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Solutions for Sealed Slimline Connectors

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Simply done. VARIO-X is the decisive step towards the future! Agile manufacturing, sustainability or Industry 4.0 – thanks to 100 percent automation without control cabinets. Modular, flexible and future-proof, Vario-X brings your machines and systems into the future with decentralized installation technology. future. It‘s that simple.


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Forerunner Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The Sensor People have been setting technological standards in industrial automation for more than 50 years. In the field of safety at work, we convince right from the start with trend-setting inventions, such as the development of the first protective sensor ever, to our latest safety innovation, “Smart Process Gating” – the space-saving solution for access guarding on conveyor lines. This is how we ensure the success of our customers in an industry that is ever evolving. Automation Update - 3

High Precision Prototype & Custom Optics Benefiting from a uniquely stable manufacturing environment Optical Surfaces Ltd. can routinely produce challenging prototype and custom optics to the highest levels of precision possible.


he company’s ISO 9001-2015 approved manufacturing workshops and test facilities are deep underground in an area excavated from solid chalk. This provides an environment where the temperature is naturally constant, and vibration is extremely low. These are important considerations when making, mounting, and testing high precision optics. Working with these natural advantages Optical Surfaces can supply high precision off-axis parabolic, spherical, and flat mirrors, etalons, aspherics, reference flats, windows, collimators, and beam expanders for the most demanding applications. With such stable conditions testing, particularly with long path lengths, becomes quantifiable and reliable. Investment in large aperture interferometers allow detailed direct testing of optics up to 600mm in diameter. Topographic and fringe analysis provides precise testing of surface roughness and confirms the wavefront of various surface forms. A rolling program for calibration of test optics where possible to national standards ensures that the quality of prototype and custom optics from Optical Surfaces is second to none. Combining these natural advantages, with its team of experienced and knowledgeable optical craftsmen, Optical Surfaces Ltd has over the last 50 years produced the ultrahigh precision prototype and custom optics that lie behind technological breakthroughs in areas including fundamental physics, astronomy, space, defence, medical, material sciences and the environment. For further information on high precision prototype and custom optics please visit or contact Optical Surfaces Ltd. on +44-208-668-6126 / High precision prototype and custom optics (courtesy: Optical Surfaces Ltd)

4 - Automation Update

Features Include:        

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Lamonde Automation Limited Quality Products: Expert Advice

“It is not worth taking proper pictures here, the environment is too…”. You can complete this sentence with as many negative adjectives as you like, some unprintable! In my 30 years plus as a professional photographer I have heard many … ‘it’s too dark’, ‘too busy’, ‘too dangerous’, ‘too old and worn’, ‘too secret’, ‘too scruffy’. Yet all companies are compelled to compete and promote themselves and, in our digital age, that means in pictures as well as words. So what to do? An approach taken by some is to find out who has the best camera on their phone and send them along to do the deed. From the selection of poorly lit and badly composed phone pictures, one shot is selected and trundled out on to social media and the company web site. Yes, some money has been saved and you got that social post done. However, you don’t know how much you might be losing because those pictures are not making your business look like the skilled, expert, professional engineers that you are. You are not yet aware that when you need a large version of that picture for your exhibition board, the poor quality image only enlarges the gap between how you want to be seen and the perception you will actually create.

Heatwave: Using dramatic light to make the main subject, a vacuum furnace, pop.

Shining Light on the Drama of Industrial Environments Adrian Waine, an award winning industrial photographer, shows how rugged industrial environments are worthy of good photography and can be transformed into outstanding images which turn heads and get your company noticed for all the right reasons. 6 - Automation Update

Poor pictures will never open the door of an opportunity to make the front page of your key trade publication. In short, a quick snap for a quick view and to be quickly forgotten.

