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Drama Reflection Ritual - Pluvia

Friday, February 24, 2012

What was this drama rotation’s main focus?

This drama rotation’s main focus is on what we call a ritual. A ritual is a ceremony in which consisting a series of actions in order and may be performed in specific occasions. one of the actions in my group’s ritual

What’s my group’s ritual?

Our group ritual is about god of the rain and god of the sun.This ritual is performed when the god of the sun come and take over the god of the rain to bless villagers with the good growth of crops

Friday, February 24, 2012

What did it say about the things that your ‘clan’ valued or believed in? We actually believe that the change of season from the rainy season and sunny season will bless the growth of the crops of the villagers. This ritual is an action of gratefulness because of the change of seasons.

3. Sun God comes to take over rain God’s spot Change of season and the Sun God get chosen by the villagers.

4. Celebrate the arrival of God of the Sun Villagers feel blessed for the arrival of the sun because the sun god will help bless their crops.

Friday, February 24, 2012

order of events that occurred in the ritual 1. Opening Parade The opening parade shows how the god of the rain get chosen and take over the village before god of the sun enters the village later on in the ritual.

2. Rain God comes + citizens praise the rain God and ask for more rain Villagers is blessed for the arrival of the god of the rain and praising the god of the rain is one of the ways to thank her.

5. Closing Parade The villagers thank the sun god while the sun god watches them.

What feedback did you use to improve your performance?

First rehearsal

When we are at the first rehearsal, Mr Geoffrey told us that we have to be more organized so we actually think and change some movements to get more organize.

Final performance

Friday, February 24, 2012

How successful is your performance? I think I did well in the performance. I concentrate well and try not to laugh in performance. I also think my group did well in the performance. At the end of the performance, I guess I’m quite satisfied with how it turned out. How did your group use the drama skills that were introduced to - Movement - Choral Speaking We do have some chants in our ritual that is connected to our topic for the ritual.

• Pluvia --> It means “rain”. • Vinita --> it means “Please” • Tealoc --> It means “Sun God”

- Use of symbolic object We also have a few symbolic objects that we use in the ritual

• Blue cloth with coins --> it represent the Rain God • Yellow cloth --> it represent the Sun God • Jug + Bowl --> it represent water

Friday, February 24, 2012


RITuaL VS PLaY Ritual - The audience in a ritual sits between the member of the ‘clan’ in a circle. - Ritual usually consist of chants by the member of the clan, dance, special songs and musics, consumption of special food, drink and drug and so on. -Ritual is most connected to religion point of view.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Play W h I L E

- The audience sits in front of the actors in row of seats.

- Play usually consist of dialogue between characters.

How effectively did your group work together? What did each member contribute to the task? I think my group work really hard to get the final outcome of the ritual. We practice seriously especially the day of the performance. We even come early from lunch to practice the ritual. All of the members also contributed to the task. What did you and your group find difficult? What problems did you have? How did you solve these problems? • I guess the most difficult part of this ritual is creating the movements for the ritual. The ritual have to be around 4 minutes. At first, our group thought that it was going to be easy. However, when we get to work we actually have difficulties finding the correct moves at the correct timing. At last, we try all kinds of movement to see which one fits best for the ritual.

By-Jessica Carolina 8.3 Friday, February 24, 2012


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