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DIXON 20yr old musician Ben Dixon has a bright future lurking ahead. Talented song writer has everything to gain and nothing to lose


en Dixon, up and coming Palmerston North musician. Not only is Dixon an accomplished drum player but he also can play the guitar with ease and has the vocal chords to match. His music is somewhat moody, melancholic but at the same time uplifting and impassioned. For many of his fans his greatest musical talent is his ability to sing with utter honesty. Dixon’s voice is nostalgic bringing back thoughts of Johnny cash and Lou reed. His intensity whilst performing creates an intoxicating

atmosphere, which is helped when accompanied by a few glasses of good wine. when Dixon isn’t

and he is certainly an up coming artist to watch out for. Dixon talks about moving to Auckland in the future where he thinks his “Life is a journey music will and I can’t wait to flourish and see where I end up” spread to a much wider - Dixon audience. Palmerston North seems making sensational to be a bit small for melodies he is usually this upcoming found studying down muso. He at Ucol’s music goes on to say department, kick that his time starting his career in in Palmeston the music industry. North has been He is also often a great learning seen skating around curve for him Palmerston North “I’ve had some in his spare time. A great times gifted young lad, it in Palmy and seems that Dixon has have met some his fair share of talent, amazing people nonetheless it’s not along the way, going to waste, he is they have taught making waves in the me alot about local music scene. myself and music. Dixon has a bright But for next year future ahead of him its time to take a new

path and explore my options somewhere new and exciting. Life is a journey and I can’t wait to see where i’ll end up. However I will be very sad to leave this place and the people behind. This place is apart of me and I won’t ever forget it no matter where I end up” Dixon.

27 I NME I 2o June 2012

“I Live for music, it’s the only time I really feel alive” -Dixon


o I guess it is safe to say we can expect to see great things from Ben Dixon. Always on the go with new gigs every few weeks, its hard to imagine that Dixon has any time to himself, but on another hand he seems to enjoy every minute of his hectic lifestyle. “ No I don’t get too much time to myself but I don’t mind at all. I live for music, it’s the only time I really feel alive.” Dixon goes on to say what has influenced his music style “ From an early age I was influenced by Bob Dylan, my dad would play him all round the house, I was brought up on Bob so of course I was influenced by his music. As I got a bit older I started listening to bands such as Kings of Leon and Velvet Underground which also had a great influence on my music.

Dixon playing at murphy gig 2012

I’ve always related well with those bands, alot of the reasons werebecause of their lyrics. It is true and I admire their rawness. Of all things it has taught me to be true to myself. My lyrics are honesty, it is me revealling myself to the world. Expression of oneself through any creative art form must be a truely magnificient thing.

For me it is music”- Dixon .Ben Dixon has alot of ground to cover before he sets off into the big music industry. But im sure with a bit of hard work, pinch of luck and a a whole lot of passion this won’t be the last time Palmerston North will hear from him.

Dixon playing at murphy gig 2012

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