other partners.” 07

May 2022

Updated Part F CPD from Titon Now Available Following the update to the Building Regulations 2010 (Part F1 Dwellings 2022), Titon has revised its popular ‘Part F 2010 Domestic Buildings Compliance’ CPD presentation to help gain a deeper understanding of the new requirements. With the updated edition of Part F released in December 2021 for implementation in June 2022, there have been many important changes which are clearly demonstrated within the updated CPD. Titon’s aim is to provide an explanation of the requirements of the Part F 2022 update regarding ventilation, and the three systems examples that are used, and to emphasise the need to ensure that the installed performance meets the designer’s expectations in order to achieve full compliance. Ventilation is a legal requirement clearly set out at the beginning of Part F


which the Titon CPD guidance is aimed at achieving, if followed in full. By the end of the CPD, you will have clearer knowledge of Part F, PCDB and a look at good practice for installation and a check list of ventilation systems. To book the new CPD, please get in touch: For more information on this CPD and to view our other CPD presentations, please visit the CPD UK website:


Part F CPD Now Available Revised Building Regulations: Ventilation & Energy Efficiency

Increase in ventilation requirements? Let us clear the air. The revised Building Regulations require an increase in ventilation to improve indoor air quality and balance the need for more energy efficient residential dwellings. Talk to us now to discuss how we can explain the changes and offer our expert advice on ventilation to help clear the air.

Visit our dedicated help pages at: Call us on 01206 713800 or email

May 2022

How Hydroscand Reduce Costly Downtime Through Effective Hose Maintenance Forklift trucks are an expensive asset to your company. You invest in them because you need them to keep things moving. The last thing you want in your busy operation is for your FLT to be out of service. Downtime is expensive. Estimates on the cost of downtime range from £500 to £5,000 per hour depending on the size of your business. The optimum way of reducing downtime caused by hydraulics hose failure is to carry out regular maintenance checks on your hoses. By doing this, you will replace your hoses when they have worn out, thereby not only increasing the life expectancy of your hose but saving time and money and decreasing the hours you are not able to use your forklift. It is good practice at the start of each day to carry out daily inspections and visual checks of hydraulic hose lines. This way, you can minimise hose failures and call a technician quickly if there is a problem.


Forklift trucks are essential to keeping goods moving and our team have the experience and expertise to replace broken hoses quickly, minimising your downtime.

May 2022 Jason Bray, HoseExpress Development Manager at Hydroscand UK, explains: “Due to the design of forklift trucks hoses, especially on mast hydraulic hoses, are constantly under tension to enable the hoses to run smoothly over guide rollers and through clamps. Over time, due to the nature of how forklifts operate, these hoses can ‘stretch’ and ‘crack’ the outer cover of old hose assemblies. By doing daily visual checks this can be prevented by ensuring hoses are tensioned correctly. “Hydroscand mobile hydraulic engineers while on site replacing an old hose due to failure or hose fatigue, will ensure that all hoses are visually checked for fatigue and report findings to our customer. It is about understanding why hydraulic hose

has failed and supplying a solution that can prevent this from happening again. This could be for various reasons. For example: • • • •

General wear and tear Original hose too long for the application required Rubbing or ‘catching’ Incorrect routing of original hose assembly”

Our mobile hose technicians have been called out on numerous occasions to replace side shift hoses, auxiliary hoses, and several high-pressure hydraulics hoses on Combi Lift drive circuits on forklift trucks for our customers.

Stuart Larkin, Mobile Hose Technician at our Birmingham branch, attended a job where the customer needed a repair on a forklift. He replaced two side shift hoses and cleaned up the spilled hydraulic oil. He said: “I left the job with happy customers, ready to start their days work.” Jason Bray said: “The Managing Director of a local company called me as the side shift hoses on their forklift truck had failed. I inspected the hoses and discovered the hoses had been incorrectly routed. I had a look at routing the hose assemblies differently and after turning valve adaptors 90 degrees, new hoses were now free from being caught. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest.”

Josh Legg, Mobile Hose Technician from our Southampton branch also replaced side shift hoses on a forklift. Josh said: “We always have our customers’ needs in mind, which helps to reduce their downtime and ensures they work efficiently.” When Josh inspected the old hoses, he discovered they had failed. So, he wrapped plastic hose protection on the new hoses to avoid abrasion which made it better, as the old hoses were rubbing together. “The customer was very happy with the result.” Craig George, one of our long-term customers said: “There are hundreds of hoses that can fail on combi lifts. We use Hydroscand as they are a first-time fix. I will call Jason Bray and the job is done. I would never use anyone else apart from Hydroscand, and their prices are reasonable too. They have an electronic system, so, you can see what they have done and how they have done it.” If you need our reliable and trusted hose technicians, call us on 0800 0116 999 or visit: branches


May 2022

First of its kind - Diesel And AdBlue Bucket Bundie for J A Jackson


stablished in 1967, J A Jackson Quarries & Recycling Ltd are a family run business who supply quarried and recycled aggregates. Providers of sustainable building materials, aggregates and ready-mix concrete, the company also provide domestic and commercial skip hire and have a fully licenced waste transfer station and facilities for inert tipping. J A Jackson operates a fleet of more than 20 tippers, artics, skip wagons and concrete mixers. The company’s quarries in Preston, Leyland and Lancaster are all within easy reach of the region’s motorway network making access and distribution as efficient and effective as possible.

throughout the UK. Based on the same concept as the patented Bucket Bundie Fuel Bowser, Ace Plant’s Bucket Bundie Store was seen shortlisted in the Institute of Quarrying’s Excellence Awards in the knowledge and innovation category - a fantastic accolade for the ‘Bundie Bowser’ name. Ace Plant have recently launched the first Bucket Bundie that is capable of carrying both Diesel and AdBlue at the same time. This capability can already be seen in Ace Plant’s static, site tow and road tow ranges but has finally been

made possible within the Bucket Bundie range. J A Jackson first found out about the Ace Plant Bucket Bundie Bowser after searching the internet about fuel bowsers. They liked the fact that the Bucket Bundie can be transported by existing site machinery without the need for a tractor. These units remove the need for lifting chains as well as the need for the operator to leave the safety of the machine’s cab to attach any chains. It features a patented bucket loading system with special slots above the support legs that allow a wheel loader operator to easily pick up and move the bowser using the machine’s front bucket. With the loader bucket crowded back, the Bucket Bundie is held securely for safe transport across rough ground – this combination works much better than a towed bowser which can be difficult to move and reverse – particularly on rough terrain. J A Jackson say that the Bucket Bundie will be a benefit to their business as the unit will result in “less risk of contamination and we no longer need to use the 5 gallon drums”. In turn, this also makes refuelling a faster and safer processes with less risk of spillage. The Bucket Bundie Bowser is available in three different capacities: 450L, 1000L & 2250L. To find out more visit or call 01908 562191.

J A Jackson have recently added the first combined Diesel / AdBlue Bucket Bundie Fuel Bowser to their fleet provided by manufacturers, Ace Plant.


Ace Plant, home of the ‘Bundie Bowser’ fuel storage range, are a plant hire and sales company based in Buckinghamshire who utilise their engineering roots to manufacture Fuel Storage Solutions and Dust Suppression equipment for hire and sale

Images courtesy of Alison Miller – J A Jackson.

First of its kind—Diesel and AdBlue Bucket Bundie for J A Jackson

01908 562191

MK19 MK18 6LA 5LJ


May 2022

Build your own cleanroom with Guardtech’s revolutionary new Isopod Configurator tool Controlled environment innovators unveil exciting online software allowing users to create a bespoke rapid-assembly cleanroom THE GUARDTECH GROUP have unveiled a revolutionary new online tool which allows users to configure their very own cleanroom. The award-winning Suffolk-based company have continued their recent trend of developing innovative cleanroom solutions with the software, which gives potential controlled environment clients the chance to select the different structural, mechanical and electrical components in their own bespoke Isopod Rapid Cleanroom. After choosing between a Hardwall, Softwall or Hybrid base model, users can select the unit’s size, frame material, flooring swatch and glazing, as well the ISO class, lighting level, environmental control and environmental monitoring set-up. The Isopod Configurator even allows users to fit out their cleanroom with a range of furniture & equipment options and then book both installation and validation through Guardtech’s team of experienced Installation Engineers – all with just a few clicks of a mouse! This innovative tool will take what can be a complicated and confusing process and streamline it for Guardtech’s contented customer base.

