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Annual review


New Adventure in Sheffield

Changing lives 1

“There is a sense of equality, everybody being equal.”


This review tells you all about what we’re planning to do and how we’re going to achieve it.


Our aims in full - (search for ‘Jesus Army Charitable Trust’)

Who we are The Jesus Centre is for everybody, with a café for the public, rooms for hire, a drop-in for the homeless, church for spiritual seekers and Christians. There are also activities for friendship, support groups for special needs, skills training for learners, computers for access - and more.

A Message from THE CHAIR

AIM 1 - Page 4


MEETING NEED To give material and personal support AIM 2 - Page 6

The Centre has been open since September 2011. It is open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10.00am to 2.30pm. We have e-zines and leaflets to keep you updated as to how things are progressing including information on new services and groups.



For videos, pictures, stories, news: National Website: Local Website: Facebook: Follow us on twitter: @sheffieldjc Phone: 0114 252 1155


Jesus Centres are set up and run by the Jesus Army Charitable Trust. JACT is a registered charity (no. 1091912) and a Faithworks Affiliate. JACT is an initiative of the Jesus Fellowship Church (Jesus Army), which is a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

Mission statement “Expressing the love of Jesus daily in worship, friendship and help for every kind of person.”

ike a sturdy youngster we’ve found our feet! We’re crashing through our second year with healthy confidence. We’re now open four weekdays, and planning for the fifth. Our Trustees have approved staff posts ahead of our income targets, to get opening hours and the range of services expanded faster. Both the outgoing and current Lord Mayors have attended our Gala Open Days. In June we hosted delegates from the Multiply International Leaders Conference. The Parlour Café menu was transformed to include spicy African and Indian cuisine. It’s also a popular choice for local artwork and photographic exhibitions. A multiracial theme runs through our weekly services, too. ESOL and English Conversation classes attract several different backgrounds. Our Mums and Tots group boasts a glorious mixture from our diverse local neighborhood. We’ve held both Chinese and Iranian evening events. An “International Café” group of students started the term here. Two minority ethnic churches also gather regularly.

Visitors to the Lounge Drop-In and the regular Art Group have related how the Centre has made a difference to their lives. We’ve helped with housing and job searches. Growing friendships have supported ordinary folks going through difficult times in their personal and family circumstances. Our Christians In Recovery group provides a unique service to South Yorkshire. We even send the weekly Step study material to HMP Doncaster. Our team of volunteers has been brilliant. We’re delivering a training update programme, so they can cross over to our planned new services for 2013 and beyond. We’re immensely grateful for generous local donations. This includes gifts-in-kind that mean we can offer free food and a clothing store to support practical needs. It’s going to be a challenge to secure the resources to match our growing ambitions. A big ‘Thank You’ to all who have helped us to get this far. Ian Callard Chairman

To help people make real progress in their lives AIM 3 - Page 8

PROMOTING CHRISTIANITY To advance the Christian faith, facilitate Jesus Fellowship events and provide spiritual services AIM 4 - Page 10

DEVELOPING SOCIAL SKILLS To foster friendship and to provide recreational and community facilities AIM 5 - Page 12

BEING AN EFFECTIVE CHARITY To work constructively with other agencies and to develop volunteers


The Lounge

Giving Support

“Coming here has helped cure my depression, by talking to others in the Lounge” AIM 1 MEETING

NEED To give material and personal support

The Lounge is part of the Jesus Centre and is for anyone over the age of sixteen. Whether you are homeless, lonely, seeking help or just curious about who we are and why we are here, then it’s for you. It is a place of friendship, with a great atmosphere! Drop in for a drink or a chat, or for advice with benefits, housing or other issues. You will be treated with respect and as an individual.


he Lounge drop-in is a relaxing space where people can meet new friends and gain access to other activities within the Centre.


ur Clients have now become friends, and have shared some of their thoughts with us.

I have friends I see, but most have passed away: the lounge gives me a link with people, new friends made. I have regained confidence after having a stroke and developed communication skills. Here I have had some clothes and I am keeping myself tidier.

Meeting people whom I can talk to deeply, and get some answers. It now feels part of my life. When I came here I was feeling very low, now I have friends and somewhere I belong. It feels part of my life, it feels like family, and I really think that Mary and Louise are great. Making friends, this is my social life.



What is the Lounge drop in? It is a Day Centre with a difference. It is a place of: • Love • Friendship • Acceptance • No Prejudice

What we have to offer you! • Hot and Cold drinks and Food • Free internet access • Free c/o mail holding services • Free phone calls (restricted to official calls only – no personal calls allowed) • Free showers • We have a second-hand clothing store, most items £1 or less • We also have a laundry service for a small fee, £1 per load



“It is modern and up to date.”

Growing people



CAPACITY To help people make real progress in their lives.

Our aim is to build people’s capacity on a non-prejudiced holistic basis, and to help individuals to make significant progress in their lives. We will: • Provide assistance and training in financial management, debt reduction and budgeting. • Provide training in basic skills such as literacy and numeracy. • Help the unemployed access employment opportunities. • Provide employment-related training.

