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NO. 1 APRIL 2012

Little Buddy had been really sick for weeks...

So his parents decided to take him to the doctor for a checkup!

At the doctors office, Buddy and his parents heard news that they hadn’t expected. That he had cancer and would have to start chemo soon!


The doctor explained that Buddy’s white blood cells were trying to increase in order to fight off the cancer. But that cancer was acting like a bully.

MWAHAHA I got you now!

Please don’t hurt me!

He told them that through Chemo, they could maybe stop the cancer.

He explained how it attacks the cancer and starts to destroy it!


That night, Buddy’s parents told him that everything would be ok. That the strength of their family, faith and friends would get them through this.

The next week, Buddy started chemo and instantly made friends with the other kids that were here. He learned there were lots of kids just like him.

Hi, I'm Bella!

I'm cade!

The other kids told him about a 12 year old girl, Jessie Rees, who made it her mission to spread joy to them through her JoyJars. Jars filled with fun toys.

Buddy used some of the other kids’ crayons and started drawing...

Suddenly the page started to sparkle, and Buddy heard a voice of a little girl.


Clouds and stars filled the room and suddenly in front of Buddy stood a teenage boy, girl and a small white puppy.

We’re here to HELP!

I’m NEGU Jr.

I'm Jessie’s dog, Mr. Moe.

But... What does NEGU mean?

I’m NEGU Girl!


I know you're here to help... BUT I'm Scared! The NEGU warriors told him that there was nothing to worry about! There was a team of people, like his parents and his new friends supporting him!

we will help defeat this CANCER!


After a few weeks of chemo, Buddy’s hair and eyebrows started to fall out and he started to miss the days where he could go out and play with other kids.

I Want to be normal again!

Buddy, why are you so sad?

I miss my hair... No one else looks like me!

Suddenly Buddy noticed all of his new friends were the same as him. Their hair didn’t define who they were, they did!

He realized it’s a sign of strength... A badge of honor and of the journey.

I guess it is COOL!!!

Soon weeks turned into months and Buddy was able to play with other kids as long as he washed his hands and dressed properly.

If you're going out Don't forget your scarf and hat! MOM, I know!!!


While at the park, it suddenly got That night, Buddy started to feel sick, really cold, so Buddy decided to leave. so they took his temperature.

It's so cold.


HA ick! s u’re


I feel Horrible!

e hav u o ... Y R. we u W WO a FEVE get yo . r uld docto o h s oa t

Because of Buddy’s weakend immune system, his parents thought it was important to get him to a doctor right away!

His doctor ran test after test to see what exactly was going on.

I’m afraid you are going to have to stay overnight! So we can fight this buG!

Before Buddy’s parents left for the night, they got him ready for bed and told him that everything would be fine and that it was important to fight this.

You’ll be fine Bud!

The meds will Make you feel better!

DOn't worry buddy! we will sit guard all night!

Like promised, the NEGU Warriors, sat guard... Until the heard a loud noise!



Try to stop me!

Oh, we will!!!

HA... that’s all you had!


NOW I’m really MAD!



You forget we NEGU!!!!

QUICK, Get him while he's WEAK!!!


Let me out!

You’ll be sorry!

Fill it with CHEMO... Lets Drown this BIG C.

WHAT??? NO!!!

Buddy still has check ups and scans, but life returned to be normal again.

And slowly his hair started growing back, this time stronger than ever!

Jessie Rees Foundation: Never Ever Give Up! Inspired by Jessie Rees (4/8/99-1/5/12) Copyright 2012 - all rights reserved

Adventure of NEGU Warriors  
Adventure of NEGU Warriors  

The NEGU Warriors help Buddy fight off the evil Mr. Cancer!