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We Protect People.

Specialist Hand Protection for Construction Workers MCR Safety and Tornado Gloves lead the way in safety gloves; they provide specialist hand protection designed for different hazards and working conditions experienced in the Construction Industry.

Keep Working Hands Warm

It can be very cold working on site, it’s vital to keep your hands warm and comfortable - normal gloves are not the answer! Zestos offers high cut and abrasion resistance for serious protection with a soft thermal lining to keep you warm. WL1048HP is lightweight and flexible for more intricate tasks with a thermal lining and water repellent outer. It’s available in palm or fully coated options. Learn more about Winter Lined Gloves

Environment Specific Solutions

Servicing or fuelling plant machinery or handling smaller equipment usually means contact with oil and grease causing hazard through loss of grip. Gloves in the Oil-Teq range provide a barrier against oil and liquid at two different protection levels. Oil-Teq 1 has a fine construction for precision handling. Oil-Teq 5 is more robust with cut protection at EN388 level ‘C’ and additional reinforcement between thumb and forefinger. When it’s damp, tools and materials are difficult to handle creating hazard. GP1005LD has a latex coating which forms a barrier against moisture penetration.



All three gloves have maximum abrasion resistance and offer great comfort and dexterity. Learn more about Environmental Specific Gloves.

We Protect People.


Impact Protection Heavy objects are an obvious danger in construction, especially on demolition sites with the risk of falling masonry. MCR Safety’s impact protection gloves have robust armour to shield the back of your hand. It’s made from TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber), an ideal material for impact protection because it’s incredibly tough yet also surprisingly supple. IP1052NS Impact Protection Glove comes with a Sandy Nitrile coating for powerful grip and IP1052NF has a full coating of Nitrial Foam to form a 360° barrier against liquid penetration. Learn more about Impact Protection

High Durability Nitrile Air Coating MCR Safety’s premium Nitrile Air coating enables extreme durability, flexibility and breathability. All essential for a construction site. These attributes work together to provide superior comfort for the wearer. There are many gloves in the range with this coating, all designed with different protective properties, here are just a few examples.

CT1062NA – Medium Cut protection level ‘B’ with no glass fibre, 18-gauge featherweight shell and touch-screen fingertips. CT1063NA – High Cut protection level ‘C’ with no glass fibre, 15-gauge lightweight shell and touch-screen fingertips. CT1064NA - High Cut protection level ‘D’ with no glass fibre, 18-gauge featherweight shell and touch-screen fingertips.

Learn more about Nitrile Coatings

General Handling It’s important to protect your hands even for every-day tasks. MCR Safety has a huge range of General Handling gloves, GP1005NA and Contour Avenger are particularly favoured by the construction Industry. GP1005NA has Nitrile Air coating for comfort, a ultra-lightweight 15-gauge shell for precision handling and touch-screen fingertips for easy use of tech and equipment. Contour Avenger has a premium NBR Rubber coating for excellent grip and sensitive handling ability. Its 15-gauge nylon shell fits your hand like a second-skin allowing you to perform delicate tasks and more heavy-duty work too.

Learn more about General Handling Gloves

Protective Eyewear.

MCR Safety also have a full range of protective eyewear and prescription safety eyewear.

MCR Safety Europe. Middlemore Lane West - Walsall - WS9 8BG - United Kingdom t: +44 (0) 1922 457421 e:

retr fitting f r net zer There’s an Ecodan for every home

Multi-awardwinning range of air source heat pumps

ErP Energy Rating Label across the range – cutting CO2

Market-leading ultra-quiet sound levels

Guaranteed low temperature operation

Smart control and remote monitoring via MELCloud App

The switch to low carbon heating systems for our homes is critical to ensure the UK achieves its 2050 net zero carbon emissions target. Find out more at

Construction Update April 2022

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April 2022

THE supplier for Jung Pumpen Pumps …..

Pump Technology Ltd is one of only two Authorized Pentair Jung Pumpen GmbH UK Distributors. Manufactured in Germany, Pentair Jung Pumpen equipment is well known for its ultra-reliability, particularly for commercial applications. Jung pumps (both regular and hot water versions) are installed in Pump Technology Ltd.’s wastewater systems, the DrainMinor and DrainMajor range.

The Compli lifting station range provides robust and reliable floor mounted sewage pumping solutions and thousands of these units are installed across the country.

The Hebefix range offers further proven wastewater pumping options, from the HebefixMini for domestic applications to the HebefixPlus for commercial applications.


April 2022

Because they hold the largest stock of Jung equipment for same day dispatch, the dedicated Pump Technology team of experts are able to assist customers with selecting exactly the right pump for the job at the best possible price. To discuss your application and view these products digitally via the company’s online showroom call the Pump Technology Jung team. i.V. Werner Schuhegger, Vertriebsleitung, Water Disposal EMEA, Water Technologies, Pentair comments: “Pentair Jung Pumpen GmbH (Germany) and Pump Technology Ltd unite a long and trustworthy relationship. Pentair Jung Pumpen

are proud to have Pump Technology Ltd as an effective partner and stockist for the UK market. This partnership has generated several leading pump projects and Pentair Jung Pumpen is confident in the specification, selection, supply and maintenance work completed by Pump Technology Ltd. We are looking forward to a successful and growing cooperation.” More Information: 0118 9821 555


April 2022

Retrofitting Homes is Our Biggest Zero-Carbon Challenge George Clarke looks at the challenge of making existing homes zero-carbon There are 25 million dwellings in Britain today and in our temperate climate, all these homes need heating and hot water and they also need power to keep the lights on. To do that requires energy and, most of the time that energy comes from fossil fuels. Things are beginning to change, but UK housing has a massive dependancy on fossil fuels.


et we live in a countr y where over 2.5 million currently live in fuel poverty. So what does the future hold for those in fuel poverty and the rest of Britain when household energy bills are predicted to increase by up to 50% from April? Britain has an ageing housing stock. In fact, it has the oldest housing stock in Europe. Our history is absolutely fascinating and our past is reflected in our architecture; our houses and buildings tell the story of our nation and millions of tourists come to the UK to admire them.


But, the sheer number and age of our existing housing stock poses this gigantic challenge to the UK Government: If it wants to meet its target of being net-zero carbon by 2050, how can we retrofit millions of existing homes to massively reduce their CO2 emissions?

Around 80% of all the homes that exist today will still be in use in 2050. The 244,000 new homes built each year only represent 1% of our housing stock, whereas existing homes account for 99%. Existing housing accounts for 15% of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions, mainly generated from domestic boilers burning gas for hot water and heating. 15% percent is around 68 million tonnes of CO2, which is 50% more than the entire agricultural sector and approximately 7.5 times more than all industrial processes and manufacturing. At this pace, it will take us over 500 years to really become net-zero carbon! George Clarke Architect, writer, TV presenter and Ecodan Ambassador So, our housing stock is a gas guzzling, carbon emi t t ing , over- heat ing beast of a problem.

The heat we generate escapes from the building fabric of our homes far too easily. That is a huge waste of energy and money. Only 50% of the homes in England have cavity or solid wall insulation. That’s right, 50% of our entire housing stock has absolutely no wall insulation at all! Only 39% of our homes have 20 0 mm of lof t insulation in their roofs! (200mm is regarded as a good amount to minimise

too much heat loss through your roof). Surprisingly, 85% of our homes have doubleglazing, which is a much higher figure than you might have imagined. However, we have no idea how old and how efficient these double-glazing installations really are. Many of our exis ting homes are therefore too expensive to heat and are uncomfortable to live in.

April 2022 Thank fully, some developers and social housing providers aren’t waiting until the ban on gas boilers for new build in 2025 and are installing new heat pumps into new houses now, because they know it is the right thing to do. Some housing associations are also being incredibly brave and are planning major retrofit programmes for their existing house stock, not because the government have told them to do it, but because they have a long-term interest in that stock and they see the long-term benefits to their tenants and to the planet, by doing the right thing. Housing Associations and Social Housing Providers want their tenants to be comfortable in their existing homes and they want to reduced their energy bills. T hey also k now that refurbishing their stock makes it last longer, look and feel better and reduces high maintenance costs that can spiral upwards from neglect. Retrofitting a tired and cold home can have enormous health, wellbeing and psychological benefits for tenants and homeowners. That ’s how power ful a safe, secure, stable, warm, energy-efficient zero-fuel poverty home can be. It’s life-changing, lifeimproving, planetsaving stuff. And when it comes to e x is t ing h om e o w ne r s , many wo ul d love to upgrade their homes to be super green and ecological, but unfortunately so many just can’t afford to do it. The will is there to retrofit, but often the money isn’t. The shocking thing for me, is that even though there has been lots of reports, white papers and millions of recommendations

from very, clever people, as I sit here writing this article in January 2022 in the middle of a ‘Climate Emergency’, there is NO V I A BLE , SUS TA IN A BLE , ACHIEVABLE ECONOMIC HOME RE TROFIT PL AN FOR THE UK’S EXISTING HOUSING STOCK. I’m serious. T h e r e a r e h o w e v e r, practical solutions that can be implemented now. - We need a massive loft, solid wall and cavity wall insulation programme to insulate every single one of our existing homes in the UK to the highest standard possible. No compromise… INSULATE, INSULATE, INSULATE. - We need to fit draught excluders to every single door, keyhole and letterbox in the land and minimise heat loss. - We need every new home in the UK to have TRIPLE glazing. Double glazing is so 80’s! When a building regulations application is made to significantly renovate or refurbish an exis ting dwelling then t r ip l e g la z in g sh o ul d be compulsor y as the replacement. Let’s set a date for every single window in Britain to be triple-glazed by. - Legislation should make it illegal for old gas or oilfired boiler to be replaced with a new ones. We need to phase out ALL gas and oil-fired boilers and fast. All boilers should be replacement with clean, green heats pumps and powered by af fordable green electricity. - We need to revolutionise the building regulations to turn our fossil-fuel dependant, existing housing stock into the greenest homes they can possible be. It would be the most radical improvements

