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PIONEER LEGENDS AWARD We Proudly Pay Tribute to Grand Master Jhoon Rhee and Extend Our Great Gratitude for His Life of Dedication and Service to So Many in the Martial Arts World. From Bruce Lee to Dozens of US Congressmen and to Students All Over the Globe, GM Jhoon Rhee Has Directly and Indirectly Influenced the Lives of Millions

WHO’S WHO in the Martial Arts Project Team Editor Grandmaster Jessie Bowen Publisher Elite Publications

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Contributors Grandmaster Joe Corley Grandmaster Jeff Smith


WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts Legends The American Martial Arts Alliance Volume 3

Grand Master and Ms. Jhoon Rhee, flanked from leftL Joe Corley, Michael Coles, Tayari Casel, Karen Eden, Rob Fletcer, Jeff Smith and Steve Anderson


All attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in this book, but this is not a guarantee. Copyright Š 2017 by the American Martial Arts Alliance All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal. First Printing of Vol. 3: 2017 ISBN 9781974413218 Elite Publication 5324 New Hope Commons Dr. Durham, North Carolina 27707 Ordering Information: Special discounts are available on quantity purchases by corporations, associations, educators, and others. For details, contact the publisher at the above address U.S. trade bookstores and wholesalers: Please contact Jessie Bowen Tel: (919) 919-618-8075 or email


TA BLE OF CONTE NTS PIONEER LEGENDS AWARD i Dedication viii Foreword x Acknowledgments xiv About Grandmaster Jessie Bowen xviiii Pioneer Legends in the American Martial Arts 1 Pat Burleson 2 Leo Fong 3 Dr. Maung Gyi 4

David J. Praim 6 Jhoon Rhee 7 Allen Steen 9

Lifetime Achievement Legends in the American Martial Arts 11 Walter Anderson 12 Lawrence Arthur 14 Mitchell Bobrow 16 Cezar Borkowski 17 Dr. Len Brassard 18 Dennis Brown 22 Jamie Cashion 24 Tayari Casel 26 Bill Clark 29 Reggie Cochran 32 John Corcoran 34 Joe Corley 36 Al Dacascos 39 Linda Denley 41

Bernard Kerik 59 Danny Lane 61 Charlie Lee 63 Gary Lee 64 Alfie Lewis 67 Andrew Linick 68 Michael Matsuda 70 Bill McDonald 71 Richard Norton 72 Stephen Oliver 74 Jerry Piddington 75 Tiger Schulmann 77 Jeff Smith 79 Mike Stone 82 John Therien 84 Jim Thomas 85 Sergio Von Schmeling 88 Bill “Superfoot” Wallace 90 Michael Jai White 91 Don “The Dragon “Wilson 93 Patrick Wrenn 94 Keith Yates 96

Michael DePasquale, Jr. 43

Mike Dillard 46 Karen Eden 48 Ted Gambordella 50 Mark Glazier 52 Stephen K. Hayes 54 Pat E. Johnson 55 Glenn Keeney 57

Champion Legends in the American Martial Arts 97 Erick Alfaro 98 Malia Bernal 100 David Brock 102 Jim Butin 103 Glenn Carder 105 Helen Chung Vasiliadis 106 John Chung 109 Michael Coles 112 Nada Conway 114

Kierston Costabile 116 Roger Dabney 118 E. Montez Dennis 120 Neil Ehrlich 121 Alamo Al Francis 123 Brian Kula Fung 124 Daniel Gimenez 125 Arthur Heller 126 Darrell Henegan 128


Rahni Jenkins 129 Brenda Hund Lee 132 Stacey Knight Mejia 133 Chris Minshew 134 George Minshew 135 Jeremy Moore 136 Mikie Rowe Moore 137 Skipper Mullins 138 Norman DeWayne Roberts 140

Cynthia Rothrock 142 Rudy Smedley 143 Sean Smith 144 George Thanos 146 Jean Yves Theriault 147 Eddie Thomas 148 Kevin Thompson 149 Pat Worley 150

Grandmaster & Master Legends in the American Martial Arts 151 Dana Abbott 152 Charlie Anderson 153 Ronnie Armstrong 154 Jeff Blake 156 Danny Boccagno 157 Ty Botting 159 Raymond Bradley 161 Len Brassard 162 Dennis Brewer 164 Barry A. Broughton 166 Rusty Burke 169 John Bussard 170 Akil Chukwueneka 171 Howard Chung 173 Dwight Romeo Cross 174 John Crudup 176 Jefferson Davis 179 Don DeVries 181 Michael Dietrich 183 Jose Dimacali 185 Rocky DiRico 187 Shawn Doyle 188 Gregory Duncan 189 Paul Dyer 191 Keith Elkins 194 Maurice Elmalem 195 Robert Fletcher 196 Jerry Fontanez 198 John Gill 199 Alan Goldberg 201 Michael Goldman 203 Dr Robert Goldman 205 Bernie Gorak 207 Keith Graham 209 Dane S. Harden 210 Juan Harnett 211 Bryant Harrell 213 Rita Hundley Harris 215 Tim Harrison 217 Scott Hartsell 219 Dan Hausel 221

Amy Hawkins 223 Riley Hawkins 225 George Heath 227 Otis Hooper 230 Christopher Hovey 232 Johnny Hunter 233 Guy James 235 Richard Jenkins 237 Ron Jenkins 239 Wesley C. Jenkins 241 Jerome Johnson 243 Daniel Jolly 244 Robert “Teddy� Jordan 246 Moustafa Khedr 249 Anthony Lingo 251 Apolo Ladra 253 Robert Leclerc 254 Dongju Lee 256 Yoon Lee 258 Jean Le Grand 259 Bob Leiker 261 Jarrett Leiker 262 Anthony Letourneu 263 Anthony Linson 264 Greg Macy 265 Steve Magill 266 Louis Markstrom 269 Bob Martin 270 Patrick Matthews 271 CJ Mayo 273 Robert Maxwell 274 Richard Mcclain 276 Robert W. McGee 278 Dr. Mark McCumber 279 Justin McDaniel 280 Darlene McPherson 281 Richard Morris 283 Mwanzo Mwalimu Umeme Mpingo 285 Clarence P. Murray 286 Glen Murray 287 Abisu Nanji 288


Rebecca Novak 290 David Nyce 291 Mike O’Brien 292 Jerry Otto 294 Hamilton Perkins 297 AJ Perry 299 Francis Pineda 300 Carl Piper 301 Donald Plummer 302 Peter Porter 303 Joseph Preira 304 Paul Prendergast 306 Dean Pyles 308 Khalid Raheem 310 Dr. William A. Rankin,PhD. 312 Freddie Relevante 313 George Reynolds 314 Chun Rhee 315 Neil Ripski 316 Randy Robinson 318 James Robinson 320 Ishmael Robles 321 Ruben Rodriguez 323 Keith Rosary 324 Darius Ross 325 Steve Ross 326 Kirby Roy III 328 Odette Russell 329 Kevin Schultz 331

Samuel Scott 332 Jack Shamburger 334 William Shelton 335 Kurt Shyrock 336 Mark Shuey 338 Darrell C. Simms, Sr. 339 Carmichael Simon 341 Ron Smith 342 Clarence Smith 344 Ricky and Randy Smith 346 Darren S. Smith 350 Victor Theriault 352 James Theros 354 Eddie Thomas 356 Herbert Thompson 357 Lloyd Thompson 359 Johnny K. Thompson 360 Rudy Timmerman 362 Richard “Duke” Tirschel 363 Dennis Warren 364 Bill Viola 365 Robert Wetmore 367 Arnold “Zip” White 368 Kenneth White 370 C. Matthew White 371 Timothy White 373 Russell Willey 374 Don Willis 375 Keith Zielke 376 Alex Zwak 377

Black Belt Legends in the American Martial Arts 379 Michele Kennedy 396 Ron Lee 397 Andrea McKey 398 Stephan Morris 400 Daniel Nyce 402 Walt Sapronov 403 Ujjwal Thakuri 405 Jeff Thompson 407 Adrian Turpin 408 Karen Ware 409 Charles "Buddy" Watson 410 Thomas Wright 412

Josh Allen 380 Sherri Arthur 382 Donald W.Barlow 383 Michael Biorn 384 Eric Caldeira 386 Kenneth Day 387 Barbara Duffy 388 Jens Finck 389 Constance Funderburk 389 Elisa Greene 391 Joseph Gutowski 393 Rod Hillegass 394 Donna Cancila Keating 395


Dedication This book is dedicated to the countless numbers of Martial Artists who paved the way for today's martial artists. Many great Sensei lost the chance to tell their life story. Through this publication we are preserving and sharing our journey with the world. WHO’S WHO in the Martial Arts. Volume 2, will serve as a history book for Senseis and students and general readers.


Robert Trias, left, formed the United States Karate Association (USKA), Ed Parker, center, introduced Kenpo, and Ki Whang Kim led a strong Tang Soo Do group (then called by many Korean Karate)

Sijak Henry Cho, left, built a strong New York center for Tae Kwon Do via his Madison Square Garden tournaments, followed by Dick Reid, center, and H.U. Lee, right, who together built the very influential American Tae Kwon Do Association (ATA)



Great competitors: New York’s Japanese style firebrand Thomas Lapuppet, Korean stylist speedster Howard “Flash” Jackson, and Kenpo’s Jay T. Will, also considered world’s best PKA Referee

Midwest Champion Competitors, friends, Instructor-Student Ken Knudson, left, and Ken Eubanks, tragically lost to us in the same month

More World Champion Competitors: Original PKA World Heavyweight Champion Joe Lewis, left, the effervescent Parker Shelton & Herb Johnson, center and the very popular Steve Fisher


Foreword by Joe Corley Still Standing on the Shoulders of American Greatness: Martial Arts Legends As we look back on the past 7 odd decades that have comprised Martial Arts in America, the American ideals of individualism and fierce determination stand out, as they have in the other cultural heritages that have found their way to our shores. I often felt the biases that the presumed “founders” of the martial arts in China, Okinawa, Japan and Korea felt for one another would permeate the landscape in America forever. Indeed, in my first 10 years of the 60’s and 70’s, I saw little cooperation, as if the incurable viruses of centuries of distrust had been imported with the arts themselves. Happily, this Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Legends Edition of Grand Master Jessie Bowen represents the shift we Americans have brought to the arts, recognizing the greatness of the individuals who practiced and perfected their arts as opposed to the glorification of the arts themselves. In reading about what the Who’s Who Leaders here have done, one can only marvel at the magnitude of individual effort expended and sacrifices made, from the grass roots activities to global media and organizational results. So, rather than debating which blocks or strikes or styles are more perfect, this work heralds the individual strengths of those who share the martial bond in America, whose legacies have impacted martial arts in America and thus, around the world. In that vein, our tribute to Grand Master Jhoon Rhee and the more than 100,000 Black Belts that emanated from the early work he did with Grand Masters Allen Steen and J Pat Burleson, then Grand Master Jeff Smith underscores as perfectly as any the phenomenal reach of American Martial Arts. Our thanks go to all of you, from Robert Trias and Ed Parker and Ki Whang Kim in the early days to those spearheading the efforts today in the studios at the tournaments and on film and TV for all you have done for the millions who have had, have now and will have the opportunity to stand on your shoulders of American Greatness.


IN MEMORIAM‌.5 YEARS LATER Grand Master Joe Lewis lost his struggle with brain cancer, nearly 5 years ago to the day this Legends edition was completed, and he was laid to rest in his native state of North Carolina near, the hometown of publisher Jessie Bowen. In honor of Grand Master Lewis, we reprint in this edition the post mortmem published in Official Karate Magazine, penned in 2012 by Grand Master Joe Corley in his column One More Round. The following year, the Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior awards were presented by Joe Lewis Fighting Systems to more than a dozen great fighters at the Battle of Atlanta. RIP, Grand Master Joe Lewis.





Acknowledgments I would like to thank Grandmasters Jeff Smith and Joe Corley, two of my continuing martial arts mentors and friends, for their support and assistance with gathering so many amazing martial artists to share their journeys in the martial arts. They embraced the concept and value of WHO’S WHO in the Martial Arts., the LEGENDS this edition seeks to cover and reveal. Their expansive contributions helped bring together this amazing collection of Legends in the Martial Arts. I would also like to thank my wife Gwendolyn without whose help this book would never have been completed. The publisher, editor, writer, staff and members of the Board of Review are not responsible for claims of rank, accomplishments, contributions, or other claims. Nor can we admit liability for any loss incurred through misprint, omission, or other circumstances


Special Thank You to Our AMAA Board Executive Director AMAA Jessie Bowen

AMAA Advisory Board Members Grandmaster Jeff W. Smith Grandmaster Joe Corley Grandmaster James White Grandmaster Andrew Linick Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur Grandmaster Dewey Earwood Grandmaster Dennis Brown Grandmaster Linda Denley Professor Gary Lee Master Michael Dietrich Oso Tayari Casel Grandmaster Gary Lee Master John Chung Master Tony Young

Master Keith Vitali Master Jerome "Magic" Johnson Master Mark Johnson Sensei Carrie Goldbeck Sensei Jeff Doss Master H.T. Waller Master Preston Rodgers Master Darrell C. Simms, Sr. Master Odette Russell Master Darrell Henegan Master Dennis Brewer MasterJerry Otto Helen Chung Vasiliadis Master Karen Eden


About Grandmaster Jessie Bowen Karate International of Durham was founded in 1980 by Hanshi Jessie Bowen as a Karate International franchise school under the Karate International brand. Hanshi Bowen spent the first three years of his martial arts study as student, instructor, and competitor. He began teaching the martial arts full time as an instructor for O’Sensei Wellendorf and built a reputation in sport karate. He became known throughout the southeast for his martial arts skills in form, weapons, and fighting. The American Martial Arts Association was the first martial arts organization to offer a business degree in martial arts management. Hanshi Bowen was one of its first graduates. The program was mandatory for anyone wanting to own a Karate International franchise. Karate International of Durham opened in 1980. Since opening, Hanshi Bowen has promoted over 400 students to black belt. Hanshi Bowen has been recognized by organizations throughout the country for his contribution to the martial arts. He was one of the first martial arts instructors to integrate martial arts into sports. He started with Coach Dick Crum, football coach at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the mid 80's. He was also a martial arts performance coach for four seasons under Coach Mack Brown, former UNC football coach. He was also a personal trainer for Carlos Boozer. After winning over 2000 trophies and awards in martial arts competition, Hanshi Bowen believed the next evolution in martial arts performance was in the mind. He is a member of the Internal Mind Game Coaching Association, International Federation of Coaches, and Sports Hypnosis Coach, NLP Coach, Silva Life System Seminar facilitator and Life coach. Hanshi Bowen learned to apply the principles of martial arts and sports mind game coaching into bowling, winning over 40 amateur titles before becoming a PBA Member (Professional Bowlers Association) in 2002. He became the bowling instructor for Duke University and performance coach for NCCU Women's Bowling Team, winning NCCU's first CIAA title. O’Sensei Jan Wellendorf sanctioned the advancement of Hanshi Bowen to 10thDegree Black Belt and assigned him the task of creating his own system of martial arts Aiki-Shinkai Karate. Aiki meaning to fit, join or combine energy. Aiki is a Japanese martial arts principle or tactic in which the defender blends (without clashing) with the attacker, then goes on to dominate the assailant through the strength of their application of internal dynamics or Ki energy to affect techniques. Shinkai means opening of uncultivated land, new frontiers. Hanshi Bowen has written 14 books on mindbody personal development training including: Zen Bowling the Psychology of Better Bowling; The New You Self Discovery System; and Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness Meditation Training. In 2017, he was the recipient of the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors award for the Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Book and the 2017 AFKA Hall of Fame Martial Arts Journalism Award.


Today, Karate International of Durham is known for being a black belt leadership academy and a pioneer in personal development training. Karate International of Durham’s training program has been taught at Duke University for over 28 years, influencing thousands of students in mind body training. As a corporate educator, Hanshi Bowen conducts corporate motivational training for Duke Corporate Education. The program is titled "The Karate Experience – Breaking Through Barriers”. In 2014 Hanshi Bowen became the coach of Dukes Taekwondo Team, leading Duke University to its first collegiate goal medal. − − −

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Grandmaster Bowen's Other Accomplishments: −

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Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame as the 2014 Ambassador of Goodwill to the Martial Arts Member Solution Financial Services Top Achiever Award NRC Business Man of the Year American Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame Leadership Award Established Mastermind-Sports Performance Virtual Coaching Service American Martial Arts Alliance Sport Karate Tournament Promoter of the Year Action Martial Arts Magazine Martial Arts Instructor of the Year Certified Sports Hypnotist Certified Silva Method Lecture Developer Trainer Certified Silva Method Lecturer

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American Martial Arts Freestyle Golden Lifetime Achievement Award American Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame Man of the Year Award National Business Advisory Business Man of the Year Recipient of Super Star Black Belt Hall of Fame Living Legend Award 2003 2002 World Cup, Karate World Champion Black Belt Super Star Hall of Fame, WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts Award Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee as Outstanding Grand Master of the Year United States Karate Hall of Fame inductee as Most Distinguished Grand Master of the Year World Karate Union Hall of Fame inductee as Grand Master of the Year United States Karate Hall of Fame inductee as Grand Master of the Year Sport Karate Tournament Promoter of the Year Sports Coordinator for the US Olympic Committee and North Carolina Amateur Sports for the US Olympic Festival, Tae Kwon Do competition in 1987 Sports Coordinator for North Carolina Amateur Sports in Karate and Bowling Professional Bowler - PBA Tour Member USBC Bowling Coach Bowling Instructor Duke University Director of the nationally ranked Durham Karate Open tournament since 1981


Pioneer Legends in the American Martial Arts



P at Burles on • • • •

Martia l arts title : Grea t Grandmas ter

Instruc tor Jhoon Rhe e

Azle, T exas Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1957 Teaching fo r 59 y ears and cur rently holds the rank of 10th black b elt, study ing mar tial ar ts styles : Amer ican karate/Tae Kwon Do

A native Oklahoman, transplanted Texan to the core, history records soft-spoken and dangerous J. Pat Burleson as one of America’s premiere karate pioneers. He is highly regarded as “father” of many of the world’s greatest karate champions. Grand Master Burleson’s karate career began in Japan in 1957. His school (dojo) was not only a Dallas/Fort Worth pioneer that was established in 1959, but was one of the original karate schools founded in America, with over 250,000 graduates to date.

with regular appearances on the C.B.S. television show, “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

Ultimately, he would begin training under now Grand Master Rhee, and he holds the highest American Taekwondo ranking under this recognized “father of American Taekwondo”, Jhoon Rhee.

Still today, he travels the world as a coach and trainer. He was recently the special training and motivational coach for the Sacramento State football team. Grand Master Burleson was recently inducted into the Battle of Atlanta Centurion Club, and he received the prestigious Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award in 2016. He also hosts the Masters Martial Arts Hall of Fame celebration in Fort Worth Texas.

J Pat Burleson won the 1st U.S. Karate Championship in 1964. Mr. Burleson has been featured in stories about his achievements in local and U.S. news magazines, movies and TV. He has been a movie and stunt actor



Leo Fong Leo Fong. Born in Canton. China Nov. 23, 1928. Immigrated to United States on May 1, 1934, with his mom to join his father who operated a mom and pop grocery store in Widener, Arkansas. It didn't take Leo long to realize his school mates did not accept him but rather denigrated him for his Chinese heritage When other kids teased and picked on him. Leo fought back. Those encounters refined his fighting skills and got him in trouble with school officials. At 13 he bought a book from a Montgomery Ward catalog-"Fundamental of Boxing" by Barney Ross. Leo studied the information in the book and practiced jabs, hooks, crosses and uppercuts on a pillow he hung from the ceiling in his bed room. Whenever he got into a fight he had the competitive edge. While his adversaries came in with wild swings Leo jabbed and moved and unloaded a left hook, which always ended the encounter.

At 17. he had a religious experience. He felt a call to the Christian ministry. When he graduated from high school he enrolled at Hendrix College in Conway. Arkansas. At Hendrix, he joined the boxing team. His boxing record was 22 wins and 3 defeats. Of the 22 wins he won 18 by knockouts, all with a left hook. After his graduation from Hendrix, he enrolled at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 1951. After graduation from SMU in 1954 he was assigned to a church in Sacramento. California. It was in Sacramento that he discovered Moo Duk Kwan. In a trip to San Francisco he visited a Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu School. And two years later, The Sil Lum.Kung Fu. It was at the Sil Lum.Kung Fu school that he met James Yimm Lee. It was through Jimmy Lee that he met Bruce Lee in 1962. This led to a 10-year friendship with Bruce Lee until his death in 1973. Today at 87 years old Leo has an active daily schedule. He works out two hours a day, seven days a week. He teaches a Senior Exercise class four days a week and continues his movie career filming on a monthly basis.



Dr. Ma ung Gyi performance. In keeping with a basic Bando tenet of tripartite, Maung Gyi’s ‘enlightened journey’ might best be viewed in three evolutionary phases, from ‘warrior’ to ‘wizard’ to ‘monk.’ The evolution began as a Warrior is in the making, evolving to Wizard, then to an American Warrior Monk. As a true educator, Maung Gyi fosters a legacy of lifelong learning. He encourages Martial Arts students of all ranks to participate in seminars and to explore the methods of other martial arts styles. Often, masters from other styles have been invited to teach and to demonstrate their techniques at events sponsored by Dr. Gyi. This notion of embracing new concepts and ideas is directly linked to Maung Gyi’s childhood experiences in Burma and his scholarly pursuits during the early years in the U.S. Despite numerous accomplishments, he never rests on his laurels, but rather continues to be ‘a student’ of the martial arts.

Dr. Maung Gyi has repeatedly been called legendary, brilliant and ‘genius. Such superlatives are appropriate when qualifying the lifelong accomplishments of Dr. Gyi, whose innovations, intellect, and influences have affected so many. Consider, for a moment, the fact that Maung Gyi changed the martial arts landscape of America nearly 50 years ago. He introduced his unique Burmese combat system, known as Bando, to the U.S. in the late 1950s–a system replete with striking methods, grappling strategies, weapons techniques, and so much more. The broad community of martial artists continue to pursue the knowledge he possesses decades after his early groundbreaking exploits. Why is this? The answer can be found in Dr, Gyi’s own journey toward self-actualization and personal enlightenment. His quest for knowledge has never ceased, nor has his pursuit of excellence in martial arts



Muang Gyi actively participated in seminars led by other masters. This fact is particularly true in the Monk System, where health-care practitioners and spiritual leaders have been recruited to share their expertise and knowledge in this evolving non-violent discipline. It is Maung Gyi’s belief that the ‘path to harmony’ must include persons from many divergent backgrounds. He further states, that all people have important ideas to share with society, and an enlightened mind will accept useful knowledge from any source. Physical wellness is, arguably, Maung Gyi’s most profound contribution to the Bando’s legacy and to the broader martial arts community. While fitness has always been a primary component of Bando training, greater emphasis has been placed on conditioning methods during the past several years. He has updated

the American Bando Association promotion criteria to include a rigorous fitness component that parallels those of many military systems, including the Gurkha training regimen. Dr. Gyi believes that the body must be supple and strong throughout life, and he continues to lead many training sessions with demonstrations of his own power, speed, and flexibility. Ironically, many students and practitioners in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are unable to match the Grandmaster’s performance. The yoga patterns and practices of Maung Gyi have been hailed by students and professionals, alike. Individuals have traveled across the country and some have visited from other nations to participate in seminars hosted by Dr. Gyi. He has been able to help many people recover from injuries and illnesses with Bando Yoga drills and techniques, realizing his childhood dream of becoming a ‘physician.’ At this writing, Dr. Maung Gyi remains a humble pragmatist of life and living, remaining true to a legacy that has guided his life.

Dr. Gyi joins Jeff Smith, left, Joe Corley, Michael DiPasquale and Bill Wallace at the memorial service for their good friend Joe Lewis



Da vid J. Praim • • • •

Martia l arts title : Gran d Master

Instruc tor: S r. Grand Master Ja e Joon Kim

Mich igan Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1959 Teaching fo r 55 y ears and cur rently hold s the rank o f 9 th° B lack Belt studying martia l a rts s ty les : Tan g Soo Do

In His Ow n Words My first influences in martial artists came from my associations with the number of Korean martial artists while stationed in Korea (U.S. Army). Martial arts has provided me an outstanding way to reach and guide and interact with so many great people. My martial arts philospy has been to teach all my students to reach their fullest potential and achieve total mental and physical fitness. Like most, I have gained discipline, a sense of onor, courgage, a sense of integriy, trust and loyalty through martial arts. Through 5+ decades of teaching, I have participated in and hosted tournaments, workshops and virtually every activity imaginable featuring martial arts. Instructed and coach the Detroit All Star team (went undefeated for two straight years in our regional area of the National Karate League

Martial Arts Achievements Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame, Legend award

American Tang Soo Do first place heavyweight black belt sparring division

Masters Hall of Fame Detroit Karate 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980, Pioneer award

National Director of Karate Institute Cofounder of the League of Grandmasters

Michigan Martial Arts Hall of Fame award

Included in Who's Who in Martial Arts by Bob Wall

Outstanding instructors award presented by my students



Jhoon Rhee • • • •

Martia l arts title : Gran d Master

Instruc tor: Won Kook L ee

Falls Church , Virgin ia Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1946 Teaching fo r 60 y ears and cur rently hold s the rank o f 10 th Dan, stud y ing martia l a rts sty les: Tae Kwon Do

From the POWER OF ONE: Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee is a world-renowned 10th degree Tae Kwon Do black belt who is credited as Pioneer of both American and Russian Taekwondo. He arrived from Korea in the 1950s and established martial arts studios in the Washington, D.C. area and other parts of the United States. He befriended Bruce Lee in the 1960s and later wrote the book, Bruce Lee and I, which highlights their relationship as martial artists. In 1973, Grandmaster Rhee made his only martial arts movie, which is titled When Taekwondo Strikes. Grandmaster Rhee created Martial Ballet, a martial arts form synchronized to music. It has been incorporated into his school’s curriculum and has been performed worldwide. President Ronald Reagan appointed Grandmaster Rhee to the National Council on Vocational Education from 1984 to 1988. He also was appointed National Chairman of the 1983 Nation’s Celebration on July 4 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. He later was appointed as a Special Advisor to the President George H.W. Bush’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports from 1988-1991.Grandmaster Rhee has received numerous awards both here and abroad. He was selected as a Point of Light by President George H.W. Bush in 1992. In 2000, he was recognized as the only Korean American on the list of most recognized American immigrants in U.S. history. In 2007, Grandmaster Rhee was awarded the World Peace Maker Award in Moscow on April 26, 2007. Hon. Michail Gorbachev was a recipient of the World Peace Maker Award in 2006. He was selected as the 1976 Martial Arts Man of the Century---U.S. Bicentennial Sports Award by Washington Touchdown Club on January 18, 1976. Other Recipients were: Henry Kissinger as the Man of the Century; Mahammad Ali as the Boxer of the Century; Wilt Chamberlain as the Basketball Champion of the Century. On June 28, 2003, Washington, DC Mayor declared the Jhoon Rhee Day, on the 41st anniversary of establishing the Jhoon Rhee Taekwondo School, established June 28, 1962 at 2035 K Street NW Washington, DC.



Over nearly 50 years, Grandmaster Rhee has instructed notables such as Muhammad Ali, Jack Anderson, George Allen, Sr., Bob Livingston, Tony Robbins, Jack Valenti and over 350 members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. In 2011, the US Congressional TKD Club honored his 80th Birthday in the Cannon Caucus Room, where he performed 100 push-ups in 60 seconds. “It was a truly historic gathering”, said Jeff Smith, now himself a Grand Master and early Jhoon Rhee Texas DC protégé Jeff Smith said. “The Congressmen speaking were in awe of Grand Master Smith, as was every Martial Arts master in the room. From Joe Lewis to Master Rhee’s top Black Belts from all over the country gathered in the hallowed halls of Congress, the Jhoon Rhee spirit was everywhere felt. He has inspired so many of us to motivate and inspire so many others, so his personal Force of One has spawned now more than 100,000 Black Belts around the globe. Incredbile!” “Incredible indeed!”, added Grand Master and Who’s Who publisher Jessie Bowen. “We are pleased and honored to dedicate our unveiling of the Who’s Who Legends 2017 edition right here in Washington, DC and to celebrate this inimitable journey of the Father of American Tae Kwon Do.” Joe Corley said, “Thank you Grand Master Rhee for setting THE. standard IN America AND around the world. And thanks for the positive way you have influenced so many millions of lives around the world As Grand Master Smith said, ‘Simply Incredible!’” Sir!



A llen S teen Allen Steen was born in 1940, son of a Dallas police officer. His upbringing would set the stage for his no-nonsense, some might say “harsh”, approach to the martial arts. Steen was a business student at the University of Texas in 1959 when he witnessed a demonstration of what was then called “Korean Karate.” “Actually,” Steen recounts, “the university didn’t want to call it karate because it had the reputation of being too violent so they called it a ‘stretching demonstration.’” The demo, however, did border on the violent as the demonstrator, none other than Jhoon Rhee (the “Father of American Taekwondo”) proceeded to knock the wind out of a couple of huge college football players with sidekicks. Steen, a boxer, was fascinated with the use of legs as weapons and he signed up for lessons with Rhee. Classes were unusually hard (Rhee was an officer in the South Korean military) and Steen was the only one who lasted to become a black belt—Rhee’s first American-trained black belt. He would go on to become a “founding father” of the martial arts in America. He opened the first karate school in Texas in 1962 and within a few years had a chain of dojos not only around the Lone Star State but across the country. His reputation as a fierce fighter no doubt fueled the enrollment of many a young man enthralled with the image of a karate fighter. Allen Steen won dozens of tournaments in the early 1960s but his biggest win was beating Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris back to back to take the 1966 Long Beach International Karate Championships. Because he was one of the first to ever teach martial arts in the United States, his business practices became the standard for generations of schools to come. His teaching and coaching methods produced hundreds of black belts who would go on to influence hundreds of thousands of karate practitioners and uncounted champions in the sport. His students included names such as Fred Wren, Skipper Mullins, Pat Burleson, Roy Kurban, Keith Yates, Larry Castor, Arthur Heller and Demetrius Havanas.

Seen here with new Grandmaster and former PKA Light Heavyweight Champion of the World and Bad Boy Texan, Jeff Smith. GM Steen was one of four great Grandmasters to sign Jeff Smith’s 10the Degree Certificate



He established the United States Karate Championships as one of the largest tournaments in the country in the late 1960s and into the ‘70s. If you wanted to be listed as a top fighter, you had to win the U.S. Championships (which people like Chuck Norris and Joe Lewis did). Steen started one of the very first organizations for American martial arts, the American Karate Black Belt Association. Allen Steen’s talents and innovations make him one of the most influential figures in American martial arts. Grand Master Steen has been honored with inductions into the GM Steen here with GM J Pat Burleson (far right) and Al Garza (black gi) International Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame, the Masters Hall of Fame and many more; he was honored with the Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award at the Battle of Atlanta XLVIII.

In Don’t Mess with Texas with Texas stars GM Jeff Smith (right), Rudy Smedley and Ray McCallum(left)


Lifetime Achievement Legends in the American Martial Arts

AMAA WHO’S WHO Legends Weekend ~ Charlotte, NC ~ September 2016



W alter A nders on Walter Anderson was the Chairman and CEO of Parade Publications (2000–2009), and he was the Editor of Parade magazine for 20 years before being named CEO. In those roles and in his early life he made great impressions indirectly on the martial arts through his unique relationship with icons Joe Lewis and Jhoon Rhee and his very special position as Editor at Parade, with the highest circulation of any magazine in the world. He is today a playwright, but his journey to here has been circuitous. Along the way he touched the martial arts in ways that have made great differences for all.

Walter was the foxhole and bunk-mate of Joe Lewis in Vietnam where he trained and sparred with the man who would later become the greatest heavyweight in martial arts. Joe Lewis taught Walter in the field, not in a martial arts school. From Lewis he learned proper kicking, punching, blocking and real-life knife defenses. Joe Lewis did not have him learn or practice kata. Walter even trained with and sparred with Joe before he first entered Jhoon Rhee’s first National Championship. Joe Lewis, in his manual, called Walter Anderson his mentor for a lifetime of support and wisdom. Both Joe Lewis and Jeff Smith bestowed upon Walter Anderson Honorary Black Belts. “I am so proud of these honors from 2 world champions—2 of the Greatest of All Time”, Mr. Anderson said. And Joe Corley wrote in his Official Karate description of the Walter Anderson eulogy of Joe Lewis in 2012, “We can only wish that we could all have friendships like the two of them shared—so very powerful!” Mr. Anderson included several insightful features of Joe Lewis and Jhoon Rhee in Parade, elevating the understanding of martial arts to mainstream readers. Walter Anderson had dropped out of high school and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he served from 1961 to 1966, rising to the rank of sergeant and serving in Vietnam (1965). During his enlistment, he earned his General Educational Development (GED) diploma and has been a national spokesman for the GED program. An author as well as a playwright, Mr. Anderson is also co-founder of Novium Learning, an educational services company in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He worked for 32 years at Parade Publications where he held the positions of Chairman and CEO and Editor-in-Chief. During his tenure, Anderson, who himself was America’s Storyteller on FNN, helped increase the circulation of PARADE Magazine by more than 50% to 37 million, the world’s largest. He brought in acclaimed writers such as Norman Mailer, Carl



Sagan, Elie Wiesel, Julia Child and Gail Sheehy, and transformed and modernized the magazine with new columns and a higher level of reporting and writing. Prior to joining PARADE in 1977, Anderson held several senior newspaper management positions with Gannett Publications in Westchester, New York. He also was an investigative reporter whose articles appeared in New York Magazine and the Associated Press. He was named by Marjabelle Young Stewart to the list of the ten most wellmannered Americans. As a champion of literacy Anderson made his theatrical debut in 1992 at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C., where he created and presented an original program in storytelling to benefit the Literacy Volunteers of America and the National Center for Family Literacy. He has written five books including the bestsellers “Meant to Be," a memoir; and “The Confidence Course.” His latest play, “Almost Home,” was produced (2014) at the Acorn Theatre (NYC) by The Directors Company. His filmed series, “It’s About Time,” is permanently available at the Library of Congress. He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. He was appointed by President Clinton in 1995 to serve for a fouryear period as a member of the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. He has also served as a board member of the National Center for Family Literacy, Very Special Arts and PBS. He was awarded the Literacy Volunteers of America’s Stars in Literacy Award, the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal for literary achievement, the Tree of Life Award from The Jewish National Fund (presented by Elie Wiesel), the John H. Russell Leadership Award from the Marine Corps University Foundation, the Marine for Life Award (presented by Gen. James Jones, USMC, the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe) and the Horatio Alger Award, for which he was nominated by the late Norman Vincent Peale. He has been an adjunct professor or visiting lecturer at several colleges, including the University of the Pacific, Clemson University and the New School for Social Research in New York. Today, he is a member of the board of advisors of the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. After his discharge from the Marines, he received an AA in liberal arts and social science from Westchester Community College (1970) and a BS in Psychology from Mercy College (1972) in Westchester, New York. He was valedictorian of both colleges and served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Mercy College for eight years and is now Trustee Emeritus. From Left: Walter Anderson, Jeff Smith, Jhoon Rhee, Michael Coles at Capitol Classics Karate Championship. Right: Jeff Smith, Walter Anderson and Commissioner Bernie Kerik at Walter’s play, Almost Home



La wrence Arthur • •

Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1968 Instruc tor: Don Mike D avis , h G.T. Massie. Walte r Chen, a nd Joe Gutowski.

Making Things Happen Not unlike many other great masters and innovators of the art of karate, Grand Master Lawrence Arthur has conceptualized and painstakingly developed “The American Freestyle Karate System”. In 1976, after almost a decade of experience and dedicated devotion to the study of martial arts, Master Arthur originated “American Freestyle Karate”. Master Arthur’s formidable background in the martial arts included the study of Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Karate, Kobudo, Judo, Aikido, Bando, American Boxing and Kickboxing . Taking the best techniques from each of these highly respected art forms, he incorporated them into a unique system which allowed for growth and improvement. This concept was very much different than that taught by traditional martial arts philosophies. To further his skills and knowledge, Master Arthur began training in full contact karate and kickboxing. Through years of competition and painful experiences, he discovered techniques that were very effective and those which were totally ineffective. Refinement and added techniques have proven over the years to be successful. This system has produced many world champion point, full contact and forms champions for years.

arts instruction and from time to time will lead the way, as history marches on. Favorite Quote: One man has enthusiasm for 30 minutes, another for 30 days, but the man who has it for 30 years makes a success of his life. Edward B. Butler, American Scientist Each step was first a dream, a goal, all part of a journey, into tomorrow's dreams. – Grand Master Lawrence Arthur 1968—72 Started martial arts training in Shurin-ryu Karate under Mike Davis, also studied Pai Lum Kung Fu with G.T. Massie.

The Black Belt instructors and Masters of American Freestyle Karate are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the art. Master Arthur’s training methods, motivation, philosophy of instruction, and inspiration have been instilled in his instructors. Master Arthur personally trains each of his Black Belt instructors and teaches them the importance of their task as martial arts instructors.

Studied Korean martial arts with Walter Chen, and Okinawa Kenpo with Joe Gutowski. Also studied Japanese Shotokan, American Goju-ryu and American Open Karate with Jimmy Horsley and Randy Williams.

American Freestyle Karate is like the world we live in. It will continually change in order to adapt itself to new environs, circumstances, technology, and situations. The system will remain on the cutting edge of martial

1969 Competed in first tournament as a brown belt



Personal Achievement s − − − − − − −

− −

− −

− − −

− − −

1969 Started training to fight “Full Contact Karate” (before there was kickboxing) 1972 Received 1st Degree Black Belt through the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). 1976 Opened first school, the American Taekwondo Academy in Lynchburg, VA 1976 Began competing extensively on the East Coast in Black Belt forms, weapons and fighting 1976 Began hosting the Top Ten Nationals Karate Championships 1976 -78 Won 3 out of 4 professional full contact karate matches. 1976 Received 1st Degree Black Belt from the National Institute of Martial Arts (NIMA) in a Korean style, Tang Soo Do, Tom Palitini. 1976 Founded and Documented the American Freestyle Karate System 1978 Received 2nd Degree Black Belt from American Martial Arts Association under Jan Wellendorf (AMAA) 1982 Invented and Patented new karate safety equipment, “DURA” Gloves, Boots and Shin Guards. Patent # 4,361,912 1982 Article in the 1982 edition of “Who’s Who in Martial Arts” 1983 Won “Chuck Norris Free for a Day” nationwide contest by Orion Pictures for enrolling the most new students in one month. 1986 Established the Super Kicks Karate license program. 1986 Founded the American Freestyle Karate Association (AFKA) 1986 Licensed first Super Kicks school in Pawtucket, Rhode Island to Grand Master James Perlini. 1992 Produced 26 Public Access TV shows, “The Dynamics of American Freestyle Karate”. Documenting the AFKA system. 1992 Founded the AFKA tournament circuit and promoted the AFKA National Finals. 1994 Qualified as a member of the DKT Force One National Karate Team. 1995 Won the WKO World Championships, Heavy Weight Fighting Division, held in Port of Spain, Trinidad

− − − − − − − − − − −

− − − − −

− −

− − −


1995 Named “Top 200 Schools” by Martial Arts Business Magazine Andrew Wood 1996 Named “Top 200 Schools” by Martial Arts Business Magazine 1997 Named “Top 200 Schools” by Martial Arts Business Magazine 1998 Founded and coached Team AFKA National Competition Team 2000 Named National Black Belt League (NBL) Arbitrator of the Year 2001 Began expansion of the Super Kicks Academies, opened 2nd and 3rd locations 2001 Founded the yearly AFKA Hall of Fame 2001 Received title of Grand Master from AFKA Master’s Council. 2002 Opened fourth Academy 2002 Named NBL “Man of the Year” 2003 Named NBL “Arbitrator of the Year” 2003 Awarded 10th Degree Black Belt through the AMAA, by O’Sensei Jan Wellendorf and Hanshi Jessie Bowen 2004 Honored as a “Sport Karate Living Legend” by Professor Gary Lee 2005 Documented the AFKA Certified Instructor Training Program (CIT) 2006 Documented the AFKA Master Instructor Training Program 2007 Continued to grow AFKA to 7 Academies, 1,600 members in 5 cities, 3 states. 2008 Founded the Independent Black Belt Association, IBBA, a sister organization to the AFKA 2010 Grew AFKA to 12 locations 2011 Founded the Black Belt Success Systems consulting firm to train martial arts instructors on proper business practices 2015 Feature Article as a Legend in the 2015 “Who’s Who in Martial Arts”. 2016 Published 40th Year Anniversary “AFKA BLACK BELT CURRICULUM MANUAL” 2016 Feature Article in 2016 “Who’s Who in Martial Arts”. 2017 Will be featured on cover of Martial Arts Success Magazine and to be featured on cover of Tae Kwon Do Times


Mitchell Bobrow Mitchell Bobrow, now a Grand Master, is a martial arts fighter trained by Ki Whang Kim starting in 1961 in Tang Soo Do, then called by everyone Korean Karate and later by most Tae Kwon Do. He has also trained in jiu jitsu, aikido and boxing. As a master technician even as a teen, Bobrow was known for his continuous attacks using a unique combination of kicks, punches and sweeps including his Trademark Jump Back Kick that scored on his opponents with either leg. He and his classmates were the most technically proficient fighting group in all the Korean-based tournaments, a tribute to Ki Whang Kim and his senior students like Mitchell Bobrow. Bobrow was nicknamed "Boy Wonder" by Black Belt magazine in 1967. Mitchell fought Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, Ron Marchini, Toyotaro Miyazaki, Thomas Carroll and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace during the "golden era" of martial arts in the US. Bobrow was also a friend of Bruce Lee, who was often seen on the sidelines when Bobrow competed. Black Belt magazine yearbook rated Bobrow as a top ten fighters in the world throughout the 60s and Karate Illustrated magazine placed him #1 in 1969 above Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis and Bill Wallace. Bobrow was the youngest fighter to ever be ranked a Top Ten fighter by Black Belt Magazine and still holds that honor. He represented the United States Team in Tokyo in the First World Karate Championships World Karate Federation held at the Budokan. He was Grand Champion at the 1969 All American Open Championship at Madison Square Garden, American Invitational Tournament of Champions, Marine Corps Champion, International Heavyweight Champion and Universal Open Champion. Mitchell Bobrow was the founder of the first chartered karate club in the United States at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School in 1966. Bobrow is the founder–owner of Otomix Martial Arts Gear which was the official sponsor of the UFC 1, the “Ultimate” mixed martial arts fighting championships. He has appeared in films and many times on television. In 2012 Bobrow founded the Ultimate Professional Golf Shootout a professional golf event and tour in Las Vegas. Bobrow was inducted into the inaugural Taekwondo Hall of Fame as Best Fighter of the 60s and was also appointed as chairman of the event. In 2009, he was selected as a Technical Advisor for the Taekwondo Hall of Fame. He was inducted into the Battle of Atlanta Centurion Club in 1995. In 2013 at the Battle of Atlanta he was one of the first recipients of the Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior award. Mitchell is also the founder and co-owner of the successful apparel company Otomix.



Ceza r Borkows ki Cezar Borkowski is a dedicated practitioner, master level instructor, author and a very successful martial art businessman. He has logged some fifty years experience studying, researching and teaching martial arts. Always on a quest of improvement, he has visited Asia over 50 times to gain firsthand knowledge. In 1972, he established Northern Karate – one of the most successful, well-respected martial arts and personal development organizations in the world, with more than 10000 active and very loyal students. A former internationally-ranked competitor, Cezar was six-time Canadian Champion. He was rated #1 by the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA), the PKL and Karate Illustrated magazine and he has received hundreds of awards, trophies and medals.

Last of the true believers. Cezar's videotape credits include Kobudo Weapons, Winning Point, Essential Okinawan Kobudo, The Master Class, and the Northern Karate System a 15 DVDs Series. Cezar has been featured in international magazines (Japan, England, Germany, Sweden, India and France), in newspapers in many countries, as well as his radio and television appearances.

He holds very senior grades in Karate - Chito-ryu, Shorin-ryu, Goju-ryu. In Kobudo he is likely the only person in the world to hold rank and teaching license in Ryukyu, Matayoshi and Yamane systems (all received in Okinawa). He is also ranked in Jujutsu and Silat.

He lectures on a wide range of martial arts and related topics at events around the world. His greatest influences over the years have been Masami Tsuroka and Robert Dalgleish.

In addition to several dozens of articles for a variety of martial arts publications, Borkowski authored Modern Shotokan Karate and co-authored the best-selling The Complete Idiot's Guide to Martial Arts. He also researched and edited The History and Traditions of Okinawan Martial Arts and is currently working on translating and editing Mysteries of the Ryukyu Hand, as well as a comprehensive take on state of Okinawa Karate.

His principal teachers in the 1980s and 90s were Okinawa-based teachers, Nagamine Shoshin, Nakasone Jyoen, Hokama Tetsuhiro, Shiroma Kiyanori, Kinjo Masakazu, Kishaba Chogi, Tomimoto Yuko and Guru Mohamid Kamin of Singapore. His senior students include Steve Oulis, Marion Manzo, Michael Walsh, Tony LaSelva, Cos Vona, Domenic Moscone, Vince Servello, Eric Vinagreiro and Sandro Siminetta.



