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He who testifies to these things says, "Yes, I am coming soon." Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.


AUGUST 2011 - APRIL 2012





Member of Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore

Blow a trumpet in Zion; sound an alarm on my holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of the Lord is coming; it is near Joel 2:15

FOUNDER/PRINCIPAL - Rev. Dr. Steven Francis is called to be in the office of a Prophet to the Church and the Nations. He is well respected by his peers as a man who walks with integrity and humility with the fear of the Lord. His love for the Scriptures and passion for Jesus has touched thousands across nations. His gift causes people to thirst for God and drives them to their knees to have an intimacy with Christ. Steven Francis has been serving the Lord for the past 25 years and has been in the full time ministry for more than 17 years. He travels to the nations to speak in conferences and to conduct revival crusades. He organizes “Feed The Poor’ program for the poor and the needy and has also founded three Bible Institutes. More than 3000 pastors and 5000 leaders and believers have been trained in his programs. He is the founder of Rivers of Life Ministries and the founding principal of Warriors Training Camp in Singapore. As a prolific writer, he has published 7 books and 25 training manuals. THE CALL “God has called me to teach and train the present generation of prophetic company who will be sold out for Him. Some of these people will be called by God into the full time ministry while many will remain as prophetic ambassadors in the community releasing the Word of the Lord to the people. The Church was birth forth in prophecy and must carry a prophetic spirit in her message and mission to the lost. I have been called to trumpet the last call to the Church before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” With this burden, a team of highly trained by the Lord ministers have been assembled with the same purpose, “to equip the saints and to build up the Body of Christ (Eph. 4:12).” I have been relationally connected to each of these man of God for many years, some of whom have spoken wisdom into my life. All the trainers are mentors to their people and have been in the mission field for many years. They bring wisdom both in field work and church ministry. I desire to share with you the same apostolic wisdom with prophetic revelation that you too can fulfill God’s will for your life.

THE NAME The Lord stirred Steven Francis about the need to establish a proper school of prophets in view of this end times season. It will be a school that must be committed to train prophets and the prophetic communities to be Christlike and shun away from the glamour of the world. A school that is rooted deeply in the Word and in Prayer. Thus, College of Prophets is born. Students will study the same hours like in a formal bible school yet with a prophetic dimension. The same discipline in a mentoring environment. This College of Prophets is different from other prophetic training schools is that many of the other schools are based on personal revelation and ministry experiences which are validated but in COP, the school is made up of many instructors who have walked through the school of the Holy Spirit. You will be trained in a prophetic environment. Combining a ministry span of more than 100 years, these warriors are coming together for the first time to pour their passion, wisdom and knowledge to raise up end time warriors for Jesus, our Lord!


Rev. Dr. Steven Francis Prophet, Singapore

Rev. Dr. N. Suppiah Apostle, Singapore

Rev. Dr. Amos Jayaratnam Prophet/Apostle, Singapore

Rev. Dr. Roy Muttiah Prophet Pastor, Malaysia

Rev. James Halliday Apostle/Pastor, Australia

Rev. Dr. Colin Gordon Pastor Prophet, Malaysia

Rev. Dr. Donnaven Teo Pastor, Singapore

Rev. Ricky Ho Prophetic Pastor, Singapore


The vision of the College of Prophets is to raise up prophetic ministers for the end time harvest and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have a vision to provide Word based training with qualified ministers with proven ministries. These ministers have established ministries and have trained thousands around the world. These are ministry practitioners with an anointing to build the Church for Jesus, His Bride. The school’s training is based on three values needed for the prophetic training and ministry:

• Competency in the knowledge of God’s word and the subjects pertaining to the various disciplines of ministry • Integrity in their personal walk with God and their conduct of ministry • Accountability to the Lord, to the Church and to fellow ministers by abiding and operating within the limits of the Word, the will of the God and the ethical frameworks for the prophetic ministry. Our vision is to train warriors of Jesus for this endtime who will hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches and become overcomers!

CURRICULUM CORE MODULES FOUNDATIONAL THEOLOGY This module will cover the study of God and the various doctrines of the Bible. You will learn how these doctrines are woven throughout Scripture and how they are applied to your everyday life. You will also learn how to study the bible and related topics to build a skillful knowledge of the Bible.


God is raising up a faceless company of prophets who will declare the Word of the Lord with purity and power

In this module, you will learn the scriptural principles to build your life as a minister first then the ministry given by God. You will learn practical wisdom from the lecturers and the unchanging principles from the Word of God. All ministry is to be modeled after our Lord Jesus Christ. Students will also learn why ministry rises and fails.

SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES This module is the heart of prophetic training. Students will learn how to anchor their soul deeply rooted in Christ through the various spiritual disciplines which are practiced by prophets in the Bible and present day ministers. Soul care management and avoiding burnout will be taught.



Foundation Theology


Foundation Ministry

Spiritual Disciplines

Prophetic Ministry



Practical Ministry


This module teaches the importance of building and an endtime ministry in God’s way. You will learn how to steer your ministry in the will of God. The challenges and pitfalls of present day ministries and ministers will be taught.

PROPHETIC MINISTRY The importance of the prophetic ministry in the Bible and contemporary church history is taught. Students will learn first hand from apostles and prophets how to grow and operate in the prophetic ministry. You will also learn how to move in the deeper and higher realms of the Spirit.