to the building regulations since they were formed. - Oh, and we should scrap VAT on the refurbishment of existing buildings! We currently pay ZERO VAT to build a new build home, but we pay a huge and unfair 20% VAT to refurbish an existing home. To prove I practice what I preach I’ve made ALL of these improvements to my own 53-year old home and the difference is unbelievable. That’s why I recommend them because I know they work. My old, cold house is now off-the-scale comfortable and ecological with amazing thermal and acoustic insulation. It was also a very satisfying day when my gas-guz zling boiler got ripped out! It’s just a shame the UK Government taxed me 20% when I made these much needed ecological improvements So, how much do we think it’s going to cost to fully retrofit all the existing house in Britain? Well, there is an average figure, although I’ve no idea

how this was worked out and I always worry about ‘average’ figures because they can be misleading. However, The Climate Change Committee (who advise the Government) have estimated that it will cost an average of around £26,000 to ecologically retrof it each home in Britain. Of course, for many, this is not a small amount of money. But, we know we need to do this, so somehow we need to make it happen. For me, it’s quite simple. Those that can af ford to upgrade their homes should be made to do it. Those who cannot afford to upgrade their homes should be supported in every way possible to help them do it. If the Earth really is our collective home, then we need to do things ver y differently and very quickly to save it. We cannot afford not to RETROFIT BRITAIN. G e or ge C lar ke is an A r c h i t e c t , w r i t e r, T V presenter and Ecodan Ambassador

To find out more about retrofit with Ecodan visit Read the full article at


April 2022

Raising the bar on luxury bathroom design with RAK Ceramics Now more than ever the bathroom is a place of sanctuary, relaxation and comfort.

What are they key trends that help create such a space? Ben Bryden, Sales and Marketing Director of RAK Ceramics, looks at the materials, colours and finishes that are coming through to will help architects and installers create bathrooms that meet up to their customers’ high expectations.


While we’ve all been staying at home that little bit more than we may have liked, many homeowners have been undertaking a vast amount of home improvement too, with

the bathroom being one of the main areas of investment. In fact, research by insurance company found that Brits spent £34,000 renovating their homes, on average, during lockdown, with 94% of them choosing to upgrade their bathroom. The world looks a little different once again as we traverse 2022, but the investment in our homes looks set to continue and there are several stand-out trends that are coming through in terms of bathroom design.

Hygiene first As we continue to live with the pandemic in 2022, the heightened awareness of good hygiene means that ease of cleaning and anti-bacterial surfaces have really come to the fore. Touchless flushing on WCS like RAKSensation, for instance, encourages users to flush in a hygienic way, while the absence of awkward levers or buttons to press makes the bathroom that little bit more accessible to all too, something that is important in multigenerational households or when consumers are hoping to future-proof their current space.

April 2022 In terms of ease of cleaning, rimless WCs are a dream, while anti-bacterial coatings raise the stakes even further in terms of hygiene in the bathroom, acting as an invisible barrier to harmful germs and bacteria. Special glazes, such as RAK-Sanit, applied during manufacture see these off, with no need for lots of chemicals and copious amounts of cleaning products. A regular wipe down with a soft damp cloth is all that is required, likely to be music to the ears of busy families.

Bathroom style trends From a style viewpoint too, for a long time, the focus for sanitaryware in the bathroom has been starkly white, but things are changing, with soft pastels and muted shades increasingly being seen on sanitaryware. Less clinical than an all-white bathroom, these pops of colour can be scaled up or down to meet individual tastes. Colour doesn’t need to mean bold and bright and in this instance the trend takes a far subtler approach, with nature-inspired tones, such as those found in the RAK-Feeling collection, adding character while creating a relaxed and tranquil vibe.

Shower power Creating a spa-like feel in the domestic bathroom has become increasingly important to consumers, particularly in the ensuite bathroom which often has a grown-up vibe. This is made possible with the inclusion of a contemporary, walk-in, wetroom style shower area. Shower trays with a very low profile create a feeling of space in the bathroom as the floor area is opened out and access much easier. For baths, think painted exteriors, freestanding tubs offset from other fixtures to make a statement and baths with slim rims.

Compact bathroom solutions Not every bathroom will be blessed with a huge amount of space, but small doesn’t have to mean boring in any sense of the word, with sanitaryware and furniture designed specifically for small spaces being key here – reduced projection, slim profiles and plenty of storage are in order. All of these qualities can be found with RAK-Petit, a collection from RAK Ceramics that is designed specifically with small bathrooms in mind. For bathroom surfaces, porcelain and ceramic tiles have never been so popular and their practical advantages alone make them so. Hardwearing and easy to clean, porcelain and ceramics tiles can be chosen to emulate the natural beauty of materials like marble, raising the stakes in terms of luxury in the modern bathroom too. Large format tiles or mega slabs minimise grout lines and create a seamless finish over large areas such as bathroom walls too. All of these trends together help create a luxurious and practical bathroom that consumers will feel quite at home in.

Contact: RAK Ceramics UK 01730 237850


April 2022

Mortar Buoy increases speed and saves money ®

UltraCrete’s latest product innovation, Mortar Buoy®, has been used by AL Civils to reinstate a CW2 cover on a busy Shropshire road. Background

The Solution

AL Civils, experienced utility contractors, have many years of experience reinstating and repairing access covers across the north west of England. As part of their routine repair works, AL Civils were required to reinstate a defected CW2 cover on a busy Shropshire road.

AL Civils specified Saint Gobain’s Install Plus installation method, which was used alongside UltraCrete Mortar Buoy® and Envirobed® CD534 Flowable.

The Challenge In order to provide the best possible results and minimise disruption to motorists, AL Civils were keen to try UltraCrete Mortar Buoy®, a ground-breaking access cover installation aid, to help increase speed, reduce costs and make the installation process less labour intensive.

UltraCrete Mortar Buoy® is an inflatable device that acts as a dam, allowing for a flowable mortar ironwork installation within seconds – revolutionising traditional methods. The Mortar Buoy inflatable dam prevents any mortar seeping into the access chamber providing an efficient and seamless finish to the bedding around the chamber. This allows a single pour installation of Envirobed® CD534 Flowable, which encapsulates the flange of the ®

access frame creating a solid bed and backfill in one. UltraCrete Mortar Buoy® is so easy to use, simply hold in place and inflate, and is guaranteed to save you time on-site as there is no waiting around for the dam to dry. Mortar Buoy® can be wiped clean and re-used on a number of installations and is available in 5 sizes to accommodate all ironwork and gully reinstatements. “Mortar Buoy® seems to be the future – no more messing around with damming mortar. Great products and innovations as always.” Michael Day, Area Manager at AL Civils. The reinstatement took place on a busy non-residential road on a mild, rainy November day in Malpas, Shropshire. The Results “Innovative products make our life so much easier. Mortar Buoy®, Envirobed® CD534 Flowable and QC10 F 100% makes life easier and saves money.” Michael Day, Area Manager at AL Civils. For more information on Mortar Buoy®, Envirobed® CD534 Flowable and the other materials available from UltraCrete, please visit, email or call +44 (0) 1827 254402.


Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

April 2022

Guardtech Group seal SME Cambridgeshire Business Awards win CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms scoops Business Innovation gong for portable COVID-19 PCR testing labs


UARDTECH GROUP are preparing for two potentially golden nights in the space of two weeks after clinching final spots at the SME Cambridgeshire Awards and the Federation of Small Business Awards.


GUARDTECH GROUP enjoyed a triumphant evening at the SME Cambridgeshire Business Awards last week after winning the Business Innovation Award with CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms at a glitzy event at Imperial War Museum Duxford.

April 2022

The Haverhill-based controlled environment experts have been providing their innovative portable cleanroom solutions for businesses across the UK throughout the pandemic, with mobile laboratories stationed at major airports, TV production studios and elite level sporting events and beyond over the past two years. It marks a highly successful spell for the product, which has also been nominated for the Business and Product Innovation Award at the East of England Federation of Small Businesses Awards. Guardtech now go through to the SME National Business Awards at Wembley in December, with Commercial Director Mark Wheeler looking forward to another golden night for his inspirational team. “We’re delighted to have won the SME Cambridgeshire Business Award for Business Innovation,” he said. “It truly is testament to the hard work, creative spirit and can-do attitude of the whole team. “I’m proud of the positive impact CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms continues to have in the battle against COVID-19 and can see a really bright future for this innovative product, in the UK and internationally, as it offers a range of businesses a lot of flexibility

and opportunity where space, time and budget is compromised.” CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms come in six models – Mini, Midi and Maxi containers, Multi modular buildings and Mobi and Mobi+ vehicular conversions. With laboratory space at a premium throughout the pandemic, CleanCube portable labs have provided vital added space for PCR testing in a scenario where quick turnaround was critical to saving lives. Guardtech now head to the FSB Awards (East of England chapter) at Newmarket Racecourse next Friday, hoping to scoop yet another big win. “It’s just nice to be recognised for our hard work,” Mr Wheeler added. “We’ve put a lot of time and thought into creating a cleanroom product that delivers optimum performance and reliability, allowing users the flexibility to continue their vital work without delay or by being hampered by spatial constraints or other related limitations.” For more information on Guardtech Group’s CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms, call 0330 113 0303, email or visit


