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ON THE PAGE... Illegal Sexting|New Pope| School Changes


April, 2013




ON THE PAGE... Aubrey Cleland | Robotics | First Friday Feast


Editor: Allie Husari April, 2013

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New Pope Francis Sexting clashes with the law

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Launched in Winter 2012

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-Relationship Advice -Duck |forFather President Spotify Connell| 39 Steps

April, 2013


Editors: Katherine Benedict and Sara Khan

Editors: Shea Morgan and Joel Schierman

New world of iTunes?

Go-go gadget team

Melody Yip, ’13 sic librar y especially helps friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend, potify hails as the rev- people expand their musibut can you trust them forever? olutionar y digital mu- cal tastes. Looking for that Allie Husari, ’13 Many young people writing essays and preparing sic prog ram that has one Irish folk song that just who thought sexting was a harmfor a physical presentation. attracted numerous users and tickles the bones? Spotify less game ended up having their Posse ad Esse—the “Roboticsfans. is like any It resembles a blend probably has it. Surfing Spoteens today, people need lives destroyed. In one tragic inRobotic’s team mot- other sport at Jesuityou debetween Pandora and iTunes tify’s radio stations, scouting to—means “from vote a lot of timeand andincludes put a free access to friends’ playlists, checking cident, Jesse Logan, an 18-yearto know that it is harmpossibility to actuality.” lot of effort intomillions it, and you old from Ohio, was mercilessly of songs that spread out top songs and exploring Jesuit’s Robotics can letter in it,” across said senior humiliated after explicit photos a multitude of genres. links to other ar tists can help ful and can severe conTeam, the Crusaderbots, ac- Shivani Negi, the team’s she had sexted to a boyfriend Spotify enables users expand one’s musical borders complishes just that. Software Department Lead. to search and proended up circulating among her sequences. My Music ‘Hood for songs mote the What many students The Robotics team peers. She eventually killed herbuild new title don’t know about the robot- isn’t all about and the robots 1.Clarity—Zedd, Foxes Andy Bryan, ’15 self. playlists ics team is that a lot of time, though. The Crusaderbots Imagine being con2.Life in Technicolor ii—Coldplay of “music ver the past couple of basedmanagoff nerd.” Courtesy of Fr. Connell Courtesy of American Idol effort and money goes into also focus on the victed of the crime of child 3.Love in a Box—The Workday Release years, sexting has betheir prefFurFr. Connell starring in a theater production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING in Spokane, WA. Cleland, building and engineering a ing the team’s website, www. pornography and serving five ’11 shines bright while stealing judges hearts and gainng many Idol fans across the countr y. 4.Punching In a Dream—The Nacome increasingly pope r e n c e s t h e r m o re, robot for competition. But it, and getting year’s probation. You are rejector moods. a par tnerular among today’s youth. The ked and Famous doesn’t stop there. The club sponsored for competition. ed by colleges, lose your friends, Perhaps ship with U.S. Court system defines sexalso does volunteer work at “We need students5.Oh My Dear—Tenth Avenue North and have to move because your add some Facebook ting as “an act of sending sexuSt. Andrew Nativity School who are interested home is too close to a school. Y i rinu busim a 6.Angel of Mine—The Icarus Account has been models Bela Lugosi and James his students as well. Rachel Vargas, ’14 ally explicit materials through Andy Bryan, ’15 me was a very emotionally powerful early morning call times and always beand completes several other ness since we run team7.Ships In the Night—Mat Kearney an amazing You’re unable to get a job, and andthe classiDean act. “I’ve really enjoyed bemobile phones”. projects when they are not like a business,” said Jan 8.Shark In The Water—V V Brown outlet for you have to register as a sex of-rom Jesuit graduate to bonafied piece called ‘I’ve Been In the Storm So ing camera ready,” said Cleland. cal Mrs. music r. Kevin Connell not only “When I am in a play, I al- ing in Fr. Connell’s class this year From a report by “us. American Idol has changed preparing for the Regionals Walters, who actsf aas v oar imentes acts and directs plays but ways have a picture of Bela Lugosi because he’s taught me a lot about fender until you are 43. That’sstar, Aubrey Cleland made her Long’, an African-American Spiritual 9.My Girl Tonight—Jon McLaughlin Spotify to” many children robotics competition. tor to the team.for “Students the find supis also featured in multiple backstage,” said Fr. Connell. “He English, of course, but especially exactly what happened to Phil-hometown proud as she sang about the hardships of life as a slave,” her life. throughout America believe 10.A Million Raindrops—Bebo Norman her way to the top 20 on American Idol. said Ms. Young, “It had been newly “I get recognized by fans, The main goal for who are interested “ s tin u dwrity” por t and movies and commercials. inspires me because even though about being myself,” said sopholip Alpert, a Florida 18-year-old. that, 1) Sexting is legal, and 2) 11.Trojans—Atlas Genius l a y l video ist, an avid fan As St. Ignatius says, “Find most of the movies he was in were more Wyatt Nelson. “He’s also the robotics team is to com- ing, g raphic ar tsp and He ruined his life by circulating Cleland, who is now the updated and dedicated to the victims and have so many followers on Twitter There are no repercussions for or team.” ramp 12. I Run to You—Lady Antebellum base. Peo- God in all things,” many would ex- very bad and cheap, he always gives hilarious.” AT&T’s Idol Tour Fan Save performer, of Hurricane Katrina, and Aubrey’s [and Facebook],” said Cleland. pete in the annual FIRST(For are also key to the nude pictures of his girlfriend their actions. These are both ple can see pect to find priests in mass giving In the recent past, Fr. was once She was inspired by the strong Inspiration and Recognition T he teamupalso rDJ uns 13.Hero—Family of the Year (which she had sent him), by performing in the PAC. Cle- solo was heart-breakingly beautiful and false. Eight states have already with what their homilies,or