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Journal Entry #5 [Type the document subtitle] Jessie Reed 2/26/2013

Watch a New TV Show or a New Movie and describe a trend that you believe will emerge from this show.

Table of Contents: New TV show What is the Trend Why will this trend emerge


The Carrie Diaries is a prequel of the show Sex and The City. Sex and The City was known for not only its funny, promiscuity drama, it was full of trends. Even though in the show Carrie Diaries its based off of Carrie Bradshaw in the early 1980’s, the clothes and trends still manage to be a mix of 80’s and modern day fashion. The main character is again Carrie Bradshaw, and the character Carrie is a fictional fashion icon in the 90’s. In the show, every episode it seems like it is a new trend.

In the photo I provided, Carrie in many episodes was seen wearing bright colored garments. In the all three photos, she is wearing Gather dresses, very poofy, but still fashionable. Carrie also is always wearing something with a bright color like red, green, pink, and yellow. It still has an 80’s look to it but in the show it still puts a modern look to it with the leopard shrugged cardigan, and the bright green jacket.

This trend will emerge because many teens tend to wear a lot of bright colors and watching this Carrie Bradshaw, she is only in high school, so many would want to be the teenage version of Carrie Bradshaw.

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