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The Natural Qualities Of Each Body Part

You can use chamomile and rose water for the convenience of the eyes, and the removal of cases of exhaustion, and then must clear the eye with cotton swabs saturated with a solution of rose water and boiled leaves chamomile, at a rate of three times a day.

Cucumber slices to reduce puffiness around the eyes: The quickest way to reduce swelling by cutting the cucumber slices, and rub it on the eyelid, and under the eyes, the eyes that remain closed for two or three minutes to dry cucumber juice and then we wash the face after that.

Honey and almond oil for the treatment of wrinkles under the eye: We heat the tablespoon of honey and add a few drops of almond oil, and wait until cool, then put it on the area where wrinkles, and after half an hour, we remove the honey with a piece of cotton moistened chamomile lukewarm, in order to dissolve the honey without that hurt the skin, taking into account the use of The recipe for a week straight.

Almond oil and mint to remove dark circles:

And be mixing one teaspoon of almond oil and a tablespoon of boiled mint and Paint day for a week. Chips to whitewash the area around the eyes: This action compresses on the eyelids of the potato slices fresh for a week.

But the beauty of eyebrows: See it requires to maintain the strength of the growth of eyebrow hair, if the hair is weak, can be rubbed every evening a little olive oil, or almond oil or cocoa butter, and generally olive oil is the best way to take care of hair, eyebrows, at a rate of two to three times a week.

But the beauty of the lips: Advised dissolving a spoonful of honey with half teaspoon honey wax, then add the almond oil and put them in a jar with a tight lid, and blended well and then use daily.

For the beauty of the teeth: Advised to remove the yellowing teeth parsley, cloves, taking into account the lack of pressure on the gums.

But the beauty of your neck: Believes that the combination of the amount equal of almond oil and lanolin are important, and that using them in a neck massage, adding: Using honey and olive oil, can work cream is used to take care of the neck and remove wrinkles and get rid of the tan, using two tablespoons of honey bees, hanging from olive oil and yolk egg, and mix the ingredients well, and neck massage preparation, and rinse with lukewarm water after about half an hour from the cream.

For the beauty of your hands: Almond oil warm softness of hands and elbows: proven successful use of warm almond oil painter hands and elbows in the removal of roughness and the return of beauty to the hand, to be done at a rate of three times a day for at least four weeks.

Lemon juice to remove stains hands: it proved the feasibility of massage hands with lemon juice.

For the beauty of the feet: Foot Massage: to eliminate the roughness of the feet, only genitive or rose water.

To get rid of Callus: massage the toes and ankles with a mixture of rosemary oil with apple cider vinegar.

For the beauty of the legs: Castor oil and lemon juice: to lubricate the legs, used castor oil and lemon juice, while continuing to massage for 5-10 minutes.

Rosemary bath, to remove the smell of sweat: To remove the unpleasant smell of sweat, I would recommend the development of infusion herb rosemary in the bath water, with the use of alum crunched places sweating daily, with frequent showers.


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