in their offices preparConnell has acted in two movies, landher was in numerous Jesuit produc- moving.” women in her family: her mom, who is of Science and Technolog y) a robotics classskills featuring texting them to his friends, 14.City of Dreams (feat. Ruben friends are ing for their next service, not stara Andrew playlincluding “The Knights of Badaspassed bills that protect minors tions such as “Joseph and the Amazing Mrs. Young considers her a also a performer, and her grandma. Robotics Competition. Each leg o robots at St. friends, and her family. The legal ist andedilistening to ring on YouTube which Fr. Connell sdom,” a movie starring Peter Dinfrom sexting, as well as 14 states Dreamcoat,” “The Sound great talent and is confident that Cle“They are amazing women year, a new game which the Nativity School for hour Haze)—Dirty South & Alesso problem: she was only 16Technicolor and a cated to 15. Come Back Down (feat. Sara on Spotify frequents through his many comklage who also plays Tyrion Lanniswhich have proposed bills to of phoMusic” and “Les Miserables.” She land has what it takes to peruse music and I aspire to be like them in so many robots will compete in is an- ever y Tuesday after school. minor; distributing explicit electronic t h r o u g h mercial spots. ter in Game of Thrones. The second legislation. On top of that, sendBareilles)—Greg Laswell sang in the Women’s Choir as well professionally. Ms. Young really enjoyed ways,” she said. nounced in January, and then “We’ve made it a tos of a minor constitutesalso child and techtheir FaceFr. Connell said that he of Fr. Connell’s movies is “The ing inappropriate images can be as the Chamber Choir with Ms. Carol having the opportunity to teach and Cleland, who was studying for six weeks the robotics big par t of our team,” said 16. Stay—Mayday Parade no beats. book pro- “finds God” in acting and theatre. Family Holiday” a Lifetime original. pornography. The real problem: a felony offense and result in nuYoung. work with such a gifted performer. communications at Chapman Univerteam design and build a ro- Mr. Dan Calkins,S pthe o t Head i f y 17. On Melancholy Hill—Gorillaz files and “Theatre shares the stoWhile a big misconceplike many teenagers, he did not merous years in juvenile hall. Ms. Young, who watched American Idol is a house- sity, took this semester off because of bot to play the game. After Coach of the Cr usaderbots. even proshare their ries of human struggles with their tion about priests may be that they understand the long-term conseOne of the most freCleland on American Idol, said, “I en- hold name: most people have watched her chaotic schedule due to Idol. six weeks, the students canT he Robotics vides Team lyrics for most songs favorite tunes. weaknesses, challenges, and tempjust pray all day, Connell clearly quences of their actions. joyed every minute of her singing [on the show at least once in their life, even As far as her future career, not work on the robot any has accomplished a lot al-Korean pop, im(including “I first learned about tations,” said Fr. Connell. breaks that stereotype. Idol]. Aubrey has a beautiful voice, and if they only watched the auditions. she is sticking to her passion of music. longer except to work on ready this year by winningenough) and ra- Spotify from Facebook,” addpressively Fr. Connell said that he “Some people think that she truly sings well. [Other contestants] Unlike the sea of scripted “I do intend to pursue my pieces that do not exceed 30 a g rant from NASA, and geared towards ed senior Tiko Herrera. “My has always been drawn to acting, dio stations priests spend every waking moexploring specific genres or first impression was that it’s even at a young age. ment reading the Bible and hangsometimes shout more than sing for the “reality” TV shows, for the most part, music career as well as acting and modpounds to add to the robot at the girls were semifinalists James Wisinewski, ’13 bands. fun, easy to use, and reliable. “I first got involved the best performance that he can.” ing around church,” Connell said. sake of excitement, and they do things what is shown of Idol on TV is just the eling,” said Cleland. Regionals. at the Girl’s Generation will be made of various materials, of creating what will be known as “I think that Spo- It’s a great way to share music.” with acting when I was a little kid Over his career, Connell “Most Jesuits find God in lots of which will eventually damage their voic- abbreviated version of what actually So what do professional muEssentially the top competition in October. but the prominent material will the Smart Desk. The Smart Desk tifySpokane is popular because of its There’s no need to in Montana, even though there has starred in and directed 50 plays other places. For me, one of those o one saw it was comes. Aubrey can still convey emotion, ex- happens. sic performers listen to? Right now on three teams at FIRST go on T he team was in desk, ability to merge Pandora and download music illegally off weren’t many plays to see. My par- of just Shakespeare alone. places is in the theater.” ing. One of our favor- be a dense form of Styrofoam appears to be like any other citement and passion while singing with “It’s hard to get everything her playlist consists of Phillip Phillips, to the World Championship on April 4-6 to compete sitsand well-produced technique.” iTunesevent. together,” comment- the Internet or spend outra- ents always made sure that they “My goal is to direct or Fr. Connell also added ite buildings -- gone. It called Pyrofoam X. This building but once a particular student beauty on camera right when it happens so Cazzette, Zedd, Mumford and Sons, in St. Louis, but winning isn’t in FIRST’s regional ed senior K atie Ghiorso. “I geous amounts of capital on took me to the high school plays, act in all of Shakespeare’s plays at that he loves the theater because took a great deal of discussion is so green because Pyrofoam X in it, the bottom right corner of Although Cleland now has they might have to film something over Postal Service, Keith Urban, and Miike the only way to go on to the T heir record in Spokane love how I can make playlists iTunes anymore. Try out Spo- along with making sure that we least once. I am at about 25 right it is the most cooperative art in a verifiaed Twitter account with more again, but it’s very true to what has hap- Snow. World Championship. Teams for Qualification Matches and arguing