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YUNG-CHIEH, JET CHANG Nationality Taiwanese Current Location UK Contact +44 7407236081 Education MA Automotive Design, Coventry University UK 2010-2011 Pre-Master program in Transportation and Automotive design, Coventry University, UK 2009-2010 BSc Industrial Design, Tung-Hai University, Taiwan 2000-2004 Experience/ Employment WEFT Design, Taiwan 2007-2008 Design department of UNIVERSAL WORLD-WIDE BUSINESS INC. designer Military Service, Taiwan 2005-2006 As a Coast Guard at punghu.

DUCK Image, Taiwan 2004-2005 Design assistant for 3D modeling and ideation Internship Way Design, transportation design studio, Taiwan 2003 As a internship, work on clay modelling Part-time Jobs Workshop assistant in Coventry University 2010 Expertise Software skills Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Director Autodesk Alias Languages Mandarin Chinese (native) English (fluent) Modelling Clay and hard Modelling Achievements Interior Motives Design Awards Shortlist, UK 2011 FNAC 24 hours Photography competition Finalist, Taiwan 2007







RENAULT GINKGO Urban Food-growing Vehicle

MA Thesis project, Coventry 2011 Research on the thesis “With the increasing trends toward ”selfefficiency” in urban areas what changing role a city vehicle might have in supporting these needs?”

Final Renderings

The Model

The model presents the concept on two sides. One side shows the growing cell is fitted on the body, another side shows without the cell and the connection part of inner side.

Development Sketches

The Sketch

The form of Ginkgo Concept has three key points, collecting water, bubble shape for growing and flowing surface. The idea is from the image of rivers and pebbles also from the Zen garden. These bubbles are removable growing cell which provide space for vegeta-

bles. They are the key features of this concept vehicle, to keep it balance, extend the front lamp shape then create a unique style presenting the

COCOON CONCEPT New Urban Mobility

Interior Motives Design Awards Shortlist 2011 Group project cooperate with RICARDO on “new architecture design on electric vehicle” Coventry, 2011 Team work with Jasvinder Singh and Thomas Gonda.

The Sketch

This concept is a sharing vehicle base on the “folding� idea in urban area. So it is an asymmetry, the sketch shows here is the soft side. Although we designed use nano-silicon as material, we still keep the styling as vehicle form and make it interesting enough.

Development Sketches

Clay Process

This project is designed for urban short-distance movement, our concept focus on folding structure of this vehicle. The idea is from shell, so it has two side one is hard and the rest of the vehicle use soft material include wheels. When doing clay, it is a challenge to make an asymmetry form. I tried to make it balance and crate a new type of urban mobility. In our team, I am the team leader and in charge of all clay modelling.

BMW iCONTACT Designed by Ahmad Moslemifar

Assistant work on clay modelling for Ahmad Moslemifar, Coventry, 2011

The Process

This project is designed by Ahmad, my classmate. I help him to make some features, check surfaces then finish all surfaces. We work together a lot, during the same time I did my clay. I believe it helps me to understand form more by helping others to clarify surfaces.


B-segment vehicle for U.S. Market

Brand study and 3-D development on B-segment vehicle Coventry, 2011

Development Sketches

Final Renderings

Clay Process

In this project, I would like to make the vehicle keep the strong cue that Chrysler has and trying to create best proportion base on the package. In the end it should be a readable form as sculpture.

Final Clay

Unpainted clay on presentation. I didn’t put too much dressing, because I want to simply show the surface and proportion.


When sketching, I tried to express the shape of fluid and speed, and created special shape from automotive elements.

Key Form

The form is from Black-backed Jackal and the Egypt god “Anubis.� That is one of my favorite animal and mythology.

Clay Head

Clay Form Study Head and Trophy

Development Sketches

Sketches For this project, I want to use forms to express the design process. Designing is indeed a process from obscure to precise, like many thoughts coming to one point. The point is the transition to a solution.

Design Process

Sketching during the modeling process, then trying to make balances on a 3 dimension form. In this case I would like to present the beautiful of the twisted surface.

Clay Trophy

Key Sketch

Pure but not simple, I tried to create surfaces with tension on a simply form. The half hemisphere represent the center where generated power and future.

Clay Modelling with Passion

Thanks for your time

Portfolio yung-chieh Chang  

Yung-chieh Chang MA automotive Coventry

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