April 2022

UK MEDIA BIAS IN ENERGY TRANSITION Rinnai’s Chris Goggin looks at some of the reasons why the UK media is favouring some energy vectors over others in the current era of transition to Decarbonisation and NetZero

hydrogen and when cited the subject is often treated with disparagement. A lack of manufacturing capacity, safety issues and consumer cost are the three main motivations behind this limited reportage. If this is the case what is being done to amend these concerns within the emerging hydrogen industry? At present there are three prominent variations of hydrogen that are being manufactured: grey, blue and green. This colour scheme correlates to production methods which themselves infer to the amount of carbon releases for each are responsible. 96% of currently globally produced hydrogen is generated through fossil fuels. The easiest form of hydrogen to manufacture is grey hydrogen which is produced via a process called SMR – steam methane reforming. Heat and pressure are applied in natural gas which then converts its methane properties into hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Blue hydrogen occurs when carbon collected during steam reforming is stored underground. This process is called carbon capture and storage (CCUS). In a generous light this variation of hydrogen can be labelled “carbon neutral” however a more accurate description would be “low carbon” as up to 10% - 20% of carbon, can be potentially released into the atmosphere.


urbulent times produce added information which turns out to be not wholly true but more of a disguised agenda. We are all aware of the use and misuse of ‘Fake’ news and all of its companions. But we need to unite in our efforts to achieve decarbonisation as soon as it is pragmatic and realistic. UK consumers – plus contractors, consultants and all big commercial sites - should be aware that a strong international preference towards hydrogen is evident by the sheer level of international investment and that it is under reported by mainstream media outlets.


Multiple major economies, distribution hubs and global companies are working towards future green hydrogen

usage with grey and blue hydrogen being used as decarbonizing stepping stones. However, according to various UK mainline media outlets, heat pumps are the only viable tool of decarbonisation. Although heat pumps will undeniably play a vital role in cutting harmful emissions, alternative avenues towards climate conscious energy usage are being overlooked by UK mainstream media outlets. Instead of truly reporting on all feasible alternatives, mainstream media prefers to push decarbonizing technology that appears to be more financially compatible with their respective socio-economic audiences. Extraordinarily little is mentioned of

Recent technological advancements in this area are responsible for CCUS potentially entering a new era. New hydrogen manufacturing plants will employ alternative technology Autothermal Reforming (ATR) which allows for capture of up to 96% - 97% of all emissions. Carbon capture and storage is an area the UK government is keen to accelerate. Blue hydrogen projects that require funding can access government provided finances through the £240 million NetZero Hydrogen Fund (NZHF). Additionally, a Carbon Capture Storage Infrastructure Fund (CIF) was first announced during the Budget, March 2020. Allocation of £1 billion of state funding for the CIF was confirmed at the November 2020 spending review. Major international companies such as Shell are currently involved in multiple CCUS endeavours more notably in

April 2022 hydrogen is not cost competitive with grey hydrogen which is easier to manufacture. Six percent of global natural gas consumption can be traced to grey hydrogen production. Next generation electrolyzers are being designed with greater capacity for efficiency and the cost of renewables are declining. In coming years, with further advancements in these areas green hydrogen will become commercially abundant and viable.

Canada, Norway and Australia. Shell is a partner in the Australian Gorgon Liquefied Natural Gas Project. Once completed this will be the biggest CCUS operation in the world and will be capable of capturing up to four million tonnes of CO2 a year. Shell’s Quest project in Canada is a fully operational CCUS facility. The governments of Alberta and Canada have invested $745 million and $120 million respectively. Shell hopes that the positive results yielded from this project will further encourage other CCUS technology to be implemented internationally. Green hydrogen is 100% carbon neutral and therefore the preferred fuel of the future. Green hydrogen is produced when renewable resources like wind, hydro or solar power are used to power an electrolyzer that sits in a huge drum of water. This process is called electrolysis, which extrapolates hydrogen from oxygen atoms in water. The only excess substance remaining is water zapped of its hydrogen content.

In making this possible an EU funding spree hopes to create a European value chain in green hydrogen electrolyzers. Multiple funding projects will be cleared as part of the one billion Euros European Green Deal. It is believed that 25 – 30 million Euros will substantiate each individual project. Every venture must demonstrate a sizable energy and decarbonizing contribution to either the industrial, transport or domestic heating sector. Advancing electrolyzer and ATR - CCUS technology will see the cost of blue and green hydrogen decrease, whilst manufacturing capacity and demand will increase. Grey hydrogen production and therefore any need for fossil fuel consumption will gradually shrivel away. Aspects of health and safety are another issue which restricts hydrogen’s appeal in UK media outlets. Hydrogen has been undergoing testing and re-testing for many years for commercial opportunities to become apparent. FutureGrid is a project set up to create a demonstrative gas transmission network which allows for a wide range of safety tests to be carried out and analysed. Once constructed, FutureGrid’s transmission network will be capable of facilitating a range of tests on 20%

hydrogen gas blends to 100% pure hydrogen. Analysis will focus on gas behaviour and interaction within the constructed infrastructure. All testing will be adjudicated by the Health and Safety Executive who will decide on the feasibility of domestic and commercial hydrogen consumption. Construction will potentially begin on the £10 million project in 2021 with tests being carried out later in 2022. A vast amount of funding and proactive thought is being placed into the advancement of hydrogen. Work is underway on producing next generation electrolyzers and CCUS technology that will help push hydrogen to the forefront of international energy options. Updated technology will assist in increasing manufacturing capacity whilst driving bulk prices of blue and green hydrogen down. Major UK media outlets however fail to deliver this information and instead focus on either alarmist editorials designed to shock, or present only one technological decarbonizing option. The entire world has set its sights on future hydrogen usage. Why we hear next to nothing is due to media bias that stems from potential advertising revenue aimed at a target demographic. UK end users need to know that hydrogen is a global target not a conceptual ambition. In the coming years multiple decarbonizing technology options will be available. The only reason this isn’t widely reported is down to current personalized media agendas held by mainstream media outlets. For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

Because no fossil fuels are used in the creation of green hydrogen, carbon neutrality is completely feasible. Individual sectors such as transport and home heating are aware of green hydrogen’s climate credentials and are keen to begin utilizing the alternative fuel source. What is holding back green hydrogen usage then? Producing green hydrogen is dependent on earth’s natural resources. Some seasons yield more positive results than others. Then there is cost. At present green


April 2022

What could be better than One million? Two! Ergo Real Estate continues its logistical success with the acquisition of three further industrial projects for its Aver Property Fund, to deliver another One Million sq ft of logistics space over the next 18 months. Ergo Real Estate, on behalf of Aver Property (its JV with NFU Mutual), continues its impressive track record in the logistics sector, announcing a further three acquisitions of prime industrial space to develop into high specification units at Novus Point – Newcastle Under Lyme (331,800 sq ft), Unity – Doncaster (566,000 sq ft) and Prime Point - Stafford (143,370 sq ft), totalling over one million square feet, which are due to complete later in 2022 and early 2023. Details as follows:

Novus Point, Lymedale Business Park, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 7LB


Novus Point, is part of the successful Lymedale Business Park located within the popular M6 logistics corrider. The project team includes investment and development company Cole Waterhouse (working in partnership with Peveril

securities) to create a 331,800 sq ft unit comprising a warehouse, offices, transport hub offices and a gatehouse. The completed scheme will be built to BREEAM ‘Very Good’ with an EPC A rating , with Practical Completion scheduled for Q4 2022. Burbage Realty represented Aver Property.

Units A&B, Unity, Doncaster Units A&B are part of a new logistics, manufacturing and industrial development situated in a prime strategic location in Doncaster directly off Junction 5 of the M18/M180 interchange. Aver Property is funding Waystone and Hargreaves Land developers to build Unit A , the larger of the units at 375,000 sq ft, and Unit B, 191,000 sq ft, with both having ample office provision. Each unit will benefit from an institutionally acceptable specification to achieve a BREEAM rating of no less than ‘Very Good’ and an EPC A rating . Unit A will start on site in Q2 2022 and Unit

B in Q3 2022, completing Q1 2023 and Q2 2023 respectively. JLL represented Aver Property.

Prime Point 14, Shackleton Way, Stafford ST16 Aver is funding developers Seddon for Prime Point 14 at Stafford which lies one mile from Junction 14 on the M6 motorway. The Stoke and Stafford market is home to a range of established businesses which have built strong bases in the area, benefitting from a workforce of

April 2022

151,000 people in the locale which is set to increase due to a number of planned new build residential developments. The development comprises two units of 66,488 sq ft and 76,885 sq ft respectively that will be built to BREEAM ‘Very Good’ with an EPC A rating. Construction is due to commence March 2022 and complete November 2022. Savills acted for Aver Property. These deals follow the completion and delivery of 500,000 sq ft in 2021 of industrial/logistics at

Bicester and Markham Vale, as well as the 1,134,218 sq ft of prime industrial space located at sites in Middlewich, Sheffield, Fradley and Oldham which are all due to complete in the second half of 2022. Martin Jepson, Founding Partner at Ergo Real Estate commented: “Ergo is already on target to complete 1.6m sq ft of prime industrial space, and adding a further 1m sq ft to our pipeline within our fourth year of operation, is testament to our

expertise and understanding of this dynamic sector. Our flexible and opportunistic approach enables us to be responsive to prospects and capitalise on the growth in this area, securing our position as market leaders.”