with Administra- is a “waste” product from com- the desk illuminates to display of any songs I want without tify’s free music and see if it watch shows on TV.” now, and there are 37.” his eyes, and he works with so puter production at Intel in Hilltouch screen computer embedthen 8,500 followers (including Ryan pened,” said Cleland. Cleland is looking forward can be recognized for spread- was 8-3-0. T hey having made it tion, but school officials eventuto to buy them.” appeals to your melodic (or Fr. Connell was drawn to Fr. Connell’s actions and many different people doing difSeacrest!), “She’s definitely not a diva; There seems to be many ex- to meeting her fans and performing on ing the message of FIRST the quar ter finals, finished ally came to the conclusion that sboro. The product will be all but ded in the desk itself. Spotify’s extensive mu- har monic) senses today. acting when he watched his role presence have also rubbed off on ferent things. The use of the she Smart doesn’t create drama around her- citing aspects of being on TV, but she amazing stages around the country with through winning the Chair- 9th overall out of 40 rothis is in the best interest for our wasted. Massive semi-trucks will Desks in the GSC will use self,90% and I think that comes across in her enjoyed making new relationships. the top 10 American Idol contestants. man’s Award. The Crusad- bots, and won the Xerox school. less paper than thesinging Elor-and her stage personality,” said “Getting to know the other Catch Cleland on tour this summer and erbots have been preparing award for Most Creative The Elorriariaga Center currently Ms. Young. contestants and crew members was my witness a down-to-earth girl with rock for the Chair man’s Award by Solution. ga Center will be torn uses. Another Green “The most memorable for favorite part. The hardest part was the star looks and a magnificent talent! this famous film. film, but it has style uniquely different characters amongst sense of humor and at times it’s down in late July of this Anne Elorriaga, ’13 characteristic of the GSC “It is pretty difficult its own. It is a contempo- themselves. Another aspect hard to focus.” upcoming summer. This is how it will be cleansed “The 39 Steps” is ins spring rapidly ap- to do some things that they rar y moder n musical. “T he of “T he 39 Ste ps” that is will happen to make at the end of the day. In proaches, yet an- do in movies on stag e like 39 Ste ps” presents a massive so different from any other credibly vocally demanding as space for a new buildother Jesuit musical chases on a train or pursuits amount of work for the few play is the fact that such a well. Maddy and I need to make normal buildings, our ing, which will be even small cast plays many differ- every character sound unique custodians mustEvery vac- first Friday of the f r o n t o f t h e a l t a r a t m a s s s u i t Po r t l a n d s t u d e n t s. s a i d s e n i o r C h r i s P o z z i , t h a t m a n y p e has o p l eclosed c h o o sits e cur tains and by an air plane or por tray- involved. greener and more enand distinct, but broad at the the Jesuit drama de par tment als of long trecks across the T herefore, as if the ent roles. Usually there is a cume, sweep, and polish F i r s t F r i d a y Fe a s t s a p a r t i c i p a n t i n m u l t i p l e n o t t o s e e ,” s a i d M r. Po w t o t h e B e a v e r t o n Tr a n s i t vironmentally friendly dives in for its unique spring Scottish moors,” male-dominated cast, same time,” said junior Casey our floors. In themonth GSC students from e r s. C e n t e r , w h e r e Je s u i t s t u - e s p e c i a l l y s e e k t o h e l p F i r s t F r i d a y Fe a s t s. than its predecessor. but this production Collins, another one of the drama production. “T he 39 said Jeff Hall, the this will not happen. As dents and faculty hand out homeless youth in BeaverThe program aims The assistance that The Gladstone has three girls and four leads. Ste ps” is next on the sched- director of “T he 39 the GSC is usingJesuit Pyro- bring sandwiches v i d e i s the year-long Ste ps.” f r e e s a n d w i c h e s a n d b e v e r - t o n d u e t o t h e c o n t i n u o u s t o c o n t i n u e Je s u s ’ t e a c h i n g Je s u i t s t u d e n t sule,p r ofitting Science Center is exone boy cast memThe four leads in “The foam X as its fl ooring, l a s t i nofg imurder ma g e s t o t h e h o m e l e s s e v e r y r i s e i n n u m b e r s o f t h o s e t h a t e v e r y o n e i s w e l c o m e s u r e t o l e a v e atheme pected to be completed T he chalber. 39 Steps” as well as all the stumysteries. it will allow water andcoffee to the Beaand f i r s t F r i d a y o f e a c h m o n t h . l i v i n g o n t h e s t r e e t s. T h e r e a t h i s t a b l e . S t u d e n t s a r e p a c t , a n d i s cHowever, h a n g i n g unlike t h e the massive- leng e of “T he 39 “I’m preparing for dents and faculty involved by early February next other cleaning agents to n u t musicals butF i r s t F r i d a y Fe a s t s, a r e 1 . 7 m i l l i o n t e e n a g e r s n o t o n l y g i v e n a n o p p o r - w o r l d , o n e plye ascaled all the different roles in the production have their Jesuit is so Ste ps” is not only year. The Gladstone be showered from the transit center. verton n d w i c hfor, a t “T a he 39 Ste ps” for the cast to act a t e r m c o i n e d h e r e a t Je s u i t u n d e r t h e a g e o f 1 8 l i v i n g t u n i t y t o s e r v e , b u t a n o p - t e r a n d j e l l y s afamous by trying to get my work cut out for them. The Science Center (GSC) ceiling late at night. This f o u r y e a r s a g o, b e g a n w h e n o n t h e s t r e e t s i n t h e U. S. p o r t u n i t y t o p r o l o n g Je s u s ’ t i m e . accents down, ” said Jesuit drama depar tment Page is is a play with a cast of only out these dramatic Page Page will be constructed of ON THE PAGE... ON THE PAGE... will cleans the entirety of Junior Maddy Matready to tackle the challenge and physically defour people. Madison Rich, ’13 a n d o v e r 2 0 , 0 0 0 o f t h o s e i d e a t h a t e v e r y o n e i s c r e C h r i s t i a n S e r v i c e d i r e c t o r ON THE PAGE... about 80 percent stone. Construction on the Elorriaga Center in 2011. thews, one of the four and deliver the best show they T he slim cast has the manding scenes, but the building in a matter M r. S c o t t Po w e r s a n d f o r - r e s i d e h e r e i n O r e g o n . T h e a t e d e q