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is running. Waqt bohat kam. Exams! Exams! Exams! Some of you would have already started with exams and some of you are ready to face! Yeh samay shayad stressful ho sakta he. But don't let the stress get to you. Here are few fire ways to make sure you are ready physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually to take those exams. Plan (Hebrews 10:35) At final exam time you will have limited time aur sare pages paddna mushkil hoga, so have a plan of attack. Which areas will need more of your time? Which subjects need review? Lose the Excuses (Proverbs 4:7) Sab last minute ke liye na choddo. Some teens even find excuses to fail, because they just give up learning. Exams are overwhelming. They do test your limits, lekin seekna zyada zaroori he. Eat Well (Mathew 10:31) Teens are known for eating badly. Junk foods like chips and cookies tumhe behat pasand hoga. However, you may find that those foods are not very helpful to your study habits. Try to eat healthy "brain foods" high in protein. Get Your Rest (Mark 6:31) Sleep is one of the most important tools you have in studying for exams. You may feel stressed and like you don't know everything you need to know, lekin achi neend stress relieving hogi. Reach out (1Peter 4:10) Kabhi na socho teaching others is a waste of our time. Even if you are overloaded, find some time for those who are in need and find difficult to cope because ‘the more you teach, the more you learn’. Humbleness and Obedience( James 4:10) There have been times when you have disliked or made fun of your teachers. Make sure you ask pardon to God for all the times you have disobeyed or teased your teachers. Also seek the blessings of teachers of respective subjects. Aise karne mein tumhe kushi milegi. Pray, Pray, Pray! ( Matthew 7:7) Sometimes teens think that God is only in the most spiritual parts of their lives, but God is in every aspect of your life. He wants you to succeed. Praying can bring you closer to God and make you feel a little stronger and relaxed going into test time. Before leaving on exam morning, pray with your parents. Yeh sabse zaroori.

“Study with Jesus” book suna hoga. In fact I am happy to know that it is being a helping aid for many teens to grow with Christ and endure their stressful times. As an on-the-teen, small books like this will serve as a guide to stretch out your hands with Saints towards Christ. So Jesus ke saath haath pakdo aur...on your mark, Get Set Go...

MAX TOM Coordinator, Jesus Youth Teens Ministry, India

Kyun Stressed out??!! Raho na in much doubt

I’ll help you when you get stuck Don’t rely much on luck Jab tum jaago on exam day I’ll keep your stress at bay. Maalum mujhe you have focus and ability Jaanu yeh bhi you have patience and stability Chahe wo science, math, English Yaa ho art, hindi, Spanish Bas yeh he ek exam Nahi koi bada battle So take it easy aur Don’t let your brains rattle Make sure you carry extra pens Better check apna ID’s twice Pehle ache se Revise your syllabus Phir exam time make no fuss Bura hoga agar tum dare to cheat Else you’ll be under Satan’s feet Chak do yeh exams Bolo All is well Eat well, study hard Coz I’m there to hold your hand.

Chalo Expressions


“Seeing the prayer life and routine of peers inspired me to take it up too and it also taught me the importance of prayer in my life. The travelling and interactions were all WONDERFUL experiences.”

Maria Luke

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Currently she is working as designer in Kerala. A very energetic young lady who takes job

(Ephesians 2:10)


Chalo Meghalaya

“We are often troubled or disturbed with cultural differences and language barriers. The days at Chalo taught me that I can survive in spite of any difficulties. Travelling from city to remote interiors helped to expose myself to various facets of life making me realize that Christ had indeed BLESSED my life.”

Chalo Kashmir


Chalo Nagaland

“Today what I am is because of those days at Chalo. The commitment, the decisions, the insights and all the wonderful moments are still vivid in my memory and I truly CHERISH it with my Lord.”

Ann Maria

Nithin Thomas

(Thrissur teens coordinator) Presently she is final year B.Sc student. She is the support & encouragement to many teens of Kerala.

Co-ordinator of Kerala Teens Team. He explores the possibilities of sharing the joy everyday among various teens.


Chalo Chattisgarh

“It’s never easy to break the shell and come out of our comfort zones. But one can easily, if they submit and depend on Jesus. I felt Chalo has a big relevance in my life as I learnt to say YES to all situations and dislikes.”

Dominic Joseph Doing With simplicity and humbleness, he drives the attention of many towards Christ.

We all are specially chosen and called. These missionaries at various Chalo mission exposure programmes had responded to their calls and are now sharing the joy they received during those days. Are you willing to listen to your call and share the joy?Be the messengers of joy! CHALO!!!

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tness i w will the o l a s h s C o r ”. ac om engal r B f ience r s e o l r p e a x g e “Ch hrist teena C West r d i f e e o t h c t s e l e g se parish sharin d y n r t a coun hools c s e th with al. Beng r, e Venu y Pastoral centlkeata.

e Venu

, enter c l a r Pasto , Kolkata. y o l a t Progg ur, Barasa yp Hrida



1 ay 20 M , m a

4th 8

-1 h 6pm


alo t, Ko Progg ur, Barasa yp Hrida :

ish r a P ace sada. l P n o Missi riday Girja, Mon al H



mth 6p



May 6pm,


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E beats March 2014  

National newsletter of Jesus Youth Teens Ministry, India

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