Dr. Len Brassa rd •

1986 Ph.D. IN CLINICAL PSY CHOLOGY - University of S outh ern Mississipp i, Hattiesbu r g, MS

1980 M.S. IN PSY CHOLOGY CLINICAL EMPHASIS Mississipp i State University, S tar kville, MS

• • •

1978 -

Ne w Beg in n in g s Co u n sel in g Cen t er Ja n u a ry 1 9 9 2 to P r e sen t


University o f Lowe ll, L owell, MA 0185 2 1988- Ma ssach use tts L icense in Psycholo gy –

Personal Achievements Director. Provide behavioral treatment and counseling services for children, adolescents, and families - including referrals through the Worcester County court system. American Geriatric Service – Dec. 1990 to April 1994 Clinical Associate. Developed and provided psychological services for 230 geriatric patients in medically assisted and senior living facilities throughout North Central Massachusetts. Worcester State Hospital - June 1990 to Dec. 1990 Clinical Director. Full administrative responsibilities for unit operations and provision of services to 32 dualdiagnosed (intellectually disabled and mentally ill) adolescent and adult inpatients at Worcester State Hospital.

University of Massachusetts Medical Center – Sept. 1990 to Sept.,1994

Adjunct Faculty - Department of Psychiatry. University of Southern Mississippi - September 1981 to May 1985

Worcester State Hospital – Sept. 1987 to June 1990 Unit Psychologist. Development and implementation of psychological services for 32 dual-diagnosed (intellectually disabled and mentally ill) inpatients. Duties included instructing psychiatric and medical staff at UMass Medical Center in nonviolent interventions for physically aggressive patients.

General Psychology Courses: Fall 1981 to Spring 1985.

Family Martial Arts Center - August 1989 - Present

Head Teaching Assistant - Psychology Department.

Abnormal Psychology Course: Spring 1983. Mississippi State University - January 1979 to May, 1980

Senior Instructor



Defense for the Mind and Body" on the USM campus, and continued to integrate the art of Kenpo with the science of Psychology. The class became so popular that I opened a Kenpo studio in 1981. Following the success of the studio, I wanted to get my students involved in the national martial arts community. So, in 1982, I wrote to Mr. Ed Parker, the founder of American Kenpo Karate and President of the International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA), and described the work I was doing with Kenpo and Psychology on the USM campus. I asked him if there was a way our studio and students could become associated with the IKKA. I received a heartfelt response from Mr. Parker praising my efforts to be “innovative” with my methods of teaching Kenpo, and invited me and my students to join the IKKA. Upon acceptance, I asked Mr. Parker if there was an Instructor in my area to continue my Kenpo training. He informed me there was not, and wrote that I would continue my training with him through the exchange of videotaped lessons. Then in 1983, he invited me to a two-day forms seminar in Tucson, AZ. to meet him and discuss my training. I vividly remember standing in the lobby of the motel where the seminar was being held. Surrounding me were about 20 people wearing tshirts or jackets bearing the IKKA crest. The motel door opened and everyone looked in its direction as Mr. Parker came in. He looked just as he did when he entered the doorway as Mr. Chong. His eyes scanned the people in the lobby, put down his suitcase, and in a loud voice said, “Hi, Len!”. The lobby became silent as everyone looked to see the “Len” he was greeting. I, too, looked through the faces for several moments until I realized he was looking at me. I’ll never forget the mixed emotions of elation and intimidation as I met Mr. Parker. He invited me to eat with him and some of his students in the motel’s restaurant.

In His Ow n Words I began my martial arts training in 1966 after watching Bruce Lee’s performance as Kato in the television show, The Green Hornet. I was mesmerized by how he used his hands and feet to fight the “bad guys”, and wanted to learn those skills. I began training in a Judo class at the local YMCA, but over time became discouraged that I was not being taught the blocks, kicks and strikes I had seen from Bruce Lee. Seeking a “street-oriented” martial art, I began training in Kenpo Karate and by the mid-70s was teaching at two Kenpo studios in Massachusetts. In 1978, as a Second Degree Black Belt, I began my graduate training in Clinical Psychology at Mississippi State University (MSU). With the encouragement of one of my professors, I began

teaching a university course entitled: "Self-Defense for the Mind and Body." As I developed the course curriculum, I began integrating the art of Kenpo Karate with elements of my Psychology training. My goal for this course was to provide students with self-defense instruction that not only protected them physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Students were taught self-defense instruction (along with an outdoor selfdefense obstacle course comprised of various selfdefense scenarios set up around the campus), assertiveness training, relaxation skills and positive cognitive-behavioral principles.

While we were eating, someone carrying a carefully rolled up black Karate uniform smartly tied with a black belt walked to our table, saluted to Mr. Parker, and said he was unable to get a room as the motel was full. I had two queen size beds in my room and invited him to stay with me. Mr. Parker stopped eating and pointed to me as he spoke to everyone at the table. He told them I was from Mississippi, just like Elvis. And, just like Elvis, I was generous and willing to help

In 1980, having received a Master of Science degree in Psychology, I was accepted into the Ph.D. graduate program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). I began teaching "Self-



someone in need. I felt honestly welcomed by Mr. Parker and the students at the table.

Today my son, Len, and I operate the Family Martial Arts Center in Fitchburg, MA. Our student enrollment includes many special needs children and adolescents experiencing behavioral, emotional and social challenges at home and at school. Through a curriculum of martial arts training, positive behavior plans and individual counseling (as necessary), we have been successful at improving the respect, self-control and concentration of these students. In addition, we have had over a dozen students on the Autistic Spectrum who have earned their Black Belts, and a Spectrum student on our teaching staff.

Later that weekend I had some one-on-one time with Mr. Parker and he outlined how he would like me to upgrade my Kenpo material to his standards. To get me started he asked me to perform Short 1, the first kata of American Kenpo. He made several technical corrections, like making an angle change with a back hand covering move, and told me to practice it with the corrections he made. I assured him I would. And I did. I left Tucson with a renewed passion for training and for converting my studio’s curriculum to the IKKA order of techniques and forms. A short time later, I met GM Tony Cogliandro from Revere, MA. who was also converting his studio’s curriculum to the IKKA standards. GM Cogliandro gave me checklists and manuals he was using to make the conversion. His generosity and guidance helped me improve the quality of my curriculum, and we have remained close friends and mentor/student to this day. Time marched on, and in 1985 I began a clinical internship in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was here, during a rotation with inpatient adolescents, my evolution of integrating psychological concepts and research, with Kenpo Karate, took a great leap forward. I was asked to teach a group of (then diagnosed) Autistic teens a martial arts class that included a group therapy component. I

I have been fortunate and blessed to have my son, Len, helping me evolve our studio into the technology of the 21st century. Now with a computer screen in each classroom we are able to provide students and parents with a wealth of information that an easel and paper could never have contained. The current success of this program owes much to his sincere efforts to make our community a better place; and I thank him.

learned as much as I could about Autism and its body of therapeutic research. I also learned to modify some of the Kenpo movements for the individual strengths and needs of the group. As the class neared its end, I sent Mr. Parker the curriculum I used and asked his permission to promote these young students through the IKKA. He sent his approval, but asked me to make sure the students met all the minimal requirements for promotion to Yellow Belt. Given some of their physical limitations (limited walking ability), they were able to perform all the requirements. They each received an IKKA certificate recognizing their promotion to Yellow Belt in Kenpo Karate. The success of this class inspired me to continue researching methods of modifying Kenpo and integrating it with therapeutic models to provide treatment for children and adolescents displaying behavioral and/or emotion challenges.



Hall of Fame Inductions American Kenpo International Hall of Fame, August 2, 2016 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Sr. Master Instructor, July 31, 2010 The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, June 16, 2007 Recognitions •

Host of WDAM television program: “Common Sense Self-Defense” May 1984 to September 1985

• • •

Who’s Who in The Martial Arts Elite - 1987 Who’s Who in The Martial Arts - 1987 Who’s Who in The American Martial Arts - 1984 Who’s Who in Karate - 1982

Administration Experience − − − − − − − − − − − − − −

Founder and Director of Len Brassard’s Family Martial Arts Center, August 1989 Fitchburg, MA. Mississippi and Arkansas State Representative for “Who’s Who in The American Martial Arts - 4th Edition” publication Fall 1989 - 1990. Fitchburg, MA. Founder and President of the Arkansas Kenpo Karate Association, August 1985 Little Rock, AR. Mississippi State Representative for the World Chinese Martial Arts Federation, October 1984 Hattiesburg, MS. Mississippi State Representative for the “Who’s Who in The American Martial Arts” Fall 1984, Hattiesburg, MS. Board of Directors, Hattiesburg Rape Crisis Center, May 1983 to August 1984. Hattiesburg, MS. Mississippi State Representative for the American Federation of Traditionalists, August 1983, Hattiesburg, MS. Founder and President of the Mississippi Kenpo Karate Association, October 1982. Hattiesburg, MS. Mississippi representative for the International Kenpo Karate Association, October 1982. Hattiesburg, MS.

Writing Contributions After receiving my Ph.D., and with Mr. Parker's approval, I became a contributing writer for martial arts magazines: Black Belt, Inside Kung-Fu, and Tae-Kwon-Do Times. Following Mr. Parker's passing in 1990, GM Tony Cogliandro and I wrote an article for Black Belt magazine introducing GM Richard “Huk” Planas (who served as the Vice-President of the IKKA) to the martial arts community. In 2005, I co-authored an unpublished manuscript entitled: “The Power of Kenpo” with a senior Kenpo Instructor from New England.



Dennis Brown Grand Master Dennis Brown is the Founder and President of the Dennis Brown Shaolin Wu-Shu Training Centers just outside Washington, D.C. His martial arts career spans over 50 years. It is listed that he was the first African American to train in the People’s Republic of China, a feat that was considered historical at the time. Because of his reputation, he became one of the few to shoot movies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Bangkok, landing the lead role in a major kung fu movie and becoming the only nonChinese to be directed by legendary director/producer Chang Cheh, who started the kung fu movie craze of the 60s. In June 2017, Grand Master Brown was honored to be appointed as Chairman of the Wang Qihe Taijiquan Association of Hebei Province, in The People’s Republic of China. On August 13, 2007, at a simple tea ceremony rarely held in public, Grand Master Willy Lin passed along “The Robe and Bowl” of T’ien Shan Pai to his disciple of over 40 years, Washington, D.C. pioneer Master Dennis Brown, declaring him Grand Master of the system. Brown, weapons and forms star, trainer of champions and promoter of his long-running US Capitol Classics China Open international tournament, is now officially the yiban, or heir apparent, to the world-famous fighting system, which originated in the T’ien Shan mountains of northwestern China. He is also a master instructor in Tai Chi, Chin-Na and other internal systems.

Warrior’s Power.” He also represented kung fu and wushu in the Wesley Snipes TNT documentary, “A Tribute to the Masters of the Arts.” He has been featured in several historical documentaries, “The Black Kung Fu Experience,” “Urban Dragons,” and “How I Made It In America.”

Brown was cited by Black Belt magazine as one of the “25 Most Influential Martial Artists of the 20th Century.” In the early phases of the introduction of wushu to America, the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. recognized him as the official consultant of wushu for the People’s Republic of China.

Grand Master Brown’s pioneering extended to broadcasting. He wrote, hosted and produced one of the first martial arts talk shows, “Martial Arts Showcase,” for Howard University that included special guest interviews and appearances from world renowned martial artists.

Brown was the only non-Chinese featured in the 1998 Discovery Channel documentary, “The Secrets of the



Brown was the first African American martial artist to appear on the covers of Inside Kung-Fu and Kung Fu Tai Chi magazines, and he has appeared on the cover of every major national martial arts publication of the last five decades. He is distinguished as one of the few martial artists to be inducted into Karate’s Black Belt of Fame and Kung Fu’s Inside Kung Fu Hall of Fame. In the 70s, Brown was known for fighting on the backchannel China Town tournament circuit of Washington, D.C. and New York, including one famous bout at Washington, D.C.’s Uline Arena in which he won the full contact light weight tournament. As a weapons forms competitor, Brown won national grand championships for his staff work and sword forms and redesigned and revolutionized the rope dart – which is arguably the most exotic Chinese weapon to master and of which he remains one of the few living experts.

arts circuits and sanctioning boards; as well as Educational Funding Company, one of the leading business consulting groups for martial arts schools.

Grand Master Brown has continuously developed all his skills through an ongoing lifelong study of the fighting forms, traditional weapons and training resources of classic external and internal wushu. Since his first visit to Mainland China in 1982, he has returned to do advanced studies in every decade since then, having achieved certifications from the Jiangsu Sport Center in Nanjing and the Beijing Institute of Physical Education.

Grand Master Brown’s one life/one style integrity singles him out. And in his unforced modesty, deep learning and positive attitude, a new generation is discovering that, even in the postmodern world, the classic Way of the Chinese Warrior matters more than ever.

Brown is a renowned seminar lecturer, convention speaker and international coach. He is active in the community preaching and demonstrating the benefits of martial arts as a way of life through demonstrations and seminars at hospitals, churches, civic groups, community and Outreach government health fairs, schools, street celebrations and is an annual guest speaker at Career Day for local schools. The city of Washington, D.C. proclaimed September 11, 1982 as Dennis Brown Day for his ongoing work in the community. He is a founding member of the board of directors for the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA), one of America’s oldest martial



Ja mie Cas hion Jamie Cashion (James Harold Cashion III) was born in Fort Worth, Texas on October 16, 1967, and he married his high school sweetheart Summer Rich Cashion. They reside in Aledo, Texas. Jamie is a 7th degree black belt in American Karate, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. He received the Presidential Sports Award in 1991 and again in 1999 and he was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in 2011. In 2013 Jamie was inducted into three Hall of Fames in recognition of his skill and contributions to the martial arts, The Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, The U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, and once again in the Masters Hall of Fame for the Bushido Award alongside Eric Lee, Don “Dragon” Wilson, and Cynthia Rothrock. In the same year, he was also honored with two very prestigious awards, the “The Golden Shuto Award” by The Official Karate Magazine readers and the Martial Arts History Museum in California for the “Wall of Honor”.

facilitated many of these tests, including George Minshew, John Worley, Pat Worley, Larry Carnahan, and Gordon Franks. This started the ball rolling on other 10th degree Black Belt promotions for Richard Morris, Bob Nuttall, Jim Butin, and Fred Simon.

Personal Life In 1984 Jamie was burned in the line of duty as a fireman, but he continues to serve as a reserve fire fighter, EMR and deputy fire marshal.

In February 2014, he held a special Masters Hall of Fame Induction event for James Toney and Later in 2014, Jamie created a new venue for the Masters Hall of Fame in Texas. As VP of the organization Jamie created an opportunity to recognize the many pioneers of the Texas “Blood-and-Guts” era to be inducted into a superior Hall of Fame without the traveling expenses involved for a California induction. This was the first time The Masters Hall of Fame held an induction ceremony out of California since its existence. Since this was the first such event held in Fort Worth, Mayor Betsy Price made a city proclamation that June 7 would be “Masters Hall of Fame Day.” Inductees for this event include iconic martial artists Allen Steen, Ed Daniel, David Moon, Jack Hwang, Skipper Mullins, Steve “Nasty” Anderson, Billye Jack Jackson, Troy Dorsey, Linda Denley, John Worley, Pat Worley, Jeff Smith, Joe Corley, Keith Vitali, John Longstreet, Keith Yates, John Chung, Larry Carnahan, and other Texas karate pioneers. The event was sold out with over 650 guests

His first event as an ambassador for the martial arts was in 2011 when he gathered over 400 Black Belts to a surprise event for J. Pat Burleson on his 75th birthday. In 2012, he hosted a kickboxing fund raiser, the Black Belt Extravaganza, and he climbed back into the ring to compete for the first time in 15 years. Some 500 guests attended these fights. Jamie defeated his opponent who was a Black Belt that weighed 60 pounds more and was 14 years younger than Jamie. This event raised all the funds needed to fly, lodge and pay for induction fees so Billy Brammer, Cliff “Magic” Thomas, Ray McCallum, Billy Smith, Rudy Smedley, Jeff Owen, and Daryl Stewart could get inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in California. In 2013 Jamie started the annual “Night of Tribute” dinner honoring two senior Black Belts each year. A major milestone occurred in 2013 when Jamie convinced J. Pat Burleson to begin the promotion on the next line of 10th degree Black Belts. Jamie



attending funds were raised for Jamie’s non-profit Spark Worldwide.

2013 Inducted into the Martial Arts History Museum Hall of Honors (Burbank, California) 2013 Bushido Award at the 14th Annual Masters Hall of Fame Banquet in Costa Mesa, CA 2013 The Golden Shuto Award by Official Karate Magazine 2015 Inducted into Legends Hall of Fame 2015 Inducted into Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honor 2015 Inducted into Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2016 Inducted into All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame 2016 Inducted into The Who’s Who of Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2017 Elite Black Belt of Hall of Fame

Aside from his karate career, Jamie is a businessman. He has owned and operated karate schools, a restaurant, a bistro, a paint and body shop, a lube center, and an insurance agency. His most successful venture was establishing a national cable construction company in 1999, which was sold in 2004. He now invests in factoring small businesses in addition to funding small start-up companies. As Cashion Investments, he oversees the activities of Cabletex Inc., Cashion Insurance Group, J&M Group LLP., and Brown & Cashion Investment Group. Jamie still manages the World Martial Arts Ranking Association for J. Pat Burleson and travels the US performing martial arts seminars and administering high ranking belt tests with Mr. Burleson.

Charity Cashion has engaged in many charity activities. His first fundraiser was in 1985 when he assisted in an event for the Shrine Burn Institute that raised over $250.000. Since 1991 he has served on the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation that presents 32 eight graders with $2500 scholarships. From 1992 to 1993 he was on the board of directors of The Y.E.S. Program of America with noted author Zig Ziegler. He chaired the entertainment committee for The Y.O. Ranch Social Club in Texas from 1996-2007. While chairing this committee Jamie directed headline entertainment artists Willie Nelson, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Tanya Tucker, Diamond Rio, Sawyer Brown, Lorrie Morgan, Eddy Raven, Marty Stuart and others. Jamie has been involved in with American Cancer Society, American Heart association, Fort Worth Stock Show Syndicate, Speedway Charities and he is active with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Spark Worldwide which takes Jamie to Africa, Peru, Brazil,Columbia,Costa Rica and Mexico.where he travels globe to preach, feed and teach karate to orphans.

One of Jamie’s biggest honors was in January 2014, when he was contacted on behalf of Chuck and Gena Norris to see if he was interested in serving as the Executive Director for Kickstart Kids.

Training Jamie’s interest in martial arts started in 1977 when he joined his first karate class with Billy Smith’s American Karate in Burleson Texas. He later joined Richard Morris Karate Studios under the direction of 1st US Karate Champion J. Pat Burleson. Jamie received the senior rank of 7th degree Black Belt by Mr. Burleson in May 2013. His promotion was endorsed and recommended by martial greats Mike Stone, David Moon, Allen Steen, Ed Daniel, Ray McCallum, George Minshew, Troy Dorsey and others. Jamie added kickboxing to his experience list and continues training.

Teaching Martial Arts Jamie Cashion started teaching martial arts in 1989 and he has not stopped. The lessons he teaches are for youth and adults alike and are free. He co-owned and operated two Richard Morris Karate Studios from 1994-1997. You can still find Jamie teaching at the Open Door Church in Burleson Texas for the Christian Soldier’s Karate program, where Jamie is the senior ranking Black Belt under J. Pat Burleson.WEB contact:

Awards and Nominations 1991 Received the Presidential Sports Award for Karate from President Bush. 1999 Received the Presidential Sports Award for Karate from President Clinton. 2000 received the Texas Martial Arts Award from Texas Senator Mike Moncrief. 2011 Inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in 2011. 2013 Chosen as Home Town hero for Ft. Worth 2013 Inducted into the Universal Hall of Fame 2013 Inducted into the U.S.A. Hall of Fame in 2013.



Taya ri Casel • • • •

Martia l arts title : Oso Mfund ish i

Instruc tors: A ssane Konte /Nganga Tolona /GM James Jo ne s, Jr .

Silver S pring, Ma ry lan d Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1964 Teaching fo r 45 y ears and cur rently holds the rank of Gran d Mas ter, s tudy ing martia l a rts sty les: Ku pigana Ngumi/Shao lin /Ta i Chi

Personal Achievement s Student, Teacher and Father Headline Magician at the World-Famous Magic Castle Oso Tayari Casel is the founder and director of the Tayari Casel Martial Arts Academy, Inc.; an institution that researches, demonstrates and spreads the contribution that Africa and China have given to the international martial arts community, while simultaneously furthering the appreciation of contemporary and traditional African and Chinese culture. His studies include cultural and humanitarian missions to Africa, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, The Netherlands, Taiwan, and the Republic of China. The arts of Kupigana Ngumi, Shaolin and Tai Chi Chuan with the Directors of the Pan Afrikan Martial Arts Federation, World Warrior Alliance, Martial Arts Grandmasters International and more. Additionally, he has studied Afrikan spiritual systems with Yoruba and Akan Priests.

homes for youth involved in the juvenile justice system. In addition, he worked as a consultant to CASA Community Health, (Baltimore) a national prevention project focused on public housing developments funded by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University. Oso Tayari Casel's martial arts experience in and out of competition has helped him develop the awareness that martial arts and culture must be applied as vehicles for physical, mental and spiritual transformation. During his prestigious tournament career Oso Tayari Casel ranked in the "Top Ten Black Belts in the USA" for over a decade. In the fall of 1980 he was S.T.A.R. Rated # 1 in Kung Fu and has won in some of the most prestigious competitive arenas in North America, such as: The Battle of Atlanta, Diamond Nationals, Superstar Nationals, AKA Grand Nationals, Top Ten National, Bare Knuckle Knock Out Championship and Nevada State Grand Championship.

One of the strongest aspects of the Tayari Casel Martial Arts Academy is its dedication to community development, health and wellbeing. Oso is an instructor at several elementary schools in the DC public school system. Over several decades he has worked as consultant for the Substance Abuse Services of the Department of Corrections for the Lorton Prison and Correctional Treatment Facilities. He has served as the Primary Substance Abuse Counselor for a federal program at a juvenile maximum-security prison and has worked with the District of Columbia Government's Department of Human Services at group

Oso Tayari Casel was one of the first to popularize ground fighting in competition. In 1975, he was the only non-Karate practitioner chosen by Chuck Norris to represent the USA in team fights. Recognition of his



Each day, because of my training, teachers, training and research, I have learned more about me and the beauty, specialness of everyone. The importance of our responsibility to each other to help All grow has augmented my desire to help make the world better by connecting good people with good people who will work to make more good people.

fighting and technical artistry garnered appearances on the covers of international martial arts publications including: Official Karate, Black Sports, Martial Arts

Some of the most Powerful and influential words spoken to me by my Teachers, Mother/ Father/ Martial Artist/ Mentors: − − − − − − −

Do Your Best! Each One - Teach One! Eye to Eye - Heart to Heart! Always Be Prepared to Defend! Be Kind, Truthful, Honest, Courteous! Do Not Be Afraid - And If you Are, Don't Show It, Show Your Strength and Have Faith in your Training!

Defend those who are Weak and Crush those who have no Respect for Humanity.... Then Teach a Better Way of Love for All! My long career of martial arts competition, instruction and community service is part of my legacy (easily verifiable).

Tradition, History and People, Inside Kung Fu, Defense Combat, Men of Steel Discipline, Black Heroes of the Martial Arts and The Official History of Karate in America: The Golden Age: 1968-1986. He was featured in four recent martial arts documentaries: Urban Dragons: Black and Latino Masters in the Chinese Martial Arts

I love my art, teach the art and live the art. By using the principles of the martial arts and many of the tenets of the most recognized religions of the world (and many obscure but profound teachers with spiritual consciousness), I have shared them with everyone I have come in contact with as a student, stranger on the street and have been willing to LEARN from them as well.

In His Ow n Words The mystery and discipline of the martial arts attracted me and became my life goal to learn and attempt to master it after only two years of training. It was All I ever want to do! Martial Arts was is my passion! ‘

My continuing study of the martial arts has taught me that I can Learn MORE! (and should).... That what I may see is the Top, still has a higher level above my sight or accomplishments. Humility is essential to grow.

I have studied: Shorei Goju/ Northern Shaolin Kung Fu/Kupigana Ngumi/Secret Yang Tai Chi/Capoeira/ West and Central African Dance.... (and Magic) The wonderful opportunity and experience of seeing the World has been one of the greatest experiences of my entry into the martial arts. Learning and meeting some of the most Spiritual, Wise, Brilliant, Talented, Kind, Loving and Fun people has been a blessing to me. And such a learning tool that has benefitted me.

I KNOW we Must Honor Our Ancestors, Honor our Teachers, Honor our Elders and Do Our Best to be Worthy of Honor!



I have taught at: − − − − − − −

− Bare Knuckle Knock Out Championship − Battle of Atlanta − Top Ten Nationals

Afrikan Masters Martial Arts Conference KanKouran West African Dance Conference National Training Conference World Warrior Camp Howard University Action Magazine Hall of Honors USKA Karate Hall of Fame

Martial Arts Achievements − Inside Kung Fu Magazine anointed me as Kung Fu's First Fighter − 2016 Asian Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Bejing China − Action Martial Arts Magazine’s Hall of Honors & Spirits Awards: Golden Pioneer − World Professional Martial Arts Hall of Fame: Legend Kung Fu Fighter,

Tournaments − USKA Grand Nationals 1967 and 1970 − Oriental World of Self Defense − Ed Parker's Long Beach Internationals − − − −

My awards include: Instructor of the year, Mentor, Elder,

Superstar Nationals (San Jose,Ca) Las Vegas State Grand Championship Fort Worth Pro Am Nationals (Dalla/Ft Worth) Mid-America Diamond Nationals



Bill Clark − − − −

Martial arts title: 9th Degree Grand Master Jacksonville, Florida Started studying martial arts in 1966 Instructor: Eternal Grand Master H. U. Lee

Master Bill Clark became 9th Degree Grand Master William Clark in June 2016, some five decades after his martial arts journey began. In a moving and spectacular presentation in Little Rock at the ATA World Championship, the organization and its leaders and members showed their appreciation for his lifetime of dedication with the highest rank bestowed on its Masters. In this nearly five-decade journey, Master Clark has touched hundreds of thousands of lives, from students to Chief Masters to friends and associates around the globe The new Grand Master Clark began his martial arts saga in 1966 in Omaha, Nebraska. He joined Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee’s first martial arts school in 1968 in the first steps of his life and industry changing voyage. After achieving second degree black belt rank, with the urging and support of Master Lee, Bill Clark opened his first academy in Jacksonville, Florida in 1971. His work ethic, mixed with an exceptional fighter’s heart, a quick wit and a sense of loyalty second-to-none, paved the path for success in his first school. In an expedition that has included world class everything—point fighting, kickboxing, teaching, staff development, management, television commentary, judging, refereeing, seminars, organizing and so much more—Grand Master Clark has Walked the Talk of EXCELLENCE. Lifelong friends Joe Corley and Jeff Smith proudly inducted him into the Battle of Atlanta Centurion Club in 1997, and the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems awarded him one of the first Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Awards at the Battle of Atlanta XLV. From WHITE BELT to GRANDMASTER: Grand Master Clark was born in Jacksonville, Florida where he grew up. He later moved to Omaha, Nebraska to work with his uncle. 1966: He started his Martial Arts training in Omaha, Nebraska studying Aikido 1968: Trained with Eternal Grand Master HU Lee at Midwest Karate Federation (later known as ATA). During this time, he met and trained with lifelong friends Grand Master Richard Reed and Grand Master Robert Allimeir. 1970s: During this decade Master Clark was an integral part of the foundation of the ATA, helping organize & standardize ATA tournaments, helping write the original curriculum instructor’s manual and the Scrolls of Songahm (describes the essence and tradition of the martial art). Ranked 8th in SEKA, KI, PKA



1971: After receiving the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt Grand Master Clark headed back home to Jacksonville, Florida to open his first school. It consisted of 900 square feet, no bigger than a two- car garage. 1972: After only one year and testing 740 students, Master Clark had to relocate the facility to a stand-alone structure with two training floors, saunas, fitness equipment and offices. 1974: Master Clark was awarded ATA Instructor of the year. He also helped set up the ATA Top 10 structure for tournaments and new rules for competition. 1976: In addition to his many accomplishments with the ATA that year, Master Clark was an avid fighter in the PKA (Professional Karate Association) and was awarded the PKA fighter of the year award. 1978: He officially retired from the tournament circuit after winning the PKA Championships and the ATA Grand National Title 1980s: While on the Founders Council of the ATA, helped Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee create the new Songahm forms with Master Allimeir and Master G.H. Lee 1982: Master Clark opened his 2nd and 3rd schools in Jacksonville, to continue the growth of the ATA. Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee awarded him the Presidential Achievement Award 1990s: Master Clark focused on program development for the ATA, helping to bring in weapons training and the Black Belt Club program. He designed and implemented sales procedures for the martial arts industry and became perhaps the most sought after speaker at yearly events such as the Martial Arts Industry Association Supershow, National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA) convention and others. 1997: Received Battle of Atlanta Centurion Award 2000s: Master Clark introduced a number of new martial arts styles to the ATA, creating programs that integrated Krav Maga, Kali and street selfdefense into the current training. 2012: Master Clark was inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame. 2013: Received the Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award 2013: Received the Martial Arts Industry Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to the martial arts. 2015: Earned the rank of Grand Master 9th degree Black Belt with the World Black Belt Association. 2016: Earns Grand Master Rank alongside lifelong friend Rob Allemeier.



2016: GM Clark wrote and filmed the first PERSONAL GROWTH program for Martial Artists. GM Clark continues to be focused on real-life Leadership Development, to ensure Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee’s vision is faithfully carried into the future.



Reggie Cochra n Dr. Reggie Cochran, DCH (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy) began his martial arts training in 1974 and earned his first Black Belt in 1978. Over the past 43 years, he has earned the following ranks. 9th Degree Black Belt in the Chuck Norris System from his instructor, Mr. Chuck Norris; 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do from “Alamo” Al Francis; Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Professor Richard Norton; First Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Professors David Dunn & Chuck Norris. Professor Reg is the co-founder of the International Federation of Mixed Martial Artists, along with David Dunn & Big John McCarthy. He is the Director of New Business Development for the United Fighting Arts Federation He is a multi time martial arts Hall Of Fame member, Chuck Norris Man of The Year & recipient of the first Howard Jackson Memorial Award. As a competitor, Reg earned many national, international and world titles.

Reggie has co-authored books with Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Brian Tracy, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, to name a few. The latest book he coauthored "Think and Grow Rich Today hit #1 Best Seller status on Amazon the first day it was released.

Reggie is a dedicated martial artist who is still on a quest to learn, improve and pay it forward as a student and instructor. Likewise, he has dedicated his life to taking all of the lessons he learned on the mat, and apply them to the rest of his life.

He has earned the coveted Quilly Award and induction into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors. He’s also earned 3 Expy Awards from the National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers.

Dr. Reg is the project advisor / coordinator for Chuck Norris Enterprises and business partner with Chuck & Gena Norris. Reggie is an internationally known Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Best-Selling Author

His personal clients read like an international who's who directory filled with actors, entertainers, athletes and business professionals. Dr. Reg is an Independent Strategic Intervention Coach. Reggie received his Strategic Intervention Coach training from the prestigious Robbins-Madanes Center, founded by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. Reg is also an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team. When time allows, Reg is available for Keynote speaking at corporate, youth & mentoring events. Please see his Speaking & Coaching pages for more details at



Reggie is highly respected in his field. He has a knack for networking people together for the good of everyone involved. Reggie is a positive thinker who always believes in the best. He is very successful in bringing out the best in others. If you want more out of life, Reggie Cochran can help.

You can also follow Reggie on Facebook at Here’s what a few of Reggie’s clients have said about him…If you are tired of fighting to find a great speaker, hire Reg. Reggie Cochran is one of my top students and instructors. He is an expert at helping athletes improve their performance through the use of coaching, mental skills, training and motivation. He has mastered the art of helping people set goals, make commitments and follow through with whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. If you are looking to improve your personal or business performance, Reggie can help you succeed.

- Steve "Sting" Borden, Pro Wrestling Super Star I have taught and trained with Reggie Cochran for many years. He is a great friend and fun to work with. As an instructor, Reggie has a natural ability in helping people improve their mental and physical skills. If peak performance is your goal, Reggie Cochran can help. - Richard Norton, Action Star & Martial Arts Expert.

- Chuck Norris, TV & Movie Star - Best Selling Author

Reggie Cochran is one of my top students and instructors of the Shamrock Submission Fighting System. I highly recommend Reggie's seminars, books and training tools.

I've known Reggie Cochran for over five years now. He has been a martial arts champion and top instructor for years but you'd never know from just talking to him. He let's his actions speak for itself. That's humility. If your looking for someone who can bring out the best in you or your employees on a professional or personal level, Reggie is your man. Whether it's mentor, speaker, coach or trainer, I highly recommend Reggie Cochran. I feel it's a privilege to be able to call him my friend.

- Frank Shamrock, World Champion MMA Fighter Before working with Reggie, I was already successful in several areas of the music industry. I have been awarded 3 Gold Records and one Platinum. However, since Reggie became my Life Coach, he has helped me define my career and goals better than anyone I have worked with. In just a few short weeks, Reggie was able to take my talents and goals to levels I did not believe was possible. Reggie's Life Coaching skills have changed my world.

- The "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, Pro Wrestling Legend and President of Heart of David Ministries

- Wayne Musgrave (co-writer of the famous Dr. Pepper & Almond Joy-Mounds commercial jingles)



John Corcoran Recognized as one of the world’s premier martial arts authors and journalists, Hall of Fame writer John Corcoran has been a prime force in taking modern martial arts literature into the major-league arena. Since 1973, he has written millions of words about the subject in an acclaimed body of work encompassing books, magazines and screenplays. Overall, Corcoran has used the power of the media to bring thousands of martial artists to public attention, and a select handful — including superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme — to stardom. He was instrumental in making media stars out of such famous martial artists as Joe Lewis, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Howard Jackson, Karyn Turner, Ernie Reyes, Jr., actor T.J. Roberts, Karen Eden, Troy Dorsey and Earnest Hart, Jr., among others. A veteran karate black belt, Corcoran began his training in 1967 in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Legendary Heavyweight Karate Champion Joe Lewis (d. 2012) was his chief martial arts mentor starting in 1977.

In 2005, Corcoran (right) with his primary literary mentor, best-selling author Joe Hyams (“Zen in the Martial Arts”).

Corcoran’s literary mentors are the late great Hyams became Corcoran’s substitute father figure. Academy Award-winning screenwriter Stirling Silliphant (“In the Heat of the Night”), who was also Bruce Lee’s main Hollywood mentor, and best-selling author Joe Hyams (“Bogie”; “Zen in the Martial Arts”). Corcoran has authored 12 books to date, all but one with major New York publishers, which have collective sales of over 400,000 copies worldwide. He is perhaps best known for his masterwork, “The Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia,” the definitive reference of the genre, which took ten years from concept to completion and has sold over 166,000 copies to date. His current book-in-progress, “10,000 Facts You Should Know About the Martial Arts,” is the first to provide exact dates of significant historical First printing 1983 –

events throughout the past 140 years.

Second printing 1993


New and Revised Edition, 2012


Corcoran has served as an editor or founding editor of almost every influential martial arts magazine in the industry (24 of them). In 1973, he became the first black belt to work as an editor of “Black Belt” magazine. In 1977, he pioneered multi-language article syndication in his field and a large number of his subsequent stories appeared in six languages in over 100 countries. By far, Corcoran's biggest martial arts story was his 1977 chronicling of Elvis Presley’s 18-year martial arts involvement following the superstar’s premature death, which was syndicated in five languages throughout the world. His Elvis story has been updated and reprinted six times since then. Since 2001, Corcoran has served as managing editor of “Martial Arts Success," the industry’s foremost business publication. “MA Success” is a slick, high-quality, full-color, 100-page trade publication direct-mailed to martial arts school owners in the U.S. and abroad. It reaches some 75,000 school owners, professional staff members, and instructors and experts who, in turn, collectively influence several million students/practitioners. His writings on the subject of martial arts have also extended into academia, motion pictures and the mainstream media. Corcoran was selected by the editors of both “The World Book Encyclopedia” in 1986 and Microsoft’s "Encarta (Electronic) Encyclopedia" in 1996 to write their inaugural entries for martial arts. His mainstream articles have appeared in “Parade,” the Sunday newspaper supplement, and “Daily Variety,” Hollywood's leading trade paper, and he’s been quoted in the “Wall Street Journal” and countless other newspapers. In 1992, he wrote the screenplay for “American Samurai,” the film in which Mark Dacascos (“Hawaii 5-0” TV series) made his starring debut. He was a primary technical consultant for the A&E channel’s 1998 landmark TV documentary, “The Martial Arts,” and worked in that same capacity for 2002’s “Modern Gladiators,” produced by Oscar®-nominated documentarian Peter Spirer. He has also appeared as a stunt fighter in over a dozen martial arts movies, mainly in films starring Don “The Dragon” Wilson. In 2002, he was inducted into the Battle of Atlanta’s Centurion Club for 30 years of dedicated service to the martial arts community. In 2004, Corcoran was inducted into the Martial Arts History Museum’s Hall of Fame, receiving its elite “Funakoshi Award. Named after Gichin Funakoshi, "the Father of Modern Karate,” the award is given to those whose work has transcended the martial arts industry and impacted mainstream society.

In 1978, Corcoran (left) with one of his two main writing mentors, legendary Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Stirling Silliphant

He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Joe Corley Joe Corley: 10th degree black belt with a mission by Paul K. Arlington for Rainbow Publications Atlanta's Joe Corley is still a black belt and sports entrepreneur with a mission. A master instructor with more than 5 decades’ experience in the martial arts, and the producer of PKA KARATE & KICKBOXING for television, Corley's life-long purpose for being is to share with everyone the positive feelings of confidence, courage, intensity, focus, personal discipline and integrity engendered by good martial arts training
and competition. He has done that through the promotion of the martial arts in his Atlanta
chain of studios, through his Battle of Atlanta World Karate Championship and on
television around the world. Corley began his karate classes at age 16, earned his black belt at 19, opened his first studio at 19, won three US titles in the next three years, founded the Battle of Atlanta at age 23 and has fervently spread the word ever since. Joe has sought to share the most practical physical karate movements available and combine those real life defensive techniques with modern American positive philosophy. There are but a handful of men in the martial arts anywhere in the world who have accomplished so much for the furtherance of the martial arts philosophy and physical applications. As a fighter, Joe Corley won three United States Championships in point karate and went on to retire as the number one ranked Middleweight contender in the world. Now a 10th degree Black Belt in American Karate, Mr. Corley and his Black Belts have taught more than 30,000 men, women and children in his chain of Atlanta studios. As a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, he opened Atlanta's first full time karate studio in
1967 while he was still competing and expanded the studios to become the most well-known martial arts chain in the Southeast. In 1970, Joe Corley founded the BATTLE OF ATLANTA, now considered the largest and most prestigious open karate tournament in the world, which recently completed its 48th event in 47 years. The Battle, now owned and produced by Truth Entertainment, hosted competitors from all over the world. In 1975, Joe Corley challenged Bill “Superfoot” Wallace for his PKA World Middleweight Title in what became a historic fight before 12,000 in Atlanta’s Omni. Wallace won the first of its kind 9 round bout. Master Corley would later be hired by CBS to cover Superfoot’s future bouts because of his ability to articulate the inner workings of the sport and the techniques and strategies of the fighters. Because of the great ratings at CBS, Mr. Corley also became the voice for American Karate and PKA KICKBOXING on other networks. He actually produced the programming and did commentary with long-term friends like Chuck Norris and the late Pat Morita on NBC, CBS, ESPN, SHOWTIME, USA Network, Turner Sports, SportsChannel, AMERICA, PRIME NETWORK, SportSouth and international television syndication.



As expert analyst and host for PKA KARATE World Championships on network, cable and pay per view, Mr. Corley became synonymous with the sport to the millions of fans who followed the 1,000+ hours of coverage on television. With events originating from such diverse locales as 50 cities in the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, South Africa, South America and the United Arab Emirates, Joe Corley has educated three generations of sports fans. Master Corley has been named Official Karate Magazine’s Man of the Decade, is found in the Who's Who in Martial Arts and has received more awards in the martial arts community than anyone can count. But the thing that continues to drive Joe Corley is the knowledge that he and his accomplished associates can use all their experiences to share with everyone around the world on television the great feelings of confidence, courage, discipline, honor and integrity that come from presenting the martial arts properly. His PKA KICKBOXING pay per view / IPO project is the perfect vehicle to spread the messages of positive martial arts on a global scale. “The unequalled success of the UFC has set the stage for real martial artists to achieve the ‘fame and fortune’ the wrestlers of the UFC are now enjoying”, he said. Joe is in regular meetings with astute sports entrepreneurs in order to kick off the new project for 2016 and beyond. “We have the UFC’s own research to indicate the timing is perfect for us now,” he said. Mr. Corley’s bride--Christina--is his right arm and chief administrator in the Joe Corley Studio. Mr. Corley’s daughter, Christiana, 19, is his lustrous link in this new millennium and his compelling force to make the martial arts world an even better place. Master Corley is consulting with a number of martial artists to share his wisdom and has been recruited to consult on other projects outside the martial arts. “Martial arts provided me with the opportunity to learn so many skills that apply to so many aspects of life,” he said. “I look forward to this ‘next half’ of my time on the planet applying skills learned. I also fiercely love being a student, and I look forward to learning as much as I can in this last half. Learning brings me joy,” he smiled. th “After 19 years as a 9 Degree Black Belt, I was so proud to earn my 10th Degree from the PKC and Grand Master Glenn Keeney. I was honored to have GM Pat Johnson, GM Allen Steen and GM Pat Burleson approve the PKC promotion. It was doubly sweet because lifelong friend Jeff Smith earned his that same day. These 5 men have all had such a great influence on my martial arts career in so many ways.”



th Master Corley’s closest friends point to the PKC 10 Degree Grand Master certificate, saying the language of the certificate reflects the philosophy and humility they know to be the real Joe Corley. It reads: HUMILITY OF A GRAND MASTER One who has achieved the rank of GRAND MASTER in MARTIAL ARTS, in fact, DOES NOT FEEL WORTHY… Having BATTLED through the WARRIOR BLACK BELT RANKS OF 1ST, 2ND and 3RD DEGREE And Having PROUDLY ADMINISTERED the TEACHER / INSTRUCTOR RANKS OF 4TH and 5th DEGREE And Having skillfully and masterfully EDUCATED THE INSTRUCTORS as a PROFESSOR 6th and 7th DEGREE and Having CONSISTENTLY and DUTIFULLY GIVEN BACK TO THE MARTIAL ARTS COMMUNITY as 8TH and 9th DEGREE The GRANDMASTER knows what he does not know; he knows how much there is left to learn. At the same time, he embodies the sentiments in Master Educator Stephen R. Covey’s 7 HABITS and his expression of HUMILITY: “Humility is the mother of all virtues. Courage is the father. Integrity the Child. Wisdom the Grandchild.” Having honorably carried out the BLACK BELT RESPONSIBILITIES above and having demonstrated exceptionally the virtues of WISDOM, INTEGRITY, COURAGE and HUMILITY THE PROFESSIONAL KARATE COMMISSION DOES HEREBY BESTOW UPON

JOE CORLEY the Grandmaster Rank of 10th DEGREE BLACK BELT



A l Da cascos •

Place o f Birth & P lace Growing Up: Hilo. Hawaii My proudest personal achievement is that I have fantastic

Martia l Arts S ty le (s) a nd Belt Rank(s): Kajukenbo -9th degree WUN HOP KUEN DO 10th degree

children and grandchildren and a family that is loving and caring.

Instruc tors: A.D. Empe rado, S id Asuncion , Cacoy Cane te, Raymond Tabosa, Wo ng Jack Ma n, Buck Sam Kong, Rubberman Higa mi.

• • •

Y ear Started S tudy ing Martia l Ar ts: 1950 Y ears in the Martia l Arts: 67 Y ears Teaching Ma rtia l Arts: 57

Professional Organization Kajukenbo Ohana Association (KOA)

Personal Achievements Returning back to my my birth place, Hawaii after 38 years of being away, reconnecting with my family and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been extremely personal. Developing a good core of more than 200 black belts with our more than 50 schools alone in Europe under that the Deutsche Wun Hop Kuen Do Verband, e.V. and developing many outstanding champions that has also graced the covers of many martial arts magazines, like Eric Lee, Karen Shepard, Karyn Turner, Malia Dacascos Bernal, Christine Wulf, Emmanuel Betancourt Bill Owens and Doug Jones just to mention a few was great. And the one that I am most proud of is my son Mark Dacascos who made his debut in a movie called "Only the Strong" that brought out the Brazilian art of Capoeira to the world. Mark also done tons of movies and T.V. of which I am the proudest of fathers. I like working with a program I call the "Circle of Influence" of which I help problem delinquents.

In His Ow n Words To me, martial arts is like medical insurance, something you need to have and hope that you never have to use. Martial arts have always been an expression to me, like a musician, it is Jazz, rhythm, blues and soul. I started at the early age of 11 in judo jujitsu like most people in Hawaii during the early 1940s. Sure I had my cultural background in the Filipino fighting arts, Kali, Arnis or Escrima, i.e. Pungumot, Panatukan or dirty boxing as we like to call it and western Boxing. But as a teenager, I was more interested in the Japanese and Chinese martial arts. I developed my own expression of martial arts known as

I’ve finished my martial arts biography called "Legacy" through the eyes of the warrior. A journal of my life that I started writing over 20 years ago finally went to print and in November 2016, hit the number one spot in the martial arts biography section of



and cleared the path for millions of artists to follow. In my lifetime, I have accumulated over 200 championships while competing in the tournament circuit.