u a l l y i n h i s i m a g e . The designers are decidFunny Videos | Blind Date | Teachers Outside Pitcher-Catcher | Lax Bros | Track can. School leads. “It’s ridiculous daunting task of reworking for the technical b a s k e t f uFood l l o f options|Pro b r e a d , mweighted e r C h grades|Con r i s t i a n s e weighted r v i c e dgrades i - p r o j e c t ’s g o a l i s t o m a k e Attendance at even ing between breccia and a type haul truckloads of Pyrofoam X of minutes. A.M.D.G. “The 39 Steps” opens the amount of accents Alfred Hitchcock’s thrill- crew as well. Jesuit’s Courtesy of Sidney Monfries, ’15 A.M.D.G. A.M.D.G. The most shocking fea- p e a n u t b u t t e r a n d r e c t o r M r s. K i m B a s t a b l e s t u d e n t s a w a r e o f t h e c o n - o n e F i r s t F r i d a y Fe a s t h a s of limestone that is plentiful in to the Jesuit campus. Once there, er movie into a live-action drama de par tment The cast prepares for their upcoming preformance Casey and I have to on Thursday, April 25 and ends d i t i o n s o f t h e c o m m u n i t y b e e n e y e o p e n i n g f o r m a n y j e l l y, a n d h o t c o c o a s o u g h t a w a y f o r Je s u i t the construction crew will funnel ture of the GSC has to do with April, 2013 April, 2013 Editors: Naod Aynalem & Coyle Dummigan JESUIT CRUSADER Editor: Andy Buhler JESUIT CRUSADER Sandy, Oregon. The use of stone do. The hardest part is that weekend on Sunday, April drama April, Rice and Jack Bell production. Techni- has taken on one of i s p l a2013 c e d i n f r o n t o f t h e a l - s t u d e n t s t o s t a y c o n n e c t e d aJESUIT r o u n d t CRUSADER h e m w h i l e a l s o s t u d e n t s, a l l o w i n gEditors: t h e m t Maddie o makes Mr. Gladstone very glad the Pyrofoam X in between the the teacher, the teachers occupycal challeng es present them- its most difficult produc- cast did not have enough keeping a straight face during 28. Go g et your tickets in the tar at Friday liturgies each with those in the communi- providing them with an op- see what life is really like because it will allow the GSC to stone frame as well as onto the ing the GSC will… selves as the Jesuit drama tions yet. “T he 39 Ste ps” is pressure, the four student ac- rehearsal and the performances. PAC lobby or online at jesumonth along with the Eu- ties immediately surround- portunity to participate in for so many homeless teenbe environmentally friendly. The ground because it will be used as production attempts to adapt not only an adaption from a tors will be playing over 150 Everyone in the cast has a great itpor charist. T he woven basket ing them. Because of their an outreach prog ram. a g e r s i n t h e Po r t l a n d Mthe etto improve Mariel Klein, ’13 w i t h e a c h o t h e r . We k n o w two stone types that designers flooring instead of the easy-to- [Continue to back for re“Stay” by Rihanna at Suki’s. of the Rings style. He’ll be the into weight- theiropportunity Anne Elorriaga, ’13 “ N o t o n l y d i d I g eJesuit’s t r o transition Area. demonstrates one of the commitment to the marGPA will give students w h a t w e ’r e b o t h t h i n k i n g id you know teachers 3. updated Mr. Maxie: You one scores, dressed as a dwarf.and more 24/7 at Bonus coverage, news, sports reviews are deciding between are both wear-down carpet we normally mainder of story] Senior Shivani Negi “ I t h i n k w h a t the m o s t i m p o r t a n t v a l u e s t h a t g i n a l i z e d , m a n y o t h e r Je - t o p a r t i c i p a t e i n a n a m a z i n g they need in awas so in- lead real lives out- could see this notorious ironh e Je s u i t B a s e b a l l a l way s, a n d we k n ow w h a t 8. Ms. Mathes: You ed grades might be tough, r e -confidence very breathable, which allows the use. that difficulty. program has been to do to make each other pumping administrator r un- might find this teacher tailby her experiences with side of Jesuit? h a t ofspired Je s u i t e m p h a s i z e s : m e n a n d s u i t s t u d e n t s p a r t i c i p a t e i n s e r v i c e o p p o r t u n i t y, b u t I a l l y s t r i k e s s t u d e n t s i s tclass Once the skeleton of GSC to forgo the use of air con“Now that grades blessed with great b e t t e r. W h e n e ve r we a r e ning the “Bunny Bunny Boo g ating outside the Por tland Friday Feast that she madeIt’s tr ue! s i m i l a r c a m p a i g n s, b u t M r. g o t t o s e e w h a t c o n d i t i o nbut s it t hwill e r aultimately n d o m a c tbe o f benk i n d n e s s First w o m e n f o r o t h e r s. Opera House on the opening Ever walked out of a Booth” petting zoo area at talent. This season of the tog ether, we push each ditioners throughout the entirety the GSC is completed, the fun APRIL FOOLS LOLZ JK ROFL are weighted, there is a biga video educating others about s adraw T h e b a s k e t e v e n t u - Po w e r s a n d M s. B a s t a b l e w e r e r e a l l y l i k e , a n d t h a t t h e y a r e p e r f o r m i n g g o eger All-American sport will o t h e r t o w o r k h a r d e .” for students to take Shari’s bathroom only to en- Friendly Far ms. Or at a Cross- night of Madame Butterfly. of the school year, except for ex- begins. Jesuit has ordered around HEHE HAHA HOHO eficial in Beaverton. l oto n gall. w a y t o h e l p a w othose r l d homelessness a l l y t r a v e l s f r o m i t s s p o t i n m o d i f i e d i t t o b e s t s u i t Je - r e a l l y o p e n e d m y e y e s,” 9. Dr. Gor man: He’s be no different, especially The team strives 100 specially designed desks harder classes,” said counter your biolog y teacher fit facility. treme cases of Oregon weather. hundreds pope. likely doing power squats at dig ging into a big ol’ slice of 4. Ms. Case: If you’re wPope h e n Francis i t c o mwaves e s t oto p i t c h e r safter t obeing p u choosen s h t h eto i r bet the eam mates Shea Morgan, ’14 junior Lauren Glick. “It is The other 20 percent from Intel. Intel is in the process a n d c a t ch e r s. harder than ever before. nice that students can get Sweet Montana Cher r y Pie? taking a stroll in a public the Whole Foods checkout Bonus coverage, updated news, sports scores, reviews and more 24/7 at Bonus On the varsity They a r e coverage, a f t e r t h eupdated n e v e r -news, sports scores, reviews and more 24/7 at rior to forecasting, the more out of taking the hard- Ever walk into an elevator to place (e.g. mall, Nor th Pole, counter as you read this. Chandler Simich, ’13