Good Images Turbo Charge Your Marketing Professional photography is an investment. A library of high quality images, kept up to date, is an enabler. It allows you to take advantage of marketing opportunities quickly because you always have something to draw upon where your competitors may not. In time, this pictorial record is your history – a valuable resource that will find new uses as new digital technologies emerge. So what, you work from an industrial building that might be over a hundred years in use! We see it as a dramatic and charismatic backdrop. Dark? It just needs some sympathetic lighting. Works around the clock? Well, that is just a matter of timing and the right preparation to fit with production. In fact, all you need for ‘proper pictures’ in an industrial setting like yours

Lit with white light, including smaller flashes under these three large vacuum furnaces creates a dramatic 3D effect.

is a ‘proper photographer’. One who understands these difficulties and knows how to overcome them easily to create striking images that ‘pop’ wherever they are seen – print, online, video, in the boardroom or a large exhibition board.

Painting with Light A recent commission from PR experts Ainsworth Maguire, shooting for Wallwork Heat Treatment, illustrates my point. Their Manchester site is one of the largest heat treatment facilities in the UK. Serving aerospace, motorsport, medical and other precision industries, their working environment is 24/7. Much of their work is subject to non disclosure agreements. They have sites around the UK, some modern while others have had an 80 year plus working life. Lighting is mixed, skylights, sodium, strip and spots.

Same picture now adding warm light to give the heat treatment and introducing subjects to tell a different story

Tackle your subjects with cracking lighting and you’ll have a set of images which keep the publicity fire stoked far longer that you thought possible. Coupled with this, Ainsworth Maguire PR can add the crafted text. Let them make headlines for you with their knowledge of engineering and manufacturing. It’s a positive combination that can blend words with imagery and put you on the road to progress. To see more of our work visit the Photography for Industry gallery at

Adrian Waine, Photography for Industry Tel: 0151 356 3855 Adrian Maguire, Ainsworth Maguire PR Tel: 0161 408 7888

Understanding light is fundamental. Problems of mixed lighting are overcome with the right equipment. Using multiple high powered flash units, lighting can be arranged to generate a sense of drama and texture. The aim is to spotlight the subject and lead viewers into your world and see anything but the everyday and ordinary. The furnace pictures you see here are from a shoot at one of Wallwork’s vacuum furnace halls and shows that such a hardworking environment can be transformed into some sensational head turning images. And yours can too! Review your photo library. Is it up to date? Are the images good enough in this digital savvy age? Are they working for you? As a professional industrial photographer, I know that however difficult you think your environment to be, there is a great image in the making.

Yellow background light focuses attention on the subject.

Industrial sites are a haven for reflective surfaces. Avoiding unwanted reflections, especially self portraits, is vital

Automation Update - 7

Intelligent signalling device NIMU

Stop unnecessary downtime with non-invasive signalling systems Throughout the chemical sector, processes operating at high temperatures and with highly corrosive process media are common. Traditional signalling devices were not always compatible with such conditions and therefore are often over-looked as an additional accessory to monitor the status of the rupture disc.

Fig. 1: Signalling device NIMU (Non-Invasive Monitoring Unit)


evelopments in technology mean even companies in this sector can now use rupture disc signalling systems, helping not only improve productivity and safety but also supporting with environmental concerns. German manufacturer, REMBE, is the European leader in the manufacturing of pressure relief devices and explosion safety systems and their product range encompasses some of the most robust rupture discs and signalling solutions available to add significant operational value within the chemical industry. Here REMBE discuss how its intelligent signalling solutions will keep you informed about the status of your entire plant while not being affected by the harsh operating conditions. 8 - Automation Update

For processes operating with potentially harmful media the ability to shut down the process quickly and safely mean the risk of leakage is eradicated. Complying with explosive atmospheres and intrinsic safety industry standards, the signalling devices are designed to provide rapid notification of rupture disc activation, helping ensure safe management of the process while minimising downtime. REMBE’s signalling devices can easily be integrated with customers control systems to provide visual or acoustic notification of disc burst or to shut down the plant where required. With non-invasive signalling devices, which make it impossible for the process medium to escape, processes with critical pressures and demanding continues....

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media can also be reliably monitored. The following text explains the non-invasive monitoring unit NIMU in more detail.