SECTION NAME November 2021



April 2022

BESA Welcomes Budget Boost for Green Skills The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has applauded the Chancellor for setting aside £3.8bn for education and skills with particular focus on additional support for SMEs and the creation of new T-levels to help young adults take up vocational careers.


he new funds announced in this week’s Budget back up promises made by the government in last week’s Net Zero strategy to create 440,000 ‘green collar’ jobs by 2030 to help decarbonise key sectors of the economy including heating and cooling of buildings.

The Chancellor also restated his commitment to the Help to Grow scheme, which BESA thinks could provide useful additional support to SMEs to help boost their productivity and business growth.

The Budget also contained news of a business rates reduction scheme for firms looking to install heat networks, solar panels, and battery storage. The Association said this would provide welcome impetus to technologies that will play a key role in reducing the 40% of global carbon emissions linked to the built environment.

The Association said employers should work with the government to finalise a more comprehensive national plan for low carbon skills to help create the two million jobs needed to help fully decarbonise the economy by 2050. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) only about 200,000 people are currently employed in sectors directly linked to decarbonisation including energy efficiency and renewables.

BESA welcomed the continued commitment to the Lifetime Skills Guarantee, which the government says could reach up to 11 million adults giving them the opportunity to gain a new qualification for free. However, the Association said it was important to target this funding at areas where there are key skills gaps including building services.


“The government is clearly committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment but delivering that vision will require a huge expansion and upskilling of the workforce in key sectors like engineering and construction,” said BESA President Neil Brackenridge.

“UK vacancies are at their highest levels since records began at 1.1 million (according to ONS) but there are still thousands of young people, in particular, looking for work,” he added. “Many now aspire to careers where they can have an impact on the climate crisis. “However, this will require a considerable increase in the number of people guided towards technical training – like T-levels and vocational degrees – with a particular emphasis on STEM subjects. So, the additional funding announced today by the Chancellor is very welcome, but it needs to be backed up by a comprehensive skills plan to ensure it is spent wisely.”


April 2022

Gilberts outlines how it can help UK building & construction in the zero carbon evolution With new Building Regulations on ventilation and energy efficiency coming into force later this year, to help achieve zero carbon by 2050, Gilberts Blackpool is ahead of the game in advice and support.


s the UK’s leading independent air movement specialist with more than half a century delivering natural and mechanical ventilation for commercial and public environments, the company has published “Sustainable Building Design & the Zero Carbon Evolution”. The guide aims to help architects and consultants deliver significant energy consumption reduction in in new build ventilation designs, through selection of natural ventilation. The guide gives an overview of the diverse ventilation options available. The guide clarifies how the systems differ. It covers how each can be digitally engineering at the design stage to validate the design and performance criteria and ensure reduction in the building’s carbon emissions. “Building services- heating, cooling, lighting- account for 28% of carbon emissions in building and construction,” states Ian Rogers, Gilberts’ sales director. “Our British temperate climate actually works to the advantage of building services designers and specifiers in the drive towards sustainable building design. The key going forward will be how that is optimised. “We believe, as an expert in the sector, in taking a supportive and pro-active approach, offering as much help as possible, to enable informed decisions to be made, in a way that yields environmental and fiscally-sound benefits to all involved in delivering the non-domestic built environment.”


Please click here to download the guide free of charge. Founded over 60 years ago, Gilberts is unique in its ability to develop ventilation components, be it ‘mainstream’ or bespoke, for natural, mechanical or hybrid systems - entirely in-house, from initial design through tooling, production, testing and supply, at its 85,000 ft2 manufacturing facility. Its state of the art test centre, designed and built in-house, is one of the most technically advanced in the country.

April 2022

Gilberts Delivers Form and Functionality In Healthcare Reform “First” The first community diagnostics hub of its kind in England is now open and delivering a healthy environment for patients through its ventilation. The Rutherford Diagnostic Centre Somerset in Taunton is the first to open in response to recommendations made in an independent review, recommending such facilities be created in freestanding, accessible locations to provide quicker and easier access to patients[1]. Phase 1 of the new facility provides two MRI rooms, two CT scan rooms and an ultrasound room, equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and cannulation rooms plus support consulting rooms and reception. It has been delivered by Kier with Totus Engineering as building services contractor, fulfilling the brief developed by consultants Steven A Hunt and using grilles and diffusers from Gilberts Blackpool. Occupying the entire ground floor of the building, Phase 1 of the diagnostic centre- run by Rutherford Diagnostics Ltd in partnership with Somerset NHS Foundation Trustutilises mechanical ventilation as the most efficient means of adequately supplying and extracting air throughout the diverse spaces. It is critical that fixtures and fittings do not interfere with the highly sensitive equipment in use in the MRI rooms and magnetic forces

generated whilst the ventilation provided a clean airflow path. Thus, throughout the MRI Scan suite areas, a combination of Gilberts’ DGA4 louvred face diffusers and GECA egg-crate grilles, specifically manufactured in non-ferrous material and plastic PX extract valves have been used to provide compliant quality and volume of air in line with latest NHS guidance HTM03-01. In non-treatment areas and other clinical spaces, mild steel versions of the DGA4 and GECA units supply fresh, filtered air which is extracted via Gilberts’ PG-R perforated face diffusers. In the main reception, Gilberts’ JSL jumbo slot diffusers in runs up to 12m have been installed, blending seamlessly into architectural design of feature ceilings with their “shadowgap” aesthetics whilst delivering an ultra high capacity of supply and extract airflow with strategically positioned plenum boxes along the lengths. Explained Dave Norcross, Steven A Hunt Projects Manager, “Our brief was to come up with a functional, effective design that complied with guidance for diagnostic facilities and HTM 03-01. We needed to ensure a good working environment for equipment and staff. We needed to deliver a clean, draught-free environment for patients that made a positive contribution towards minimising risk of infection by ‘scouring’ the space and being efficiently extracted. “We can rely on Gilberts to work with us to design and deliver, even when we require non-standard and/or specialised options. Its heritage within

healthcare environment proves its ability to produce components that can meet the stringent demands of airflow and extraction in sensitive locations. As a result, we were confident we would have the support to complete the project on time and on budget.” Added Mike Moran, Chief Executive Officer of Rutherford Health, “The importance of early diagnosis cannot be overstated. This centre is a major step forward in addressing the rising diagnostic demand and managing the growing backlog caused by the pandemic. It is critical that every element of the building- including the ventilation- contributes towards patients get the best treatment as quickly as possible, to achieve an efficient pathway to better health.” The Diagnostic Centre is the latest in a line of healthcare environments for Gilberts, including Royal Preston Hospital, Papworth Hospital, the Harborne Hospital in Birmingham and Rowan View in Liverpool. The UK’s leading independent air movement specialist, Gilberts is unique in its ability to develop, in-house, components for natural or mechanical ventilation in commercial environments that answer changing market requirements. Its state of the art test centre, designed and built inhouse, is one of the most technically advanced in the country.


April 2022

New from Schöck – a thermally insulating concrete wall connection With reinforced concrete construction, minimising linear thermal bridges at the wall connection to the floor, or floor slab, has been a perennial problem for the building industry. However, Schöck has introduced a dedicated new solution – the Sconnex type W. It is a product that offers outstanding insulation performance, combined with an exceptional load-bearing capacity.


round 40% of all thermal bridges in a building are caused by walls and supports, which in turn are responsible for about 10% of heating energy losses. Schöck, the market leaders in the development of structural thermal breaks for balconies and other cantilever constructions, has now also applied its Isokorb expertise to reinforced concrete wall and support. Thereby offering an application-friendly and highquality solution that contributes to a permanently sustainable building concept. The first major project to incorporate the new product is the Aylesbury Estate regeneration in the London Borough of Southwark.


Extensive regeneration required The Aylesbury Estate, completed in 1977, was planned to house over 10,000 residents, with a design embracing concepts of modernist urban planning. During the 1990s however, despite its ambitions, the estate was considered one of the most deprived areas in the country. With deteriorating buildings and disillusioned residents, the estate was in need of extensive regeneration and Southwark Council considered the possibility of refurbishment. However, in 2005, having assessed the overall cost and benefits, it was decided that the best option was to demolish

The South Building under construction

The Sconnex type W

the existing estate and build new, better quality, mixed tenure homes. Various remedial developments have taken place since, but more recently the regeneration has escalated and currently there is a phased demolition and redevelopment programme which will see the Aylesbury Estate transformed into one of the most significant urban renewal projects in London.

Aylesbury Square is at the heart Due for completion in 2036, the overall masterplan envisages 3500 spacious new homes in a combination of terraced housing, a contemporary update of the London mansion block and a series of taller buildings. Improved open spaces will also be a major feature. Pivotal to the scheme is Aylesbury Square, which is one of the earliest sites to be delivered. It consists of two separate blocks, from four to fifteen storeys, situated around a new public square forming the civic heart of the Aylesbury Estate regeneration. The North Building will provide 122 new homes on the square and it will also incorporate a community facility,

April 2022

Main Project Team Developers: Southwark Council in partnership with Notting Hill Genesis Architects: HTA, Hawkins Brown, Mae Architects Contractors: Vistry Partnerships, Hill Partnerships

Sconnex is a unique Schöck solution

Aylesbury Square graphic. Courtesy of Vistry Partnerships which includes a public library and commercial space at ground level. The second block, the South Building, accommodates a Health Centre, along with a state-of-theart Primary Care GP medical centre and Community Health Care facility. There is also an Early Years Facility on the top floor.

