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The National Jesus Youth Teens Journal April 2009 Ensure that you keep in mind these simple things:

“Do you love life? If you do so do not waste your time.� (Benjamin Franklin) Time is God's grace and God has given all of us this precious gift to utilize it to the fullest, for ourselves and for HIS glory. So why not begin now?? Nothings better than the free time of the summer vacation to better ourselves and grow, becoming spiritually, physically and intellectually strong. All of us have twenty-four hours at hand every day of our lives. But the key to success is the way we plan our time. Remember, 'time crawls for one who waits, time flies for those who fear, but time is always insufficient for those who are joyful'. So make the most of your time this summer vacation and be joyful.

A vacation message by Fr. Baiju Parakkal OSST

Find time for laughter, it is the music of the soul Find time to think, it is the source of power Find time to play, it is the source of eternity Find time to read, it is the source of discernment Find time to pray, it is the power on earth Find time to love and be loved, it is the grace of God Find time for friendships, it is the way to happiness Find time to be generous, it reduces the length of time Find time to do hard work, it is the prize of victory.

Happy Holidays!!!

Teens' leaders from different Southern States gathered together to make an action plan for the next 100 days (time of summer vacation in schools) & for the next academic year. With the desire to bring every teen closer to the heart of Jesus in the coming year, around 40 leaders attended this gathering at Upasana Study Centre, Bangalore on February 7th and 8th. The group participated in numerous sessions which challenged them to think & act beyond their limitations. With the Ministry now driven towards a new phase, the leaders were encouraged to ask questions & gain clarity. They were also reminded of the importance of moving forward with motivation.

Think BIG, Act NOW!!

South Indian Leaders Gathering, Bangalore

The National Jesus Youth Teens Journal


April 2009 WonderFULL- Explore’ 09 Explore' 09 was a retreat held for the teens of St. Ann's High School, Secunderabad, AP on February 7th & 8th. There were around 80 participants from Class 8 to 10. Adolf Goldwyn, Animator of JY Hyderabad took the main sessions and helped the teens to have a wonderful time with Jesus, especially during the hours of Inner healing and Adoration.

Christ for YOU Around 50 teens of Santhome Parish, Bangalore, attended the parish retreat organized by the Bangalore teens' team. st


Held on February 21 and 22 , the participants were greatly inspired by the relevance of the sessions and skits to their life.

Hail the HIGHEST th

On March 7 , a one- day programme was organized for the students of Class 6 to 8 of Holy Family School, Chennai. Filled with sessions, Word sharing, activities, video presentations, games and a blessed time of Adoration, the 25 participants were at the peak of joy and excitement, throughout the day. Prashanth, South Indian Teens Coordinator was the key resource.

During the long weekend from January 24th to 26th, a leadership training programme was conducted by the Kerala Teens Team at Emmaus, Ernakulam. Called Enjoy, the training was attended by 50 leaders, both teens and supporting, from various zones.


These days also saw the discussion of their visions for the Ministry in 2009 along with zonal updates. New initiatives like RBI (Rosary Bank of Intercession), Teens zonal website, Teens Music Band, One Penny collection, amongst others were highly appreciated and encouraged.

Kerala- Vacation Programmes Schedule th


Kottayam- EDLEWEIS

April 24 - 28 at St. Ephrem's HSS, Mannanam

Trivandum- Teens prog.

May 18th- 22nd th th May 13 - 16 at Calvary Ashram rd th th th th th April 3 ,st 4 ,nd5 ,rd24 , 25 , 26 & May 1 , 2 , 3 at BLM Aloor

Thrissur- JAM Irrinjalakkuda- ANGELS

Gemon: 09947605272 Linta: 09746931724 Jino: 09388855578 Jees: 09633995099


The National Jesus Youth Teens Journal April 2009

Kerala is busy getting ready to host Joy Conference in April. In preparation, Intercession is happening in full swing. The teens have come up with several interesting 'prayer methods' and here are some of the highlights: -> Daily SMS consisting of a prayer intention & an intercessory song or prayer -> Way of the cross with special prayers for teens & the Ministry -> Intercessory outreaches -> Map Prayer (exclusively for the programme's General Team) where the members will place their hands on the map of Kerala & pray -> 1:1 which has one person interceding for one participant of Joy 09 Furthermore, there is an 'intercession reporting sheet' that each zone must submit so that it may be lifted up to the Lord in thanksgiving.

Serving the poor, they Served CHRIST

To make the celebration of Christmas more meaningful in th their lives, the Thrissur Teens spent December 26 in an outreach to Aakashaparavkal (Birds of the Air), an orphanage in the outskirts of Thrissur, Kerala. Comprising of 20 teens, a few supporting leaders and the Teens team elder, the

Know your NEWS

group spent the day with the inmates of the orphanage which included babies, school going children, elderly Catch their ENERGY people & mentally challenged people. The students of Anugraha English Medium School, It was a unique and Belthangady, Karnataka had their annual retreat on beautiful th th experience for the February 7 and 8 . The participants' as they retreat in Kannada was interacted with the attended by around 120 inmates and helped students. out in a few of their With a renewed experience chores. The of God's love, the students outreach inspired are ready to make the prayer the teens to be Christ's ever ready group in their School more vibrant. helpers!

Prashanth from Hyderabad is the new Coordinator of the South Indian Teens Team (SITT). He is also part of the Service team in Hyderabad & is currently doing his MCA. A new member of SITT is Sandra from Chennai. She is doing her PG in Literature from Loyola College, Chennai. The anointing of the new Coordinator and the blessing of the team members happened during the Leaders gathering at Bangalore.

The National Jesus Youth Teens Journal


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Rainbow Teens Leaders formation programme th

Be the change... Make a Change A mission outreach for teens across India


April 14 - 19 St. Ann’s School, Kuntikan, Mangalore For details, contact: Merlin (09964642571)

April 28th- May 14th For details, contact: Vimal (09894944396)

Philia- A friendship festival with Jesus

Joy Conference

A programme for High School students (Class 8 to 10)

A conference for outgoing +1 students April 18th- 22nd Rajagiri School, Kalamassery, Ernakulam, Kerala For details, contact: Jerry (09895355712)

Cool Camp

May 7th- 10th Carmel Convent School, Jayanagar, Bangalore For details, contact: Shinto (09916741909) Teens Programme Summer gathering for Teens Leaders

April 26th- May 1st Sacred Heart Cathedral Church, Near Botanical Garden, Ooty, Tamil Nadu For details, contact: Roji (09840717651)

May 15th- 17th Adilabad For details contact: Prasanth (09949891479)

Upcoming programmes

A Summer outing for teens

Calling all teens to ‘Grow Deeper Reach Higher’ in preparation for the JY Jubilee Celebrations of 2010. th th Conference for Central India at Jabalpur, MP from June 4 - 7 (Contact: Abhilesh on 09754171177) Training at Delhi for JY teens from June 2nd to 7th (Contact: Vinod on 09227455347) Youth programme at Nagapattam, Tamil Nadu in June (Contact: Swaraj on 09843171785) Parish Retreats, Chennai (Contact: Ajay Antony on 09940510545)

e-beatz April 2009  

Jesus Youth Teens Ministry Newsletter, India

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