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JESS & TOPHER’S open house - baby shower - halloween party - fall festival

ate r b e l e C Costume Contest

S A T U R D AY ,

O C T O B E R 30 , 2 0 10

Open House style Baby Shower: Come by anytime between 2:00pm and 8:00pm for Halloween and fall festival fun!

1431 Avondale Avenue Presence vs. Presents Jacksonville, FL 32205

RSVP: 874-3793 (text or call) OR email:

Having your presence here to celebrate this special time is what’s most important. However if you’d like to get something for baby, you can check out the registry at Babies R Us and Target.

Prizes in the following categories: Most
Original Best
Homemade Funniest

HD Football Florida vs. Georgia @ 3:30 Neither Jess nor Topher are interested in football, but if you are, that’s ok. They don’t mind if you watch the game.

Fall Activities Try your luck: Bobbing for Apples Pumpkin Carving Doughnuts on a String Plus other games

Gambling Bring Money for Gambling Seriously, bring lots of singles for some serious Baby Betting!

Baby Shower Invite!