Forward-thinking Commercial Director Mark Wheeler first came up with the idea of developing the Configurator as he wanted to make the cleanroombuying sales process as smooth as possible for future clients. “I’m delighted to launch our Isopod Configurator,” he said. “We spend a lot of time thinking about new ways to make our customer journeys as straightforward, simple and enjoyable as possible. We realise how important it is to put our clients’ needs at the heart of everything we do – and this new tool is just another step towards us offering the complete cleanroom package.” You can access the Isopod Configurator directly via or by visiting – and Mr Wheeler is urging anyone interested in potentially buying a new cleanroom to check it out. “We encourage a lot of our customers to sketch out the type of cleanroom they think they need,” he added, “but this tool is a neat and effective way to quickly visualise their concept, see what they could be getting and decide whether or not it does the job they require. “Even if you’re looking for a controlled environment on a grander scale, I’d recommend trying out our Configurator first, as it will just help to give you a bit of insight into the key considerations of your build. “We can then work with you to determine whether or not Isopod is the solution for you, or if a Guardtech Cleanrooms modular build or Cleanroom Solutions turnkey package might be more appropriate.” For more information on the Guardtech Group, visit, email or call 0330 113 0303.



Waterloo’s Collaborative Approach Supports New British Motorcycle Marque, Solihull

An iconic British motorcycle marque has moved into its new production facility at Solar Park in Solihull, with air distribution products supplied by Waterloo Air Products.


peed was of the essence with this project in more ways than one, with a turnaround time of only two months from tendering to completion. Working with contractor Aldridge Air Conditioning, Waterloo was chosen to supply a range of diffusers to suit the differing requirements of the main manufacturing floor, engineering and testing rooms, office space and the customer-facing reception area. Converting the former distribution centre into both a manufacturing floor and office space required an air distribution system designed to create a healthy environment for both machinery and people. At the same time, the aesthetics of the products used were a vital consideration to reflect the brand and provide the perfect backdrop for the luxury motorbikes. Waterloo’s extensive range of products and ability to respond quickly to ongoing adjustments to the design provided the agility and flexibility required for this

type of refurbishment project. The air distribution system for the manufacturing floor where the motorcycles are hand-built has been fitted with Waterloo’s RWH High-Flo Jet Diffusers. These models are designed to handle high air flow rates and provide relatively long throws, making them particularly suitable for this kind of large open space. The innovative reversible and rotatable core design of the RHW diffuser allows for the air jet to be adjusted for both pattern and deflection for increased flexibility of application. Adjoining the manufacturing floor are a range of smaller offices used for engineering design and testing. These workspaces have been designed with exposed services, a factor which presents specific product requirements for both appearance and performance. Waterloo’s solution for this application was the Circular Plate Vane Swirl Diffuser (SDVC) which was supplied with a powder-coated finish to match the exposed duct

work. For the main offices, which are served by a local heat recovery unit, Waterloo specified a Square Plate Vane Swirl Diffuser (SDVS) which could be mounted within the gridded or plasterboard ceilings. Waterloo’s Vane Swirl Diffusers are designed for these kind of office areas where rapid mixing of air supply is required in rooms of ceiling height between 2.6m and 4m. Commenting on the suitability of Waterloo’s products for this refurbishment, Glynn Taylor, Project Engineer at Aldridge Air Conditioning, said: “Product design and versatility is not the only reason why we chose to work with Waterloo for this project; equally important is the excellent working relationship that we have with the team. We know we can rely on Waterloo to support us every step of the way with technical queries and ongoing customer service after the project has been completed.” Waterloo is proud to be associated with a moment in British automotive manufacturing history.


May 2022

West Fraser Commits To GHG Emissions Reductions Through SBTi Process West Fraser has announced a commitment to set science-based targets to achieve near-term greenhouse gas (“GHG”) reductions across all its operations located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe


s the world’s largest producer of lumber and oriented strand board (“OSB”) and a leading manufacturer of other engineered wood and forest products, joining the Science Based Targets Initiative (“SBTi”) demonstrates the Company’s commitment to sustainability leadership and contribution to global climate action. SBTi helps companies to set emission reduction targets in line with climate science and Paris Agreement goals. It promotes best practice in science-based target setting and independently assesses companies’ targets. To accelerate corporate climate action, SBTi is focused on significant reductions in global emissions before 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions before 2050.


“Committing to science-based targets through our SBTi pledge is a natural next step for West Fraser,” said Ray Ferris, President & CEO, West Fraser. “By committing to reduce emissions in line with climate science and align with the Paris Agreement goals by 2030, we are building

on our solid legacy of sustainability performance of our products while enhancing the social, environmental and economic benefit in the communities in which we operate.” West Fraser has set the following specific GHG reduction targets: • Reduce direct emissions under West Fraser’s operational control, Scope 1 GHG emissions, and indirect emissions from purchased energy, Scope 2 GHG emissions, by 46.2% by 2030 from a 2019 base year. These reductions are in line with a scenario which limits global temperature increases to 1.5°C, compared to pre-industrial levels. • Reduce all other indirect emissions within West Fraser’s value chain, Scope 3 GHG emissions by 25% by 2030 from a 2020 base year. Scope 3 GHG reductions align with a scenario which limits global temperature increases to well-below 2°C, compared to pre-industrial levels.

To achieve these goals West Fraser will expend capital and adapt some operating practices, which will have broad benefits that improve our business. The Company’s capital plans from 2022 forward include projects that will make reducing GHG emissions a priority. It is expected the average annual capital expenditures on GHG reduction projects to be approximately $50 million and fit within the overall capital budget going forward. West Fraser anticipates investing at least $400 million before 2030 to achieve our targets. The SBTi process is initiated with a letter of commitment and provides a period of two years to develop targets for SBTi validation prior to organizational communication and disclosure. About Science Based Targets Initiative The Science Based Targets initiative (“SBTi”) is a global body enabling businesses and financial institutions to set ambitious emissions reductions targets in line with the latest climate science. For more information about SBTi, visit:

May 2022

200 jobs saved as JRL buys Caledonian Modular The administrators of collapsed offsite specialist Caledonian Modular have sold the business to the JRL Group.

The sale secures the future of Caledonian Modular, which is the UK’s largest modular construction company, and saves over 200 jobs at its Newark site.

said “The twin challenges of the pandemic and rising inflation have placed strain on balance sheets for businesses across the UK, including those in the construction sector.

Mike Denny, managing director, Alvarez & Marsal,

“We are delighted to have secured a sale of the business

to JRL Group, rescuing the UK’s largest modular construction specialist. “We wish the business and its new owners every success for the future.”


May 2022

The ‘show that’s all about concrete’ is back at the NEC on May 5&6, 2022 Live, face to face events have come roaring back at the NEC, Birmingham, the home of The UK Concrete Show (UKCS), making it the place to be this coming May 5th and 6th, 2022, where the concrete industry will be welcomed to it’s annual, in person, face to face, live get-together, with this 10th anniversary edition being a total sell-out, according to the organisers Head of Sales and Show Director, Maddie Maclellan. Close to 200 exhibitors occupying 10,000m2

New Show Features and Innovations

Travel restrictions removed

“It’s Europe’s #1 standalone concrete event, so demand was bound to be high after a period when the show couldn’t run and both buyers and suppliers tell us that they have missed the experience of live events, with buyer, supplier and product together under one roof and with close to 200 exhibitors filling Hall 17 plus outside exhibits, the show is occupying over 10,000m2”.

“We’re 10 years old this show, but we still like to innovate” says Marketing & Media Director, Steven Callaghan, “so this year we are introducing Volumetric Avenue, The 5 Minute Pitch and The STREAM Hub. Volumetric Avenue will run South to North on the left side of the hall consisting of the largest selection of volumetric mixer trucks ever seen in a UK exhibition. The 5 Minute Pitch and the STREAM Hub will be new presentation methods guaranteed to avoid “Death by

“It’s also great news that the Government has now removed all travel restrictions”, Maddie

Powerpoint”, and we have some excellent presentations planned including the ever-popular panel based discussions of topical industry subjects with presenters including CTOL’s Mark Cowan,” add Steven.

Marketing & Media Director

Magnet for both domestic and overseas manufacturers The show remains a magnet for both domestic and overseas manufacturers launching product into the UK market, says Maddie, and the 2022 show will have significant product launches scheduled to take advantage of UKCS’s unique audience including new brands of truck mixer, volumetric mixer and industrial floor technology.

Big names, Big Brands Visitors will find world famous names like JCB, Putzmeister, Liebherr, CIFA, Mapei, Husqvarna and Somero on the show floor from amongst the close to 200 exhibitors jam-packed into Hall 17 at the NEC.


concludes, “as UKCS is so much a global event, with companies from over 20 countries around the world exhibiting, plus considerable numbers of overseas visitors too, usually around 5% of our total attendance”. For any enquiries, please contact: Steven Callaghan

The UK CONCRETE Show +44 (0)203 814 9311 (Direct)

May 2022 PPE

Snickers Workwear LITEWork Trousers – For Cool Comfort This Summer. Long-lasting, innovative new fabrics for comfort, sustainability and longevity.


hile Fabric, Functionality and Fit are hallmarks of Snickers Workwear, it’s the innovation and sustainable fabric technology in the design of the new LITEWork Work Trousers that really set them apart from other brands. They’re great for working hard in the warmer months. Delivering superior flexibility and cooling comfort, these stretchable, lightweight work trousers provide efficient moisture transport, ventilation and sun protection. They also come with CORDURA® reinforcements for extra durability and they feature a 4-way stretch fabrics, the patented Snickers Workwear KneeGuard® system and detatchable holster pockets if you need them. As well as being street-smart they’re packed with functionality and are specially designed for the fast-paced professional who’s always on the go and delivering top class work on site. For more information on Snickers Workwear’s LITEWork range and it’s sustainability philosophy you can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out or email


PPE May 2022


he long-term effects of working on your knees can cause a lifetime of discomfort and restricted movement. Even the most innocuous bumps to the knees can result in reduced working efficiency and time off work. Snickers Workwear’s Kneegguard™ PRO system is the market-leading solution to those problems. It’s a fully certified, trademarked PPE system for knee protection against kneeling injuries and everyday knocks at work. The combination of highly effective Kneepads and the Kneeguard™ PRO positioning system in Snickers Workwear trousers is a crucial combination for reliable knee protection.

