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At a JESUS Film showing, when the screen is raised high into the air and the light of the projector illuminates the sky as did the eastern star, those who come are led to the feet of Jesus. Many who attend are overjoyed by being in His presence, and they bow to worship Him for the first time like the Magi. That star shines brighter because “When the Magi saw the star, of our partnership, which has they were overjoyed. On coming to resulted in 60 million contacts the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary and they bowed down and since 1998. However, there are worshipped him. Then they opened their those who still haven’t seen the star treasures and presented him with gifts that leads them to Jesus. You make of gold and of incense and of myrrh.” it possible for the JESUS Film teams Matthew 2:10-11

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to illuminate the night and disciple believers by equipping them with the necessary tools. Please consider opening your treasures and presenting your gifts of team sponsorship, equipment, and evangelistic and discipleship tools to the ministry teams as your act of worship to Jesus this holiday season. Merry Christmas! You are loved. Brian Helstrom and the JESUS Film Harvest Partners Board of Directors

South America

Report from a JESUS Film team in Argentina

I am thankful to God to be able to serve, like being in charge of a prayer cell with people who recently came to know Christ as their personal savior. In a beautiful park where lots of people gather, we showed the Mary Magdalene version of JESUS. It was beautiful to see people stay to watch and respond to the call to accept Christ.

“Little by little w ea people into the re bringing We thank God fo church. r th tool of evangeliis valuable sm.� Since that day, those who had prayed the prayer of faith have met every week. Little by little we are bringing people into the church. We thank God for this valuable tool of evangelism.


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as Team m t s i r h C a r o s Spon ter by:

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Church Planting



A Christmas team is an active but unsponsored team in need of monthly financial support for one year. These teams are being highlighted due to their powerful results in JESUS Film showings, decisions for Christ, discipleship follow-ups, and establishing preaching points.

Please scan the QR code below, or visit to view stories from these teams. If you want to help fund one of these incredible teams, please complete the registration form and a JESUS Film associate will contact you. Or, call 913-663-5700 ext. 101 to speak with Trish Blount, who can assist you with your Christmas team sponsorship.


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e Lost

th Reaching

Help 120.......$ 360

Help reach 120 people for Christ


Help 240.......$ 720

Help reach 240 people for Christ

Help 360.......$ 1,080

Help reach 360 people for Christ

God truly blesses! Based on historical ministry averages, for every $3 invested, 1 person makes a decision for Christ.

Evangelism untold to their generation. We are eager to share the Bible’s stories. Please pray for us, the kids in ministry, God’s protection, and empowerment. Things often seem impossible, but with God nothing is impossible.

Asia Pacific

Report from a JESUS Film team in the Philippines

The Lord is good to us. Though we always face challenges, He enables us to move. We see children waiting for us, eager to see and hear Biblical stories

“We see childre for us, eager to n waiting see Biblical stories u and hear to their generatintold on.”


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ck Set

ackpa B d e r e w o P Solar



ed B wer o r-P

a ck p ac k

sible Screen Collap r Panel S o la Batt ery argeable Rech Projector and more Micro

Equipment for remote showings


$ 4,000

le Battery


wer from Store the po ht the dark the sun to lig

$ 400

ent Set

quipm Hand-Held E

Enable one-on -one witnessin g in even the re motest areas and gospel-resista nt areas

$ 400


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S et i


ncl ud e


All this can be tra nsported in a single backpa ck (50 pounds).

Report from a JESUS Film team in Zambia

Solar Panel for hope in

er Provide pow icity le or no electr litt h it areas w

$ 550

Tabletop Systems

mazed God a e r e w f “We power o came g n ti n i o o by the ann the people wh m.� il o that fell atch the JESUS F to w

Provide the ability to personally mentor and share JESUS with small groups and in homes

$ 775


We were amazed by the anointing power of God that fell on the people who came to watch the JESUS Film. When we made the altar call for those who wanted to receive Jesus as their personal Savior, a big crowd came forward.

As a team member led prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit fell upon the people. Sinners cried for mercy and many of the sick were healed. It was an awesome experience that we had never seen it before. Continue to pray for the harvest. There are so many potential places to show the JESUS Film. Pray the Lord will continue to touch and save many lives.


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Full Equipment Set Equipment used for large showings


$ 6,000

Emergency Equipment

Emergency replacement equipment for teams who lose their equipment from thieves, vandals, or natural disasters

$ 1,000 7

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Ark Shelter

Portable shelte r for JESUS Film showings, med ical clinics, scho ols, or churches

Equipment / Orality Tools

$ 14,000

Solar Audio Bibles

Hand-held and tabletop audio Bibles

$ 100


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Evangelism Baseball

Orality Tools

Enable others to minister on a personal level with fellow athletes


Bible Story Cloth

The Bible in pictures printed on durable and easy-to-transport cloth

$ 20 9

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Report from a JESUS Film team in Bangladesh

We showed the film in a village. Viewers were thrilled to see the miraculous power of Jesus and His wonderful teachings.

$8 Provide a cube that presents the gospel

Three days later, we returned to the village. We were surprised to see the change. Six families denied their local gods and goddesses and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Orality Tools

After the film, Babu, a man who stood against our activities changed his mind. He said, “Brothers, I believe Jesus is almighty and He can forgive my sins.”

“Three days later, we returned to the village. We were surprised to see the change.”

Evangelism Soccer Ball Connect with kids and others through the worlds’ favorite sport

Today, brother Babu’s faith in Jesus grows deeper and deeper. Thank God that He touched the hearts of Babu and many others. Please pray that we can establish a church soon. Please pray also for brother Babu, that he can lead the community and serve God faithfully.

$ 15 10

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15055 W. 116th Street Olathe, KS 66062


Christmas log Gift Cata

e Treasure Giving th o the World of Jesus t

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JESUS Film Christmas Catalog 2011  
JESUS Film Christmas Catalog 2011  

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