A serious source of linear thermal bridges The construction of the two blocks is of reinforced concrete and the wall connection, to the floor or floor slab, has traditionally been a serious source of linear thermal

Graphic of the product in position

bridges. The result being not just serious energy loss, but also the high risk of condensation. This can easily lead to mould growth, resulting in possible structural damage and worse, posing a health risk to the occupants. There is a sustainability strategy in place for Aylesbury Square, which is to ‘create a place which meets or exceeds the highest quality standards for new development in London.’ This is to be achieved by delivering highly energy efficient buildings as part of a London Plan policy compliant strategy using the BREEAM Communities sustainability standard.

The new Sconnex type W thermally insulating connection for reinforced concrete walls is unique in its ability to help to meet these criteria. This new Schöck product minimises the thermal bridge between the exterior wall insulation and the insulation above the floor slab, increasing the energy efficiency of the entire building. Thermal losses are greatly reduced and the surface temperature in the room increases to considerably more than the critical dew point temperature. Heating costs are lower, a pleasant room climate is created and the linear thermal transmittance (Psi) of the connected reinforced concrete wall is reduced by up to 90 percent. The outstanding insulation performance is combined with an excellent loadbearing capacity, which transmits very high pressure, tensile and shear forces in the longitudinal and transverse direction. This is made possible by the use of a pressure buffer consisting of ultrahigh performance fibre reinforced concrete, a material which achieves compressive strength levels in excess of 175 N/mm2, but with extremely good flexural strength as well. A further important benefit is the generally significant cost reduction involved when compared to installing insulation beneath the floor slab. For further information on the new Sconnex type W product contact Schöck on 01865 290 890; or download the brochure at


April 2022

Monster Mesh

Their friendly and approachable nature, combined with expert design solutions tailored to individual needs means they have grown year on year, impressing customers with their quality of service. The company specialises in the supply of large format print products, including custom designs for Heras fence covers, PVC & ACM hoarding panels, PVC and mesh banners, large scale scaffold wraps and more helping increase brand visibility in venues or construction projects. These products also have longevity, with the premium Heras fence cover proving popular for long projects as well as its potential for re-usability. Each is compatible to fit all brands of temporary fencing and include free delivery on fence covers.


Much of Monster Mesh’s business comes from business exhibitions, venues, festivals, events and construction, with the later

booming in 2021, despite the reduction in many other outdoor events. Monster Mesh has been working incredibly hard to maintain their high results, going so far as having their record year in 2021. This has been down to a number of factors, including a focus on brand strengthening and continual digital marketing efforts. The business has also added several new products to their site, generating more interest and a broader choice for customers. The business has proved to be a popular choice for clients since its launch, due to their commitment to ‘good old fashioned’ personal customer service. This personal service means that clients can be confident in their decisions, having the ability to browse online before speaking directly to one of the team to discuss any particular requirements.

Established in 2018, Monster Mesh has worked in the event and construction branding sector since inception and is now an established market-leader in this field.

Founder of Monster Mesh, Mark McLennan is committed to maintaining this service with all construction products, complete with a team that are always happy to help advising and talking through options. This commitment to service also includes free design and artwork for products, ensuring the highest quality products and personalisation. We spoke to Mark who stated, “2021 was our busiest year ever despite restrictions and we have grown our customers in the construction sector considerably. It’s great to see the construction industry to boom and the sector is certainly doing its bit to move things forward. Our growth has been down to more customers with repeat business and recommendations, as well as increasing our focus on building the Monster Mesh brand and securing our place in the industry.”

April 2022

Snickers New LITEWork Working Clothes Long-lasting, innovative new fabrics for comfort, sustainability and longevity.


Clothes change as the seasons do. That’s why Snickers Workwear’s LITEWork working clothes combine superior comfort and protection for working in spring and summer on site.

37.5® Technology fabric technology is quick-drying and functional as well providing UPF 40+sun protection. It’s also longer-lasting – and more sustainable - than other comparable workwear.

With sustainability at the core of every garment, the new LITEWork range combines all the features of high-performance sportswear. Its

There’s new Trousers, Shirts, Shorts, and Jackets and a High-Vis range with new styles and stretch features for enhanced freedom

of movement plus trousers that feature the bio-based Sorona® fibre for a more sustainable approach. So, to make sure you get the right comfort, durability and ventilation, check out the LITEWork garments for precisely the right clothes to fit your workday and your carbon footprint!

For more information on Snickers Workwear’s LITEWork range and it’s sustainability philosophy you can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out or email

April 2022

Wilson James opens the doors to the UK’s most sustainable secure consolidation facility Wilson James, the leading provider of specialist logistics services, has announced that it will open the doors to its new west London Consolidation Centre (WLCC) in Q1 2022. Located at Communication Park in Feltham, close to Heathrow Airport and the M4 corridor, the WLCC is a highly sustainable zero carbon facility that was specifically chosen by Wilson James as part of its strategy to improve sustainability throughout all aspects of its operation, as well as in its customers’ supply chains. The WLCC represents the next generation of consolidated logistics and builds on the success of Wilson James’ pioneering London Construction Consolidation Centre (LCCC) in Silvertown, which opened in 2005. As the first facility of its kind, the LCCC redefined best practice in construction logistics and has helped facilitate just-intime deliveries across London. With demand for Wilson James’ services growing, the company decided that opening another location would enable more customers from across the capital and country to benefit from its logistics expertise and improve Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions through a more sustainable supply chain. ‘Sustainability is at the heart of Wilson James’ activities, and we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, whilst promoting social and economic improvement,’ explained Keith Winterflood, the company’s Managing Director for Construction. ‘We have set an ambitious target of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and halving our carbon emissions by 2030 against a 2020 baseline. To do this we are investing in circular economy practices, optimising resource efficiency, monitoring and reducing the consumption of natural resources, and prioritising the procurement of sustainable products and materials.’ As such, when it came to choosing a building for the WLCC, not only did it have to meet specific geographical criteria, it also had to have the best possible environmental credentials. As one of the only industrial developments in the UK designed and built to be carbon neutral, Communication Park has a wealth

of cutting-edge features including a solar PV system that produces 212.10kWp and saves 93.37 tonnes of CO2 per year, air source heat pumps, solar powered electric vehicle charging points and sedum roofs that can capture airborne pollutants and CO2. The introduction of the WLCC will further support our logistics activities across all sectors of the business and reinforce our commitment to our clients to explore and deliver the most sustainable delivery methods, whilst helping to reduce the number of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) on the roads, minimising congestion, lowering pollution levels and improving air quality. As achieving economic and operational efficiency requires a flexible, reliable and robust supply chain, it will ensure a more reliable programme delivery, reduce the likelihood of inefficient multiple deliveries, lower on-site material and equipment congestion and facilitate reverse logistics. It will also improve supply

chain transparency by providing environmental data and reporting to further improve sustainability efforts. ‘We are both pleased and proud to be able to open the only carbon neutral, secure logistics and consolidation facility in the country,’ concluded Keith Winterflood. ‘Sustainability is positively influencing the supply chain and tenders are increasingly asking for evidence of an organisation’s commitment to this issue. Companies operating across a diverse range of sectors including construction, retail and business-as-usual will now be able to directly address this issue by working with us to ensure that their products, materials and equipment get to where they need to be on time, and in the most environmentally friendly way possible’. For further information please contact: Cadence Woodland, by email:,

or visit


April 2022

Milwaukee and Speedy Hire are delighted to announce an exclusivity deal within the UK hire industry on the MX Fuel product range.

The deal means that Milwaukee will only supply cordless low carbon MX equipment for hire in the UK to Speedy. In 2021 Speedy became the first hire provider in the UK to significantly invest in the battery powered MX Fuel Tower Light, a game changer for the industry introducing high-performance, cordless lighting with zero emissions. Speedy will now invest across the low carbon MX Fuel product range including the demolition hammer, cut off saw and diamond core drill. Speedy will become the sole hire destination in the UK for this cutting-edge product range. Dale McElveen, General Manager, Milwaukee


“Contractors require equipment that supports them in meeting client carbon emission targets as the industry moves towards net zero, while ensuring they deliver their projects safely, on budget and on time

April 2022 with no compromise on productivity. Our new MX Fuel range is designed to help businesses meet these priorities with a zero-emission operation, low running costs and reduced vibration exposure. With its UK-wide network of service centres and delivery networks, Speedy is now the exclusive hire destination for MX Fuel. We look forward to working even closer together to deliver more sustainable products for their customers.” Russell Down, Chief Executive, Speedy Hire plc “Milwaukee’s MX Fuel range is market leading and will help Speedy and our customers in the move to zero carbon. We are delighted to be the exclusive provider of this equipment in the UK hire market and look forward to working together with Milwaukee to provide more innovation into our equipment range over the years ahead.”


April 2022

Zentia and Commercial and Industrial Interiors are the specials on the menu for a food bank charity Manufacturer Zentia and installer help the Washington Community Food Project.


charity that provides emergency food parcels to people in need is expanding its operations with a little help with leading UK ceiling systems manufacturer Zentia and one of its installation contractors. The Washington Community Food Project (WCFP), a food bank covering the whole of Washington and Springwell, Tyne and Wear, had taken on a second retail unit in The Galleries shopping centre in Washington, less than 10 miles from Zentia’s head office and production facilities in Gateshead.


SIG interiors, and Commercial and Industrial Interiors installed the 600mm x 600mm mineral tiles on the same understanding, over two to three weeks. The 19mm-thick Dune Supreme dB tiles perform to Sound Absorption Class D, are manufactured from 39% recycled content, and feature light reflectance of 84% and humidity resistance of 95%. Commercial and Industrial Interiors MD John Dunnage explained they had been approached by a volunteer at the WCFP.

