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Jesus Daniel Meza Zerón Nutritional problems in México 4°Level Teacher Adriana English



In this article we are going to explain the Mexican nutritional problems like obesity. Our propose is to make some people release the Mexican health problems.


What is the mexican nutritional problem about?


big quantity of mexican inhabitants, does not matter their age or gender, have nutritional problems, the are obese.


Obesity brings many other health problems with it like diabetes and cancer between many others. Most of abese-maxican-inhabitants are obese because of a unbalanced diet which most of times consists about tortilas, beans, sometimes some fruit and some bad.-quality water.

What could we do to solve this problem? Bad nutrition in Mexico is part of the bad economy problem in Mexico, so if we want to solve this problem, first, we should solve the bad economy problem.


To solve the bad economy problem we could make some stuff like checking out where our taxes go to, helping our neighborhood and other stuff. Another solution is to invest money to improve Mexicans diet.

Mexican Nutrition They eat almost the same everyday They do not invest much money in health

English nutrition Most of them have a balanced diet They invest some money in health

Both Both of them use sodas

Nutritional problems in Mexico  

In this article it is described some of the nutritional problems in mexico