Stop unnecessary downtime For customers for whom compatibility with harsh operating conditions is of paramount concern the NIMU (Non-invasive monitoring unit) is a reusable rupture disc signalling system designed for rapid notification of rupture disc activation even in the harshest chemical environments. The REMBE NIMU sensor is not in contact with the process meaning it is not affected by challenging process conditions or corrosive media. The intrinsically safe NIMU is installed into a tapping within the outlet of the rupture disc holder, completely isolated from the process so it does not create any leak paths and is not damaged following disc activation - critical for chemical customers where leak paths cannot be tolerated. With the traditional membrane type signalling devices, false alarms were unfortunately common place, as the harsh operating conditions could cause the device to activate even if the disc itself had not opened. This false signalling would cause unnecessary and costly 10 - Automation Update


process downtime. Unlike these traditional devices, the NIMU is not negatively affected by the process. Additionally, membrane detection systems are single use, meaning additional replacement costs. With the NIMU this additional cost is eradicated – the NIMU enhances overall dependability of rupture disc installations while reducing long-term expenditure. Not only is the signalling device fully reusable following disc functioning it is also reusable after routine maintenance checks. Easy to inspect during such maintenance routines, its closed circuit design allows it to be refitted into the holder by the same operator inspecting the disc, simplifying and quickening the maintenance process, a must to meet the demanding productivity requirements within the chemical processing sector. When used in combination with the REMBE IQ Safety Cockpit the operator can be instructed in the event of a system disruption and can implement the relevant emergency management protocols. The affected employees can be individually informed of a process shutdown and co-ordinated response to identify the cause and get the plant back up and running as quickly as possible.

RED LION CONTROLS EXPANDS SECURE REMOTE ACCESS OFFERING WITH ACQUISITION OF MB CONNECT LINE GMBH Red Lion Controls, an operating company of UK-based Spectris plc, is pleased to announce the acquisition of MB connect line GmbH, a leading provider of secure connection of machines and plants for remote access, data collection, and M2M-communication. The addition of MB connect line supports Red Lion’s strategy to deliver secure, easy-to-use edge connectivity solutions - enabling organizations worldwide to gain secure real-time data visibility that drives productivity. Headquartered in Dinkelsbühl, Germany, MB connect line is a recognized leader of Secure Remote Access, Industrial IoT, and Industrial Security services. MB connect line’s highly secured hardware and software solutions enhance Red Lion’s modular and rugged industrial automation and networking technology. The addition of MB connect line builds on the strategic collaboration announced between the two companies in 2019. The acquisition expands Red Lion’s portfolio by adding a full complement of products from an industry recognized leader in industrial cyber-security and offers customers a Remote Service Portal for remote monitoring and remote configuration. Customers will be able to meet the demands of industrial environments and strengthen their operational resiliency with secure remote access solutions. “Red Lion Controls and MB connect line are a powerful combination. With a shared focus on secure connectivity solutions, we will be better positioned to serve our customers seeking to strengthen their operational resiliency with the convergence of Information Technology and Operations Technology. Red Lion is very excited about starting this new chapter, supporting customers with a broader product offering and greater technical resources,” stated Jack Lee, President of Red Lion Controls. "With the acquisition of MB connect line by Red Lion Controls, we are taking the next step in our successful partnership. MB connect line will continue to expand its comprehensive portfolio of solutions for secure remote maintenance and networking as well as edge and cloud connectivity. MB connect line is very excited to work together with Red Lion Controls to provide the best solutions for the digital transformation in the industry - and to benefit from Red Lion Controls' strong global presence," stated Siegfried Müller, CEO and founder of MB connect line.

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moneo – simply made for you! Software to assist your industrial evolution - Nothing more. Nothing less. One platform for all digitization requirements Experience the ease of IT-supported process optimization with moneo. moneo is the all-in-one platform for everyone who wants to interact with their system in a predictive manner, evaluate information and adjust parameters. All in one software. Take the next step in digitization. Without detours, without technical hurdles, very simple and straightforward. Are you ready for industrial evolution? It's already happening, with moneo.

moneo|configure SA (SA: Stand-Alone) supports you with the parameterization of your IO-Link devices and ifm IO-Link masters. The visualized representation in the cockpit simplifies setup and error diagnosis. The simple management of parameter data sets accelerates the integration of new sensors and is supplemented by the integrated online connection to the IODD finder. Ready for more? Then start your digital evolution now with moneo, the new, open and industry-independent IIoT platform from ifm.