he Catholic Church welcomes a new pope into power as Pope Benedict XVI steps down. The process began just a few weeks back on February 28th, when a conclave of cardinals gathered at The Vatican. The decision to appoint Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was unanimous after two days, as the white smoke bellowed out of the chimney. Cardinal Bergoglio is from Buenos Ares, Argentina and adds uniqueness as a leader of the Catholic Church by being the first Jesuit pope, “I think he is going to add a freshness that is needed, I am very excited for the future and have faith in his leadership skills because he is so humble,” said Father Grubb. Some people were hoping for an Italian pope to be elected, but because that did not happen, it is stated that Cardinal Bergoglio chose his name to be Pope Francis of Assisi. “Having a new pope is always a big change,” said senior sacristan Chris Pozzi. “Change can be scary but I believe that the cardinals chose Pope Francis for a reason and look forward to the future, positive changes he will make to the church.” The cardinals choose

Pope Francis because of his concentration on the poor and his qualities of humility and tenderness. Pope Francis stated that he would continue to uphold the Churches beliefs but to also focus on the increasing amount of people suffering in Latin countries. Because he is from Argentina, he has first hand experiences of the suffering people needing hope and support, “I think that because he is so focused on those impoverished, he will really bring the church back to its roots,” said senior sacristan Jessica Wyatt. He believes that even though the population might be rising in these countries, so is the number of impoverished. Pope Francis plans to address those people suffering and turn some of the attention on those people for the church to help. The new pope has already begun his service to the people. As of March 31, he visited a youth detention center in Rome, where he participated in a cleansing of the feet. On Easter, Pope Francis, in the Urbi et Orbi address, called out to everyone about equalizing people all over the world. Pope Francis stated the importance of the growing peace in the world and how he will devote his life to this mission of the church.

“Having a new pope is always a big change.... “change can be scary but I believe that the cardinals chose Pope Francis for a reason and look forward to the future, positive changes he will make to the church.”

