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Journal Entry #1 WGSN Jessie Reed Carol

Table of Contents: Major Components of WGSN Why do you think this website is useful to the Fashion Industry? An article that you find interesting.


Looking through the WGSN website the major components will have to be the latest reports on Fashion, the trend watch, retail stores, and retail product. Consumers and the Fashion industry need to know what’s hot, what’s trendy, what I can look good in, and what could we get customers to buy. Latest fashion reports such as Womenswear, Menswear, Children’s wear is the biggest component of the website because it goes in great detail about what is new for men, women, and children, what can look good for different seasons, and also where to get these products from. The trend watch is very important because it keeps up with latest trends, designers, retail stores, and also it gives an idea of how to wear these trends. This website is very useful to the Fashion Industry because it is like a magazine but very diverse. Fashion lovers can find information that they cannot find in their favorite magazines. Retail stores can research more about the retail industry not only the fashion industry. The information on WGSN is very broad, and detailed, and very organized. The article “Pre-fall 2013: knitwear key item analysis” describes hot knitwear in the fall of 2013 will be. From looking at the key points of article, and the author’s outtake of the knitwear, I love it. The relaxed V-neck is my favorite, because I can see many women with a relax silhouette going for a nice sweater dress with the relaxed V-neck. More young people would go for the boxy cardigan, because many teens do wear cardigans, especially in college to give that school girl look.

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