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STRIPES Aviators behind Rome’s Tiger Flight Foundation make it their mission to put kids “in command”



A holiday to remember



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J. Ryland Scott, M.D., FACS Harbin Clinic Bariatric and General Surgeon Dr. Scott is a fellowship-trained physician specializing in Advanced Laproscopy and Bariatrics.

Weight loss surgery is a life-changing decision that can positively impact your overall health, reducing your risk for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. As with any major decision, you must choose the right partner to carefully evaluate your options and prepare you for the road ahead. That’s why the Bariatric Center at Harbin Clinic offers a comprehensive, compassionate, expert-led approach to weight loss that is personal, safe and effective. As the leading bariatric surgeon in the area, Dr. Scott and his multidisciplinary team of specialists take a consultative approach to weight loss surgery, collaborating on and supporting you through a plan designed to help you reach your individual weight-loss goals.

Ublf!uif!Ă&#x;stu!tufq!jo!dpnnjuujoh!up!b!ifbmuijfs!gvuvsf/!! To attend one of our free information sessions, call 706-378-8140 today. Financing options are available and some insurance is accepted.

Bariatric Center 817.489.9251!!!!!!


Which line will you stand in?

Worried about unemployment?


We have one worth standing in!

Georgia Northwestern Technical College is a college focused on education for career-building skills with degrees, diplomas, and certificates in close to 200 programs of study offered through day, evening, and online classes. Enroll now.

The Decision is Yours.

FLOYD COUNTY CAMPUS One Maurice Culberson Drive Rome, Georgia 30161 706.295.6963

GORDON COUNTY CAMPUS 1151 Highway 53 Spur SW Calhoun, Georgia 30701 706.624.1100

POLK COUNTY CAMPUS 466 Brock Road Rockmart, Georgia 30153 770.684.5696

GNTC is a Unit of the Technical College System of Georgia and an Equal Opportunity Institution.

WALKER COUNTY CAMPUS 265 Bicentennial Trail Rock Spring, Georgia 30739 706.764.3510

In a day you can... shop for a week’s worth of groceries, taxi a van full of middle schoolers and explain long division…twice! And, in 24 hours you can know the results of your mammogram, clinical breast exam and lifetime breast cancer risk assessment. In the unlikely event that you need a biopsy, you’ll still know in 24.

*24 hour results available for most women

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Trouble finding the right PC for your specific needs in the age of 64-bit? If so, you’re not alone


How Bill and Patti Bowling managed to construct a modern-day castle just a hop-skip from Billy Pyle


When it comes to teaching kids to take charge of their own destinies, no one wings it quite like Tiger Flight


Rome artist Dylan Moseley uses simple shapes and whimiscal figures to illustrate images from the heart

49 HOLIDAY 911

How a single afternoon at the Barnsley Gardens Spa may well salvage the lone shred of sanity you have left


When it comes to football, Thanksgiving get-togethers are just an excuse to find out whose side you’re really on


Harbin bariatric surgeon, Dr. Ryland Scott, “weighs in” on the pros and cons of going under the knife

GUEST EDITORIAL Reaping the Wild Wind: GGW-1, McCrobie’s-0

by Dianna Edwards

M AG A Z I N E This very “McCrobie’s, Enemy of Rome,” stands almost empty a week after its storied assault on the City of the Seven Hills. Where is everybody? This is a bar for the younger crowd, and even the working stiffs of Rome are already walking the streets in costume, ready to party. And it’s chilly outside, to boot. Still, there are just four of us here. The only woman is yours truly, wild according to some, but last a girl well over forty winters ago. The middle-aged men nursing beers and staring at football reruns in McCrobie’s are dressed per usual: Whatever. The only sign of Girls Gone Wild® left here is a poster full of promises: ‘Got an awesome personality? Wanna go to Girls Gone Wild Island? We want to meet you!’ But you could cover the walls of McCrobie’s with the coverage the battle over Girls Gone Wild (GGW) has gotten. Not just in Rome, but in the Atlanta papers and Internet blogs. Brent McCrobie’s attorney, David Guldenschuh, was the ablest of defenders. A former King & Spalding associate with the Ivy League credentials K&S insists upon, Guldenschuh wrapped McCrobie’s (and by extension, any girls wishing to go wild) in that most honorable of defenses, the First Amendment. Certainly the “Fabulous First” has protected more icky principles than the right to make titles like “Girls Gone Wild Presents: Bubba Sparxx Charmed Life Tour.” GGW head Joseph R. (Joe) Francis has earned millions with films like “Bubba,” brand promotions like this tour bus scourge, and he just keeps on adding belles and whistles to his empire. Still, the only people in Francis’ wake who are likely to make any real money are the attorneys paid to get him out—keep him out—of jail on tax evasion charges, or settle charges (out of court) related to filming underage women without consent. You don’t hear as much about Joe Francis hanging out with the A-listers in Hollywood these days, though. Once upon a time he was buds with Brad and Jen, but that’s as over as Brad and Jen. A string of GGW parodies haven’t helped either. (Once you’ve been spoofed by iCarly, it’s over.) All that said, I could see Rome’s being uncomfortable with the idea of GGW buses circling the city. Taking the high road, let’s say they took the term “City Fathers” much too literally and hoped to protect not just Rome’s image, but also that of some shortsighted young woman ready and willing to trade her sacred right to privacy— FOREVER—for a cheap t-shirt and two skuzzy minutes in front of a video camera. And I can even forgive the “Gone Wild for Jesus” team for attempting to divert the attention of the Good Lord from his true business watching over soldiers at war and teenage girls at high school proms, children who wind up in landfills and all the things He really needs to prioritize before looking after flashers on Broad Street. But Brent McCrobie should know better. He’s a businessman. A struggling one by his own admission; a smart one, by many accounts. Mr. McCrobie should know he could spend his money in far better ways than to shell out whatever big bucks it takes

You don’t hear as much about Joe Francis hanging out with the A-listers in Hollywood these days, though... (Once you’ve been spoofed by iCarly, it’s over.)

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STRIPES Aviators behind Rome’s Tiger Flight Foundation make it their mission to put kids “in command”


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Have the wedding of your dreams at Belle Terra.

Private estate Waterfalls, lakes, gardens and rolling lawns Outdoor Weddings & Reception Hall Limited booking available!!!

Aristocratic elegance without pretention. 4432 Cave Spring Road

Rome GA 30161



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G e t t i n g t h e m o s t out of your c l e a n i n g s e r v i c e ?

to corral a one-night stand with the GGW promo tour bus, in the faint hope that it may boost business. However, McCrobie ended up as punk’d by GGW as any drunken coed who ever thought she’d land an L.A. modeling contract for licking whipped cream off a corn dog. Because, when it was all over, hundreds came, thousands may have gawked and gabbed, but in the end, only GGW conquered. The PR war had been won. “It was a bust,” one bystander told me rather wistfully. It took us both a minute to laugh at the pun. Then, we sighed. That old “awwh, bless his heart,” kind of sigh we Southerners understand so well. I’m probably one of the handful of new customers McCrobie’s netted with all this effort, and I came away from my little visit more thoughtful than impressed. What’s wrong with McCrobie’s—from a business standpoint—is something that can’t be fixed with wild girls and smart attorneys and the Constitution of The United States. Call it a time warp. A concept warp. A demographic misfire, if you will. McCrobie’s sits in the middle of Historic Broad Street, surrounded by quietly elegant shops and thriving restaurants. A

This is the business direction Broad Street merchants are taking because this is the way the demographic wind is blowing. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s not the Old Fogies versus the New Generation. And it surely isn’t “The Man” bringing “The People” down.