As sexting has become more popular among


quently asked questions is, “What is so wrong about sexting?” According to “www.”, 33 percent of all high-school-aged children have been involved in a form of nude sexting, along with 11 percent of girls under 13 years old. This in itself is horrifying and awful. Not only has sexting been popular among adults, it’s even more popular among children of the high-school ages (14-18). Especially with students at Jesuit, and friends of those who attend Jesuit. “I know plenty of people who have been involved with (sexting) at Jesuit, especially kids who go to public schools,” said sophomore Logan Scroggy. The consequences of sexting can be severe, ranging from embarrassment to imprisonment or worse. Explicit photos or videos forwarded from person to person can cause embarrassment for the original sender. Many teens don’t realize that once they hit “send,” control of who else sees that compromising photo is now completely up to the recipient. You may think you know your

Aubrey Cleland steals the stage

Fr. Connell: thespian and theologian



“My goal is to direct or act in all of Shakespeare’s plays at least once. I am at about twenty five right now, and there are 37.”

Jesuit plans to make big changes



Sports I




A pitcher-catcher bond


Thirty-Nine Steps brings drama to the Moyer

won Baseball State Championship this season. The baseball team feels this external pressure from standards and expectations but accepts the challeng e. With each practice, the baseball players aim to reach their fullest potential and achieve all of t h e i r g o a l s. “I will be able to tell if this is a good team 1 5 - 2 0 y e a r s f r o m n o w, ” s a i d M r . T i m M a s s e y. “ Ye s , we strive to work on playing better, especially under pressure, but I want this team to be made up with good men for others f i r s t .” T he varsity baseball team has just batted off in their season. As t h e s e a s o n c o n t i nu e s, t h e leadership of Decker and Mar tinek as well all of the contributions made by team members will hopefully be enough to led t o s u c c e s s f o r t h i s y e a r ’s baseball program. Decker will be attending Stanford University and will be a part of the baseball program there. Martinek is still undecided o n h i s f u t u r e p l a n s, b u t h e is considering the major league baseball depending on his draft position or Division I baseball program once graduated from high school.

Humor II

Opinion I




Weighing the options Most likely places to see teachers



baseball squad, senior catcher Matthew Decker and junior pitcher Christian Martinek will be working together with particular attention to e a c h o t h e r . W h i l e i t ’s o b vious that a pitcher needs the catcher to catch their pitch, and catcher needs the pitcher to throw the ball, the catcher-pitcher relationship goes much d e e p e r. A powerful pitcher and an intellig ent catcher, l i k e t h e p r o g r a m h a s n o w, makes for an ideal combination. The pitcher needs to be versatile and able to adapt. The catcher needs to be able to think fast and react fast, all while keeping the pitcher calm under pressure. “A p i t c h e r n e e d s a catcher to think for him. There can be nothing else going on in his head besides throwing his pitche s, b e c a u s e i f t h e r e i s, t h e p i t ch e r wo n’t b e e f f e c t i ve,” s a i d D e cke r. “ T h e catcher must think for himself, the pitcher and the rest of the team. A team cannot win without a g ood pitcher, and a pitcher will not be successful w i t h o u t a g o o d c a t ch e r.” “Matt is like an older brother to m e,” said Martinek. “Matt and I have strong connection


First Friday Feast provides food and conversation A


by Leda O’Connor ’14

Senior attack Oscar Stevensen gallops down the field in an away game at Southridge. Jesuit won 11-6.

Lax bros vie for a historic title Katherine Benedict, ’13


his year’s varsity lacrosse team started off with young players shaping the team. After losing seventeen seniors last year, the team took on new players with ranging grade levels. Six freshmen joined the team, including starting attack Eli Rajoette and part-time goalie Arie Abrams. The freshmen on the team show diligence and talent, along with four sophomores. “The freshmen are working out well,” said Coach Joe Corbitt. “They bring with them their willingness to contribute and their eagerness to develop at the varsity level.” Not only is this year’s team young, but so is the men’s lacrosse program as a whole. While the sport has only been around for six years, it carries many great victories and much evident talent in its short history. Last year the team took third in the state after being defeated by in the quarterfinals Lakeridge, the second best team in the state. They are the

two-time defending Metro champions, and they look to continue that this year. The new members of the team and fresh players to the varsity level create a push and

“The freshmen are working out well. They bring with them their willingness to contribute and their eagerness to develop at the va r s i t y l e ve l .” need to develop new chemistry among the team. Players at every grade level put in the extra time to create, find and develop team dynamics. “The chemistry is evolv-

