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JessLewis 11/1/10

Jess Lewis Producing the Short Screenplay Synopsis of Chosen Script for Fundraising Proposal For the remainder of the semester I will be working with my script that I intend to go into production for next fall, currently entitled “For Hettie.” It will be my Gallatin Senior Thesis Project. The script is still a work in progress.

Title: FOR HETTIE Writers: Jessica Lewis Page Count: 5 1/8 Genre: Romantic Summary: This movie is set in the late 1950s in New York City, in the East Village. The movie opens with Hettie, writing feverishly. She is 22, and is short, and small in every way. She is impish and pretty, but not quite as cute as you would assume someone of her stature to be; she has an edge. She writes with her left hand, the basis for Roi telling her she is strange, starting their interpersonal struggle between love, and fierce fighting. She is in her living room with her husband, Roi. Roi is also 22, a writer like Hettie, and a handsome, young black man. They both have a great magnetism to them. They both clearly show their strong wills and their strong passions for each other in these scenes. Hettie shows her magnetism and mysteriousness through a scene where she wanders off from a group of her bohemian friends and day dreams, while being given “the once over,” by passersby, who then see her in her interracial couple and balk at their public displays of affection. The other main source of conflict is familial. Hettie’s conservative Jewish family from Long Island barely contacts her. She calls her mother in the middle of the night, but it becomes clear her father has completely disowned her for her marriage to a black man. We see their love in many forms throughout the movie, and we see both of their personalities shine through when they sing and dance with each other and behave in a silly way in their kitchen right before Hettie shows off her newly pregnant belly in the last scene of the movie, which Roi kisses and caresses, while Hettie kisses and caresses

JessLewis 11/1/10

his head, with her left hand of course.

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