Locally owned by Baxter and Jennifer Robinson

Choice Choice Cleaning Solutions, Inc.

Cleaning Solutions, Inc. FREE office cleaning audit. We find the areas your cleaning services misses and clean them for FREE. Holiday carpet cleaning available.

706.252.4255 10

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new restaurant is set to open right next door very soon. These aren’t snooty, upscale Atlanta joints. They’re affordable, low’luxe places where the dress code isn’t much more taut than McCrobie’s. (Call it “Whatever wear.”) This is the business direction Broad Street merchants are taking because this is the way the demographic wind is blowing. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s not the Old Fogies versus the New Generation. And it surely isn’t “The Man” bringing “The People” down. It is just business. The demographic with money to burn on Broad isn’t the one McCrobie’s is targeting, neither with it’s limited “wings’n-fingers” menu, nor its nightly entertainment. The concept of a live music, late night venue in Rome isn’t wrong. The key is finding the one that sells best—to people who are actually buying—on Broad Street. McCrobie’s location would be ideal for a classic saloon, with all that gorgeous 100-year-old pine flooring and that marvelous legacy brick hiding behind those walls, a truly great vintage saloon could be just waiting to bust out of that space. Sigh... There’s that little pun again.

Dianna Edwards is a writer and author living with her husband, fellow author Eric Haney, in Cave Spring. Her books can be found on

Financial planning is no longer a choice... It’s a necessity. It’s time to meet with trusted advisors.

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Investments are offered through Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS), 5040 Roswell Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30342, 1-800-366-0839. PAS is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of the Guardian Life Insurance Company (Guardian), New York, NY. PAS and the representatives do not provide legal or tax advice or services. Peachtree Planning Corporation is not an affiliate or subsidiary of PAS. Peachtree Planning Corporation has a brokerage agreement with Guardian. Disability income and long term care insurance underwritten and issued by Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America, Pittsfield, MA, a wholly owned stock subsidiary of The Guardian Life Company of America, New York, NY. Products are not available in all states. Product provisions and features may vary by state. Peachtree Planning Advisors is an independent Georgia Registered Investment Advisor. PAS is a member of FINRA, SIPC.

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Byers Wellness Center Bioidentical Hormone Replacement What can Natural Hormone Therapy do for me? Hormone therapy has helped thousands of men and women achieve the natural healthy balance of hormones their bodies need to maintain optimum well-being. What is Natural Hormone Therapy? Hormonal therapy is the most convenient and effective method of hormone replacement available. It has been fully researched and documented in medical journals since 1939. It involves a simple and painless insertion of a bio-equivalent hormone pellet under the skin. Once inserted, a steady dose of hormone flows into the bloodstream whenever the body needs it. This allows the body to control the release of the hormone just as it did when you were younger. Why is this Natural Method more effective than synthetics? With synthetics you have a spike effect throughout the day. This simply means that it has an up and down effect throughout the day. With the Natural method, it is a steady flow with your body throughout the day. It gives your body more when needed. Stress and exercise require more testosterone naturally. The pellets provide this increase as your body did when you were young. What are the Hormone Pellets made from? Hormone pellets are compounded to the highest industry standards. They use the best quality soy and yam ingredients available, and are formulated to replicate human hormones. No synthetics, just natural, biologically equivalent hormones. Why do men need Hormones? Hormonal needs for men have received national media attention. There are only few treatment options available, which can be expensive, and require daily consumption and in many cases, need to be carefully timed with their partner’s desire for sexual activity and pleasure. With our system, there are no patches, no creams, no pills, no injections. It can last from 4 to 6 months. Every man experiences a gradual decline in hormone production as he ages. Beginning at age 30, his body manufactures less and less testosterone. Most men lose 1-2 percent per year until somewhere between 40 and 50 years of age, his testosterone levels drop dramatically and signal the onset of andropause— the medical term for the male equivalent of menopause.

The benefits of Balanced Hormones

• energy • libido • clarity • sleep

• muscle gains • strength • fat loss • well-being

What Symptoms occur when my testosterone level drops every year? Increased belly fat, lack of sexual desire, gaining weight, losing muscle mass, feeling sluggish, diminished physical agility, depression and irritability. Most men think they have to tough out these symptoms as a part of “getting older”. Can raising my Testosterone help me in the gym or playing my favorite sport? Absolutely! When a man raises his testosterone, he has a better chance of enhancing all the things that we talked about earlier: Energy, clarity, muscle gains, fat loss, strength, libido, sleep. All of these things can contribute to an improvement in your physical activities. Your partner will reap the benefits as well! Why doesn’t my doctor suggest Natural Hormone Therapy as an option? Most doctors are schooled in the use of synthetic hormones. Most likely, they were never trained in the use of a Natural Solution.

KENNETH BYERS, M.D. Dr. Kenneth Byers is widely recognized as a leader in the field of Natural Hormone Therapy. He has practiced medicine for over thirty years, and has specialized in the treatment of hormone deficiency since 1997. Dr. Byers has patients across the nation that visit him for this Natural Treatment. With thousands of insertions to date, he is one of the top physicians in the country for this treatment.

650 Henderson Dr., Ste 409 Car tersville, GA 30120 7 7 0 . 3 8 7 . 3 4 5 0

As a woman, why is it important to have the right balance of Estrogen and Testosterone? Estrogen is the most important hormone a woman has, protecting her from heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Synthetic estrogen taken orally does not offer these universal benefits. Testosterone gives a woman her mental clarity, libido, muscle tone and mass. Without it, women often complain of mental confusion, weight gain and poor muscle growth even with regular exercise. How do I receive my Treatment? Each Natural Hormone Pellet is slipped painlessly under the skin, typically in the hip. A mild local anesthetic is used and the procedure takes less than five minutes. Follow up treatments involve brief visits to Doctor Byers 2-4 times a year, depending on your levels. You never have to worry about when to take your treatment. It takes care of itself. What is my First Step? Schedule your initial lab work with our office. Once you have had your lab work completed, you will be scheduled with Dr. Byers for your consultation. At your consultation, Dr. Byers will review your current hormone levels, symptoms and lifestyle to recommend the best course of treatment.

w w w . b y e r s w e l l n e s s c e n t e r . c o m 12

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N E W,







FACILITY Dr. Daniel Todd Dr. Jessie Collins

Small Animal Medicine & Surgery Wellness Programs & Vaccines Grooming & Boarding Services Indoor Heated & Cooled Luxury Suites

Unsurpassed Care & Compassion for your Family Pet.

