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Hello to all Parents and Guardians! My name is Ms. Jessica Stewart and I have created this newsletter in order to paint a better picture of the individual who will be instructing your children this year. Looking forward to a great year!

Basics My full name is Jessica Margret Stewart, and I am 18 years of age. I currently live at Gull Lake with my parents. I also have 3 older brothers, but sadly they have all left the nest. The second eldest of my brothers has also recently provided me with an adorable nephew named Liam.

Hobbies In my spare time I like to remain fairly active so many of my hobbies include a lot of physical activity. For example, I like snowboarding, golfing, yoga, jogging, and many various sports. I am also an avid reader and will on occasion write short stories.

Athletics I have played competitive soccer nearly all my life and was fortunate enough to win both Provincial gold and National bronze in my last season of youth soccer last summer. I am also currently the goalie for the RDC Queens soccer team.

Ms. Stewart (000277436)

September Newsletter

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Travels I have traveled to many places through both family trips and through various soccer teams. In Canada alone I have been to BC, PEI, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland. Outside of Canada I have travelled to various countries such as Spain, England, Mexico and the United States.

Pets One of the biggest loves in my life at the moment is my baby girl Anastasia Koska Stewart. I am of course speaking about my cat, which can be seen in the picture below. I adopted Anastasia last September for my 18th birthday after a 14 year battle of pleading with my father for a kitten to call my own. I also have both a Golden Lab named Joey, and a Jack Russell named Chip. These two wonderful dogs can also be seen in the picture below.

End Note I hope that this newsletter has been both interesting and informative. I look forward to what I believe will be a fun and productive school year. If any questions about curriculum or other such inquires should arise I can be contacted by my email:

Ms. Stewart (000277436)

September Newsletter

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Jessie's Newsletter