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JANUARY’S UPDATE: Our oldest son, Joe (Joey), is an inventor (Inventing a Snow Fort here).

Famous Inventor, Joe Jonas, and

He has always been creative and for years he has invented board games and forced us…invited us…to play them. Recently, there was a competition for amateur board game inventors down at Navy Pier in Chicago. Joe entered it at the last minute. After two days of judging Joe's game was determined to be the best. He went to lunch with the inventor of Tickle Me Elmo and the Hasbro rep. Hasbro signed Joe on to be a boardgame inventor for them at age 17.

They have held this competition for three years, but this is the first time Hasbro has offered the winner a contract. We are very proud of him, and excited to see what Hasbro does with his game. The Daily Herald, and the Elgin Courier have done articles on him. His school district also did a story about him. Click the link if you would like to hear more about Joe's story. LISA'S ADVENTURES Most of you probably have heard of The Jonas Brothers (Boy Band popular with young girls).

about creating momentum and there is a buzz in our group.

One of the brothers is named Joe.

our 11am service and the Superbowl wasn't until 5pm.

As I evaluate who is coming it is cool to see how many people that attend either work directly or are affiliated with the entertainment industry. One man, who is a godly guy, has been a supermodel, and has had lead roles in major motion pictures.

Joe works out at the same gym as Lisa and I. Lisa ran into Joe last week and got his picture.

Also, our Jewish community is growing and God is giving me confidence in His ability to use me in that group. As last year was coming to a close I really felt God calling me to really shepherd our group and I tried to invest a lot of one on one time with different people. I have already see that bear fruit in different people's spiritual development. God is sooo good!!!

Lisa is now the envy of all young girls. She liked the attention so much, that she posted this pic on her Facebook profile. OTC GATHERINGS Our Christmas and Hanukkah gathering went great! God has really blessed us, in spite of us starting gatherings right before the holidays. These first two weeks of 2009 have been AWESOME!!! There is excitement and new energy. We are excited

We came home for Christmas and New Year, and it was really good. This was my favorite Christmas of all time. I think I really appreciated family more this year than ever before. (Thank you God for blessing Lisa and I with great family.) It was great to freeze with the rest of you midwesterners for two weeks, but then come home to sunny California. :) SUPERBOWL Josh (Assc Pastor) and I were watching NFL playoffs and hanging out when it hit us that the Superbowl (Feb 1st 2009) will run at the same time as our OTC Gatherings. In Lombard we would lose numbers at

We decided to hold an OTC Superbowl Party at our townhouse, less than a mile from where we normally meet, instead of our usual Sunday night gathering. Already we have some people RSVPing who have never been out to the OTC. I am excited to invite our people to my home, and to spend some fellowship time with them. This is turning out to be a huge blessing and believe God is going to give us great opportunities to love people through it. GOD WAS GREAT IN 08! 2008 was the year God did big things in out lives and showed us to trust Him. I didn't always know how the bills were going to be paid, but they got paid. I want to thank God, and Thank you for all of your support in 2008! There has not been a new thriving ministry in

Brentwood that has survived in 30 years (according to westside pastors). Thanks to God and your willingness to follow His leadings and support us, we have year one in the books!!! God has a presence in BRENTWOOD!!!! We have come to influence the influencers!!! Let God open the floodgates of people coming to Him in 2009!!!

SUPPORT UPDATE PRAY - BELIEVE 2009 There is a posssibility of reducing our rent by $1300 a month. PRAY God allows us to move into that home. It is a three bedroom ranch in Brentwood across the street from Jade and Jake's school. Two pastors live there now but are moving out. Pray God moves them along to where He is calling them quickly so we can move in.

God can do both those things and far more!!! He got us through 2008! If things don't change financially, we will still give our lives, and proclaim Him as glorious!!! Money has kept ministers and churches out of this area for years, but we refuse to let it stand in the way of the gospel. PRAY God provides for us. Please consider forwarding this newsletter to all the people in your contacts list at least one time, explaining our mission and need, and maybe God will move in someone's heart to support God's mission to LA! Please have courage and faith no matter what you do!