Conveniently located just North of Mount Berry Square Mall

2 9 6 5 M A R T H A B E R RY H W Y

ROME GA 30165

Antiques on Broad Antiques • Fine Furniture • Vintage Linens & Jewelry


114 Broad Street Rome GA 30161 706.295.0015

Rome’s most charming antique mall! vini vidi vici / v3 magazine


Masseys Jewelers is thrilled to offer our customers the unique collection of Donna Chambers. With a decorated career as a fine jewelry goldsmith, designer, and entrepreneur; Chambers latest creations use 18th Century Chinese gaming chips made of solid pearl. These unusual hand crafted works of art are dated back more than 250 years and were once used for gambling by British royalty. Most of these gambling counters were made during the Ch’ing Dynasty from 1736 until 1796, though from 1800 to 1820 there were some crafted from a thicker mother of pearl. It was very common for wealthy British families to commission carved chips with their family crests in the middle and outer edges carved with butterflies, birds and geometrical designs. Throughout their 250 year life span, these gambling counters have been cherished by royalty as well as many other historcal personalities. Chambers use of these exquisite artifacts has been described as a marriage of history and style. We encourage art, history, and jewelry lovers alike to come view these one of a kind pieces of jewelry and take advantage of the opportunity to own a piece of history.

MASSEY’S The Diamond Store 110 Broad Street

Rome GA 30161


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The DINING ROOM / Tuesday - Saturday Lunch 11:00am-2:00pm Dinner 5:00-9:30pm (10:00 FRI & SAT)

the lounge / Tuesday - Saturday 5:00pm-2:00am - live music

Call Now to Reserve the Private Dining Room for Your Christmas Party!








“Doing business with familiar people who understand what I want and need is invaluable. I ShopRomeSM because nowhere else can I receive the superior quality customer service that my friends and neighbors provide. Those same businesses in turn shop with Ford, Gittings & Kane. For me, that is what makes the world go around.�

-Jan Fergerson Ford, Gittings & Kane Jewelers

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fit for a

KING textbybrianfoster photosbynealhoward

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the area’s most accomplished firms. From the initial landscaping to the decorative ceilings, every component of the Bowling home was developed and created with detailed precision and craftsmanship. Both Bill and Patti lent a creative hand during the process, as well, with Bill contributing much to the design of the “Auburn Room” (where the Bowlings enjoy entertaining family and friends) and Patti designing the tile works found in both the kitchen and master bathroom. Throughout the home is also a bevy of beautifully detailed millwork, in addition to stunning custom


eering off Billy Pyle Road and making the approach to Bill and Patti Bowling’s awe-inspiring new home, one quickly finds his or herself transported from the rolling green of its surrounding properties to a dense, mysterious forest of high pines. Then, suddenly the winding driveway opens wide, revealing a grand stone structure not unlike many of the stately, centuries-old homes found nestled in the English countryside. For the Bowlings, however, their recently settled estate has not forced upon them the years of painstaking restoration often required by its English counterparts, but instead, has employed years of clever design and detailed construction to render it a modern-day masterpiece fit for a king. Inked by renowned Alabama architect, Anita Denson, the house was a massive collaborative effort made possible by some of


vini vidi vici / v3 magazine

surrounding rooms together. “It took six years total,” says Patti, “three years to plan it, three years to build it.” And now that these local emptynesters have moved in, only minor details remain. Though glad to have the years of construction complete, the Bowlings do say they miss the days and nights working with the various crews and being heavily involved in the design process. “I don’t want to build another house and don’t plan on it, but I really did enjoy it,” Patti admits. “It was a challenging process.” Being close to family throughout the project was also a blessing for the Bowlings. Bill’s father, Robert Bowling, who passed away from cancer this Oct. 24, owned the adjacent property and was a welcomed spectator and supporter during its construction. With a somber smile, the Bowlings say they truly cherished being so close to him during the last years of his life. As the Bowlings well know, long and complex projects are often stressful, but any sentiment or longing for the days of seemingly endless construction fade away when met with many of the luxuries their new home provides. “We love to entertain and get together to watch the (Auburn) Tigers play,” says Bill. “It has just been a great place to relax and enjoy.” But even if the Tigers happen to be on a bye week, the Bowlings and friends are quick to find solace in their surroundings.

“if you’re going to build it, why not do it right and put in what you want?”

cabinetry, much of which was built and installed by Cedartown, Ga.’s own Crawford Cabinets. In fact, the company’s work is the centerpiece of the Bowlings’ large, open-space kitchen, which acts as a centrifugal force in pulling the

A beautiful stone-built patio flanks both the kitchen and entertainment room, housing a state-of-the-art embedded grill and providing a beautiful view of the surrounding acreage. Upstairs, sharing space with the bedrooms of the couple’s three college-aged children, is the family’s home theater. Complete with leather recliners, a massive projection screen and powerful surround sound, the theater is a popular destination for the Bowling brood when home for the weekend. As Bill says with a shrug, “If you’re going to build it, why not do it right and put in what you want?” Instrumental in the interior design and décor of the home was local legend Ramona Fricks, head interior designer and co-owner of

concept has truly brought each respective space to life, a difficult thing when starting from scratch in a new structure. It seems that everything Bill proudly points to is followed by either, “That was Ramona’s idea,” or, “Ramona did that.” Fricks herself loved working on R.J. Fricks Furniture in downtown Rome. According to Bill and Patti, her creative vision for the house has been key in its evolution. With the signature touch of Fricks’ hand, each room has been left with a distinct character and eclecticism that represents both the Bowlings’ tastes and personal interests (not to mention Ramona’s grand vision for tying the whole thing together). “We absolutely adore [Ramona] and her work,” says Patti. “We couldn’t have done any of this without her.” In turn, Fricks’ suggestions and ideas for the home’s interior

few months after the Bowlings’ big move, Bill and Patti have found a lovely substitute for those days she is absent—i.e., bestowing the name Ramona to the classical statue that now adorns their foyer. “Watch out!” Bill cautions in jest. “Don’t knock down Ramona!” Like the high pines surrounding it, this year-old home is beginning to dig deep its storied roots, and may one day become a stalwart of the landscape just as the Old English estates after which it is modeled. “Bill always wanted a castle since we went to England,” laughs Patti, “and we knew we would never have a castle, so this is the closest thing.” And while there are no

“bill always wanted a castle since we went to england... so this is the closest thing.”


this successful, long-term project with the Bowlings. “They were just delightful,” she smiles. “We had so much fun working on this together, an absolute joy.” Though Ramona isn’t spending as much time at the house as she did during the first

. .

moats, keeps or turrets to speak of, the solid wood and stone construction of the Bowlings’ Rome-based “castle” does bear a close resemblance, perhaps leaving future residents an architectural gift for centuries to come. VVV (more pics, pgs. 24-31)


landscape & hardscape installation annuals & perennials fertilizers unique trees & shrubs vegetables


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vini vidi vici / v3 magazine

like the high pines surrounding it, this house is beginning to dig deep its storied roots...

vini vidi vici / v3 magazine


“we love to entertain... it has just been a great place to relax and enjoy. �


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The art of the senior portrait

call mark today for our senior special

all gift certificates for 2010 are 2 for 1 through december only Limited appointments

Give the gift of portraits this christmas

M A R K L AW PORTRAIT ARTIST www.markla 71 4 E. 2nd A ve. Rome GA 30 1 6 1 706.295.53 1 3 vini vidi vici / v3 magazine


Coosa Valley Home Health Care, an Amedisys company, is in the business of helping our patients maintain and improve their quality of life-at home. Home is the place where family, friends and familiar surroundings make patients feel most comfortable - and recover faster. With more than two decades of experience in the health care industry, we understand the importance of delivering highquality services to patients in their homes. Choose Coosa Valley for all your home care needs.

