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Who’s at the

Jesus Centres?

Meet some of the people you might bump into at London, Coventry and Northampton Jesus Centres.

Keith volunteer at Coventry Jesus Centre

Keith volunteers to run a workshop on bicycle repair called “Re-cycle” every other week. The idea is to train visitors in basic bicycle repair, while also making and repairing bicycles that are donated to the Jesus Centre. The bikes are either sold to raise money for the Jesus Centre or in some cases given completely free to people who cannot afford to buy one. The workshop was initially the idea of a visitor to “The Bridge” (Coventry Jesus Centre’s drop-in).

Francis volunteer at London Jesus Centre

Francis graduated from university with many plans for his life, but as a Christian, he wanted to know what God wanted for his life. Someone had prayed for him in a Christian meeting and told him that “he would do the Lord’s work”. Soon after this he kept seeing a Jesus Army minibus near his work. Deciding to find out more about who they were, Francis discovered they were based just next door to where he worked. He popped round to visit and was inspired – it was exactly what he was looking for. Francis now volunteers at the Centre, cooking for homeless people and building friendships with the people he serves.

Vicky admin assistant at Northampton Jesus Centre

Vicky first got involved with the Jesus Centre when it was just a small pilot project running from a shop. Off work due to sickness, she started volunteering at the centre in the café and info desk while also doing some administration work. She did this for almost four years and became more involved until one day she applied for a part-time administration job at the Centre – she was almost already completely trained for this, thanks to her experience of voluntary work. Vicky says working at the Centre has helped her overcome her sickness and find more faith as she is working among other Christians and seeing Jesus work through the Jesus Centre to help people.

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