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Scott A. Krile was born in Pekin, IL on April 10, 1962. Scott is the oldest of three children born to parents, Art and Pat Krile. He was reared in a Christian home and attended the local Roman Catholic Church. Scott’s family has always been very loving, supportive and encouraging. Although Scott was very successful in academia and in his vocation as a Registered Nurse, he took a wrong turn in adulthood and found himself incarcerated in the Illinois Department of Corrections for drug addiction-related crimes. Miraculously, on November 12, 2004, while in prison where Scott experienced his “Road to Damascus conversion” like Paul. He cried out to God for deliverance and forgiveness; God answered with salvation and filled Scott with His Holy Spirit (Genesis 50:20)! Scott paroled to Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry (JITWPM) on February 19, 2005. He successfully completed all phases of the program and graduated after 10 months of residence. While at JITWPM, Scott’s 3 year old son, Zane came to live with him for 8 months. Zane was also rescued from his mother’s drugaddicted lifestyle. Zane came to know and love Jesus as his Savior and Lord, thanks to JITWPM, Christian Life Church and Jesse Mathes for allowing him to stay with his father, an unprecedented

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decision. Without JITWPM and Jesus, Scott and Zane would not be where they are today! Over the past 8 years, Scott has been awarded custody of Zane; married Brenda Mathes (Krile), (Jesse and Edith’s daughter) the Administrative Assistant at JITWPM and has begun employment at JITWPM as support staff. Scott, Brenda and Zane currently reside in Rantoul and enjoy reading the Word of God, fishing, playing sports, walking and spending time with family and friends. One of the many Scriptures Scott read and believed while at JITW was, Malachi 4:6 “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers,…”, and as you can see by the picture of Scott with his children and grandchildren, GOD DOES WHAT HE SAYS! One behalf of Scott, his family and the countless others like them THANK YOU for taking part in this ministry. God bless you!

FALL FEST 2013 at Christian Life Church in Rantoul. The residents of the aftercare program helping with the games at Fall Fest.

MINISTRY NEEDS Computer/XP operating system or newer (7 or 8). With Microsoft Office, a minimum of 2GHz or more processor, core 2 or better. 2GB ram or better, 60GB or greater hard drive. Paper Towels Toilet Paper Men’s Deodorant Men’s Socks Laundry Detergent Dish Soap Dish Towels/Cloths New Bed Pillows/Standard Size Bed Sheets/Twin

We are thankful for you! Jesus is the Way staff and residents would like to thank all of you for the time, the prayers, the supplies and or the finances that you have given to the work here at JITWPM. We would not be able to go into the jails and prisons or house the residents without you! This ministry has been blessed with the best volunteers and supporters ever! We love and appreciate you!

RESIDENT NEEDS Work Boots size 13 • Winter Boots size 13 Wool Socks Thermal Coveralls size L Thermal Top & Bottom size L Stocking Cap • Insulated Boots size 9.5 Winter Coat size L

Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry “Miracle of Christmas Program 2013” This is an outreach to children in need ***

It’s ALL about the LOVE of JESUS – HE is the Reason for the Season! *** TOY DRIVES will be hosted at various area churches

Sunday, November 10th – Sunday, December 8th TOY DROP OFF at Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry’s Outreach Center in Rantoul, IL

Friday, December 13th 9:00am - approximately 1:00pm

TOY WRAPPING at Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry’s Outreach Center in Rantoul, IL

Saturday, December 14th 9:00am - approximately12:00pm

TOY DISTRIBUTION at Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry’s Outreach Center in Rantoul, IL

Saturday, December 14th 2:00pm - approximately 5:00pm ***

We need your help to make the Miracle of Christmas a success.

For more details and information, please contact Vicki, Brenda or Edith at (217) 892-4044

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the Miracle of Christmas program in 2012

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Jesus is the Way traveled to Potter’s House in Newton, IL. to share testimonies of current residents and to have a time of fellowship after the service. Thank you Potter’s House we felt the love!

Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry November 2013 Newsletter