Wun Hop Kuen Do. Wun Hop Kuen Do was developed from the Kajukenbo system and it is important for me to share the reasons I felt led to create Wun Hop Kuen Do and why my life took such a path. Kajukenbo is a good martial art and at the time of the creation between 1947 to 1949, it was the first original MMA., not the acronym for mixed martial arts, but for "Mean Martial Arts". During the early 1960s up to the 1980s, innovation and evolution changed my perspective of the hard style base Kajukenbo Kenpo-karate. As a Kempo -karate stylist turning soft style i.e. Chinese Kung-fu, the martial arts. I was accustomed to hard, tough and vigorous training. It was all part of learning, however, my grueling workout were nothing in comparison to what was about to face me when I first appeared on the tournament floor. in an arena which was accustomed to blaring white traditional karate gifs in the 1960s, I stuck out like a sore thumb when showing up to compete wearing an all-black Chinese kung fu uniform, and wearing kung fu boots when everyone else was barefoot, didn't help either. It was in the 1960s and the doors at the Chinese arts had just recently been flung open to the Western world. Though the term of "Kung fu" wasn't unheard of, no one of this discipline had ever attempted to enter a karate tournament. Kung Fu was labeled as "fancy" and it was not an art form that was taken seriously. The goal that I had to face was convincing traditional karate judges that the circular patterns of kung fu were just as effective as a more linear karate movement.

Achievements The workshops or seminars that I've done around the world have put me in touch with very interesting people and many Masters that were way beyond my level and that I admire. Over the years, I have been honored to be the recipient of many martial arts awards, and I have been inducted into many martial arts Halls of Fame including: Black Belt magazine, 
 Inside Kung-fu Magazine
, The Soke Council of Grand Masters
, The Living Legends Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 
Mike Stone’s Golden Fist Award (the Oscar’s of the martial arts) Martial Arts History Museum "Hall of fame" In addition, I have been featured on the covers of many magazines including: Black Belt Magazine;
Inside Kung-fu Magazine; Professional Karate Magazine; Official Karate Magazine Judo
Kajukenbo and more I have had writers of martial arts magazines and books refer to me as, “Mozart in Motion” and “The Vince Lombardi of Martial Arts.” I have been more than humbled by such titles. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, while living in Denver Colorado, I hosted the Western US National karate championships. my golden years of competition on which I also represented the US martial arts team that went to Europe in 1974 with Linda Lee and Mike Anderson's group composed of Joe Lewis, Howard Jackson, Chuck Norris, Jeff Smith, Bill Wallace and some other the great demonstrators such as Tadashi Yamashita, Hedi Ochi, Jhoon Rhee and Fumio Denura.

In 1965, I took my Kung Fu skills to the West Coast and it was there that I began my tournament career where kung fu was continually challenged. Having to endure low scores from judges in the kata and weapon division because they didn't understand the art, I felt the best way to prove that kung fu was undeniably a force was to begin entering the point fighting division to demonstrate my fighting skills. Taking on some of the greatest champions of that area I became a powerful and deniable opponent, proving it was continually by capturing championships after championships. I changed the minds of thousands of individuals by proving Kung Fu was a viable power. I think I was the first kung fu stylist to fortune head, no matter the cost or humiliation, to show that kung fu was for real. Setting a new standard for the martial arts



Linda Denley •

Martia l arts title : Gran dmaster, 17 times Wo rld Champion

• • •

Residen ce: Hous ton, Te xas

Instruc tor: Robe rt T orr es a t Texa s Blac k Belt Academy

Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1972 Teaching fo r nea rly 43 years and cu rren tly holds the rank of 10th Dan, stud ying martia l arts sty les: Tang So o Do & Tae kwon Do

Personal Achievements My high school has designated an annual Linda Denley Day in honor of my outstanding achievements. I was recognized by the A.O.K. (Amateur Organization of Karate) as the 2003 Instructor of the Year. I am the WAKO Champion (World All Style Karate Organization) for 1985, 1987, 1990, 1991 and 1992, and the NBL (National Black Belt League) World Champion for1990 and 1994. In 1990 I was recognized by Fighters International Magazine as the #1 Woman fighter for a decade. I was the Diamond National 1989 Competitor of The Year, the NASKA 1994 Competitor of the Year, and Black Belt Magazine 1980 Competitor of the Year, Mars 1980 Competitor of the Year, Kick Illustrated’s 1982 Competitor of the Year, and PKL (Professional Karate League) 1982 Competitor of the Year. I have cameo appearances in the following movies: Armor Of God starring Jackie Chan, Kill Point starring Leo Fong and Richard Roundtree, Texas Ranger (Walker) starring Chuck Norris, and Side Kicks starting Chuck Norris. In 2003 I was voted as The Most Prestigious Martial Artist in the World. For 39 years I have hosted and produced one of the largest martial arts tournaments in the state of Texas. I have been blessed to grace the cover of several martial arts magazines:

1998 Action Magazine 1990 Sport Karate Magazine 1983 United State Karate News Magazine 1982 Karate Illustrated Magazine 1980 Sport Karate Magazine 1981 Karate Illustrated Magazine In Her Ow n Words I never thought about taking martial art classes before the day it entered my mind. One day I thought about karate, the next day I enrolled in classes. I never thought that I would stay with it or dreamed of becoming a 17-times



World Champion. I had no goals initially except for being the best that I could be. I started karate for only extracurricular activity. I was very fortunate to have an instructor who saw early on that I had the athletic ability to become great at the arts. It was truly a gift from GOD. My training in the martial arts has been a fun ride for me. I was blessed to have the opportunity to display my talent across the world. I realize that there are a lot of great martial artists out there who may not get this opportunity. My overall life experience has been amazing, with many accomplishments, one after another, for many consecutive years. What a Blessing! My experience in the martial arts has been a beautiful journey. My life has been enhanced as a result of being in the Martial Arts. I have had the opportunity to make history. I am recognized as the greatest woman fighter of all times. I have the opportunity to speak about my success to others. I am a role model in my community, my marital arts studio and my church My philosophy toward martial arts and any thing else that you do in life: “Give It Your All, and Your Best Will Come Out of It." Be enthusiastic about everything. I try to influence my students, instructors, competitors, parents or anyone else who passes though my life, that you will never know what you are good at until you give it a try. Karate was not my first love. I just had the ability of a World Champion in the marital arts. Martial Arts has taught me to be more patient, disciplined, and most of all, confident. Before I studied karate I was the shyest person in the world. Now I can stand before hundreds of people, be it speaking or giving a seminar. As of now I still frequently travel the world giving seminars, workshops and classes. I often give back to the community by teaching martial arts and sponsoring disenfranchised children. Tournaments: WAKO, 5 times World Champion; Capitol Classes, 9 times Champion; Battle Of Atlanta, 10 times Champion; Diamond Nationals, 3 times Champion; United State Champion, 5 times Champion (FL); United State 9 times Champion, (TX); Ed Parker International Champion; Karate Olympics, 15 times Champion Achievements: 2016 USA AVATE- WPHR Hall Of fame; 2014 Capitol Classes Hall Of Fame; 2014 Masters Hall Of Fame; 2013 Texas Martial Arts Hall Of Fame; 2012 The Karate Master Hall Of Fame ; 2007 Jeff Davis High School Hall Of Fame; 2000 Universal Martial Arts Hall Of Fame ; 1998 Texas Hall Of Fame; 1994 NASKA Hall Of Fame; 1989 Diamond Nationals Hall Of Fame; 1980 Black Belt Hall Of Fame; 19988 Mars Hall Of Fame I have served countless years as a board member for AOK, one of the longest running karate organizations.



Micha el DePas quale, Jr. Michael DePasquale Jr. is a highly skilled Jujutsu Master. Soke DePasquale Jr. studied under his father and has carried on the tradition of Yoshitsune Waza Jujutsu as well as developing his own Combat Yoshitsune Jujutsu system. Soke DePasquale Jr. is the publisher / editor of Karate International Magazine and the author of several books on self-defense. He travels extensively, conducting seminars on self-defense with other renowned martial artists.

Bomb seminar attendance, Security Management, Inc (specialized in knife and gun disarmament). Defensive and offensive knife techniques. Mr. DePasquale has also had training in evacuation skills. Personal Acieve ment − Founder, Federation of United Martial Artists (FUMA – Crusade Against Crime) − International Protection – Security Position Executive − Surveillance − Advanced Defensive Tactics Instructor − Trainer of NYPD Defensive Tactics Instructors − Trainer of 1st Division of the Armed Special Forces − Trainer of FBI Personnel − Trainer of U.S. Marshals − Trainer of Postal Police

Training Michael DePasquale, Jr. was quite literally born to be a Martial Arts Master. The son of the late Michael DePasquale Sr., Grandmaster of the Yoshitsune Waza style of Ju-Jitsu. Michael Jr’s Martial Arts career began at the early age of five, with Yoshitsune Ju-Jitsu. He presently holds the coveted rank of Soke (Grandmaster). He has completed and has been certified by the FBI Instructors’ program.



− − − − − − − − − − −

Producer of Anti-Crime Television Show (FUMA Crime prevention Clinic) Conducted Crime Awareness/Anti-Rape Seminars Body Guard Author, Streetwise Safety Series Consultant, Corporate, Institutional, and Educational Security Creator, COMBAT CARDIO personal fitness/self defense program International Law Enforcement trainer Trainer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Film Production Security Event Security Political Candidate Security

− −

Communications and Media Michael has an extensive background in communications. He is currently the Editor/Publisher of Karate International Magazine. KI is the largest fullcolor Martial Arts & Entertainment Magazine in the World. He is also the Information Provider/ Executive Director of the Martial Arts Worldwide Network. This is the largest single source of Martial Arts news, education and information in cyberspace with over 36,000 pages. Amongst his other ventures Michael has completed filming his first feature length film as Executive Producer, Writer and Lead. Not only was he working with the stunt/fight coordination, but he also wrote three songs for the film. The “Cutoff,” is his company, Screen Action Production’s, first step into the Mainstream.

Televison − − − −

Regis Philbin (6 segments) Guest Speaker: Anti-crime / streetwise safety demo. Yo! MTV Raps Guest Speaker: Anti-crime / streetwise safety demo. Niickelodeon Guest Speaker: Anti-crime Message Attitudes Guest Speaker: Handicapped / streetwise safetydemo.


The 700 Club Guest Speaker: Handicapped / streetwise safetydemo. 13 Week Mini Series Producer: FUMA Crime Prevention Clinics


− − − − − − −

ACTION FILMS "Chop/Chop" (1967) Documentary first Martial Arts film produced in the US by a major Production Company (Paramount Pictures) “King of the Kick Boxers” “Blood Brothers” “China Heat: Paid in Blood” “American Shoalin” “The Power Within” "Bloodmoon" “The Cutoff”

− − − − −


Creator/Prducer, Anti-Crime Instructional Vi deos − − − −

MDP Jr. 10 Favorite Street Techniques - Shark Bait Self Defense Black Belt Ceremony - Grandmasters in Action Combat Judo/Streetwise Ju-Jitsu Action Film Seminar Combat Ju-Jitsu (4 part series) Yoshitsune JuJitsu (5 part series) Ring Deadly Street Lethal (2 part set)

Upright Street to Ground - Grappling - Illegal Strikes, Strangulations & Submission Holds Grappling for Karate Practitioners - Police Defensive Tactics Falling with Immediate Recovery MDP Sr. Stick & Cane Techniques MDP Sr. Pressure Point Knockout Techniques - MDP Sr. Te-Waza Hand Techniques

− −


"Karate International Magazine": World's Largest full color Martial Arts / Entertainment Magazine. "Ninja the Deadly Warrior" Martial Arts Magazine "Combat Karate" Martial Arts Magazine "Nin Ju Ka, The Deadly Art" Martial Arts Special Issue Magazine


Mike Dillard Mike Dillard, owner of Century Martial Arts is a martial artist at heart and a businessman by nature. Dillard is an 8th-degree black belt in Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do and Kang Duk Won, and a 5th degree in Chun Kuk Do. graduated from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science – Major in Accounting. While attending OSU, Mike studied and taught martial arts, which was the beginning of his 40-plus-year legacy. While pursuing his passion for martial arts, his business acumen always ran in tandem. In 1976, as a 1st-degree black belt and regional karate champion, he began making quality uniforms out of his garage. Dillard realized the need for a quality uniform sized to fit Americans. Century, the equipment company he founded soon afterward, has since become the world’s largest supplier of martial arts products, producing product lines for many martial arts and styles. Dillard is affiliated with numerous martial arts organizations, including Chuck Norris’ United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF); Budo-Kai International; United States Martial Arts Association; World TaeKwonDo Federation; Martial Arts International Federation; and United States Martial Arts Federation. He was a captain of the 1990 UFAF team that went to the USSR, and was honored as Black Belt magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 2011 and inducted into its Hall of Fame. He was also inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in 2014. In 1989, Dillard founded the Dillard Group, a large residential real-estate firm in Cleveland County, OK. He founded Waterford Properties in Oklahoma City in 1995. Waterford is a regional commercial real-estate holding company, which has substantial investments in commercial, office and warehouse real estate. In 1999, Dillard founded the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA). Along with its official trade publication, Martial Arts Success, MAIA educates thousands of martial arts school owners and instructors to operate their business more professionally and profitably. Mr. Dillard’s other endeavors have included professional kickboxing; TV and movie stuntwork; spearfishing; scuba diving; mountain climbing; golf; hiking; skiing; biking; and professional race-car driving. He is on the Oklahoma University Board of Advisors, College of Business, and is an Adjunct Professor at Price College of Business at the university, teaching Entrepreneurial Business in the MBA Program. Master Dillard continues to train in the martial arts today. He teaches classes at Century’s corporate headquarters and also takes part in various martial arts competitions.



Above: Mike Dillard and Frank Silverman awarding Lifetime Achievement Award to Chuck Norris at Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA)annual event in Las Vegas Inset: Mike as Captain of Chuck Norris’ UFAF- USA Team in the ring in Russia

In July 2017 Michael Dillard announced that Century Martial Arts had acquired the magazine all American Martial Arts Masters had grown up around, BLACK BELT. In a statement to WHO’S WHO IN THE MARTIAL ARTS, Mr. Dillard said “Black Belt Magazine is an important historical literary vehicle for the Martial Arts. It has been for decades. “The previous owners were great people but it wasn't their top priority. It wasn't a financial home run for them, and it wasn't allocated the resources I thought it deserved. “Century is proud to step in as custodian of this historically important title. We've put our best executives on it. We've committed time and energy as well as a pledge to see it through to renewed prominence.” American Martial Arts Masters all shouted “Halleleujah!”



Ka ren E den • •

product line (Copyright Century Martial Arts.)

Writer, Spea ker Master o f Insp ira tion

Master Karen Eden is a 6th degree martial arts master of Tang Soo Do (2017.) She is of Asian and Native American Descent. Master Eden is most well known in the industry for her inspirational writing. She has appeared in every major martial arts magazine in the country and world, including six magazine cover shots of her own. A journalist by trade, Karen has worked for NBC and FOX affiliates, with live broadcasts airing on CNN, and reporting for FOX national. Her ability to turn everyday occurrences into martial arts philosophy quickly became her main claim to fame. Karen has written 4 books (2017) and writes two karate columns a month for MASuccess magazine and Taekwondo Times magazine. Her poem “I Am a Martial Artist” became so popular, it spun off an entire

She has produced 3 successful product lines including “I Am a Martial Artist” and “They Call Me Master (copyright Century Martial Arts.”Her third line “Dojo Darling” / “Dojo Disciple” wear was created to give street kids something to wear when they couldn’t afford a uniform. Many martial artists will buy the very same T-Shirt to provide a uniform for a less fortunate student today. Karen has also appeared in two major Hollywood productions, including stunt work in Van Damme’s “Sudden Death,” and a feature role in “Sworn to Justice” (w/Cynthia Rothrock, as seen on Showtime.) In 2000, Master Karen joined The Salvation Army in starting the largest inner-city martial arts program in the world. Instructors volunteer their time at their local Salvation Army corps, and the program is funded by the organization. She started “The Blood and Fire Federation” which still currently oversee inner-city programs in the U.S., Africa, Canada and Eastern Europe. She is currently working with “Cherokee



Masters of Martial Arts” to bring training into the reservations of Native American Youth. In 2012, the mayor of Denver city and county, honored Master Karen with her own day, establishing June the 16th as officially “Karen Eden Herdman Day,” for her work with less fortunate youth in the city, state and across the globe.



Ted Ga mbordella − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − −

10th Degree Black Belt 54 Years teaching experience World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1998 Grandmaster Instructor of the Year 2000 International Weapons Master Instructor of Year 2001 Martial Arts Weapons Hall of Fame 2001 World Head of Family Sokeship Council 1999 Martial Art Legends Hall of Fame 2001 Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame 2002 World Black Belt Hall of Fame 2003 Personal Trainers Hall of Fame 2007 Karate Masters Hall of Fame 2011 3 Times US Karate Sparring Champion 2 Times USA Karate Weapons Champion Author 42 Books 38 DVD's Patented Inventor 1st Jiu Jitsu Black Belt in Texas 1st Weapons Black Belt in Texas, and Louisiana 1st Okinawan Karate Black Belt in Louisiana 1st to promote students to black belt in weapons and jiu jistu in Texas, Louisiana 1st jiu jitsu team in Louisiana and Texas 1st Jiu Jitsu Black Belt at Louisiana State University Started first Jiu Jitsu club at LSU Produced 1st Karate Collegiate Championship tournament 1971 1st author of book on Hard KI (chi) 1st person to bend knife on neck in demonstration Wrote the 1st Complete Martial Arts Weapons manual in 1976, best selling martial arts manual in history, still in print after 35 years 1st martial arts author to entirely produce a book from writing, taking photos, editing, typesetting, layout and cover design and actually printing book on company printers using “plates and negative” not computer printers Wrote 1st book on using martial arts techniques in sports to prevent injuries, improve performance and develop a winning attitude. Which was used and endorsed by University of Texas, OU, LSU, Oral Roberts, Louisiana

− − −

− − − − − − −


College, Purdue, Rice University, Houston Rockets, New Orleans Jazz, dozens of high schools 1st Martial Arts black belt with a weekly TV show in America, 2 years on channel 11 DFW Voted “The Most Perfect Body in America 1980” Appeared on National TV 8 times with martial arts programs. Including Real People, Entertainment Tonight, Playboy Channel, Fox TV, Inside Edition, and dozens of local TV stations across Texas, and Louisiana 1st Martial Arts Master to work with US Olympic committee training US Olympic athletes using mart ial arts techniques 1st Jiu Jitsu demonstration at the Karate Olympics, US Karate Championship, Mardi Grais Nationals, Texas Karate Championships, Big D, (5 years in a one had ever done more than 3 before), and dozens of other tournaments. Featured in Black Belt Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts Business cover story 1st American martial arts author of book on KI 1st American author of karate weapons manual 1st author to produce martial art book digitally in 1990 1st martial arts master author with IPhone application 1st martial arts master with Video's and DVD's 1st web site for martial arts books and videos 1990


− − −

1st martial arts author to sell digital books on Ebay Inventor with Patented products, Logo Glove and Vpower glove Started the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame 1992


Started the first Martial Arts MLM “winners club” in 1982 Invented the “Gambretta” the ultimate legal carry self defence weapon


Ma rk Gla zier • • • •

Martia l Arts T itle : Gra nd Master

Martia l Arts style s: T a e Kwon Do, kickbo xing , Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and variou s weapon s

Instruc tor: Grandmas te r Je ff Smith

students at its peak. From the beginning, he was controversial in the industry, moving away from traditional martial arts and toward a more practical

Rank: 8 t h de gree B lack Belt From: War ren, NJ Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1969 and has been tea ching fo r 3 6 year s

Personal Achievements − − −

− − − −

Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1999: Inside Kung Fu/Karate Magazine Centurion Hall of Fame 2017 - Battle of Atlanta Founded the American Superstars Training Camp with Jeff Smith, Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace and Tiger Schulmann in 1987. Magazine covers appearances: Inside Karate Magazine: December 1995 & August 1996, Inside Tae Kwon Do Magazine February 1996. Feature Magazine Articles: Inside Karate; Inside Fung Fu; Inside Tae Kwon Do; Martial Arts Legends Grappling Magazine; Combat Fitness; Nutrition Industry Executive Teaching: Jhoon Rhee Institute 1980’s, Master Glazier Karate. Grand Master Mark Glazier started martial arts training in the late 1960s. He moved through various martial arts disciplines until he eventually met Grandmasters Jhoon Rhee and Jeff Smith in 1981. With Jeff Smith’s influence, full contact karate became his passion and he quickly made the Jhoon Rhee Institute his home. He became a JRI instructor and has trained with grandmaster Jeff Smith continuously to this day.

system combining kickboxing, muay thai, Tae Kwon Do and eventually jiu jitsu. His philosophy toward martial arts is that first and foremost it must teach serious street-smart self-defense. “That’s what students are expecting and could ultimately bet their life on; every move must be practical and proven to work in the street, not just the classroom.” In addition to Grandmaster Smith, Glazier credits his childhood friend, Grandmaster Tiger Schulmann with having a profound influence on his martial arts career. As Master Glazier developed his martial arts system over the years, weight training, diet and nutrition all became a part of it. At 12 years old, he began weight training and later came to realize the benefit it could have on an athlete’s physical abilities. In an era when weight training was frowned upon by martial artists, Glazier became one of its biggest advocates, realizing that when done properly, it could build strength, power and endurance, without sacrificing speed and flexibility. In the early 1990s, he started to incorporate nutrition and supplementation into his system. In 1995, he developed the first 90-Day Challenge for martial artists, a program incorporating training, nutrition and supplementation together to drive martial artists to reach their peak level of conditioning and body tone.

In the 1980s, he moved back to New Jersey and opened his first martial arts school which eventually spread throughout the east coast building to over 10,000



That program has continued over the years with over 1600 participants in 2017.

In His Ow n Words “The martial arts teach us to live and lead by example. I have tried to follow that creed my entire life. As an instructor, I have always felt that I can’t just talk, that I must act in the way that I talk. I have spent a lifetime working with students to get them to understand that anything is possible when they have the attitude, skills and discipline to achieve. These attitudes and skills can be applied to every aspect of our lives, from tournament competition to career success. What a student learns in the classroom can be taken with them to the outside world and used through life.

His first supplements were made in his garage and doled out in baggies to fighters. Now 21 years later, he owns Nutra Bio Labs, a supplement brand that he manufactures in his own 60,000 square foot, state of the art facility. Nutra Bio has come to be known as “The most trusted brand in the industry.” Because of his passion for martial arts, he devotes time to nutritional coaching for world class fighters including Bellator and UFC champions. He is considered one of the most influential people in the supplement industry and is credited with driving change in industry toward more transparent, honest and efficacious products.

“My martial arts training is incorporated into every aspect of my life, and not a moment goes by that its influence is not apparent. It starts with my constant striving to better myself physically, which has put me in better condition at 54 than I was at 34 or even 24. Life is tough and every day I’m challenged, but I’m ready to meet those challenges head on because of the attitude and tools that I have developed from martial arts: positive attitude, confidence, discipline and by being unwilling to ever quit. And most important are integrity and honor; without these, not much else matters in life matters.”

In addition to practical self-defense and physical conditioning, Glazier has always tried to instill much more into his student’s lives. “I’ve always believed the martial arts are a way to master yourself both internally and externally, physically and spiritually. It’s a way of life in that it helps us understand what is really possible in our own life if we take control over our attitude, emotions, and beliefs.” Mark Glazier credits much of his character and achievements to martial arts training. “The philosophical and physiological attitudes that I have developed over 48 years of training has had a profound influence on every aspect of my life. From the earliest years, the discipline and confidence I developed gave me purpose and structure in life and taught me that anything was possible if I was willing to do what it takes to achieve it. Understanding that pain, fear and obstacles would try to hold me back in very single life pursuit, but by having courage, confidence and discipline, all challenges could be overcome.”

Over the past 48 years Master Glazier has worked with countless organizations worldwide facilitating workshops for programs like women’s realistic selfdefense, children’s bullying programs, adult assertiveness programs, hand to hand combat for police and military, as well as kickboxing/Muay Thai seminars.



S tephen K. Ha yes Stephen K. Hayes began his formal training in the Asian martial arts as a teenager in the 1960s. By the autumn of 1985, he had earned a place in the prestigious Black Belt Hall of Fame, honoring him for his years of pioneering work introducing the Japanese ninja martial art of "accomplishment through invisible action" to the American public. He was awarded the extremely rare Ju-dan Tenth Degree Black Belt in ninja martial arts by grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi of Chiba, Japan, and Shugendo highest title Dai Sendatsu Grand Path Leader by Shokai Koshikidake of Yamagata, Japan. He is the founder of the martial art of To-Shin Do, a mind and body self-protection system based on the ancient ninja martial arts principles updated for application to modern 21st Century threats and pressures. Stephen K. Hayes was born in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1949, and grew up in Dayton, Ohio. He has traveled throughout North America, Europe, the Arctic, Japan, China, Tibet, Nepal, and India. A husband and grandfather, he is a writer, teacher, and ardent student of life. A 1971 graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, he majored in speech and theater. Most notable to American audiences was his role beside Richard Chamberlain in the NBC mini-series Shogun. Stephen K. Hayes is the author of 21 books. Several of his volumes have been published in a variety of different foreign languages as well. His biography appears in the international edition of Who's Who. He has served as personal protection agent and security advisor for foreign governments, royal families, and such personalities as the Dalai Lama of Tibet, 1989 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Stephen K. Hayes’ and his wife Rumiko oversee a network of training centers and a publishing company dedicated to the sciences of self-development. Much of the year, he travels the world as a teacher, seminar leader, and lecturer. His informative and inspiring presentations translate his extensive background in the martial and meditation arts into practical lessons for handling the pressures, choices, uncertainties, and stresses of life in the modern western world. Stephen K. Hayes' interpretation of Japan's ancient warrior path of enlightenment creates a basis for understanding the power of directed intention as a tool for accomplishment. He emphasizes to audiences around the world: “We must work to cultivate a state of fearlessness in recognition of the reality that there will be times when things do not go the way we wish them to. We can learn to live positively and generate the results we need in life by creating a momentum of accomplishment. Our ninja martial art training program shows us how to begin. It is then up to our own resourcefulness and commitment as to how far we take ourselves.”



Pat E. Johns on Grand Master Pat Johnson has made such an impact in so many lives that you can’t even count them”, said PKA President and Battle of Atlanta founder Joe Corley. Most people will recognize first his genius for creating fight scenes in films grossing more than a billion dollars. It was Master Johnson who created the great action in Karate Kid I, II, III and IV, Ninja Turtles I, II and III, Mortal Kombat, Batman and Robin and so many more. Prior to that, he had been the chief instructor and general manager in Chuck Norris’ chain of studios in the Los Angeles area where he worked with Chuck in developing one of the greatest teams of fighters the world has ever known. “Master Johnson set a standard in the Chuck Norris studios that became a model for instructors around the country”, Joe Corley said. “When Master Norris invited me first to California to train, he introduced me to Master Johnson who became my mentor, instructor, Big Brother for life. I witnessed first-hand how he handled everyone from the little kids in his Sherman Oaks school to the top-rated instructors in the world to private students like Steve McQueen and the heads of major studios to visiting instructors from around the world. His patience and guidance are without peer, and every life he touched was improved. From where did this ability to guide and influence come? Pat Johnson was born in Niagara Falls, New York. He was raised in a low-income area where he learned his scrappy fighting style and at the same time learned to appreciate the sincere love of a hard-working mom and nurturing family values. He also learned his strong work ethic, determination and drive here. He began training in traditional Korean Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan in 1963, while stationed in South Korea as a chaplain in the U.S. Army. While under the tutelage of a Korean master named Kang Lo Hee, Johnson earned his black belt in just thirteen months. After his army service ended, Johnson met and formed an association with Tang Soo Do instructor Chuck Norris. Johnson soon rose to the rank of chief instructor at Norris' school in Sherman Oaks, California in 1968. That same year, he formulated a penaltypoint system still used by many karate tournaments. From 1968 to 1973, Johnson was captain of the undefeated Chuck Norris black belt competition team, which won 33 consecutive national and international titles. In 1971, he became the National Tang Soo Do Champion. In both 1975 and 1976, Johnson was awarded the prestigious Golden Fist Award for best karate referee in the United States.



In 1973, Norris founded the National Tang Soo Do Congress (NTC), and named Johnson as executive vice president and chief of instruction. In 1979, Norris disbanded the NTC and formed the United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF), again naming Johnson as executive vice president.

At Battle of Atlanta Centurion Awards Gathering, Pat

In 1973, Pat Johnson also crafted the Tournament of Champions idea that Joe Corley implemented at the 1973 Battle of Atlanta, propelling the Battle of Atlanta into national prominence. Master Johnson brought Chuck Norris, Bob Wall, Mike Stone and Tadashi Yamashita as officials with him, setting the stage for top notch officiating at the Battle of Atlanta for many years to come.

Johnson with Jeff Smith, Bill Wallace and Joe Lewis

In 1980, Johnson had a small supporting role in the feature film The Little Dragons (later known as The Karate Kids U.S.A.). In the film, Johnson played the karate instructor to a pair of young brothers (portrayed by Chris and Pat Petersen) who use their martial arts skills to foil a kidnapping plot. In 1986, Johnson was promoted to ninth-degree black belt. Today he is a Grand Master, a mentor extraordinaire to all he encounters and in high demand for seminars across the globe. He lives with his wife Sue Johnson in the Valley of Los Angeles. They have four kids and two granddaughters, Lilly and Jolina Felix.

Pat Johnson with private student and friend Steve McQueen (RIP), Chuck Norris and Howard Jackson



G lenn Keeney Grand Master Glenn R. Keeney is a native of Anderson, Indiana. He began his karate training in 1957. In 1957, finding no local martial arts schools for training, Glenn Keeney hitchhiked 115 miles from Anderson to the nearest karate school (a Shōrin-ryū dojo) in Cincinnati, Ohio]. He later found a school in Indianapolis, but the school closed the same year it opened. Keeney began his study of Okinawan Goju Ryu in 1964, after meeting Larry Pickel in Anderson. Pickel, a black belt under Eiichi Miyazato, studied in Okinawa while in the US Marine corp. Keeney studied under Pickel until 1967 when Jerry Brown, Glenn Keeney and Larry Davenport, the top 3 students, were offered the opportunity to purchase the school. By 1969, Keeney had become the sole owner of Komakai Academy, which he ran until 2005. Brown and Davenport were involved in the school for many years Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, who would later become the PKA (Professional Karate Association) World Middleweight Champion, was attending Ball State University in Indiana at that time. Although he chose not to adopt the Goju Ryu system, Wallace and Keeney sparred several days a week and attended over 200 tournaments together over the next 5 years. Bill Wallace credits a lot of his sparring savvy to these early workouts with Glenn Keeney. Glenn Keeney was a hyper-active competitor from 1967-1975, competing in more than 300 tournaments. He defeated many of the nation’s best fighters, including Bill Wallace, Joe Corley, Artis Simmons, Walt Bone, Johnny Castaldo, Woodrow Fairbanks, Parker Shelton, Ken Knudson, Flem Evans and countless others. As a member of the 1971/1972 USKA World Champion Team, he traveled throughout Europe and Asia on two Good Will Tours. The 1971-72 Team went undefeated both years. 2012 he was inducted into "Madison County's 100 Greatest Athletes" Keeney held his first karate tournament in 1968, and went on to host the 1970 & 1971 USKA (United States Karate Association) National Championships in Anderson, Indiana (the largest USKA tournament promoted to that date) He was voted Best tournament promoter by the USKA 4 years running. He cohosted the 1975 Top Ten Nationals in Anderson, Indiana with Mike Anderson of Professional Karate Magazine, again with great success. In 1980, he promoted the PKA / CBS televised Bill Wallace retirement fight in Anderson, and was subsequently presented with the "Key to the City" by Mayor McMahon.Working again with the PKA and ESPN he went on to promote the



1981/82 PKA Nationals. He continues as an active promoter, hosting the Professional Karate Commission’s International Karate Championships each year in Indianapolis, Indiana. As an administrator, Keeney assisted in writing the USKA rule book for tournament competition. He functioned as Rules Chairman for 10 years. For several years he headed up the ratings committee for the PKA, and at the First Los Angeles World Championships in 1974 he participated as a judge. Mr. Keeney founded the (PKC) Professional Karate Commission in 1986. It began as a sanctioning body for Full Contact Kickboxing. Upon the death of Grand Master Robert A. Trias in 1989, Keeney further developed the Professional Karate Commission as a membership organization and sanctioning body to include sport karate competition and dedicated the organization to the preservation of the principles, ethics, & integrity of Karate-Do. Grand Master Glenn R. Keeney currently holds the rank of 10th dan, Hanshi of Okinawan Goju-ryu, and is ranked in Judo and Ju-Jitsu. His devotion to karate is held in high regard by both peers and students alike. Although he is semiretired, as of 2013 he still teaches seminars and clinics.

Notable Aw ards and Honors: − − − − − − − − −

Trias International Society - Inducted by Robert A. Trias, Father of American Karate Black Belt Magazine – Hall of Fame 1977, inducted as Instructor of the Year Black Belt Magazine – Rated #4 as a Top Ten Fighter in the U.S. 1972 USKA #1 Rated Fighter 1972-73 1980 Presented “Key to the City of Anderson” by Mayor McMahon of Anderson, Indiana 2012 Inductee "Madison County's 100 Greatest Athletes" Published by Anderson Herald Bulletin 1995; Inducted into Battle of Atlanta Centurion Club 2013: Received the Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award Most Noted Student: Ross Scott-PKA World Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing Champion 1977 and 1980 (defeats Joe Lewis in a non-title bout 1975)



Bernard Kerik • • • •

Martia l Arts title : Ma ster, Fo rme r NYC P olice Commissioner

Instruc to r: YJ Chang

Franklin Lak es, Ne w J erse y Started stud yin g ma rtia l a rts in 1969 Teaching for 20 yea rs a nd curren tly hold s the rank of 5 th Dan, stud yin g martial arts s tyle Tae KwonDo Bernard B. Kerik, known as Bernie Kerik—is a 5th Degree Black Belt and a 2002 inductee into the Battle of Atlanta Centurion Club. Today he is an international Security Consultant. His life experiences up to September 11, 2001 were the basis for the New York Times best seller Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice. Grand Master Joe Corley said “Lost Son reads like a book of fiction. I could not put it down. What a story! Commissioner Kerik points out clear rly that the martial arts gave him the foundation of strength to accomplish the many things he undertook in his life. From growing up in the high school the movie Lean on Me was based to heading the largest police force in the US and marshalling New York through the travesty of 911, I highly recommend Lost Son to every martial artist on the planet!”

Master Kerik was born in Newark, New Jersey Attended the high school in Paterson NJ that the movie Lean on Me was based. Began training in karate and TKD for real life defense − 1969: As a 14-year-old young Bernard Kerik read about our American competition stars as an aspiring teen martial artist following all the martial arts magazines. He studied under Arron Banks and Ed Koludous, receiving 1st Dan in GoJu Karate in 1973, studying under GM Peter Urban; Later studied under YJ Chang in NYC, and at KuKiWon, the Korean TKD Headquarters in Seoul, Korea, 1974-1976. Received his 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degrees from KuKiWon. − 1974: Served in the United States Army from 1974 to 1977 in Military Police K-9 Corps; taught hand-to-hand combat to special operations and Special Forces personnel at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School − 1978: Worked as a security officer at the King Khalid Military City in Hafar Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia, for nearly two and a half years. − 1981 - 1986: From December 1981 to October 1982 and th en July 1984 to July 1986, Bernard Kerik worked at the Passaic County sheriff's office, in New Jersey. He served as the department's training officer and commander of the special weapons and operations, and ultimately chief and warden of the Passaic County jail. Kerik worked from 1982 to 1984 as chief of − −



investigations for the security division of the King Faisal Specialist Hospital inRiyadh, Saudi Arabia. − 1986 - 2000: Joined the New York Police Department (NYPD) in 1986, For his service as a New York City police officer, Mr. Kerik earned numerous awards and also is credited for helping reduce crime in New York City as police commissioner. He was assigned to uniformed and plain-clothes duty in the 14th Precinct in Brooklyn and in the Midtown South patrol sector (Times Square). He was later transferred to the narcotics division as an undercover in Harlem, Spanish Harlem, and Washington Heights and was promoted to detective in September 1990. In 1991 he was assigned to the U.S. Department of Justice, New York Drug Enforcement Task Force until he was transferred to the Intelligence Division in February 1994, where he worked on the protective detail for then-mayor Rudy Giuliani. − 2000: Appointed as Police Commissioner of New York City where he managed a force of 59,000 with a $3 billion annual budget, reducing crime drastically − 2001: Commissioner Kerik oversaw the police response to the September 11 attacks in 2001, a task that earned for Mayor Giuliani and Commissioner Kerik accolades from around the globe. − 2002: Inducted into Battle of Atlanta Centurion Club where he first met in person his childhood martial arts icon favorites Jeff Smith, Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Joe Corley, Glenn Keeney and many others − 2003: How many people in the world could you call to do this? Once Baghdad fell, President George W. Bush called to say “Bernie, I need you to be in Irag in the next 10 days to rebuild the 40,000 Baghdad Police Force, which has just been disbanded in the invasion”. Commissioner Kerik got it done. − 2004, President Bush nominated Commissioner Kerik to be the head of the Department of Homeland Security. However, Kerik soon withdrew his candidacy, explaining that he had employed an illegal immigrant as a nanny and determined it best not to be a distraction for the administration. − 2005 to Present: CEO, Kerik Group. Advising companies in US and international governments on risk and crisis management, counterterrorism, and police and jail/prison management − 2013 to Present: Commissioner Kerik consults with Master Stephen Oliver and Grand Master Jeff Smith in their Mile High Karate Enterprises and regularly shares his life experiences with martial arts audiences and diverse groups worldwide. His experiences are many. − Master / Commissioner Kerik earned 30 medals for excellent, meritorious, and heroic service, including the New York City Police Department Medal for Valor for his involvement in a gun battle in which his partner was shot and wounded and he and his team members returned fire, downing the suspect. Other medals included 1 Honorable Mention, 5 Commendations, 10 Meritorious Police Duty Medals and 13 Excellent Police Duty medals. − Master Kerik has received honorary doctorates from Michigan State University, New York Institute of Technology, Manhattanville College, College of New Rochelle, and Iona College, and he received the President's Medal from Hunter College. [28][29]



Da nny La ne Danny Lane has been one of the most sought-after seminar Instructors in the world because of his dynamic and unique integration of martial arts, police, military, body guarding and personal protection blend of styles. Danny is a 9th Degree Black Belt Grand Master with 49 years of experience. He is the President of the World Martial Arts Federation with Black Belts and programs in Russia, Italy, India, Norway, Canada, Bosnia, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Zambia Africa, Mexico, England and Spain. Danny has a Black Belt Master Degree from Chuck Norris and the Chuck Norris System. He started training with Master Norris in 1980. Danny also has high ranking Black Belts in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, and Aikido. Danny has been inducted by his peers 12 times into various Martial Arts Hall of Fames. The World, International, National, United States, U.S.A., Action Martial Arts Magazine, Sports Karate Museum, and Florida Hall of Fame. As a competitor, he won hundreds of tournament awards in many different styles including the 1975-77 US Open TKD Championships. He was 7-1 as a professional kickboxer.

been blessed to have trained with the world’s best top champions and instructors along his 49 year journey. Danny started martial arts in the Marine Corps in 1968 with hand to hand combat. In 1970, he trained in JuJitsu in the State Police Academy. He then met and started training with World TKD Champion Master Sok Ho Kang from Korea in 1970 through 1977. He met Chuck Norris in 1980 and has been training with Chuck and his system since. Danny, thirsty for more knowledge, sought out more instruction by numerous legends and champions over the years.

He has

He has been featured in numerous magazine articles all over the world. He is a certified Police Defensive Tactics Instructor with Police Tactics Instructors on America. Danny is a highly decorated US Marine awarded 2 Purple Hearts for his combat service in Vietnam. You can read his amazing story of survival in his new book Some Gave It All� coming out in 2018.



Danny is a retired police officer where he served in numerous capacities including Major Crimes Detective, Police Academy Instructor, SWAT, Drug Task Force and Tactical Unit. Danny is an expert certified private investigator. He and his wife, Gina, has an investigative firm in Kentucky and West Virginia. They work criminal, civil and domestic cases.

Danny has four video instructional series on the market. Champion Karate endorsed by Chuck Norris, War Zone Police & Military Defensive Tactics, Hidden Secrets of Tae Know Do, and his NEW 10 volume video series called Spy Combat Tactics with former CIA Agent Jason Hanson. Danny teaches seminars all over the world and can be reached through his website at



Charlie Lee inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame in 1986, an honor bestowed on legendary martial artists including Jhoon Rhee, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jeff Smith, and other pioneers and world champions. He was also a member of the 1983 and 1985 World Champion U.S. Karate Team, and has competed and performed worldwide. In his heyday, Mr. Lee was one of the most sought after martial artists in North America. He appeared on six martial arts magazine covers and was featured in several publications including The Washington Post, Money Magazine, the ABA Journal, and he appeared on ESPN, ABC, and NBC. After he retired from active competition, Mr. Lee promoted the World Series of Martial Arts for nearly two decades.


Charlie Lee began martial arts with Grand Master Jhoon Rhee in 1969, and currently holds the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. In 1983, Mr. Lee began competing on the Karate World Tour and became the NASKA World Champion in a period of three short years. He has won nearly every major tournament several times over and held the NASKA World Title for five consecutive years. Mr. Lee was

Mr. Lee is a graduate of Virginia Tech where he received his BS degree in Business. After receiving his degree, he attended the Washington College of Law at American University where he received his law degree. Mr. Lee is currently a practicing attorney and a founding partner of the Tysons Corner law firm of Moore & Lee, LLP, concentrating his practice in corporate, construction and healthcare law. He has reached similar accolades in the legal profession and has been recognized in several legal publications for past decade as one of the top lawyers in the country



G ary Lee • • • • • • •

Bo rn Ho n o lu lu , Ha wa ii in 1 9 5 4

• •

Wh o ’ s Wh o in Ka ra te, 1 9 8 2

C rea to r S ix F la g s A mu s emen t P a rk S h o w s, Ga ry Lee’ s Te xa s Ka ra te A l l- S ta r s,

• • • • • • • • •

1 9 8 4 - 1 9 9 4 , {5 ,0 0 0 sh o w s}

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Texa s NB L A rb it ra to r

G R AN , H A W A I I A N K O S H O R Y U K E N P O J IU -J IT S U 9 th D e gr ee B lac k B e lt, Okin a wa Ka ra te I n te rn a t io n a l B la c k B e lt Ha l l o f F a m e To p Wea p o n s in T exa s, 1 9 8 0 To p Ten F ig h t er s in Tex a s, 1 9 7 9 - 1 9 9 9 Ra ted b y Ka ra te I llu s tra ted Ma g a zin e , ra ted Na t io n a l 3 rd Deg ree B la ck B el t Te st, 1 9 8 2 , La ma Na t io n a l s, Ch ica g o I L

Texa s S ta t e B .A .S .S F ed era tio n Ch a mp io n , 1 9 8 7 Fil med S I DE KI C KS th e mo vi e, 1 9 9 0 Go ld Med a li s t US A K F N a tio n a l s, Da lla s, Te xa s, 1 9 9 2 Wo n f iv e {5 } Na tio n a l N BL TI TLES , A tla n tic C it y, NJ, 1 9 9 2 S a b a ki R yu Ch a l len g e 3 rd P la ce Ku mi te, Ho n o l u lu , Ha wa ii, 1 9 9 2 Na t io n a l Bla ck B el t Lea g u e Wo r ld Ch a mp io n , B rea k in g , Ne w O rl ea n s , US A, 1 9 9 3 Ma n , o f th e Y ea r, B u sh s h ib a n 1 9 9 3 B I G B A S S T OU R NA ME N T, S a m R a yb u rn , Ja s p e r, Te xa s, 2 n d P la ce, 3 ,2 0 0 .0 0 w in n in g s, ea rn ed a 3 rd ro u n d seed in to th e Cla s si c Ch a mp io n sh ip 1 9 9 3 , Yea h Ba b y! ! ! ! S ta r o f Ho l ly wo o d S tu n t S h o w, A s t ro wo r ld , S ix Fla g s, Ho u s to n , Texa s, US A, 1 9 9 3 C rea to r ‘ K I DS E X P O ” A st ro d o me, Ho u sto n Te x a s.1 9 9 3 - 1 9 9 6 Go ld en G ree k To p T exa s Ove ra ll Wi n n e r, A O K R ATI NGS , 1 9 9 7 , 1 9 9 8 No m in a t ed B la ck B e lt M a g a zin e “ P la ye r o f th e Yea r” , 1 9 9 7 Texa s S p o r t Ka ra te P la y er, MV P Op en ed Wo rld Ch a mp io n sh ip Ka ra te S tu d io s, 1 9 9 8 C rea ted th e Liv in g Leg e n d s Ce leb r i ty Ro a s t; 1 9 9 9 - p r es en t. To d a t e P ro f es so r Lee h a s c eleb ra ted 1 5 Ame r ic a n Pio n e er s in S p o rt Ka ra t e. S ta ff Wr ite r fo r WOR L D BLA C KB E L T, 1 9 9 9 C rea ted Ta l es OF th e Ol d S en s ei fo r Wo r ld B la c k B e lt, mo n th ly co lu mn Ma ste r o f Ce re mo n i es , Ma rt ia l A r t H i sto ry Mu s e u m, La s Veg a s, N eva d a , 1 9 9 9



• • •

Di rec to r Mich a el Ma tsu d a sa y s ‘ Ga ry Lee i s th e vo ic e o f Ka ra te, B la c k B el t Ma g a z in e

Ku m it e I n t e rn a t io n a l B l a ck B e lt Ha ll o f Fa me A wa rd a n d S ch o la rsh ip g i ven in Pro fe s so r Ga ry Lee’ s n a me fo r $ 1 ,0 0 0 .0 0 , P i tt sb u rg , Pa , 2 0 0 0

C rea to r o f B LA C K BE L T TV , A o n l in e n et wo rk fo r Ma r tia l A r ti st a n d Ma rt ia l a r ts E xc lu si ve p er so n a l in te rvi e ws with th e s ta r s o f ma r tia l a r t s.

