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Animation //web Looping Spaceship Animation

I created this simple looping animation for my Multimedia Programming class. The task at hand was to create a continuously looping animation, using Adobe Illustrator SVG files, and code. I created the images in Illustrator, and then used the file’s SVG code to animate it. With the combination of some HTML and CSS code, I was able to perfectly loop my UFO without it looking too mechanical. I then went back, and added the window layer, to give the project a finishing touch.

print Typography Book

I designed and hand-bound this book for my typography class. I created the layout using Adobe InDesign and used a perfect bound bookbinding method. The book features all original images that I photographed and then digitally traced in Illustrator to create a more visually appealing design. I also color coordinated all of the text in the book to follow the same color pattern.

Animation Kinetic Typography

This was a project I made for my Computer Animation class. The objective of the project was to create a kinetic typography video for an audio clip of your choice in Adobe After Effects. I chose to do my project on the song Five by La Dispute. I created all the type lock-ups in After Effects, so that I could animate each letter, and apply different animation effects.

lucky cat bringing good fortune and

happiness to cats everywhere.


Design for Good

Lucky Cat

Target Audience: Cat lovers around the world Mission statement: Lucky Cat is a non-profit organization that focuses on rescuing and adopting abused and abandoned cats around the world.

For this project, I had to design a concept for a non-profit organization. I was inspired by my visits to New Orleans, Louisiana and Athens, Greece, where there is a plethora of stray and abandoned cats. Being a cat lover, I decided to focus my non-profit campaign on helping cats, so I created a fictitious organization called “Lucky Cat” dedicated to rescuing and adopting cats. My campaign included a hand-drawn logo, a series of 3 print advertisements, a poster, and a set of apparel.

Animation //web

Interactive Movie Advertisement

I created this interactive animation for my Multimedia Programming class. The task at hand was to create an interactive animation from a movie scene, using Adobe Illustrator SVG files, and GSAP code. I chose the movie Spirited Away. I created vector images of the character I wanted to use, and the movie scene background in Illustrator, and then used the file’s SVG code to animate it. With the combination of some HTML, CSS, and Javascript code, I was able to create an animation you can interact with.

HOW to be

print Editorial Article Design

This was a project for my Senior Portfolio class. We were given a multitude of articles to choose from, and our task was to turn it into it’s own feature editorial article. I decided to go for a brighter, “fun” color scheme, and played around with different shapes to give it some personality. For the article title, I was inspired by 1950’s style signs, and tried to replicate that within my design.

Animation Animated Diorama

I created this 10-second animation for my motion graphics class. We were asked to portray a memory using all original artwork, and the first thing I thought of was dreams and nightmares. I started out by using micron pens to draw the illustration I wanted to use. Then I used Photoshop to add color and duplicate parts of the drawing to achieve a hectic “dreamscape� look.

PRINT Graphic Design Internship with AS220

I had the privilege of doing my internship at AS220, located in the heart of downtown Providence. Their belief of an unjuried and uncensored space for the arts allowed me to gain professional experience, while still exercising my creative freedoms. Throughout my internship, I designed all sorts of different projects, including brochures, posters, flyers, calendars, a free admission card, and a koozie!

Animation //web Animated Alphabet

A project created for my Multimedia Programming class. Our assignment was to create an alphabet that would animate each letter to appear in order, with a drawn on animation effect. I decided to go for a more hectic approach, to keep things interesting. I used a different font for each letter too, to give them all their own little “personality�.

print Typography Posters

For this project, I had to create a typography poster in Adobe Illustrator using the font I had been assigned. I decided to create two separate posters rather than just one. I used one accent color in each design, and tried to experiment a great deal with opacity as well as with the alignment of the type. We also were asked to identify the anatomy of the typeface, which I highlighted with the accent colors to include an additional graphic element and a “pop� of color.


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