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The Language of Travel The Penistone Puzzle Project Snapshot 7.3.2014

Project Proposal: Penistone Line Route: Visualisations:

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Jessie Kopka: The Language of Travel: The Penistone Puzzle

Aims: To further encourage use of the Penistone Line Express Promote sustainable transport Engage train users with interactive art pieces To gain responses from train users about their journeys and experiences

Audience: Current & New service users of the Penistone Line from Huddersfield to Sheffield and along the line in both directions. Local people of huddersfield Request to Local Media for promotion, Huddersfield Examiner Newspaper: Online and Paper and radio stations across West and South Yorkshire

Medium: Printed & lasercut card puzzle pieces

Site specific Works: Artistic interventions : installation of puzzle pieces within Huddersfield train station, on board the train itself and in other stations along the line. Request to Northern Rail train conductors to make announcements within the train

Methods of documentation: Recording installations with video camera & photography Set up independant platforms for public submission of stories & experiences of using the train through SMS text & Twitter Hashtags

Further Outcomes: Project Installation: Video & Mixed Media installation


Jessie Kopka: The Language of Travel: The Penistone Puzzle


Jessie Kopka: The Language of Travel: The Penistone Puzzle


The Language of Travel: The Penistone Puzzle: Project Snapshot  

Snapshot of current project proposal and visualizations for future developments.

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