ing into a (we) mentality,” said Corbitt. “In the past, there may have been a smaller group of Courtesy of starters getting significant playMany students frequent the Burger ville restaurant on Canyon Road during lunch break ing time. This season, many, if not all, are contributing.” Senior and captain Connor Burris agrees with his coach the food?” for letting ever yone g o off Sean Justus, ’13 and shares the needed demand The food at Jesuit can campus. However, senior Sam for team chemistry and how the be distasteful to some, and op- Ruef thinks he has the anteam has responded to that de- hould off-campus privileges be just for seniors tions outside of Jesuit would swer. mand. be more preferable due to not “As a compromise for “The team is super or for the entire student off campus privileges, both body? This question is one only taste, but also cost. young. We only have five seniors, “The cafeteria can be juniors and seniors should that is brought up often and but we are bonding like every other year. It has been vitalapproximately for one quarter of expensive, and I would rather have off-campus privileges the team to work together, the and student body disag rees g o off campus,” said junior because the majority of upwe can tell the brotherhood is the other three quarters. with RJ Tennant. perclassmen can drive and upstarting to build again. We are all “It has been tradiperclassmen are more mature down to finish,” said Burris. tion at Jesuit for only seniors and tr ustworthy than underWhile the team’s mean to be able to have off camclassmen,” said Ruef. age has dropped, their hopespus and privileges,” said senior Many people disag ree desires have only grown. Matt The Geulin. “Not that I am with not letting students g o team is going for their first- against ever letting the whole stuoff campus, but with Ruef ’s state championship this year,dent and body g o off campus, I compromise. Mant in the stuafter beating number two injust the wish they had changed dent body could ag ree that the state, Lincoln, this goal seems the r ule when I was an undercompromise is at least somewithin reach. what fair. Now the deciding classman.” Come check out the But can’t tradition factor, the administration, varsity men’s lacrosse team when change and alter with time? To some wondering what has to ag ree with the student they take on Aloha on Friday, “All students should could be cheaper than a five body and let the juniors g o April 19 at Jesuit. be given off campus privileg- dollar cafeteria lunch, two off campus. es,” said junior John Melito. Mcdoubles and a large Coke So why not let the en“With McDonalds, Carl’s Jr., at McDonalds costs a mere tire student body (or just the Pizza Schmizza and so many three dollars, and a bento at upperclassmen) g o off cama track meet. Even though many places walking distances from New Seasons is a measley pus? Do they do it for the traof the events are done alone, Jesuit $3.99. dition? Do they think it only the sport is still about having a that we can eat, why not let us g o? And why make us There are many argu- makes sense because most seteam mentality. Athletes pracstay at Jesuit if we do not like ments and counter arguments niors can drive? tice, improve and work together so they are expected to be there supporting each other in each of their competitions. Since track is also such a vast sport, not a lot of fans and spectaLea Campbell, ’13 the challenge of hard classes,” appropriately add rigor to their tors attend the meets. Teamsaid senior Brittney Johnson. schedule,” said Mr. Johnson. mates fill in that spot when they The counseling office any schools across the Although it helps stuare encouraging and upholding country are switching dents succeed by giving them suggests that if students are intheir fellow athletes. terested taking advanced classes, their grading system the extra boost in their grade, it While the consequencto weighted grades, but are stu- is unfair to students who do not talk to their teachers and counes of missing a practice or skipdents actually benefitting from do well in a particular subject selor about a schedule that would ping an event is not running be appropriate for them, before this change? At Jesuit the weight- and does not fairly recognize a laps for an eternity, beinging abof grades will start in the fall student’s effort. It ultimately de- diving into classes that they may sent simply means you willofnot 2013. While weighted grades values students with great grades not be prepared for. Although improve and in turn stunting have benefits, especially as far as who do not take AP classes and many juniors and underclassmen your own growth. applying for college scholarships, values students with mediocre are excited about this change, it “Keep on pushing. is a grey area as to how many stuthe seniors at Jesuit this year see grades who do take AP classes. Don’t cheat yourself,” says this as unfair, specifically those It also makes for a high- dents are aware of the difference thrower’s conditioning Coach who took more rigorous classes er demand of students who then in weighted and un-weighted Stammers during their tough grades and who were unable to apply want to take an AP or honors stairs workout routine.

More off-campus lunch options


“The cafeteria can be expensive and I’d rather go off campus,” said junior RJ Tennant.

Track and field’s true purpose Track can be a whole new world for underclassmen who are new to it. Naod dives into the experience from the standpoint of one. Naod Aynalem ’15


rack and field can be a hectic but meaningful experience for those who are strangers to Jesuit’s program. On the first day of practice, 350 students showed up to kick off the track season. Over a quarter of the students were freshmen. The track and Field program is like no other program at Jesuit. There are 350

it would have more structure, but I like how a lot of the responsibility is now on me.” Penson is right on the fact that 19 coaches can only keep track of a limited amount of athletes. One of the coaches’ main goals is to try and instill a sense of responsibility into the students. “I love how my friends and I can just run freely on our own time and with our own pace,” said sophomore Amy Olyaei. Coaches still expect the best out of every athlete. Athletes have to make it to every practice for each event they are signed up for. “Whether it is raining, snowing or hailing we coaches will be out here ready to train no matter what,” said head coach Tom Rothenberger. Even people with in-

administration decided that weighting our grades for honors and AP classes would be more beneficial to get scholarships. The school’s lack of weighted grades put us at disadvantages to get enough money from different organizations because our grades were not able to stand up against other applicants. This is how it works: if someone takes an honors class, .03 is added to the student’s grade at the end of the semester, and if a student takes an AP class, .07 will be added their grade. This will make the scholarships more tangible for students who have chosen a rigorous schedule and need help going to college. Weighting grades will also encourage students to push themselves and not just slide through high school without beefing up their schedule. “The advantages of weighted grading encourage students to take rigorous classes, allow school systems to offer more challenging courses, increase a student’s GPA, higher class ranking for students, students are more competitive; better chance for scholarships and higher self-esteem,” said Kim Blakesley of Yahoo Contributors. With all the stress of high school, giving students

