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Fashion Journals Intro to Fashion Business Jessie Reed 12/11/2013

Fashion Journals may either be submitted in a digital format using “� OR as professionally bound hard copy. The basic format of the journal should be professional, neat, informative and organized. Remember digital formats can save you some money.

Table of Contents: •

Entry 1- Women’s Wear Daily Article

Entry 2- Business Publication

Entry 3- Vogue Article

Entry 4- Fashion Observation For Fall 2013

Entry 5- Soft and Hard Line Merchandise

Entry 6- WGSN Trend Report

Entry 7- Fabric and Color Trend

Entry 8- Predominant Trends (WGSN)

Entry 9- Visuals Displays

Entry 10- Fashion Trend on a New TV Show

Entry 11-

Entry 12- Career Description

Entry 13- Fashion Don’ts

Entry 14- 3 Career Opportunities Of Interest


(Entry 1- Women’s Wear Daily)

The NPD Group Inc reports that 2013 has been a good year for Men’s fragrances. In the countries USA and UK, the NPD reported that it was a 5% bump in men’s fragrances at the end of October. In both countries there were 2% increases with women’s fragrances. Karen Grant, the vice president of NPD said “While women’s individual juices continue to be the top selling fragrance segment across the U.S and Europe, new launch activity has been a boost for men’s sales across most countries”. Four out of five of the top selling men’s fragrances were Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme, Polo Red, Givenchy’s Gentlemen Only, and Dolce & Gabbanna the One. Chloe’ See was the top fragrance for Women.


(Entry 2- Business Publication)

The H&M flagship store on Times Square in New York is launched a new “try and buy� option that let customers pay for their items from the inside of the dressing room. H&M will have cash registered and sales advisors stationed in the fitting rooms. H&M declined whether or not the try and buy will prevent theft. There are interactive mannequins with screens attached to their foreheads that play videos or flash photos and special deal alerts. Lady Gaga made a appearance on the opening day to promote her ARTPOP album which H&M will carry in 175 stores. The new location need to garner serious sale numbers to make economics work. The rent in the area is $2,500 per square foot and this location H&M is 42,000 square feet.


(Entry 3- Vogue Article) Slips on dresses are versatile. Kate Moss wore a slip on dress underneath a Military Jacket. She made it look so effortless, yet elegant and unfailing cool in the 1990’s. Slip dresses are meant for night wear but the point of having this trend is for the girl to feel cool and to not feel like you are over doing it. Most celebrities go to thrift shops and purchase old slip dresses and turn it into night wear to wear out. Slip dresses to me looks like it can be worn during the spring or the fall time. I would see it during the winter. The marketplace looks at this as a retro trend that can get more fashionistas to go to more thrift shops, and also more fast fashion retailers to bring this trend into their store.


(Entry 4- Fashion Observation for Fall 2013) In some Fall Fashions, it uses bright colors, and neutral colored coats and peat coats. It’s very bold yet trendy. Also some fashions are plaid, and leather. What’s similar in the Fall 2012 is that it did have a lot of leather incorporated in fashion collections for the fall. What’s different are the colors. This year a lot of colors are incorporated in fashion for 2013, but in 2012 there were Black and Blue, Burgundy, Winter White, and Reptile Skin trends.


(Entry 5- Soft and Hard-line Merchandise) I went into Bloomingdales and I look at the Diane Von Furstenberg bed and clothing. She had bed set that had wild jungle print (Leopard), but also there was a chair also. DVF incorporated the same design on a dress also. What was so dominating the print on the chair, bed set, and dress was the same and it was by Diane Von Furstenberg.


(Entry 6- WGSN Trend Report)

When I research the Fall trends plaid and leather on WSGN my search went more into worldwide than just the united states. It showed how plaid and leather are styled in different countries. It really didn’t go into the runway about all the fall trends, but it uses more pictures to get a better view of the trend.

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(Entry 7- Fabric and Color Trend) The main fabric trends of Fall of 2013 are silk, cotton, chiffon, organza fabrics, rayon, spandex, denim, linen, and satin. Organza fabrics have filaments of silk and polyester fibers. Organza fabric, nylon, chiffon, silk, and cotton are used in dresses, sometimes bags, and coats. Fall colors are emerald (green), Mykonos blue, linden green, acai (purple), samba (red), koi (orange), deep lichen green, vivacious (pink), turbulence (grey), and carafe (brown).