Skilled Nursing Home Health Aides Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy Social Workers


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Diabetes at Home Heart at Home Joint Recovery at Home Better balance at Home Partners in Wound Care Surgical Recovery at Home

“we absolutely adore [ramona fricks] and her work.we couldn’t have done any of this without her.”

“with the signature touch of fricks’ hand, each room has been left with a distinct character and eclecticism...”


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'(.#)(5."#-55;5,#05g55n2gf5*,#(.5) 53)/,5")#


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Let our professional design team help you create your dream home.


ROME, GA 30161


Bringing you classic hits from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. 9:00am-12:00pm


THE TIGER When it comes to teaching Georgia’s kids to take charge of their own destinies, no life education program wings it quite like Tiger Flight

text&photography bynancysuttles

vini vidi vici / v3 magazine


“why don’t we talk to kids about being the pilots in command of their own lives...?”


ou can’t help but be impressed, jaw hanging open, when the “Tiger Flight” team roars overhead, its five orange and black-striped, twin-tailed prop planes flying in perfect formation. It’s that very sense of awe and wonder that led a group of Rome-based pilots to band together in an effort to teach children life values and responsibility through lessons about aviation. According to Phil “Sunny” Cataldo, one of the pilots who founded Tiger Flight, aviation has a concept known as “pilot in command.” The idea is that when a pilot is flying, he is in complete command of himself and his surroundings. This includes his own personal safety, as well as that of everyone in the plane and on the ground. To take on the responsibility of so many people can be daunting, but necessary. From this concept, Tiger Flight was born.


vini vidi vici / v3 magazine

“Why don’t we talk to kids about being the pilots in command of their own lives, flying their own lives?” Cataldo says. “Suddenly, that turned into the mission of Tiger Flight: leading [our] young to the dream of flight in the air and on the ground. Now we talk to kids about flying their own lives.” Plans are currently underway for a series of Tiger Flight “Open Hangar Days” to be hosted at Richard B. Russell Airport. These events will run one Saturday a month through the end of the year. “We are gearing up to launch our first awareness campaign, and [we want as many children and their families as possible] to come out and visit us,” says Clint Johnson, president of the nonprofit Tiger Flight Foundation. To raise funds for their educational programs, Tiger Flight recently hosted its first annual hangar dance, which honored

those currently serving in the military, as well as America’s veterans. The dance featured the Sentimental Journey Orchestra, a 17-piece big band outfit that plays World War II-era swing tunes. Of course, the themes of honoring veterans’ sacrifices and remembering the efforts of the “Greatest Generation” are appropriate for Tiger Flight. Visitors to their hangar at Richard B. Russell will instantly note the group’s WW II-replica aviators’ ready room for briefings, in addition to scores of military artifacts from the 1940s. The fundraiser was sponsored by a number of local businesses and businesspeople, including Gordon Hillegas and Lamar Barden of Peachtree Planning Corporation, Heritage First Bank, Mike Britton of Allstate Insurance, CDS Mortgage Reports, Eagle Rock Distributing, South 107, WKNG and Bella Roma.

museum in progress, one which honors the Greatest Generation. In addition, as many of Rome’s children have already experienced, Tiger Flight flies kids ages 8-17 for free on the second Saturday of each month, from 9 a.m. to noon, depending on weather and previously scheduled events. Those seeking more information on these special flights, or to register their children for the program, should contact Janice Hudson-Huff at hudsonhuff@bellsouth. net. Also, Tiger Flight’s calendar of events can be viewed on their website, www. As a way to reach out to more parents, children and teachers than can be achieved through on-campus visits to local schools and hangar fieldtrips, the volunteers of Tiger Flight have collaborated on a book for youngsters aged 8-12 entitled Jake and the Tiger Flight. Set in Rome, and featuring many of the city’s familiar landmarks along with the real-life pilots of Tiger Flight, the book follows the adventures and setbacks of a fictional boy named Jake Skyler who dreams of becoming a pilot. In order to achieve his desire, though, he must learn to become pilot in command of his life by taking responsibility for his actions, following through on his promises, and

learning to be truthful to others as well as to himself. Readers across metro Atlanta and in many states across the country have already followed Jake’s journey, learning how to set goals, making plans to see those goals become reality, and never letting go of the dreams that will define their futures. VVV


Upon reading the book, Jake and the Tiger Flight, kids can complete a 2-step plan in the back of the book with the help of a parent, guardian, or teacher, to earn their very own Tiger Flight sewon patch—just like the pilots wear! This book is the first in a series of children’s motivational adventure stories based on aviation and what it is like to become “pilot in command” of one’s own life.


The Tiger Flight Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is currently accepting tax-deductible donations. All money collected by the Tiger Flight Foundation is used for their youth education programs. No funds go to support operations of the Tiger Flight aircraft. All maintenance and flying expenses are paid for by the Tiger Flight pilots. For more, please visit

Tiger Flight is much more than a time capsule, however. The foundation sends its pilots and other volunteers to area schools to promote more substantive education in science, math, reading and writing. Moreover, in cooperation with the Etowah Youth and Science Technology Center, Tiger Flight also hosts school outings via their hangar at Richard B. Russell. These field trips introduce children to the history of aviation, the basics of flight, and a small

“suddenly, that turned into the mission of tiger flight: leading [our] young to the dream of flight in the air and on the ground.” vini vidi vici / v3 magazine



(We think you’ll want to keep returning.)

This holiday season, give the gift of unforgettable memories with a gift certificate from Barnsley Gardens Resort. Whether it’s indulging in a spa treatment, taking a horseback ride at sunset or relaxing by a bonfire, Barnsley is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. 770.773.7480

WINE DINNERS 38%*1RY9$GLQGG vini vidi vici / v3 magazine



the best staffing solution executive corporate industrial specialized

203 Turner McCall Blvd. Rome GA 30165 706.235.3408 888.235.3408

Happy Holidays!!!

$9.95 Hibachi Night - Monday & Tuesday


Blue Fin 727 Turner McCall Blvd, NE Rome, GA 30165 706.232.3317

(next to Santa Fe Cattle Co.)