The unit, one of now five operated by the charity, required a full refurbishment … which is where Zentia and specialist sub-contractor Commercial and Industrial Interiors, who are based in Prudhoe, Northumberland, stepped in.

“We have a lot of customers in the Sunderland area and I decided this was a very deserving charity which could ill afford a £30,000 to £40,000 fit-out cost. So, I decided to approach my supplier network and see what I could do to help.

Zentia provided 100m2 of its popular Dune Supreme dB tiles free of charge through the Dunston, Tyne and Wear branch of distributor

“The reply from almost all of our suppliers was very positive so we decided to carry out the project free of charge and pick up the bill for

whatever our suppliers could not cover. So, all of the money the charity would have spent on the project is going to serve the Sunderland community. I am very proud of the way our suppliers and trades bought into this project.” WCFP secretary Maureen Bowman said: “I cannot express the enormous thank you for all the work and materials that have been supplied for Unit L. You have all done a wonderful job allowing us to continue supporting people in Washington and Springwell with our work as a food bank.” Zentia’s head of marketing Craig Dodsworth said: “We were delighted to be able to help one of our installation contractors with such a worthwhile local cause.” To donate to the WCFP, please visit

Tanks Feature April 2022

Safe and Compliant On-Site WasteWater Treatment Kelly Tanks remain consistent in releasing new products to help ensure safe and compliant waste-water treatment on building sites across the UK and overseas. The well-established CWS Concrete Washout is still the product of choice for washing off concrete wagons and equipment onsite and demand grows for KT’s Water Treatment tanks and systems for filtration and/or separation alongside their popular range of modular Dosing Units used for monitoring and controlling pH & TSS levels and/or providing proportional chemical dosing. Later this year Kelly Tanks will exhibit at the UK Concrete Show in May and Hillhead in June where they are expected to showcase their latest developments in Concrete Washout & Water Treatment.

KEY BENEFITS YOU CAN EXPECT FROM KELLY TANKS SYSTEMS: • Designed to meet the rigours of the construction industry • Fast and Simple to Set up • Small Footprint equipment available


• Easy to use equipment

• Units can be linked to handle range of flows, pumps sizes & particle characteristics • Easy to Maintain and Monitor equipment • Reduce off-site disposal costs • Reduce risk of pollution

April 2022 Tanks Feature

Kelly Tanks recently reviewed their Adsorption Sacks against others on the market and have included their findings below: Getting the sack!! We trialled our Adsorption Sacks against alternatives on the market and put together a few things to consider when choosing your sacks (and knowing when to sack it off!)... Not all liners are the same. Every sack trialled had a different liner, predominantly felt, woven or nonwoven polypropylene, ‘punched’ and ‘peanut’ materials. Most drained relatively fast but retained minimal solid, some drained slow, retaining more solids and others were blinded by the solids leaving them full of water and not draining at all. Our Adsorption Sacks allowed the fast flow of effluent while retaining the solids and the TSS of the outflow water speaks for itself, shown here/below:

Filtering, Absorbing and Adsorbing are not the same. Most sacks on the market are essentially a builder’s sacks with a felt liner sewn in. We found these to be the least effective, allowing fast flow but retaining the least solids. Absorbing liners were extremely effective in retaining solids but quickly became ‘blinded’ and no longer allowed water to flow through as Absorption allows solids to be absorbed by the liner (and stay there). Adsorption enables solids to simply attach to the surface of the liner, eventually becoming heavy enough to drop into the sack leaving the liner clear to continue filtering. Our Adsorption sacks were most effective and proved the longest lasting. In conclusion, most ‘filtration’ sacks are a type of ‘builders sacks’ with a liner for filtration but they don’t all give the same results. If you want the most effective sack, give Kelly Tanks a call.

And just in case you need further convincing; you can see our Sacks in action on our website:


April 2022

Expansion tank park and CIP tanks for FrieslandCampina The cheese factory of FrieslandCampina in Lutjewinkel produces North Holland Gouda; a protected and prize winning regional cheese which is made using meadow milk from North Holland cows. Various outdated cleaning installations (CIP) – which are needed to produce products including this cheese – were in need of replacement. In early 2020, four new stainless steel CIP tanks were needed to replace the installations with a single central cleaning system. Not too long after that, a second request was made for various stainless steel tanks so the tank park could be expanded. This is a special project, and the tanks are part of the construction activities for a new tank room. FrieslandCampina approached Gpi – as loyal supplier – for both quote requests and awarded both orders to Gpi.


he need for the second order materialised because the old evaporation installation (for thickening milk) had to be replaced. To create space for a new RO installation (on a storey that already featured old tanks), the old tanks had to be replaced and moved to a new tank room which would expand the current tank park in Lutjewinkel.

CIP tanks


The first order involved four large CIP tanks. There was need for an installation where the various outdated CIP systems

April 2022 Tanks Feature of the RMO, cheese factory and evaporator could be replaced by one central cleaning system. Potential system expansions also had to be possible in the future. To speed up the heating process, the decision was made to select a CIP system where tanks are heated via steam injection. During engineering, everything was done to find a design that would keep noise-related nuisance to a minimum.

Expansion tank farm The second engagement involved an order for various tanks, in a variety of sizes. Each tank featured insulation and 2 of them featured an agitator. The tanks are an addition to the existing tank farm. Most of the tanks are part of a new tank room, and half of them are located inside. They feature a semi-skirt on the outside and 2 legs on the inside. The roof of the building connects to the top of the tanks. The cold water battery tank was installed separately from the tank room. The accompanying cage ladders and (access) platforms were also added.

Cooperation Various parties were involved in the process, which meant it was important to effectively coordinate the planning. During the start phase and the engineering process, the architect and contractor were carefully consulted about the building extension. Everything

was realised within the identified time frame because all involved parties were able to cooperate effectively. Silvester Bakker, Project Manager FrieslandCampina: ‘The result is something to be proud of, both visually and functionally. It was well designed and executed, and completed on time.’

The result For capacity reasons, the four CIP tanks were constructed in GPI’s production hall in Poland, and transported to the Gpi location in Gouda by road, where the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) took place. Tanks for the tank room were built in Gpi’s production hall in Lopik and were transported by road

to the cheese factory in Lutjewinkel during the night. FrieslandCampina was heavily involved in the production process. For instance, the client regularly came to observe production activities in Lopik, and the tanks were inspected before the insulation was added. The new CIP tanks were placed at a new location next to the RMO (mobile milk reception) building. The new CIP system will be connected to existing and new tanks, and the new RO installation, in phases. Once the expanded tank park and new tank room become fully operational, it will be possible to make space for the new RO installation to replace the old evaporators, and the ‘evaporator replacement’ project can be completed. This will give the cheese factory in Lutjewinkel a more sustainable concentration process, thus preparing it for the future.


Tanks Feature April 2022

New appointments strengthen Balmoral Tanks’ global ambition Having been in the tank design manufacturing business for 40 years Balmoral Tanks provides a broad portfolio of storage products for the water, wastewater, anaerobic digestion, fire fighting, aquaculture and processing markets.


he company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aberdeen-based engineering and manufacturing business, Balmoral Group, has built a reputation for providing not only the highest quality of product but also unrivalled levels of customer service on a global basis. To further strengthen its market-leading position it has announced two senior appointments – one at each of its manufacturing locations. Gary Lockwood becomes the new operations director at Balmoral Tanks’ Llantrisant facility in South Wales while Cheong Tsang moves into a similar role in Thurnscoe, South Yorkshire.

Gary Lockwood, Operations director, Balmoral Tanks, Llantrisant Mr Lockwood has enjoyed a career across the defence, aerospace and electronic contract manufacturing sectors where he has held responsibility for engineering, operations, programme management and business development.


He is a time served electrical engineer from the Atomic Weapons Establishment where he achieved an ONC & HNC in electrical electronics before undertaking further qualifications in personnel management, continual improvement and LEAN, more recently completing an APM PMQ.

Mr Lockwood’s career has taken him to multiple locations from Canada and America to South Korea, Spain, Norfolk and Cambridge before returning home to Wales.

Gary Lockwood

He said: “I am really excited to be joining Balmoral Tanks and look forward to helping the leadership team achieve its goals in making the company a more successful business and a great place to work.” As a WRU Level 2 coach he regularly finds himself at pitches on cold wet weekends and said: “At least in the summer the rain gets warmer!”.

Cheong Tsang, Operations director, Balmoral Tanks, Thurnscoe The new operations director for the Thurnscoe plant is Cheong Tsang. Born in Hong Kong and raised from an early age in Scotland, Mr Tsang received his BSc in production engineering and management from Strathclyde University and, from there, has followed a career in engineering and manufacturing. Mr Tsang has held various management and directorial roles in design/development, quality/process control, production and operations and has worked extensively in the UK, China and Germany. “I firmly believe that people are the most important resource in any company. Indeed, I would argue strongly that a company is its

Cheong Tsang

people and that strong teamwork aligned to delivering second-tonone customer service are the keys to a successful company. “My leadership style is one based on transparency, empowerment, coaching and collaboration and I am looking forward to further developing Balmoral Tanks’ strong workforce into a truly world-beating team.” Allan Joyce, managing director at Balmoral Tanks, said: “We are delighted to announce these two senior appointments. Both gentlemen come to Balmoral with precisely the skill sets and spirit we require. “We look forward to benefiting from their combined experience and I am sure their knowledge and capabilities will assist our ambitious targets in the global market.”

April 2022 Tanks Feature

How to choose the support of carbon steel storage tank? What should I pay attention to when placing carbon steel storage tanks?