Snickers Workwear’s Certified Kneeguard™ PRO Knee Protection Snickers Workwear’s Certified Kneeguard™ PRO Knee Protection


Snickers Workwear also supplies different types of Kneepads to fit different types of trousers which suit different jobs on site. Such as the unique D30® Ergo kneepads which are made of a unique material that moulds around your knee to provide enhanced impact protection. They’re great for tradesmen and women who spend a lot of time working on their knees and want to ensure maximum long-term protection and wellbeing. Getting more information on the Snickers Workwear protectivewear range is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out and download a digital catalogue or email

Specialist Hand Protection for Construction Workers MCR Safety and Tornado Gloves lead the way in safety gloves; they provide specialist hand protection designed for different hazards and working conditions experienced in the Construction Industry.

Keep Working Hands Warm

It can be very cold working on site, it’s vital to keep your hands warm and comfortable - normal gloves are not the answer! Zestos offers high cut and abrasion resistance for serious protection with a soft thermal lining to keep you warm. WL1048HP is lightweight and flexible for more intricate tasks with a thermal lining and water repellent outer. It’s available in palm or fully coated options. Learn more about Winter Lined Gloves

Environment Specific Solutions

Servicing or fuelling plant machinery or handling smaller equipment usually means contact with oil and grease causing hazard through loss of grip. Gloves in the Oil-Teq range provide a barrier against oil and liquid at two different protection levels. Oil-Teq 1 has a fine construction for precision handling. Oil-Teq 5 is more robust with cut protection at EN388 level ‘C’ and additional reinforcement between thumb and forefinger. When it’s damp, tools and materials are difficult to handle creating hazard. GP1005LD has a latex coating which forms a barrier against moisture penetration.



All three gloves have maximum abrasion resistance and offer great comfort and dexterity. Learn more about Environmental Specific Gloves.

We Protect People.


Impact Protection Heavy objects are an obvious danger in construction, especially on demolition sites with the risk of falling masonry. MCR Safety’s impact protection gloves have robust armour to shield the back of your hand. It’s made from TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber), an ideal material for impact protection because it’s incredibly tough yet also surprisingly supple. IP1052NS Impact Protection Glove comes with a Sandy Nitrile coating for powerful grip and IP1052NF has a full coating of Nitrial Foam to form a 360° barrier against liquid penetration. Learn more about Impact Protection

High Durability Nitrile Air Coating MCR Safety’s premium Nitrile Air coating enables extreme durability, flexibility and breathability. All essential for a construction site. These attributes work together to provide superior comfort for the wearer. There are many gloves in the range with this coating, all designed with different protective properties, here are just a few examples.

CT1062NA – Medium Cut protection level ‘B’ with no glass fibre, 18-gauge featherweight shell and touch-screen fingertips. CT1063NA – High Cut protection level ‘C’ with no glass fibre, 15-gauge lightweight shell and touch-screen fingertips. CT1064NA - High Cut protection level ‘D’ with no glass fibre, 18-gauge featherweight shell and touch-screen fingertips.

Learn more about Nitrile Coatings

General Handling It’s important to protect your hands even for every-day tasks. MCR Safety has a huge range of General Handling gloves, GP1005NA and Contour Avenger are particularly favoured by the construction Industry. GP1005NA has Nitrile Air coating for comfort, a ultra-lightweight 15-gauge shell for precision handling and touch-screen fingertips for easy use of tech and equipment. Contour Avenger has a premium NBR Rubber coating for excellent grip and sensitive handling ability. Its 15-gauge nylon shell fits your hand like a second-skin allowing you to perform delicate tasks and more heavy-duty work too.

Learn more about General Handling Gloves

Protective Eyewear.

MCR Safety also have a full range of protective eyewear and prescription safety eyewear.

MCR Safety Europe. Middlemore Lane West - Walsall - WS9 8BG - United Kingdom t: +44 (0) 1922 457421 e:

PPE May 2022

ENGEL WORKWEAR’s High-Vis sustainable ‘Safety Super Stretch’ (left) & examples of Galaxy sustainable workwear (right) - both made with REPREVE® regenerated polyester from recycled plastic bottles.

Engel Workwear’s Sustainable & Stretch-Comfort Collections Help Save the Environment Alongside a continual policy of developing products to keep ahead of the highest comfort and protection standards demanded by their customers, Danish manufacturer, ENGEL WORKWEAR also focus on making a positive contribution to aiding the Global climate challenge. With comfortable and functional clothing designed for almost every work situation and a wide choice of sizes for both men and women, the company’s ‘Safety SuperStretch’ High Visibility range incorporates 50% of regenerated polyester REPREVE® eco-fibres which are spun from recycled plastic bottles. Combined with Engel’s FE Super Stretch fabric, the fibres are woven together into a polyester and cotton mix; the resulting flexibility of this sustainable, hard wearing but light-weight fabric allows the wearer to be clearly seen in daylight or at night and to be able to work unrestricted even in the most confined spaces.


By the use of regenerated polyester in the manufacture, the Environment benefits from significant consumption savings on energy, water and greenhouse gas emissions. Verified numbers of recycled plastic bottles used to produce the fibres are typically 19 for a pair of trousers, 20 for a work jacket and 37 for a boiler suit; the range is available in a choice of 8 different colour combinations.

Continuing its support of the Green Environment, ENGEL WORKWEAR includes the versatile ‘Galaxy’ range amongst its collections which now combine a mix of 65% sustainable REPREVE® regenerated polyester fibres with 35% cotton. Giving strong protection, with the emphasis on style and fit, the range includes slim-cut, functional trousers and jackets available in a choice of two-tone colour combinations plus soft-shell and winter jackets, a comfortable fleece cardigan, bib-overall and boiler suit. Most items incorporate many practical details such as several spacious pockets giving quick and easy access to tools and personal accessories, concealed buttons and zippers; the jackets have adjustable cuffs and are reinforced with CORDURA. There is also a wide choice of Galaxy sustainable workwear specifically designed to be practical, comfortable and stylish for women. For more details contact Gareth Bladen at Telephone +44 (0) 7759 520034 or visit



Industry News May 2022

hub South West completes its 500th home as it builds on its successes as a preferred development partner Infrastructure specialist hub South West has passed a major milestone on its journey as a preferred development partner with the completion of its 500th home since it diversified into house-building just over four years ago.


he remarkable achievement was marked by a gathering of the hub team, including Chief Executive Officer Michael Ross and Chairman Dr Willie Mackie, at the new terraced town house in Irvine, part of the major Towerlands project for North Ayrshire Council which is being built by Ashleigh Construction.


It is the seventh large scale social housing development for the Council, which was the first local authority to come on board with hub South West in social housing provision, and is one of 21 sites now handed over, under construction or under development, worth more than £205 million. The celebration was further enhanced by the

Willie Mackie and Michael Ross

revelation that the publicprivate partnership will also reach financial close on its 1000th house within the next few months. Michael Ross said: “With this milestone, the hub’s territory is seeing the results of its long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships, backed by trusting relationships, with local authority participants in south west Scotland.

“By focusing on our clients and offering a model which combines high quality, value for money and sustainability with community investment, social value, employability, our supply chain events such as Build Lanarkshire and Build Ayrshire and links to local colleges, we are able to drive forward a programme which is an important asset to the area. “Scotland has an ongoing housing crisis and, as a development partner of local authorities, hub South West can create outputs – and get units built – to meet that crisis. As our participants provide pipelines of work, we can pass these down to businesses in the local supply chain who are keen to access future works to enable them also to grow and invest.” Spending locally is an important element of national and local policymaking and, by focusing on house-building, hub South West can involve many more smaller

May 2022 Industry News

construction companies than would be feasible on larger-scale projects such as community education campuses and healthcare facilities. hub South West is not tied to a limited number of construction partners. It has invested in forums and initiatives that has forged strong relationships with Kier Construction, Morrison Construction, BAM Construction, Robertson Construction and Morgan Sindall. The residential housing projects range across the hub’s territory of Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Dumfries and Galloway and have been facilitated by heavy

investment in developing a contractor base with the capability of delivering volume without any dilution of quality. Its model of investing in forums and initiatives with house building construction partners has seen solid relationships formed with Ashleigh, CCG, Cruden and McTaggart’s.

Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), of whom there are some 160 in Scotland and whom the hub plans to invite into its ongoing Housing Forums.

It also has also invested and built a network of professional advisers focused on the social housing market.

Dr Mackie said: “RSLs such as housing associations are a major element of social housing provision in Scotland and the way the hub creates community partnerships committed to improving public services and employment opportunities across South West Scotland would be particularly applicable to them.

hub South West is now looking to expand its social housing activities beyond its local authority participants towards

“With the continuing progression and improvement of our partnership working, stakeholder consultation

and sharing of design and build expertise, we can assist RSLs to meet Scottish Government criteria for the best value for money.” While focussing on quality, hub South West is also developing and delivering energy efficient homes and communities, as part of the transition to Net Zero. Already, it is challenging future developments with improvements in energy in use and carbon reduction. Its housing procurement route offers local authorities a meaningful and structured social value platform, ensuring a lasting legacy is built beyond the homes.


May 2022

As The Focus On Climate Change Continues To Grow So Does The Need For Net Zero Buildings And Improving Our Carbon Footprint.


EZE’s ECdrive T2 automatic sliding doors with a thermally broken profile system – the GCprofile Therm offer a solution. The GCprofile Therm accommodates up to 32 mm glass thickness in either twopane insulation glass with 2x ESG 6mm, UG value 1.0, or threepane insulation glass with 3x ESG 4 mm, UG value 0.8. The profile system uses slim aluminium frames which reduce visible sightlines by approx. 30 mm – giving designers greater ability to produce a clean design aesthetic while providing greater efficiency. With increased performance for leaf weight of up to 140 kg, the GCprofile Therm also boasts improved air tightness (compared to other ISO profile systems), better sound insulation and improved wet weather durability aided by its fit and an optional floor guide with drainage. It can be combined with manual and motorised GEZE hook bolt locks, without losing thermal separation and the appearance of the system remains discreet, even with locking. A new brochure has been produced to explain the package. This is available by calling the marketing team on 01543 443015 or emailing

For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic and manual door closers call 01543 443000 or visit


Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

THE FIRE GLASS PROMISE. WORKING WITH YOU FROM CONCEPTION TO COMPLETION AND BEYOND. Expectations of any supplier are much higher than they used to be, due to more choice within the market place. Cost and service play a big part in this and although you want the best price available, without good company service to back this up, is it really worth it? With over ten years in business, Fire Glass UK has built up an enviable reputation to become the nation’s leading supplier of fire-rated and specialist safety glass. Having an expert installation team on-hand to make sure any projects glazed to Firas standards. Supplying fire-rated, acoustic, laminated and toughened glass and offering a specialist cut-size service for glass partitions, partnering industry experts to deliver integral blinds in IGUs and supply manifestations for a complete finish.


Fire Glass UK strive towards excellence by building their working principles around SQS The Fire Glass Promise; Safety, Quality and Service and believe this is the formula to building trusted working relationships. Fire Glass UK care about getting it right – every time.

With lots of industry confusion and regulation changes, Fire Glass UK believe their technical support is an essential asset to their customers to ensure safety is met at all times. Working together to interpret project specifications and find the right product for the job, all at the best price. Fire Glass UK’s expert team knows all there is to know about fire-rated glass and if you need support, you can email:


Knowing the importance of meeting project deadlines and limiting unwanted downtime is critical to success. Fire Glass have stillages to



Investing in the right supplier with the same vision on safety, quality,

and service can ensure a project is completed to the best possible standards. If using a fire-resistant glass, it must only be used as part of a previously approved glazing system. There is no second chance with safety. Make sure you get it the right first time. TRUST THE EXPERTS.

0121 667 9089







MANCHESTER 0161 532 8371

DERBY 01773 712 920

COLCHESTER 01206 805 922


EDINBURGH 0131 526 4141

INSTALLATION 0121 667 9089

Doors & Windows May 2022

KAWNEER’S SOLUTIONS CREATE AN ENVIABLE NEIGHBOURHOOD IN THE HEART OF LONDON VISION One of the most significant challenges architects can face is regenerating an area full of personality, but in desperate need of renovation. The challenge can be even more demanding if the project involves changing the purpose of the site. But that’s precisely what the architects in charge of the Primrose Hill project in London, had to face. With a project value of approximately £16m this project required a highly sensitive design solution to address a complicated urban context involving 28 neighbouring residential and commercial properties. The transformation visioned by PKS Architects, and developed by main contractor Knight Harwood, involved converting some of the buildings into high-quality apartments and high-specification offices using Kawneer’s solutions. The task was immense and involved six neighbouring commercial properties. The goal was achieved using multiple highperformance Kawneer products. TRANSFORMATION Through site-specific technical visits and studies, Kawneer

32 Photos: GG Archard

specified and costed various façade packages and options. The lack of natural light was one of the many problems that needed to be rectified. It was solved using Kawneer’s AA®100 sloped rooflights. Additionally, GT70S windows were specified to replicate the building’s original steel windows to compliment the building aesthetics. For the entrance and balcony doors, the chosen product solution was Kawneer’s AA®720 doors with Glass Balustrading, thanks to the products superior aesthetics and thermal performance. For the curtain wall specification, the natural choice was AA®100 SSG, since it has smooth and seamless glass-to-glass joints without external capping. REALISATION The resulting specification helps to enhance the aesthetics of the building façade and increase the

energy performance of the building whilst meeting the cost requirements of the build with Kawneer’s market-leading product range. Shortlisted in the 2017 BREEAM Awards, this development sustainably refurbishes and reimagines a group of six buildings to create 3,500m2 of high specification office space and four new luxury flats. The impressive results haven’t gone unnoticed. The Primrose Hill project won the 2020 GGP’s Best Commercial Installation, by Kawneer’s customer and specialist facade subcontractor, JPJ Installations Ltd. Find out more about Kawneer’s products at

It’s a no brainer Sleek lines with sustainability at the core — Modus PVC-U windows At a glance: Clean and contemporary looks with slimmer sight lines – unlike traditional PVC-U windows. Advanced engineering technology – achieves the new A++ Window Energy Rating and a 0.7 U-value. Sustainability as standard – manufactured using 50% recycled material. Saves money – costs up to 50% less than equivalents.

Standard sash

Slim rebate sash

Discover more reasons to choose Modus:

0333 015 3523 or visit


in the


Fully flush sash

Plumbing, Bathrooms November 2021

Copper as a force for good: improving the sustainability of the construction industry The population of the is UK ever-expanding and shows no sign of slowing down. The increase that occurs year after year has put pressure on the government to build more housing, even cheaper and quicker than in previous generations. As a result, despite copper being the professional choice, many construction firms and plumbers now disregard copper as a material, looking to cheaper and poorer alternatives such as plastic.


owever, sustainability is coming to the forefront of the government’s strategies, having adopted the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and addressing social pressures as a result of the effects of global warming. With this in mind, copper is perfectly positioned to help meet new challenges set by the government to the construction industry which aims to improve the sustainability of the industry as a whole.


Copper as a sustainable material Copper has a major advantage in its recyclability - it can be recycled again and again without losing any of its properties, performance, or value. Plastic, on the other hand, is made up of synthetic materials and polymers, making the recycling process considerably more complicated than that of copper. As a result, plastics manufacturers are still attempting to work out how to separate and

re-use the components of plastics, any claims that plastic pipes are fully recyclable is simply an example of greenwashing. Where copper is concerned, this is not an issue as there is already an established scrap collecting infrastructure in place that has been around for centuries. Copper from redundant pipework, electrics and various structures is acquired to be melted, recast and repurposed, it is thought that two-thirds of copper produced

May 2022 Case Study are other attributes it has that makes it an ideal material for this industry. These include: • It is highly corrosion resistant, which is important in plumbing as many tubes find themselves underground in potentially corrosive environments • It has superior strength and can withstand the stresses of freezing and thawing in the winter months, unlike plastic which is prone to cracks, ruptures, and leaks • It can be exposed to UV rays and can withstand the heat and intensity of the sun, whereas plastic tubing would fail and warp since 1900 – more than 350 million tonnes – is still in productive use today as a result of its proven recyclability. Recycled copper also accounts for 30% of global demand, and this statistic is only going to increase with the improvement of recycling technologies.

• It can withstand oxidising disinfectants and strong chemicals • It has natural antimicrobial properties, to discourage the growth of harmful organisms

By opting to use copper instead of plastic tubing in the construction industry, contractors and builders alike can play a part in improving the sustainability of their industry, as well as obtaining all these additional benefits. It is also now an aesthetic trend to have exposed copper piping in modern bathrooms and kitchens, making it more desirable for a wider audience. Producing plastic is no longer an issue, it’s a crisis. When looking at the statistics, only 16% of plastic waste is recycled to make new plastics, while 40% is sent to landfill, 25% to incineration and 19% is dumped. When comparing these figures with copper, the industry has successfully reduced its CO2 emissions by cutting its unit energy consumption by 60% versus 1990. The industry is making progress, but is plastic?