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vini vidi vici / v3 magazisne

C Rome artist Dylan Moseley uses simple shapes and whimsical figures to illustrate life, love and the importance of family togetherness



vini vidi vici / v3 magazine


“i paint because i like to paint. i draw because i like to draw. what comes out is whatever makes me smile.�


vini vidi vici / v3 magazine


ylan Moseley’s art can’t be aptly described in a thousand words or less, but one can see in the vibrant colors and flowing figures that it represents freedom. Not freedom as a political idea or catch phrase, but as a sense of being; spirit-like forms, void of expression, allow onlookers to dash their own interpretations onto the canvas. (I, for one, see radiant smiles and purring eyes.) “I’ve been doodling since I could hold a pencil,” says Moseley, “and painting seriously since I was about 14. These images just kind of came out of nowhere.” In the early 1990s, as a student at East Rome High School, Dylan was heavily influenced by her art teacher, Claire Howard, now a fine arts instructor for Berry Elementary and Middle Schools. “She has been a driving force for me,” Moseley says of Howard. “She was my first mentor for art, and really brought me out of my shell and encouraged me. She was a huge inspiration [and] created this wonderful atmosphere that forced everyone to mix and mingle in class, and I think that had some influence.” Dylan’s 11-year-old daughter, Karen, also a very talented artist, is now a student of Howard’s. “A very cool and cyclical occurrence,” says Moseley. When not creating new worlds with paint and a canvas, Dylan often experiments with pastels, colored pencils—even crayons and markers—in many of her paper-based works, adding greater visual depth and contrast to an already broad color palette. “I get a lot of my inspiration from people like Matisse, Picasso

and Van Gogh,” she says. “Not necessarily from their styles, but from their uses of color, the way they layer very loud colors and shade with black and grays. My style is very different, though. I don’t think there is a straight line anywhere in my work. Everything is circular, spherical, curved, lots of dots and waves.” A number of Moseley’s works portray feminine apparitions who tend to appear in groups of three. Though, according to the artist, no biblical or mythical fascinations belie these trios, she is always being asked of their origins. “I have created several versions of the ‘Sisters Three,’ and I’ve had people ask me, ‘Is that supposed to be the Fates or something?’ And I just say, ‘Nope, not really. Just three gals hanging out.’ ” Young Karen has also has taken an interest and liking in her mother’s use of the women, prompting Dylan to use

them as models for various fashions and creative hairdos—i.e., Karen’s other favorite pastimes. But while her artwork has been displayed in select local galleries, as of late, Moseley’s paintings have not been made as public as in times past. “I did [the Chiaha Harvest Fair] and Finster Fest (hosted earlier this year at the home of the late Summerville folk artist, Howard Finster) for years, and then life just

vini vidi vici / v3 magazine


kind of happened,” she says. “Trying to work, spend time with my family and things like that, it was tough to really devote the time.” October of 2009, however, saw Dylan preparing for her first Chiaha appearance in 11 years. Scrambling to get her previous works prepared for display, all the while creating newly inspired pieces, has been exciting for her. “My wonderful husband and daughter put up with me, with my paints and canvases all over the place. They’ve been very good to me and very supportive, especially nights when I’m up ’til 3 a.m. and it looks like a paint bomb when off.” On display to the Chiaha faithful, alongside many of her one-of-a-kind paintings and drawings, would be that which Dylan considers to be her primary masterpiece: the large canvas painting entitled “Circle of Friends”. This piece is somewhat of a departure from many of

her smaller, more abstract portraits, and is a very personal painting for its creator. “I created this a year after my daughter

was born,” she explains, pointing to each of the figures around which the painting is centered. “This has a lot of meaning for me. This is my dad, [my mom, my brother], here is Karen, and this is me. We were together a lot during this time… and I thought that it would be really cool to do an abstract of us.”

A conjurer of deep meaning and remembrance, “Circle” is left proudly on display as the centerpiece painting in the Moseley home. “This one is not for sale,” its creator adds with a smile. “I paint what comes to me, and I basically paint for myself,” says Dylan. “I paint because I like to paint, I draw because I like to draw. What comes out is whatever makes me smile. I’m not sure where it comes from, but it makes me happy.” It’s been said that art should first be done for oneself above all else, seldom for the benefit of others, but Dylan Moseley’s colorful beings and shimmering stars, those that bring to life an otherwise blank space, also bring to life the faces of those who view her work. Perhaps those vacant, expressionless faces, those so prominent in her art, are but fulllength mirrors reflecting back to us what we already see. Maybe this is why, when we see it, smiles abound. VVV

Northside Preschool & Early Learning Center Something to get excited about!

ages 6 weeks to 5 years monday - friday full day programs before and after school programs bus service available to and from Armuchee area schools

“Pinnacle” Christian based curriculum designed for Toddlers - Kindergarten Now Offering! computer, spanish & piano lessons

Call today for more information.

706.233.9262 44

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“my wonderful husband and daughter put up with me...especially nights when i’m up 'til 3 a.m. and it looks like a paint bomb went off.”

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Pumpkins & Gourds Straw bales Cornstalks Mums & Pansies Fall vegetable plants Fruit & nut trees Blueberries blackberries grapes Great selection of trees & shrubs 4065 Martha Berry Hwy NW


vini vidi vici / v3 magazine

Rome GA 30165


The comforts of home. The care of community. Spacious studio apartments Secure environment with 24-hr staff Daily scheduled activities Flower / vegetable garden Three chef-prepared meals daily Respite program for short term stays Veteran’s Program available Adult daily care available Transportation to medical appointments & shopping

Independent and Assisted Living

706 - 235 - 0807 511 West 10th Street . Rome, Georgia riverwoodpch @

Experience report card euphoria.


Because every child deserves to feel good about their report card. Especially yours.


• Sylvan pinpoints exactly what your child needs to succeed and helps master it. • Our proven system will inspire your child to learn. • Don’t just wait for a better report card, do something about it.



210 East Second Ave., Suite 100 Rome Georgia 30161

Reading • Math • Writing • Study Skills • Test Taking • College/University Prep & More! vini vidi vici / v3 magazine


106 N Wall St. Calhoun, Ga 30701 706.383..8325


RAK Expeditions is kicking off in November with a 2 night hiking trip on November 20. This trip will include 2 high ropes activities, with us setting up a zip line and a rappel. You will be able to do the activities as many times as you like.. Our trips also include a RAK Expeditions t-shirt, a dvd of the experience, a one time 20% off coupon for the store, and experienced, certified and insured guides. We will be doing an Expedition once a month, but we can also customize trips for you. We do trips for church groups, companies,and we can even do awesome birthday parties. So come by or call and let us help you have a once in a life-time experience outside.

