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Smartcar Advertorial CREATIVE PRACTICE & SKILLS GRAP 2323 | BRIEF 2



This brief requires you to conceptualise and produce an advertorial spread for

An advertisement that has the appearance

Smart Car’s Roadstar to be published in magazine Wallpaper*.

of a news article or editorial, in a print publication.

Wallpaper* magazine covers breaking news across design, interiors, art, architecture,


fashion, travel and technology. M ATERIA L RE Q UIRE M ENT S O B J ECTIVE S

Printed in colour and included in an A3 black

The objective of the advertorial spread & web site is to:

folio with a signed comprehensive rough

1. Have consumers appreciate the unique design features of the car and brand. 2. Entice consumers to take ownership of the brand.

B R I E F D E L I V ERE D Week 4, Wednesday - Augst 13th, 2008

B ACK G ROUND Smart began in 1993 as a joint venture between Daimler-Benz and Swiss watchmaker


Swatch, creating a company known as Micro Compact Car AG headquartered in Biel,

Individual portfolio: Week commencing 24th

Switzerland. (It would later move to Germany and be known simply as Smart.) Its “city

September, week 9.

cars” would feature the build quality and engineering expertise of Mercedes-Benz, while

Due at the commencement of class.

Swatch would contribute its funky design philosophy. The resulting two-passenger Smart City-Coupe was designed for a European urban environment, with a specific emphasis


placed on fuel economy and parking ease.

Shelley Kirby

TAR G ET M ARKET 18 - 35 year old young professionals working in a design related field.

Sonali Nandwani


• Full Colour, A4 double page spread

• Produced in InDesign

• Images: use minimum of 4 -7 of supplied images

• Copy and logo supplied

Smartcar Advertorial CREATIVE PRACTICE & SKILLS GRAP 2323 | BRIEF 2

Article Copy - 807 words

this value, the more lively a car’s performance and the greater the enjoyment behind the wheel.

Headline: If you want to feel it, you’ve got to drive it.

Changing gear the smart way. The softip automated sequential 6-speed transmissionoffers

The sight of a smart roadster or smart roadster-coupé will leave

close ratios and an optimised gear change action. The smart

you spellbound. So jump in and try it out. smart has revived

roadster, roadster-coupé and the BRABUS models also feature

the roadster classics of the 50’s and 60’s with the dynamic

the softouch fully automatic gear programme, handy when

smart roadster and the elegant smart roadster-coupé. These

a more relaxed driving experience is required. The kickdown

lightweight, puristic cars deliver a thrilling experience behind the

function available in this mode enables the driver to shift down a

wheel and recreate the open, direct and authentic roadster driving

gear or two automatically, using the accelerator. This means that

feel of the past. The smart roadster and the smart roadster-coupé

you can take full advantage of safe overtaking opportunities.

also remain true to the unique and innovative approach behind the original smart city-coupé.

Softip & softouch. Changing gear without using the clutch: The softip automated

Driving pleasure has nothing to do with

sequential 6-speed transmission changes up and down


electronically in response to a gentle tapon the lever. When

Change gear, foot to the floor – the smart roadster and

stationary, the softip mode changes automatically into first

smart roadster-coupé have been built for a single purpose –

gear. Press a button to switch to the softouchfully automatic

uncompromising driving pleasure. You’ll experience a totally new

gearshift with kickdown function. The gear ratios and shift points

feeling behind the wheel, thanks to the wide tyres and “wheel-

have been designed to respond perfectly to varying driving

at-each-corner” stance, the short overhangs, the classic mid-

characteristics. Automatic or manual the choice is yours!

engine/rear wheel drive layout, the low centre of gravity and good

Steering wheel gearshift. Go for the sportiest option, the 3-spoke

weight distribution. All these ingredients add up to give direct

sports steering wheel with integrated gearshift. This option

handling and outstanding cornering

enables you to change up and down swiftly by means of two

performance - sheer driving pleasure.

paddleson the steering wheel without using the clutch. This means that your hands stay on the wheel for maximum safety

Speed is measured at the rate of your pulse.

when cornering, and you can revert to shifting with the gear lever

Forget your speedometer and trust your instincts to tell you how

whenever you wish. The smart roadster BRABUS and smart

fast you are going! The smart roadster and smart roadster-coupé

roadster-coupé BRABUS feature steering wheel gearshift as

set new standards with their compact dimensions and lightweight


materials. Offering the ultimate driving experience, they’ll ensure that you’re in tune with the road beneath you. The feeling behind

Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

the wheel of the smart roadster or

In an emergency, things tend to happen more quickly than

smart roadster-coupé is similar to driving the sprightly two-

expected. Fortunately, the safety systems of the smart roadster

seaters of the 1950’s and 1960’s, but the standards of refinement,

and the smart roadster-coupé are always on hand to protect you.

emissions and safety are truly 21st Century.

The electronic stability programme (esp®)will swiftly intervene if its sensors detect that the driver is losing control of the car.

The suprex turbo engine

For example, if the rear end threatens to break away, the car

The power/weight ratio is obtained by dividing a car’s horsepower

understeers, a wheel spins or loses contact with the road.

by its kerb weight. For the smart roadster, whose weight of

esp®immediately reduces the engine torque and selectively

around 790 kg combines with a power output of 80 bhp (60 kW)*,

brakes individual wheels to stabilise the car. Hydraulic brake

this ratio is an mpressive101 bhp/tonne. This will get the thumbs-

assistmakes a decisive contribution to driving safety too.The

up from those who know a thing or two about cars, as the higher

esp®sensors can detect when you’re attempting to perform an

Smartcar Advertorial CREATIVE PRACTICE & SKILLS GRAP 2323 | BRIEF 2

emergency stop and apply maximum braking effort to bring the vehicle to a halt quickly, even if you haven’t pressed the pedal hard enough. Hydraulic brake assist can save you those vital metres in a tricky situation. abs with electronic brake-force distribution also enables you to steer around obstacles, even during heavy braking. DRIVE smart roadster & smart roadster-coupé 04 Engine & Technology 08 Safety 12 LOOK Design 14 Models & Colours 16 Roof Variants 18 ENJOY Standard Equipment 20 Exterior 22 Interior 24 ENHANCE BRABUS Models 26 BRABUS Standard Equipment 30 CHOOSE Optional Equipment 32 Option Packages 36 Accessories, BRABUS Tuning & smartcare 38 smartware 40 COMPARE Tables & Technical Data 42

Creative Practice and Skills B - Brief 2  

placed on fuel economy and parking ease. 1. Have consumers appreciate the unique design features of the car and brand. 2. entice consumers t...

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