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Studying Techniques USING DIFFERENT READING STRATEGIES There are different exams about different subjects and one of the best ways to study is by reading, but for some people, some subjects are easier than others; for the easy subjects, the persons should read the material just for refreshing the theme in his/her mind but for the difficult subjects the person should read it slowly and calm for better understanding, and like that the person may understand both subjects and be prepared for his/her exam.

MOTIVATION-TYPES OF MOTIVATION One of the most important things for studying is motivation, without it, there ´s like no reason for studying, it could be to achieve a goal or maybe a material prize, this helps you to finish your tasks or finishing studying. There are 2 types of motivation: The 1st is extrinsic motivation: This is doing a task for all of the rewards you can receive for it like getting money or a good job etc. The 2nd is intrinsic motivation: This is the desire to perform a task for the intangible rewards that a person receives from himself/herself like the satisfaction of completing a task, the joy of achieving a goal, etc. The intrinsic motivation may not offer the same physical rewards like in extrinsic motivation (like money), but it can still be a powerful motivational for some persons.


Why is it important to use Mind Maps? •

The mind maps are studying techniques that are used to represent information through mnemonics

ordered in branches.

The page is always used in horizontal form.

Use materials such as colors, stabiles, sheets of paper, etc.

Use mnemonics.

Everything written goes on the branches.

You can use numbers or join branches.

The mind maps must have: 1. Center: With an image or word 2. Branches: Basic ideas, categories, and groups formed in order (numeral).

Advantages: 1. You take less time studying. 2. You acquire more concentration. 3. You make use of more habilities.

The mind maps are tools used in every topic in the school. You must use them in the Civic subject, and they help you how to study faster, easier and better. There are a lot of things you can study with the mind maps: •









There are a lot of kinds of maps. Some are modern and some are more classic, but all are useful.


MIND MAPS…Are graphical representation of a theme idea of a concept. You have to use…

*color codes and arrows *simple drawings *key words The main idea has to be in the center and the secondary flow from the center like the branches of a tree. It helps us to… -manage the daily flow of -it can developed mental such as… *logic *creativity *imagination

information that we use. abilities in a innately



Why is it important to make a good summary of the contents to study?

Make a good summary implies a remarkable effort to select the most important ideas and write coherently. This allows the study of a more easier method is shorter and compact, this is clear sentences and understand themselves and includes the most important ideas.

Orientation guide to summarize

Write the summary: The summary shall contain the main ideas of text so much shorter than the original text and using certain modes of personal expression and more comprehensible to him.

Bald spots to consider “Short and synthetic but not forgetting anything important” “Good letter and use some symbols to help visualize the different parts” "To illustrate an idea with an example” "It will be helpful to consider the summary made by another person” "It may be useful to compare the summary of a classmate and make appropriate changes”

Procedure for drafting the summary: “Write the title” “Writing the wording of the first chapter and underline” "Writing the first important idea emphasized in the words chosen and others added to give meaning and end of the sentence correction”

“Make a sign or number to bring the idea” "Read the sentence and check that it makes sense” “Do the same with the different ideas underlined” “Read the summary to verify and correct means of expression or spelling errors”

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