North Face Patagonia Five Fingers Mountain Hardware Kavu Sierra Designs Kelty Columbia Heriatge Kayaks Mountain Kayaks


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ENO Sanuk

natural products by Anakiri BioEnergetic skin care. If the way Barnsley treated this visiting feature writer is any true indication of the outfit’s commitment to excellence, I, for one, can certainly attest to a day well spent. In fact, I spent several invigorating and unforgettable hours—that’s right, hours— with the devoted staff, and believe me, they take their time to make sure your visit is a top-of-the-line experience. To start, I was treated to the Spa’s highly touted “Dramatic Results Facial”, courtesy of veteran skin care specialist Sherry Shelley, whose client relationships always kick off with an in-depth discussion regarding their biggest concerns going into the treatment, as well as how to go about achieving their desired outcomes. Her vetted experience immediately shows, as Shelley first puts you at ease with good old-fashioned congeniality, followed by a sense-numbing lavender aromatherapy while providing useful tips for your skin’s future well-being. The “Dramatic Results Facial” consists of herbal ingredients including pumpkin, red tea (Rooibos), and green tea, all of which repair, tone, and balance the skin. Then come the warm towels, strategically placed to relax stressed facial muscles. As you wait for the organic, clay peel-away mask to settle, you’ll enjoy a revitalizing massage of both your hands and feet, performed with a homeopathic healing gel and enzyme balm. Your skin care specialist’s expert touch, in addition to the spa’s dim lighting and tranquil music, make it impossible not to drift into a state of total tranquility. Shelley is not without humor during the process, however. She’ll gladly tell you this is one of the few places it is not considered rude to fall asleep. As a matter of fact, it’s rather common. Barnsley offers five accompanying five-star facials, as well. Their signature anti-aging treatment employs advanced peptides to hydrate and firm the skin. Or, of


ooth your mind, rejuvenate your skin, restore your body. It’s all possible at Barnsley Gardens Resort and Spa. Just imagine: 10 luxurious rooms, a full menu of massages catering to your body’s needs, skin treatments, aromatherapy, saunas, hour-long facials and more—all found at an impeccable setting in the heart of Northwest Georgia’s most beautiful stretch of countryside (not to mention well within driving distance). “Barnsley Gardens is passionate about what we offer our guests,” says Barnsley Spa managing director, Stephanie Stewart,


vini vidi vici / v3 magazine

“[and] we listen to our guests’ needs. This is a place to…get away from your everyday busy life, and we [strive to] make you forget about it all.” Across from the historical Barnsley ruins stands an inviting, elegant building. Here, the job, the kids, the to-do list quickly become afterthoughts, and from the minute you enter, you’ll instantly take note of the serene ambiance. Chances are you’ll also be pleased with the staff ’s equally calming and attentive service, which seeks to blend both modern and ancient methods of relaxation with all-

“this is a place to...get away from your everyday busy life, and we [strive to] make you forget about it all.”




located in historic downtown cave spring

22 Alabama Street

home decor • gifts • martha jane’s fudge roasted nuts & more Arthur Court Oil Paintings Macryl Crystal Florals Okab Shoes Music Boxes John Johnston Pottery Waverly Accent Pillows Hours of Operation Mon-Fri, 10am - 6pm Saturday, 10am - 5pm Sunday, 12pm - 5pm

Cave Spring, GA 30124


Need to stimulate your economy?

Contact us to see how our uniqueFinancial Planning Process can help you meet your lifetime goals!

Peachtree Planning of Rome

(706) 234-7468

500 East Second Street

Rome, GA 30161

Account Executives Include: Dr. Lamar Barden, Gordon Hillegas, Doug Shows, Steve Edwards, Rob Harbison, Chris Jefts Diversification does not eliminate investment risks. Investments are offered through Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS), 5040 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, GA 30342, 1-800-386-0839. PAS is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of the Guardian Life Insurance Company (Guardian), New York, NY. PAS and the representatives do not provide legal or tax advice or services. Peachtree Planning Corporation is not an affiliate or subsidiary of PAS. Peachtree Planning Corfporation has a brokerage agreement with Guardian. Disability and long term care insurance underwritten and issued by Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America, Pittsfield, MA, a wholly owned stock subsidiary of the Guardian Life Company of America, New York, NY. Products are not available in all states. Product provisions and features may vary by state. Peachtree PLanning Advisors is an independant Georgia registered Investment Advisor. Financial Representative, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. PAS is a member of FINRA, SIPC.

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you can always customize your own treatment... as the staff is fond of saying, “no two face are alike.�

course, you can always customize your own treatment with the “Lady Barnsley Custom� package, where a variety of herbal extracts, high concentrations of alpha lipoic acid (ALA), and essential oils of rose, geranium and chamomile are but a handful of the options at your fingertips. Because, as the staff is fond of saying, “no two faces are alike.� Personal selections for upscale pampering don’t end with skin care. There is also a menu of signature manicures and pedicures. First, pick your color from a vegan line called “Spa Ritual� and you’ll be pointed to the season’s hottest colors. Next, let your hands and feet revel in some extra attention with a walnut foot scrub, a moisturizing

! $  !

#"  !  ! HONÂŽ and other ďŹ ne products are available at Riddle & Page, northwest GeorgiaĘźs source for quality ofďŹ ce furnishings, unmatched design services, and custom orders. %ND!VE2OME '!   RIDDLEOFlCECOM


vini vidi vici / v3 magazine

Neme Green Tea mask, and, of course, a massage. Feel free to enhance your Barnsley Spa experience with a number of bonus services, to boot. Ask for aromatherapy to

tempt your senses, extra vitamin-enriched products, or a classic scalp treatment that will infuse your damaged hair with restorative ingredients and bring it back to its full luster. And then there’s this whole bit about “window cleaning�—i.e., a consensus amongst the staff that a client’s eyes are the “windows to the soul� and should be taken care of as such. Hence, the 20-minute “Beautiful Eyes� therapy begins with a marma-point eye massage, complete with chamomile eye oil, in a bid to improve elasticity. Then, a rich, gel-infused mask featuring ayurvedic herbs is said to boost firmness. All told, the menu of luxuries for the mind, body and soul extends to women, men and teens alike. In fact, Barnsley has created a selection of services just for men, most notably the “Sports Massage�, which the menu describes as follows: “After walking the greens, every golfer deserves a little pampering. Targeting major muscle groups used in a golf swing, this treatment features a special enzymatic balm that protects, rebuilds and regenerates muscle tissue. Soothing aloe and herbal extracts help to improve endurance and flexibility while alleviating soreness and pain that result form repetitious motions. It may even improve your game!� Teenagers ages 12-17 often meander in from special events such as birthday parties or mother-daughter days out. In turn, a special ‘kids menu’ of sorts provides teens an alternative to that rag-tag mani-pedi session at the local mall, even accommodating their respective ages and preferences. Needless to say, Barnsley Gardens Resort and Spa has committed itself wholeheartedly to a friendly atmosphere, allnatural products and intricate techniques. All clients are assured the treatment they deserve whether booked for an overnight stay or popping in as a day guest. So start by indulging in the spa, then unwind in the whirlpool, the Grecian Style swimming pool and/or sauna. The only heads-up: One to two weeks notice for an appointment is recommended, so open your planner and schedule ahead. Believe me, your body will thank you. VVV

Holiday Party Time

Eat. Drink. And Be Merry! Eat. Drink. And Be Merry! Yes! That’s right! It’s that time of year, again. Holiday party season is upon us and space is going fast at La Scala Restaurant. Make your holiday party reservations today! All corporate office and business Christmas parties booked in advance will get to enjoy 10% Off and a FREE Champagne toast for each guest.

