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I'm a student in the 3rd year studying Visual Communication Design at BINUS University. I love to doodle, do hand-lettering, taking pictures while travelling. I love to read especially about biography, find new experiences, learn new thing, and meet new people, it's like a whole new level in my life and it usually motivate and inspire me. I'm a neat and well-organized person, but when in a hectic situation I often forget a thing or two. 0898 798 2076


2001 - 2007

VITA Elementary School Surabaya

2007 - 2010

PETRA 2 Junior High School Surabaya

2010 - 2013

IPEKA Pluit Senior High School Jakarta

2013 - present Binus University (Latest GPA : 3.54)

Jakarta Visual Communication Design - New Media


Entertainment division in school’s performing arts


Journalism division in ASISTRA


BINUS University annual event

PETRA 2 Junior High School event

2007 - 2009

PETRA 2 Junior High School annual magazine

2008 - 2009

Head of Junior High School student council


Publication and documentation division in “Last but not Least”

IPEKA Pluit Senior High School performing arts event

WORK EXPERIENCE 2015 - present Freelance graphic designer

Committee in Fresh & Brite - ASEAN Youth Festival 2014 Liaison Officer in The 2015 ASIAN ENGLISH OLYMPIC “Tribe of Aces”

BINUS English Club annual event

2015 - 2016

Buddy Coordinator in Freshmen Enrichment Program for Binusian 2019

BINUS University annual event

2015 - present

Student in Diverse Movement Crew

A dance community



Listen attentively


Fancied to details

Big curiousity

Research and analyze

Well organized

Works well with others


Indonesian Native

English Fluent











DARSI - REDESIGN PACKAGE Darsi is a tradiotional medicine helps to cure acne, ulcer, itches and improve blood circulation. Darsi works well for both men and women but mostly consumed by women, which is why the illustration of Calla Lilly is used. The word ‘Calla’ from Calla Lily comes from a Greek word for beauty. White Calla Lily naturally says purity and innocence, which can describes and represented a women.


DOUBLE COLA EXTENSION Double Cola is a small and medium enterprises located in Jakarta. Double Cola produce various kind of Indonesian traditional layer cake such as spiku and lapis legit. This work focused on designing packaging for product extension apron, cutleries and tissue. By using bluish purple or indigo and brown color, the design was created to gives the impression of simple, clean yet elegant and a glimpse of luxurious. Client : Double Cola under the auspices of Gambaran Brand



NESTLE CRUNCH - REDESIGN PACKAGE Crunch is an extrudates snacks with triangular shaped and filled with fruit flavoured cream. With children as the target market, the design used must be able to attract the attention of children. Bright colors and illustrations of animals can attract children’s attention quickly. The design comes with 2 alternatives that shows these animals are so into crunch.


PIA APPLE PIE - REBRANDING Pia Apple Pie sells various homemade pie, located in Pangrango, Bogor. This work is focused on rebranding a small and medium enterprises, there is making a logo and a set of stationery. The logo was inspired by the shape of an apple pie with the plaid crust. It was created to look like an apple pie with such woven that crisscrossed forming a unique pattern and surrounded by a wavy circle like the edge of a pie crust. Pia Apple Pie’s logo was created to show the impression of elegance, kinship and handmade.


GUNUNG PALUNG CRAFT BRAND IDENTITY Yayasan Palung is a foundation established in 2002, located in West Kalimantan. Aims to conserve orangutan populations and forest habitats in and around the National Park Gunung Palung, they offer various crafts made from lekar, pandan and rattan, named Gunung Palung Craft. Gunung Palung Craft’s logo was created to gives the impression of traditional yet modern and simple. The logomark form such a webbing, with neutral ground color and using sans serif typeface represent the impressions to be conveyed. Client : Yayasan Palung under the auspices of NTFP EP Indonesia (Non Timber Forest Product Exchange Programme for South and Southeast Asia). This logo will be set as Gunung Palung Craft logo and is in the process of filing intellectual property rights.