• • • • •

Pro d u c ed a n d Di rec ted Liv in g Leg e n d s “ Th e J. Pa t Bu rl eso n Cel eb r it y Ro a s t, 2 0 0 1

Ru mo rs a r e th a t S u g a r L a n d , Te xa s i s th e n u mb e r o n e ch o i ce b e ca u se o f S teven Lo p ez O lymp ic Go ld Med a l s a n d Texa s S p o rt Ka ra te Leg en d a r y Rep u ta tio n o f H i sto ry. w w w. sp o r tka ra temu seu m .o rg Pro d u c ed a n d Di rec ted t h e K UB U KI CH AL LE N G E, A Fu ll - Co n ta c t Ma r ti a l A rt s E ven t Ho n o lu lu Co n v en t io n Cen t e r, 2 0 0 2

• • • •

Te st ed 7 th Deg r ee B la c k B e lt, Ho n o lu lu , Ha wa i i, US A, 2 0 0 2

Ma ste r o f Ce re mo n i es , Co - Di re cto r A rn o ld ’ s Ma rt ia l A r ts F e st iva l a n d B la c k B e lt B a n q u e t, Co lu mb u s, Oh io

• •

Pro mo ted to 9 th D eg r ee B la ck B e lt, C ro s s Ra n k e d w ith Mi ch a e l Pa sq u a l e S en io r Ju i - J it su S tyl e

• • •

Pro fe sso r Le e’ s ca m p p r o te sted th e ca l l a n d h a d ca ll ed a n a rb i t ra t io n , w h ich th ey lo st.

Pro d u c ed “Th e Ha ve B l a ck B e lt Wil l Tra ve l Na t i o n a l To u r” a n d Pe rfo r min g a t B la ck Bel t Ma g a zin e’ s F e st iva l Ma rt ia l E xp o a n d Ha l l o f F a me, 2 0 0 5

• • •

No m in a t ed B la ck B e lt M a g a zin e “ Ma n o f th e Ye a r, 2 0 0 6

Di rec to r o f Ju n io r Wo rl d Bla c k Be lt K id s Clu b Pro d u c ed a n d Di rec ted Liv in g Leg e n d s, ’ th e T i m Ki rb y C eleb r ity Ro a st , Ho u sto n , Te xa s, US A , 2000

Pro d u c ed a n d Di rec ted Liv in g Leg e n d s “ Th e Ji m Ha r ri so n Ce leb ri ty Ro a st, 2 0 0 1 Pro d u c ed a n d d ir ect ed o n e o f th e la rg es t B la c k Bel t T es t in th e Co u n t ry , Ho u sto n , TX THE M OR E Y OU S WE A T I N P E A CE TH E L ES S YO U B LEE D I N B AT T LE C rea ted THE S P O R T M A R TI A L A R TS M US E UM , A lo n g te r m p ro je ct to b u ild a h o me o f Hi sto ry o f S p o r t Ma rt ia l A r t s, w h ere i t b eg a n , wh o in v en ted sp o rt ka ra te, ju st h o w ma n y st yl es a r e th ey ? ? , wh o wa s th e fi r st r e a l wo r ld ch a mp io n ? a n d so ma n y mo r e q u e st io n s w il l b e a n s we red . Go a n d exp lo re o u r vi r tu a l Mu seu m f ir s t a n d th en s o o n a p er ma n en t b u i ld in g . We ll - ch o sen a n d ci ty,

Rece ived D ip lo ma o f P r o fe sso r sh ip Ha wa i ia n M a rt ia l Ar t s, 2 0 0 2 Bla ck Be lt Ha l l o f F a m e A wa rd , Ha wa i ia n Ma rt i a l A rt s S o c ie ty, 2 0 0 2 Pro d u c ed a n d Di rec ted Liv in g Leg e n d s C ele b r it y Ro a st o f “En t er th e D r a g o n ” Ba d g u y B o b Wa l l, Ho l ly Wo o d Ca , 2 0 0 2

Th i s is a ve ry ra re p ic tu re o f P ro f e sso r Ga ry Le e b ein g DI S QUA LI F I E D fo r ex ce ss iv e HE AD co n ta c t in a T exa s To u r n a men t b a ck in th e sev e n tie s b efo re h ea d g ea r wa s ma n d a to ry. Pro d u c ed a n d Di rec ted Liv in g Leg e n d s, Th e E ri c L ee Ce leb ri ty Ro a s t, H o lly wo o d , C a , 2 0 0 3 Pro d u c ed a n d Di rec ted Liv in g Leg e n d s, th e La w ren c e A rth u r C eleb r ity Ro a s t, Lyn ch b u rg , V A , 2004

Pro d u c ed a n d Di rec ted t h e M ich a e l Pa sq u a le J r. Ce leb ri ty Ro a s t, Atla n ti c Ci ty, N ew Je r se y, 2 0 0 6



• • • • •

Pro d u c ed a n d Di rec ted Liv in g Leg e n d s -

S ta ff wr it er Ma r tia lca f e. co mS ta ff Wr i te r, US A D OJO .C O M I n d u c ted in to Ma st er s B la c k Be lt Ha l l o f Fa m e

Th e Ra ymo n d M cCa llu m Ce leb ri ty R o a s t, Da l la s , Te xa s , 2 0 0 7 Di rec to r a n d Ma ste r o f Ce re mo n i es L iv in g L eg e n d s Th e Ha n sh i S id Ca mp b el l Cel eb r it y Ro a st , Oa k l a n d , C A, 2 0 0 7 I n d u cted WO S KA B la ck B el t Ha ll o f Fa me re co g n iz ed d ip lo ma o f P ro fe s so rsh ip , Oa kla n d , CA, 2007



A lfie Lewis In His Ow n Words My father was a boxer and even spent time in New Orleans as one of Muhammad Ali’s regular sparring partners. As you’d expect, I first started training in boxing at about age 7, and then I moved on to judo and jiu Jitsu. In 1973, I started Lau Gar kung fu while at the same time also studying Shotokan karate and Wing Chun since I just loved to train and learn. I was a competitor and, making the squad, I took part in my first judo tournament. I also took part in some boxing matches. I entered my first karate and kung fu tournament when I was 13 years old and won that event. I remember that there was only one division in those days so I had to fight adult men. Eventually I won the national championships. To date, I have been fortunate enough to have been the most successful English competitor to ever have taken part in WAKO, having won five world titles in the process. I was the first person in WAKO to have achieved this feat, and my record still stands to this day--some 27 years later. In the final tally, I had won 15 world championship titles from various organizations, but WAKO was always the one that brought me the biggest challenge and the most satisfying victories. Once I retired from the ring and the tournament circuit, I became the world director for WKA and built it back up with a big following through-out the world. Eventually I made the decision to form my own structuring and management system, the "World Martial Arts Organization" (WMO). I did this due to the fact that I was not happy with the way many tournaments and competition had lost the Budo spirit to unforeseen factors and changes over time. I am considered by many to be the “Founder of Freestyle” karate in the U.K. We had changed our system and had made it more progressive. Since this change took hold, we have produced a team of fighters from one club that defeated all the other established styles. I now teach exclusively at my own dojo and follow my own system, Mushin Kai Ryu. We are recognized as the most successful tournament club and team in the U.K., and we have held that honorable position for the last 30 years, winning hundreds of British, European and world competitions. My goal is to help others achieve their goals by using the martial arts as a way to teach them self-respect and respect for others and to help make them become strong, responsible members of society.



A ndrew Linick Martia l arts title : Gran dmaster/Hansh i Midd le Island, New Y or k Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1958 Grand Master Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D. is one of the world’s leading experts on Karate and Okinawan weapons of self-defense, the man I call the U.S. Ambassador of Karate™.” proclaimed Al Weiss, 5th Dan Karate and Publisher of Official Karate magazine. Linick has achieved the status of Hanshi—Legitimate rank in Judo, JuJitsu, and Aikijutsu; 10th Dan in Chinese-Okinawan Shorinji-Ryu Karate-Do & Kobudo A distinguished American karate pioneer and internationally recognized author, photojournalist, seminar leader, and keynote speaker, Hanshi Linick is a much sought-after performer/chief referee at martial arts events worldwide. He is a contributing editor on the masthead for over a dozen major martial arts and fitness magazines including, Karate Voice, Karate International and Fitness, Official Karate, American Karate, Combat Karate, The World Martial Arts News, The Original Ninja, Crosstrainer, Muscular Development, Total Fitness, and the author of over 550 published articles and book/video reviews. As a fierce competitor in fighting, form, weapons and fingertip breaking, Hanshi Linick was the winner of more than 250 national championships, notably the 1967-1970 East Coast Open; 1966-68 U.S. Karate Championships; U.S.K.A. 5th Grand Nationals; 1971-73 North American; and 1976 World Martial Arts titles His bestselling book, Nunchaku: Karate’s Deadliest Fighting Sticks: Deluxe Third Edition, has sold over 225,000 copies worldwide.” Martial Arts Achievements 1965: Earned Black Belt from James K. Wax in at age of 20 1969 Executive Director: United States East Coast Karate Alliance (Tom LaPuppet, Isaac Henry and Andrew Linick were voted by over 50 peers to lead and unify this org. 1972: Began the first college “karate for credit” program in the Northeast 1972 First “Fear-Free™ Self-Defense Accredited Workshops” at State University of New York’s (SUNY) School of Nursing. 1972: Hanshi Linick founded the Karate Masters Hall of Fame™ ( in 1972 1974: Appointed as the North American Director of the Okinawan Kobujutsu Kyokai Association



1986-88-92: Hanshi Linick was inducted into the first edition of Who's Who in the Martial Arts Elite and sits on the Advisory Board. Also featured in the 1992 edition. 1989-1991: Andrew Linick was inducted into KI's East Coast Pioneers Hall of Fame in 1989. He received Karate International Magazine's (KIM) Lifetime Achievement Award in 1991 1994: Hanshi Linick was inducted into the International Association of Martial Arts Pioneer— U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame. 1994: Hanshi Linick was elected Chairman of Martial Arts Grandmaster’s International. 1995: At the World Head of Family Sokeship Council's first annual Hall of Fame Achievement Awards—'Inheritor' of World Shorinji-ryu KarateDo System, Newark Airport Marriott Hotel, NJ. At Martial Arts Grand Masters International’s “Oscar” award ceremony held May 7, 1995, Linick— Hanshi received the coveted MENKYO ICON™ AWARD, (Great Master of All Arts) at Brookdale Community College, NJ. 1996: Professor Linick was inducted into the World Head of Family Sokeship Council International Hall of Fame as “Writer of the Year” and Grandmaster of the Year. Aug. 12, 1996, Chicago, Ill. World Combat Arts International RANK RECOGNITION CERTIFICATE awarded to Grand Master Dr. Andrew Linick 10th degree black belt in the Art of Chinese-Okinawan ShorinjiRyu Karate-Do. 1997: At Don Nagle’s OAKA Hall of Fame held in NJ Sept. 26, 1997 Hanshi received both the Humanitarian and Golden Life Achievement of the Year Awards. At Prof. Ed Brown’s Martial Arts Masters, Pioneers and Legends HOF, July 27, 1997 in Conn. Dr. Linick received Pioneer of the Year Award. June 28, 1997, PA the World Karate Union Hall of Fame honored Hanshi with Golden Lifetime Achievement Award. 1998: Hanshi is inducted into Master Vasilios Katsaitis’ Florida Karate Hall of Fame for Golden Lifetime Achievement over 40 years.



Micha el Matsuda Ma rt ia l a rt s ti tl e: G ra n d ma s te r Bu rb a n k , Ca l ifo rn ia S ta r ted s tu d yin g ma rt ia l a rt s in 1 9 6 9 Tea ch in g fo r 4 2 yea r s a n d cu r ren tl y h o ld s th e ra n k o f 1 0 th d eg ree b la ck b el t, stu d yin g ma rt ia l a rt s s ty le s: Mo n ke y Ku n g Fu I n s t ru cto r P a u l ie Zin k / B u ck S a m Ko n g

the world. The museum opens doors of history, culture and tradition. We host school tours and more. It is a place for kids to learn about history, art, culture and tradition. Kids come away with learning about other cultures and it reveals how much we have in common. I have done many seminars, talks and workshops on behalf of the museum, from comic conventions and tournaments to libraries and community centers.

Personal Achievement s I am the founder and president of the world's first and only museum dedicated to the martial arts. Founded in 1999, it was a traveling exhibit for many years and in 2006 we opened in Santa Clarita and relocated to Burbank in 2011. We are a non-profit 501c3 organization.

Through the Martial Arts I have learned the ability to not only set goals and surpass them. The Martial Arts create a goal-oriented frame of mind. It allows us to strive to become better individuals and explore doors beyond our own.

In His Own Words

Although I only competed a few times, I hosted a number of karate tournaments called the Regional Karate Championships for many years. In the 1980s, I wrote for Black Belt and Inside Kung Fu magazine. I later started by own publication, Martial Arts Magazine.

My father trained in judo in the 1920s and required us to learn judo at the local Japanese Community Center. I then moved to Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Hung Gar Kung Fu for 15 years and 35 years in Monkey Kung Fu. Kung Fu has made me a better person and become a way of life for me. The Martial Arts have truly helped mold my future. It has helped me face and conquer my fears, improved my self-confidence, and opened doors that might never have otherwise.

In 2003, I was inducted into the Martial Arts History Museum's Hall of Fame. I was selected as one of the Top 100 producers in the nation by Producer Magazine and graced its cover. I have been featured on nine magazine covers. I have won several awards for starting the Museum. I have also been honored in various leaderships roles as: Kung Fu instructor, Martial Arts Contributing Editor, Head of the Regional Karate Championships, Co-CEO of, Publisher of Martial Art Magazine, Founder and President of the Martial Arts History Museum

The Martial Arts are a journey. As president of the Martial Arts Museum, I get asked all the time, “What is my favorite item in the museum?”. I say, “It’s the journey. The martial arts are a life journey and we should enjoy that wonderful ride.” The museum has been a huge influence not just locally, but throughout



Bill McDona ld • • • •

Martia l arts title : Sen s ei MCdona ld

Instruc tor: Ta iSung Pa rk

Greenville, Nor th Caro lina Started stu dyin g martia l arts in 1958 Teaching fo r 52 y ears and cur rently ranked a s 10 th degree Grandmas te r, s tudying martial arts styles: GOJUSHORIN

In His Own Words I was introduced to martial arts, while at Fort Bragg North Carolina. They invited me to join. I have trained in GOJURU, Shorin RU, Ishinru and Judo. I have been trained by TaiSung Park,Larry,Hartsalland Don Bohan among others. You forget ego and your mind should come and go freely.Your body flow is then obtained. The shortest cut to anything you want is to be happy now. martial arts taught me to embrace the philosophy of my whole body and to believe that what I wanted was already there the same as I visualized my winning. I also have won in life. From karate we obtain confidence and from confidence we obtain victory over life.It provides excellant physical exercise,necessitates balance,muscular coordination and use of body dynamics. As a student studies, his respect for others increases.Martial arts has opened the door to all,the successes in the other areas of my life. The great fallacy,in Martial arts is lots of experts are around. It takes a minimum of 5 years to obtain a black belt. There is more to Karate than kicks and punches. The hand is an instrument of the body and the body is the instrument of will, proper spirit, courage and determination. To accomplish your goal there should be no break between will and action. The art is to achieve ki acting without thought. Through the martial arts I have been able to lecture and live my philosophy of life,while sharing that philosophy of respect for all living creatures to youth and thereby changing the world. I have developed patience. I face you with my bare hands. Your display of aggression will be the harbinger of your doomed fate. Your attacks will be my opening. My retaliation will be your end. I face you with my knowledge of Karate. That applies in all areas of my life. Involved with SBI, CIA, FBI, Police Academy, ECU Karate Club , ECU football team training in explosion and physical fitness through Martial arts training. I have received recognition from Karate Legion of Honor, Blackbelt Hall of Fame, Who's Who of Masters Founders and Leaders, as well as trained both World and U.S. Champions with students participating in hundreds of tournaments and championships. Various titles and honors earned/received include: Wongs Seymour Johnson, Golden Gloves, Fort Bragg, South Eastern title, South Coast title, Southern last title, East Coast title, Undefeated as a Blak belt in 1963, promoted to Karate Master in Japan, Instrutor of the year for several years, Black belt hall of fame. Broke board breaking record with 13, Board of directors SEKA, Head Instrutor ECU.[Editor’s note: Sadly, GM McDonald passed away July 29, 2017. RIP, good friend.]



Richa rd Norton Richard Norton is a martial arts icon, bodyguard to the rich and famous and international movie star with over 55 years of full time training in the Martial Arts and considered Australia’s most successful Martial Arts export. Richard began his training in Judo at age 11 and first gained notoriety as a Martial Artist in the seventies when he worked alongside his lifelong friend Kyoshi Bob Jones in the founding of the world famous, Zen Do Kai system of karate, with over 500 schools Australia wide. It was during this period that earned Richard an introduction to world famous martial artist and movie actor, Master Chuck Norris, an introduction that would change his life for the better in years to come. Richard also worked for over 25 years as a Personal Bodyguard for such top celebrities as David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, Abba, Linda Ronstadt, the Rolling Stones, Stevie Nicks and the late John Belushi, Over the years Richard has continued to train in a variety of other arts over and in true Richard Norton form has gone on to achieve the following list of impressive martial arts credentials: 9th Degree Black Belt and Soke title in Zen Do Kai, 5th Degree Black Belt and Shihan title in International Goju-Kai Karate under Hanshi Tino Ceberano, 5th Degree Black Belt and Master rank personally awarded to him by Chuck Norris in Chun Kuk Do, a level 6 ranking in Ukidokan Kick Boxing, awarded by Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez and a coveted 4th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu under the legendary BJJ Master, Jean Jacques Machado.Richard’s friendship with Chuck Norris continued when he moved to Los Angeles in 1979, which also saw the start of his movie career. Chuck, impressed by Richard’s Martial Arts and Okinawan Weapons experience, cast him as the lead Ninja villain, ‘Kyo’, in Norris' The Octagon (1980). Chuck would later agree to be best man at Richard and wife Judy’s wedding in Los Angeles. During the mid-1980s, there was a trend of including fighters of all different styles and looks into Hong Kong action movies in order to increase the international audience. Richard Norton's tough persona and background in stunt work, which he had learned on the sets of his U.S movies, made him a perfect fit into this mold. Richard made his Hong Kong debut with the Jackie Chan/Sammo Hung collaboration, Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985) and appeared in other Hong Kong movies, including Magic Crystal (1986) and Millionaire's Express (1986) Eventually Richard returned to the United States, where the rise in popularity of home video had created a need for product to fill the shelves of video stores, and martial arts movies were quickly becoming a favorite of renters. Most of



his notable movies from this period, such as the China O'Brien and Rage & Honor series, saw him re-team with his longtime acting partner and friend Cynthia Rothrock in more than nine movies. In 1992, he returned to Hong Kong to take a dream job -- playing the villain in Jackie Chan's City Hunter. In 1993, Richard began working as a fight coordinator for his friend Chuck Norris on his show "Walker, Texas Ranger," where he also appeared in 15 different guest-starring roles. He also appeared in one of the first interactive Martial Arts video games, Shadow Warrior, which filmed its footage at the famous "Shaw Town" back lot at the legendary Shaw Bros. studios. One of Richard’s most visible roles for Hong Kong film fans has been as the villain in the Jackie Chan movie, Mr. Nice Guy. (1997) After 36 years in movies, Richard Norton continues to be a solid worker in the industry. To date he has over 60 Motion Picture and Television roles to his credit. His latest credits include actor as well as Fight Coordinator on the mega-action hit Mad Max: Fury Road; Fight Coordinator on the just released Suicide Squad and as Fight Coordinator and Fight Trainer for Scarlett Johansson on Ghost in The Shell. Richard Norton is in continual demand for seminars all over the world due to his vast knowledge of Reality Based selfdefense tactics through his 25 plus years as a Personal Bodyguard and his own highly popular Black Belt Complexes, as well as MMA and Grappling based workshops. For more information on Richard Norton please go to www.



S tephen Oliver Martia l arts title : Gran dmaster Golden, Colorado Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1969 Teaching fo r 32 y ears and cur rently holds the rank of 9th Degree B lack Be lt, study ing T ae Kwon Do and Kickbo xing Instruc tors: Jhoon Rhe e, Je ff Smith

Personal Achievements Founded Mile High Karate in 1983. Within 18 months the school grew to 1,500 students and 6 locations. Within 30 months it grew to six locations and 3,500 students. Promoted the Mile-High Karate Classic, a NASKA World Tour Event from 1989 to 1999. Founding member of the EFC Board of Directors 1985 to 2001.

scholarship to college. I am an Honors Graduate of Georgetown University, MBA.

Founder Stephen Oliver's Martial Arts Business Coaching, now Stephen Oliver's Martial Arts Wealth Mastery.

Classes: Operated Mile High Karate, now an international franchise operation. Major Martial Arts Achevements

Owner/Publisher Martial Arts Professional Magazine, and Mastering the Martial Arts Business

Promoted the Mile-High Karate Classic, a NASKA World Tour event for 10 years.

In His Ow n Words

Served as Board Member, Executive Committee Member, and Sanctioning Director for NASKA for 10 years. Many Halls of Fame including EFC Hall of Fame, #1 Multi-School Operation Publisher of Martial Arts Professional Magazine CEO: - National Association of Professional Martial Artists Formerly on the Board of Directors and Member for Educational Funding CO Board of Directors, Sanctioning Director NASKA Branch Manager & Head Instructor Jhoon Rhee Institute

My career in the Martial Arts started when I was being picked on by a bullying next-door neighbor so I enrolled in a Jhoon Rhee Institute Branch Program in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After studying for some time, I started teaching in Tulsa in 1974. Martial Arts has affected every area of my life, including my exclusive career path. I learned massive character development and focus. My Philosophy for the Martial Arts is "Martial Arts Without Philosophy Is Just Street Fighting.� --Jhoon Rhee I have taught well over 35,000 students, and graduated well over 3,500 Black Belts.


The confidence and focus I learned through martial arts led to my National Merit Scholarship and full



Jerry Piddingt on “And, in this corner, Jerry Piddington” was the title of an article written about Grandmaster Piddington in the 1974 issue of Karate Illustrated in which he appeared on the cover. Mr. Piddington was described by his fellow karateka as one crazy dude, an animal, and a crazy animal that you needed a chair and a whip to fight. A lifelong rebel who purportedly won one match by flustering his opponent with a kiss, Mr. Piddington is still turning heads with his long hair and bushy beard, which earned him the nickname — The Untamed Lion. As a pioneer of American Sport Karate, Jerry Piddington traveled all over the country placing and/or winning every major tournament in the United States from 1969 to 1977, not only in fighting, but in kata competitions as well. Mr. He faced off against some of the top tournament competitors of the 1970’s — including Joe Lewis, John Natividad, Darnell Garcia, Bob Allegria, Steve Sanders, Jay T. Will, Artis Simmons, Joe Corley, Byong Yu, Ken Knudson, ste, Roger Greene, Riley Hawkins, Jack Motley, Vic Guerrero, Jeff Smith and Pat Johnson — just to name a few. He has only lost 4 karate matches in his career. He began his competitive career in 1969, winning the Four Seasons Karate Championships as a brown belt. He later captained the five-man team which triumphed over the highly successful Chuck Norris-led team at the 1974 International Karate Championships in Long Beach, California. He was a member of the Joe Lewis fighting team for two years. Mr. Piddington held a long list of titles over the years and in 1973 was rated #9 in the USA and #1 in the Southeast by the Black Belt Yearbook and #12 in the USA by Professional Karate Magazine. He has been on the cover of 4 Karate magazines. He has been in the movies with Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), J. Claude Van Damme. He was in Blood Sport 2 and the movie Quest, Night Realm and others. He participated in the Canada AM Championships and helped the American team defeat the Canadian team by scoring the winning point at age 54. He competed at the Senior Games in Sacramento, California, winning 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal. He played in 4 events, 50-meter swimming freestyle, 50-meter swimming butterfly, Karate fighting, and Karate kata, placing in all events. He has also rafted Alaska’s Tanna River with its class 5/6 killer rapids. “I enjoyed fighting the bare-knuckle matches,” says Mr. Piddington. “In that era the fights were much tougher because there were no pads and head gear. The art of kime and control with good stances was an important part of



how we fought, unlike today’s sport karate of jump and tag.” Mr. Piddington remembers some of his injuries: a broken thumb at the U.S. Team Championships in Long Beach, California, a broken jaw at Kang Rhee’s Nationals in Memphis, Tennessee, and a broken leg at the 1973 Grand Nationals in Anderson, Indiana. Mr. Piddington has a martial arts career that spans five decades and has studied with some of the most famous martial artists in the world. His first teacher was Caylor Atkins, a Shotokan stylist. Mr. Piddington received his first black belt from Tom Crites in Shorinryu. Continuing his career, Mr. Piddington trained in Hawaiian Kenpo with Mike Stone, as well as being and instructor at Mike Stone dojo, Japanese Goju-ryu with Chris Armstrong, Kempo with Ed Parker, and Shorin-ryu with Master Tadashi Yamashita. Mr. Piddington was also a student and friend of Robert Trias — Father of American Karate. He produced full contact knock out Karate event will the help of Devi production and Ted Turner networks in the southeastern United States. He produced the five-man fighting team called the Charlotte, N.C. War hawks. He crowned the first Lt. Hy. Wt. world champion Jeff Smith vs. Keith Haflick at the Park Center in Charlotte, N.C. Jeff Smith won the first 11 round professional Karate (kickboxing} event in the sports history. 5,000 people paid to see this fight. He has been teaching Karate for over 50 years. He is the founder of the first American Style Karate system in this country, under the sanctified charter given by Mr. Robert Trias in 1974. He is a certified 10th degree Hanshi under Mr. John Pachivas in the Arts of Shorin/Shorei Karate-do. He is president and founder of the American Karate Academies National Association since 1976. The Assoc. has 14 dojo’s practicing American open system. He has produced many Karate and kickboxing Champions, including Danny McCall, Jimmy Horsley, twin brothers Ricky Smith and Randy Smith and Keith Haflick, Denise Jensen and Daisy Barnard. He currently resides and teaches at the Hombu dojo in Ashland, Oregon. Jerry is the father of 3, and grandfather of 4. He has been married to Eva Marie for 30 years.



Tiger Schulma nn A TIGER’S TALE…It all started back in 1971, when as a young boy, Danny was enrolled by his father, David Schulmann, in Kyokushin Karate. Danny took to his training with such passion and dedication, that his instructor, Shigeru Oyama, nicknamed him “Tiger” after witnessing how special his skills were and because of his fearlessness. In 1974, at the young age of twelve, after training six days a week for the prior three years, he earns his black belt. Then in 1978 when Tiger was sixteen, he began competing in “bare knuckle” knockdown tournaments. At the age of seventeen, he became the youngest person ever to win the North American Mas Oyama Full Contact Championship. He was then selected as one of eight Americans to represent his country at the 1979 World Open Championships in Tokyo, Japan. At just 135 pounds, with no weight divisions, Tiger was the youngest and lightest competitor in the entire event. Tiger then continued his six-year reign as the North American Full Contact Champion (1979-1984), until he retired from competition undefeated. At the age of 22, after being told numerous times that “you can’t make a living teaching martial art”, and that “it’s something you do part time after you get home from work”, he decided to pursue his dream of teaching martial arts as a full-time career and opened up the very first Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts School in Spring Valley, New York in 1984. Later, his top students decided to follow his lead to teach Tiger Schulmann’s unique style of martial arts as well, including his younger brother Ron Schulmann. At that point, new branches of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts academies begin to pop up all over New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and even Florida. Now, thirty plus years later, with forty-six schools and having taught martial arts to over 250,000 students, Tiger continues to teach his instructors every single week in his New Jersey headquarters. In addition, he is a full-time coach to his tremendously successful fight team, which has turned out winners of such prestigious combat events such as the UFC, Bellator and the Golden Gloves, not to mention many other regional promotions. His notable fighters include such alumni as Shennen Maceo (World Muay Thai Champion), Will Hamilton (US Muay Thai Champion), Uriah Hall (UFC star), Nick Pace (UFC fighter and inventor of “The Pace Choke”), Louis Gaudinot (UFC and TUF star), Lyman Good (former Bellator champion and current UFC star) and Jimmie Rivera (UFC star and #5 ranked Bantamweight in the world). Many of Tiger’s successful fighters got their start competing in the Challenge of Champions--a martial



arts competition and tournament that Tiger established in 1996 that grew into the largest in the US, featuring over 1700 competitors. Along the way, in 2005, Tiger was inducted into the North American Grappling Hall of Fame as a founding member, and in 2013, the New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame for a Lifetime Achievement in the Martial Arts. Along with his induction into the Hall of Fame, four of Tiger’s long time and current students were also inducted into the Hall: Munah Holland, Dave Tirelli, Lyman Good and Paul Querido. Through the enormous amount of media attention, they’ve received over the years, Tiger Schulmann, along with his instructors and schools, are very grateful for all of the opportunities they’ve had to educate the public about the incredible benefits of martial arts training. These include: Television − − − − − − − − − − −

The Today Show, Eyewitness News, Action News, Good Day NY, Good Day Tampa Bay, Good Day Philadelphia, Fox News, Fox Morning News, News 12, Metro TV, CBS News Live With Regis and Kelly ESPN Sports Figures, "Breaking Energy” MTV - Afternoon Jam, Wanna Be a VJ, Run’s House The Learning Channel - TLC’s A Dating Story WB - Keeping Kids Safe PBS - Sesame Street The Caroline Rhea Show The Late Show with David Letterman NBC’s Wednesday Child Microsoft Office 365 Profile - Growing by Leaps, Kicks and Bounds

Print: − − − − − − − − − − − −

Success Magazine Karate & Kung Fu Illustrated Black Belt Magazine Martial Arts Training Fit Magazine Family Circle Manhattan Bride FHM Full Contact Fighter Sports Illustrated Women Spirituality & Health Ultimate Athlete

Tiger was scheduled for his film debut in the MMA documentary, “The Hurt Business” due to have been released last September.



Jeff S mith Jeff Smith is one of the, if not THE MOST, multi-talented martial artists of all time. Champion, Innovator, Manager, Teacher, Coach, Mentor, Leader…and…and…and… On June 17, 2016 Jeff Smith was awarded the rank of GRAND MASTER by the Professional Karate Commission with his 10th Degree Black Belt by Grand Masters Glenn Keeney and Allen Steen with the additional signatures ‘and approval of Pat Johnson and J Pat Burleson. One of the most popular and highly respected martial artists in the world, Grand Master Jeff Smith has influenced millions of Martial Artists around the world, both directly and indirectly. Voted by his Top Ten peers as the Number One Point Fighter in the Nation in 1974 by Professional Karate Magazine, Jeff went on immediately to win the very first PKA World Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship title on ABC’s Wide World of Entertainment. All the while he was training the next generation of International Champions, coaching them to World Titles, as he managed and taught the instructional staff of the Jhoon Rhee Institute schools in Washington DC. As articulate as he is dangerous, Grand Master Smith has appeared before the camera as multi-talented point fighter and PKA World Champion Kickboxer and as expert analyst for the next generations. The Curriculum Vitae of Grand Master Smith: −

− −

− − −

1964- Jeff enrolled in a Tae Kwon Do class at Texas A&I University in Kingsville, Texas. 1966- Jeff competes in his 1st Karate Tournament in Houston, Texas. Jeff receives his 1st Degree Black Belt from GM Jhoon Rhee in Kingsville, Texas. Jeff moves to Washington DC to Teach at the Jhoon Rhee Institute for Grand Master Rhee and enlists his top protégés to join him in DC, building the basis . 1970-1985 Served as Senior VP for GM Jhoon Rhee's Institute of TAE KWON Do, training and managing all of the Managers and Instructors for his 12 locations. 1969-74 Jeff won many of the Top National Point Tournaments including, Joe Corley's Battle of Atlanta, Ed Parker's International Karate Championships, Allen Steen's US Championships, Mike Anderson’s Top 10 Nationals, Bob Maxwell's Ocean City United States Pro-Am, Jim Miller's Mardi Gras Nationals, George



− Minshew's Houston Karate Olympics, The Pan Am Championships in Baltimore, Md. and the North American Tae Kwon Do Championships in Toronto, Canada to name a few. − 1973-74 Jeff was ranked the number 1-point fighter in the USA in by Professional Karate Magazine. − 1973-2016 Jeff has been on the cover of every major martial arts publication and was selected by Washingtonian Magazine as one of Washington's top athletes. − 1974- Jeff is the first recipient of the Bruce Lee Award (selected by Mrs. Bruce Lee and Professional Karate Magazine) and listed is listed in the first Who's Who of Martial Arts. − 1974-80-Jeff is recognized worldwide as the seven-time PKA "World Light Heavy Weight Karate Champion." − 1975-50 million worldwide viewers observed Jeff’s title defense against Don King's heavy weight fighter Kareem Allah as the co-main event of the Ali vs. Frazier III World Boxing Title Fight, known as the "Thrilla in Manila." 1980- Jeff co-starred in a martial −

arts movie in Korea with GM Jhoon Rhee. 1980-90 Jeff was coach of the WAKO World Champion United States Karate Team winning consecutive World Titles in all those 10 years. 1989-1993-Jeff performed at the White House for President Bush in the "Kick Drugs Out of Your Life" campaign and again with his students in California for President Bush in his "Drug Abuse is Life Abuse" program. Jeff conducted seminars in public schools all over the USA for the "Just Say No to Drugs" campaign. 1974-1985 Jeff appears on ABC's "Wide World of Entertainment," "The Champions" TV series, and does Expert Commentary on Showtime, ESPN and Pay-Per-View events 1990-92 Jeff performed for Arnold Schwarzenegger on the White House lawn with his students for the “Great American Workout” for the President’s Council on Physcial Fitness. 2000-2016 Jeff is inducted into the Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame, Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame, NASKA Hall of Fame, Action Magazine’s Martial



Arts Hall of Fame, The Battle of Atlanta’s Centurion Hall of Fame Award, and with Chuck Norris, is the first recipient of the of the Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award. 2005-Present Jeff is the National Director of Mile High Karate Franchies and Martial Arts Weath Mastery Consultant with GM Stephen Oliver. Jeff owns and operates his own Mile High Karate School in Sterling, VA. He also travels globally, officiating at National and International tournaments. He conducts both Business and Training seminars for Martial Arts schools all over the world. Contact GM Smith at



Mike St one •

Place o f Birth & P lace Growing Up – Makawao, Mau i, Hawaii

Martia l Arts S ty le (s) a nd Belt Rank(s) – Shorin Ryu, 10 t h degre e Black Be lt

• •

Instruc tor – Sg t. Herb Peter s

• •

Y ears in the Martia l Arts – 50+

Started S tudy ing Martial Arts – la te 1950s Y ears Teaching Ma rtia l Arts – 50

prime. These included the Southwest Karate Championship in 1963, Ed Parker’s Internationals in California and the First World Karate Championship in Chicago, both in 1964, the U.S. National Karate Championships in 1965, Ed Parker’s Internationals again in 1965, and the World Professional Karate Championships in 1968.

Major Martial Arts Achievements

• •

10 t h degre e Blac k Belt 1 s t deg ree B lack Be lt r ank s ix month s from starting day

Undefeated with 91 con secutive Blac k Belt vic to rie s

Black Be lt Magaz ine Hall of Fame Fighte r o f the Y ear, 19 71

Black Be lt Magaz ine Hall of Fame Instruc tor of the Y ear, 1994

Guinness Book o f Wo rld Records fo r the fly ing sidek ick, 1 980

In individual competition in the Black Belt fighting and forms divisions he never lost a match. He is recognized as the only Black Belt to retire undefeated with 91 consecutive Black Belt victories. He was inducted into Black Belt Magazine’s prestigious Hall of Fame on two occasions. In 1971 he was awarded Fighter of the Year and he did a repeat in 1994 as Instructor of the Year. His Story

Mike Stone was a star athlete in several sports during his high school days and distinguished himself in basketball, football and boxing, but his first interest in the martial arts were lessons in aikido. Stone joined

Stone has said about the various styles of martial arts, tournament fighting in general and his attitude about becoming a champion in competition, “Take away everything and leave just the man. Take away his speed, his ability, his knowledge about karate and you have a person, an individual. This is who I compete against. It’s not style or form I compete against because what style a man has studied is really irrelevant. It boils down to one individual being better than another, not one style superior to another. The difference that makes a champion is his will to win. It’s not just a physical thing; it’s mental too. I have so much pride in what I’m doing I don’t like to lose. I use that as my secret weapon.”

the Army after graduating from high school and was stationed at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas where he met his karate instructor, Sgt. Herbert Peters, who had just returned from Okinawa. Stone started in Shorin-Ryu and earned his Brown Belt in three months and then established a world record for achieving his Black Belt rank in only six months from the day he started training. His legendary rise into karate prominence came from winning all the major tournaments won in his 82


of Death, which was released as Enter the Ninja, started the worldwide ninja craze on the silver screen. He also acted, produced, choreographed and directed other martial arts movies, including American Ninja. Not only was he the writer and fight choreographer, he was the action double for the main actor Franco Nero who had no martial arts training. Now a prized collector’s item, in 1983 he authored a martial arts book, Mike Stone’s American Eclectic Karate.

After retiring from tournament competition Stone turned to the commercial aspect of the martial arts, teaching. Then living in southern California, he opened two karate schools, one in Long Beach and the other in Huntington Beach. Both were successful business ventures and through them Stone was able to develop champion caliber competitors in both forms and fighting arenas in major tournaments, some of which Stone had won in his earlier years. None equaled his successes, but many of them delivered championships, and Stone’s attitudes and philosophies shone in them.

Stone’s life and his experiences are varied and farreaching with his long and successful career in athletics, in the movie industry, and the entertainment business, as well as being a writer, promoter, sports instructor, inventor, bodyguard and personal fitness trainer. These experiences, after years of introspection and reflection, have allowed him to create a comprehensive and dynamic program that allows anyone to make major positive lifestyle changes. His seminar program, “Living Your Dreams Now,” changed the lives of people who heard him and applied the simple yet effective principles. The program involves the trilogy, which makes up who we are as human beings the body, mind, and spirit or soul. It focuses on the four primary aspects that impact upon every person's daily life; specifically, love, energy, time, and money.

During these years Mike Stone began associations that developed into long term friendships with California based movie makers who produced action blockbusters and musicians who were world class entertainers. Whether he was their body guard, their martial arts instructor in fighting or philosophy, or simply their friend, he was known for his casual charm and easygoing personality the belied the depth of his fighter’s spirit. He gave back and paid tribute to those who lived in his world. In the early 1970s Stone was founder and host of the Golden Fist Awards. Over the years the event honored the country’s most notable competitors, champions and heroes of every aspect of the martial arts. The awards were unashamedly coveted and privately they came to be recognized as The Oscars of the martial arts.

Mike Stone lives on what excites his imagination – poetry, art, reading, music, dog-training, playing tennis, and golf among others. He has published books on diverse topics and has masterfully applied in his life the very ideas that he espouses in his seminar talks and writings

In the 1980s, Stone took his martial arts competition experience and ventured into writing, script writing and movie production. His original screenplay titled Dance




John Therien With more than 50 years of martial arts experience, Hanshi John Therien created the WKF to fulfill his vision of what a world-wide organization should be. Based in Ottawa, Canada, he organizes many of the WKF events and travels around the world giving seminars and promoting the positive values of the martial arts. He also founded Therien Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing in 1968, one of Canada’s largest and most successful group of Martial Arts schools. He has certified and graduated over a thousand Black Belts and is the head instructor for more than 3000 active students in the Can-Ryu system.

Canadian Government Award for achievement in JiuJitsu Golden Belt Award for being a pioneer of Jiu-Jitsu in Canada

Aside from the activities and responsibilities of the Therien Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing organization, Hanshi followed his vision of bringing the world of Martial Arts together, and has organized training camps, conventions and recognitions all over the world.

Golden Belt Award for being a pioneer of Kickboxing in Canada Ranked #1 Jiu-Jitsu instructor in Canada by his peers

Martial Arts Achievements

Manager of 23-time world Kickboxing Champion, Jean-Yves Thériault

Title of Hanshi (Leader of Leaders)

Canadian Blackbelt Martial Arts Hall of Fame May 2010

9th degree Black Belt Man of the Decade 1980’s – PKA (Professional Karate Association)

President of the Vanier Merchants Association 20072014

1982 – PKA Promoter of the Year

Member of the Board of Canadian Blackbelt Hall of Fame

1996 – Inducted into the CJA Hall of Fame 1997 – Inducted into the WKF Hall of Fame

Recipient of the city of Ottawa Community Builder




Jim Thomas James J. Thomas, (Jim), is a traditional Shorin Ryu Black Belt who has used his martial arts fighting spirit in and out of the ring and has impacted a number of sports—fighting and non-fighting with a unique intellect and ferocity. After playing football and wrestling in undergraduate school, he was injured and could not play those sports any more. After a period of rehab, Jim was contacted by Hiroshi Hamada, 9th Degree Black Belt in Shorin-Ryu (organization: Dai Nippon Butoku-Kai), and was offered the opportunity to study with him. Jim Thomas rather quickly became the top student, and won his first black belt tournament, the Eastern Collegiate Championship, while still a brown belt and also won the Best Sportsmanship Award. From there, he was awarded his black belt and won numerous tournaments. He then began teaching at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, and at a Naval Base and an Army Base nearby. he was eventually awarded his second degree black belt. In the summer of 1974, he trained in Washington, DC under Hall of Fame and then PKA World Light Heavyweight Champion Jeff Smith, who coached him at various tournaments in DC. In 1975, he fought in Japan with Sensei Hamada and a small team of other competitors. They fought in many tournaments all over the island of Honshu, fighting mostly Shorin-Ryu and other similar styles. Jim won all 63 of his bouts in Japan and was then awarded by Sensei Hamada, at the urging of other top-ranked senseis, his third degree black belt.

Jim Thomas, left, represented Evander Holyfield through his glory years, including multiple negotiations with Don King

When he returned from Japan, Sensei Hamada, arranged a fight between Jim and then number one challenger for the PKA Light Heavyweight Title, Jerry Rhome. Although I had fought near full-contact bouts throughout Japan, I had never fought a true full-contact bout with unlimited contact to the face and had only ten days to prepare and no sparring partners who had ever fought full-contact.

The fight against Jerry Rhome took place at the largest arena in southeastern Virginia, William & Mary Hall. Jeff Smith was cornerman and coach that night for Jim. Jim did well in the first round, but was eventually stopped on a TKO by Jerry, who later became PKA Heavyweight Champion. Several years later, Jim was inducted into the Dai Nippon Butoku-Kai Hall of Fame and later into the Battle of Atlanta Centurion Club.



This extraordinary martial arts talent was next supplemented by his keen intellect. Jim graduated from William and Mary Law School, one of the top 25 in the US and was awarded the Weber Diploma by the Faculty and Dean as the Most Outstanding Law Student in his Graduating Class. To complement his IQ, his EQ earned him the title of President of his Fraternity. Armed with a fierce fighting spirit, a world-class method of crafting words and thoughts and compelling, disarming charm, Jim joined a firm in Atlanta as an original partner—a firm now merged with others to have become the largest in the world. Jim worked extremely hard here, as he had in sports and in school and in his martial arts. In the 4 decades since then, Jim Thomas has represented the PKA and several of its principals in a number of activities, including television negotiations that led to some of the biggest fights in the history of PKA Kickboxing. In a momentous visit, the martial arts and legal paths crossed in s unique way that would change many lives and the sport of boxing of all things. Former UN Ambassador Andrew Young recommended a law firm for Evander Holyfield. In a meeting in Jim’s office, Evander saw that Jim had fought Jerry Rhome, and in fact, Evander had been a sparring partner for Jerry shortly thereafter, before Evander won his boxing title. Evander immediately knew that Jim would be the right advocate for him--and so it was. Mr. Thomas went on to negotiate more than $150 million worth of boxing contracts for Mr. Holyfield, including the largest contract ever achieved (up to that time) for one single performance in any field: $35,000,000 for Holyfield vs. Tyson II in June of 1997. During the time Mr. Thomas managed Mr. Holyfield's legal and business affairs, Mr. Holyfield was widely regarded as the top boxer in the world. Mr. Thomas also served as general counsel and advisor for Mr. Holyfield’s various businesses, including Holyfield Management, Inc. (a sports management company), Warrior Properties, LLC (a sports clothing company), Real Deal Records, LLC (a record label), and Holyfield Foundation, Inc. (a Section 501(c)(3) charitable foundation). One other result of the Holyfield representation is that Mr. Thomas became essentially the general counsel for Mr. Holyfield and his many companies and activities. Mr. Thomas was responsible for managing all legal work by all lawyers in the firm and outside the firm and for making sure all fees were earned and necessary and as low as possible given the need for success and protection. Mr. Thomas managed the work of more than 30 lawyers in such fields as domestic relations, real estate, securities, criminal, and various regulatory fields. Mr. Thomas, along with one of his clients, brought an Arena Football League team to Atlanta, branded it as The Georgia Force, staffed it and launched it. Mr. Thomas headed the team as its President and Head of Football Operations. Mr. Thomas also served as the first Commissioner of the Women's Senior Golf Tour and successfully achieved recognition of the WSGT as the official senior tour of the LPGA, at which point the members of the WSGT decided they wanted to have a female Commissioner going forward. Mr. Thomas co-founded as a principal, and advised and represented, Big Stakes Match Play, LLC, which has held golf tournaments with the largest winning purses in the history of golf and continues to hold an annual “big stakes” golf tournament televised in prime time.



