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The Olive Tree Community SEPTEMBER’S UPDATE: August was great! I was preaching through Colossians and God really spoke to me. We did a series called “The New You”. It was book study through Colossians and that book seemed to permeate every part of my life.

realized the topics Chan was dealing with were also being dealt with in Colossians. I literally took sermons that I was preaching on Sunday and fitted them to my Judson audience and it went awesome! Then my brother-in-law Andy sent me this:

Hey Joe,

OTC GRAND OPENING!!!, Colossians, Covenant, and Much, Much More…

Scott Kegel and I were discussing a topic to preach on and he turned me on to a passage in Colossians 4 and it really spoke to me. I went on vacation and decided to have my devotions in the book of Colossians and every chapter seemed to be speaking to my heart and where I was at in my life. I came home and wanted to preach through Colossians, and we began an 8 week series called The New You. I was asked to speak and Judson College’s Leadership retreat and they wanted me to connect with the topics in Francis Chan’s book, “Crazy love”. I was swamped in my preparation for our own leadership retreat and for our launch in September. As I read this book, I

Just wanted to share with you- After reading your newsletter with the verses in Colossians (what an amazing passage!) I was inspired to read the whole book. I felt then that Colossians was the right book to go through for our Small Group Leader's retreat. Then Mark (Northbridge’s Lead Pastor) came in and mentioned he's preaching on Colossians this coming week (specifically 1:28-29). Just thought it was cool :) Love your bro, Andy

God is really doing something with Colossians, and I don’t know why. Read Colossians This month for your devotions and see what God does with it in your life…Email me any cool stories. 

moved in us, and united our hearts in Him. It was amazing! God also, for the first time, caused some healthy disagreement. It was a great thing because it meant people were taking ownership and how we did things really mattered to them. YAY! God you are awesome!

OTC MISSIONS This is the Same update from our OTC Missionaries in Israel from August…just in case you didn’t get a chance to read it last month.


I came back from Judson’s Leadership retreat having to prepare for the OTC Leadership Retreat. It was a 24 blitz for most volunteers, the staff got together two days earlier. We had great time bonding and then we planned out the entire year’s calendar, and did final prep for the retreat.

Our theme this year is covenant. We are covenanting together to give God our everything in connection with His work at the OTC. We all signed covenants, and God

We are praying intensely about our Launch. Every day we are PRAYING at 9:20 am or pm for our Launch on 9-20-09. Please join us and PRAY God moves in the hearts of the people we invite. We are all inviting at least 10 people to come out on 9-20-09. This is our biggest event to date and it will have a huge impact on how we grow over the next year. PRAY all the people we invite come out. I have contacted the LA Times to see if they might be interested in doing a story on us, but haven’t heard back from them. PRAY they contact me, and do a story on the OTC. We plan to put door hangers out in the neighborhood. PRAY God allows us to get some people to come through the door hangers too! We are all jacked about the launch and are believing God will do big things! God is good, and He can do far more than we can hope or imagine.

Sterling Reed and Talia Katz have sent us another update. We are so proud to partner with them! They are doing a great job as they fearlessly follow the Lord! I hope they inspire you to do the same in your own life. Please read and pray for them. :) OTC Family! We're writing to you from a dirty little internet cafe in India!! It's 10:45pm and it's like 95 degrees outside and soooo humid!!! But aside from sweating a lot, we're doing really well! We've been here in Delhi for 5 days, and the transition has been way easier than we expected. Our team of six went ahead of the bigger team to India, and we've spent the majority of this week going deep in worship, prayer and intercession, asking God to prepare the way for both our teams.

Our second team got here today at 6:30am. We met them at the airport and were able to ease their transition as much as possible by taking care of taxis and hotels and all the logistics. Except for the leaders, the entire second team had never experienced India before, and it's definitely a shock going through that for the first time. We're together for one more day and then splitting up into four smaller teams, with each of the members of our team leading their teams. We'll be going to Dharamsala, Manali, Parvati Valley, and Leh. Please be praying for God to go before us and open the hearts of the Israelis in these areas. We're so excited to be here doing this. God has really been stirring up our hearts lately and meeting us in new ways. Even though the living conditions here in Delhi have been extremely exhausting, we're all pumped to be leading these teams and going out. Its been really hard for Talia and I to adjust to working in an intimate team, but God has been helping us find a balance, and it's been getting a lot better lately. In fact, last night our team had a bit of a debriefing session, and they specifically encouraged us and told us we were doing a great job, and they feel good about our contributions as a couple. Please pray for us as the two of us are on different teams for the next week and a half. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and your support. We love you guys so much and its so encouraging to know that we have a family back home that's rooting for us! We miss you and pray that

God will rock your world over there. It's so exciting that you have a Sunday morning service now! You can follow our blog @ Love, Sterling & Talia

PRAY for our continued partnership with our Jewish brothers and sisters in Jews for Jesus and Tikkun Olam.