Make the right choice. Choose copper.

How is copper used in the plumbing and construction industries? One of the first industries you think of in regard to copper tubing is plumbing. Copper is the professional choice and is the most dependable and most commonly used material in the plumbing industry in the developed world. As well as it being infinitely recyclable, there


May 2022

THE supplier for Jung Pumpen Pumps …..

Pump Technology Ltd is one of only two Authorized Pentair Jung Pumpen GmbH UK Distributors. Manufactured in Germany, Pentair Jung Pumpen equipment is well known for its ultra-reliability, particularly for commercial applications. Jung pumps (both regular and hot water versions) are installed in Pump Technology Ltd.’s wastewater systems, the DrainMinor and DrainMajor range.

The Compli lifting station range provides robust and reliable floor mounted sewage pumping solutions and thousands of these units are installed across the country.

The Hebefix range offers further proven wastewater pumping options, from the HebefixMini for domestic applications to the HebefixPlus for commercial applications.


May 2022

Because they hold the largest stock of Jung equipment for same day dispatch, the dedicated Pump Technology team of experts are able to assist customers with selecting exactly the right pump for the job at the best possible price. To discuss your application and view these products digitally via the company’s online showroom call the Pump Technology Jung team. i.V. Werner Schuhegger, Vertriebsleitung, Water Disposal EMEA, Water Technologies, Pentair comments: “Pentair Jung Pumpen GmbH (Germany) and Pump Technology Ltd unite a long and trustworthy relationship. Pentair Jung Pumpen

are proud to have Pump Technology Ltd as an effective partner and stockist for the UK market. This partnership has generated several leading pump projects and Pentair Jung Pumpen is confident in the specification, selection, supply and maintenance work completed by Pump Technology Ltd. We are looking forward to a successful and growing cooperation.” More Information: 0118 9821 555


May 2022

Forterra continues to innovate with new investment Leading building products manufacturer Forterra has announced a £12 million investment in the manufacture of clay brick slips at its Accrington factory in Lancashire.


he investment will see Forterra capitalise upon growing market demand for brick slips, a material which combines the aesthetically appealing finish of traditional brick with a number of sustainability benefits, including the reduction of raw material and energy usage relative to the manufacture of traditional bricks. Manufacture is expected to commence in late 2023, with a production capacity of up to 48 million brick slips per annum. This investment and the increased manufacturing output is expected to lead to the creation of 10 new jobs.


Brick slips, or “thin bricks” as they are sometimes known, are specially manufactured brick tiles which, when installed, have the appearance, colour and texture of an authentic brick wall. Typically used to create a façade wall, they are lighter weight than traditional masonry. Thanks to a speedier buildprocess, brick slips enable wind and water-tight buildings to be created earlier in the build programme. They also offer many of the benefits of standard bricks, including long-term durability, and easy and low cost maintenance.

The Accrington plant has been making bricks for well over 100 years. It is famed for its NORI bricks, whose iron-hard resistance and strength have been used in the construction of famous buildings such as the Empire State Building. Currently estimated at around 120million units per annum, the brick slip market is predicted to grow significantly over the next few years, with a large proportion of the increase driven by the expansion of the modular construction market, as well as through a growing demand for new fire-safe façade solutions suitable for high-rise constructions. Stephen Harrison, Chief Executive of Forterra, said, “This investment will allow Forterra to continue to be a leading player in innovation across the construction industry. We’re always on the watch for exciting new developments which can both reduce costs and secure an eco-friendly and sustainable output; the brick slips investment is a really exciting venture which will streamline our production and provide long term benefits, not only to the industry as a whole, but also to the Accrington area.” For more information visit


Boss Training Managing director (right) shakes hands with PLT Training Managing Director Nicc Bennett (left).

Boss Training Ltd Partnership to Bring Better Training Options to Wolverhampton National training provider Boss Training Ltd has announced a partnership with PLT training to provide new facilities for trainees.


he partnership will see the relocation of Boss Training’s current Wednesbury training centre into more modern facilities at Showell Road in Wolverhampton, currently operated by PLT Training. The move means that Wolverhampton will have a onestop-shop for a huge variety of health and safety training courses, with Boss Training bringing its first rate IPAF, PASMA, UKATA and CITB Training Courses to the centre. PLT Training currently offers NEBOSH, Confined Spaces, Forklift and First Aid training courses.


Boss Training Managing Director Andrew says, “We are very much looking forward to moving into such a thriving area as Wolverhampton

and excited at the opportunities this will bring. Andrew continues, “PLT are a fantastic company with a similar outlook to ourselves. With a combined 60+ years in the construction industry, we will be able to offer customers old and new an even greater level of service and a wider range of courses.”

the rise. Wolverhampton has seen a wealth of new developments in recent months, including the Brewers Yard regeneration project in Culwell Street, which will see 300 new homes for the area, the rejuvenation of Heath Town Estate where 200 new homes will be created, and eight tower blocks will be improved. In addition, the refurbishment of Bond House will create 34 supported living apartments and services for individuals with a history of rough sleeping and homelessness.

By forming the partnership, Boss Training Ltd are bringing better facilities to their trainees, where they will deliver vital manufacturing and construction industry training.

The Showell Road training centre will provide purpose built classrooms and fantastic transport links for people from the wider West Midlands area to access the training offered by Boss Training and PLT Training.

The opportunities for upskilling staff at local firms will be improved in an area where development is on

Boss Training will move into their new space at Showell Road on April 1st 2022.

May 2022

First of its kind - Diesel and AdBlue Bucket Bundie for J A Jackson


stablished in 1967, J A Jackson Quarries & Recycling Ltd are a family run business who supply quarried and recycled aggregates. Providers of sustainable building materials, aggregates and ready-mix concrete, the company also provide domestic and commercial skip hire and have a fully licenced waste transfer station and facilities for inert tipping. J A Jackson operates a fleet of more than 20 tippers, artics, skip wagons and concrete mixers. The company’s quarries in Preston, Leyland and Lancaster are all within easy reach of the region’s motorway network making access and distribution as efficient and effective as possible.

throughout the UK. Based on the same concept as the patented Bucket Bundie Fuel Bowser, Ace Plant’s Bucket Bundie Store was seen shortlisted in the Institute of Quarrying’s Excellence Awards in the knowledge and innovation category - a fantastic accolade for the ‘Bundie Bowser’ name. Ace Plant have recently launched the first Bucket Bundie that is capable of carrying both Diesel and AdBlue at the same time. This capability can already be seen in Ace Plant’s static, site tow and road tow ranges but has finally been

made possible within the Bucket Bundie range. J A Jackson first found out about the Ace Plant Bucket Bundie Bowser after searching the internet about fuel bowsers. They liked the fact that the Bucket Bundie can be transported by existing site machinery without the need for a tractor. These units remove the need for lifting chains as well as the need for the operator to leave the safety of the machine’s cab to attach any chains. It features a patented bucket loading system with special slots above the support legs that allow a wheel loader operator to easily pick up and move the bowser using the machine’s front bucket. With the loader bucket crowded back, the Bucket Bundie is held securely for safe transport across rough ground – this combination works much better than a towed bowser which can be difficult to move and reverse – particularly on rough terrain. J A Jackson say that the Bucket Bundie will be a benefit to their business as the unit will result in “less risk of contamination and we no longer need to use the 5 gallon drums”. In turn, this also makes refuelling a faster and safer processes with less risk of spillage. The Bucket Bundie Bowser is available in three different capacities: 450L, 1000L & 2250L. To find out more visit or call 01908 562191.

J A Jackson have recently added the first combined Diesel / AdBlue Bucket Bundie Fuel Bowser to their fleet provided by manufacturers, Ace Plant.


Ace Plant, home of the ‘Bundie Bowser’ fuel storage range, are a plant hire and sales company based in Buckinghamshire who utilise their engineering roots to manufacture Fuel Storage Solutions and Dust Suppression equipment for hire and sale

Images courtesy of Alison Miller – J A Jackson.

First of its kind—Diesel and AdBlue Bucket Bundie for J A Jackson

01908 562191

MK19 MK18 6LA 5LJ


May 2022

Amey Centralises Driver Training Strategy With E-Learning Programme From Applied Driving Techniques Amey, a leading public service provider, has chosen Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) to provide e-learning across the business to promote road safety and mitigate identified risks.


he online solution will deliver centralised training to over 9,000 drivers within the UK and Ireland, based on targeted requirements and analysis of driving performance. This latest extension to the partnership builds on a fleet compliance and risk management service that ADT has provided Amey for the past five years. “We wanted a formalised driver training programme that would take a consistent, company-wide approach to address fleet risk,” explains Julie Davies, Group Fleet & Plant Compliance Manager at Amey. “We take the safety of both our employees and the local communities we operate in incredibly seriously, and working closely with ADT, we have developed an e-learning solution that will operate seamlessly within our internal health and safety portal to engage drivers with targeted online modules.”