er classes.” Also, Jesuit uses a college-like grading system where an A- is 3.7 instead of a 4.0. The new weighted grades system is the way that we can be on the same playing field as public school students and other schools with the more mainstream grading system. Colleges will look at both your weighted and unweighted GPAs, but they will not look at a student’s weighted GPA when comparing them to other students. The fact is that colleges will see if someone challenges themselves in comparison to other students. “As a senior, it would have been nice to have weighted grades because they do not look at weighted versus unweighted,” said senior Austin Quinlan. “Students look equal to students who have a higher GPA and who didn’t take the harder classes.” If someone were to ask, do weighted grades matter? The answer is yes. When schools provide weighted grades, students become more motivated to push themselves, and this will be beneficial when applying for college. Colleges will see that someone challenges themselves versus other students, even if their unweighted grades are not as high as students who didn’t challenge themselves.

Weighted grades help too little and hurt too much


suit had previously initiated the weight grade scale. Some seniors who have worked hard to get good grades in regular classes seem troubled by the concept of the weighted scale. “I understand the weighted scale, but I do not see the fairness in only reward-

ing some students for academic achievements,” said senior Shannon O’Mara. In weighing the pros and cons (pun intended), it is easy to see that the new weighted scale is not an accurate way of measuring students ability and capability, rather praises students for taking hard classes.

find an administrator showing off their butterfly tattoo to a small child or dog? In the wise words of Damien from “Mean Girls,” “I love seeing teachers outside of school. It’s like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.” Frequent these hot spots to find your favorite teachers living their life. 1. Mr. Klausenburger: You’ll probably find him back at the ranch. He also reads the newspaper on the play str ucture outside Washington Square mall daily. 2. Mr. Falkner: Treat your ears to the sound of Mr. Falkner hitting the high A# of

that one deli), and you see someone wearing excessive amounts of neon, it’s probably Ms. Case. 5. Mr. Flamoe: This teacher regularly channels his inner Zen during his Pilateshula hoop fusion private with Fabio. You definitely won’t get into the undivulg able private studio, but if you hang around the cor ner of Get A Map and Go Away you might catch a glimpse of Mr. Flamoe. 6. Ms. Schick: Check out “DJ Slick” spinning dem rhymes at a 503 dance. 7. Mr. Yanosy: If you’re lucky, you might catch Mr. Yanosy LARPing—Lord

10. Mr. Manning: You can find this man at the zoo in the “silver fox” exhibit. 11. Mr. Lum: In the librar y. He literally never leaves the librar y. Ever. 12. Mr. Sprehe: You could find him g olfing while watching “The Princess Bride.” 13. Mr. Andreas: This teacher frequents the bouncy ball pit at Safari Sam’s. It’s not weird because he has three daughters. 14. Mr. Montanaro: You might see him stuck in a swar m of sophomore girls mistaking him for Bradley Cooper.

Courtesy of Kathryn Ascher, ’13

Ms. Laura Schick, or better known as DJ Slick, displays her hidden talent on the tur ntable.

Scan for a good laugh!

Courtesy of Maddie Rice,’13

Jordi Kellogg on one knee after a lovely date with Jordan Fleshman.

Blind search for love Maddie Rice, ’13 James Wisnewski, ’14


icture this: a beautiful blonde Spanish boy and a charming woman enjoying conversation over some UU Yogurt. Well, this is no dream. It’s reality, thanks to the Journalism Class. The suave journalism students have done it again; we created a beautiful date that sent two Jesuit students home with butterflies in their tummies. Sophomore A r c h d u k e Jordi Kellogg XXIII and junior Jordan Lee Fleshman were both informed earlier this month that they had been selected to go on a blind date for the Jesuit Crusader. O n the first day back from spring break, Jordi and Jordan made their way over to UU after school to meet for the blind date. Senior Maddie Rice and junior James Wisniewski were waiting there to make sure things went smoothly and that no one would get hurt. The two were shocked to the see the other there, but made small talk while concocting their frozen yogurt dishes. Jordan made her way to an open table, and Jordi kindly informed her that the couch would work as well;). Little did Jordan know, but Jordi had a way with words when it came

Colorado and also commented on how tan Jordan looked and inquired where she went. “I went to the Oregon Coast…. but with my boyfriend,” responded Jordan. At this point in the date, things got extremely awkward, but Rice and Wisniewski believed the situation was saved when Jordan began to uncontrollably laugh. Unfortunately for this lover boy it just made things worse. So like any good gentleman, Jordi changed the subject and moved on. The two bonded over their mutual love of soccer and the fact that their names sound kind of alike sometimes. Jordan commented that her younger sister sometimes called her Jordy, and this made Jordi feel a little bit better. Jordi looked up at the clock and was amazed that six hours had passed since he arrived at UU for the blind date. The two had such an amazing time together that they completely lost track of time. Jordi stood up and threw away the trash, like a good gentleman, and pulled out Jordan’s chair for her. Jordan arose and gave Jordi the biggest hug of all time saying, “This is the fourth best date I’ve ever been on!” “I had a swell time too!” Jordi agreed. On the way out of the store, Jordi and Jordan decided that something could have

“T he two bonded over their mutual love of soccer and the fact that their names sound kind of alike s o m e t i m e s.”

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