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To what extent can I explore the theme of death and create images of a realistic and unsetting nature?

By Jessie Nunn

Brief To what extent can I explore the theme of death and create images of a realistic and unsetting nature? For this project, I decided to create my own brief of ‘To what extent can I explore the theme of death and create images of a realistic and unsetting nature?’. I wanted to explore the different ways of death and relate them into my photographs. I want my photographs to portray an uneasy and disturbing effect on the viewer because death is a very unsetting part of life and I want to show this throughout my work.

Alison Scarpulla

When researching to find photographs for inspiration on my initial photographs, I came across Alison scarpulla. Scarpulla is a 23 year old experimental film photographer who has always had a passion for photography learning the basic techniques throughout school, until she developed her own self-taught process to produce amazing and unique work. I was mainly intrigued by Scarpulla, because her work portrays such soft and ethereal tones yet can capture very different surroundings to make the viewer experience different emotions. In my opinion I believe that Scarpulla produces her work in an interpretation of the world we live in, showing us the beauty of ourselves and the surroundings that we are in. Such as the beauty of light, nature, sound, emotions, freedom and creativity. Above is an example of Scapulla’s work called ‘untitled’ which was produced in January 10th 2013. I personally decided to focus on the specific photograph because it links with a similar theme, I want to portray in my initial photographs. I believe that Scarpulla has inspired me and influenced me in many ways for my photographs.

Caryn Drexl Caryn Drexl is a middle age women who creates unique and beautiful photographs yet normally showing an unsetting nature through using bazaar props to create an intriguing image. I decided to look at Drexl’s piece called ‘Her Very own sea’ which was taken in 2010 because there are similar links of wanting to use water in my first set of initial photographs. I believe that Drexl produces such intriguing photographs that sometimes she portrays ethereal and vintage images and then other times she portrays really unsetting and disturbing photographs, so she portrays a real contrast within her work.

Patricia Malinda I personally chose Patricia Malinda’s photograph ‘myosotis’ to inspired and influence me in my Initial photographs because Malinda has photographed a woman in water with elegant and pure white clothing on which shows beautiful movement in the water to capture a stunning photograph. I chose this specific photograph due to the relaxation of the model in the water. This relaxed effect could mean that this girl is lifeless and is drowning in water. I also chose this photo because, I like the different tones of blues and sometimes green of the water combining with the white of her clothing and also her pale complexion which personally gives a realistic effect of the girl is lifeless.

Initial Photographs

Brian Walker I personally chose Brian Walker because his photographs relates to the subject matter of ‘fallen’ that I want to portray. Brian Walker has captured the model in a intriguing ‘fallen’ opposition to make the photograph look more realistic however his model is glamorous with her hair perfectly in position and with fresh make up to make it look less realistic. The main reason why I was inspired by Walker’s photography was because of the subject matter he has shown of ‘falling’ and this subject matter would relate to my theme of how to explore death in an unsettling nature.

Developmental Photographs

Evaluation for Idea 1

Idea 2 For Idea 2, my main intention was to continue to portray photographs of death in an unsettling and disturbing nature. Whilst showing my model in the same item of clothing, however showing different crime scenes of death.

Artists Analysis Melanie Pullen For my first set of initial photographs for idea 2, I was inspired by Melanie Pullen's 'Haning' series. I was personally influenced by Pullen's crime scene photographs because of how pullen has captured her models to tell a certain story which show uneasy circumstances. Pullen's crime scene photographs of 'hanging' mainly show that she hasn't given away the model/victims identity. This gives a very intriguing effect and lets the viewers use their imagination to sum up what this citizen looks like. I was also inspired by Pullen's hanging series, due to the range of lightening Pullen has used, whether its natural or artificial it gives a bold and detailed silhouette to give it a more uneasy effect.

Initial Photographs

Developmental Artist

Chadwick For my developmental Tyler photography, I am using Chadwick Tyler to influence me to portray a ‘bruised’ effect to make my photographs look more disturbing. As a viewer looking at Tyler’s photography, I find his work very disturbing and uneasy to look at, because he mainly photographs young girls looking dirty and fragile with messy hair and darkened eyes.

This dirty and bruised effect, gives me the impression as if the young girl has been beaten up and where she is so skinny seeing her collarbone, it looks like she is being starved. Overall Tyler has inspired me to portray an uneasy effect on my photographs, making my model looked bruised and fragile.

Developmental photographs

Evaluation for Idea 2

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