The Single Sign-on (SSO) solution will provide direct access to

ADT’s Riskmapp system via Amey’s LMS platform. Drivers will receive email requests to complete online training modules triggered by driver behaviour analysis taken from telematics data; new endorsements from licence monitoring; and collision data following insurance claims. ADT’s growing library of modules cover the most common causes of fleet risk including speeding, hazard perception, onboard distraction, aggressive driving and driver fatigue. “We will be able to quickly address areas of fleet risk by triggering training requirements based on monitored driver performance or the exact nature of a mistake that has taken place. Because it is centralised, it will then be possible to measure the effectiveness of the programme over time and take steps to escalate any recurring issues, as well as support our future safety initiatives,” concludes Davies. Nigel Lawrence, Director of Client Partnerships at ADT commented:

“We were tasked with developing a centralised training programme that delivers a structured approach based on targeted requirements. Utilising our e-learning modules, available through our Riskmapp portal, we can ensure that drivers complete the appropriate training. This will enable Amey to communicate a consistent message, proving relevant guidance to reduce fleet risk and improve road safety.” Applied Driving Techniques has been providing Amey with an advanced licence and document checking service since 2017, which is helping to achieve high levels of fleet compliance. The electronic licence monitoring service ensures that new and existing employees are legally entitled to drive while reducing the administrative workload. Additionally provided services also include a document checking system – including proof of insurance, tax and MOT – for approximately 800 grey fleet drivers.

May 2022


he UK’s leading boiler brand, Worcester Bosch, have announced a new initiative to celebrate their 60th birthday, which gives its employees the opportunity to volunteer a working day for their charity or community project of choice. The company has over 1800 employees nationwide and are looking for Worcester and Clay Cross charity or community-led projects as well as groups that have national reach to put forward as inspiration. At Worcester Bosch, Corporate Social Responsibility is an intrinsic part of the business that extends beyond the products they manufacture to encompass environmental commitment, social community and the workplace. Giving back to the community, for the past sixty years, has not only helped the manufacturer support and build lasting connections with the local community but has helped inspire both employees and the next generation of apprentices and young professionals.


Worcester Bosch puts charity and volunteering at the heart of their workforce and community. Every year, employees choose a charity to work alongside and fundraise for. This year, the chosen charity is Mind who

Paying it forward to celebrate 60 years of Worcester Bosch Worcester Bosch offers a day of employee time to support on community projects across the country provide mental health services. Over the years hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised for good causes along with days spent helping local charities including St Richard’s Hospice and Acorns Children’s Hospice. Victoria Billings, Director of Marketing at Worcester Bosch, comments, “Throughout our 60-year history, warming lives has been an intricate part of our business, not only in the products we manufacture but in the impact we have on those around

us. We really want this to shine through during our anniversary by offering a collective 12,600 hours of support from all of our employees.” If you are looking for volunteers and are based in the Worcestershire or Clay Cross area, the company wants to hear from you! Please visit and fill in the simple online form. Your project will be added to a register shared around the internal employees and our interested volunteers will be in touch.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE Recommended Suppliers


We design and supply bags and cradles globally that secure non-standard loads ready for lifting to height using winches and cranes. 0114 3241224

Techtronic Industries EMEA, 1st Floor, Unit 3 Globeside, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1HZ

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Health & Safety Update | MAY 2022

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New research shows 92% of construction workers name safety as their most important consideration in 2022 Findings show that workers across the UK are prioritising safety and quality over time and money in the wake of the pandemic The research has been conducted by WASP Site Safety in conjunction with its latest all-in-one product solution New research being launched by WASP Site Safety has today unveiled the demand for advancements in site safety from construction workers across the nation. The research coincides with the company’s latest market offering, The Site Safety Box, an all-in-one solution to essential safety workwear. WASP Site Safety was founded in 2019 with a mission to revolutionise the construction industry by taking the sting out of site safety, making it easy and convenient for workers and companies to access the best safety workwear. Tom Skerritt, Co-Founder of WASP Site Safety, said: “WASP Site Safety was born based on a wealth of concerning industry insights - almost half of UK tradespeople have been seriously injured at work, a figure that’s frankly too high and needs to be dealt with. Our latest product launch brings an all-in-one solution to the market that makes it easy for workers to stay safe on any site. We know there’s a demand here, our latest research found that 89% of construction workers’ lives would be made easier if they were able to purchase all of their safety equipment in one place. It also unveiled that just under half of construction workers reported ‘cost’ and a ‘lack of stock’ as the main barriers when sourcing correct safety workwear. Today, we’re thrilled to be launching the solution to these problems.” The nationally representative survey was carried out with construction workers of all seniority levels and various demographic breakdowns across the UK. Key findings include: • In the wake of the pandemic, 62% of business owners and senior managers in the construction industry have invested further into health and safety measures for their business.

The new Site Safety Box offers six of the essential items of safety workwear needed on a site: • This trend is here to stay with a further 28% of owners and managers looking to invest in this area in 2022. • Young people are even more safety conscious, with 93% of 1624 year olds considering safety as an important factor when working in construction, more so than cost and turnaround time. • 91% of 16-24 year olds find it difficult to source safety workwear, citing obstacles such as lack of stock (51%), long delivery times (38%) and expense (36%). Only 9% of 16-24 year olds surveyed did not find it difficult. Chris McManus, Managing Director of ADI Midlands, a construction company based in Leicestershire, said: “The constant fear of getting stung with the wrong safety workwear does take a toll on my business. It’s a constant source of worry, making sure that I’m sending people to sites with the right equipment and workwear. A solution like the Site Safety Box is perfect, as it gives me peace of mind that my staff have the essential protection they need when they’re visiting sites all over the country.”

• 1x Safety Helmet • 1x Safety Glasses • 2x Hi-Vis Vests • 1x Cut Level D Work Gloves • 1x Ear Defenders • 1x Ear Plugs The Site Safety Box starts at £29.95, including free next working day delivery. Their workwear is provided by trusted UK suppliers and all of their packaging is 100% recyclable. Each box also includes a Golden Envelope with exclusive offers and discounts from traderelated brands. You can order now from, and if you’re interested in wholesale enquiries, you can email or call 01273 054280.

WELCOME May 2022







WASP Site Safety


MANAGING NOISE RISKS IN THE WORKPLACE Peter Dumigan, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK, owners of Snickers Workwear, EMMA and Solid Gear Safety Footwear as well as Hellberg Safety PPE. He writes: The HSE estimates that 170,000 people in the UK suffer deafness, tinnitus or other ear conditions as a result of exposure to excessive noise at work. With over 1 million employees in the UK exposed to levels of noise which put their hearing at risk, employers are bound by law - the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 - to ensure a duty of care to protect employees from noise. It’s caused by excessive force being placed on the hearing organs by the rippling effect – the energy - of soundwaves reverberating through the air. The louder the sound is, the greater the energy and force of impact that physically injures the ear. The most obvious symptoms of a damaged ear drum are an incessant ringing, Tinnitus, or a muffled sound. Whatever the potential effect, all employers are legally bound to ensure low-noise environments in the workplace and PPE to mitigate the effects of noise hazards. Impairment or a reduction in hearing caused by noise in a working environment is often referred to as occupational deafness and is recognised in law as a serious hazard to employee health and wellbeing. Unlike the immediate effect of body injuries, hearing loss can take years to manifest itself, but the problems can be permanent. Noise is a serious workplace hazard and we must therefore treat it in the same way as any other and carry out risk assessments and apply control processes for the benefit and wellbeing of the workforce. Whilst personal protection is a critical part of all of this, it cannot be the first action that employers and employees take. Regulatory Protection UK law requires employers to:

• • •

maintain and ensure the effective use of equipment provided to control noise risks provide employees with information, instruction and training carry out health surveillance (monitor workers’ hearing ability)

The noise threshold for providing hearing protection is a daily exposure of 85 decibels. More importantly, the level at which employers must assess the risk to workers’ health and provide them with risk information and training is now 80 decibels. As an employer, you have to provide your employees with properly maintained hearing protectors if they ask for them and if their noise exposure is between the lower and upper exposure thresholds. You also have to make sure they use them properly and establish hearing protection zones where the use of hearing protection is compulsory.

• •

Carry out a risk assessment take action to reduce the exposure to noise hazards provide employees and others in the workplace with personal hearing protection. ensure the legal limits on noise exposure are not exceeded

Noise can be continuous, intermittent, impulsive or variable depending on how the noise changes over time or how a person moves in a noisy environment.

Don’t Take Hearing For Granted

Continuous Noise

Too often we take our health and wellbeing for granted and probably never stop to consider what fantastic sensory organs our ears actually are. As well as helping us communicate, our hearing helps to keep us safe. It is the link to our surroundings and is vital for how we interact with others - think how you’d cope in a potentially hazardous situation if you couldn’t hear an alarm bell, a car horn or someone calling to you. We rely on our hearing in so many ways, which is why we should protect it.

