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for a Lifetime of Jesuit Connections By Gregory Hugh Marshall

The Marshalls with Fr. Charles Allen, SJ, in Loyola Chapel at their wedding on April 11, 1987


y many years of association with the Society of Jesus have been a source of extraordinary blessings for me. These include an incomparable, lifechanging high school experience, a deeply satisfying career, and, most important, the chance meeting that led to my happy marriage and to my two delightful, loving daughters. In a real sense, my Jesuit journey started before I was born. My father, Harold Hugh Marshall, was a member of the eighth graduating class of Fairfield College Preparatory School, a new Jesuit school that was founded in 1942 to serve the many families of southwestern Connecticut. The decision that I would someday follow my father at Prep was made very early. The spring 1955 issue of the school’s


Bellarmine Quarterly publication posted this entry in its Alumni Corner section: “Congratulations are in order for Mr. and Mrs. Harold Marshall ’49 on the birth of Gregory, also for the class of ’73.” Without even having submitted a formal application for admission, at the age of six weeks I had already received my acceptance! The prediction inherent in that congratulatory message was fulfilled 14 years later when I entered McAuliffe Hall as a member of Fairfield Prep’s class of 1973. A number of the priests I encountered remembered my father well. I remember the excitement I felt when I realized that my teachers expected greatness from us. Their conviction that we would meet that expectation gave us

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