May 2022

Three days of innovation, partnerships and excellence: Subcon is back for 2022! Subcon returns on the 7- 9 June 2022 to the NEC, Birmingham. Now in its 45th year, it remains the UK’s premier event dedicated to subcontract manufacturing buyers, enabling them to source suppliers, benchmark capabilities, and form new manufacturing partnerships. At Subcon, find everything from product design, prototyping and development, contract and subcontract products and services through to machine tools, systems and equipment.


This June, Subcon will once again be collocated with The Engineer Expo and Manufacturing Management Show, bringing together even more of the best suppliers, latest innovations and practical advice.

The UK’s largest bespoke lapping and polishing sub-contractor, Lapping Services specialise in double sided lapping, high volume to 1 off’s AS9100 Rev D and they are RR nuclear accredited.

World-class solution providers: The exhibition Across the three show days the exhibition will deliver the contacts, connections and content that engineering and manufacturing businesses in the UK need to succeed. Visitors will be able to harness new innovations from over 200 world class suppliers to help increase capacity, optimise productivity and improve flexibility, whilst also driving down costs to stay competitive in a global market. Subcon exhibitors span a massive range of manufacturing and engineering businesses, including assembly work, CNC machining, metal fabrication, 3D printing and many more. As this diversity of exhibitors shows, there will be huge opportunities to forge strategic partnerships and improve existing

Exhibitors include: Lapping Services

Mintdale Engineering Mintdale Engineering are a family run business that have been supplying precision engineered parts to clients throughout the UK and internationally in a variety of industries for over 40 years.

Visitors can also enjoy over 30 hours of free conference sessions lead by industry experts discussing the key issues and trends that are driving innovation and shaping the UK’s industrial landscape in 2022: from the latest developments in key technology areas such as hydrogen mobility, electrification, and nuclear fusion to keynote insights on automation, finance and engineering skills. Speakers confirmed this year include: •

Dave Short - Technology Director, BAE Systems: Innovation in the defence sector

Ian Whiting – Commercial Director, UK Battery Industrialisation Centre: Scaling up UK electric vehicle battery manufacture

Tony Langtry – Head of Mechanical Engineering, Tokamak Energy: The engineering challenges of nuclear of fusion

Hugo Spowers – Founder, Riversimple: Transforming mobility with hydrogen

Professor Ric Allot – Director of Business Development, STFC: Industrial applications of Big Science.

Professor Chris Tuck – University of Nottingham: Insight from the cutting edge of the UK additive manufacturing research community.

Nick Hawker, CEO and co-founder, First Light Fusion on the commercial application of nuclear fusion

Martin Little, commercial director, Rail Alliance on the overlooked opportunities within rail

Trust Precision Engineering Trust Precision Engineering is an AS9100 for Aerospace accredited subcontract service provider specialising in sliding head machining. The proven cost savings of 1 hit machining for both simple and complex components is fundamental to their philosophy. Trust Precision will competitively provide the highest quality for your machined component requirements. Shaping the future: Free conference sessions

Jason Dante, event director for Subcon, points out that this wide range of opportunity and the chance to see so many diverse companies is no accident: “With Brexit, Covid-19 and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we are even more aware than ever of



May 2022

the pressures on UK engineering and manufacturing businesses, so we have crammed as much value into the event as we can. This year, alongside the Engineer Expo and Manufacturing Management Show theatre, we also have a brand new supply chain theatre that will bring together an expert line-up of speakers to talk about the biggest challenges and opportunities for the sector. We also once again have ensured there will be ample networking opportunities available at the show, including the VIP buyers lounge, sponsored by Qimtek. Plus, there will even be a couple of extra surprises in celebration of the Jubilee! We are incredibly excited to include so much new material and look forward to opening the doors at the NEC.”


