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The guitar is part of the family of stringed instruments and we can say that today d?? ᳠ m is the instrument spread throughout the world. His or??? Tions ᳠ est not very clear. There THEORY? who argue that the ancestor of the guitar instrument was introduced in uring the invasion and the ᳠ bes in the eighth century. However, other theory?? defend his or??? tions date back to ca 鰯 the Greeks who created an instrument with a certain appearance to today's guitar although straight edges and 4 string that was copied and modified by the Romans.

farandula The popular Colombian television presenter Lina Marulanda died in Bogota after falling from his apartment just north of the Colombian capital on Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 11:00 am

Children's Museum The Children's Museum is a museum that is located in the capital city of Colombia, Bogotรก, dedicated entirely to children and adults in education about science, culture and technology in a playful way. Founded in 1985, emerged from the initiative of private and official, and based on other similar museums in other countries, decided to establish the museum. Designed by Billy Goebertus, this was inaugurated in mid-1986 and open to the public from August 29, 1987. Hamburger

Ingredients to produce this delight, (10 hamburgers) how to prepare a hamburger

A ground beef hamburger first 10 small hamburger buns 10 slices of cucumber 10 teaspoons minced onion Mc Donald's Hamburger Seasoning (seasoning for meats) Mustard, ketchup and waxed paper ............ The burger seasoned4 teaspoons salt2 teaspoons poultry seasoning1 teaspoon black pepper¼ teaspoon onion powderMix all ingredients to blend flavors.The slices of meatDivide the ground beef by 10 balls to make 10 patties about 4 ¼ inches in diameter and wide, keep them with wax paperAfter the wheels freeze meat for about an hour.The onion, onion little cut ....... secret place in a bowl or pan with a lid, add water to cover them completely, cover and puts it to cool for ½ hour

Then drain the water and presto, you have the onion Mc Donald's ready for hamburger.PicklesMc Donald's unique for sliced pickles taste HEINZ uses the brand as they are extremely skinny giving a special flavor, if you can not use that mark, but should any slice very thin.BreadUse small bread, packs of 8-12 in one package can be purchased at your favorite

market.One more thing, before cooking the wonderful burgers, cut 10 pieces of wax paper 12 by 12 to wrap the burgers

Cook your burgerPreheat griddle to cook the meat until it reaches a temperature of 375-400 degrees, remember that you should already have all the ingredients on hand.Toast bread lightly, be careful not to burn them, apply gentle pressure to brown better.Place the meat on the grill, after 20 seconds, turn with a spatula, add the seasoning to the meat, do the same on the other hand, Put some onions and lightly cook with the seasoning.At first the bread, add mustard, ketchup, pickle slices, onionWhen the meat is ready, add to bread and cooked onion, wraps it with wax paper and please reserve list and have all ready used the microwave for 15 seconds each and enjoy them

My School from six years ago I have studied at school Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt, I have gone through good and bad times with my friends, little by little they have modernized and this year are to finish its construction, recently we were in a school carnival

celebrating the Olympic Games, We did a tour with the school marching band and then perform some activities and we went to the house.

Grade 1002

I honestly do not talk much with the other 10 because I do not like and there are some people that I fall a bit wrong, I have a few friends in grade 11 and since I spend most of all my course with the 1002 since they are my best friends, but I have some cousins who are in school Information Of The School Description: Instituion of education district. preschool,basic basic primary, secondary and he mediates. Mixed. Category :Education and qualification > primary and secondary Schools Address : Career 97 #21b-15 Neighborhood : El Carmen Town : Fontib贸n Telephone : 421 85 82 . Electronic mail: cedrofrigoarenasb9@redp .edu .co

VISION: In 2015, the college will be a Betancuort Rodrigo Arenas intitucion esducativa with quality management, trainer of humans with critical awareness, which builds social responsibility project development in the life of the students to the field are deposited productivity and competitiveness. MISION: At school Betancuort Rodrigo Arenas is a mixed institution, official and academic mode, which serves its community integral formation and promotes the development of skills necessary for personal development, social coexistence, and entrepreneurship.

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It's the first document and it's for up and that the people know about my school

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