In 2009 PRAY that God lowers our monthly bills and ups our support. We are starting fresh.

Cards for California

Thank you for all of your support! GIVE ONLINE? YES! SWBC reference number for paying your support to The Olive Tree Community through online banking: Reference #2057-2-80

PRAY God gets the OTC self sufficient by the end of 2009! PRAY for my Family too. In 2008 our bills were about $5000 a month to live in this very expensive community. In the last 4-5 months our support averaged about $2200.

Tree Community as your charity and then set it as your homepage. Every time you search using good search or purchase online using goodshop we receive money. It is easy and it helps us accomplish our mission.

Pray that God moves others to join the mission of reaching a community that has the ability to impact the world. Pray God provides the $70,000 that my family will need to minister here in Brentwood.

GOODSEARCH Hey, I heard of an easy way to support OTC. Go to and put The Olive

Go to our Myspace profile or m to see anther way you can support OTC . Check out Cards For California‌ It is an unbelievable effort coming out of Chicago to support us and see God influence LA!

to my team. Vision: To Love People, See them Transformed, and Help them Change the World. We are rolling! Your prayers are being answered and we see God’s mission being accomplished in Brentwood…soon LA, and next the World.

You can give your support through online banking using the SWBC reference number that goes to The Olive Tree Community: #2057-2-80 Or The Commitment Card is attached to this Newsletter. You can simply print it off, fill it out, and send it in with your monthly support, and/or special gift. Payment and mailing instructions are on the commitment card. Thank you for your support.

Upcoming Events: We do not have a messianic leader yet, but God has provided a messianic worship leader to come in once a month and lead us in worship. He is advising us on how to incorporate messianic elements into our services as well. Thank you God. We have had great response from the Jewish people who attend the OTC and we are encouraged by how God is using us even though we are not Jewish. PRAYER TEAM If you are interested in being a part of my personal prayer team please reply to this email with Prayer Team in the memo and I will add you

Jan 18 th , 25 th OTC Sunday Night Gatherings Feb 1st OTC Superbowl Party Feb 4 th -7 th Joe Travels to Chicago to Officiate Wedding Wed Nights OTC Community Groups

Find out more about The Olive Tree Community at: olivetreeCommunity Or become friends with Joe on Facebook and Join The Olive Tree Community Group

MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 45:11 11 The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord. This Newsletter is also a reminder to send in your Support for JANUARY 2009

Check out The Olive Tree Community’s Videos: The Daily D, Heath Ledger Tribute Video, and more at… and Myspace Facebook Simply Search Olive Tree Community Email them to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers as conversation pieces that can lead to discussions about Jesus.

This Week’s Celebrity Prayer Focus: Justin Timberlake

When you hear his name mentioned on TV, or Radio this month…please pray a short prayer that God would reveal Himself to him and he would experience Christ’s love.

The Big Commitments † Read your Bible for a ½ hour every day. Pray for a ½ half hour every day. † Bring your Bible with you to work or school. † Invite 5 people to

OTC parties a week. † Fast once a month for 24 hrs for God to bring our friends, co-workers, and neighbors to Christ.

Prayers for the Mission to LA/Brentwood  Pray God Provides for the Basile’s  Pray God Blesses the Airing of LA Ink  Pray OTC sees 1000 people come to Christ!  Pray God Protects Joe and Gives Him Vision  Pray God will provide a messianic leader  Pray the Brentwood Community and Surrounding Area will experience revival o General Population o Jewish Community o Celebrity Community

OTC The Olive Tree Community is a Church/Synagogue plant in Brentwood/LA. Our purpose is to reach out to Celebrities/Jews/The Wealthy/The Common Person with the love of Jesus. If you have any Questions send us a message and we'll reply promptly.

Blessings! Joe and Lisa Basile You can contact The Olive Tree Community at: 310-339-4137

theolivetreecommunity@gmail.c om UN-SUBSCRIBE If you do not wish to receive the weekly email from me please respond to with "no email please" in the heading.

Olive Tree Community January 2009 Newsletter  

Updating you on all OTC news and events.

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