MEMORY VERSE: Col 1:15 15He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. YESHUA THE MOSHIACH!

PRAY for favor, a good reputation, and opportunity in the Jewish community in Brentwood.

OTC FILMS The OTC has purchased it's first TV quality Camera and Editing software to begin filming videos, dramas, short films, and webisodes. We determined that God has given us a lot of people in the entertainment industry and we are responsible to steward their gifts wisely. We felt God leading us to create media that will encourage and teach believers and or cause the world to consider Jesus as their Messiah. Sweet! We will post them on Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and Godtube. I will send emails so you can check them out. :) THE OTC BABY! Vision: To Love People, See them Transformed, and Help them Change the World. We are rolling! Your prayers are being answered and we see God’s mission being accomplished in Brentwood‌soon LA, and next the World.

PRAYER TEAM If you are interested in being a part of my personal prayer team please reply to this email with Prayer Team in the memo and I will add you to my team.

SUPPORT UPDATE PRAY - BELIEVE 2009 In August 09 our support was $2300. PRAY God crushes us financially if that is what He needs to do to cause us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength (I have said this a lot, but it is still true!).

Money has kept ministers and churches out of this area for years, but we refuse to let it stand in the way of the gospel. PRAY God provides for us. Please consider forwarding this newsletter to all the people in your contacts list at least one time, explaining our mission and need, and maybe God will move in someone's heart to support God's mission to LA! Please have courage and faith no matter what you do!

Go to our Myspace profile or m to see anther way you can support OTC . Check out Cards For California‌It is an unbelievable effort coming out of Chicago to support us and see God influence LA!

PRAY God gets the OTC self sufficient by the end of 2009!

In 2009 PRAY that God lowers our monthly bills and ups our support. WE are currently looking for new housing that will help lower our overhead.

Cards for California

Thank you for all of your support! GIVE ONLINE? YES! SWBC reference number for paying your support to The Olive Tree Community through online banking: Reference #2057-2-80

PRAY God allows us to get into a place that will increase our effectiveness for the kingdom, and lower our rent. We want to steward all of your support and God's resources wisely.

PRAY for my Family too. That God would use the kids in the lives of their friends and at their school. That Lisa will be a light to the parents and in this community!

goodshop we receive money. It is easy and it helps us accomplish our mission.

Pray that God moves others to join the mission of reaching a community that has the ability to impact the world. Pray God provides the remainder $54,400 that my family will need to minister here in Brentwood. GOODSEARCH Hey, I heard of an easy way to support OTC. Go to and put The Olive Tree Community as your charity and then set it as your homepage. Every time you search using good search or purchase online using

Find out more about The Olive Tree Community at:

Upcoming Events:

SEPT 6 th , 1 3 th , 20 TH , 27 th O TC S unday MORNI NG Gatherings SEPT 20 OTC GRAND OPENING OTC Li ving: Thurs Golf, Friday Surfing

This Newsletter is also a reminder to send in your Support for SEPTEMBER 2009 You can give your support through online banking using the SWBC reference number that goes to The Olive Tree Community: #2057-2-80 Or The Commitment Card is attached to this Newsletter. You can simply print it off, fill it out, and send it in with your monthly support, and/or special gift. Payment and mailing instructions are on the commitment card. Thank you for your support. olivetreeCommunity Follow OTC on Twitter or become friends with Joe on Facebook and Join The Olive Tree Community Group

This Week’s Celebrity Prayer Focus: Gerard Butler

When you hear his name mentioned on TV, or Radio this month…please pray a short prayer that God would reveal Himself to his family and friends and they would experience Jesus’ love.

Check out The Olive Tree Community’s Videos: The Daily D, Heath Ledger Tribute Video, and more at… and Myspace Facebook Simply Search Olive Tree Community Email them to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers as conversation pieces that can lead to discussions about Jesus.

The Big Commitments † Read your Bible for a ½ hour every day. Pray for a ½ half hour every day. † Bring your Bible with you to work or school. † Invite 5 people to OTC parties a week. † Fast once a month for 24 hrs for God to bring our friends, coworkers, and neighbors to Christ.

Prayers for the Mission to LA/Brentwood  Pray God Provides for the Basile’s  Pray God Blesses the Airing of LA Ink and Joe’s opportunities to Share Jesus on TV  Pray OTC sees 1000 people come to Christ!  Pray God Protects Joe and Gives Him Vision  Pray God Blesses our efforts this messianic leader  Pray the Brentwood Community and Surrounding Area will experience revival o General Population o Jewish Community o Celebrity Community

OTC The Olive Tree Community is a Church/Synagogue plant in Brentwood/LA. Our purpose is to reach out to Celebrities/Jews/The Wealthy/The Common Person with the love of Jesus. If you have any Questions send us a message and we'll reply promptly.

Blessings! Joe and Lisa Basile

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