Stitch in Time (knitting group) Make new friends as we explore the exciting art of knitting - Come and join us. All welcome between 11.00am and 1.00pm Wednesday mornings. Drinks and refreshments available from the Café 11.00am onwards.

“Helping to cope with being at home alone…” Sophia


e have recently started a Craft Club, ESOL and a Book Club. We aim to start a number of new groups this year. These include: Gardening, Money Worries, Cookery, ICT, Literacy and Numeracy.

Parent & Child playgroup Mums and dads can come and chill out with their kids.

Your Art ‘Your Art’ takes place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 1.00pm to 4.00pm and has from 7 to 14 people attending. Some love it so much they come twice a week They all encourage each other by giving praise and tips of how painting can be bettered. Those who have been coming over a year have improved immensely and have become quite daring and capable artists. Members of the group have become good friends and welcome newcomers with open arms.



“This is the highlight of my month.”

Be the gospel

‘Fuel Stop’ attender, who is a Sky Diver

AIM 3 PROMOTING CHRISTIANITY To advance the Christian faith, facilitate Jesus Fellowship events and provide spiritual services.

Promoting Christianity


uel Stop is a time when busy men take time out to form new friendships, over bacon and tomato paninis with filter coffee or tea followed by teacakes (all free to newcomers). It’s an early start of 7.15am on the first Wednesday of the month (in the cosy Parlour Café) but this doesn’t stop seven to a dozen men enjoying something of an oasis together. There is a 10-15 minute talk each month and the topics always stimulate and provoke some healthy exchange. All men welcome. Booking not required.


“Very grateful. I might have killed myself because of loneliness, but came to Jesus Centre”

“Welcomed to the Centre regardless of belief. Very pleasant people”

“I opened up to Jesus at the Jesus Centre. I got to know Jesus through you and through prayer.”



Marek from Slovakia

Lives Transformed


e have had our first baptisms in the newly renovated Hanover Hall. We run a special group on Wednesday evenings for people interested in getting baptised. We have also run a New Friends course for those interested in an Introduction to Living Christianity.


“Lovely room with beautiful windows which blew me away. Great value food, falling over themselves friendly people. Haven in busy-ness. I’m planning to meet clients there now to try it out properly.”

Developing social skills



SOCIAL SKILLS To foster friendship and to provide recreational and community facilities.

Serving wholesome food at reasonable prices, The Parlour Café is designed to be a place to relax and enjoy the homely atmosphere.


e hold theme nights and other events at the Café and Centre. These include: Curry night, Chinese Cultural Evening, Gala Day, Pizza Evening, Iranian night, as well as various thought-provoking films.

Meeting people, helping people at the Parlour Café The Parlour Café is open from 11.00am to 2.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The menu includes Fair Trade tea, coffee, hot chocolate, tasty meals, such as soups, jacket potatoes, paninis, sandwiches, yummy puddings, cakes and occasional specials. The Parlour Café is a great place where people can meet up with friends over a coffee or to have lunch together. We have just started a “Get Crafty” group on a Thursday which gives a chance for people to be creative making cards and to meet new people.


Food, friendship, faith and fun!


e also cater for groups letting our various rooms and facilities and can provide buffets for local groups and businesses. Anna, our new Café Co-ordinator, enjoys working in her new job at the Parlour Café. She has worked in cafés before but is enjoying making this her own project and making the Café welcoming to all her customers. She is trying new things and has recently started the Parlour Café Facebook page which has photos of delicious looking food from the menu and some super comments from our customers. We welcome you to use our Community Café, to enjoy meeting, eating and mingling in what is an ethnically diverse area within multicultural Sheffield. Games and fun at a Gala Day

“The service is excellent!” “What a lovely oasis”

“The food was excellent. The Panini was perfect!”

“Now I have found this, I will surely return soon.”


“I have enjoyed being part of the birth and development of the Centre.”

Partnership works

A member of the Council of Reference


AN EFFECTIVE CHARITY To work constructively with other agencies and to develop volunteers.

To operate as an effective and efficient charity complementing and working constructively with other agencies

Things we have done

Working Together

• We attend and contribute to ‘GOG, Group of Groups’, a local, monthly meeting of representative groups.

• We attended VAS AGM.

• We attended the AGM of SAVE and contribute to their magazine. • We liaise with The Archer Project.

• Sylvia Dunkley, Lord Mayor planted some trees at the Centre.

• We have had several visitors from Christian groups in the Region.

• We regularly have people at the local St. Andrews United Reformed Church breakfast.

• We attended a Media Seminar and are in touch with Faye Smith, Marketing Specialist of ‘Keep your Fork’.

• We contacted at least two agencies about housing.

• We organised the Big Debate with a Panel of local Experts. • We have a Council of Reference: Dr. Chris Atkins, Ibrar Hussain (Ex-teacher), Cclr. Martin Lawton, Julia Stanley (formerly SOVA), Geoff Williams (Church Pastor).


John Campbell, Deputy Lord Mayor chats with Ibrar

Visitors from agencies enjoy Civic Opening

• John Campbell, Deputy Lord Mayor, opened the Centre in February 2012.