Foundational Theology: • Doctrines of the Bible • Bible Study Methods • Survey of the Bible • Book of Revelation • Book of Daniel


Foundation Ministry: • Life of Christ • Understanding Five Fold Ministries • Secrets of the Anointing • Character Formation • Endtime Apostolic Church

Spiritual Disciplines: • Travailing Prayer • Biblical Fasting • Waiting Upon God • Praying in Tongues • Biblical Meditation

Prophetic Ministry: • Hearing the Voice of God • Visions/Dreams/Interpretation • Prophetic Protocols • The Call and Life of Prophet

Practical Ministry: • Soul Care Management • Preventing Ministry Failure • Ethics in Ministry • Following Godʼs Plan

Fee Schedule For this program, the cost fees covers course notes, lectures, supervision, assignments, examinations, Diploma and transcript. The course fees will be announced on preview day. Installment plan is available on individual need basis upon interview. All fees are in Singapore dollars and are payable to RIVERS OF LIFE MINISTRIES LTD. All students must settle all payments with the school to be eligible for graduation.

Training Classroom

Application Procedure All students should demonstrate appropriate motivation and commitment for participation in the course and give evidence of ministry and supervision. All applications will be assessed for admission through an interview. Applicants should submit one character reference (minimum of 5 years of knowing the applicant).

Instructors All modules will be taught by qualified ministers both in theory and practical ministry with a minimum of 20 years in ministry. These ministers have significant ministry in the nations. Other instructors will be invited as the Lord leads.

Lecture Schedule (to be confirmed) The curriculum will be taught over 8 months period. Classes will be held once every week with some classes on the weekend when necessary. There will be block classes when there is an overseas lecturer. Each class is a 3 hours session. Each module will be assessed by written assignments. Note: While many lecturers will teach in person, some will teach through DVD lessons. Students must attend 80% of the classes to meet the criteria of graduation. There will be an Orientation Class for every batch where students will be briefed further.

Notes and Textbooks Notes will be given in class but the fees does not include the recommended textbooks.

Practicum & Supervision Students will be assigned practical ministry in their local churches or mission agencies for ministry. Prophetic Supervisors will also mentor students along this course so that they are able to be competent in their skills and knowledge.

Student Assessment Blk 102, Towner Road, #01-258 Singapore 322102. Tel: 63968116 (30 secs walk from Boon Keng MRT)



Students will be assessed in the knowledge of the Word, competency in ministry skills and demonstration of growth and maturity demonstrating Christlikeness. Students will be required to attend three fasting & prayer meetings during the course.

Graduation Students who successfully complete the program and has fulfill the requirements will be awarded a DIPLOMA IN PROPHETIC MINISTRIES by the College of Prophets, Rivers of Life Ministries, Singapore.

Affiliation The school is affiliated with Apostle Dr. Peter Wagner’s Association of Christian Educators and Administrators, USA.

GOD’S SPECIAL FORCE IS RISING God is training a remnant which I believe, is kept hidden by Him for the endtimes. This company of specially trained warriors will be mightily used by the Lord to bring the Church, her ministers and the people into divine alignment to the will of the Father. Their ministries will shine as glorious light during that times where a seeming darkness will take over for sometime upon the face of the earth (the rule of the Antichrist). This company though chosen by the grace of God and not of works will be trained in an ‘Old Testament way’ of wilderness training the school of the spirit. I am not implying that formal training in the seminary is not important. However, each is responsible to carefully select the right school that imparts the Word and disciples them in God’s ways. These servants will have a maturity in their spiritual lives and they will possess the knowledge of the ways of God. This company will have the Lord’s signature upon their lives as men and women designed, made and produced by the Lord. When you see them, you will know that this company is nevertheless “made and fashioned” by the Hand of the Lord (Ps. 119:73; 139:14; Job 10:8; Isa. 64:8). Wrestle with the Lord for your victory. Prevail in the Spirit over time. This prevailing will build your spiritual stamina, consistency and intimacy with the Lord. No overcoming victory is assured for the careless, inconsistent and for those who are plainly lazy in the flesh. The enemy is afraid of you. He knows what the anointing can do to his works and kingdom through you. You are God’s Special Force! Let us stand together shoulder to shoulder with your chest up looking straight at Jesus. We are going to witness the supernatural ability of the Lord enabling His army to walk in His power and fulfill His purpose. - Excerpts from God’s Special Force (2006) by Dr. Steven Francis.

God is raising up a faceless company of prophets who will declare the Word of the Lord with purity and power!

“God isn’t interested in merely giving you a mission experience but in your being on mission with Him. Where He takes you is His doing, not ours. As you experience God on mission, you do not choose your experiences, your assignment, or your location, He does. Your ultimate goal is to allow God to reveal Himself to you and then through you to others” Henry Blackaby.



Respond to God ‘s call today!

Contact For enquiries on this course, please send an email to: For more information: CALL 63968116 The application should be mailed: Director, College of Prophets Rivers of Life Ministries Ltd. P.O. Box 209, Bukit Panjang, Singapore 916807. RIGHTS RESERVED: Rivers of Life Ministries Ltd reserves the right to amend or alter the program structure, contents and all terms and conditions relating to the programs at their sole discretion.

ROC: 198104338R


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Prospectus COP Batch 1