Carbon steel storage tank supports The carbon steel storage tank supports has three kinds of saddles, ring seats and legs to support the weight of the container. The saddle support is a widely used horizontal support. From the stress analysis, the beam bearing the same load and having several shapes and dimensions of the same section is better than the two supports, because the stress generated by the multi-bearing in the crucible is small. Therefore, in theory, the greater the number of supports for horizontal containers, the better.

the partial roundness and the level of the support are The unevenness of the sinking of each base and the relative rigidity of the different parts of the container against partial cross-section will affect the market of the reaction force of the support. Therefore, the choice of multi-seat not only does not show the theoretical superiority, but will result in the addition of uneven force on the container, which will affect the operation safety of carbon steel storage tanks. Therefore, a horizontal container holder should not be more than two. The ring seat is generally thin walled for large diameters.

However, in fact, the horizontal container should be designed as a double support as much as possible. This is because when the number of fulcrums is more than two, the influence of each support plane such as the curvature of the container and

The leg support is referred to as the leg. Because the support forms a serious partial stress at the joint with the container wall, it is only suitable for small equipment. In summary, consider the selection of two saddle supports as the support for the tank.

The place where the carbon steel storage tank is placed shall have a good drainage ditch and dilution equipment. If the tank liquid level cannot be manipulated, the overflow port shall be installed on the storage tank to prevent the liquid from overflowing and forming damage. When the tank is in operation and the discharge flow is large, the vent hole of the corresponding flow should be installed. When changing the liquid, you should know whether the carbon steel storage tanks are allowed to accept the liquids. You can check the company website or contact the company’s technical department. In the lower part of the carbon steel storage tank, if the pipe with flange or flange is connected to the wall of the barrel, use soft joint to avoid the uneven expansion of the upper and lower walls of the barrel after the filling of the liquid, resulting in leakage of the joint and damage to the joint and barrel. body. When the inlet port is higher from the bottom of the tank, the inlet port should be bent toward the wall of the anticorrosion tank to allow the incoming liquid to fall down the tank wall, reducing the impact on the bottom.


April 2022

First of its kind - Diesel And AdBlue Bucket Bundie for J A Jackson


stablished in 1967, J A Jackson Quarries & Recycling Ltd are a family run business who supply quarried and recycled aggregates. Providers of sustainable building materials, aggregates and ready-mix concrete, the company also provide domestic and commercial skip hire and have a fully licenced waste transfer station and facilities for inert tipping. J A Jackson operates a fleet of more than 20 tippers, artics, skip wagons and concrete mixers. The company’s quarries in Preston, Leyland and Lancaster are all within easy reach of the region’s motorway network making access and distribution as efficient and effective as possible.

throughout the UK. Based on the same concept as the patented Bucket Bundie Fuel Bowser, Ace Plant’s Bucket Bundie Store was seen shortlisted in the Institute of Quarrying’s Excellence Awards in the knowledge and innovation category - a fantastic accolade for the ‘Bundie Bowser’ name. Ace Plant have recently launched the first Bucket Bundie that is capable of carrying both Diesel and AdBlue at the same time. This capability can already be seen in Ace Plant’s static, site tow and road tow ranges but has finally been

made possible within the Bucket Bundie range. J A Jackson first found out about the Ace Plant Bucket Bundie Bowser after searching the internet about fuel bowsers. They liked the fact that the Bucket Bundie can be transported by existing site machinery without the need for a tractor. These units remove the need for lifting chains as well as the need for the operator to leave the safety of the machine’s cab to attach any chains. It features a patented bucket loading system with special slots above the support legs that allow a wheel loader operator to easily pick up and move the bowser using the machine’s front bucket. With the loader bucket crowded back, the Bucket Bundie is held securely for safe transport across rough ground – this combination works much better than a towed bowser which can be difficult to move and reverse – particularly on rough terrain. J A Jackson say that the Bucket Bundie will be a benefit to their business as the unit will result in “less risk of contamination and we no longer need to use the 5 gallon drums”. In turn, this also makes refuelling a faster and safer processes with less risk of spillage. The Bucket Bundie Bowser is available in three different capacities: 450L, 1000L & 2250L. To find out more visit or call 01908 562191.

J A Jackson have recently added the first combined Diesel / AdBlue Bucket Bundie Fuel Bowser to their fleet provided by manufacturers, Ace Plant.


Ace Plant, home of the ‘Bundie Bowser’ fuel storage range, are a plant hire and sales company based in Buckinghamshire who utilise their engineering roots to manufacture Fuel Storage Solutions and Dust Suppression equipment for hire and sale

Images courtesy of Alison Miller – J A Jackson.

First of its kind—Diesel and AdBlue Bucket Bundie for J A Jackson

01908 562191

MK19 MK18 6LA 5LJ


THE FIRE GLASS PROMISE. WORKING WITH YOU FROM CONCEPTION TO COMPLETION AND BEYOND. Expectations of any supplier are much higher than they used to be, due to more choice within the market place. Cost and service play a big part in this and although you want the best price available, without good company service to back this up, is it really worth it? With over ten years in business, Fire Glass UK has built up an enviable reputation to become the nation’s leading supplier of fire-rated and specialist safety glass. Having an expert installation team on-hand to make sure any projects glazed to Firas standards. Supplying fire-rated, acoustic, laminated and toughened glass and offering a specialist cut-size service for glass partitions, partnering industry experts to deliver integral blinds in IGUs and supply manifestations for a complete finish.


Fire Glass UK strive towards excellence by building their working principles around SQS The Fire Glass Promise; Safety, Quality and Service and believe this is the formula to building trusted working relationships. Fire Glass UK care about getting it right – every time.

With lots of industry confusion and regulation changes, Fire Glass UK believe their technical support is an essential asset to their customers to ensure safety is met at all times. Working together to interpret project specifications and find the right product for the job, all at the best price. Fire Glass UK’s expert team knows all there is to know about fire-rated glass and if you need support, you can email:


Knowing the importance of meeting project deadlines and limiting unwanted downtime is critical to success. Fire Glass have stillages to



Investing in the right supplier with the same vision on safety, quality,

and service can ensure a project is completed to the best possible standards. If using a fire-resistant glass, it must only be used as part of a previously approved glazing system. There is no second chance with safety. Make sure you get it the right first time. TRUST THE EXPERTS.

0121 667 9089







MANCHESTER 0161 532 8371

DERBY 01773 712 920

COLCHESTER 01206 805 922


EDINBURGH 0131 526 4141

INSTALLATION 0121 667 9089

April 2022

What is a Heat Pump? It is a direct expansion cycle (DX) that comprises of a Compressor, an Evaporator a Condenser and an Expansion Device. It uses refrigerant as a media to transfer unwanted energy (heat) from inside to outside (cooling) or from outside to inside (heating). In the system there is a reversing valve that changes the evaporator to a condenser and a condenser to an evaporator (hence the reverse cycle term). Why refrigerant? Refrigerant is a chemical gas that changes phase from gas to liquid and visa versa. It is extremely energy efficient and can carry more the 50 times energy per weight than air and 10 times more than water. It boils at as low as -50°C (water +100°C) and condenses at as high as 140°C. These characteristic makes it suitable for most habitable areas of the world, smaller inter connecting pipes and compact and very cost effective. The refrigerant safety class for domestic use MUST be A1 class non-flammable. There are other classes A2, A2L flammables and can be explosive under pressure and A3 highly flammable and explosive. Classes are as defined by ISO817 & ASHRAE 34 standards The efficiency of cooling (EER) cycle or heating cycle (COP) can range anything between 250% (2.5/1) to 500% (5/1) (that is for every energy unit, say1 kW electricity consumed, up to 5 kW can be absorbed from inside (unwanted heat) to be rejected outside or absorbed from outside air or water or ground and transferred to inside to heat a house or domestic hot water). There are mainly Air to Air (most common and cost effective), Water to Air & Water to Water systems. Systems can be compact (all components in one box) or Single Splits One indoor and One outdoor or Multi Splits where multiple indoor units connected to One outdoor unit. The Indoor units can be a wall, floor, Ceiling or Ducted fan coils or a refrigerant to water heat exchanger to provide domestic hot water or medium temperature heating water for under floor heating or radiators. The interconnecting refrigeration pipe work would require specialist approved refrigeration engineers. There are no extra safety control systems (provided the refrigerant is A1 class non-flammable) and no chimneys, extra builder’s work or electrical supplies.

44 Tel: 01483 478715

Safe, Healthy, Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Heat Pumps *

Ideal for domestic application

LG One to One & Multi Splits Ideal for Domestic/Apartments Heating / Cooling Up to 5 rooms from one outdoor unit


Ideal for Residential & Small Commercial/Offices Heating / Hot Water / Cooling Up to 11 indoor units from one outdoor unit



Wall Gallery

Wall Mirror

Concealed Ducted


HK - Hydro Kit

LG Therma V ™

Ideal for Domestic/Apartments Heating & Hot Water Medium or High Temperature Mono & Split Systems VARIOUS APPLICATION Various applications

RADIATOR Radiators

FLOORHEATING Floor-heating

HOT HotWATER water

* All Heat Pumps supplied by Space Air contains Non-flammable A1 Class Refrigerants such as R410A Space Air are under obligation to meet H&S 2016 No. 1107 Statutory Instrument to not supply equipment containing A2L class (R32) flammable refrigerant without conforming to Part 2 of the Statutory Instrument.

01483 478 715 •

Over 5,000 people die in the UK each year due to asbestos related diseases. It is a legal requirement that all who may come across asbestos in their day to day work have been provided with the relevant asbestos training. Asbestos can be found in many products used in building materials and may also be present in soils and surrounding grounds.