• We contacted agencies about help for the local drinkers. • We have visited St Wilfrid’s Centre. • We go to the homeless forum and visited Homeless People with South Yorkshire Police.


ettings have played a vital part in the Centre’s utilisation this year, providing over 1/4 of the income targeted to keep the Centre open and running. Groups using the space have varied. We have had the Malaysian student society, Zumba classes, cookery classes, board meetings, church groups, multiple charity training sessions, businesses hiring office space and many more. Our rates have been competitive and the quality of service excellent, leading to many repeat bookings. Furthermore, teaming up with our cafe team means that we have been able to provide a per-head buffet service.


Benefiting volunteers


AN EFFECTIVE CHARITY To work constructively with other agencies and to develop volunteers.

Benefiting volunteers and staff by utilising and developing their skills and experience.

Volunteers - our most precious asset


teven, a new volunteer in the last review and now our busiest volunteer does over 40 hours a week volunteering, including running a group for recovering addicts - “Christians in Recovery,” and sorting most of our publicity.

“I think I’ve grown in being much more reliable than I’ve ever been”

“Volunteering helped me get a job. It’s given me a lot more experience in working with people of all ages, which has helped me in my employment in a Care Home”. 14

Jacob helps in the Parlour Café.

From the youngest volunteer, Jacob (19), to the oldest, Ray (83), there is scope for any and all members of our Church to be involved. Ray helps in every session that the Lounge DropIn is open and has found it is “Something to look forward to.” He adds, emphatically:

“I love coming here because it gets me out of the house. It’s an opportunity to speak to people. I’m not feeling useless but here I’m doing something. I’m being active.” Everyone can find something to do to help and benefit themselves in the process. We are very grateful for our 60 or so active volunteers, including those non-members of our Church. Precious friendships, old and new, are growing as we work together.

Developing individually Achieving together “Team work makes dreams work!”


olunteers celebrate achievements, get refreshed in vision and skills, and explore how services can be developed. There is a wealth of ideas and much enthusiasm as we look to the future together.

“I’m a better person in that I don’t look down on people now.” Mike “I’ve gained confidence in my IT tuition and in my general ability to explain things, communicate with other people and teach.” Malcom “I had really lost my confidence, through being ill for a while, so working with the group gave me an opportunity to work with children and regain my confidence. I’ve now got a part-time job and the volunteering definitely helped me.” Zoe

Lois listening in The Lounge

“Listening training has given me a greater awareness of how to listen to people and not cut them off.” Lois “I’ve discovered an interest and an enthusiasm within me and the reward of helping people.” Jon “People, who’ve known me for a long time, have said I have come out of my shell.” Miriam

Miriam has come out of her shell in the Café


Thank You • Woodland Trust for the trees already planted • Pizza Night donors: Domino’s Pizza, Eccy’s Pizza & Grill, Pizza Pronto, Pizza Roma • Dentist - Miss Sumeara Khalil Khan – who kindly supplies us with free tubes of toothpaste • Ibrar Hussain for a very large TV • Stephen Coote - Gym Equipment • Broomhall “Group of Groups” for financing the Exhibition fittings • Eva Yaoyao for freely giving time to produce a unique Chinese Calligraphy display • John Hunt & Peter Inchley for paying for and delivering piano tuning in the Parlour Café • Louise Yaull of Church Army for listening training • PJ-Taste, West Street for sandwiches • Roses Bakers (Branches at Millhouses, Ecclesall Road and Crosspool ) for bread • Sheffield University Students’ Union Shop for sandwiches • Jessica Ennis for autographed autobiography • All our members and friends who have donated generously


You can get gift cards to send out that tell someone you have made a donation instead of sending them a gift. Go to www. and find how you can support us to find details of these attractive cards. Bank details: Jesus Army Charitable Trust Sheffield, S/C: 40-52-40, A/C: 00021090 HEARTCRY: SHEFFIELD APPEAL Jesus Army Charitable Trust, Nether Heyford, Northampton NN7 3LB Tel: 0845 166 8174 Fax: 0845 166 8178


There are Jesus Centres in Coventry (0845 166 8205), London (0845 8333 005) and Northampton (0845 166 8202). The Birmingham Centre is in development. National Jesus Centre information is available on request. © Jesus Army Charitable Trust 2013


Where We Are

JESUS CENTRE worship • friendship • help for all

SHEFFIELD JESUS CENTRE 93 Broomspring Lane Sheffield S10 2FB Tel: 0114 252 1155 Email:

OPENING HOURS Monday ...................................................10.00am - 2.30pm Wednesday ............................................10.00am - 2.30pm Thursday ..................................................10.00am - 2.30pm Friday .........................................................10.00am - 2.30pm

Bus Routes Bus No. 65, 214, 215, 240, 272 to Waitrose Bus No. 95, 44, 40, 52, 30, 123, 120 to Weldricks Pharmacy Yellow Route tram, University Tram stop.

Parking Please park in the Centre car park at the front, or the car park opposite (Broomspring Lane)

VENUE FOR HIRE We hire out rooms at the Jesus Centre as a social facility and to raise revenue. Information about lettings is available on request.

SJC Annual Review 2012  
SJC Annual Review 2012