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No overnight transformation followed, however. As Sid told our rolling camera, there were many more bumps along the road. On one occasion, Sid – heavily drinking again – was wandering around Northampton when he met his son. Sid slurred a “Hello” – but when his son saw his can of beer he simply said “No, dad” and walked away. In Sid’s words: “At that point I decided that was it; I’d had just enough of life. I took my shoes and socks off, then my shirt, though it was pouring with rain, and decided I’d walk away and finish it.” But another “God moment” intervened for Sid. He felt a strong presence that said “No, it’s not time”, and found himself putting his shoes, socks and shirt back on. A short walk around the corner led him to one of our Fellowship houses. “I think that was the time that, having been an atheist and not understood what was going on in my life, all of a sudden my mind changed and I realised what was actually touching my heart.” Sid found God. Not long after that, Sid was baptised. It had been four years since Sid first set foot in the Jesus Centre. Moments like the “socks encounter” gave him hope; a hope he now shares with the hundreds of people he regularly helps at the Jesus Centre. Sid now does what people did for him, helping people with kindness, whether or not that involves folding socks. Sid’s poignant conclusion: “Love is just a word, but put into practice – i.e. the socks – it has a much more profound and powerful meaning.”

such love and care that he nearly cried

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