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‘Tree The image above is my starting point for this challenge. To produce ideas I need to find a related subject, in this instance it would be a tree. By observing and recording the subject it triggers ideas and from that point the ideas can develop and evolve





Here I am starting to combine both pencil and tree. On the first image I spent a lot of time, so this time I wanted to sketch a tree as quick as possible but still capturing the different tones. the only way of doing this was literally to scribble, pressing hard is dark areas and soft in the lighter areas. This is what I find unique about a pencil, its the best medium for getting a really hard, dark line and a very soft, light line.

I had a look through to the book ‘The Art of Looking Sideways’ for inspiration. I came across a piece by Dave Rittinger which involved a play on the familiar brand ‘Evian’. I wanted to use the idea of playing with a familiar brand name so I used the pencil brand staedtler. I discovered that within the name was also the word tree. This triggered the idea of generating an animation of this discovery.

park’ The next step for me was to create more of an abstract image. so on squared paper I built up the basic shape of a tree, using pencil again to create tone , making some squares darker and some lighter. The idea that I concluded with for these images is that a tree is always found within a pencil. with this idea I produced both 2-D images and an animation. I then wanted to see what I could generate in 3-D.....

My last outcome, a branch that I found in the park carved at every tip and made into a multi pencil. although an obvious idea, making a pencil out of a tree, the aesthetics will always be unique. I also like the scale and the fact its organic containing individual and unpredictable features and marking, as if it’s got its own identity. And its not only that, that makes it unique, the outcome when you use it is always spontanious...

Antonio Citterio

Itowanted make something that STOOD OUT

my challenge for myself was to make a word that rises out of the paper in a solid form.

Once I to cut into the paper using a scalpal I started toconsider the different depths that you could cut. Part of the brief was to experiment using different paper including thickness and texture. using thicker paper mean’t that I could cut at differet levels. This is how I came across the word score a technique used making manipulating the paper easier to do.



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A N I M A T E D . G I F

creative and play  

short presentation of my monday challenge projects

creative and play  

short presentation of my monday challenge projects