Experience Rome’s Only Authentic Italian Restaurant

downtown rome 413 broad street rome ga 30161 706.238.9000 vini vidi vici / v3 magazine


GREENE’SJewelers, INC.

Got Diamonds? 328 Broad Street Rome GA 30161 706.291.7236



Service of the Year * 2009 R ecipient

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!

Now Serving Polk County Residents As The Chosen 911 Provider Your excellent response times, dedication to safety, ingenuity, commitment to health, community service and superior coverage, rank among the top services in the nation. From ÀDZOHVVLQVSHFWLRQVWRDEVHQFHRI violations, Redmond EMS KDVSURYHQWREH*HRUJLD¶VEHVW

Emergency Medical Services *As recognized by the Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services


vini vidi vici / v3 magazine

ver•ti•cal in•te•gra•tion

/vur-ti-kuhl in-ti-grey-shuhn/

1: absorption into a single firm, the capacity to better serve a specific market by offering each of the components, fundamental to the development, production and distribution of a product, concept or service; culminating in the firm’s ability to lower production costs, by avoiding unnecessary price markups, controlling quality at each level and reducing the downtime associated with third-party vendors

After securing a host of skills, technical knowledge, experience and professional rapport that was essential for us to successfully bring northwest georgia, V3 Magazine, we decided to coalesce these tools and newfound wisdom into something more! From top-to-bottom, our company was determined to vertically integrate our operation to better serve our customers. That day has arrived! Let V3 Print 2 Go partner with your company to maximize both, the time and capital, associated with promoting your business. We encourage each of you to experience the difference we offer! V3’s Vertical Services: image consultation marketing strategy brand/logo development graphic design print/copy services promotional products & special event advisement

1 West Fourth Ave, Ste 300 Rome Georgia 30161 main 706.235.0748 fax 706.232.9163 email


Turkey day trash talk: Examining the ever-delicious push and pull between family relationships and heated, holiday football rivalries On the inlet shore of lake panasoffkee, fla., the thornton family (of my mother’s maiden name) celebrates thanksgiving each year with a reunion that, for me, truly defines the holiday season. There, below the Spanish moss, co-mingling with the cypress knees that mark my uncle’s land, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts and cousins meet to reminisce and eat until their bellies are stretching the waists of their pants. Having grown up in Rome, this annual event was one of the few opportunities I had to spend time with my extended family, and an even rarer chance to be surrounded by fellow Florida Gators fans who loved to talk shop. Back in those days, Georgia regularly won the “Cocktail Party” and Florida State was just beginning what was to be an unbelievable run of 14 straight top-5 finishes. This only left the Gainesville faithful wanting more from their own program, and there were many conversations had on those holiday sabbaticals regarding the direction of our beloved team. And, needless to say, those pre-Spurrier squads gave “comfort food” a whole new meaning. Once everyone in attendance had properly digested their meals, it never failed that two teams would form on the Bermuda grass behind the property’s main house where a game of football would ensue. Cousin versus cousin, father against son, the games played out so that everyone would have their chance to score, but never lasted so long that another helping of turkey was out of the question. After cleaning off the final layer of Cool Whip from your paper plate, there


vini vidi vici / v3 magazine

was a slow migration to the boob tube to take in the annual NFL match-ups slated for the Thanksgiving holiday. The rest of the afternoon was spent with the younger crowd taking in every play, while the elder gentlemen drifted in and out of consciousness, acting as if they hadn’t missed a snap when awoken. This little stroll down memory lane has a point, dear readers, and I won’t

launch into full swing. Texas-Texas A&M, Colorado-Nebraska, the Iron Bowl, the Egg Bowl, Georgia-Georgia Tech, FloridaFlorida State… It is a veritable NCAA buffet of champions. (Are we seeing the correlation yet?) The year 2010 will be no different, featuring an exciting three-game line up in the NFL: Green Bay at Detroit, Oakland at Dallas, and the New York Giants at Denver, which will be the first Thanksgiving Day game hosted in Colorado’s capitol city since 1963. Four of those six teams will be in contention for playoff berths, with the primetime Giants-Broncos clash looking to be the best of the bunch. The college lineup throughout Thanksgiving week will see most teams finishing up their regular season schedules, and should bring clarity to what is an

It never fails that at least one of the year’s titans falls during rivarly week. for a quality reference, recall the 62-36 drubbing colorado put on undefeated nebraska back in 2001... waste another line getting to it: For many football fans, myself included, pigskin and Thanksgiving are one in the same. In fact, the whole week revolves around finding a comfortable spot on the couch and watching the same teams go head to head, year after year. Of course, the games in the NFL aren’t always the same, but you’re certainly guaranteed a dose of the Cowboys and Lions, with a Green Bay Packers appearance not being outside the norm. On the college front, it doesn’t get any better than Thanksgiving week as the rivalry games

often cloudy national title picture. Will the Gators and the Tide clash in the SEC Championship? Can Texas survive to reign atop the Big 12? It never fails that at least one of the year’s titans fall on rivalry week. For a quality reference, recall the 62-36 drubbing Colorado put on undefeated Nebraska back in 2001 (one my fondest college football memories). I can still remember sitting back and watching with Dad and Uncle Howard, mouths agape as the feared “Black Shirt” defense was gashed time and again by the underdog Buffs.

In most families, there are fans on both sides of bitter rivalries, which makes watching the games together all the more fun. My Uncle Howard, for example, was the lone Seminole fan in a family full of die-hard Gators. Needless to say, he held the edge in smack talk for the majority of my childhood, and together we followed just about every Thanksgiving Day by watching FSU and Florida battle it out, including the famous “Choke at Doak” in which Florida blew a 313 lead in the fourth and ended up with a tie at 31-all. Watching that game with my uncle taught me how to remain humble when your team beats a hated rival. My heart was broken, being a very competitive kid that hated losing at anything. And though he gloated a bit, when it was all said and done we discussed the X’s and O’s that caused the game to turn out the way it did, and I had nothing but respect for him. Each year, I imagine that families from coast to coast break bread in celebration of all they have been blessed with in this life, only to turn around and want to snap each other’s necks for the four quarters that their two favorite teams do battle on the gridiron. But, in most cases, they likely turn around

Each year, i imagine that families from coast to coast break bread in celebration of all they have been blessed with...only to turn around and snap each other’s necks... and pat each other on the back afterward and say, “Good game.” If you’ve lived in the South for more than a day, you know how seriously people take their football. Those in the know also realize that bragging rights last a full year, and Thanksgiving stands as an opportunity for either more ragging for last year’s winners or a new beginning for the losers. In the end, however, it’s nothing more than an extension of good old-fashioned sibling rivalry, and makes for fabulous conversation in between bites of stuffing. For those of you who don’t follow any specific traditions on Thanksgiving, football serves as a safety net when tossed into uncomfortable holiday territory. Once I graduated from high school, my trips to see family in Florida were few and far between, so I spent my fair share of Thanksgivings with a girlfriend’s family or at a friend’s house with people I hardly knew.