Be Inspired by Innovation at Advanced Engineering Book your stand today to avoid disappointment


he 13th edition of Advanced Engineering will celebrate innovation, development and growth within the UK’s manufacturing industry. There 18/02/2022 06:30:08 will be seven show zones this year — aerospace, composites, automotive, advanced metals, connected manufacturing, space and satellite and a new product testing and quality control zone. In the space and satellite zone, the ExoMars Rover, Bruno will return following huge interest at the 2021 exhibition. This year, Advanced Engineering will once again be colocated with sister show, Lab Innovations, giving visitors and exhibitors more opportunities to collaborate across sectors. It is also offering more networking opportunities with a new composites networking area and drinks reception, which will be sponsored by PRF Composites. “Over the last two years, our whole industry has learned the value of in-person interaction, both personally and professionally,” explained Alison Willis, Director at Easyfairs, the organiser of Advanced Engineering and Lab Innovations. “At last year’s event, we found that more visitors and exhibitors were attending with a purpose — whether that was to connect with a new supplier or purchase a particular piece of equipment. AE Connect, our digital platform that helps exhibitors and visitors connect and arrange meetings in advance of the show, really helped facilitate this.”

The UK’s largest gathering of OEMs and engineering and manufacturing supply chain professionals, Advanced Engineering, will return to the NEC, Birmingham on November 2 and 3, 2022. The event is shaping up to be a huge success, with 80 per cent of exhibitor space already sold. Last year saw over 7,000 people attend across the two days, including representatives from Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover, Alpine F1, Ford, BAE Systems, RollsRoyce, and the Ministry of Defence. “Our industry is always innovating and releasing new technologies that are even more impressive when you see them in person. Take Advanced Engineering’s Enabling Innovation competition as an example — inperson events give start-ups like those involved in this the chance to showcase their ground-breaking products to the rest of the engineering community.” In 2022, Advanced Engineering’s smart badge system will return, meaning that attendees scan a personalised badge to receive digital literature and exchange virtual business cards with suppliers. As well as reducing the amount of paper being used, the smart badge technology also helps decrease the spread of COVID-19. Over 75 per cent of last year’s exhibitors rebooked for 2022, including Qimtek, a business that helps industry buyers and designers find new subcontract manufacturing partners. At the exhibition, marketing manager, Dean Munkley said, “The show’s been really good — far busier than I expected. We’ve probably taken more leads than we have at any show over the last three years. There was a lovely mix of people and it was great speaking to anyone from students to directors. There’s such a good variety of suppliers here too — we’ll definitely be returning.”

Exhibitor space is selling out fast. To book your stand, visit and make an enquiry. Alternatively, you can contact our Head of Sales, Ali Farr on +44 (0)20 3196 4244. 16 - Automation Update

2 & 3 November 2022 | NEC Birmingham

The UK’s LEADING annual gathering of OEMs and engineering and manufacturing supply chain professionals An absolutely outstanding event! We’ve met many great people who we will be looking to work with in the future, and overall it has been a very successful couple of days. Matt Travis, Engineering Manager, JCB

Scan the QR code to discover the event

Association partners Composites


Trade Association | +44 (0)20 3196 4300

Co-located with


12-13 October 2022

Coventry Building Society Arena

Celebrating 10 yea r s

@EngDesignShow #EngDesignShow

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27-28 APRIL 2022


Stay up-to-date with all the opportunities and challenges facing the sector through inspirational keynotes, case study led presentations and interactive panel sessions. Browse the latest cutting-edge technology, projects and innovations spanning the length and breadth of UK engineering. The best part... you can join us wherever you are and it’s all free to attend.

Interested in exhibiting? Head to the website to find out more about our virtual booths and sponsorship opportunities.