Steady continuous noise does not vary over time. In the industrial environment, the sound of a rotating electric motor (a fan, pump etc.) can be classified as steady continuous noise. Fluctuating continuous noise change level or/and frequency over time. Most manufacturing noise is fluctuating.

Our hearing isn’t designed for many of the sounds we are exposed to today especially the unwanted sounds - those that can potentially damage your hearing. Importantly, if you need to raise your voice or scream to be heard when standing about metre from someone on site – then its more than likely that the noise around you is dangerous! Definition of Noise

• •

Machine tools and plant all make noise, so does the process of using tools and applying fixings. It’s constant, almost incessant. – it can all damage your hearing.

‘Noise’ is usually described as sounds we experience as unpleasant or disturbing. Noise can also lead to stress, discomfort and pain. While many of us take it for granted, harmful noise is everywhere. In and out of work - traffic, loud music through your earphones, even strimming, mowing the lawn.

Intermittent Noise Noise is intermittent if it stops and starts at intervals. One example of intermittent noise is a compressor. Impulse Noise Impulse noise is characterized as a short pulse (<1sec) with very fast rise time and a level of at least 20dB above the continuous noise level. Impulse noises are very dangerous to hearing. The brain needs at least 0,3 sec to identify a sound at the right level. The hearing organ reacts a lot faster. We do not realize that these noises are harmful to our hearing and we often disregard the need for protection. Examples of sound sources giving impulse noise are gunfire and hammer blows. Control and Mitigate the Risks The HSE recommends that wherever


and whenever there is a noisy working environment, employers should consider alternative processes, equipment or working methods which could make them quieter or take action to ensure that employees are exposed for shorter times. It’s therefore helpful to keep abreast of good practice in the workplace and the standards for noise-control within your industry. For instance, information can be obtained from the HSE and potentially through trade associations, machinery or equipment suppliers. Any action you take should be ‘reasonably practicable’ – in proportion to the level of risk. If exposure is below lower action values, the risk is low and it is likely no action is required – but if there are simple, inexpensive practical steps that would reduce risks further, you should consider implementing them. Choosing The Right Hearing Protection Always use hearing protection when exposed to harmful noise and if necessary, choose a protector adapted to your work environment, ie a product with ‘level dependent hearing protection’. Hellberg Safety recommends that the calculated level under the hearing protector should be around 75 decibels given that its real-life (attenuation) performance may be affected because of incorrect fitting, misuse and poor maintenance. Performance protection can even be affected by anything that impairs the hearing protectors seal, such as long hair, facial hair and glasses! Finally, here’s some useful tips. Choose hearing protection that fits correctly and is comfortable the entire time you are exposed to noise at work and even if you’re mowing the lawn or strimming. Make sure you’ve got 100% wear time in noisy environments and remember, the use of eyewear can reduce the hearing protector’s attenuation of between 3-8 decibels, so if possible, select thin eyewear frames. Finally, your health and wellbeing on site is just as important as getting a job done quickly, efficiently and in comfort. So choose your PPE products carefully and with that in mind check out the Hellberg Safety website where you’ll find all the information you need on choosing precisely the right kind of passive or active hearing protection whatever you’re doing or wherever you’re working on site.

The HSE’s Advice for managing noise risks Assessing the risks • • • • •

Identify noise hazards Identify workers at particular risk from exposure to noise Estimate likely exposure to noise Identify measures required to eliminate or reduce risks Make a record of action taken and planned

Eliminating or controlling noise risks • • • •

Eliminate or reduce risks using good practice and known control and management solutions Obtain quieter tools and machinery For the higher-risk areas, plan and put in place technical and organisational control measures Make sure the legal limits on noise exposure are not exceeded

Hearing protection • • • •

Where there remains a risk, issue your employees with hearing protection Make use mandatory for the high-risk cases and manage use with hearing protection zones Remember – hearing protection is not an alternative to noise control Employees: use hearing protection where its use is mandatory

Maintaining and use noise-control equipment • • •

Maintain any noise-control equipment and hearing protection Ensure that anything supplied is fully and properly used Employees: use the controls provided and report any defects

Health surveillance • • •

Provide health surveillance (including hearing checks) for those at risk Use the results to review controls and further protect individuals Employees: co-operate and attend hearing checks

Worker information and training (Reg 10) • • • •

Give employees information, instruction and training on: the risks and safe working practices control measures, hearing protection and health surveillance Encourage workers to take part in consultations in assessments

Carry out reviews • • •

Monitor the workplace for changes that affect noise exposures Monitor grouped health surveillance results to identify where controls are failing Look out for new ways to reduce risks



Climate Technology from Kenzen passes SOC 2 Type 1 audit for keeping industrial worker data secure in the age of the connected worker

Just in time for safely monitoring worker health this summer

Data privacy will be key to meeting President Biden’s heat rules and OSHA heat standards

On the cusp of new U.S. Federal heat rules and OSHA heat standards for protecting workers as the earth’s temperatures rise to expected new records this summer, Kenzen, makers of climate tech that monitors worker health and wellness in the heat, has achieved its next data security and privacy milestone. Kenzen announces it has passed the System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) Type I audit from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Its technology meets trust services criteria for securing worker data. The SOC 2 audit was performed by independent accounting firm Sensiba San Filippo, LLP. SOC 2 is an information security standard based on a thorough examination of controls relevant to the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of personal data. “Kenzen was founded on the worker-centric, ethical platform of keeping individuals’ health data secure,” said Heidi Lehmann, cofounder of Kenzen. “From the beginning, our goal was to set the gold standard in worker privacy for industrial tech. Now climate tech, worker wellness, and worker health

disparities are top of mind for the Federal and local governments, regulators, the media, and employers – especially those with large workforces. Rising temperatures are increasing worker injuries and deaths. There’s new urgency to solve the issue, but sound solutions must protect individual privacy.” Lehmann considers the SOC 2 audit the second privacy milestone for Kenzen. The first was its standardsetting privacy policy that details the type of information collected about a worker, how a worker can opt out of the technology, how long the data is available, and who owns it. The privacy policy is accessible on the Kenzen website and is easy to understand, to ensure all workers understand their rights when monitored with Kenzen’s wearable sensor that detects heat risk to their body. Kenzen collaborated closely with Working Capital Venture Fund, which invests in scalable innovation that meets the growing demand for more transparent and ethical supply chains which protect workers. Working Capital is headquartered in San Francisco, the epicenter of Internet of Things technology, with offices in Washington D.C., where the firm advocates for workers’ rights. Kenzen also partnered with Venable law firm, which is known for its data privacy work.

“Companies no longer need to weigh the benefits of saving lives and gaining productivity against the risk of exposing workers’ personal data in the process. As the business case for worker health gets stronger with rising temps and fatalities, data safeguards must also get stronger,” said Lehmann. Kenzen wearable monitors collect tens of thousands of data


points per worker per shift. The information is used to protect workers from injury on the job and optimize worker health in hot and humid conditions. Three distinct views of data are available: one for the worker, one for the onsite supervisor, and one for the company’s EHS team. Kenzen’s proprietary algorithms filter data at each level to keep personal, identifiable information accessible

only to the worker. When the data indicates a need for an intervention to prevent the worker from overheating, an alert and suggested next steps are sent to the supervisor. At the corporate level, health and safety teams receive anonymized trend information derived from aggregated data, which they use to make decisions to improve safety and productivity at their worksites.

National Centers for Environmental Information and NASA are predicting record temperatures in 2022. July 2021 was the earth’s hottest month ever, with 200 million Americans under heat advisories. Extreme temperatures result in annual losses of two billion labor hours and $162B in wages, with every 10° (F) temperature increase causing a 393 percent uptick in hospitalizations for heat exposure.


HOW TO MANAGE WORKWEAR RISKS Providing employees with suitable workwear to protect them from hazards, and then ensuring that it is maintained and cleaned properly can be a difficult and time-consuming task for businesses. While the supply of workwear is usually associated with minimising risk, choosing or washing the workwear incorrectly can actually create risks, for employees and the business. Paul Swift, of workwear rental and laundry service provider, Elis, outlines four questions that businesses can ask themselves, to help minimise risks associated with employees’ workwear. 1.

Do you have the correct workwear?

Elis estimates that around 60 percent of businesses, which provide their employees with workwear, are using at least some that is not properly protecting their employees and may not be compliant with legislation. Businesses often look to suppliers for advice on which workwear to provide and should check that those providing the advice have the knowledge to do so. Elis, for example, has in-house PPE expertise so can help businesses choose appropriate garments. 2. Is the workwear being washed properly? Did you know that a build-up of oil on workwear could turn it into more of a hazard than a protection? Or that washing high visibility garments incorrectly can make them less visible? Businesses should consider whether their wash processes are delivering an appropriate standard of cleaning and hygiene. A workwear rental and laundry service, such as Elis’, which uses industrial laundries with programmes and processes tailored to the garments’ requirements, can ensure consistency and validation of the correct wash process. Garments are tracked using bar codes or RFID technology in order to improve delivery accuracy, garment quality and stock visibility.