(Entry 8- Predominant Trends) The most predominant trend in the UK in menswear is neutral colored clothing and faux leather shirts. A huge trend in Australia for the spring and summer are Cat eyed sunglasses with bright colors. Snaked skin handbags and clutches are a trend in Paris. These trends are no different than the trends in USA. Snake skin handbags are popular all year round in the USA, neutral colored clothing and faux leather shirts are popular, but faux leather shirts are more towards the fall in the USA. Cat eyed sun glasses is a trend you would not normally see be a dominate trend in USA, even though it is vintage, it’s rarely on the runway on in magazines.


(Entry 9- Visuals Displays) What I love about Urban Outfitters visual displays it’s so different. It fits their brand name. Urban Outfitters lead more towards trendy and stylish than fashion. I love the wrapping paper they have around the stores, and it looks good for the holidays. I love Forever21’s use of realistic mannequins; it’s a perfect fit for the season and their seasonal clothing and theme of their store. They always have some type of fashion with today’s trends incorporated within their visuals.



(Entry 10- Fashion Trend on New TV Show) In the new TV drama series Scandal Olivia Pope not only plays the presidents little scandal but her character has had some interesting looks. The most interesting look that I feel as a trend would emerge is the Donna Karen sweater she wore in an episode where she was lounging around. Donna Karen’s collection has always been timeless and something new all the time. This sweater is can be worn for several reasons. In the show Olivia Pope is just wearing it to relax in, in her home, but how it looks you can wear it during the fall for so many different looks.


(Entry 11- Calvin Klein’s Fall/Winter collection was one of my favorite collections of his. What I love about this particular design from Calvin Klein collection is that the look of the dress is so timeless. The dress can be worn to work, on interviews, and on a night out with family. The color looks like an off black but still a neutral color so it would go with anything. It can be worn for all body types not just a specific body type. I see this design in retailers like Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, and Discounted stores such as Burlington, TJ-Maxx, and Marshalls.


(Entry 12- Career Description) A designer makes the idea of a garment come to life. They are the creative genius for a collection or line. Designers start off with experimenting with different colors, combining colors together to come up with a new color to build a trend. Colors that is complementary to the garment. Designers always have to search for new materials. They have to make the garment fashionable by finding the right materials such as fabrics to bring the design to life. Fashion buyer responsibilities are to be well aware of fashion trends. Being able to travel and research designer collections and also international trends. Fashion buyers are good at negotiating with suppliers. Fashion buyers negotiate with suppliers when it comes to the cost and delivery arrangements. Being aware of how your customers are. Buyers make decisions on what can be displayed in the store. Product development manger responsibilities are to plan. Their focus is styling, assortment, timing, and pricing. They have to be knowledgeable to the design process, apparel aesthetics, consumer spending, target marketing, and textiles. The product development manager has to have an understanding of the concept and use of the merchandise. They have to do the pre-production, which is preparing packages for the production process and getting them to the production staff.

(Entry 13- Fashion Don’t)


Tights as pants are a Fashion Don’t because tights are for undergarments not pants. The showing of underwear is not classy, and it shows laziness with appearance.


Exposing Bras are a Fashion Don’t because it doesn’t look flattering at all.

Super Short Shorts are a Fashion Don’t because it doesn’t look healthy, it’s understandable that its hot but don’t go out wearing something so short skin tight that can cause a yeast infection.

Ugg boots during the summer are so tacky. Mixed fashion trends are much unorganized even though the person is experimenting with fashion.


(Entry 14- Career Opportunities of Interest) Fashion Design is a career I see myself in because I love to sketch designs, and sew. I love incorporating ideas into one piece. I’m always inspired by art and music so I feel I can fit into being a designer for a company or my own collection. The only thing I would really be worried about when it comes to fashion design is always being ready for the next season, because the Fashion industry is so fast pace. Footwear designer is the number one career of interest for me because I have a personal love for sneakers. I’m very knowledgeable about the footwear industry when it comes to Nike, Adidas, and Jordan. I’m always reading about the latest sneaker, and what sneakers are selling out. I know how to sketch sneakers, I’m good with trends, and I would know how to market the sneakers. Retail Boutique owner can be a good fit for me because I love the business aspect of fashion and I know how to market and sell. Being an owner of a boutique will help me get involved with networking for suppliers, and customers.


Fashion journals 2013  

Fashion, Journal, Columbia, College, Chicago

Fashion journals 2013  

Fashion, Journal, Columbia, College, Chicago