Mr. Thomas served as lawyer, advisor, negotiator, and de facto manager for other carefully selected professional boxers, including Michael Grant (No. 1 Heavyweight Contender and eventual WBF Heavyweight World Champion), O'Neil Bell (Cruiserweight World Champion), Sergei Liakhovich (Heavyweight World Champion), Calvin Brock (No. 1 Heavyweight Contender), Jermaine Taylor (Middleweight World Champion), and Roy Jones (World Champion in four different weight classes (including heavyweight) and consensus, at one time, best boxer in the world. At the request of Senator John McCain, Mr. Thomas testified before a special subcommittee of the United States House of Representatives Commerce Committee on necessary reforms in the sport and business of boxing and specifically on the need for passage of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, which was soon thereafter enacted. Also, at the request of the Nevada State. Mr. Thomas is the author of The Holyfield Way: What I Learned About Courage, Perseverance, and the Bizarre World of Boxing, published by Sports Publishing, Inc. Mr. Thomas is the subject of a cover article in Martial Arts Magazine, with the title: “The Ultimate Black Belt Negotiator: Atlanta, Georgia’s Jim Thomas.” Mr. Thomas was the Executive Producer of a documentary made by Academy Award winner, Jana Memel, named “Champion” about the life and boxing career of Evander Holyfield. Mr. Thomas is today counsel for the planned efforts moving forward for PKA Warriors, in concert with Master Corley. “We still have some really great things planned,” he smiled!



S ergio V on Schmeling •

Martia l arts title : Ch ie f Ma ste r Von Schmelin g

• • •


Instruc tor: Chief Mas te r Ozuna

Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1974 Teaching fo r 35 y ears and cur rently holds the rank of 8th Degree B lack Be lt, study ing T aekwondo

Chief Master Von Schmeling, now 8th Degree Black Belt, was born in Paraguay, South America. He received his Black Belt at the age of 18. At 19 he opened his first martial arts school. Later, he opened a total of 5 schools in Paraguay. − − − − − − − − − − − −

He was a national and South American champion on repeated occasions. In 1987, he was named “the Best Instructor of the Year” in all of South America. He immigrated to the United States in 1989. He was a Chief Instructor in Chief Master Clark Schools in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. In 1993, Master Von Schmeling opened his own school in the city of Winter Park, Florida. In 1996 the school was named “School of the Year” by the American Taekwondo Association. He was multiple time ATA World Champion. He was also Technical Director for the United States Martial Arts Demo Team. He received his American Citizenship in 1999 and the year 2000 received the title of Master by the American Taekwondo Association. In 2014 Chief Master Von Schmeling was inducted as member of the Hall of Fame of Taekwondo by ATA. In 2015 his trajectory and support to the Martial Arts in South America was recognized by the ASAM and Chief Master Von Schmeling was named member of the Hall of Fame in South America. In 2015 he was designated Director of ATA EUROPE by the American Taekwondo Association and he is responsible for the leadership and physical training of the instructors, school operations, curriculum system, etc. of all the European continent, Australia and India.

Today, he is the leader of more than 45 Martial Arts Schools in U.S. (Central Florida, Texas, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Virginia and Colorado) with over 8000 active members. This includes a new school in Valencia, Spain, his first in Europe. His capacity as a leader and an excellent administrator has given him the knowledge to create a team to manage the most professional martial arts schools in the country. He is the mentor of more than 15 Masters, and there are five other Masters candidates for next year. His staff consists of more than 170 instructors and a support staff of ten administrative assistants which Chief Master Von Schmeling leads with extraordinary enthusiasm and with excellent results.



He is Founder and President of the Victory of Life School, Victory Martial Arts, Victory Circle of Success and many more successful companies in the United States. He is the Director and Leader of ATA EUROPE, Australia, India and New Zealand. To develop effective leaders and to encourage his team, providing new visions and new strategies, Chief Master Von Schmeling invests in Education and the highest level of training with celebrities like Anthony Robbins and teaching with the Top Leaders and Masters of ATA. Traveling, training and sharing experiences immediately with his leaders, partners, managers and team members is one of the secrets of Chief Master Von Schmeling’s success. He is a firm believer in leading by example. His company, VICTORY MARTIAL ARTS, has uniquely positioned itself to be a school of leadership. Each studio teaches an exclusive curriculum which emphasizes life skills that perfectly complement the martial arts programs. His system reinforces the human values and principles. The system has permitted Victory Martial Arts to be known as the SCHOOL OF LIFE--the school that has positively transformed the lives of thousands of families. Chief Master Von Schmeling is an expert at developing life skills and social skills programs that support the work of Teachers and Parents. Victory Martial Arts is a Partner in Education and Partner in Excellence with many Counties of Public and private Schools and educational organizations nationwide. Their 6 books of life skills: Discipline, Respect, Self-Esteem, Belief, Communication and Honesty have been the pillars of the successful Victory Leadership and Legacy Programs for many years, implemented by ATA WORLDWIDE to teach more than 1 million active members. In 2018, Victory Martial Arts will celebrate 25 years. The first school was opened in Winter Park, Florida in 1993 and the expansion continues. The goal is always the highest: four hundred VICTORY schools in the world or more. Nothing is impossible when you know what you want and when you have the support of a great team--a strong family.hief Master Von Schmeling is a father and great role model of 5 martial artists: Master Hermann Von Schmeling, 6th Degree Black Belt; Alicia, Janet and Victoria, black belts, and Annabella, his 2 year old-future Black Belt. He is married to Master Barbara Von Schmeling, 6th Degree Black Belt, multiple time ATA World Champion and staff member of Victory Instruction worldwide. The legacy of Chief Master Von Schmeling is projecting itself in the work of several masters and leaders who grew up and were formed in Victory: Senior Master Casco, originally from Paraguay; Senior Master Nery and Master Zamboni, originally from Brazil; Master Breunig, first Certified Instructor of Victory Winter Park, Florida, now in Virginia; Master Faett, from Michigan; Master Souffrant from Orlando, Florida and Master Candidates on 2017: Mr. Indalos, from San Jose, California; Mr. Wilson from San Antonio, Texas; Mr. Bertling from Georgetown, Texas; Mr. Parrish, from Orlando, Florida...and many leaders instructors with high rank and a track record of success in martial arts with an even better future.



Bill “S uperfoot ” W allace Bill Wallace was born in Portland, Indiana, and trained in wrestling during his high school years. He began his study of Judo in 1966 and was forced to discontinue his Judo related activities because of an injury he suffered to his right knee during practice. He then began to study Shorin-ryu Karate under Michael Gneck in February 1967, while serving in the U.S. Air Force. After entering the point fighting tournament scene and achieving success there, he switched to fullcontact kickboxing. With the coaching help of veteran fighter Jim 'Ronin' Harrison, Wallace won 23 consecutive professional fights between 1974 and 1980, becoming the Professional Karate Association middleweight world fullcontact karate champion and retiring undefeated. He was known for his fast left leg kicks, especially his roundhouse kick and his hook kick, which was clocked at about 60 mph. He focused on his left leg because of the Judo-related injury to his right knee, using the right leg primarily as a base. He also suffered the loss of one testicle during a point fighting tournament, when his protective cup was struck at an unfortunate angle. He saved the testicle and showed it to football running back legend Jim Brown at the first Ultimate Fighting Championship. A year later, Wallace turned professional and captured the PKA middleweight karate championship with a secondround knockout. He relinquished the crown in 1980, undefeated. The PKA promoted the sport of full-contact karate. Full-contact karate differed from kickboxing in that leg kicks were allowed in kickboxing and forbidden in full-contact karate. In 1990 Bill Wallace (166 lbs) fought one last exhibition kickboxing/karate match with friend Joe Lewis (198 lbs) on pay per view. Both Wallace and Lewis were refused a boxing license because of their age. The exhibition ended with one judge in favor for Wallace, another in favor for Lewis, and the third judge scored the bout a tie, ending the exhibition in a draw. Wallace has taught karate, judo, wrestling and weight lifting at Memphis State University. The author of a college textbook about karate and kinesiology, he continues to teach seminars across the United States and abroad. He has acted, most notably in A Force of One starring Chuck Norris. Wallace was the play-by-play commentator for the inaugural Ultimate Fighting Championship payper-view event in 1993 alongside fellow kickboxer Kathy Long and NFL Hall of famer Jim Brown. Wallace administers an organization of karate schools under his "Superfoot" system. He was elected to Black Belt Magazine's Hall of Fame in 1973 as "Tournament Karate Fighter of the Year" and again in 1978 as "Man of the Year.” His film credits include A Force of One with Chuck Norris; Kill Point, with Cameron Mitchell; Continental Divide and Neighbors, with John Belushi; The Protector, with Jackie Chan; Los Bravos with Hector Echavarria; A Prayer for the Dying, with Mickey Rourke; Ninja Turf; and Sword of Heaven.



Micha el Jai Whit e • • • •

Martia l arts title : Sen sei

Instruc tors: Shig eru Oy ama, Bill Wa llace, Matty Mellisi, Rex Lee , Antho ny Marqu ez, Jerry Kleinman, E ric Chen, J oe Lewis , Hosu Wa ng

Sherman Oaks, CA Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1972 Teaching fo r 30 y ears and cur rently ranked a s Y odan, study ing mar tia l ar ts s tyles: Kyokush in , Goja Ryu, Sho tokan , T KD, Kobudo, Tang Soo Do, Superfoot Sys tems

Michael Jai White, now holds 8 different Black Belts, is a martial arts champion, a film star and is believed by many to be one of the most dynamic martial arts film stars to grace the big screen. Michael started his training in 1972. Like most Martial Artists in the 70's, h was influenced by the prowess of Bruce Lee and Martial Arts became a mainstay in his life. As of 2013, he had achieved his 8th black belt. His styles of study include: Kyokushin, Shotokan, Goju, Tae Kwon Do, Kobudo, Seido, Tang Soo Do and the Superfoot System. In 2015, he was presented my 9th Degree from a board of high ranking instructors from the east coast. Mr. White has trained with such greats as Shigeru Oyama, Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Matty Mellisi, Rex Lee, Anthony Marquez, Jerry Kleinman, Eric Chen and Hosu Wang. As a competitor, he has won many tournaments as a fighter as well as a forms competitor. He competed in hundreds of tournaments in the 80's and 90's. He said “There are almost too many to name given their various style distinctions and affiliations. Being that I only considered PKA and WKA the only legitimate worldwide fighting entities at that time, and I held none of those titles, I never bothered to claim any coveted titles other than regional and national point system tournaments who were free to name their tournaments any glorious title they wished.” He continues to instruct as well as train with a phalanx of current UFC champions: Tyron Woodley (current UFC Welterweight Champ), Dan Cormier(current UFC light HVW Champ) as well as former champions Rampage Jackson, Josh Barnett and Rashad Evans. Being a long time Kyokushin practitioner, he continues to host several seminars and workshops each year for students of the style.



In the movie SPAWN, he was the first African American to portray a superhero. As a writer, producer, actor and director he has created movies like Blood And Bone, Black Dynamite, Falcon Rising, Never Back Down 2 and #3 No Surrender-a love letter to traditional martial arts. As an international star of many martial art films, he is one of the few Americans currently representing martial arts in film on a worldwide platform today. As of publication, Master White has several movies coming out. He is also host of the newest MMA Reality based TV show called Last Fighter Standing, He is helping to blaze a trail to find the world's best Martial Arts fighters and bring them international recognition. “Martial Arts have saved my life, literally and figuratively”, Mr. White said. “I came into the arts as an insecure youngster searching for armor to protect me from the hardness of life, and I emerged as a peaceful warrior who viewed life as a series of obstacles to be easily overcome by my efforts. I was hyper-active and extremely aggressive. The physical and mental outlet the martial arts provided for me was a life saving receptacle for my surplus angst. It was the therapy I needed and provided the confidence I needed to prosper in my life.” He continued. “Every aspect of my life has been enhanced through Martial Arts. The discipline achieved is the very thing needed in every aspect of success. I was on my own since the age of 14, living in the harsh inner-city where my only role models were Martial Artists who adhered to a life of vigorous training, self denial, and virtuous living. I was as far from where I sit now as I could possibly be and could barely see past a 5 block radius. Only through the furnace of karate training could I achieve the self realization that I was meant to break from the restraints of my community and venture toward my destiny. Only through the lesson that, ‘in life, as in belt levels, the obstacles are overcome through consistent work and discipline. I am a successful husband and father because of these very tenets.’ As an actor, Michael Jai White has 83 acting credits, according to IMDB. He has 4 credits as Producer, 2 as Director and 3 for stunts. “In my opinion, Michael Jai’s fight scenes are consistently the best martial arts scenes on film”, PKA president Joe Corley said. “The techniques are clean, ‘old school’ martial arts, shot well, edited well and easy to understand. I’d have to guess that Michael Jai insisits on that clarity in those action scenes.” Michael Jai White has been inducted into a number of Halls of Fame, including Alan Goldberg’s Action Martial Arts Hall Of Fame as well as the late Arron Banks Hall of Fame about a decade ago. In 2014, Michael Jai eaned the prestigious Black Belt Magazine Man of the Year award



Don “The Dragon “W ils on Don “The Dragon” Wilson started in Rockledge, Florida where he grew up in the shadow of Cape Canaveral. His father was an engineer for NASA. Don was an Honors student in high school, and his quest was to follow in his father’s footsteps. He attended the Coast Guard Academy where he studied engineering, and planned on being an Officer in the Coast Guard, but after taking some kung fu lessons from his brother James, his life was changed forever. Don had been a superior athlete in high school. He was captain of the football and the basketball teams, and was Most Valuable Player in both sports. But he still couldn’t understand why at a solid 205 pounds he could not outfight his smaller 155 pound brother. Don soon began competing in point fighting and form competitions. He was a good point fighter and an even better forms competitor.

Don is also an action movie star with 67 credits including 48 major starring roles. He is best known for the Bloodfist series, Ring Of Fire Series, Batman Forever, The Last Sentinel and The Martial Arts Kid. And like so many other popular actors, Don has also been a Co-Producer of many of his movies. He adds experience and credibility to his films and will continue in this capacity as well.

As a student of Pai Lum kung fu, Don wanted to prove that kung fu practitioners could really fight so he immediately jumped into the world of Full Contact karate. His first professional career fight in 1974 ended with a loss and a broken hand, but he was hooked on it. By 1979 Don dominated his division and was the PKA US Middleweight Champion.

Movies currently in release with Don as one of the action stars are the award winning films The Martial Arts Kid, and Death Fighter. Playing the Festival Circuit and due for release in winter of 2017 his latest film is another award winner, Paying Mr. McGetty. Don was recently nominated for Best Actor at the Prestigious Burbank International Film Festival for his role as Shota the hitman in Paying Mr. McGetty. Upcoming projects for Don include The Martial Arts Kid 2, Payback and Blood Raid. Once again these projects will be full of true martial artists as Don continues to showcase as many of his associates in the martial arts world as possible.

At this point Don began training with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace the undefeated and retired PKA World Middleweight champion. This was the genesis of Don’s legendary kicking skills. He was able to use every kind of kick effectively and with either leg, but he became most respected for his side kick. Today Don is considered one of the greatest kickboxers in ring history. He won 11 World Titles and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Don has soundly defeated other famous fighters in his career and eventually retired with an enviable winning record. Although he retired as champion, and returned on two occasions to win again before laying down his gloves the final time.

Don continues teaching seminars, making appearances and doing exhibitions while travelling around the world representing martial arts. His most recent trips in this capacity were to Germany and Kurdistan, Iraq. Don “The Dragon” Wilson credits martial arts and his fans for his fame and accomplishments and is always open to spending time speaking with all who approach. Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself when you see him.



Pat rick W renn •

Place o f Birth & P lace Growing Up - Bo rn, Spring field, MA; ra ised Birmingh am, AL

Martia l Arts S ty le (s) a nd Belt Rank(s): American Combative A rts Sys tem, 10 t h dan;

• •

Tae Kwon Do, 7 t h dan; Shorin Ryu, 4 t h d an

• • •

Y our Instruc tor - Bill Wa llace ; Al Ho lcomb; Mac Dick inso n; Don Gibbs Y ear Started S tudy ing Martia l Ar ts – 1970 Y ears in the Martia l Arts – 47 Y ears Teaching Ma rtia l Arts – 37

Prof essional Organizations − − − − − − −

Professional Karate Commission Professional Karate Association World Martial Arts Congress for Education, Board of Directors World Karate Association Tennessee Athletic Commission; Inspector, Boxing kickboxing, mixed martial arts events National Football League Players Association Licensing Agent/Official, Boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts competitions and training of officials; World Karate Association;

− −

− − −

Personal Achievements


In His Ow n Words

Boards broken one at a time by hand: − − − − − −

After college, I had a business importing animals for zoos and animal parks. A man came to my business and talked me into taking a karate lesson. I did it and couldn't quit it. I was terrible at karate for years and learned that the journey was my goal, not my arrival. I had success in tournaments, a lot of experience on the street, and was lucky enough to purchase part of Tennessee Karate Institute. TKI was owned by Bill Wallace, Elvis Presley, Red West, and me. While at TKI, I witnessed Bill Wallace's pursuit of the middleweight world PKA karate title. TKI was visited by every big name in the martial arts and a number of wellknown entertainers such as Elvis Presley.

100 in 23 seconds, Pink Palace, Memphis, TN, 2000 5412 in 47 minutes, 13 seconds, St. Peter’s Home Annual Picnic, Memphis, TN, 1996 1184 in 11 minutes, 42 seconds, National Cancer Society Benefit, Memphis, TN, 1994 503 in 181 seconds, Memphis, TN, 1992 300 in 80 seconds, Germantown, TN, 1991 252 in 60 seconds, Germantown, TN, 1990


“Patrick Wrenn Day” Proclamation - Memphis City Council, Memphis, Tennessee “Patrick Wrenn Day” Certificate of Appreciation, City of Memphis Resolution of Commendation for Patrick J. Wrenn, Board of Commissioners of Shelby County “A Resolution to Recognize Mr. Patrick Wrenn,” The Senate Joint Resolution No. 32, State of Tennessee International Karate Kickboxing Hall of Fame World Martial Arts Instructor of the Year World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Player of the Year American Ninjitsu Federation Bruce Lee Hall of Fame

Smithsonian Institution Science of Sports Exhibit, Fastest Breaking Technique Inductee, Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum Proclamation - Shelby County, Tennessee



I learned to completely dedicate myself to my training and the value of a mind, body, spirit approach. I learned the real value of the ethics in the code of bushido and patterned my work ethic after Grandmaster Wallace. I do not do Karate, I am karate. It is a part of everything that I have done and experienced over the past 47 years. I have seen that there is a correct way for the body to perform its tasks, and the martial arts are a great road map for that performance. I learned that I had to develop the inner martial artist to support the performance of the outer martial arts correctly. I had to be spiritually correct to perform techniques correctly. So, I have spent my life developing my students' inner warrior to help them become champions in the ring and in life. I have shared my martial arts expertise with people who have had serious head trauma injuries to help them get in touch with their inner strength. I worked for over a decade as a therapist to adolescent psychiatric patients to help them learn to be clean and sober. I have trained SWAT and TACT for city and county law enforcement, and as a Navy Contractor for the Department of Defense I’ve trained Special Forces and Navy SEAL operators. I raised $181,000 in 47 minutes for the Ronald McDonald House for St. Jude Hospital by breaking 5412 boards, one at a time, on ESPN and to an audience of 26,000 attendees.

I’ve trained and provided individual instruction to World Champion Kickboxers John Lee, Anthony Elmore, Dennis Roberts, Steve Carter, Steve Wright, and Tony Rosser. Trained and provided individual instruction to World Champion Boxers Aaron Pryor, and Kennedy McKinney and these same services to football, basketball and other professional athletes.

Major Martial Arts Achievements I’ve been employed as a coach by D-1 Sports, Athletic Training, Elite Level Memphis Mad Dogs, Canadian Football League, and as defensive back coach for University of Memphis Football, motivational coach and defensive back coach National Football League Players Association.

I am the organizer and promoter of the Elvis Memorial Karate Tournaments as well as international martial arts tournaments and PKA and KICK professional boxing shows. I hosted the 10th Elvis Presley Memorial Karate Tournament and the Elvis Presley Memorial Hall of Fame, inducting Bill Wallace, Anthony Elmore, and Cynthia Rothrock as Charter Inductees.



Keit h Ya tes In 1965 Keith D. Yates began his martial arts training under International Champion Allen Steen. Although most of the students in the class were in their twenties (there were virtually no children or women training in those days) Yates was just entering junior high. When he earned his black belt at the age of 17 he was one of the youngest to ever do so at the time. He established a reputation as one of the earliest kata champions in the country winning titles across the Southwest. After his competitive career, he embarked on a study of other arts earning black belts in Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Okinawan Kobudo. He started one of the first “for-credit” university karate programs at Southern Methodist University in 1972 where he served as an adjunct professor of physical education for several years. He became the head instructor at Allen Steen’s original dojo (the first karate school in Texas) and traveled around the North Texas area training and coaching other champion black belts. He began writing articles for “Black Belt Magazine” in the early 1980s and would go on to author or co-author 14 books and well over 400 articles in every major martial arts publication. Jhoon Rhee, the “Father of American Taekwondo”, has called Yates one of the most influential voices for martial arts in the United States. He has served on the boards of several major organizations including chairmanship of the American Karate Black Belt Association (established by Allen Steen in 1964), the head of the Gospel Martial Arts Union, and on the advisory board of Chuck Norris’s KickStart Kids. He did his master’s thesis at Dallas Theological Seminary on the “Spiritual Aspects of the Martial Arts” and has been a guest speaker on several television and radio programs. In 2010 listeners voted him the most popular guest for the popular “Martial Arts Masters of Texas.” Although he has never owned his own commercial dojo (instead teaching at colleges and YMCAs), according to Allen Steen, Yates is the longest, continually-teaching karate instructor in Texas. He has promoted over 150 students to black belt, many of whom have gone on to open their own schools under the auspices of Yates’s American Karate and Taekwondo Organization (AKATO). Keith Yates is a father of four with ten grandchildren, he is currently an adjunct professor of Media Arts and Communications at Dallas Theologica


Champion Legends in the American Martial Arts

AMAA WHO’S WHO Legends Weekend ~ Charlotte, NC ~ September 2016



E rick Alfaro • • • •

Martia l arts title : Ma ster Jacksonv ille Flo rida sta rted study ing martia l arts in 1985 Instruc tor s: Gra nd Ma s ter C lark

In His Ow n Words I was born in San Diego California on May 20, 1979. As a little boy I began my fascination with martial arts through my dad and martial arts movies. Then in 1985 the Navy transferred my family to Jacksonville, Florida. One weekend while shopping at the Regency Mall my family saw a demonstration put on by Grand Master Clark’s Karate Center. It was a spectacular demonstration of power, precision, and discipline. My dad and mom were impressed as much as I was and took a flyer to call the next day. After scheduling an appointment for the following week, my dad left for deployment and my mom was to take me to class. My first lesson in May 1985 was quite interesting. My mom tied my belt in a bow and when I arrived the adults were sparring-- so crying was my only response. After several minutes of trying to calm me down, my first instructor, Mr. Adams put me in class. At first I was uneasy but slowly began to follow along. I trained 6 days a week at the Neptune Beach Karate America school. Then in December, 1986 I earned black belt, was recommended and began my formal training with Grand Master Clark in Black Belt Class at the Arlington Karate America.

black belt in 2001, 5th degree black belt in 2005, and recently 6th degree black belt in 2016. Now I am going through my Mastership training to become a Master in 2017. A few of the styles that really interested me besides Taekwondo were Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga. I started BJJ in 1993 when GM Clark brought Rickson Gracie to Jacksonville for a weekend seminar. From then on I followed Rickson wherever he went to teach and eventually tested and achieved the rank of blue belt in 1996. After that I continued my training with Fabio Santos, Royce Gracie, and Carlos Rollyson. My first exposure to Krav Maga was in 2000 when GM Clark had Paul Whitman and Daren Levine of Krav Maga Worldwide come and certify a group of his instructors. These instructors went through 3 levels of instructor certification over a period of 2 years. After that I continued my training with Amir Perets, Mike Kanarek, and Nir Maman.

Tournaments were a big part of my early years in training. My parents took me to several tournaments a month. I competed and won in ATA Taekwondo and Open circuit tournaments. I was constantly ranked as a top competitor in several organizations. Diversity in training was a philosophy I learned from Grand Master Clark. As GM Clark brought several different instructors to teach his black belts, I trained with some of the top instructors in the world, achieving rank and instructor certifications in their organizations.

Then in 2012 I was tasked by GM Clark to assist in the organizion of the Warrior Krav Maga curriculum that would match the same levels of progression as the ATA. That was the birth of Warrior Krav Maga. It

ATA Taekwondo was always a big part of my life. As I got older II pursued high ranks achieving 4th degree



My biggest influences in life and in the martial arts has been from the ATA: Eternal Grand Master Lee, Grand Master Clark, Chief Master Von Schmeling, Chief Master GK Lee and Sr. Master Diaz, among others.

continues now as a work in progress and will include still more exciting curricula in 2017. I have mentored thousands of students in Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga and has earned the respect of Warriors from all over the world.



Ma lia Berna l (the martial arts equivalent to the Academy awards) winning for Best Forms, Best Sparring and Best Overall, is part of the AMA Hall of Fame, the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame and Who’s Who in the Martial Arts, a #1 rating in Professional Karate Magazine, and numerous television, movie and media appearances, including a film cameo alongside Chuck Norris in the movie, "SideKicks." She is a Grandmaster of Kajukenbo -promoted by Grandmaster Ted Sotelo in 2012 as well as a member of the Kajukenbo Hall of Fame, a 9th degree black sash in Wun Hop Kuen Do and the first woman to ever grace the cover of Black Belt magazine.

In the 1970’s, many people discovered Bruce Lee and martial arts, as a whole, took off like a wildfire throughout the USA as well as Europe. But to thousands of people, martial arts was already a solid part of their lives. Malia Bernal was one of them.

Long before Billy Blanks hit it big with Tae Bo, Malia was already putting the combination of martial arts and cardio fitness together, she called it aerobics defense, for her students. “Being fit,” she said, “is a big part of being a better martial artist.” During her time in Germany, she was the first woman to open and run a martial arts school in Hamburg. While her own training in martial arts was important, it was also important for her to share her knowledge and training. Entertainment stars such as actress Karen Shepherd, former Commissioner of the International Sport Karate Association Karyn Turner, European actor and World Martial Arts Cham pion Emanuel Bettencourt as well as her own son, Hawaii Five-O and Iron Chef America star Mark Dacascos. have flourished in martial arts, all becoming, under her tutelage, Champions in Forms and Sparring competitions. She has even conducted fitness training with people known for their fitness, such as Martial Artist and Actor, Chuck Norris

Known for her tremendous unstoppable energy and enthusiasm for life and learning, she became involved in martial arts in the 1960’s and by the 1970’s was considered the top competitor on the martial arts circuits and is widely believed to be the pioneer for women in martial arts. In her career, she accomplished what few women had done:

After retiring from competition, the Queen of Kungfu added a new title…the Queen of Fitness. While continuing to practice and share her martial arts, even developing her own style, called Xiang Dai Kung-fu, a style that was approved by and endorsed in 1997 by the originator of Kajukenbo, Senior

She dominated the’ tournaments circuit in late 60’s & 70’s, won the Long Beach Ca. Internationals 5 years in a row: three for form only but two for form and fighting, became a multi winning Forms Champion, a 3x winner of the Golden Fist award



To look at her, most people would never guess her age. Many have guessed her to be in her 30’s or possibly 40’s but other than someone such as the famed fitness guru, Jack LaLane, many would never expect to find such a fit and muscular body on someone Malia’s age…. but she is certainly not going to apologize. She works hard to maintain her svelte body and she believes that anyone can have a fit for life body, no matter the beginning fitness level. “It is never too late to get fit.”

Grandmaster Adriano Emperado, she was consistently approached by people all over the world to train them to be fitter martial artists. Being fit was something that Malia was highly known for and continues to be known for. She retired from competition over 30 years ago but like a fine wine, Malia has done nothing but get better as she has matured. Fast forward to today…. In her 60’s and at an age when most women are enjoying the quieter and more sedentary ways of

Malia works with all ages but likes to work with the younger crowd in order to teach them how to be prepared for senior life. “Once you get someone used to taking care of their bodies in their youth, the senior years will usually be healthier.” and “Getting our youth fit and keeping them that way through their lives as well as helping seniors to build and maintain their bodies in order to live a good quality of life” is what motivates Malia to continue to educate. During her upcoming worldwide tour, in addition to her Kung-fu seminars, she is including her Fitness for Life curriculum. Both seminars are always open to anyone wanting to learn whether they are a practicing martial artist, a health conscious beginner or someone who just wants to mix up their fitness routine. “When you have challenges, you find a way around them.” No matter the age or fitness level. Malia Bernal is truly a paragon of the martial arts as well as in the fitness arena.

life, she is anything but quiet as you will find Malia Bernal conducting martial arts classes, martial arts fitness classes, or private fitness classes and that is only if she is not traveling worldwide conducting seminars to educate attendees about the martial arts and fitness while challenging them to always do, and be, their best.



Da vid Brock • • • •

Martia l arts title : Ma ster Hunting ton Beac h, Californ ia Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1970 Teaching fo r 45 y ears and cur rently holds the rank of 7th Degree B lack Belt, study ing Ch inese Kenpo Karate Instruc tor : Ma ster Bob White

Personal Achievements −

− −


Tournament, which was a huge success our first try. I have traveled to many countries to teach and tell my personal testimony of my struggle with drug abuse and how I came to Jesus Christ.

In His Ow n Words I started out in Judo in North Carolina. After moving to California, I started boxing in Golden Gloves. My parents got divorced and my mom enrolled me in Kenpo Karate at 17 years old. I have not stopped since.

The most important concept that I have learned as a martial artist is to be humble, but yet strive to be a better father, grandfather, husband, and instructor to all of my students, and to share the word of Jesus Christ.

It has been the greatest experience of my life, with a lot of highs and lows, both personally and professionally. The greatest experience was giving my life up to Jesus Christ 18 years ago. I still teach today in a beautiful 6,000 square foot training center and have no plans of retiring soon.

I started the first After School Program in Orange County, CA as well as worked with the LA Rams and CA Angels. I’ve been involved with different Police and Sheriff Organizations in OC as well as taught the Navy Seals program at Trinity Island.

My philosophy in the martial arts is to improve the lives of others. I have promoted for the past 18 years at the Annual Toys for Tots Drive for Children with Cystic Fibrosis, which I started with a student of mine, Jeff Weiler, who died of this disease. I have now started another charity called, “Help Feed the Homeless”



Jim Butin − − − −

Martial arts title: 10th Degree Black Belt Piedmont, Oklahoma Started studying martial arts in 1965 and has been in the martial arts for 52 Teaching for 50 years and currently holds the rank of 10th Degree Black Belt, studying martial arts styles: American Tae Kwon Do Instructor: J Pat Burleson

Personal Achievements Jim Butin was rated #2 light heavyweight in the world by the PKA from 1974 to 1978. He won over 40 black belt fighting 1st place awards and won a silver medal in Seoul, Korea, in the 1st world Tae Kwon Do Championships on the U.S. team. Butin competed in six undefeated contests in Europe as part of the U.S. team comprised of Joe Lewis, Jeff Smith, Bill Wallace, and Howard Jackson. He has been inducted into six Martial Arts Halls of Fame and is a four-time National Black Belt fighting champion.

It has been my profession since 1970. Many other black belts say that they have been in for 40 years or more, but most of the time they have quit working out, teaching or running a martial arts school. I am proud to say that I have never gone away from the joy of teaching others, training to win, or supporting my family from my business.

In His Ow n Words My friends informed me of a program in Fort Worth that they were starting in, and I said I was in! Pat Burleson has always been my instructor in American Karate/Tae Kwon Do, but I was influenced by many other fighters that I had the opportunity to fight with or that would share their techniques with me from shotokan, kung fu, and other styles.

After 50 years of teaching and knowing the benefits that I have supplied to thousands of people and the influence and role models that we have presented to kids who have grown up in our program, I know that my life has had meaning and purpose. Buyer beware when you are searching out a martial arts program and quality instructors. There are good plumbers and bad plumbers, and there are some real "Bozo's" in the martial arts business that know business, but have no physical skills on the level that they profess. As noted earlier I believe instruction to others, especially children, can prepare them to succeed in a violent world. I have been a part of that opportunity for many years.



Through classes and instructor influence, I learned skills and character. Through competition I learned comradery and became a man of responsibility and desire to succeed. Through ownership of my own business, I learned dedication and impact of values to others. I attended every martial arts convention hosted by NAPMA, which stopped functioning many years ago. I attended every MAIA convention that has existed and gained many contacts and gained information that made me think out of the box concerning business practices to help make the martial arts profitable. I won the Top Ten Nationals 1n 1974, by defeating John Natividad and Jeff Smith, and repeated that win in 1975. I won the Battle of Atlanta in 1976, Light heavy weight division, I won my fourth national Title in 1980 by winning the heavyweight division at Roy Kurbans, Fort Worth Pro-Am. In addition I have won first place in almost all of the Texas and Oklahoma and some Colorado tournaments from 1968 to 1992 when I stopped competing. The Oklahoma Metro Library System honored me in 2004 by including me as one of the 20 greatest athletes in Oklahoma. I have my own trading card along with Mickey Mantle, Barry Sanders, Jim Thorpe, Shannon Miller, and Bart Conner. I was in ducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in 2012, the Texas Hall of Fame in 2013 and the Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame in 2013 and the Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame in 2006



G lenn Carder − − − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – North Dartmouth, Massachusetts Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – Shorinji Kempo Karate, 5th degree Black Belt; Shorinji Kubodo Cane, 1st degree Black Belt Instructor – Hardley Soryz, 7th degree Black Belt Years in the Martial Arts – 37

Professional Organizations Charlotte/Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office Major Martial Arts Achievements Mr. Glenn Carder has been training in the martial arts for over 37 years. Mr. Carder started his martial arts career at age 10 where he was taught boxing and Judo with Head Instructor, Mr. Massarelli in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. At age 14, he trained at the Shaolin Kenpo Dojo under 8th degree Black Belt, Eugene Gaudreau in Nashua, New Hampshire where he earned the rank of Apprentice. He continued his training in Chinese Kenpo under the instruction of 8th degree Black Belt, Vic Nastasia, where he earned the rank of 1st degree Black Belt in 1990. In the early 90s, he competed on the National Tournament Circuit where he took 2nd place and was recognized nationally by the North American Sport Karate Association. Also during that time, Mr. Carder was training in Ju-jitsu, En Shu Do, Ed Parker Kempo, and Bushido.

a 1st degree Black Belt in Shorinji Kubodo Cane. In July 2015, Mr. Carder broadened his knowledge in the martial arts and became a Certified Instructor in Tai Chi/ Qigong, a discipline directly related to Tai Chi, with Dayan Arts.

In January 2005, Mr. Carder earned his second 1st degree Black Belt, this time in Shorinji Kempo Karate under the direction of 7th degree Black Belt, Hardley Soryz at the Martial Arts Training Institute in Harrisburg, North Carolina. He earned the rank of 2nd degree in October 2006 and 4th Degree in October 2010. He is currently a 5th degree Black Belt in this style. In April 2010, Mr. Carder earned

Mr. Carder also works for Sheriff Irwin Carmichael of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office, training thousands of children each year at Charlotte area public/ private schools. He is the owner and operator of martial arts clubs with over 300 child and adult students. Mr. Carder also teaches Co-ed Personal Protection and Women’s Self-Defense Clinics at local colleges, and corporate venues.



Helen Chung V asilia dis • • • •

Martia l arts title : WAK O World Champion Great Fa lls, Virg inia Started stu dyin g martia l ar ts in 1970 Teaching fo r 13 y ears , curren tly holds the rank of 3rd D egree B lack Belt, study ing martia l arts sty les: Tae Kwon Do Instruc tor s: Jhoon Rhe e, Kwan Ro, Otis Hoope r, F loyd Ja c kson, Marsha ll Collins, John Chung, Jeff Smith

Personal Achievements − −

− − −

− −

1984 BS Exercise Science George Mason University 1987-Present Owner of Six One to One Fitness Center - Personal Training Facilities in DC and VA 1990-1993 Graduate Studies George Mason University - MS Exercise Science 1990-Present Mother of Five Amazing Children 2015-Present Student of Wellcoaches through Harvard Medical School and American College of Sports Medicine to become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach 1984-1986 Sports Training Institute, NYC Personal Fitness Trainer to Movie stars Kathleen Turner of "Body Heat", Burt Young of "Rocky", Olympic Boxer Mark Breland, and Editor of Parade Magazine & Lifetime Achievement Legend in the American Martial Arts Walter Anderson

I have been blessed with a very fulfilling life in the United States. Much of my life, from the age of 9 when I first came to the US, evolved around my Martial Arts training and blossomed from my foundation as a martial artist. I spent more time at the Karate school than anywhere else. I spent hours and hours, taking classes, doing my homework, working in the office, ultimately teaching classes, and working out as often as I could. All my time and training in the Karate school affected all other aspects of my life. It taught me hard work, discipline, time management, showing respect for others, and it was the foundation for my success in other areas of my life such as school, on the karate

In Her Own Wor ds I emigrated from Korea to the United States in 1970 at the age of nine with assistance from my Uncle, Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, and I earned my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 16. As an immigrant, these were very humbling times and Martial Arts has been the key to my success today.



circuit, and ultimately becoming a Mother and business owner. Martial Arts has influenced and enhanced my life in numerous ways. Being part of the Martial Arts community, which is made up of martial artists of all races, religions, and parts of our country, who shared common values such as respect, hard work, competition, and righteousness, these values have helped mold me to become the person I am today. Through Martial Arts I have traveled around the world for countless competitions and demonstrations and I have met thousands of other martial artists who are now part of my martial arts family and who will remain friends for my entire life. I believe that Martial Arts parallels and enhances life. All of our core values as martial artists are relevant to all aspects of life in general, from the importance of discipline and hard work, to treating others with courtesy and respect, to bravery, humility, competition and fun.

our community. For my co-students and cocompetitors, during training and competition, I have attempted to demonstrate hard work as well as fierce competitiveness balanced by gracious sportsmanship. For parents of my students I have always tried to demonstrate how success within martial arts is not only compatible with but also enhances success in life. I always earned honor roll in school, I always excelled in the organization where I have worked, and I started a successful fitness business that has been in operation for 30 years. In the karate school, we are always taught that with hard work and perseverance we can achieve our goals. I believe that I spread this philosophy everywhere I go and I pride myself on being a positive and uplifting influence for my friends and family.

One of our mottos at the Jhoon Rhee Institute was “Lead by Example� and this had a great influence on me since I started as a white belt at the age of nine. Beginning as a student and junior competitor, I always tried to set an example to my co-students and other competitors within the dojang, at tournaments, and in

Being involved in Martial Arts has taught me to be assertive, confident, disciplined, goal oriented, humble and kind. My experiences throughout the world as a martial artist have helped me learn about, appreciate and respect other cultures, societies, and people. I have had the opportunity to teach martial arts and self-defense to law enforcement groups, women’s groups, in schools, on television, at professional sporting events in the US Congress, in foreign countries, and to hundreds of my individual students.

1987 WAKO World Championships M

i h G



Major Tournaments

1989 Centerfold and feature story "FIGHTER" Magazine 1990 Hall of Fame Induction- Diamond Nationals 2014 Masters Hall of Fame, Texas 2016 Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award, Battle of Atlanta Awards Related to Martial Arts:

Battle of Atlanta; Bermuda Internationals; Blue Grass Nationals; U.S. Capitol Classics; Fort Worth Pro Am; U.S. Open; Top Ten Nationals; WAKO World Championships Major Achievements:

1978 Junior Miss Pageant Talent Award First Place 1981 Dance Fever Capitol Center DC Armory Capitol Hill FBI Academy Regis Philbin Show Good Morning America

1984-1989 Top Ten National Champion Forms/Fighting 1985 WAKO US Team, London, England 1987 WAKO US Team, Munich, Germany, World Champion Welter Weight 1988 Bermuda International Forms/Fighting Champion



John Chung − − − − −

Martial arts title: World Forms & Fighting Champion Reston, Virginia Started studying martial arts in 1970 Teaching for 44 years and currently holds the rank of 9th Dan, studying martial arts styles: Tae Kwon Do Instructor: GM Jhoon Rhee

Personal Achievements − −

1976, Graduated Wakefield High School, Arlington, Virginia 1984, Wake Forest University, B.S. in Business Administration, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

In His Ow n Words At a young age, I was interested in the Martial Arts. In Korea, I took Judo at my Middle School. In 1970, at the age of 12, I came to Washington, D.C and began my training in Tae Kwon Do with my Uncle, Founding Father of American Tae Kwon Do Grand Master Jhoon Rhee. Martial Arts has taught me to be a student for and of life. It has taught me the benefits of being a competitor and the joy of being the best individual that I choose to be. The passion of Martial Arts has given me the opportunity to pay it forward by teaching since 1972. I have also been Blessed as a competitor, to be the Champion of the World, and to have traveled and enjoyed many Martial Artists and their cultures from various countries. My philosophy: Learn Something, Get a Good workout and Have Fun! This has been my school motto and theme where students of all ages benefit. Martial Arts has taught me to see, experience and live life positively and gratefully. I believe the president of 1st grade is just as important as a person as the president of a company. Everyone is treated with respect. Always try your best, effort is the most important quality and seek joy in your goals and achievements. Seminars and training camps for Martial Artists of all styles and levels have brought me great opportunities to continually share my experiences as a student, competitor, instructor and business owner. Hosting tournam ents and motivational speeches have been well received and appreciated by both Martial Artists and Non-Martial Artists. In the years 1970-1987, I was fortunate to have competed in all major tournaments, National and Internationally, Winning World Championship titles since 1981. Most Recent Awards: 2014- Masters Hall of Fame, 2014-World Wide Tae Kwon Do Award, 2015-AmeriKick Internationals Hall of Fame, 2016- Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award, And . . . 30 years of teaching Boot Camp for Martial Artists. Students from all over the world come to train together to improve, learn and experience world class training.



"People go to camps to meet a Champion, we come to John Chung's camp to become a Champion" Personal Biography − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − −

1970-no belt, 1974-black belt, 1977-pka national champion,
 1979-u.s. champion, 1981-world champion, 1982-black belt hall of fame,
 1982-p.k.a. tournament competitor of the year, 1983-world champion,
 1984-inside karate hall of fame, 1985-world champion,
 1989-diamond nationals hall of fame, 1990-n.a.s.k.a. hall of fame,
 1990-fighter international hall of fame, 1993-world martial arts hall of fame, 1996-bluegrass nationals hall of fame,
 1997-founder of c ‘sidekick international competition team’,
 1998-promoter of the ‘sidekick international martial arts championship’, 1999-promoter of the ‘world cup finals open martial arts championship’ 2000-president of the ‘world cup martial arts organization’
 2005-ocean state grand nationals hall of fame,
 2006-world mudo federation hall of fame
 2009-universal martial arts association international hall of fame
 2012-all pro tae kwon do martial arts hall of fame
 2013-new york tournaments martial arts hall of fame

“The best in the world” / “ King of Kata” / “ World forms & fighting champion” / John Chung
 Any of the above describe only one person. Student of Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, father of American Tae Kwon Do John Chung, with his famous perfect side kick and techniques, has revolutionized the level of competition. Pioneer of musical forms and perfectionist of traditional forms, the King of Kata, John Chung, has brought the standard of excellence to the forefront. World forms & fighting John Chung is passing down his experience and spreading his knowledge of martial arts, to students of karate, kung fu and tae kwon do.
the best in the world, John Chung, excels as an instructor. The knowledge to understand and improve technically along with the edge to win in competition is currently given in worldwide seminars. All seminars vary from tae kwon do history, traditional forms, musical forms, self-defense (applications of techniques) to necessary basics in stretching, strengthening, tournament & continuous sparring and open competition. 110


Many viewers seek instruction in the martial arts after being mesmerized by John Chung demonstrating his perfect techniques. Appearances at the following has definitely helped martial arts enrollment throughout the nation as many students have gone on to enroll after experiencing a performance by John Chung: Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum, Capitol Center, Dc Armory, Capitol Hill, FBI Academy, Regis Philbin Show, Lifestyles, Dance Fever, ESPN Cable, MSG Cable, Good Morning America, Eyewitness News, WCBS News, Fox News and CNN. In addition to personal appearances, world forms & fighting champion John Chung has available worldwide 23 instructional video tapes, taking you from beginner to master level. Therefore, as a student in his do-jang (institute), a competitor on the circuit, or a martial arts practitioner, you ar e able to perfect techniques with John Chung as a guide. John Chung students all know the mantra, ‘practice perfectly, have fun and learn!’ All for the hopes of also having the John Chung side kick. Currently, John Chung enjoys teaching classes daily while expanding his chain of
World Form & Fighting Champion John Chung Tae Kwon Do Institute in the
Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. metropolitan area. In addition, he was the coach of
the sidekick international competition team which consists of team members of juniors and adults from all over the United States. John Chung is also the promoter of not one, but two international championship tournaments. Each tournament enjoys participants from all styles and countries.