Independent Pump Training from E-learning Classroom based “Live” webinars On-site courses Tailored options For more information call

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scan code for the training guide or email: Automation Update - 21

123 Insight releases more free MRP educational videos 123 Insight has released six additional videos to its free MRP educational video series on YouTube, bringing the total number of videos available currently to 15.


he videos are designed to help manufacturing companies that are either struggling with paper-based, Excel-based, or home-grown database systems to manage stock control, purchasing, or planning, or that are considering moving away from an existing MRP/ERP system that no longer meets their needs. Each video is around 3-4 minutes in length and is designed to give the viewer a basic overview on each subject. The latest videos include: • What is a Bill of Materials (BOM)? • Batch production and MRP systems • What will MRP do for your sales department? • What will MRP do for your purchasing department? • What will MRP do for your stores department? • What will MRP do for your production department?

22 - Automation Update

These join an existing array of videos including common MRP/ERP implementation mistakes, the top 20 benefits of an MRP system, a brief history of MRP and how MRP and Lean Manufacturing can work together. Simon Badger, Managing Director of 123 Insight said; “Many smaller manufacturers start out with what they believe are perfectly manageable systems in place, but as they grow, they quickly discover a lack of efficiency, visibility and traceability. We’re creating these videos as part of our educational approach to MRP selection and implementation, empowering companies to understand what a well-implemented MRP system should be doing for their business, but without all the traditionally associated up-front massive financial commitment.” Companies can find 123insight on YouTube or visit for more information. 123 Insight also run regular online educational MRP events, which are free to attend. Attendees will also receive a free book on how to implement an MRP system.

Features Include:        

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Lamonde Automation Limited Quality Products: Expert Advice

Device Data: Do-It-Yourself Is History A medium sized machine building company invests an average of up to fifteen working hours per month creating missing device data – time that can be better used elsewhere. Solutions provider EPLAN is now providing support: with the new Data Portal Request Process, customers can order individual device data in Data Standard quality using the credit system. In addition, new selectors from ABB and Siemens simplify engineering, and the American NFPA format is now also supported. Faster access to suitable, preferably standardised device data – that’s the daily maxim in project work these days. While the EPLAN Data Portal offers device data for millions of components, it can sometimes happen that the required device data isn’t found on the portal. Users have had to create or modify such data themselves until now, which is time consuming and sometimes cost intensive. With the new Data Portal Request Process, users can now hand this task over to EPLAN. This saves a lot of work for creating individual device data and ensures the receipt of correct, standardised data.

From the request to the device data If a user working on a project requires device data that isn’t found on the portal, they can send their individual requests for creating device data to EPLAN. The credits required for this are directly shown, and the user can then use their credits to draw the corresponding amount for each query from their quota. This saves on frequently creating procurement orders and is transparent as regards potential inhouse cost limits. An EPLAN team creates the required device data within a few days in accordance with the Data Standard. This new service provides significant relief to companies as part of their engineering processes. EPLAN Business Owner Master Data Josefine Heck explains: “The new Data Portal Request Process provides our customers with maximum support in creating digital device data that is as complete as possible. In this way we have their backs so they can focus on truly value creating tasks in engineering.”

NFPA standard integrated Companies in machine building and plant system engineering sectors are often faced with the challenging task of preparing documentation in country specific standards. Countries such as China and the United States of America have local standards – in the US it’s the NFPA Standard, a standard that is now newly represented in the EPLAN Data Portal. Furthermore, there’s an integrated filter that allows searching for device data by standard, representing a next step for truly collaborative engineering on the world market.

24 - Automation Update

Josefine Heck.jpg: “The new Data Portal Request Process provides our customers with maximum support in creating digital device data that is as complete as possible,” says EPLAN Business Owner Master Data Josefine Heck.

ABB and Siemens: new selectors on the portal The inclusion of new selectors is yet another win for portal users: ABB e-Configure – a global configurator that supports selecting circuit breakers for protecting motors, fuse relays and power switches as examples – was recently integrated. And the Siemens Electrical

Data Portal Request Process.jpg: A simple input mask in the EPLAN Data Portal helps companies quickly request the required data.

ABB e-Configure.jpg: The ABB e-Configure selector now integrated means it’s easy to configure circuit breakers for protecting motors, fuse relays and power switches in the EPLAN Data Portal.

Product Finder is now also part of the portal, where designers can find data for Sirius compact starters, overload relays and monitoring relays to name just a few.