Have you received asbestos training? UK Asbestos Training Association “UKATA” sets standards in asbestos training and ensures that its members meet those standards. Book with a UKATA approved asbestos training provider using the nationwide directory online at or call 01246 824 437.


INFO@UKATA.ORG.UK UKATA is a not for profit association

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE Recommended Suppliers


We design and supply bags and cradles globally that secure non-standard loads ready for lifting to height using winches and cranes. 0114 3241224

Techtronic Industries EMEA, 1st Floor, Unit 3 Globeside, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1HZ

PafBag Limited, Unit C14, Alison Business Centre, Alison Crescent, Sheffield, S2 1AS, United Kingdom

We are the UK’s trusted Japanese knotweed treatment and remediation company with a proven track record in working successfully for local authorities, developers, construction companies and private landowners.

At ENGEL Workwear, we value being able to provide good advice and sparring to our customers and end users, which is why we constantly raise the bar for ourselves when it comes to product quality, innovation, creativity, flexibility and environmental awareness. T: 0333 2414 413 (+44) 07759 520 034

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced high quality products and innovative technologies into the UK for more than 35 years.

For almost two decades, Bond It has been a manufacturer of high performance, high quality building chemicals such as sealants, adhesives, grouts, cleaners, expanding foams, fillers, decorating sundries, landscaping products and other similar products. 01422 315 300 Head Office: Unit G16 River Bank Way, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, West Yorkshire. HX5 9DN.

Health & Safety Update | APRIL 2022

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Snickers New LITEWork Working Clothes. Long-lasting, innovative new fabrics for comfort, sustainability and longevity. Clothes change as the seasons do. That’s why Snickers Workwear’s LITEWork working clothes combine superior comfort and protection for working in spring and summer on site. With sustainability at the core of every garment, the new LITEWork range combines all the features of high-performance sportswear. Its 37.5® Technology fabric technology is quick-drying and functional as well providing UPF 40+sun protection. It’s also longer-lasting – and more sustainable - than other comparable workwear. There’s new Trousers, Shirts, Shorts, and Jackets and a High-Vis range with new styles and stretch

features for enhanced freedom of movement plus trousers that feature the bio-based Sorona® fibre for a more sustainable approach. So, to make sure you get the right comfort, durability and ventilation, check out the LITEWork garments for precisely the right clothes to fit your workday and your carbon footprint! For more information on Snickers Workwear’s LITEWork range and it’s sustainability philosophy you can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out or email

WELCOME April 2022





Pulsar Instruments





ENGEL WORKWEAR’s High-Vis sustainable ‘Safety Super Stretch’ (left) & examples of Galaxy sustainable workwear (right) - both made with REPREVE® regenerated polyester from recycled plastic bottles.

Alongside a continual policy of developing products to keep ahead of the highest comfort and protection standards demanded by their customers, Danish manufacturer, ENGEL WORKWEAR also focus on making a positive contribution to aiding the Global climate challenge. With comfortable and functional clothing designed for almost every work situation and a wide choice of sizes for both men and women, the company’s ‘Safety SuperStretch’ High Visibility range incorporates 50% of regenerated polyester REPREVE® eco-fibres which are spun from recycled plastic bottles. Combined with Engel’s FE Super Stretch fabric, the fibres are woven together into a polyester and cotton mix; the resulting flexibility of this sustainable, hard wearing but light-weight fabric allows the wearer to be clearly seen in daylight or at night and to be able to work unrestricted even in the most confined spaces. By the use of regenerated polyester in the manufacture, the Environment benefits from significant consumption savings on energy, water and greenhouse gas emissions. Verified numbers of recycled plastic bottles used to produce the fibres are typically 19 for a pair of trousers, 20 for a work jacket and 37 for a boiler suit; the range is available in a choice of 8 different colour combinations.

Continuing its support of the Green Environment, ENGEL WORKWEAR includes the versatile ‘Galaxy’ range amongst its collections which now combine a mix of 65% sustainable REPREVE® regenerated polyester fibres with 35% cotton. Giving strong protection, with the emphasis on style and fit, the range includes slim-cut, functional trousers and jackets available in a choice of two-tone colour combinations plus soft-shell and winter jackets, a comfortable fleece cardigan, bib-overall and boiler suit. Most items incorporate many practical details such as several spacious pockets giving quick and easy access to tools and personal accessories, concealed buttons and zippers; the jackets have adjustable cuffs and are reinforced with CORDURA. There is also a wide choice of Galaxy sustainable workwear specifically designed to be practical, comfortable and stylish for women. For more details contact Gareth Bladen at Telephone +44 (0) 7759 520034 or visit




Pulsar Instruments announce their first-ever free noise at work seminar We are delighted to invite you along to our first-ever Free Noise Awareness seminar on March 31st at The Queens Hotel in Leeds city centre. At Pulsar, we know that managing your employee’s noise exposure can be a pretty daunting task, this is why we are inviting you along to learn more about performing noise at work assessments and making sense of the regulations.

Join us to find out: • How to make sense of the Noise at Work Regulations. • How to operate a sound level meter. • Understanding your readings. • What to do with your results.

Seminar duration • Meet & greet - 09:00am 09:30am (complimentary tea & coffee included)

• Noise at Work Part 1 - 09:30am - 10:30am • Tea & coffee break - 10:30am 11:00am • Noise at Work Part 2 - 11:00am - 12:30pm

About the venue The Queens Hotel is a stunning venue in Leeds city centre, located right next to the train station. This means the hotel is easily accessible by train and there are plenty of parking options available nearby.

Who should attend this course? This seminar is aimed at anybody who may be responsible for Health and Safety in their workplace. Whether you are new or experienced, this seminar would be a great refresher if you have any upcoming noise assessments.

Are spaces limited? There are 30 places in total available. Due to this, we have limited this seminar to 2 people per organisation.

Will there be refreshments? Tea and coffee will be served during the registration period from 09:00 am until 09:30 am. There will then be a short break for refreshments at 10:30 am.

Will there be a certificate of attendance? Yes, there will be a certificate of attendance awarded to all attendees at the end of the seminar. If you would like to attend this seminar, please fill in this short form to confirm your attendance. Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding our training courses or seminars, feel free to message us on our live chat, email or give us a call on +44(0) 1723 339 715.


HOW TO GET YOUR CV READY FOR A CAREER IN HEALTH AND SAFETY A good specialist in their field will always be in demand. Moreover, even for such highly qualified professionals, there are specific rules when hiring. We share information on how a professional should write their CV correctly; Do they need to write a cover letter and how to do it correctly? And also what blocks must be included in the resume. Preparatory work To begin with, you should carefully read the immediate job description. In many cases, the employer initially describes all the requirements a specialist must meet to enter a particular position. If you have all the necessary qualities, you can safely submit your resume: It is crucial to study the direct employer carefully at the first stage. Find out if the company has a specific specialization, how many employees are there, and who works as the head manager. If possible, talk to the company staff. All these actions will give you a general understanding of whether you want to work in this institution. And what requirements are put forward for those who already work. What should be the resume? The tone of the resume should be purely businesslike. Since you are applying for leadership positions, you should not boast too much about your achievements. Be humble and describe your education and work experience. Add a list of new skills you’ve acquired, especially while freelancing if you’ve already had one. For instance, if you have worked as a freelance medical writer, write about this opportunity and its benefits. Since I It would be nice to list this and other information from personal experience.

administrator is associated with significant risks, it is imperative that the health and safety manager inspires confidence and commands respect from the personnel themselves. It is recommended to attach a photo in a dressing gown at your desk to your resume. Don’t be too serious. You may have a slight smile on your face.

characteristics, thanks to which you will become a valuable employee for the company. The main blocks in the resume •

Personal qualities. It is helpful for a health and safety manager to have such qualities as sociability, tolerance, leadership, goal orentation. financial smarts ethics, technicall skills etc. However, in no case should you copy templates from the Internet, describe your personality and go to task with creativity.

Professional skills and abilities. This is the foundation for you as a specialist. Be sure to tell them that you know how to work with carrying out risk assessments and site inspections, determining ways of reducing risks, compiling statistics and writing reports, identifying potential hazards and so on.

Interests and hobbies. This is a way to show your individuality and prove yourself as a highly educated and intelligent person.

Covering letter Not every employer requires job seekers to write a cover letter. In this regard, such a document should rather be considered additional than the main one. At the same time, if such a requirement is present, its writing should be approached as seriously as the preparation of the resume itself. The first thing to do is to think about the sections that will go into your cover letter. So, you can write about your education, work experience, personal qualities or motivation – in this regard, and all means are suitable. Remember that your primary task is to draw the employer’s attention to your candidacy, as he deals with a large amount of documentation that comes from dozens or even hundreds of applicants.

Final Words

Particular attention should be paid not only to the resume’s content but also to the very design of the document. It is essential to maintain a general business style, use a neutral font, and not use bright colors and shades.

When writing a cover letter, you should not go into details of your personal life or describe your biography in detail. It is important to note only those points that will be relevant at the new place of work.

An important part of the resume of any applicant is a photograph. The thing is that a health and safety manager spends most of their working time communicating with the employees. And since the work of a medical

You don’t need to be formal about writing a cover letter. That is why you can write about why you decided to become a health and safety manager and give a personal story and examples from life. Here you can also talk about your individual qualities and

To get a job in health and safety, you need to draw up your resume correctly. This document will help you stand out among the massive number of job seekers applying for the job and will also create the first impression of you in the employer’s eyes. Resume writing should be approached with great responsibility and attention, regardless of whether you want to work in a small provincial company or a highly specialized company in a major city.


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