Micha el Coles Grand Master Coles began his 40-year career in Tae Kwon Do in 1968 under Grand Master Jhoon Rhee. He was promoted to 1st degree Black Belt in 1970 and to second degree in 1972. While in college, he taught part time for Master Rhee becoming a full-time instructor in 1974. In 1981, Master Coles was promoted to Head Instructor of the Jhoon Rhee Institute and shortly thereafter was promoted to Vice President. As Vice President, he was responsible for managing thirteen schools and for promoting the annual Jhoon Rhee International Tournament. He traveled throughout the United States and abroad competing as a member of the Jhoon Rhee Superstar's. Master Coles was the PKA United States Full Contact Welterweight Champion from 1979 to 1981. During this period, he served as sparring partner for Sugar Ray Leonard. In 2005, shortly after his 50th birthday and two years after undergoing total hip replacement surgery, Master Coles won first place in sparring at the Capitol Classics tournament held in Washington, D.C. Master Coles taught many congressmen and senators. During his nine years on Capitol Hill, he taught such notables as Congressman Bill Chapel from Florida, Congressman Toby Roth from Wisconsin, and Congressman Bob Livingston from Louisiana, Speaker of the house Thomas Foley and Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont and many more. He helped set up demonstrations for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chair of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Master Coles along with Former White House Deputy of Latino Affairs Gilbert Colon (Mr. Colon was President of the Jhoon Rhee Institute) helped secure and distribute funds from the SBA in order to expand operations for the institute.

In 1989, Master Coles purchased a Jhoon Rhee franchise in Marlow Heights, Maryland. He managed the day-to-day affairs and was head instructor. He put together a winning team of instructors that traveled United States and Canada competing for first place titles in point sparring. In 1994, Master Coles and partner opened the Bethesda Martial Arts Academy. During his tenure at the academy, Master Coles developed and taught a rigorous curriculum with Tae Kwon Do as the primary discipline (boxing, judo and grappling were taught as a secondary discipline). He taught thousands of students and promoted over 500 students to Black Belt. Master Coles has strong ties to his community. In 1988 Master Coles taught underprivileged kids in the I Have A Dream Foundation. For seven years, he taught at



Benjamin Orr Elementary and at Douglas Middle School for the Mayors' Points of Light program. He has organized countless self-defense workshops and participates in various events at local schools; Blessed Sacrament, Somerset, Chevy Chase Elementary, Sidwell Friends, and Bethesda Elementary to name a few. Master Coles has been featured in Black Belt magazine, Karate Illustrated and most recently featured in Beyond Medicine. Master Coles is also often interviewed by CNN, NPR, various local news stations and papers as an expert in the martial arts. He has also been featured in a cover story for the Washington Post magazine. Grand Master Coles currently holds a 9th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, earning his new rank from Grand Masters Glenn Keeney of the PKC, Jeff Smith and Joe Corley. .



Na da Conway Nada Conway is an 18-year-old 3rd Degree Black Belt. She has been training at World Champion Jeff Smith's Mile High Karate for 13 years, and specializes in teaching children ages 3-10. Along with her teaching at Mile High Karate, Nada dominated regional competitions for six years, winning many Grand Championships as a triple threat with forms, weapons, and fighting. Outside of her training, Nada spends numerous hours each week teaching and mentoring many young students at her dojo. Furthermore, she runs a demo team and a competition team. Her goal is to pass on her knowledge of martial arts to children, as well as being a positive role model for them. Apart from her time in the dojo, Nada has maintained honor roll grades in school, and

graduated with an advanced studies diploma from Dominion High School in 2017. She plans to attend NOVA University where she will earn an associative science degree, before transferring to George Mason University where she'll earn her bachelor's degree in nursing. Nada has spent time volunteering for Relay for Life Cancer society, as well as organizing several clothing, food, and toy drives in her community. Nada has also appeared in The Martial Arts Kid movie alongside Cynthia Rothrock, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, and Jansen Panettiere.





Kierst on Costa bile − −

− − −

Born South Bend Indiana, raised Boston,Ma Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) Tae Kwan Do 1st Degree Black Belt Kempo 2nd Black Belt, Degree Black Belt, Jujitsu 5th Degree Black Belt, Instructors Grand Master Billy Blanks,Master Charles Palmer,Sensi Ray Silva,Shifu Lee Smith Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1985 Years in the Martial Arts 32yrs Years Teaching Martial Arts 25 yrs

Professiona l Organ iza tion s Women's Club of Upton,Ma Boy's and Girl's Club of Boston

Personal Achievements Counselor for battered women and at-risk children are true passions for me. I've worked with the Boston's inner cities organizations helping to create and implement a number of self- defense programs. I hold seminars on point fighting and combat tactics. Teaching self-defense classes for senior’s citizens at the Women's Club in Upton, Massachusetts is something I look forward to every week. In Her Ow n Words My martial arts journey began in 1985. Seven Time World Champion Grand Master Billy Blanks held a grand opening at his karate school in Quincy, Massachusetts. I was very impressed and inspired and joined the school that day. I trained under Master Blanks from White Belt to Black Belt for 6 years. After traveling across the country, and observing all of the top competitors, I decided to compete. In 1987 Master Blanks promoted me to blue belt, and with Master Blanks permission I started competing in Women's Black Belt Division. Before Master Blanks moved to California, he promoted me to Black Belt. I continued my training with my karate brothers World Champion John Payton, World Champion Christopher Rappold, Sabu Shawn Graham, Sabu Garrett Warren, and Golden Gloves Champion Mr. John O’Brian. I taught and trained alongside Mr. Warren and Mr. Paton for several years in Quincy. I have traveled the country competing in organizations including Atlantic Oil World Tour, NASKA, KRANE, PKL, and NBL. I fought against great fighters such as Linda Denley, Chevela Arron, Nikki Carlson Lee, Christine Bannon Rodriguez, and Brenda Hun. I was the only female Fighter that has ever won against all of these champion female fighters and the only one to win a mink coat in a Grand



Championship. There was a bad time: in an Atlantic tournament, I was stripped of my winnings because I was not an official Black Belt. I have won four world championship titles because I am determined and focused, and I have a goal. I am currently studying Gung Fu under Shifu Lee Smith in Boston. The martial arts are my passion. Giving back is the way of life for me. I believe your body is your temple, take care of it. Major Martial Arts Achievements WAKO Bronze Medalist in London England 1991 NBL World Champion 1991 WAKO Gold Medalist 1993 WAKO Silver Medalist Gdansk Poland 1997 WKA World Champion Gold Medalist Ontario Canada 1998 WAKO Gold medalist 1999 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Cleveland Ohio 2000 Tournament Grand Championships: PKL Grand Champion; Empire State National Grand Champion; New England Open Grand Champion; Ocean State Grand Champion; Quebec Open Grand Champion; US Open Grand Champion; Twin Towers Grand Champion; Battle of Atlanta Grand Champion; KRANE Triple Crown Grand Champion; and US Capital Classic Grand Champion. Featured in Fighter Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, Karate Illustrated, and on the cover of On Point Magazine



Roger Da bney −

July 2001 – Present Competitive Edge Karate Richmond, VA, Master Instructor/Owner

Competitive Edge Karate is a life-long ambition--a direct reflection of me & my commitment to help students chart a path to living happy, healthy, selfassured lives, while continuing CEK’s life lessons. The CEK system combines four disciplines to provide a well-rounded training system: Tae Kwon Do; Karate; Jiu-Jitsu and Kali. CEK is a full-service studio, which offers 35 classes weekly. These classes include youth, adult, and kickboxing training sessions. CEK’s class structure focuses on forms and selfdefense one week, then alternates to combinations and sparring the next. Two instructors, along with one assistant instructor, train more than 200 martial artists and 50 kickboxing students at Competitive Edge Karate. Developed instructional belt level DVD’s and curriculum booklet as guidance outside the classroom. − 1997 - July 2001 Richmond Martial Arts Academy Richmond, VA – Master Instructor

appeared in many various karate magazines (Inside Karate, Inside Tae Kwon Do). Master Glazier Karate was the first karate school to go public.

Richmond Martial Arts Academy is a sister school of Bethesda Martial Arts Academy, located in Bethesda, Maryland. Michael Coles is the Master Instructor at BMAA. Master Coles is a former U.S. Light Middleweight Kickboxing Champion and 7th Dan Black Belt. He currently trains over 400 students at BMAA; and, I trained over 200 students at RMAA.

− 1988 – 1994 Virginia Karate Club Richmond, VA Senior Instructor responsible for more than 300 students at one of two locations. Trained these students in the American Style Karate – Modern Karate and in charge of curriculum development. − 1987 – 1988 U.S.A. Karate Gaithersburg, MD

The system teaches more than 35 Tae Kwon Do and 10 kickboxing classes per week. The system’s curriculum and business plan is overseen by Master Joseph Drabkin, who earned his level of 6th Dan under Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, who has more than 20 Tae Kwon Do Schools in the Washington, D.C./Maryland areas.

Trained under Rodney Batiste, USA Middleweight Champion of the World and Master Joseph Drabkin, who earned the level of 6th Dan under Grand Master Jhoon Rhee. Instructor for three locations. 1985 – 1987 Jhoon Rhee Washington, DC - Instructor

− 1994 – 1997 Master Glazier Karate Schools Hicksville, NY – Sensei

Tae Kwon Do Style. Trained with Jeff Smith, 1st Light Heavyweight Champion. Continued my professional kickboxing career under Grandmaster Smith’s tutelage. Instructor in the Jhoon Rhee system, responsible for training Black Belts. Jhoon Rhee Institute has more than 20 locations.

Senior Instructor at the largest of Master Glazier Karate’s seven (7) locations in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Trained hundreds of students in the style of MGK, which includes Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Obtained rank of Sensei under Shihan Mark Glazier. Helped to refine MGK’s curriculum for his more than 1400 students. Has



1978 – 1985 American Open Style Karate Ashland, VA – Instructor

Studied under Dan Wilson, a disciple of Jerry Piddington, Founder of the American Open Style Karate System. Wilson was also the Head Coach of the Charlotte Warhawks, the top Karate team in 1975. Wilson trained Vernon Mason, 1st Bantamweight World Kickboxing Champion.

− − − −

Awards and Honors Received: −

− 2015 – Inducted in the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame and received the Living Legend Award − 2012 – Awarded a charter sanction on December 15th under American Karate Academies National Associations Grandmaster Jerry Piddington—Master Instructor over Korean Open Karate-Do Martial Arts System − 2012 – 6th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Michael Coles of Coles Martial Arts Academy − 2012 – Certified Instructor of Verbal Self-Defense for Youth by Dr. George Thompson of Verbal Judo Institute through Northeast Wisconsin Technical College − 2011 – 8th Degree Black Belt American Karate Academies under founder Grandmaster Jerry Piddington − 2009 – 7th Degree Black Belt American Open Style Karate under Kyoshi Danny W. Wilson − 2004 – Relocated Competitive Edge Karate to new State of the Art Facility. − 2003 – The Living Legends Sports Award, presented by Hanshi Jerry Piddington, Jeff Smith, Bob Wall,

− −

− − − − −

− − −


Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Joe Lewis and Howard Jackson. 2003 – 6th Degree Black Belt under Kyoshi Danny W. Wilson and Hanshi Jerry Piddington. 2001 – Ranked #2 Super Middleweight under WKKO. 2000 – Developed Fit for Life Kickboxing Video. 2000 – Owner of Patent on T-Power Target Pad. 1999 – 5th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do under Michael Coles and Joseph Drabkin, products of Jhoon Rhee Institute. 1996 – 4th Degree Black Belt under Master Mark Glazier – Founder of Master Glazier Karate in NY, NJ, PA. 1996 – Developed T-Power Target Pad. 1994 – Top Contender for Professional United States Welterweight Title. Lost to #1 Ranked Fighter in the World from Yugoslavia. 1994 – 10th Ranked Kick Boxer under PKC sanctions. 1994 – Won Professional Virginia Welterweight Title from 3-time State Champion. 1992 – 5th Degree under Dan Wilson, American Open Style Karate System. 1991 – 5th Degree under Legendary World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion Joe Lewis. 1986 – Participated on the United States Karate Team under Jeff Smith. Received trophy for Best Fight of Tournament in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 1983 – Fought first Professional Kickboxing Match. 1981 – Won Amateur VA State Title in Kickboxing, age 17. 1981 – 1st Degree Black Belt under Dan Wilson, American Open Style Karate


E . M ontez Dennis − − − − −


Personal Achievements President: USA National Karate-do Federation ol VA, Inc. Vice President: National Martial Arts Union of Panama Vice President: Golden Sun Dojo, Inc. Vice President: Playmakers, Inc. Co-Producer: Arnold Martial Arts Festival: 2003-2009 Producer: Tidewater Championships: 1991-2016 Producer: World Fall Classic: 1991-2016 Co-Producer: Beach Blast Championships: 2011-2014 Co-Producer: US Classic: 2010 Team Captain: USA-NKF of VA

In His Ow n Words As a youth, learning how to defend oneself while growing up in the inner city of Hampton, VA. I trained in Shorin Ryu with Frank Hargrove (now 10th Dan). Goju Ryu with Chuck Merriman. Shorin Ryu with Shugoro Nagazato (promoted to 5th & 6th Dan). Shorin Ryu with Tadashi Yamashita (7th - 9th Dan). Martial arts have afforded me a greater sense of self confidence and ability to concentrate and focus on achieving personal goals, greater self-control. Ability to produce tournaments while continuing to pursue Zen. My philosophy towards martial arts is “Be as humble as you can be and life will always be better. Find inner peace within yourself”. I strive to use my expertise in the martial arts to influence the world around me by being a living example. As a result of being in the martial arts I have learned the importance of self-confidence, self-respect, personal discipline, personal honor and integrity. I have utilized the YMCA, Back Too School Programs, Movie theater demos, Hampton Memorial Baseball Stadium, Boys & Girls Club, Sandy Bottom Park, Thomas Nelson Yearly Playday event to demonstrate and share my martial arts expertise. I have participated in Battle of Atlanta. US Capital Classic. US Open. Florida Open. Sid Campbell Expo. Charlie Lee (Judge). John Chung (Official). Manny Reyes Invitational tournaments. My achievements include Alan Goldberg's Hall of Honors (3 times), Howard Moore's Black Belt Hall of Fame, Grandmaster Hoy K. Lee Kung Fu Assoc. Award Inductee, Robert Everhart Karate Ambassador Award, Dennis Brown Ambassador Award, and "forget half the things we've done, since we've been blessed to do so much." I have won over 3000 awards during his martial arts gcareer. Leadership roles: assisted in running the Arnold, Joe Corley's Battle of Atlanta, Charlie Lee's, Dennis Browns US Capitol Classic, Beach Blast, US Classic President: USA National Karate-do Federation of VA, Inc.



Neil Ehrlich − − − −

Martial arts title: Coach Centreville, Virginia Started studying martial arts in 1960 Teaching for 39 years and currently holds the rank of 9th Dan, studying Martial Arts Styles: American Karate/Kickboxing Instructors: Ki Whang Kim, Jhoon Rhee, & Jay Semme

Personal Achievements − Seoul Korea Welter Weight Moo Duk Kwan Fighting Champion − Undefeated on Jhoon Rhee Kickboxing team − 1999 NASKA Fighting Record 11W-2L. Students − James Wilson: 2X WKA World Kickboxing Champion High Kick & K-1; IKF World Kickboxing Classic 3X Champion, Low Kick, High Kick, Muay Thai; 2X WAKO North American Kickboxing Champion − Max Ehrlich: WAKO 2X Junior World Champion, 2xSilver Medalist − Jake Ehrlich: 3X Wako WorldSilver Medalist, 2X WAKO world Bronze Medalist − Kendall Beltran: WAKO North American Kickboxing Champion

My close relationship with my sons is a direct result of training them in a positive manner and being there for them in their martial arts endeavors. Martial Arts will positively influence one's life. Can't is a four-letter word! Anyone who wants to do it, can. I have influenced my students and other around me by teaching them that they can achieve anything if they try. By trying, one can never lose. We all will learn by trying. The martial arts have taught me that “Anything is possible.” “Respect everyone!”

In His Ow n Words I began studying the martial arts because I wanted to learn to defend myself. As I really got into the martial arts, it was about perfecting my skills and improving myself as a person. I have trained in Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Tang Su Do, Aikido, Tae Kwan Do, Boxing, Kickboxing, Arnis, and WuShu.

I have been the Head instructor at the Defense Language Institute, West Coast. I have also been a Guest Instructor with the United States Naval Academy Karate Team. Major Martial Arts Achievements

It has been an adventure in training, teaching, working, and competing with some of the most outstanding people I have ever known.

National Karate Championships US Team Karate Championships Korea TKD Assn. Foreigner's Championships Yon Mu Kwan TKD Assn, Foreigner's Champs American Invitational Karate Champs Eastern Regional Karate Champs US Black Belt Champs Battle of Atlanta

I have great relationships with a wide variety of people. The feedback I get from 'old' students enables me to know that I have been a positive influence in many lives.



Won 11 of 13 fights on the NASKA Circuit in 1999 after not competing for years. (Smiling) 13 of 13 if you watch the videos! ;-)

Maccabiah Games Tournament US Karate Champs All American Open Karate Champs PKA National Champs Blue Grass Nationals US Open US Capitol Classics Diamond Nationals World Series of Martial Arts

Of all my personal successes and achievements, I am most proud of the accomplishment of my students. It is an honor to see lives changed and goals achieved because of the traits that are instilled through their training in the martial arts. Whether it is in producing Grand Champions, or inspiring students to become champions in life, I am truly humble to see the impact that we, as martial arts instructors have on the lives of others.



A la mo A l Francis Mr. Al Francis is a 10th degree black belt and founder of the Ju Kwon Do Karate System and director of the Al Francis Karate Organization. He was employed by the city of San Antonio department of parks & recreation for 31 years as a recreation specialist. He specialized in teaching karate to kids and their family members who otherwise could not afford to take classes. He has in the past worked with the mayor of San Antonio through various programs to help control youth gang violence through recreational activities. Mr. Francis hosted a local cable television karate talk show was broadcasted from1980 to 1991, exploring the many styles of the martial arts and it's many involvements in the united states. He has instructed some 4,000 students including Mr. Steve "Rocky" Cardenas, the Red Ranger of the "power rangers", Mr. Jackie Haley from the movies "the bad news bears", "the children", "Abraham Lincoln". Mr. Sean Elliot former San Antonio Spurs basketball star, Mr. Eric Brown of the "Denver Broncos" football team. Mr. Francis has won many karate tournament titles and received various recognitions including: Former Number One Rated Lightweight Point Fighter In The United States (1982) Former Three-Times Oklahoma State Lightweight Champion (1976, 77, & 78) Former Two-Times Texas Karate Olympic Lightweight Champion ( 1978 & 80) Former Three-Time New Mexico Karate Olympic Lightweight Champion (1974 & 76) Former Three-Times All American Lightweight Champion (1977, 78, 79) Former Three-Times Oleander Karate Classic Lightweight Champion (1976, 77 & 78 ) Former Three-Times Southwest Pro-am Lightweight Champion (1979, 80, & 81) Former Texas State Lightweight Champion 1980 Former National Karate Circuit (Nkc) Lightweight Champion 1980 Former Battle Of Atlanta Lightweight Champion 1979 Former U.S. Karate Championship Lightweight Champion 1979 Former Diamond National Lightweight Champion 1980 Member Bruce Lee Hall Of Fame 1999 Mlk Distinguish Achievement Award 2003 Member Texas Martial Arts Hall Of Fame 2004;

U’s Martial arts hall of fame 2013 masters hall of fame 2014 just to name a few! The Al Francis karate organization was founded in 1970 by Mr. Al Francis. We provide members the opportunity to learn American Ju Kwon do. Ju Kwon do is a unique American style of Karate that combines Ju Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do into a very effective karate art form. Rr provides an opportunity for all styles of martial art pracr1cner to maintain their current belt rank in their former style, while obtaining their black belt through our system. Students progress through eight colored belt levels and with dedication and hard work, one can achieve the level of black belt. Students learn self-defense techniques, katas (forms), kick boxing, grappling, weapons, and tournament fighting.



B ria n Kula Fung − − − −

Martial arts title: Grandmaster San Francisco, California Started studying martial arts in 1965 Teaching for 43 years and currently holds the rank of 9th Dan, studying Martial Arts Styles: Kenpo, Shaolin Gung Fu, Kajukenbo, Shorinryu Karate Do Instructors: Ed Parker, Ralph Castro, Y.C. Wong, Jeff Wong, Sid Asunscion, Rick Alemany, John Periera

Personal Achievements − − − −

Former Undefeated California Forms Champion, Ckl League Karate Illustrated Magazine's Top Ten Men's Forms Champion '81 '82 '83 4 Hall Of Fame Inductions Personal Stunt Trainer/ Co-Ordinator To Award Winning Actress Ms. Sigourneyweaver Since 1994. Current Undefeated Naska Forms Champion In 2 Divisions. Prior Competition Year Was 1986.

In His Ow n Words My father Sifu Edward Fung and his twin brother William got me started in the sweet science of boxing when I was five. Then Kenpo quickly ensued with Mr. Ed Parker & Mr. Ralph Castro. A sense of purpose, A sense of dignity, A sense of being torch bearer for my martial arts lineage, A moral compass for the traditions of all martial arts, not just my studied systems. Developing lifelong friendships with former/present fellow competitors has been my overall life experience since entering the martial art. The martial arts have taught me tolerance, patience, acceptance, and compassion towards all. My philosophy towards the martial arts is “"RESPECT THE RANK, HONOR THE HERITAGE, LIVE THE LINEAGE, AND BE PONO (RIGHTEOUS)". I tend to focus on the positives. I encourage antibullying, anti-fat shaming, positive self-imagery for young girls, strong self-esteem, and developing camaraderie and helping others through random acts of kindness. Having traveled the world as a competitor, motivational speaker as a Nike local hero and masterclass facilitator, I've learned that martial arts are

a bridge between races, religion, creed, and styles. I have demonstrated my martial arts expertise through Masterclass I- featuring Al Dacascos, Rick Alemany, and myself. Masterclass II- featuring John Natividad, Ken Carr, Goldie Mack, William Powell, Marian Kirby, Malia Dacascos Bernal, Rich Hale and others. Major Tornaments U.S. Top 10 Nationals; L.Am.A. Nationals; Aka Grand Nationals; West Coast Nationals; Bermuda Grand Nationals; Blue Grass Nationals; U.S. Capitol Classic Internationals; Ed Parker's Internationals; Ralph Castro's Ckc; World Karate Championships; Battle Of Atlanta; U.S. Open World Championships; Diamond Nationals; Twin Towers Nationals; Pan American Internationals; All Hawaii Championships



Da niel G imenez Master Daniel Gimenez is a 6th Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor in ATA Taekwondo under Grand Master William Clark in Jacksonville Florida. He earned his first Black Belts at age 13 in Mar Del Plata, Argentina in freestyle karate, jujitsu and kyokushinkai. He became an American citizen in 2012, after moving to Jacksonville in 1997. Master Gimenez is known by all as a truly humble and proactive Master Instructor, proud husband of 5th Degree Black and 2016 World Champion Amber Nicole Smith and father of 1st Degree Black Belt and 7-year-old Lucas Matias Gimenez. Master Gimenez has a background of success that inspires all who know him. His accomplishments include: − 5 X South American Champion − 1988 - 1st South American World Sport Jujitsu Champion (Gold Medalist) Brisbane, Australia. *13 wins in a two day event* − 1990 - Silver Medalist World Sport Jujitsu champion. Winston Salem, NC. USA. − 1992 - World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Outstanding fighter of the year) − 1997 - ATA World Champion − Norht American Full Contact Jiu Jitsu Champion − 5th degree Black Belt Kodenkan jujitsu Under Prof. Rally Jay & Prof. Ernie Boggs − Karate America 3 X instructor of the year − 11 X National champion − 4 X World Champion − Full contact record 67-1-1 − 4 X school of the year − South American & Ibero American kickboxing champion − Joe Corley’s Battle of Atlanta Black Belt Hall of Fame − World Combat League (Chuck Norris) Miami coach − Earned Master instructor 6th degree Black Belt in ATA Taekwondo under Grand Master William Clark − Founder and creator of "Warrior Fight Club" (training & curriculum)



A rt hur Heller Acworth, Georgia Started studying karate in 1962 and has been in the martial arts for 54 years Teaching 20+ years and currently ranked as Black belt Studying martial arts styles: Tae Kwon Do American Karate, under instructor GM Allen Steen at Texas Karate Institute (TKI)/SWKBBA. Taught at: Texas Instruments, Texas Karate Institute, Christian College of the Southwest, Managed: North Dallas Texas Karate Institute, Operated: Georgia Tech Karate Club, Georgia State University Karate Club and Georgia Karate Institute. In His Ow n Words My older brother studied under Jhoon Rhee and Allen Steen at the University of Texas and influenced my younger brother and I to sign up with Allen Steen when he opened up teaching in Highland Park/Dallas Texas in 1962. My brother John and I were blessed to have studied Tae Kwon Do under GM Allen Steen and became his early 1960’s Black Belts. I taught for years under GM Steen at Texas Instruments and Texas Karate Institute. Allen Steen utilized building block principles in teaching karate. My life took a steady building block progression of successful events after beginning studies of karate under Grandmaster Allen Steen. I utilized these building block principles that Grandmaster Steen taught to work my way through college and made high grades graduating with honors. Teaching karate at TKI financed my college education. I went on to do post graduate studies and became very productive with the positive attitude and goal setting principles that I had acquired. This training poured over into the business world when I had my own companies and while working with Lockheed-Martin GA as Senior Procurement Manager.

strength and health. While training in karate I was recognized for my efforts, power and unique flying techniques. After moving to Georgia, I formed the Southern Black Belt Alliance. Then, as fortune would have it, GM Joe Corley and I formed the SEKA - South East Karate Association. We were joined by Jack Motley, Larry Reinhardt, Sam Chapman, Bob McDonald and many others. This organization sponsored ten tournaments per year in the South East and developed uniform competition rules as well as proficient judges for competition. Karate really began to grow and flourish with formation of the SEKA. I sponsored a number of successful tournaments at Georgia Tech, and became well known for maintaining strong competition, rigid rules and fair judging. SEKA success was magnified by Joe Corley's efforts and his Battle of Atlanta and its continued success.

Subsequent rewards have been significant.

At age two I was attacked by polio and unable to walk until five years of age. My mother encouraged me to engage in numerous sports and activities. This as well as the heavy physical labor required in the landscape business and karate were the answers to gaining

My philosophy towards the martial arts is "Set your goals, work out hard, and achieve goals to better yourself. Then apply this to life. Keep your mind sharp. Moderate, but be practical. Take in what is laid



out before you and think about your reactions and objectives in life. LIVE BY EXAMPLE."

Illustrated 1970, Director Southern Black Belt Alliance, Co-Director of the SEKA, and various appreciation awards from peers and students.

Setting examples for people gains respect and makes people think about what they want to do and accomplish. This is probably the most single important thing that people need to learn early in life. Living by example is important. I developed CONFIDENCE, COURAGE, DISCIPLINE, HONOR and INTEGRITY. These assets are extremely important to integrate into your development. To be successful you have to have all of these principles PLUS. Being able to stand on your own requires all of the above. I gave numerous demonstrations over the years. I taught police class techniques. A number of high school and college football players studied under me to improve performance. But, most rewarding was watching poor grade average students improve their life by taking karate and applying the principals learned in class.

Joe Corley said of Master Heller: “Art Heller was one of the most ferocious fighters of the 1960-70's era. He certainly made me tougher and super respectful of his Texas “upbringing”. He was widely respected and widely known for his jump round kick- spinning back kick, both for accuracy and effect. His fearless performances often brought spectators to a standing ovation. His power was dynamic, effective and respected. Some competitors bowed out rather than to compete with Mr. Heller, once called "Mean Man of the South"

Major tournaments that I've participated in include SWKBBA Championships x2, Oklahoma Open Karate Tournament, University of Texas Karate Tournament, N. Texas Open Karate Tournament, Atlanta Open Karate Tournament, Battle of Atlanta x2, Pensacola Open Karate Tournament x2, Jhoon Rhee Nationals x2, Tarheel Open Karate Tournament x3, Chattanooga Open, Ole Miss. Karate Tournament and more. Major Achievements: Making BLACK BELT under Grandmaster Allen Steen was major, teaching my way through college was major, becoming Director of the Southern Black Belt Alliance and then the Co-Director of the South East Karate Association with Grand Master Joe Corley was major, recognition by students and peers were major accomplishments, as well as induction to Living Legends Hall of Fame, induction to USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and receiving the Joe Lewis Eternal Fighter Awar. I further received recognition as a 1960-70's fighter in the era of BLOOD and GUTS, article in Karate



Da rrell Henega n This is the total account of Master Darrell Henegan’s career spanning over almost 44 years, the unwavering desire for perfection, the people who influenced, molded and inspired him. The people who showed him the way, and the way he chose to accomplish his dreams and aspirations. All of this while still maintaining DIGNITY, respect and honor, this is the true meaning of a champion. Darrell Henegan started Taekwondo when he was 12 years old, a year after he had moved to Canada from Queens New York. One day when Darrell was waiting for his friend to finish his TKD class his instructor called him aside to talk. This chat would change Darrell’s life. The man convinced Darrell that he could accomplish anything he set his mind to. Darrell passed his black belt in 1978. Inspired by his confidence and motivation Darrell won the Canadian Championship the next year, an amazing 11 more would follow. In 1981 Darrell’s greatest accomplishment in Tae Kwon Do, at Santa Clara California he became the first African North American in Tae Kwon Do history to defeat Korea in a Gold Medal match to win The World Games One World Championship. Martial Arts Achievements −

− − − −

Between 1984 and 1996 Darrell started a professional Kickboxing career 25-2-0 21 KO, he won two World Championship titles, F.F.K.A. AND I.S.K.A. and fought and won numerous fights also in P.K.A First World Championship Win, F.F.K.A, Hosted By Grand Master Jeff Smith Karate Helps Kick Diabetes. 2007: Taekwondo Hall Of Fame, North American Competitor of The Year Tae Kwon Do Record: 1979,1980,1983,1984Canadian Championship Gold,1980 North American Championship Gold,1981 Named Top Male Competitor Of The Year,1981 World Games Gold Medalist, 1982 Canadian Nationals Silver. 1978,1984 Canadian Nationals Gold, 1982 Invitational North

American Championships Gold 1983 Named Most Impressive Black Belt, 1985 Pan American Open Gold, 1996 Pan American Open Silver,1998 National C Carding Silver, 1980 North American Championships Gold, 1986 Canadian Nationals Bronze, 1997 Usa Open Silver, 1997 Canadian Championship Bronze,1998 Canadian Championships Silver Back On National Team, 1999 Canadian National Championship Gold, 1999 Olympic Division National Championship Gold,1999



Pan American Games Bronze, 1999 Regional Pan Am Olympic Qualifying (Miami) Bronze, 2000 Canadian Nationals Gold, 2000 Olympic Division National Championship Gold, 2001 23rd Canadian Nationals Gold, 2001 Olympic Divisional Nationals Gold , Kickboxing Career: With A Record of 25 – 2 – 0, One No Contest (20 Ko S) He Won Two World Championships, F.F.K.A Heavy Weight, And I.S.K.A. Cruiser Weight, Defending His Titles 8 Times. 1989,1991,1992, Successfully Defended World F.F.K.A. Title.

1993 World I.S.K.A. Cruiserweight Champion, 1989,1991,1992, Successfully Defended World F.F.K.A. Title.; 1993 World I.S.K.A. Cruiserweight Champion In 1996 Darrell returned to taekwondo and became the only Canadian to win gold in four decades June 16, 2016--Battle of Atlanta, Proud Recipient of the Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award, Presented by`: Grand Master Jeff Smith and Grand Master Joe Corley

AMAA WHO’S WHO Legends Weekend ~ Charlotte, NC ~ September 2016



Ra hni Jenkins − − − − − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – born in Arlington, Virginia; grew up in Bealeton, Virginia Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Taekajudo Sport Karate Rank - 4th degree Black Belt Instructors - Grandmaster Ron Jenkins; Master Carolyn Jenkins Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1987 Years in the Martial Arts – 30 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 20

Prof essional Organizations − − − − −

NBL- National Black Belt League NASKA- North American Sport Karate Association AAU- Amateur Athletic Union WOMAA- World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes WFM- World Federation of Elite Martial Arts

Force One Team. It was during this time that I realized why it was so important to train so hard and why my parents were so hard on my brother and myself. My parents would push me to the limits because they knew I wanted to be like them when I got older, and make a name for myself both nationally and internationally. In 1994, I got to compete in my first international tournament alongside my parents, and that is when my major competition years began. As I continued my competition career, I was able to compete and rank in multiple circuits such as NBL, NASKA, AAU, and WOMAA. My parents have always told me "be a leader, not a follower" and "nobody can beat me but myself, therefore I cannot be beaten." It was these phrases that have influenced my years of training, competing, coaching, and instructing.

Personal Achievements − − − − − − − −

1994- 1st degree Black Belt 1998- 2nd degree Black Belt 2003- 3rd degree Black Belt 2003- graduated from Liberty High School 2007- B.S. in Geology from James Madison University 2008- A.J.P. from the Gemological Institute of America 2014- 4th degree Black Belt 2016- M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & Administration from Regent University

Their support and motivation also helped me through three knee reconstructions and returning to the international competition level. I believe anyone can be a martial artist, no matter your physical or mental abilities. I've had the honor of working with students with a multitude of disabilities and watched them accomplish great feats.

In Her Ow n Words In 1987, at the age of 2, I began training with my parents Ron and Carolyn Jenkins at our karate studio (Karate Sports Academy) in Warrenton, Virginia. As I grew older the training became more intense. I watched my parents train, compete and coach DKT



My love of the martial arts was not restricted to our studio. I share my expertise with the community through community events, camps, and programs within schools. I've also been able to assist in martial arts studios around the world, earning an entry into the WOMAA Hall of Fame as International Instructor of the Year in 2013. Currently, I am still training in Warrenton, Virginia, competing on the national and international circuits, and coaching Team America Elite, an international competition team.

− −

− − −

Major Martial Arts Achievements − − − − − − − − − − − −

1998- AAU Junior Olympic Games: 11-12 Female Silver Medalist Forms, Gold Medalist Heavy Weight Point Sparring 1999- AAU Junior Olympic Games: 13-14 Female Bronze Medalist Forms 2000- AAU Junior Olympic Games: 13-14 Female Gold Medalist Forms, Silver Medalist Welter Weight Olympic Sparring 2001- AAU Junior Olympic Games: 15-16 Female Silver Medalist Forms, Bronze Medalist Welter Weight Olympic Sparring 2002- AAU Junior Olympic Games: 15-16 Female Gold Medalist Forms, Bronze Medalist Middle Weight Olympic Sparring, Gold Medalist Middle Weight Point Sparring 2002- AAU Joel Ferrell Outstanding Performance Award winner for Tae Kwon Do 2002- Walt Disney Hall Of Fame 2003- AAU Junior Olympic Games: 16-17 Female Bronze Medalist Forms, Gold Medalist

− − − − − − −


Middle Weight Olympic Sparring, Gold Medalist Middle Weight Point Sparring 2005- AAU Nationals: 18-34 Female Gold Medalist Forms, Silver Medalist Olympic Sparring 2006- AAU Nationals: 18-34 Female Gold Medalist Forms, Gold Medalist Welter Weight Point Sparring 2006- AAU National Senior Tae Kwon Do TeamWomen's Welter Weight Fighter 2012- WOMAA World Martial Arts Games XIII 2-time Gold Medalist 2013- Caribbean Sunrise Showdown Women's Champion (Host Country: Trinidad & Tobago) 2013- WOMAA World Martial Arts Games XIV Gold Medalist 2013- WOMAA World Martial Arts Games XIV Hall of Fame as 2013 International Female Instructor of the Year 2013- Featured as the cover story for Commonwealth Orthopedics Magazine 2015- WOMAA World Martial Arts Games XV Gold Medalist 2015- WOMAA World Martial Arts Games XV Hall of Fame as 2015 International Female Athlete of the Year 2016- WOMAA World Martial Arts Games XVI Gold Medalist 2016- WOMAA World Martial Arts Games XVI Overall Women's Forms Grand Champion


Brenda Hund Lee • •

Reside s in Orlando, Flo rida Started stud yin g Ka ra te in 198 5 and has been in Martial Arts fo r 31 ye ars

Personal Achieve men ts Competed on the NASKA circuit from 1985 through 1996.

Placed first in the woman’s light weight divisions at all the major NASKA events held at that time including the Battle of Atlanta, The US Open, The Capital Classics, The Bluegrass Nationals, The New England Open, Empire State Nationals, The Diamond Nationals, and AKA Grand Nationals. Won numerous light weight division grand championships including: Battle Of Atlanta US Open Bluegrass New England Capitol Classics

In Her Own Words “I began taking Karate in Knoxville, TN with Jack Butturini at the age of 14. In 1987, I received my black belt from sport karate champion Marty Knight while attending Clemson University. I later moved to Northern Virginia and married martial artist Charlie Lee. We opened Charlie Lee Karate in Herndon, Va in 1990. Our students traveled the NASKA circuit and many of our students won National and World titles-including, among others, Gemma Ngyen, Ryan Pinkston, Aaron Pinkston, and our own children Danielle Lee and Brando Lee... Our demo team was undefeated for several years in the team synchronized division and was featured on ESPN on numerous occasions.

Martial Art Achievements Member of American Airlines Team1998-1989 Member of`DKT Force1 1989 Black Belt Nationally Ranked Lightweight Women Fighting 1989 First Place Female Lightweight Fighting NASKA 1990 NASKA Woman of the Year 1990 Female Black Belt Woman of the Year NASKA Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award 2015

I co-promoted the World Series of Martial Arts in Washington DC.



S tacey Knight Mejia −

− −

3rd Dan American Shotokan; Owner, Program Director and Instructor-Acadiana Karate: 1988 to Present; 2 locations- Lafayette and Youngsville, Louisiana Hearing Officer 15th Judicial District Court : June-July 2011 Partner/Attorney at Law, 1988-1996 Davidson, Meaux, Sonnier, McElligiot & Swift Lafayette, Louisiana.

Personal Achievements − University of Louisiana at Lafayette, La. 1980-1984: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration − Louisiana State University Paul Hebert Law Center Baton Rouge, La. 1985-1988 − Juries Doctorate: Northwest Wisconsin Technical Institute 2010 − Verbal Judo Certification for Youth Martial Arts Achievements National Black Belt League(NBL) Black Belt Woman of the Year 1994 1993 World Champion Women’s Musical Black Belt Forms

North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA): − − −

− − −

1992 Women’s Black Belt Forms Competitor of the Year 1993 Women’s Black Belt Hard Style Weapons Competitor of the Year 1992, 1993 & 1995 Battle Of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA Black Belt Women’s Forms Grand Champion 1992 & 1993 US OPEN, Orlando, FL Women’s Black Belt Forms Grand Champion 1992 New England Open, Boston, MS Women’s Black Belt Forms Grand Champion 1992 &1993 North American Championships, Detroit, MI Women’s Black Belt Forms Grand Champion

− −


WAKO World Amateur Karate Organization: 1993 USA TEAM Member; 1993 WAKO World Championships Atlantic City, New Jersery, Silver Medalist- Black Belt Women Forms Otomix Slam National Karate Championships1996: Grand Champion Women’s Black Belt Forms and Weapons 1996 Otomix Martial Arts Demonstration Team Super Show Atlanta, GA. 1996 & 1997 Mortal Kombat Conquest Television Series 1994 New Line Cinemas, MGM Studios, Orlando Florida, Stunt Double-Character “Meleena”


Chris Mins hew − − − −

Martial Arts Title: Master Missouri City Started studying martial arts in 1982 Teaching for 25 years and currently holds the rank of 8th Dan, studying Martial Arts Styles: American Tae Kwon Do Instructor: Grand Master George Minshew

Personal Achievements − − − −

Bachelor of Arts in Education and Science Teacher of the Year -FBISD Cover of Sports Karate International Magazine 9 World Titles in Martial Arts

In Her Ow n Words I trained in Tae Kwon Do, Shoto-kan, Jiu Jitsu, Kenpo. Martial arts have given me lifelong skills physically, emotionally and intellectually. Martial arts is an allinclusive and encompassing way of life that positively benefited me. Being involved in Martial Arts has given me the opportunity to meet many competitors around the world who are now close friends. Competing in different countries and different styles not only broadened my knowledge base concerning martial arts, it allowed me the opportunity to reach out and inspire young children across the continents.

I have shared my martial arts expertise with Women’s Self Defense-Fort Bend Independent School District; "Off to College" Self Defense classes-churches, public and private high schools; Martial Arts Discipline in the classroom setting-FBISD teachers and counselors. Major tournaments include Karate Olympics, US Championships, The Texas State, Space City Open, Guatemalan Nationals, Mexico City Championships, Ireland Nationals, World Games.

My philosophy towards the martial arts “Make a different in a child's life regardless if they are a natural athlete or a struggling child with two left feet in the need of confidence.”

Major achievements include 9 world titles including fighting, team fighting and weapons kata, USKA World Championships-first place Women's Team, World Games Lt Wt Champion- 1993, World Games Grand Champion1993, World Games Women's Team Champion- 1993, WorldGames Lt Wt Champion- 1994, World Games Grand Champion- 1994, World Games Lt Wt Champion1996, World Games Lt Wt Champion- 1997, World Games Weapons Kata Champion- 1997.

As a public-school classroom teacher, there were daily opportunities to help guide groups or individual students in the many positive qualities martial arts taught me. As a public-school teacher, martial arts gave me the discipline to be patient and lead by example to help strengthen the confidence of every student in my classroom. Being a facilitator to every student concerning their wellbeing including the importance of being confident, having selfcontrol and respecting others was a daily adventure. The martial arts can benefit any child in many ways.

I received awards such as Cover of Magazine-World Games, Up Close Magazine, Jr. Black Belt FraternityLeader, Masters Hall of Fame, Texas Hall of Fame, Rookie of the Year



G eorge Minshew Martial arts title: Grand Master Missouri City, Texas Started studying martial arts in 1963 and has been in the martial arts for 53 years Teaching for 50 years and currently ranked as 10th Dan, studying martial arts styles: American Tae Kwon Do Instructor: J. Pat Burleson

In His Ow n Words I saw someone in a gi, went to the Dojo and never stopped training after that. I have trained in Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, American Karate, Aikido, boxed and wrestled in school. Martial arts have been a life changing experience for me. I have developed lifelong friends. The most important life enhancement was having this beautiful blonde, who was to become my wife, Chris Minshew, cross through the doors of my Dojo.

I received awards for and included in the Original Who's Who by Bob Wall, earned my 10th Dan from both Pat Burleson and Allen Steen, Masters Hall of Fame, Official Karate Magazines Legion of Honor, Pioneer of Martial Arts Award, first to receive the Renaissance Man Award, met Bruce Lee, know Chuck Norris and knew Jeff Smith when he was a kid in Kingsville, Texas.

As an instructor, I have a quality product. I make sure that when you issue a Black Belt to someone, it is to someone that you would want to have on your side in a fight. That it is issued to someone to whom you could trust the welfare of your family. I’ve taught thousands of students and learned from them as well. It is the quality of the person that lingers in your mind and not the rank. I’ve competed in US Championships as well as championships in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island State.

I am and have been a teacher to many World Champions. I am one of five to hold Lifetime Executive Committee Member for the oldest state tournament circuit in the US. Lucky to be born at the right time to be part of the young (then) group of Black Belts that laid the foundation and created a path for generations of Black Belts to come.



Jeremy Moore − − − −

Martial arts title: Senior Master Jeremy Moore Jacksonville, Florida Started studying martial arts in 1988 Instructor: Grand Master William Clark

In His Ow n Words I started my training in Jackson, TN under Mr. Mitch Sage in 1988. I moved to Jacksonville, FL to train with Grand Master William Clark in January 1, 2000. I began working for Master Clark in our Ponte Vedra location. Eight months later I moved to take over our San Pablo location. I opened our first school at age 17. We combined two schools, and I have been managing and instructing at this location ever since. We started our Karate America After School program in the school year of 2012.