Expanded Data Standard Well over 500,000 device data in the EPLAN Data Portal already meet the criteria for the high quality Data Standard. In the interest of its customers, EPLAN aims to roll out the standard more broadly. A first step is defining additional product groups, including in the fields of fluid

power technology, where product groups not previously available have now been integrated. The company Festo, one of the most important suppliers in the fluid power sector, has already uploaded a quarter of its nearly 50,000 devices into in the portal in Data Standard quality. For users this means comprehensive data that can be used and further enriched throughout the entire engineering process.

Automation Update - 25

Solutions for Sealed Slimline Connectors

By David Phillips managing director Binder UK Advances in modern microelectronics are vital to the latest generation of miniaturised devices. Microprocessors, memory devices and batteries are smaller than ever before. The size and capabilities of modern microprocessors are allowing miniaturised devices to deliver performance that would have required far larger machines. To take advantage of this new technology, designers need small and highly capable connectors to provide them with an interface to the outside world. 26 - Automation Update

The Snap-In range of miniature circular connectors from binder provides solutions for a wide range of industries. Modern electronic design has combined with the latest high-speed communication offered by 5G technology to create a demand for small connectors that can work in tough conditions. The Internet of Things (IoT) and its industrial equivalent, sometimes known as Industry 4.0, employs a huge array of devices that are using both wired and wireless communication to share information. The binder range delivers a range of features to provide solutions in these demanding applications.

New Applications, New Environments Due to their smaller size, this new generation of connected systems can be installed in remote locations that were never possible before. From LED architectural lighting and smart agriculture to instrumentation and data logging, sophisticated electronics in small packages are being used in harsh environments. The Snap-In range of circular connectors from binder features a slimline design that is ideal for the latest generation of miniaturised devices. The range comprises the miniature 720 series with an overall diameter of 16mm, and the subminiature 620 series with a diameter of just 11.5mm Connected devices are also finding new uses in critical areas. Designers in the medical industry are taking advantage of miniaturised technology, creating solutions that are allowing patients carry on their daily lives, even while they are being provided with medical care. When combined with developments in treatment technology such as nebulisers, insulin delivery systems and even ventilators, patients can receive life-saving care in the hospital or the comfort of their own homes. For these critical care applications, the Snap-In range offers impressive performance. The connectors are capable of more than 500 mating cycles, delivering reliability even in frequently used equipment.

Connecting In Harsh Conditions

The binder 620 and 720 series are sealed to IP67, making them ideal for the tough conditions of the factory floor or the outdoor environment. The snap-in locking mechanism provides secure connection when mated, and the ergonomic shape of the body makes it ideal for use in smaller devices.

Versatility for Small Devices To provide a solution for the latest equipment, the engineer needs to select a connector that offers the right combination of small size, environmental protection, and cost-effective design. The Snap-In range is versatile, available in configurations between 3 and 8 poles for the 620 series, and up to 12 poles for the 720 series. The gold-plated brass contacts of the 720 series can deliver mains voltages. The body of the Snap-In range is designed for easy assembly and is fitted with solder contacts. It is available in cable- and panel-mounting options and can also be supplied with dip solder for printed circuit board (PCB) mounting. The polyamide connector shells can be colour-coded to provide clear visual identification which prevents mismating when several connectors are used together. The body can also be moulded in RAL 9002 grey-white for medical applications. Electronic equipment that is designed for use in harsh environments must be able to withstand the elements, and connectors play an enormous role. Many applications require IP67 protection but cannot use the bulky solutions of screw locking connectors or the high cost of push-pull types. The Snap-In range of circular connectors from binder combines reliability and protection with a range of useful features, all in a highly competitive package. Binder UK Ltd., Unit D, ATA House, Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 7SS, UK

Unlike almost every other component in the electronics industry, connectors must be able to withstand the external environment. Affixed to the outside of equipment, they are exposed to changes of temperature, dust and dirt, along with water and other contaminants. Despite this, they must be easy to use, and capable of providing secure connections.

Automation Update - 27

Features Include:        

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