If it weren’t for football, I might not have survived those holidays. (Case in point: I once discussed for over two hours the pros and cons of a 3-4 defense versus a 4-3 defense with an “Uncle Phil” that nobody else at the meal knew whose uncle he was either. Phew! Thanks again for that bailout, football!) As the years have passed, Thanksgiving traditions have changed even more for me. I now have children of my own, and a marriage that arrived with a gaggle of Georgia fans attached to it. Mom and Dad, however, continue to make the journey to that little known lake in central Florida each and every year, and even though I’m not there with them, when the Turkey comes out of the oven and the first kickoff leaves the tee, all that comes to mind are sleeping uncles, two-hand touch and cypress knees. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Go Gators. VVV

Count On Bussey’s To Deliver!

Bussey’s serves the greater northwest Georgia area providing distinctive floral designs, gifts and interior accessories handcrafted especially for you. Daily delivery to Rome, Cedartown, Rockmart and Cave Spring. Flowers sent worldwide. Winner of “Best of” the Knot in Georgia

302 Main Street - Cedartown

Sophisticated Elegance

Flowers,Gifts & Decor


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Take On Health


Change Your Weight . . . Change Your Life Dr. Scott

Dr. Ryland Scott, Harbin Clinic General and Bariatric Surgeon is answering this month’s questions about bariatric surgery…

Does weight loss surgery work? And, if so, how much weight can I expect to lose? Weight loss surgery (WLS) patients can lose between 50-80% of their excess body weight (EBW) depending upon the operation chosen and the patient’s commitment to success. Seventy-five percent EBW loss would mean that an individual that was 100 pounds overweight would lose 75 pounds, and someone that was 200 pounds overweight would lose 150 pounds. Individuals that are 100 pounds or more overweight face a 95% failure rate when trying to lose and maintain weight loss via non-surgical means. Eighty percent of the time, when patients choose to have WLS and use it as a tool to help them lose weight, they are able to maintain at least 50% EBW loss long term. Does insurance cover weight loss surgery? Most insurance providers offer coverage for WLS, but ultimately insurance coverage is determined by the benefits chosen by the employer. For those without insurance coverage, there are financing options available. It has been shown that WLS pays for itself in two to three years, due to improvement in health and reduction in healthcare expenses. Who qualifies for weight loss surgery? Motivated individuals that desire improved health and are 100 pounds overweight, or those that are only 75 pounds overweight but already have complications related to obesity. These include diabetes, high blood

HARBINCLINIC.COM | 1-888-427-2461

pressure, sleep apnea, heart disease or arthritis. I’ve heard weight loss surgery is dangerous. Is this true? With any surgery there are inherent risks. The 30-day mortality rate for hip surgery, heart surgery, emergency gallbladder surgery and pancreas surgery are all higher than that for WLS (<0.2%). Yet, when compared to these operations, only WLS has been shown to improve survival or longevity. Several large studies from America, Canada, Sweden and Australia have demonstrated that morbidly obese patients having WLS are up to nine times more likely to be alive in five years than obese patients choosing not to have surgery. These dramatic results are due to the ability for WLS to lead to a resolution or improvement in about 90% of obesityrelated medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, joint disease and sleep apnea.

Harbin Clinic Bariatric Center, Floyd Medical Center and I, as a physician, have been certified as a Bariatric Center of Excellence. How do I know I am having surgery at a high quality program? Harbin Clinic Bariatric Center, Floyd Medical Center, and I as a physician, have been certified as Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence. This prestigious certification is based upon having a quality, comprehensive program with excellent results. I completed a full year fellowship

in advanced laparoscopy and bariatrics, and was an instructor of surgery at the University of Virginia Medical Center after completing my general surgery residency at Emory University. Additionally, there is a dedicated team of specialty trained nurses at Harbin Clinic and Floyd that were some of the first in the country to become certified bariatric nurses. Which weight loss surgery operations do you perform? Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding with Lap-Band or Realize Band, and Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. If I am interested in weight loss surgery, who do I contact? Ginger Deems, RN, CBN is the bariatric coordinator that will reserve you a spot at a free information session, at which I will discuss WLS in greater detail. She can be reached at or 706.378.8140. VVV Dr. Scott received his Medical Doctorate degree from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Scott completed an internship and residency in General Surgery at Emory Affiliated Hospitals in Atlanta and a fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopy and Bariatrics at the University of Virginia Healthcare System in Charlottesville. Dr. Scott is board certified by the American Board of Surgery. He is the medical director of Bariatric Surgery at Floyd Medical Center and leads a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals from both Harbin Clinic and Floyd. This team of nutritionists, nurses, psychologists, exercise physiologists and other medical professionals work together to help patients succeed on their journey to better health.

Babycake Studios Natural Light Photography

Portraits • Senior Portraits • Weddings • Events Rome, GA • (706) 766-8468 vini vidi vici / v3 magazine


it’s all about versatility.

  

sisal rugs.

    Midtown Crossing (706) 234-6078

Southern Interiors 415 East 2nd Ave. Rome GA 30161 706.291.8441

Proudly Serving the Rome Area for 60 Years.

Visit our showroom and place your custom order today!


539 west 12th st Rome GA 30161 706.291.0081 60

vini vidi vici / v3 magazine

Ask Pam or Gail about custom floral arrangements.

CHOOSE FROM A WIDE VARIETY OF HOLIDAY DECOR! Mon-Fri 9:30-6:00 Sat 10:00-5:00 Closed on Sunday

A Retirement Residence Worthy of Being Called Home!

3126 Cedartown Highway

Rome GA 30161

an imaginative and inviting shop filled with unique gifts and home furnishings

accent funiture lamps & wall decor decorative accessories custom window treatments special order fabric & wall coverings 2013 Shorter Ave Rome GA 30161 706.802.0500 Behind the Wedding Belle

Ask about the Decorator for a Day service!


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For More Info, contact Brad Howard 919.332.4 530

mel&mimi celebrating 12 years


Get your GLAM ON this fall with the latest in fashion at mel &mimi Perfect solutions for a night out with the “girls”.


all this and more...

women’s specialty clothing accessories & gifts 203 east 8th street rome,ga. 30161 706.295.4203

V3 MAG-NOV 2009  

STRIPES MAGAZINE Aviators behind Rome’s Tiger Flight Foundation make it their mission to put kids “in command” $4.00 NW GEORGIA’S PREMIER FE...

V3 MAG-NOV 2009  

STRIPES MAGAZINE Aviators behind Rome’s Tiger Flight Foundation make it their mission to put kids “in command” $4.00 NW GEORGIA’S PREMIER FE...