− Modern Tai Chi instructor August 1999; ATA Kickboxing August 1999 − Muay Thai International Association Certified Instructor (under Master Toddy) July 2007 − KFM Chief Instructor September 2009 − Region 101 Junior Instructor of the Year June 1993 − Certificate of Merit: Outstanding Squad Leadership 1995 − Rocket Man of the year Karate America: 2002 − Employee of the Year Karate America: 2003-04, 2006 − Leader of the Year Karate America: 2005-2014, 2016 − Presented Blue Collar by Grand Master Clark: 2003 − Presented Gold Collar by Grand Master Clark: 2013

We offer at our studio Songahm Taekwondo, Warrior Kali, Krav Maga Self-Defense, Krav Maga Fitness, and Krav 4 Kids. I am responsible for coordinating Karate America's Black Belt Testings, Instructor Certifications, Judging Certifications, assisting in all Warrior Krav Maga certifications, assisting in Warrior Kali certifications as well. I received 7th degree black belt July 2014 under Grand Master William Clark becoming one of the youngest 7th degrees in the world. I received Senior Master Instructor July 2015 (also under Grand Master William Clark) becoming one of the youngest senior masters in the world. Martial Arts Achievements

− finished with 3 silver medals − finished with 7 bronze medals − Certified instructor in the ATA July 1995; Level 3: Train the Trainer, ATA University June 1998



Mikie Rowe Moore In less than 2 years of tournament competition, Mikie (Pronounced Mike-ee) Rowe has become one of the top women fighters in karate. She has already won the All-Western Championships three times (72, 73 and 74), the Four Seasons Nationals once (73), the Western Pro/Am once (74), the Cystic Fibrosis Championships once (75) and placed in the International Long Beach twice (73 & 74), and took first place (76 & 77). Her rapid competitive rise has also counted for ratings among the Top 10 female fighters in America. In 1973, she was rated in Professional Karate Magazine's Top 10, and, in 1975, she received the same honors in the Black Belt Yearbook. The only female member of the Northern California Karate Referees Association, Rowe serves as both tournament official, former newsletter editor and an arbitrator. She has judge men's as well as women's. In 1969, she opened a Kenpo karate studio along with her husband. Two years ago she began teaching women's classes on her own and still has 7 of her original 8 students, plus 32 more. At the 75 All - Olympics in San Francisco, her students won first, second and third in women's competition. In 1973, Rowe opened a figure salon and karate school exclusively for women in El Sobrante, California, near Orinda, site of the school run by her husband. A familiar face on San Pablo's Channel 6 in 1973, Rowe hosted her own exercise show and incorporated self-defense tips into her format. She has also demonstrated her skills for Rotary and women's clubs, boy scout troops, and the Jr. Chamber of Commerce as well as several local TV talk shows. Her exhibition at the 75 4th of July Celebration for the City of Richmond took place before 17,000 spectators, and she was asked to return to perform again in 1976. In 1976 Mikie’s Black Belt women's team took 2nd place at the Internationals, in 1977 they took first place at Internationals. Some more of her highlights are − − − −

− −

Owner operator 2 karate school and figure salon. She competed all over country. Won or placed 6x at Ed Parkers Internationals. First Female arbitrator. First women to be rated Top Ten in Nation from Northern California. by Black Belt Magazine. First women to be in Top 5 in Karate Illustrated. Only female member to Northern California Re-frees association where I was Instrumental in getting Women's divisions in Calif. As well as better divisions for kids. Had top white belt teams. Men and Women had Top Black Belt Women's team that won or placed at Internationals 3 years in a row. She is a History General for the Sport Karate Museum and Ambassador and in October at Living Legends 24# she will be inducted into the pretigous International Black Belt Hall of Fame for her amazing Accomplishments though out her career



S kipper Mullins Multiple Legacies: Skipper Mullins began training with Allen Steen in October of 1963 at the Red Bird National Guard Armory in Dallas. Although he played other sports in high school, karate soon became his first love. Tournaments were few and far between in those days and Skipper, having just graduated from high school, traveled to California with some other Steen students and won his first tournament as a blue belt. It was Ed Parker’s Long Beach International Karate Championships in 1964. It would a harbinger of things to come as he was soon winning brown belt divisions with his lightning kicks. Skipper enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1965 and was stationed in Quantico, Virginia. He began teaching martial arts to other marines and to some of the FBI recruits. He went to karate competitions all over the country as a traveling ambassador for the Marine Corps and established a reputation as a fierce competitor. In one weekend Mullins fought in Dallas on a Friday, in New York on a Saturday, and Los Angeles on Sunday. He won two of the three and placed third in the other.

He earned his black belt in 1966 and “Black Belt Magazine” named him the number-one fighter in the country the same year. Skipper was so impressive that Bruce Lee wanted to work with him after seeing his

kicking skills. Mullins would go on to win seven world championships and he only failed to place less than a dozen times in well over 1,200 matches.



Skipper Mullins with Chuck Norris (right), David Moon (left) and Fred Wren

All the greats of that early era, the likes of Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris, have said that Skipper was one of the best kickers they had ever seen. And he was a tremendous instructor and coach as well. His protĂŠgĂŠes include names such as Roy Kurban, Demetrius (Greek) Havanas, Keith Yates and Ray McCallum. Mullins served in the Dallas Fire Department for almost four decades, retiring with the rank of Captain. Although he is known for his outstanding martial arts career he says he is equally proud of his legacies as a U.S. Marine, a paramedic and firefighter.



Norma n DeWa y ne Roberts “Stormin’” Norman Ro berts

Mar t ia l Ar t s T it le a nd S t yle s : T ae K wo n Do - 6 t h D a n B o r n i n I nd i a nap o li s, I n d ia na I n str u cto r : St ep he n Va n Ca mp T each i n g fo r 3 1 ye ar s Sta r ted s t ud yi n g Mar ti al Ar t s i n 1 9 7 3 P r o fe s sio n al Or ga n iza ti o n s i n cl ud e U ni ted Sta te s Kar a te As so c iat io n a nd A mer ica n Mid we st T ae K wo n Do As so c ia tio n

Personal Accomplishments Achieved a Bachelor's Degree in General Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Management in 1984 Four Time AAU State Champion in Indiana from 1979-1983 > 1982 Voted by the Indiana AAU "Outstanding Athlete in Karate" > Fought American Kickboxing for the PKA,from 1982-1986, "Kick Of The 80's", in the 1980's, with 7 wins, 1 loss, landing three fights on ESPN > Worked as an extra in the 1992 Chuck Norris movie "Sidekicks" > 2002 National Blackbelt League World Champion - Sparring > 2003 National Blackbelt League World Champion - Sparring > 2004 World Sport Karate Federation World Champion - Sparring > 2004 UMAHOF (Universal Martial Arts Hall Of Fame) Inductee as Outstanding Mast Of The Year in TaeKwonDo > 2005 Universal Martial Arts Hall Of Fame World Champion - Sparring > 2010 Lifetime Achievement Jamal Hasan Award > Member of Team Focus National Karate Team for NBL competition from 2002-2011 > Member of Team Gipsy National Karate Team for NBL and NASKA competition from 2011-To Date

In His Ow n Words I teach at Dojos and MMA Studios, standup boxing and kicking strategies in the Houston area. I also, remain active in Sport Karate competition, competing, judging, attending belt ceremonies and many martial arts events. I continue to train, coach, consult and mentor many great people thatI’ve met in the martial arts. Most of all, I continue to learn from the great people that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through my many experiences in the martial arts. This, along with strong family values and education, has allowed me to enjoy a very full life with my family and friends.

Major Achievements________________________

When I started my training in the martial arts I felt as though I needed it to define me and give me an identity. Sensei Van Camp once taught me that “When martial arts need people like you, then you will begin to make a difference and impact lives, the art and martial arts as a way of life.” Those words I have never forgotten, along with my mom and dad taking me to

1982 - Voted by the Indiana AAU "Outstanding Athlete in Karate" 2. 2004 - UMAHOF (Universal Martial Arts Hall Of Fame) Inductee as Outstanding Mast Of The Year in TaeKwonDo.



karate classes and tournaments helping me realize my potential in the martial arts.

including the importance of great values, family, friends and getting an education.

My martial arts training began in December of 1973 with Jeff Hurst and Jim Castors, originally, then with Sensei Stephen Van Camp in 1975. I came to Sensei with a good knowledge of basic martial arts and training. He was instrumental in refining my techniques and skills while enhancing my natural ability. He, along with many others, has helped me to develop my mind, as well as my body, to become a great martial artist, fighter and person.

I’ve been fortunate to teach and work with many great martial artists in the midwest and Texas. I have also benefitted from the mentorship of Master Fred Walliser, Master Glenn Keeney, Master Herb Johnson, Master Eddie Bethea, Master Arnold “Zip� White, Master Wayne Nguyen, Master Johnnie Murphy and Master Linda Denley as well. I competed primarily in local tournaments in the midwest. I moved to Texas in 1984 and continued my martial arts training and competition in Texas and throughout the United States. I remain involved in tournaments, coaching, judging and competing. I visit, train and have taught in several dojos in the Houston and surrounding area working with many of my friends and students. Many of my friends teach for the Chuck Norris Kickstart program, which provides martial arts training in Middle and High Schools throughout Texas, as a part of a physical education curriculum. I have worked closely with many of the instructors in the "Kickstart" program in grand openings, belt ceremonies, tournaments and special events.

I was fortunate to have a very strong mom who taught me great discipline in many aspects of everyday life,



Cy nthia Rot hrock Cynthia Rothrock was a World Karate Champion from 19811985 and is the “Queen of Martial Arts films.” Cynthia Rothrock was born on March 8, 1957 in Wilmington, Delaware. Only 5'3" tall, she holds five Black belts and was World Karate Champion from 1981-85. Hong Kong-based Golden Harvest Productions cast Rothrock opposite Michelle Yeoh in 1985's box office hit Yes, Madam. In addition to films, Cynthia was also an inspiration behind the video game character Sonya Blade in the game Mortal Kombat. As an actress, Cynthia Rothrock, the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Martial Arts films,’ was was raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. From an early age, Cynthia gained appreciation for martial arts. At 13, she began taking lessons at the private gym of her parents' best friends, and was soon after entered open karate competitions to showcase her unique abilities. At only 5'3" tall, she holds five Black belts in various Far Eastern martial disciplines, including Northern Shaolin (classical Chinese), Eagle Claw (Chinese), and Tang Soo Do (Korean), Tae Kwon Do (Korean) and Wu Shu (contemporary Chinese). Cynthia was also the undefeated World Karate Champion in both forms and weapons competitions from 1981 to 1985. And she is one of the very few individuals to be inducted into both the Black Belt Hall of Fame and Inside Kung-Fu Hall of Fame. Cynthia eventually caught the attention of Hong Kong-based Golden Harvest Productions, who cast Cynthia opposite kung-fu queen Michelle Yeoh in 1985's box office hit Yes, Madam. Cynthia spent five years in Hong Kong, becoming one of the few Caucasian performers to achieve genuine stardom in seven films. Attempting to broaden her appeal to action fans in the U.S., Golden Harvest backed China O' Brien and China O' Brien 2 in 1990. Cynthia's more than 30 cinematic ventures included Guardian Angel, Honor & Glory, No Retreat,No Surrender 2 and Prince of the Sun. Cynthia also appeared as Bertha Jo in the 1997 TV movie The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion. In addition to films, she was also an inspiration behind the video game character Sonya Blade, featured in the game Mortal Kombat as well as lent her voice on the animated series Eek the Cat. Cynthia graced the cover of the Who’s Who publication in 2016 and was the keynote speaker for the gathering of the Honorees in Charlotte, where she received a standing ovation.



Rudy Smedley − − − − −

Martial arts title: Grandmaster Fort Worth, Texas Started studying martial arts in 1971 Teaching for 46 years and currently ranked as 9th Dan Black Belt, studying American Tae Kwon Do Instructor Grandmasters Allen Steen, J. Pat Burleson, Billy R. Brammer

Personal Achievements − − −

1972 - 1975 Brown Belt: Multi Regional State and National Champion 1975 -1987 Black Belt: Multi Regional, State, National and 6 Time World Champion Multiple Martial Arts Schools in T.X., A.Z., N.M.

In His Ow n Words My martial arts motivation began when I was spat on by a kid in High School at age 16. Traumatized as I was, my Sunday School Teacher (C.I. "Clifford" Dowdy) took me to my 1st Karate lesson at the Downtown Ft. Worth YMCA, taught by GM's J. Pat Burleson, Billy R. Brammer and Carol Murphy. The style of Martial Arts was Tae Kwon Do. From White Belt to a top black Belt competitor, I have been able to meet and make Life Long Friends from coast to coast in the United States and around the World through martial arts. As a Teacher, helping people is my passion, children and adults alike. As a Christian, I have been able to use my Martial Arts training and business as a platform to not only teach Tae Kwon Do, but to reach others through my opening devotion, prayer and Pledge of Allegiance in EVERY CLASS. My philosophy of the Martial Arts is “Martial Arts is a WAY OF LIFE”. Anything less to me is a hobby or a mere pastime. I believe the Martial Arts Business is in fact "The People Helping Business"! I truly enjoy helping people of all ages to reach goals they never thought possible. Its rewarding to see the "light come on" in their eyes when they have their breakthrough moments throughout their learning. In martial arts we learn confidence, courage, discipline, honor, integrity and more. As a Black Belt, one is really just beginning their Real Learning! Learning Never Quits! At least it hasn't for me. I have demonstrated martial arts professionally for business purposes since 1971 for Public and Private Independent Schools, Local Police and Law Enforcement Agencies, Sporting Events, Charities Nationwide, Movie Theaters and many different Civic functions. Major Tournaments include * J. Pat Burleson's Texas State Karate Championships; * Allen Steen's United States Karate Championships; * Ed Parker's International Karate Championships; * Jack Hwang's All American Karate Championships; * Steve Staveroff's Gulf Coast Nationals; * George Minshew's Karate Olympiks; * Roy Kurban's Ft. Worth Pro-Am; * Jim Butin's National Finals; * Joe Alvarado's Southwest Karate Championships; * WAKO World Championships in Milan Italy; London, England; and Munich, Germany; * Battle of Atlanta World Championships; Major Martial Arts Achievements include Master's Hall of Fame, 2012; Pugilist Hall of Fame, 2014; USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 2015; KIZUNA BROTHERHOOD BUDO; * 2016, JOE LEWIS ETERNAL WARRIOR AWARD presented by GM's Jeff Smith, Bill Wallace and Joe Corley



S ea n Smit h − − − −

Born March 3rd, 1986 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do Originally from Washington DC Now residing in Kerrville, TX

In His Ow n Words At 13 months old, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Soon after my parents GM Jeff Smith and Kim Oliver Smith started "Karate Helps Kick Diabetes", a foundation that helped raised money for diabetes research. I was the young boy on the poster with my father. I loved watching all the phenomenal talents that performed at the Karate Helps Kick Diabetes Main Event show they did. This is what started the desire to start Martial Arts. I first started training at 4 years old under GM Jeff Smith's tutelage and his world champion instructors, at World Champion Jeff Smith Karate. I earned my Blue Belt, but then life happened and my parents divorced which made it very difficult to continue training. However, there was always a draw that brought me back to training. Over Spring, Summer, and Winter breaks I would take as many classes as I could. Each time my father made me start over and review all the forms, combinations and techniques. He wasn't just going to give me belts but made sure I earned them.

Grand Champion. The Capital Classics, Battle of Atlanta, and World Cup of Martial Arts were a few of the big NASKA tournaments I competed in as well as many other local tournaments. The next 7 years I ran World Champion Jeff Smith Karate and soon under GM Jeff Smith, we joined forces with GM Stephen Oliver and Mile High Karate. From then I continued my teaching and training, earning my 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belts and becoming the Chief Instructor at GM Jeff Smith's Mile High Karate. Over the years, I gave back by training many students to black belt and beyond under GM Jeff Smith and GM Stephen Oliver's Mile High Karate system.

I finished high school in Texas and then I was able to move back to Sterling, VA and continue my training, but this time at a much more serious level. I ended up earning my Blue Belt three times before finally earning my Brown Belt. Then I started competing in a lot of the tournaments in the area. My favorite part of training was always sparring and that's what I focused on; however, my dad made me compete in forms and weapons as well. I finally tested for Black Belt at 19 years old and started teaching at World Champion Jeff Smith Karate while continuing my competition training. I competed and won many tournaments always placing in the top 3 or winning

In 2013, I earned the Natural Fighter Award from the Sport Karate Museum. I was also featured with GM Jeff



Smith in “Official Karate Magazine’s Favorite Fighting Techniques from the Masters” I moved back to Center Point, TX where I graduated from high school and now I live in Kerrville, Texas close to San Antonio. I continue my martial arts training by working towards 4th degree and focusing on my fitness and weight training. My long-term girlfriend, Crystal is an active bikini fitness competitor. We work out together and help each other stay in shape. I am continuing the family tradition of martial arts by getting my two step-sons, Aiden age 9 and Gio age 6, started in their training. I help them in their training and will motivate them to earn their black belts and beyond.



G eorge Tha nos − − − −

Martial arts title: Master Washington, D.C. Started studying martial arts in March 1965 Teaching for 5 years and currently ranked as 7th degree Black Belt, studying martial arts styles: Tae Kwon Do Instructor: GM Ki Whang Kim

In His Ow n Words I became interested in the Martial Arts at the age of 8, when saw it on TV. I am proficient in Taekwondo, Shoto-kan Karate, Tang soo do, Aikido and Kenjutsu-art of Japanese sword. Since entering the martial arts my self-confidence advanced. It enhanced and disciplined my life style and work habits. My philosophy towards the martial arts is “patience, training and character”. The martial arts have taught me to never give up. I learned the importance of confidence, courage, discipline, honor, integrity and live a moderate life style. I’ve demonstrated my martial arts expertise with 2 Martial Arts Schools for children and adults, Kim Studio (Myrthle Beach SC), and Studio of Martial Arts (Rockville MD).

− − − −

The world-renowned martial arts instructor Ki Whang Kim trained George in Aikido, Yoshinkai style and Tae Kwan Do. In 1966 George received his black belt in Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do. Of the black belt titles that George won as a Junior Martial Artist, a few of them are: − − −

Jhoon Rhee National Karate Championship, 2nd Place - Junior Division, 1965 All American Open Championship - Junior Division, 1966 Universal Open Karate Champion, NY - Junior Division, 1967.

− − −

In 1968 at the age of 16, George stepped up to the Senior Division. A partial but instructive list of his titles includes: − −

North American Pro-Am Tae Kwon Do Champion, 1974 S. Henry Cho All American Open Champion, Madison Square Gardens, NY, 1975 Battle of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, 2nd Place Lightweight Division, 1975 Top Ten National Karate Championship, Anderson, IN, 1st Place, 1975 S. Henry Cho All American Open Champion, Madison Square Gardens, NY - Heavyweight, 1976. First Penn National Full Contact Karate Champion, Harrisburg, PA, 1976 All American Open Professional Karate Champion, Youngstown, Ohio, 1976. Sok Ho Kang Professional and Amateur Open Karate Champion, Huntington, W.Va, 1976. Jhoon Rhee Commissioner of Black Belt League, 1st Place - Light/ Heavyweight Division

Major achievements included All American Open Championships at Madison Square Garden in 1975; inducted into the Professional Karate Association at the Living Legends Award Ceremony in Washington, D.C. in 1999; received a special award and recognition from Robert E. Everhart; inducted into Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame 2009

Jhoon Rhee National Karate Championship, 3rd Place - Lightweight Division, 1968 U.S. Black Belt Champion, Ocean City, MD, 1973



Jea n Yves Theria ult PKA CEO Joe Corley recently said in a documentary on the Iceman, Jean Yves Theriault “He is a dream champion—deadly striking skills, an intense, charismatic persona in the ring and the integrity of a real martial arts champion with a quick mind, quick wit and a big heart—a really decent human being.” Wow! As the middleweight, super middleweight and light heavy weight champion of the world in the Professional Kickboxing Association (PKA), Professional Karate Council (PKC) and the International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA), JeanYves had a phenomenal fight record of sixty-nine wins, six losses and a draw. Sixty of his wins were by knock out! The fact that he knocked so many opponents out cold, and his icy stare in the ring, earned him the nickname “The Iceman.” Outside of the ring Jean-Yves is just as determined to achieve his best, and spends much of his time helping others reach their goals too. Jean Yves’ inspiration came from seeing the DC Bomber, Jeff Smith in the worldwide Thrilla in Manila broadcast, featuring Ali-vs Frazier. Little would he know the mark he would himself make in the martial arts world in his 76 bouts. Since his professional kickboxing career, Jean-Yves has remained in the industry as a trainer, guest instructor and dedicated supporter to the sport. He developed a structured program for kickboxing enthusiasts and instructors called ProKick. And he has remained involved with Hanshi John, the Therien Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing schools and the Iceman Kickboxing Gala events. Owner of Therien Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing Ottawa South, enjoying the exciting challenge, Jean-Yves is dedicating himself full-time to teaching and training students at the Ottawa South dojo. His love for the sport and belief that goals (inside the ring and out) are earned with hard work motivate him to push himself and others to succeed. His brother, Victor, is host to the Aisudan series of events in Montrea, in search of the next “Iceman” in PKA style fighting, regularly broadcast across Canada. “The Iceman” Jean-Yves Theriault’s achievements include:

• • • • • • • • • • •

1995 I.S.K.A. Full Contact Light Heavyweight World Champion 1992 I.S.K.A. Full Contact Super Middleweight World 1988 I.S.K.A. Full Contact Light Heavyweight World Champion I.S.K.A. Full Contact Super Middleweight World Champion P.K.C. Super Middleweight Full Contact World Champion 1980-1995 P.K.A. Full Contact Middleweight World Champion 1978 Canadian Full Contact Middleweight Kickboxing Champion Inducted into the Professional Sports Hall of Fame Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame Fighter of the Year Athlete of the Decade in New Brunswick



E ddie Thomas I was introduced to martial arts by my uncle who was stationed in Okinawa and trained there. He was a major influence. I was also strongly influenced by Bruce Lee and the movie Billy Jack. When I began training, I had severe asthma and through the struggle and discipline, I overcame it. I went on to travel extensively, meet celebrities and to train with some of the most notable icons in the world. I have been exposed to many cultures and experiences I would have never been privy to otherwise. Martial arts have improved my health, wellbeing, selfconfidence, opened my eyes to the world. I have friends in every American state and in many different countries as well as my own students who have now spanned the globe. My martial arts philosophy is to grow continually and experience all that life has to offer through the vehicle of martial arts. I've always seen martial arts as a spiritual quest. I have been teaching since 1978 and have taught conservatively 10,000 students. I am proud that there have been many, many families who have thanked us deeply for our positive influence. Through martial arts we learn the meaning of honor, integrity, humility and gratitude--to always be open to learn as long as you live with a white belt's attitude and enthusiasm. Over these many years, we have participated in countless charitable events where my school raised money for many groups. We continue to contribute time and resources as well as seminars all over the country for other schools. I have participated in many major events: US Open, Capitol Classics, Battle of Baltimore, The Battle of Atlanta, Silver Bullet, and many others on numerous occasions. I have been fortunate to be able to travel. I have received a number of awards over the years, including I was instructor of the year by the PKA once. I have been in a few businesses Who's Who books and two other editions of Martial Arts Who's Who. I have been in 15 Hall of Fames to date. The most notable being the London International Hall of Fame. In competition, I stopped counting trophies at 400; I have black belts in 7 systems. I am a former #1 fighter on the East Coast by Karate Illustrated PKL ratings and Former # 1 Fighter by karate review. I am also Former member of world champion DKT Force One national karate team. I wrote, directed, starred and produced the full length indie film Talos.Chapter Seven



Kevin Thomps on Kevin Thompson, born 1962, is a former world champion of karate. Thompson was referred to in his early years of fighting as Lil K.A. named after his teacher Karriem ABdAllah. At the age of 14, Thompson had an article in Black Belt Magazine. He was inducted into the 1988 Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame as the CoCompetitor of the Year. Since 1972, Thompson had amassed hundreds of trophies from martial arts competition. He was a major competitor on the National Circuit as a Youth, then in the 18-29 Division, then in the 30-39 Division, then in the Senior / Executive Divisions. He continued to win Forms, Fighting and Weapons in all the age divisions he competed in. He was a regular winner at literally all of the National Tournaments, including the Battle of Atlanta, Diamond Nationals, US Open, Capitol Classis, Compete Nationals, Bluegrass Nationals, AKA Nationals and more. He fought in the Professional Karate League in the mid 1990's and was known as a forms and sparring star. Under Team Paul Mitchell, he would compete in and win in major tournaments such as the Players Cup and Ocean State Grand Nationals. Thompson is a many-time winner of the elusive triple crown, the winner of sparring, forms, and weapons.

Kevin Thompson taught at his dojo in New Jersey. He has a team of performers he calls Shakil’s Warriors. He has instructed students on the physical and psychological aspects of competitive fighting. He currently suffers from ALS and has shown his true Warrior Spirit from the very first day he was diagnosed. His group of friends and supporters span all the generations he has competed in and all his team mates and former competitors are pulling for him in this incredible battle.



Pat W orley Grand Master Pat Worley began his martial arts training under Grand Master Pat Burleson in Ft. Worth, Tx in 1967. In 1969, he earned his Black Belt under the instruction of Master Chuck Loven, a student of GM Burleson. His Black Belt review panel included the well-known Martial Artist Grand Master Chuck Norris and the father of Texas Karate, Grand Master Allen Steen. As stated in “The Official History of Karate in America”, written by Al Weiss, has claimed some of karate’s most coveted titles in the past few years. Among these are… the “Nationals” in Washington, D.C. Grand Master Worley, was rated in the national top ten for fighting from 1970 through 1975, was the number one contender for the World Middle-weight title from 1974 to 1977, and has been honored by being on the cover of several Martial Arts Magazines including the January 1970 issue of Black Belt Magazine. − − − − − − − − − − −

1970 Moved to Washington DC to teach at the prestigious Jhoon Rhee Institute 1977 Fought Bill Wallace for the Middle Weight World Title which was shown live nationwide on ABC. 1974 Grand Master Worley moved to Minnesota where and Grand Master Franks founded USA KARATE. April 2009 Grand Master Worley was inducted into the Official Tae Kwon-Do Hall of Fame 2013 Received the prestigious “Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award.” 2014 Grand Master Worley was promoted by Grand Master Pat Burleson and registered with the World Martial Arts Rating Association ( to the highest rank in Tae Kwon Do, 10th Degree Black Belt. 2014 GM Worley was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in Dallas, Texas. 2014 Aug.- Earned Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Nov. - Wins First Place in weight and age at the Masters Jiu Jitsu Tournament. 2015 Wins First Place in Weight and age at the Pan Ams in JiuJitsu Win Open at the Pan Ams

Other Accomplishments − − − − −

He was a consultant on the design of Jhoon Rhee’s Safety Gear and was the first person to wear the pads in competition. Feature articles in Karate Illustrated Magazine, Professional Karate Magazine, Sport Karate Magazine, Official Karate Magazine, and Minnesota Business Journal. He is listed in the History of Martial Arts, and Who’s Who in American Martial Arts. As an expert in Martial Arts, he has written several articles for Martial Arts magazines. Co-wrote and performed in the karate instructional video, “Karate Masters”, which was nationally distributed in Target stores.

For more information about Pat Worley, go to:


Grandmaster & Master Legends in the American Martial Arts

AMAA WHO’S WHO Legends Weekend ~ Charlotte, NC ~ September 2016

Dedicated to Bill McDonald, right front, who was lost to us in July, 2017, just before the publication and the gathering in Washington DC. RIP Grand Master McDonald



Da na A bbott Shihan Dana Abbott’s expertise is in Kenjutsu also known as Japanese Swordsmanship where he has earned the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt. Shihan became involved in swordsmanship over three decades ago where he enrolled in Nihon Taiiku Diagaku, Tokyo, Japan’s esteemed Martial Arts University where he learned kendo/ iaido / kenjutsu and learned it well. Those old school masters from the Showa era were extremely diligent in their teachings. For 14 years he ate, slept and lived his studies. All his training and certification is through the Japanese Department of Education and Recreation. During his career, Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer’Shihan Abbott has written and published five books, designed a US Patent and created a compete new niche in the martial arts industry. He has conducted seminars in over 30 countries and holds the esteemed rank of Shihan, obtjkljlkjlained at the Hombudojo in Yokohama Japan.



Charlie A nders on − − − −

Martial arts title: Grandmaster Arlington, TX Started studying martial arts in 1963 Teaching for 49 years and currently holds the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt, studying martial arts styles: Tae Kwon Do Instructor: Grandmaster Rudy Smedley

In His Ow n Words I was invited in 1963 to take karate by Grandmaster Billy R. Brammer. I started and I have never looked back. My martial arts engagement continues today. I have studied Shotokan, Isshinryu, and Tae Kwon Do. I have attained black belt level in Isshinryu and Tae Kwon Do. See the uploaded resume for more detail.

takes patience to be able to diligently work through difficult moves toward the attainment of perfection. It is not perfection but the journey to perfection that is the great benefit of the martial arts.

My life has been richly blessed. The martial arts have given more to me than I could ever give back. It has taught me how to set goals, focus on those goals and then work hard to attain the goals.

I participated in workshops, seminars and before civic groups in the instruction of martial arts as well as selfdefense too numerous to list over the 53 years of engagement in the martial arts.

In addition to all the positive aspects of studying the martial arts it has given my greatest life gift: my wife of almost 49 years. I met her when she walked into the karate school where was teaching in 1967. So, martial arts have given me a beautiful wife, two daughters, two great sons-in-law, seven grandchildren and one great granddaughter. It is absolutely true that martial arts have immeasurably enhanced my life way beyond the skills development of the martial arts discipline.

Major Tournaments: All American Karate Championships, Fort Worth, Texas, 1967, by Grandmaster J. Pat Burleson.; United States Karate Championships, Dallas, Texas, in 1968 by Grandmaster Allen Steen; During the early years there were not a lot of tournaments in Texas but I did participate in several other less significant tournaments.

Martial arts is a life long journey. The attainment of black belt is just the beginning. It is a life of continued learning and giving back.

Major Achievements include Masters Hall of Fame Inductee, June 2, 2016, San Antonio, Texas; Awards: Several trophies and tournament victories in the mid to late 1960's;

I have made every effort to continue to pass on the flame of traditional karate training that transfers solid basics through discipline and progressive practice and repetition to advance in skills, speed, flexibility and power.

Leadership Roles: Instructor in late 1960's, 1970's 1980's under GM Brammer. Instructor and Operations Director under GM Rudy Smedley at Rudy Smedley Self Defense and Martial Arts.

I endeavor to pass on the integrity and honor that my mentors and instructors have given to me. In addition to the traits mentioned, and very importantly, I have learned great patience. The martial arts journey



Ronnie A rmstrong − −

− − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Hillsborough, North Carolina Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) American Karate, 8th degree Black Belt; Kodokan Judo - 5th degree Black Belt; JuJitsu 4th degree Black Belt; Sil-lum Choylay-fut Wing-chung Hung-gar Kung Fu - Red Sash Instructors: - American Karate, Master Samuel Barger; Kodokan Judo & JuJitsu, Rokudan Andrew S. Holt III; Kung Fu, Sifu James Frazier Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1973 Years in the Martial Arts – 45 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 42

Prof essional Organizations N.C. under Sensei Andrew S. Holt, III. Sensei Holt was her employer and friend. The judo lessons were $2.00 per month and my mother had difficulties in paying for the lessons. I became a Green Belt and started to assist Sensei Holt as "Tori" to his "Uke." After I became a Green Belt Sensei Holt allowed me to take classes at no charge.

United States Judo Association, Life Member United States Martial Arts Association, Life Member American Martial Arts Association, Vice President Kiai, Inc.

Personal Achievements

I started teaching martial arts at summer camp and in Sensei Holt’s dojo. Sensei Holt helped me to develop a love for all the martial arts. I became Sensei Holt’s first Black Belt in 1974 under the United States Judo Federation. I was recognized by the Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan on October 7, 1996. I won many local competitions, and was the North Carolina Heavy Weight Black Belt Champion, the North Carolina A.A.U. All-Star Champion, the Junior Olympic Regional Champion, and I won the Andy Holt Outstanding Judoka Award.

1976 became the 1st Black Belt of the Durham Judo Club 1976 Certified Instructor of Sil-lum Choylay-fut Wingchung and Hung-gar Kung-fu 1977 Regional Junior Olympic Champion and participated in the AAU Junior National Championship 1978 State of North Carolina Senior Judo Champion 1979 All Star in Judo for the North Carolina AAU 1992 Head Coach and Sensei of Alamance Judo and JuJitsu Club

Sensei Holt was the first president of Judo, Inc. Sensei Holt said that I was the best judo martial artist he had ever seen; however, Sensei Holt has been totally blind from a young age. Sensei Holt taught me not to rely on my eyes, but trust my other senses when competing in tournaments.

2004 Certified Master Instructor by the American Martial Arts Association 2004 National Judo Rank Examiner by the United States Judo Association

I started cross training in Kung-fu under Sifu James Frazier in 1975. I became a student of Sil-lum Choylayfut Wing-Chung and Hung-gar Kung-Fu and received the Red Sash 2nd degree in 1976. I assisted Sensei Holt as an assistant instructor until I graduated from college and relocated to Alamance County to become a Juvenile Probation Officer in 1979. I continued to participate as an assistant instructor with the Burlington Judo Club and Greensboro Judo Club from 1979 to 1987. I worked

2004 JuJitsu Rank Examiner by the United States Judo Association

In His Ow n Words I started in martial arts in 1972, three years after the death of my father. My mother wanted me to be mentored from outstanding men in the community so she allowed me to participate in Kodokan Judo at the Y.M.C.A. in Durham,



discipline of the martial arts gives us the courage to stand up for what we believe in and to become outstanding citizens.

professionally as a social worker for 30 years and have always provided martial arts classes free of charge. I didn't want a child to miss out on the discipline provided by martial arts due to being unable to pay for classes. I started in American Karate under Shihan Samuel Barger and was awarded 1st degree Black Belt in 1990. Shihan Barger and his students became interested in the techniques of throwing and grappling so he allowed me to start a judo club within his dojo. I became the head coach and sensei of the Alamance Judo and JuJitsu Club in 1993. I received my 3rd degree Black Belt in U.S.J.A. JuJitsu from O-Sensei Phillip Porter with the United States Judo Association. I received my 4th degree Black Belt from O-Sensei with the United States Martial Arts Association in 1997. Master Barger and I cross trained in American Karate, Kodokan Judo and JuJitsu since that time. I developed the operations and training manual of Kiai, Inc and the Barger Martial Discipline System. I received my 2nd degree to 7th degree Black Belt from Master Barger and was awarded my 8th degree Black Belt on June 18, 2017.

Major Martial Arts Achievements 1975-1979 Assistant Sensei of Durham Judo Club under Sensei Andrew S. Holt, III 1979-1983 Assistant Sensei of Burlington Judo Club under Sensei Morris Blanchard 1990- Present, Assistant Sensei of American Karate and Barger Martial Discipline Systems 1992- Present, Head Coach and Sensei of Alamance Judo and JuJitsu Club 1993- Present, Vice President of Kiai, Inc., Superkid Karate Program 2001 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Outstanding Martial Artist 2003 United States Martial Arts Assn. International Hall of Fame, Most Distinguished Master of the Year

My personal philosophy has been taken from many of the martial arts. I believe that we should provide martial arts at affordable costs to allow everyone to participate. The

2004 AMAA Hall of Fame - Master of the Year 2008-2009 Assistant Sensei of Greensboro Judo and JuJitsu Alliance under Sensei Roger Rodolphe



Jeff Bla ke Mr. Jeff Blake is a fifth degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, First degree in Shotokan Karate and is a Krav Maga certified Instructor. He began practicing Tae Kwon Do in 1997. He has been teaching Martial Arts for over Fourteen years and is the Chief Instructor at Firm Foundation Martial Arts Academy, which Mr. Blake founded in 2004. He also studies different styles of martial arts to help better his students. Mr. Blake has competed on the Sport Karate Circuit for over 10 years. He holds 22 MATT NC/SC State Championships Titles, 39 DOJO Southeastern USA Championship Titles, 1 TCT Championship Title, 3 NBL Can-Am National Titles and 16 National Black Belt League Regional Titles. With the lords blessing he is a 6X Black Belt World Champion.

− −

2006 - 18+ MATT Point Top Competitor of the Year Award 2008 - Inducted BWMA Hall of Honors as the Adult Karate Competitor of the Year. 2009 - inducted into the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame. 2010 - inducted into the National Black Belt League Hall of Fame. 2010 - Won the 18+ Adult Black Belt Sport Karate International Overall Point World Championship. 2012 - Awarded the Silver Eagle Award for Leadership With A Vision through the American Freestyle Karate Association 2013 - Inducted into the American Freestyle Karate Association Hall of Fame as the IBBA Instructor of the Year. 2015 - Inducted into the American Freestyle Karate Association Hall of Fame as the Business of the year.

Mr. Blake has a passion for sharing his knowledge with others. Along with teaching he goes into schools and the community giving seminars and does devotional speaking. Along with martial arts Mr. Blake has coach both Basketball and football for the Rec leagues. Mr. Blake lives in Mooresville, North Carolina with his wife Theresa and their two children Nicolette and Jeffery.



Da nny Boccagno Danny Boccagno is a Black Belt martial artist who has trained in Japanese and Korean karate in American kick boxing.

In His Ow n Words Being of Japanese descent, I was always fascinated by the Martial Arts. My father was an officer in the United States Military and stationed in Yokohama, Japan. While living at Camp Zama, I remember watching martial arts classes being taught on base and being fascinated with the movements and technical skills involved. One day the instructor asked me if I wanted to join them. I told my parents and they both encouraged me to give it a try. I took the class and began training in Kyokushin karate under Tadashi Nakamura when I was eight years old. After returning to the United States, we settled in Reading, Pennsylvania and I wrestled and played basketball. I excelled in both and was able to easily develop the necessary conditioning, balance, and quick reaction time when playing these sports dues to my martial arts background. During high school, I trained in Tang So Do with Pat Duncan. Next, I lived in Atlanta and trained with boxing coach Asa Gordon, who trained many world champion kick boxers. At this time, I also became the training partner of PKA Light-Heavy Weight World Champion Jeff Smith, who took me under his wing and became my instructor, mentor, and friend. At that time, Jeff Smith was the CEO for the Jhoon Rhee Institute in Washington D.C. I became a student and instructor under Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee with the Tae Kwon Do Jhoon Rhee System. Training in the martial arts taught me discipline, how to set goals, and understand that hard work and perseverance are involved in achieving goals. It also made me humble and instilled the desire to help others. The lessons you learn while training should transfer to all areas of your life. My life has been enhanced by the instructors and training partners I have had throughout my years of training. They were not only teachers, but mentors as well. They offered support when the demands of training were overwhelming and helped me grow physically and mentally. I also benefited from training with some of the best fighters/athletes in the world, such as Jeff Smith, Rodney Batiste, Michael Coles, Larry Carnahan, Otis Hooper, Dan Magnus, Floyd Jackson, Neil Ehrlich, and Jerry Rhome. When traveling and competing, I developed bonds with others who were also training, and many became life-long friends. In becoming an instructor for the Jhoon Rhee Institute and World Champion Jeff Smith Karate, I developed the professionalism of an instructor and how to run a martial arts school, the way the curriculum was structured and the skills needed to develop top notch students and a successful martial arts business. These are the same principles that helped me run my own successful martial arts schools. My philosophy towards martial arts is reflected in my school's logo, D4, which stands for discipline, drive, desire, and determination. There is no substitute for hard work and you should always give 100%. When working towards a goal, it can be difficult. Although training will not always be easy, with perseverance and discipline you can overcome any obstacle. I teach my students the importance of goal setting, recognizing what steps are needed to achieve that goal, and how to persevere when they experience difficulty or frustration. They are also expected to be responsible and that there are no exceptions when it comes to following the rules. Belts are earned, not given for simply attending the required number of classes. We also stress the importance of helping others.



I am a certified Elite Personal Trainer. I developed a cross training/conditioning program which incorporates the skill sets and mental discipline used in marital arts and applied it to different sports. I have individually worked with high school students, amateur and professional athletes as well as actors and musicians. In addition, twenty-five of the high school students I trained, both male and female, went on to earn Division 1 college scholarships. I was also part of the martial arts team that demonstrated for President and First Lady Bush during the annual "Great American Workout" held on the White House Lawn in Washington D.C. I feel it is important to give back to the community and to assist others. Locally, I have instructed Police Defensive Tactics classes for the Fairfax County PD. During National Anti-Bullying month, I teach an Anti-Bullying program for elementary schools in Fairfax County and Loudoun County. I also teach women's self-defense courses bi-monthly.

Martial Arts Achievements Competed in The Battle of Atlanta; U.S. Open; Diamond Nationals; New England Open; Empire State Nationals; Top Ten Nationals; U.S. Capital Classics; W.K.A (World Karate Association); W.K.A World Championships; A.K.A Warrior Cup; Ocean State World Nationals I am honored to have been a PKA Instructor of the Year, and Fighter of the Year, and I have trained twenty-five National and World Champions Three-Time National Senior Men's Fighting Lightweight Division; Undefeated Super Light Weight Kickboxer; Ranked #1 in the World, Super Light Weight Kickboxer; Assistant Coach to the Two Time Junior National Team Coach and Fighter for W.K.A Team World Champions; Coach to Team Prestige World Karate Team; featured in The Washington Post; recognized as a top personal trainer and coach; Awarded for an Anti-Bullying Program by Fairfax County Public Schools, and recognition for having one of the top schools in Virginia



Ty Botting Place of Birth & Place Grow ing Up Born in Anacortes, Washington State, but I grew up all over the US, lived in London, England, and most of high school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I returned to TX to graduate high school and then attended Texas A&M University, eventually earning my Ph.D. in Nuclear Chemistry in 1999

Martia l Arts S tyle (s) and Belt Ran k(s Northern Shaolin / Norther Praying Mantis Kung Fu: 6th degree black sash (Liu Tuan, Master Instructor). Modern Arnis: 4th degree black belt (Lakan Apat). Bushi No Te: 5th degree black belt (Renshi Godan). Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association: 4th degree black best (Si Duan). Yang Style Taijiquan: Instructor (Sifu) Instru ctor s GM Yun-Yang Wang (Northern Shaolin / Northern Praying Mantis Kung fu and Yang Style Taijiquan), Professor GM Remy A. Presas (Modern Arnis), Sifu David J. Yap (Hung Gar Kung Fu), GM Datu Tim Hartman (Presas Arnis)

Year Started Study ing Martial Ar ts

36+ years (started in January 1981 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Years Teaching Martial Arts 30+ year

Prof essional Organizations Wang's Martial Arts Association, World Modern Arnis Alliance, Arnis International, International Modern Arnis Federation, German Arnis Federation (DAV), Worldwide Family of Modern Arnis (WFMA), Hinigaran Modern Arnis, Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association, Bushi No Te organization Personal Achieve ments At


the request of my main teachers, GM Yun-Yang Wang and Professor GM Remy A. Presas, I began teaching while I was in graduate school at Texas A&M University. It was probably the best thing they could have done for at the time. I worked hard to develop my students in the absolute best ways I could - at the same time I learned so much more behind the material I had already studied that I probably benefited far more than my students. Many of my students have gone on to both pass on lessons and develop in their own ways, some having produced their own students, some of whom also have students. To me, these are my greatest achievements; if I can help to pass on the arts I know in the best way possible then I have been a success.



In His Ow n Words When I was younger, I was fascinated by the type of body control exhibited by dancers, gymnasts, and martial artists. For some reason, martial arts was the most intriguing to me, and during my high school years in Malaysia, I looked for and eventually found my first teacher, Sifu (now Grandmaster) David Jackson Yap, who taught me mainly Hung Gar Kung Fu, but also a taste of Chun. I was hooked. At the end of my Junior year in high school, I moved back to the States and promptly looked for another Kung Fu school, finding my second, and current, kung fu teacher, Sifu (now Grandmaster) Yun-Yang Wang in Houston, Texas, and I have been with him ever since, studying both Northern Shaolin / Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu and Yang style Taijiquan. I am now his highest-ranked and longest-running student. Throughout my life I have always been open to training with good people of all styles. After about 10 years of training with Master Wang, I had the opportunity to start training in Modern Arnis, finding and meeting Professor GM Remy A. Presas - I immediately knew I would study this art fully. I have continued to train in these three main arts ever since but also continuing to cross-train and be open to study quite a number of exceptional teachers. After Professor GM Remy A. Presas' passing in 2001, I continued training and teaching on my own and with multiple Modern Arnis organizations, but I spend most of my time with the World Modern Arnis Alliance (WMAA). Personally, I believe that if you are not striving to improve, then you are just getting worse. I have high expectations both for myself and my students, but I never ask them to do anything I will not also try. I have participated in numerous benefit training fundraisers for a variety of causes. Every year, I organize a yearly event for Filipino martial arts enthusiasts to share and learn, emphasizing a sense of brotherhood among practitioners. I also work in the Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association to promote a similar approach among the various styles of praying mantis kung fu. I feel strongly that we can learn more together and improve our arts by openly sharing them and gaining perspectives from the way other arts work. I have trained with a great number of really good practitioners and martial arts luminaries, both well-known and not. I have traveled all over the United States and the Philippines to both study and share in many martial arts traditions. As part of my travels in the Philippines, I was lucky to be included in one of the best martial arts documentaries I have seen, _Fighting Sticks of Arnis_.

Martial Arts Acievem ents Recognized at the Renshi Godan level (5th dan) by the Bushi No Te organization, 2014 World Peace Martial Arts Hall of Fame Induction, 2014 Action Martial Arts Mega Weekend Hall of Honors Induction, 2014 - Outstanding Contributions in the Martial Arts Mayor of Houston Proclamation, 2017 (January 21, 2017 declared "Dr. Tye W. Botting Day" in appreciation for contributions to martial arts teaching, health, and wellness) Action Martial Arts Mega Weekend Hall of Honors, 2017 - Silver Lifetime (35 years) Award for Contributions to the Martial Arts Taught seminars and individuals in kung fu and arnis across the United States in 16 states (CA CO CT GA IL KY LA MD MI NC NJ NY PA TN TX VA), and internationally in the Republic of Ireland and the Philippines Multiple championships at martial arts tournaments throughout the 1990s in Houston, TX Vice-President of the Yellow River Tanglang Quan Association Serves on the Senior Council for the World Modern Arnis Alliance (WMAA) Founder and Head Instructor of Tye's Kung Fu.