Is the workwear being maintained?

Ensuring that the workwear is washed properly is extremely important for risk reduction but ensuring that it is maintained and repaired in the correct way is critical too. Holes and tears can leave skin unprotected and also be at risk of catching on machinery or tools. Keeping on top of repairs also means garments last longer and costs can be reduced. A maintenance service can be part of the workwear laundry package, so that any necessary repairs are undertaken automatically, before items are returned to the customer. This approach can help to minimize workwear risk, as well as cost, and can be a lower carbon footprint option.

employees change, ensuring they always have the most appropriate garments and the best fit. RFID tags and bar codes on garments also help to ensure that the business has the right workwear to meet its needs; not too much and not too little, as well as minimising lost stock.

4. How are workwear and laundry costs being controlled?

Elis works with thousands of businesses around the UK, advising them on their workwear requirements, supplying the garments and then regularly laundering and maintaining them.

It can be useful to take a look at the total costs involved in workwear supply and laundry. Businesses can be surprised to find that they may save money moving to a workwear rental and laundry service, rather than buying workwear and paying for laundry separately. Rental options, such as Elis’s, can also help businesses keep control of costs and there are no up-front purchasing costs either.

Elis is the first laundry and textile services company in the UK to state its intent to attain Net Zero carbon emissions by 2045. This major commitment is the next step on a journey to reduce its emissions, which started over ten years ago and which has been certified over several years by The Carbon Trust. This goal is aligned with the United Kingdom government’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050.

As part of the cost analysis, businesses should include how the workwear is organised when staff change. A rental contract can mean that workwear can be swapped if

For further information see , call free on 0808 1698265 or visit stand 4/K102 at the Health and Safety Event (NEC April 5-7)



Awareness Month • Stress Awareness Month prompts firms to review their existing polices, as the cost of living increase threatens to compound work-related stress • Energy price hikes and cost of living increase could exacerbate workrelated stress if businesses are not proactive • Workplace stress, anxiety and depression are likely to be compounded as the cost of living increase exacerbates financial uncertainty

As Stress Awareness Month approaches, the latest statistics once again demonstrate how important it is for employers to familiarise themselves with the signs and symptoms of stress, especially as an increase in the cost of living threatens to compound the issues faced by many. With 79% of employed British adults commonly experiencing workplace stress (20% higher than last year), it is an issue that impacts workers across all sectors and occupations, as the latest data shows. According to a recent study, 75% of those working in Architecture, Building and Engineering confirmed they had experienced feelings of work-related stress at some point in their career. Meanwhile, Government (92%), Telecoms (88%) and Media & Marketing (85%) made up the top three most stressed sectors. Despite many people hoping that a return to normality in the post-pandemic era would bring about a period of financial stability, the reality of hiked energy prices will undoubtedly exacerbate feelings of stress, which could impact work performance and productivity.

Tina Chander, Head of the Employment Law Team at Wright Hassall, commented: “Much has been said about work-related stress in the last two years, as pandemic-related redundancies and furloughs created an overwhelming sense of uncertainty amongst workers. “Unfortunately, just as it looked like the worst of Covid was behind us, a steep increase to the cost of living has left many feeling anxious about their current financial situation, and in many cases, this has a direct impact on how they feel at and about work. “Considering that 79% of adults already experience workplace stress on a regular basis, this latest news should prompt employers to familiarise

themselves with the signs and symptoms of workplace stress, so they can spot potential cases and offer the necessary support. “Given the fact that April is Stress Awareness Month, there couldn’t be a more perfect time for businesses to review their existing stress management procedures, taking steps to combat the issue, whether that be with flexible working hours, access to counselling services or an ‘open door policy’. “It is in the best interests of employers to do so, as failing to support stressed employees can lead to higher staff turnover, decreased productivity and poor morale, amongst other issues.”


Parking made easy: Leading car park operator APCOA enables ticket-less parking with onboard ALPR from CARRIDA Technologies In order to enhance its services and to enable even simpler access to its car parks, APCOA PARKING, a leading European car park operator and provider of transportation services, developed a solution for ticketless access. The heart of the APCOA Flow ecosystem is the CARRIDA Cam, a ready-to-use and standalone camera with onboard automatic license plate recognition. The barriers open automatically, if a registered license plate is recognized. It is based on a mobile App and Cameras with onboard automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) from German / Austrian LPR solutions expert CARRIDA Technologies. The smart parking solution will be installed throughout the companies’ car parks in Germany and Europe and subsequently replace the currently used RFID-based system.

Parking services based on automatic license plate recognition APCOA, who manages parking at over 9,500 locations in 13 European countries, developed APCOA Flow (, a smartphone app to register license plates. It also provides features to search for car parks at the desired destination or nearby the users’ position and includes payment options. This makes parking with the app ticket- and cashless and thus fast and easy. The heart of the APCOA Flow ecosystem is the CARRIDA Cam, a ready-to-use and standalone camera with onboard automatic license plate recognition. It recognizes and reads license plates, processes the data internally, and sends only the results to a

connected IoT device. The latter device checks the license plate against a cloud server and registers entrance and exit of the vehicle. The barriers open automatically, if a registered license plate is recognized.

Reliability tried and tested: now coming to all locations APCOA installed the first CARRIDA Cams at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport in Germany. The system has proven its worth and reliability and has been deployed in further car parks throughout Germany, as well as in facilities in Austria, Italy and Poland. Andreas Henninger, Head of Digital Infrastructure Projects at APCOA PARKING Holdings GmbH: “The ticket-free parking system with CARRIDA Cams has been widely approved by our customers. It will be installed in all of our companies 200+ facilities in Germany and many more locations internationally in the future. It will subsequently replace the existing systems with APCOA FLOW RFID-Chips.”

Best reading rates in a compact design The versatile CARRIDA Cam has been designed for stand-alone outdoor applications and offers best reading rates, even with difficult lighting situations. Andreas Henninger: “The CARRIDA Cam provides a reading accuracy greater 99.5 percent. We have chosen this model because of its small but

robust design and its high image quality, fast processing time and onboard ALPR analysis. CARRIDA’s supportive service and standing in the market further undermined our decision.” The versatile and ultra-compact CARRIDA Cam has been designed for stand-alone outdoor applications and offers best reading rates, even with difficult lighting situations. Encrypted data transmission ensures safe and secure parking services and the plug&play installation caters for quick and easy setup of the system in the car parks. With its small size, measuring only 91 x 62 mm, the camera can be easily integrated into existing systems for stationary as well as mobile applications. It is equipped with a highend image sensor from SONY that ensures best possible image quality and first-class reading results, even under difficult lighting and weather conditions and with changing irradiation. The ultracompact ANPR camera is protected against dirt, dust and moisture in accordance with IP67 and thus suitable for permanent outdoor use, also thanks to the integrated heater. Onboard LPR driven by the powerful CARRIDA SDK CARRIDA Cams’ reliability and reading accuracy is based on the perfectly integrated CARRIDA SDK LPREngine. The versatile library recognized license plates from all countries worldwide and also accepts special formats such as two-line license plates as well as damaged or bent license plates. The software runs hardware independent on any edge device and can also be used with traditional IP-, USB- or GigE-Cameras. Its fast processing time enables instant access to the car parks. In addition to parking applications, the CARRIDA SDK can also be deployed for other uses in the fields of traffic management, tolling, lawenforcement and smart cities. Depending on the hardware, it can also provide make & model recognition and further data, powered by latest Deep Learning functionalities.

For more information visit


Orbit scoops International Safety Award Leading housing association, Orbit, has been awarded a prestigious Merit for its commitment to customer and property safety by the British Safety Council in its globally recognised International Safety Awards. management of COVID 19, and the launch of Orbit’s very own Health and Safety Excellence Awards. Neil continues: “Health and Safety is our number one priority. This recognition reflects the fantastic work which is taking place across Orbit and importance of our health and safety culture, and I’d like to thank everyone at Orbit for playing their part in achieving this.”

The awards celebrate organisations from around the world which have shown a true dedication to keeping their customers and workers healthy, safe and well.

to the hard work and effort that our people consistently deliver in order to keep our customers, colleagues, members of the public and our business partners safe.”

Neil Yeomans, Head of Property Safety at Orbit, said: “This is a fantastic achievement and one which we’re extremely proud of. The International Safety Awards recognise organisations that have achieved the highest standards in health and safety from around the world. Receiving this is testament

Highlights from the last year included Orbit adopting the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Safer by design framework for all future new-build homes, maintaining BS9997 (Fire Safety Management) accreditation, effectively implementing control measures related to the

Now in their 64th year, the International Safety Awards recognise an organisation’s commitment to excellent standards of health, safety and wellbeing management, and span all sectors including construction, manufacturing, utilities, health, education, leisure and retail. Winners for the awards were drawn from 39 countries worldwide. 135 organisations were awarded a Distinction, 204 a Merit, and 210 achieved a Pass.


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