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Admissions & Enrolments


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Student Financials & Scholarships

Graduation & Prizes

Exams & Timetabling

March 31st— Sem 1 Census Date April 11th - Student Feedback on Teaching Survey 21st - Tri 1 concludes 21st - Semester 1 Preliminary Timetable released

22nd-Easter Recess, Good Friday 28th-30th-Callaghan Graduations May 2nd-Sem 1 resumes, Tri 1 Stuvac 4th-ELICOS term 4 billing date 4th - Semester 1 Preliminary Timetable Changes Due

5th-13th - Trimester 1 examination period

6th-7th-Callaghan Graduations 6th-24th - Semester 1

16th - Semester 1 Final Timetable released to students

20th-Tri 1 Fully Graded Date

examination period

23rd-Tri 2 Commences

9th-Student Feedback on Courses Survey

25th-Tri 2 billing date; Tri 2 (Sing) Census Date

11th - Semester 1 Final Timetable released to SEO’s & course coordinators

13th-Tri 1 Exams conclude, Block 3 Census Date 16th-Tri 1 Recess Commences; Fully Graded Date Block 2

28th-NUSTAR Deployment June 3rd-Sem 1 concludes, last day to add Tri 2 courses



MARCH 2011

Admissions and Enrolments


Admissions  

Mid Year UG Applications open 6 April and offers will be made at 9am 24 June. PG Intakes 3-6 open shortly also


Marty Mag Uidhir

The new online registration system in MyHub will be use from Trimester 2 onwards. This will allow students to enrol in their tutorials, labs etc at the same time and in the same system as their enrolment in the actual course.

Trimester 2 Enrolment will be from 18 April

Semester 2 Enrolment will be from 30 April with some placement courses to open earlier.

All enrolment forms are being updated to include students preferences for classes (i.e. Tutorial times) to ensure speedy processing of enrolment requests

Role: Manager, 15000 UoN Enquiries Location: CT Building Favourite Food: Indian Alcohol: Lots, red wine Movies: The Wind That Shakes The Barley; Once; The Shawshank Redemption


Music: All music from dawn to dusk Dinner Guests: Michael Collins; Aung San Suu Kyi; Jim Morrison

The Inaugural ESOS Conference is being hosted by University of Newcastle on September 8-9 at Crowne Plaza. Our website has information on the conference and registrations will open shortly. A call for papers will also be distributed soon. -conference/

Ideal Holiday: Maddens Bar, West Belfast Ambition: To be a world famous rock drummer



MARCH 2011 15000– Enquiries

The New Year has started off with a bang for 15000 Enquiries, with staff assisting in the PIES and Orientation sessions, and generally helping new and returning students to get in to the swing of things at start of semester. January saw the introduction of the Orientation website, which assisted in the promotion of PIES and other Orientation activities around campus. The Orientation website was developed in a modular format, which took students through key information they needed to be aware of prior to commencing University, including a ‘How to Enrol’ guide. The website was a huge success, taking 177,263 hits in the period from January 16th to March 1st, with the enrolment guide very favourably received by students and significantly reducing the calls to the 15000 enquiry line. AskUoN also went live on the 28th of January, and has continued to grow at a phenomenal pace with over 800 FAQs now accessible through the customer portal. To date, we have been experiencing over 2000 hits per week on the site, with a >90% self service rate meaning that students and staff alike are finding the answers to their questions easily on line. As the year progresses we will work on further advancing AskUoN and ensuring we proactively update and improve it to provide the best possible service. We are also working on promoting and linking social media networks through this site. Nicole Shelford has taken maternity leave and we are pleased to announce the birth of her baby girl, Ruby Rae, on the 1st of March. Trish Presbury is acting in Nicole’s role while she is on leave. In other staffing news, Patrick Considine has been extended in his role as Administrative Officer until the end of 2011, and Jessica Burden has recently joined us on project work and will be assisting in some new web developments. Last but not least, the team would like to extend a huge congratulation to Marty who was successful in securing his position of Manager – 15000 UoN Enquiries. The team are very happy to have Marty continuing in this role and wish him all the best for the year ahead!

Systems and Projects We welcome Richard Olde to the role of Manager, Student Systems & Projects. Also, Daniella Guete-Muller commences on 19 April as a Functional Analyst. Planning to use NUSTAR for the online registration process for Trimester 2 2011. Nursing has used the system twice now for successful online registrations. We are in the process of producing an Australian Higher Education Graduation statement (AHEGS) for all students completing as at the end of 2010. 3


MARCH 2011

Student Financials & Scholarships 

We welcome Deborah Atkins who has joined us Tuesday - Thursday in Student Loans and Welfare role at Central Coast Campus.

Semester 1 scholarship payments will be made throughout April with continuing scholarship holders to expect payment around mid to late April.

Majority of scholarship applications close 31 March with assessment and offers to be made throughout April.

Semester 1 census date 31 March. Any upfront student contributions must be made by this date.

Graduation & Prizes 

April/May graduation, 12 ceremonies will be held across 5 days with a total of 4410 graduates invited. At present 33% have indicated they will be attending with RSVPs due 3 April 2011.

AHEGS amendments are now in production and we expect to commence printing on Thursday for inclusion with graduation documents.

Eight schools have requested Prize certificate to issue during Faculty or School ceremonies held during the graduation period. Other Faculties are making prize presentations during Donors Week which commences on 16 May 2011.



MARCH 2011

Exams & Timetabling EXAMS We have moved! For those of you who are unaware, the Examinations and Timetabling Unit have relocated and can now be found on the bottom floor of International House, in the accommodation precinct on the Callaghan Campus. The new office features a large secure area for the storage of exam papers and a separate room for packing and collating activities. Next time you are in the area you should visit us in our new office. New Exams Management System The exams team are currently trialling a new Exams Management System that will streamline our processes and provide an enhanced service to our students. Some of the features of this new system include:  Students will be email a personalised copy of their timetable as well as the timetable being published on the web  An increased reporting capability where a number of reports can be automatically generated by the system and accessed by both School and Exams Staff  Scanning capabilities so that papers can be scanned into and out of locations and invigilators can be scanned on and off their shifts (no more manual timesheet processing!) Bulk emails can be sent from the system with the correspondence recorded within the system and a correspondence audit trail retained Some School staff have participated in the initial trial of the system and we have provided comprehensive training manuals and training sessions to assist staff in their use of this new way of working. TIMETABLING Improvements and Upgrades The timetabling team are currently investigating possible improvements and upgrades that will improve the stability of the timetabling system. Timetabling Project A timetabling Project commenced in 2010 to optimise room usage across the University. Part of the work of this project in 2011 is a room audit which will take place in May. The room audit will assist in the clarification of room usage across the University’s teaching spaces.


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