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Jessica  Staskal   3519  University  Ave.  Apt  303  Des  Moines,  IA  (319)  270-­‐5873     EDUCATION   Drake  University,  Des  Moines,  Iowa   Bachelor  of  Arts,  Journalism  and  Mass  Communication,  May  2013   Major:  Public  Relations,  Minor:  Anthropology,  Concentration:  Women’s  Studies   Central  College  Abroad  Program,  London,  England;  Fall  2011   WORK  EXPERIENCE   Fellingham  Distinguished  Communications  &  Development  Fellowship   Special  Olympics  Iowa,  Des  Moines,  IA;  January  2013-­‐Present     • Develop  and  implement  social  media  campaign  and  analyze  statistics  and  trends  that  grew     SOIA’s  social  media  presence  by  200%  in  four  weeks     • Write  and  assist  with  10+  media  pitches  and  press  releases  per  month   • Collaborate  and  implement  web  development  plan  and  content  creation   • Assist  in  planning  and  implementation  of  eight  all-­‐state  games,  competitions  and  major     fundraising  events   • Assist  in  donor  engagement  and  recognition  efforts  and  research  donor     prospect  opportunities  across  the  state   • Collect  news  and  athlete/volunteer  stories  to  highlight  on  website,     social  media,  newsletters  and  publications   • Design  and  produce  20+  flyers,  brochures,  newsletters,     publications  and  promotional  materials  per  month   • Shoot,  edit  and  produce  short  promotional  and  event  videos  for  social  media         Undergraduate  Assistant     Professor  Lee  Jolliffe,  Drake  University;  August  2012-­‐Present   • Assisted  in  compiling  and  editing  12-­‐chapter  book   • Enlisted  and  recruited  students  and  professionals  to  guest-­‐write  chapters       Webmaster   Grant  Wood  Elementary,  Cedar  Rapids,  IA;  August  2012-­‐Present   • Updated,  enhanced,  and  modified  the  school’s  50-­‐page  website   • Created  standards  for  design,  navigation  and  browser  compatibility   • Maintained  electronic  documents,  files,  and  photos  to  provide     up-­‐to-­‐date  reference  materials  to  teachers,  parents,  and  students       Administrative  Associate       Iowa  Coalition  Against  Sexual  Assault,  Des  Moines,  IA;  August  2012-­‐January  2013   • Provided  administrative  support  to  organization’s  Executive  Director  and  Associate  Director    including  document  management,  payroll,  inventory,  and  maintaining  office  equipment   • Provided  logistical  and  planning  support  for  25+  state,  regional     and  national  conferences,  trainings,  and  webinars   • Designed  three  50-­‐65-­‐page  publications  for  national  conference   • Assisted  staff  in  grant  proposal  writing,  and  fundraising  events   • Produced  and  designed  infographics,  logos,  monthly  and  annual  reports  and     collateral  materials  including  brochures,  rack  cards,  flyers  and  leaflets   • Assisted  staff  in  strategy  for  major  state  sexual  assault  service  restructuring  process     News  Section  Designer   Drake  University’s  Times-­‐Delphic  Newspaper;  August-­‐December  2012  

• Designed  layouts  for  News  section  of  Drake’s  semi-­‐weekly  student  newspaper   • Photo  re-­‐touching  and  manipulation,  infographic  and  logo  creation           Media  Intern   Iowa  Coalition  Against  Sexual  Assault,  Des  Moines,  IA;  January-­‐August  2012     • Designed  and  updated  collateral  materials  including  ten  brochures,     four  networking  reports,  invitations,  flyers  and  handouts   • Developed  social  media  campaign  that  reached  800+  Facebook  fans,     560+  email  subscribers,  and  doubled  the  organization’s  twitter  followers   • Created  two  PSAs  for  IowaCASA  and  Sexual  Assault  Awareness  Month     • Designed  infographic  about  structure  of  IowaCASA  that  facilitated  better     understanding  of  the  services  they  provide     Marketing  Intern   ImOn  Communications,  Cedar  Rapids,  IA;  June  2011-­‐January  2012   • Created  over  30  collateral  materials  including  letters,  brochures,  and  postcards   • Developed  and  implemented  social  media  campaign  that  grew  ImOn’s     social  media  presence  by  240%  over  six  months   • Wrote  eight  press  releases  and  continually  updated  the  company’s  35-­‐page  website       “Street  Team”  Marketing  Intern     The  Greater  Des  Moines  Convention  &  Visitors  Bureau,  Des  Moines,  IA;  August-­‐December  2012   • Attended  and  promoted  partner  businesses  at  14  events  and  festivals     throughout  greater  Des  Moines.       • Helped  build  brand  name  of  GDMCVB  and  their  partners  through     marketing  materials  provided  to  residents  and  tourists.       Marketing  &  Development  Intern   Cedar  Valley  Humane  Society,  Cedar  Rapids,  IA;  May-­‐August  2010   • Helped  plan  and  execute  four  fundraising/promotional  events  that     totaled  approximately  $25,000.       • Continually  updated  donor  &  volunteer  databases   • Solicited  donations  from  local  businesses  and  community  members     that  totaled  approximately  $12,500.       Public  Relations  Intern   Workplace  Learning  Connection,  Cedar  Rapids,  IA;  May-­‐August  2008   • Helped  create  new  agency  website,  launched  social  media  marketing  campaign   • Conducted  pre-­‐  and  post-­‐internship  interviews  and  evaluations     SKILLS     Public  Relations       Highly  knowledgeable  in  writing  press  releases,  making  media  pitches,  grant  writing,  advertising  copywriting     Social  Media  Marketing  &  Analytics   Experienced  in  Twitter,  Facebook,  LinkedIn,  HootSuite,  WordPress,  Constant  Contact,       YouTube,  Google  Analytics,  Google  Adwords,  Content  Creation   Design,  Creative  &  Multi-­‐media  Programs   Proficient  in  Adobe  Creative  Suite,  Audacity,  iWeb,  iMovie,  Windows  Moviemaker;  skilled  in  video  and  audio     production  and  editing,  blogging,  HTML-­‐writing       ACTIVITIES  AND  AWARDS   Public  Relations  Student  Society  of  American  member,  Kappa  Alpha  Theta  Sorority  member  and  Class  Philanthropy  Chair,   Deans  List,  Four-­‐year  Drake  University  Presidential  Scholarship  recipient  

Jessica Staskal Resume Feb 2013