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The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault Locations in Iowa that we serve


I·o·wa noun A state of the north-central United States. 26,000 Square Miles, Population 3 million.


Co·a·li·tion noun 1. An alliance of people, factions, parties, or nations. 2. A fusion or merging into one body or mass; a union.


A·gainst preposition In opposition to; as a defense or safeguard from

Sexual Assault

Sex·u·al A·ssault verb When an individual engages in sexual activity without the explicit consent of the other individual involved.

IowaCASA Legal Services

Technical Medical Assistance Advocacy

Prevention & Education

IowaCASA’s 28 member centers provide support to sexual assault survivors in all 99 Iowa counties.

Community Policy & Specific Services Media

Sexual Assault Survivors in Iowa’s 99 counties

Provide training on Provide a variety of technical issues from assistance, service delivery support, & & program Provide the facilitation concerns to civil legal public policy assistance & of peer-driven advancement. representation resources for all state & Technical to sexual territorial sexual Assistance assault survivors. assault coalitions.

Our Umbrella of Services

IowaCASA provides services to 28 member centers such as Technical Assistance, National Resource Sharing Project, Legal Services, Prevention & Education, Policy & Media, and Community Specific Services. These member centers serve the thousands of sexual assault survivors in Iowa’s 99 counties.

Assist communities Reach out of color in & educate Work organizing sexual assault with media around issues crisis centers, to answer related to law enforcement questions sexual violence. agencies, human & provide service providers, resources on Community community & issues related Specific civic organizations. to sexual violence. Service

Legal National Resource Assistance Sharing Project Prevention & Policy & Media Education

If you or someone you know needs help now, call the Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline at 1-800-284-7821

IowaCASA Services Infographic  
IowaCASA Services Infographic  

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