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James Malinchak’s Direct Your Attention On Becoming A Likable Leader Once, I heard that a majority of the reason why anyone is going to be successful is because of people skills. Of the 100% of skills the leftover, the remaining percentage equals 13% subject knowledge. That means that 87% of the reason you'll be a successful leader is dependant on your capability to get along with others. Why people skills over subject knowledge? The answer is because it doesn't matter how smart you are or how high your level of IQ. It does not matter what your qualifications or how much you have gained in leadership experience. The answer is that if people like you, they follow you. If those you lead despise you, then they won't listen to you. It is that simple. Think about it. You have probably been in a situation where you worked for somebody who you did not like being around. What was your attitude toward that person, their suggestions, advice, and commands? I'll bet your performance level was sub-par. You may have accomplished what was expected of you, but chances are you didn't and would not over deliver for somebody you did not like as a boss. Was it because of their leadership ability or was it because you did not particularly like that individual? It's human nature not to want to listen to or perform well for those we do not like because they do not treat us well. I experienced this first hand when I was a full time Stockbroker for a big Wall Street investment firm. My partner and I were recruited for lots of money to move our business to a Southern Californian firm. This Southern California office was one of the most successful, productive and prestigious location in the whole firm. The manager was touted as this great leader with a lot of experience and knowledge. He was said to be able to show anybody who worked for him how to double their production and income inside 12-months. Obviously, my partner and I were really excited about the move. However, within a few months of working for this knowledgeable and experienced leader, we knew we would not stay there extremely long. He increased production and income of all the broker’s in a way that was not the manner we previously agreed. He constantly yelled at brokers and embarrassed them in front of their colleagues while trying to lead with intimidation. He also encouraged certain practices that many would call borderline unethical or in the best interest of the client. Was he successful as a leader, yes and no? Yes, based on the fact that a number of the brokers were intimidated enough to buy into his manipulation and the way of leading without with respect to the fact that the majority of his top-producing brokers, including us, didn't like him. The result was that most of us left to move to other firms and work for managers that we liked! The lesson was learned from my personal experience that if I would like others to work for me, I need to be likeable. I need to lead without the heavy handed behaviors that cause others to quit or do less work. Be a successful leader who's liked and you'll excel higher.

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James Malinchak’s Direct Your Attention On Becoming A Likable Leader  
James Malinchak’s Direct Your Attention On Becoming A Likable Leader  

Once, I heard that most of the reason why anybody ...