PIA APPLE PIE REBRANDING DESIGN PROCESS INFOGRAPHIC This infographic was created in the middle of the process of rebranding Pia Apple Pie logo. It contains almost everything about the design process, from research, problem summary, concept or big idea until the latest progress. This infographic was created by describing an atmosphere of a store that sells pies. Each of the information displayed into various parts as part of the store.



FACE CARICATURE This face caricature was created by combining illustration of a face and a body of another person. This work uses the illustration of the body of Mary Poppin.


POTETO THE ALIEN Heroes of Nangkenus is a motion graphic project, a group project, tells about a planet called Nangkenus which was being attacked by an enemy and then destroyed by 5 aliens, one of them is Poteto the alien. Each of these aliens have their own character, there is lightning, fire, plants, rock, and water. Poteto the alien has a body shape like a potato and it has plants character. Besides that, this work is focused on how well we can make a character in many expressions and perspectives.


SAVORY MAGAZINE COVER Savory magazine is a made-up magazine. The purpose of this work is to create a magazine cover. This work is focused on retouching a self portrait become a decent magazine cover photo.


LA BELLE ET LA BETE MOVIE POSTER LA BELLE ET LA BETE is a french version of Beauty and The Beast movie. The purpose of this work is to remake or recreate the original movie poster with us as the model. This work focused on how our ability to remake the movie poster similar to the original by composing and adjusting the pictures.


FALLEN ANGEL Fallen Angel depict an angel who descended in Shibuya crossing, Japan and lost. The purpose of this work is to create a scene where the angel fall and compose the surrounding situation such as buildings and the people.


COFFEE ADVERTISING POSTER This product is a natural herbs coffee for men named Kopi Jantan. The purpose of this work is to find ‘what to say’ or a message and create an advertising poster. The ‘what to say’ is, if a man drink this coffee, he will be favoured by anyone. To avoid vulgar impression this poster was created with comical approach by depict a man who was chased by a girl and animals in the middle of a forest.


GOOGUK APPLICATION WEBSITE GooGuk is a made-up e-commerce business applications which provide a wide range of products and services for pet dogs. GooGuk’s mission is to give the best service and provide high quality product and service for pet dog. Reliable, trust and cheerful are shown through royal blue and yellow colors. This work is focused on how to make an application website and how to design an UI.


EVERYWEAR WEBSITE Everywear is a made-up fashion and apparel brand which sells clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women aged from 16-35 years old. The main thing from this group project is not only designing a good user interface of this website, but also functionally, whether it can be easily understood by the user or not, is also highly considered.


DISNEY GREATEST LOVE SONGS ALBUM - REDESIGN The key from redesign this CD album cover is to explore types and shapes of letter as well as explore its layout. People always think that red and pink are two colors that is identical to show love and affection. To change that old-school thought I came up with an idea to use a wide range of colors and lines to show that love comes from anywhere.


BASELINE NEWSLETTER BASELINE is a made-up newsletter which contains design issues such as theories in design, modern and post-modern design influences, and typography. This work is focused on how to layout a number of news into a medium sized A3.


AYO KENALI PENYAKIT ITP CAMPAIGN Ayo Kenali Penyakit ITP is an awareness campaign about ITP, a group project team up with Marisza Cardoba Foundation (MCF). ITP or Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura is one of the autoimmune disease which until now the cause and how to cure it is still unknown. It is a disorder that can lead to easy or excessive bruising and bleeding. If a person suffer from ITP, the number of white blood cells will automatically decrease. By that fact, we got an idea to make a mascot, called “si putih”. It’s a creature which describes the white blood cells that haunts and can come

anywhere and anytime with a gripping hand as our identity. Through this campaign, we want to build people awareness about ITP, what is ITP, what are the symptoms, whether it’s dangerous or not and many more by making media campaign and digital media campaign. Client : Marisza Cardoba Foundation (the third ITP Foundation in the world after PDSA in United States and ISA in United Kingdom). This works will be exhibited in MCF event with Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Indonesia (KemenPPPA) on 2 September 2016. 38

PHOTOGRAPHY These shots were taken while I was on travelling. I capture everything that looks good to me especially the cloud and the sun, they are amazing and I can’t get enough of it. I capture these pictures using Canon DSLR, Fujifilm mirrorless, and Samsung Note 3.



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