Ray mond Bradley − − − −

Martial arts title: Grandmaster Arlington, TX Started studying martial arts in 1963 Teaching for 49 years and currently holds the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt, studying martial arts styles: Tae Kwon Do Instructor: Grandmaster Rudy Smedley

In His Ow n Words I was invited in 1963 to take karate by Grandmaster Billy R. Brammer. I started and I have never looked back. My martial arts engagement continues today. I have studied Shotokan, Isshinryu, and Tae Kwon Do. I have attained black belt level in Isshinryu and Tae Kwon Do. See the uploaded resume for more detail. My life has been richly blessed. The martial arts have given more to me than I could ever give back. It has taught me how to set goals, focus on those goals and then work hard to attain the goals.

not perfection but the journey to perfection that is the great benefit of the martial arts. I participated in workshops, seminars and before civic groups in the instruction of martial arts as well as selfdefense too numerous to list over the 53 years of engagement in the martial arts.

In addition to all the positive aspects of studying the martial arts it has given my greatest life gift: my wife of almost 49 years. I met her when she walked into the karate school where was teaching in 1967. So, martial arts have given me a beautiful wife, two daughters, two great sons-in-law, seven grandchildren and one great granddaughter. It is absolutely true that martial arts have immeasurably enhanced my life way beyond the skills development of the martial arts discipline.

Martial Arts Achievements All American Karate Championships, Fort Worth, Texas, 1967, by Grandmaster J. Pat Burleson United States Karate Championships, Dallas, Texas, in 1968 by Grandmaster Allen Steen

Martial arts is a life long journey. The attainment of black belt is just the beginning. It is a life of continued learning and giving back.

During the early years there were not a lot of tournaments in Texas but I did participate in several other less significant tournaments.

I have made every effort to continue to pass on the flame of traditional karate training that transfers solid basics through discipline and progressive practice and repetition to advance in skills, speed, flexibility and power. I endeavor to pass on the integrity and honor that my mentors and instructors have given to me.

Masters Hall of Fame Inductee, June 2, 2016, San Antonio, Texas Several trophies and tournament victories in the mid to late 1960's Instructor in late 1960's, 1970's 1980's under GM Brammer Instructor and Operations Director under GM Rudy Smedley at Rudy Smedley Self Defense and Martial Arts

In addition to the traits mentioned, and very importantly, I have learned great patience. The martial arts journey takes patience to be able to diligently work through difficult moves toward the attainment of perfection. It is



Len Brassa rd You might say I was literally born into the martial arts. On the night I was born, my mother was flipping students at the Karate Studio she ran with my father in Hatties burg, MS. I grew up crawling around the studio floor (so I’ve been told) weaving in and out of horse stances the students were standing in. At about the age of 1½ years, my father began teaching me the Kenpo blocking set and by the age of 2, I was learning how to use a bo staff. In fact, my father still has that bo staff in his office. As the years went by I became fascinated with video production. I remember early attempts with stop motion filming that, while initially crude, improved with time and experience. At one high point, I was able to film a line of toys “walking” across the kitchen floor. My interest with filming continued throughout my high school years and, after graduation, I chose to study videography much more

into each classroom. As the studio grew, we added different uses for our system by including character development talks my father wrote with corresponding video presentations in our childrens classes. By integrating these talks and videos through social media, we were able to extend our lessons well beyond the walls of our studio often receiving feedback from studio throughout the country. These videos can be viewed at: Then, during one Christmas studio break, I was inspired to create a series of characters based on our student creed: “As a dedicated student of the martial arts, I will live by the principles of Black Belt: Modesty, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit.” Then, based on my father’s suggestion of a character demonstrating the wisdom that comes with a lifetime of experience, I added “Wisdom” to the characters.

closely through the Communications program at Fitchburg State University in Fitchburg, MA. As part of the graduation requirements, my colleagues and I had to apply to a six-month internship in video production, and I got accepted to a prestigious internship at M.T.V. in New York City. My time in New York allowed me to see the good, the bad and the ugly that often goes on behind the curtain in professional video production. After graduation, I decided to return to my hometown and assist my father in bringing his Karate studio into the 21st Century.

We then created a year’s worth of curriculum for introducing these character traits through adventures the Black Belt Characters had. Soon all of our younger students could tell you that telling the truth was a quality Integrity demonstrated. And, that in their academic schools Self-Control meant controlling your body and controlling your words. And for those who understand the underlying principles of Kenpo Karate, we hid an initial part of this information in the design of the characters.

We began by upgrading the computer system at the studio, and placed large video screens in every classroom. This allowed us to play loops of videos about our program in our audience section, as well as bring video instruction

In our system of Kenpo, we are taught that most things have an opposite and a reverse. Incorporating this idea, I



Meet Integrity (Black Belt Character Development Volume 2) My current goal is to continue growing our studio, Family Martial Arts Center in Fitchburg, MA. and gain a national audience for our characters. Once the books are completed, I’d like to begin animating our stories and making them available to all interested martial arts studios. I will also help my father, Dr. Len Brassard, continue to share his unique style of Kenpo Karate to all interested martial artists. Martial Arts Achievements Inducted in The World Martial Arts Hall of June 16, 2007

created six characters to teach students how NOT to think and behave. Characters we call: “The Blights”.

Completed a six-month internship for professional video production at M.T.V. Studios in New York, NY.

Another year’s worth of talks introduced these characters to our intermediate students.

Former Board Member of Fitchburg Access Television (FATV), Fitchburg, MA.

To create talks that posed typical moral dilemmas children face at home and school, I created Dippy and his sister Doodle When faced with a situation involving “showing off” at school, Dippy hears from Modesty who tells him not to make others look bad because they can’t do what he can do, and from Spite who tries to convince him to show others how great he is. We then pose a question to our young students, “What should Dippy do, and why?” Through these drills we’ve helped create a solid foundation of positive values for our younger students (and their parents). To make our stories available to all interested parents, teachers and children, I began writing a series of children’s books to highlight each of our Black Belt Characters. The first two have been completed and are available through Amazon:

Certificate of Achievement Award from the Family Martial Arts Center for achieving 30 years of martial arts experience. Co-Director of Len Brassard’s Family Martial Arts Center, Fitchburg, MA.

Meet Modesty (Black Belt Character Development Volume 1)



Dennis Brewer −

− − − −

Martial Arts Style and Belt Rank – Tae Kwon Do, 8th dan Black Belt; JiuJitsu, 7t dan Black Belt Instructors - Grand Masters Wadley, and Kang Rhee; Master John Webb Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1980 Years in the Martial Arts – 35 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 32

Professional Organizations − United Tae Kwon Do Alliance − World Tae Kwon Do Union − World Black Belt Bureau − Advance Martial Arts Association − International Taekwondo Federation

Personal Achievements − − −

Masters Hall of Fame Inductee International Gold Medal World Champion National Champion State Champion Silver and Bronze Medal at the Fire and Police Olympics Author of Common Sense SelfDefense International Instructor PPCT

My training was the vehicle that drove me from a life of just hanging out and for that I will forever be grateful. Today I'm married to my childhood sweetheart and we have two sons, two daughters and five adorable grandkids.

In His Ow n Words I started martial arts training in 1980 when my Mother agreed to let me start taking karate lessons. I was both happy and sad about taking karate because she made so many sacrifices to pay for my training. Her only request was that I wouldn’t let it interfere with my school work. My mom knew I always loved karate and she made my dream come true.

I am a retired Deputy Sheriff and Fire Marshal. I own and operate several locations and I am the President of the AMA and v-p of the UTA. I’m also a promotor with ASKC and the author of Common Sense Self-Defense and other self-help reference books.

I grew up in a neighborhood were most of the men didn't work, they just hung out on the corner or sold drugs and as a young boy I thought that would be my plight. I went to sleep with gun shots and woke up to them; beer cans and empty liquor bottles flooded the streets. It seemed that this life was destined for me. But martial arts became my refuge. I was somebody. I learned respect and integrity and my training changed my entire life. Sure, I still woke to gun shots and empty beer cans, but I was changed. I was determined not to let my conditions consume me.

Grandmaster H. U. Lee changed my life forever; he helped mold me into the man I am today by being the father that was missing in my life. He always said "Today impossible; tomorrow possible." Now I use my training and knowledge to give back what was given to me. I believe that it's not our job to teach kids how to fight but to learn to solve problems through conflict resolutions. My biggest accomplishment is instilling hope where none exists. I tell my students that if I can do it you can too. I tell them that life is like a big amusement ride - you have to buy a ticket. By that I mean if you don't buy



bottom of my heart: you each taught me what it means to be happy and at peace with myself. I've learned that you may not to be able to make a living out of martial arts but you certainly can make a life out of it.

a ticket you can’t take that ride, but once you buy that ticket you can't get off until the ride stops. I tell them to make smart choices. We are making our community better one Black Belt at a time. I have many Grandmasters and Masters to thank for my journey. To each I say thank you from the

Major Martial Arts =Achievements − − − − − − − −

Black Belt Hall of Fame International ITF Instructor ATA Chief of Testing UTA Vice President UTA Regional Vice president Annual Battle under the Bridge Tournament host UTA School of the Year NAACP Image Award



Ba rry A . Brought on Grandmaster Barry A. Broughton, PhD has an extensive and multi-faceted professional background that has enabled him to integrate his former medical profession with his martial arts system – AKT Combatives. Having practiced orthopedics and sports medicine, Dr. Barry Broughton applied his intimate understanding of kinesiology, orthopedic and musculoskeletal surgical anatomy to his martial arts training and instruction. Focusing on concepts for real life self-defense, he created his reality-based AKT Combatives system, currently being taught as a college credit course. Broughton’s interest in the martial arts began at an early age when he started wrestling in the third grade and continued throughout high school. As an adolescent, he was inspired by the television series Kung Fu (1972-1975), and at the age of seventeen began formal martial arts training.

trained with many martial artists from different styles and backgrounds, expanding his knowledge of the military application of martial arts techniques. Barry Broughton continued his martial arts training while earning a Bachelor of Science Degree as a Physician Associate, completed an Orthopedic Surgery PA Residency Training Program, a PhD in Health and Human Services and became a Naturopathic (Integrative Medicine) Physician. In addition, Dr. Broughton is trained in Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and completed the USA Boxing Ringside Physician Course. During that time, he was also a lifelong student of the martial arts, competing in the US, Canada and Europe in sport karate, kickboxing and submission grappling.

After earning his first Black Belt in a blended stand-up striking system, he began integrating ground defense and ground fighting techniques into his teaching curriculum. Several years after high school Broughton entered the US Army as a Combat Medic and later served as a Battalion Surgeon. While on active duty, he

Broughton is a Certified Martial Kickboxing Instructor and also holds rank in the following: • • •


10th Dan AKT Combatives (Founder/Grandmaster) 5th Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor Wu-Yin Yan-Jing 3rd Dan Black Belt Instructor Ching Sai Do/Combat Karate Black Sash Kun Tao Kung Fu


He is a member of the American Jujitsu League, the Unites States Sport Jujitsu Association, Jujitsu America, and the Martial Arts Masters Association.

Grandmaster Broughton has also trained in thefollowing: KAPAP Combatives/Krav Maga (Level One Instructor), Modern Army Combatives, Tae Kwon Do, American Kempo, Jujitsu, Combat Knife Fighting, and Escrima Stick Fighting. He rounds out his skill set with Tai Chi and French style classical fencing.

As an aspiring action actor, Barry has completed the Stunt Fighting and Falling for Film certification workshop by the Action Film Academy under the direction of Michael DePasquale, Jr.; Fight Scene Choreography training with Cynthia Rothrock; and numerous Hollywood Stunt Fighting Workshops by Action Film Director Art Camacho. His first film role was in The Martial Arts Kid and co-stars in the movie short Showdown, directed by Art Camacho that is currently in production.

Broughton is the Head Coach and Founder of Team AKT Sport Jujitsu team. He is also on the coaching staff of the 2017 USA National Sport Jujitsu Team that is competing in the World Championships in Australia in October 2017. Broughton currently serves as the Northeast Regional Director of the United States Sport Jujitsu Association.

− − − − −

− − − −

Honors Include: Inducted in the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame as a Modern Honorary Inductee (2017). 2016 Recipient of the Presidential Champion Gold Award by President Obbama President’s Challenge Program Instructor by the US President’s Council on Fitness and Sports. Argentina Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2016). USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee (Original System Founder of the Year-2010, Soke of the Year 2014). Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors Inductee (Silver Lifetime Contribution 2014). Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee (Legendary Silver Pioneer 2014). Recognized by the World Wide Martial Arts Council. Recognized as Soke/Founder of AKT Combatives by the International Congress of Sokeship.

Broughton is the Bestselling Author of Beyond Self-Defense: AKT Combatives Reality-Based Personal Protection that is currently used as a college textbook for Self-Defense credit courses. He is also a contributing author and is featured in the bestselling book Black Belt Power by Melodee Meyer. Featured in The Martial Directory: International Instructors Edition, Broughton is also listed in The Grand Masters of the Martial Arts: Ted Gambordella’s Martial Arts Tributes (Vol. 1). An in-demand speaker, Dr. Barry Broughton provides seminars to entrepreneurs, business executives, military veterans, college, and high school students about applying martial arts concepts to leadership. He currently teaches martial arts seminars on topics such as: Sport Jujitsu, Martial Arts Anatomy, Grappling and Ground Fighting for the Stand-up Striker, Stand-up Striking for the Grappler, Knife Defense, Gun Defense, Co-ed and Women’s Self-Defense, and lectures on Anti-Bullyin teaches college credit courses for the State University of New York (SUNY-JCC) in Karate/AKT Combatives, Co-ed Self-Defense and Women’s Self-Defense.



Of all his personal successes and achievements, Grandmaster Broughton states “I am most proud of the accomplishment of my students. It is an honor to see lives changed and goals achieved because of the traits that are instilled through their training in the martial arts. Whether it is in producing Grand Champions, or inspiring students to become champions in life, I am truly humble to see the impact that we, as martial arts instructors have on the lives of others�.



Rusty Burke −

− − − −

Martial Arts Title and Styles: Silkisondan Karate, 4th Dan, Taekwondo, 5th Dan, Combat Hapkido, 4th Dan, Bill Wallace’s Superfoot System, 2nd Dan. Born in Quantico, VA Instructors: Master Thinh Nguyen, GM Bill Wallace, GM John Pellegrini Teaching for 30 years Started studying Martial Arts in 1981

Personal Accomplishments −

− −

US Marine Corps 1987-1995 Combat Veteran 1st Persian Gulf War. Attained rank of Sergeant. Honorably discharged. Graduated Florida State University in 2000. Full time Karate School Owner, Burke's Karate Academy in Tallahassee, Florida. Major Accomplishments 2 times inductee in the Action Magazine Hall of Honors for contributions to the martial arts. Inducted into the World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame as Master Instructor of the Year

what I wanted to learn. Thus, my martial arts training began shortly thereafter. My ranks are: 4th Dan Silkisondan Karate, 5th Dan Taekwondo, 4th Dan Combat Hapkido, and 2nd Dan Bill Wallace's Superfoot System.

In His Ow n Words I was bullied as a child. I was small for my age and had bowed legs so that made me an easy target for bullies. After watching a Chuck Norris movie, I wasn't sure what I was watching but I knew that whatever he did to the "bad guys" is

Not to sound cliché, but there is not an area of my life that has not been positively affected by my training.



John B ussard − − − − −

Martial Arts Style & Rank: Tang Soo Do, 8th Degree Black Belt Instructor: Ki Whang Kim Year Started: 1979 Years Teaching: 23 Master Bussard began training in the martial arts in 1979, studying directly under the legendary Grandmaster, Ki Whang Kim (1920-1993).

Master Bussard began training in the martial arts in 1979, studying directly under the legendary Grandmaster, Ki Whang Kim (1920-1993). As a competitor in the 1980's and 1990's, Master Bussard captured 18 Grand Championships and won well over 100 trophies in competition. In 1994, following the passing of Grandmaster Kim, Master Bussard opened Kicks Karate in Gaithersburg MD. Over the past 20+ years Kicks Karate has grown to 12 locations and has over 4,000 active students. Master Bussard credits both his martial arts skill and the Kicks Karate "Never Give Up" philosophy to Grandmaster Kim. Master Bussard holds a B.S. in Kinesiological Sciences from the University of Maryland and is an Alumnus of the Harvard Business School where he completed the prestigious Program for Leadership Development. He currently serves as the CEO of Kicks Karate and speaks at industry events across the country.

"I'd like to recognize some of the seniors and Masters who have shared much with me on my path--Mitchell Bobrow, S. Henry Cho (RIP), Neil Ehrlich, Jonas Nunez, Dave Kovar and Greg Tearney."



A kil Chukwueneka −

Kamau Akil Chukwueneka of Homewood, Illinois, holds the title of Hanshi as an 8th Degree Black Belt in GoJu-Ryu , has earned 6th Dan in the Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System, 6th Degree in Kempo (and 1st Degree in Isshin-Ryu

Personal Accomplishments − − − − −

Bachelors of Science – Physical Education Masters of Alternative Childhood Education Doctorate in Philosophy in Cultural Studies Volunteer Director of Youth Services at Christ Lutheran Church Organized and Implemented Sports and Educational Programs at St. Andrews Lutheran Church Served as a Peace Officer with Louisville Metro Corrections Department and became SRT SWAT Certified While working as a corrections officer, a fire broke out in an inmate’s cell and the control to the bars of the cell were inoperable. I worked the control back and forth and broke it open and pulled the inmate to safety. While at home in Louisville, KY, I heard gunshots ring out in front of my home. I immediately ran out the front door to determine the situation. I discovered that there was a postal worker who was shot in the face. Blood was everywhere so as the first responder I administered basic medical assistance and contacted the police.

(2003) Derby City Rising Star Nationals – Grand Champion (2003) USAKF National Championships – 1st Kata, Kubudo, and Master Kata (2002) Battlerama – Grand Champion Black Belt Forms (2002) AAU National Champion (2001) AAU National Champion (2000) Derby City Rising Star Nationals – Black Belt Team Grand Champions (2000) AAU National Champion (1981) North American Kung-Fu World Championships – Lightweight Champion (1979) Golden Dragon Kung-Fu Karate Open – International Championship, 1st in Kumite & Kata Various Awards (2005) Ancient Kemetic Culture Institute – Cultural Celebration Award (1988) Leadership & Excellent Instruction – New York State Headquarters (1982) Zen Nippon GoJu-Ryu Karate-Do – Outstanding Shihon of the Year (1980) Christ Lutheran Church – Eastside Grassroots Leadership Recognition Award

Major Achievements 2015) Black Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2006) USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame – Grand Master of the Year Magazine References Featured in American Samurai Competitions and Events (Excerpts) (2008) 3rd Di Nippon Butoku Kai – Granted High Honors (2017) Super Foot World Championships – 1st Kata, Kubudo, Master of Masters Award (2016) Triple Crown Championships – Grand Championship Kata, 1st Kata



many sources as we could gain access to. From going to many different martial arts classes acting like we were going to join, picking up what we could and working very hard to make it ours. We read every book on martial arts we could get our hands on and we would hang out at informal meetups in Dr. Martin Luther King Park (Old Humbolt Park) in Buffalo, New York on a near daily basis to gain new techniques and practice our fledgling skills.

Professional Organizations Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, GOju-Ryu Karate-Do Budo International Federation, Okinawan Kempo Karate Federation, Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Association, Nippon Jujitsu Kai U.S.A., Ryukyu Karate Kobudo Kenkyukai, Zen Nippon Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Budo Kai Organization, American Amateur Karate Federation, American Okinawan Karate Association

One day, Kenyatta introduced me to a man they called Master John and our lives totally changed. This man invited all of us to a church on Fox and Broadway (still in Buffalo) and from there our eyes were opened to so much more of the art. When my father passed, Master John became a surrogate father of sorts to me, in fact he became the cornerstone of my development as a man. He instilled in me the idea that; “Everyone works, Nothing is free, and we all start at the bottom.” That’s why I believe we are our student’s mirrors and we are to set the example of what they are to follow and that we are to teach our children everything we know to catapult them into the future, knowing that they will surpass us when they understand they must practice, practice, practice and when they are done they will practice some more.

In His Ow n Words I was born in Buffalo, New York, and I started studying Martial Arts in 1968. My instructor was Dr. Akeweya Nicobi Tirakah-Bey. I have been teaching for 39 years. My father was very instrumental in inspiring me to train with him being in the art as well as being a body builder, wrestler and weightlifter. When I saw my father in that ring I found myself thinking I wanted to be just like him. My father began training me and following this, he took me to my very first martial arts class at the age of 8. This first class, while it was somewhat disjointed due to the revolving door of instructors from a variety of styles, it was formative in the sense that it set me on my path in life. Now fast forward through a few years in that class to the age of 12 or 13. At this point I stopped attending that class and started working out with my God-brother, Kenyatta Cobb. We didn’t have the benefit of a formal class structure so we absorbed knowledge from as

Over the course of the years, I’ve shared my martial arts by teaching self-defense courses for several organizations, churches, community centers, schools and law enforcement agencies, including the African American Police Association in Buffalo, New York.



Howard Chung • • • •

Ma rt ia l a rt s ti tl e: G ra n d ma s te r Ho wa rd Ch u n g Ne w Hyd e Pa rk, N e w Yo rk S ta r ted s tu d yin g ma rt ia l a rt s in 1 9 7 0 Tea ch in g fo r 4 3 yea r s a n d cu r ren tl y h o ld s th e ra n k o f 8 th Da n , s tu d yin g ma r tia l a rt s st yl es: Ta e K wo n Do I n st ru c to r: G ra n d ma st e r Jh o o n Rh ee

Personal Achievements I worked for master Jhoon Rhee between 1973 to 1979 as the senior instructor at his school in the Washington DC metropolitan area. I also taught at Wake Forest University; and was both the Master instructor for the karate club as well as the physical education instructor between 1979 to 1983 along with brother, World Champion John Chung. I produced and hosted the Jhoon Rhee national tournament with John Chung while at Wake Forest University. When I graduated from Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC with a Bacholor’s of Science degree in business, I worked for Miyazaki Karate in Flushing, NY as a Business consultant. I also opened and owned a martial arts school in Miniola, NY with my brother John and sister, World Champion Helen Chung. As the big brother, coach and mentor of both John and Helen, I helped them achieve their goal.of operating 3 martial arts schools in Long Island, NY. I produced 20+ top 10 youth and adults blacck belt competitors over the years. I created a special kids only program for toddlers; and am now operating a kids only school in New Hyde Park, NY. I am the only master who teaches 2 and 3 years old in the New York area.

In His Ow n Words With Grand Master Jhoon Rhee as your uncle, I was automatically blended into the martial arts world, Tae Kwon Do, and ShotoKan karate. Tae Kwon Do is my life.

ever. I hold my philosophy close, believing one must always be humble, patient and persistent. My expertise has allowed me to have daily opportunities to help children achieve their goals, particularly toddlers and ADHD conditioned children. The Martial Arts have taught me courage, integrity and honor. I have demonstrated at the center stage final in Capital Center in Washington DC. In the 70s, I also demonstrated at the Battle of Atlanta, US Open and many other tournaments as the night time final show on the stage with my brother John Chung. I have always been a coach, mentor and manager for my brother World Champion John Chung and sister Helen Chung.

Martial Arts have helped me become focused and disciplined, and I’ve learn to love children more than



Dwight Romeo Cross •

• • •

Pla ce o f B i rth & P la ce Gro w in g Up – Bo rn : N ewa r k, Ne w Je rs ey; G r ew Up : Lo u i sv il le, K en tu c ky Ma rt ia l A r ts S ty le ( s ) a n d B el t Ra n k ( s ) C ro s s- N- R yu S o g o B u d o , 7 th Deg ree Bla ck B e lt I n st ru c to r - S o k e Kh a l id A . R a h e em, PH.D .M .A .; Mfu n d i sh i B a b a S er i Kh a l i; Gra n d ma st er Mu sta fa Ken ya tta ; S o ke D r- A ke we ya Ni co b i Ti rh a ka h - B ey ; O' KA Ha n sh i Lo yld Jo h n so n Yea r S ta r ted S tu d y in g M a rt ia l Ar t s 1980 Yea r s in th e Ma rt ia l A rt s - 3 6 Yea r s T ea ch in g Ma r tia l A rt s – 3 2

Martial Arts Achievements • • •

• • • • • •

Un i ted Ma rt ia l A r ts A ss o cia t io n Co mp et ed in Ov er 2 ,0 0 0 P o in t To u rn a men t s sin c e 1 9 8 4 to P re sen t; Ch i ef I n s t ru cto r o f th e A ra b ia n Fed e ra t io n Ma r tia l A rt s A ca d e my I I Leb a n o n , Ten n es s ee a n d Co lleg e P a rk, Geo r g ia (Th e Ara b ia n Kn ig h ts ) I n st ru c to r o f th e A ra b ia n F ed e ra t io n Wo rld Co mp et it io n Tea m Co - fo u n d e r o f th e " Cro s s- N- R yu " S t yl e a n d S ys te m, e s ta b l ish ed 1 9 8 4 Co - fo u n d e r o f th e " Cro s s- N- R yu I n teg ra ted F ig h tin g S y st em" US A Ma r tia l A r ts Ha ll o f F a m e I n 2 0 1 4 G ra n d Ma ste r R o meo C ro ss S R. a n d H i s S o n Ma s te r R o meo C ro ss Jr. Cu r ren tl y a 5 th Deg r ee we re in d u ct ed in to Th e US A Ma rt ia l A r ts Ha l l o f F a me I n 2 0 1 4 , He b eca me Th e US A Na tio n a l Rep r es en ta ti ve o f Un it e d Ma rt ia l A r t s As so c ia t io n co v er in g Ke n tu cky , S t. Lo u i s, I n d ia n a , a n d Geo rg ia .

In His Own Words I began my study of the combat arts in 1978 when I started boxing and started in the martial arts in 1980 at the age of 14. I was born Dwight Romeo Cross in Newark, New Jersey in 1966 to a martial arts family with martial arts as the sole discipline in the household. I rejected the martial sciences with a vengeance. In 1977, my mother moved him to Louisville, Kentucky. It was said that on the way to the store I got into a fight. This event changed my life forever. I met a gentleman who witnessed the scuffle and had a great deal of respect for my heart. This gentleman, being a boxer from Louisville, Kentucky and a respected fighter named Tyrone Moore took me to one of the local gyms in Baxter Il. It was owned by boxing legend Greg Page. I was placed under the teaching of Marcus Anderson and his cousin Leroy Edmonson. It was then I learned how to use my



hands. The blood of a martial arts family ran through my veins! Karate was destined to set in. In 1980, I began my martial arts studies under the instruction of my twin brother, known as Sensei Dwayne Cross, now known as Soke Khalid Ashanti Raheem, where I received my Shodan in 1984 in Okinawa Goju, Japanese Shorei Ryu, and Cross-N-Ryu-Sogo-Budo. I taught at the side of my brother until I moved to Lebanon, Tennessee with another brother who had been training with Master Dwayne Cross for years. His name was Sensei Dennis Anderson, now known as GM Malik Abdul Muhammad and we opened The Arabian Federation Martial Arts Academy II. Together with both schools combined, it took the presence of the Arabian Knights to a new level by traveling across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Sudan making a name for ourselves and getting known.

of developing champions the three of us moved back to Louisville where Grand Master Romeo Cross Sr. holds a 7th degree under Soke Khalid A. Raheem, and G.M. Preston Baker, PH.D.M.A., Mfundishi Baba Seri Khali, Soke Dr-Akeweya Nicobi Tirhakah-Bey. Still the four of us produced children martial arts prodigies, leaders, fathers, mothers, role models, and quality heads of households. In 2014, my son and I were inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

In 1985 my son was born, Romeo Cross Jr. Without hesitation, he started training and quickly became a respected martial artist and top notch competitor as a child. Over the next several years


I am the father and instructor of World Champion Master Romeo Cross Jr. and World Champion Keivon Moore, uncle and coach/instructor of World Champions Khalida Raheem, Ashanti Raheem of Louisville and other students that paid the sacrifice to become an Arabian Knight and an intricate member of the Arabian Federation.

Major Martial Arts Achievement


US A Na t io n a l Rep re sen t a tiv e o f Un i ted Ma rt ia l A r ts A sso cia tio n fo r Ken tu cky, S t. Lo u i s, I n d ia n a , a n d Geo rg ia


John Crudup • •

• •

• • •

Pla ce o f B i rth & P la ce Gro w in g Up Ph ila d elp h ia , Pen n s ylva n ia Ma rt ia l A r ts S ty le ( s ) a n d Bel t Ra n k ( s ) S h o to ka n Ka ra t e; Kyo - K u Ka ra t eJu t su , 8 th Da n ; Ta e K wo n Do , 9 th Da n I n st ru c to rs - My fi r st in st ru c to r wa s S en se i E rn e s t P a ra mo re . Oth er in s t ru cto r s a n d men to r s in clu d e Ma s te r Os ca r Y o u n g S u l, Gra n d ma ste r S a yfu lla a h A l - A m riy kiy , S o ke Na th a n ie l M cB rid e , G ra n d ma st e r Oz z ie Wr ig h t J r., G ra n d ma s te r Fu r ma n Ma rsh a ll a n d G ra n d ma s te r Ch a n g H wa P a rk Yea r S ta r ted S tu d y in g M a rt ia l Ar t s – 1971 Yea r s in th e Ma rt ia l A rt s – 4 6 Yea r s T ea ch in g Ma r tia l A rt s – 4 2

and the Korean Defense Service Medal. I am a Federal Investigator with the US Department of Labor. I was presented the “Men Making a Difference Award for 2007” by Pennsylvania Congressman Chaka Fattah. I hold two associate degrees from the Community College of the Air Force in Logistics and Instructor of Technology and Military Science. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Management from the University of Maryland, graduating cum laude and selected as a member of the National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi in 1990. I was also awarded a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from Chapman University in 1993.

Prof essional Organizations Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society; Global Taekwon-Do Federation International; World Academy of Martial Arts Philosophy and Science

Personal Achievements I served 26 years in the United States Air Force with over 15 years spent in assignments throughout the Pacific theater. I was recognized in 2000 and 2002 as the “Best in the Air Force.” I also served as the Superintendent of the United States Air Force Honor Guard, represented the Air Force’s senior noncommissioned officer corps, ensured mission readiness through the development of training requirements, led a flight-command section that coordinated scheduling and transportation of personnel, coordinated training for all Department of Defense Ceremonial Honor Guard units, and retired from the United States Air Force in August 2009.

In His Ow n Words I formally began my training in 1971 under the direction of Sensei Ernest Paramore in the art of Shotokan Karate-Do. My motivation at that time was heavily influenced by Bruce Lee. Of course, I watched the Green Hornet series as a child and was fascinated by the character Kato. But it wasn’t until 1971 when I became a paperboy for the Philadelphia Bulletin and our branch manager happened to be a karate instructor and offered free classes to all the paperboys as a way to defend ourselves in the event someone would try to take our money. My earliest influence was Bruce Lee. He was a phenomenal martial artist and philosopher. His philosophy was to “absorb what is useful, and discard what is not.” There are many other martial artists that I have admired and been

I was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Force Commendation Medal, the Air Force Achievement Medal, the Air Force Good Conduct

Medal, the National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Star Device, the Global War on Terror Service Medal



have never dreamt of as a child. My martial arts training keeps me humble; always listening, learning and growing. To those who starting the martial arts I would recommend that you do some research, sit in on a few classes, and watch how the instructor interacts with the students. Look for an instructor that has technical competence and cares about his/her students. Understand that martial arts training will help you in all aspects of your life. Your physical conditioning will improve, your mental focus will sharpen and your self-confidence will grow. It is a decision that will change your life for the better.

influenced by throughout the years. Some of them include Dr. Moses Powell, William Oliver and Byong Yu. A good martial arts practitioner understands that martial arts is much more than just kicking and punching. A good practitioner must train the mind, body and spirit. Sheer ability is not enough; philosophizing is inadequate; and without a spiritual connection to something greater than oneself, the journey is meaningless. I believe good instructor must be more than just technically competent. To be a good instructor, you need patience, love, understanding and a true desire to share your knowledge with others. You need to know when to push and when to pull; when to reprimand and when to console. A good instructor understands psychology, knows how to motivate and employs different teaching strategies to cater to different learning needs.

As a martial artist, I competed in tournaments. I was best known for my kicking ability. My favorite techniques were various combinations off the hook-round kick. I began kickboxing in 1980 because I was seeking something a bit more challenging. I became somewhat complacent with point fighting. I got tired of dealing with constant rule changes, poor judging, and disqualifications for light facial contact. I wanted to test myself with something more challenging and earn a little extra money as well. The PKA was pretty popular at that time and the fights were televised on ESPN.

Being a part of the martial arts, I have achieved more in life than I have ever expected. I am happy. I am at peace. My goal is to wake up each morning and make a difference and help those in need. I don’t spend much time reflecting on past achievements. I spend more time thinking about how I can help others achieve their personal goals and desires. I do believe that it’s better to give than to receive, but it always seems that the more I give, the more I seem to get in return.

Martial Arts Achievements I have been inducted into more than 50 martial arts halls of fame to include Great Grand Master Aaron Banks’ World Professional Martial Arts Organization Hall of Fame, Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, American Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Budo International Hall of Fame, Cosmopolitan Florida Hall of Fame, Gary Alexander’s International Association of Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Kuroshi-Do Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Latin-American Martial Arts Hall of Fame, London International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, North American Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Southeastern Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame, United States Head of Family Martial Arts Association Hall of Honor, United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Universal Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame, World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame, World Karate Union Hall of Fame and the World

I now have a better appreciation of Kata at this point in my life. As a young practitioner, I simply learned kata to get promoted to the next rank. I didn’t feel that kata contributed anything to my ability to fight and at the end of the day, fighting was all that mattered in my early years. To a great extent, it remains true that you don’t need kata to be a good sport competitor, but you do need kata to understand the essence of karate. Reflecting on my life, the martial arts have given me a tremendously positive outlook on life. I truly believe that anything is possible. My martial arts training gave me the discipline required to achieve the highest enlisted grade in the military, a master’s degree in human resource management, and so many other accomplishments that I would



arts instructors and develop programs throughout the city in churches and community centers to offer martial arts training and mentorship opportunities to inner-city youth at affordable costs. I am also founder and President of the Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society which holds a Hall of Fame event each year.

Martial Arts Hall of Fame. I currently serve as a Senior Executive Advisory Board member for the United States Head of Family Martial Arts Association and the Korea World Tukkong Association USA. I am the founder and President of the Universal Song Do Kwan Alliance, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The goal of the Alliance is to build a cadre of martial



Jeffers on Davis − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - St. Louis, Missouri − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Kenpo and Kenpo Ju Jitsu − Promoted to Grandmaster by Great Grand Master Al Tracy in 2015 − Instructors - Al Tracy; Dr. Roger Greene; Joe Lewis; Tim Golby Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1964 − Years in the Martial Arts – 53 − Years Teaching Martial Arts - 43

Professional Organizations − − −

Special Forces Association Gathering of Eagles (Kenpo) Charter Member KHOF Sigma Tau Gamma Social Fraternity

Personal Achievements Non-Martial Arts Achievements/Accomplishments: Education: B.A. History; 1971; Southwest Missouri State College M.A. Euro-Russian History; 1978 Southwest Missouri State University Department Chair for Social Studies at Theodore Roosevelt High school at City of St. Louis Public Schools 2009-2013 (Retired with 16 years teaching)

Defense Intelligence Agency; while assigned to the Soviet Union Desk wrote all student training manuals for my Tracy's karate franchise schools.

Military: Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) U.S. Army Military Intelligence Corps; Honorable discharge after 29 years of Service 1972 to 2001; Special Intelligence Officer Assigned to Special Operations, including the Defense Intelligence Agency; requested and volunteered in training the Missouri National Guard in Anti-Terrorism tactics in seizing and securing Lambert International Airport after 911 (2001); ran classes on hand to hand combat for troops; U.S. Army Command & General Staff College; Diploma 1988, U.S. Air War College; Diploma 1996, U.S. Navy War College: Strategy and Policy; Diploma 1998, Wrote Draft DA PAM The Art and Science of Psychological Operations from 1975 to 1996 (Project at Pentagon 1996) - Draft used to create all textbooks for the PSYOP courses at the JFK Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; 1997 Developed many sensitive/classified intelligence reports and summaries on the Soviet Union for the

In His Own Words In 1964, I bought my first karate book for self-training: ‘Secrets of Chinese Karate’ by Ed Parker. From there throughout my career in karate I picked up the gauntlet and endured a rugged and rewarding association with legendary and lesser known martial artists. I continued self-training and took my first formal karate course under Master Bob Yarnall in St. Louis in 1966. Since then I have trained and taught principally through the Tracy Karate Organization where I worked with Joe Lewis, Roger Green, Jimmy Dixon, Brad Terizan, Tim Golby, Joe Talbot, Bill Buchner, and Al Tracy. I fought on teams with Everett "Monster Man" Eddy, Steve Saunders, Bert Rodriguez, and Donnie Williams.



Martial Arts Achievements − − − − − −

− − − − −

− − −

Honors: Sport Karate Museum History General Award 2016 Scottish Budo Association (Promotion)GRANDMASTER 10th Degree Black Belt (Judan) in Kenpo Award 2016 Promoted to JUDAN (10th DAN; GRANDMASTER KENPO) Tracy's Kenpo Kenpo Karate Schools 2015 Promoted to JUDAN (10th DAN: GRANDMASTER KENPO JU-JITSU) Tracy’s Kenpo Karate Schools 2016 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012 USA "Hall of Heroes" Hall of Fame 2010 Rakkassans Hall of Fame 2011 Kenpo International Hall of Fame (Charter Member) 2007 (Gathering of Eagles) Master Mike Kaylor Lifetime Achievement Award for Service 2002 Gathering of Eagles "Masters Award" 2001 Oklahoma Black Belt Hall of fame: 2001 Promoted to SHODAN Tracy's Kenpo Karate Schools 1980

− − − − −

Karate Illustrated Top ten in Midwest Region Black Belt Kumite: 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 NASKA Top Ten Midwest Kumite: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996. Kata: 1994, 1995, 1996 NBL Kata Top ten in Midwest 1999, 2000; Canadian -American National champion in Soft Forms 2000; 6th Place in World Games

Personal Accomplishments Owner, Co-Owner, Manager of four Tracy's Franchise Kenpo Schools in St. Louis & Southern Illinois; 1980 to 1994 Master teacher/ Advisor to Tracy's Kenpo of Troy Illinois 2000 to Present Founder/ President of the Midwest Martial Arts Association (For the St. Louis Region) 1984 Promoter/ director of the St. Louis Budweiser National Karate Class 1981 to 2005 created the largest most popular event in this region at the longest same corporately sponsored Karate event in the History of Sport Karate Competition. Achieved international status in 1997



Don DeV ries − − − −

Martial arts title: Hachidan Cleveland, Ohio Started studying martial arts in 1973 Teaching for 25 years and currently ranked as 8th Black Belt/Hachidan Superfoot System/American Kenpo Instructors: Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Richard McClain

Personal Achievements I trained with my two children in the Martial Arts from an early age and coached them for the many Karate Tournaments we attended. Now they are both successful, happily married and have their children training in the Martial Arts. Martial Arts Achievements − − − − − − − − − − − − − − −

"History General" of the Museum of Sport Karate since 2004 PKC Ohio State Co-Director 1999 and 2000 and Lifetime Member of the PKC since 2002 PKC Center Referee of the Year 1999 Inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame 2012 Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2013 Inducted into the The Ohio Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame 2013 Inducted into the Action Martial Arts Hall Of Honors 2014, 2016 and 2017 Inducted into the King Cobra Karate Tournament Hall Of Fame 2016 The 2016 Who's Who Legends Award Earned International Doctor Of Martial Arts Philosophy 2015 Promoted the All American Karate Nationals in Cleveland, Ohio from 1994-2004 Currently a partner in Sport Karate Productions Promoting The Superfoot World Championships with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace Promoting the Cleveland Traditional Tae Kwon DO Promoting the Tang Soo Do Invitational and The Cleveland Grappling Championships

in a traditional school. My friend would share what he had learned with me and we would practice together. My family could not afford lessons as my father was a Cleveland Police Officer and my mother was a traditional stay at home mother. After I got married and my friend had moved away my son had early signs of ADD and a doctor had suggested training in martial arts would help. As a family, we started training when my son was only 4 years old. We have trained in American Kenpo (Tracy's) and Taekwondo at the same time. A few years later we started training in the Superfoot System with Bill

In His Ow n Words When I was a teenager, I trained with a friend of mine in his garage as he was training in Taekwondo



prepare and practice and if you go to an event and you don't win an award, that’s ok, we try again and work harder to prepare for the next event and to take that into whatever path they choose for their lives work and you get out what you put in to anything you do in life but the reason we do what we do is to be a better "you"!

Superfoot Wallace and the JLFS (Joe Lewis Fighting System). I have also trained in sport karate, weapons and fighting. I first decided to train as a family in Martial Arts, I was an executive in a building supply company and had not really considered becoming an owner of a Martial Arts school-- our instructor was having some difficulties keeping the school open. We enjoyed our lessons, so I invested financially and my time to assist in keeping the school open. After some time, we realized our instructor was not very good at money management. I was in a position to purchase the school from him and move the school to a better location, and since that time, 25 years ago, I have owned the school. I have been the primary instructor and now we have locations in Chicago, Phoenix and soon North Carolina with instructors that originally trained with us in Cleveland. When I first started training, I never imagined I would own a Martial Arts School but life has different paths and the direction I was led to has allowed me not to look back and what a great experience it is to share my knowledge with so many students over the years.

I have used my knowledge for protection for myself and others as I was director of Security at several Night Clubs over 15 years. My training has given me confidence and courage and to be in Martial Arts through all kinds of situations in my life has instilled discipline and respect! Integrity is instilled in you through your upbringing and being raised by parents that show you how they live--to treat others with respect and care and to do the right thing. It is then passed on through the raising of your own children-and now I see it through my children and into my grandchildren. We have had many seminars with Martial Artists who I have always looked up to. I participate with my students so they can see that I don’t just expect them to be involved but that I also engage in the same seminar with them. I teach 6 days a week and at times we have special events or tests on Sunday as well. As the primary instructor, I teach all classes and train all our instructors in our way of positive teaching. I have been a promoter of tournaments for many years. We had promoted the All American Karate Nationals for more than 10 years, which was one of the largest tournaments in our region. We won awards from the PKC for the "BEST" Large tournament in the Nation. Now I am a partner with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace in the "Superfoot" World Championships held in April in Cleveland.

I LOVE what I do, and it has NEVER been a "JOB"! I have never spent a day thinking I HAVE to go to work because Martial Arts is my passion and I have met so many awesome fellow Martial Artists and have the honor to train with some of the legends. I am very appreciative and honored to be a partner with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace in promoting his Tournament in Cleveland, Ohio. I have trained for many years in Martial Arts and I teach and share what I have been taught in a "positive" environment and I try to motivate our students to be the best that they can be not only in their training but also in anything they choose to do in life and not compare themselves to other students but to learn they are individuals but if they want to be their best, it takes hard work and dedication and I instill that they can be whatever they choose to be. I have shared with all our students, and parents that if you want to compete then



Micha el Dietrich − − − −

ぇ Martial arts title: Master Washington D.C. ぇ Started studying martial arts in 1980 ぇ Teaching for 35 years, currently holds the rank of 9th Dan, studying Martial Arts Style: American Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) ぇ Instructors: Jhoon Rhee, Dong Ju Lee, Jeff Smith, Stephen Oliver, Sensei Masataka Mori (JKA), Sensei Ahmad Mazhari (Bare Knuckle Kumite, JKA), Behrooz Sarshar (JUDO), Master K (Muay Thai), Charlie Lee (JRI), Jim Ed Jones (Boxing), Emin Boztepe (Wing Tsun), Brandon Lee (son of late Bruce Lee), Linda Lee (wife of late Bruce Lee Scholarship for University)

Personal Achievements − 1988 PKL "Rookie of the Year"

− 1988 Professional Karate League "Hall Of Fame" − 1989 WAKO National Fighting Champion − 1989 Top Ten Nationals Champion − 1990 National Forms Champion − 1990 Diamond Nationals Champion − US magazine − Newsweek magazine − Washington Post Newspaper − Ripley's Believe IT or Not! − NBC "George Michael's Sport Report" − PM magazine − ABC NEWS

In His Ow n Words Years ago, as a 7-year-old European boy, when I walked across the street in a new Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood to make some new friends, I was attacked by the neighborhood gang. As initiation into the neighborhood, they grabbed me and threw me on the ground, kicked, punched and hit me over the head with bats. I almost died. For the next three years, I lived a sheltered life and became a very shy ‘tween with little self-confidence. At age 10, after viewing an inspiring Bruce Lee movie, I took my first introductory karate lesson. Today, I am proud to be a pro-active member of what will be the “next generation of martial artists”. With 35 years of experience teaching, armed with a 9th Degree Black Belt, and a wealth of experience in Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan (Korean Karate), Shotokan Karate-do (Japanese Karate), Muay Thai Kick Boxing, and open hand Kumite. I am still a sponge, eager to soak up the wisdom and experience of my elders and willing mentors, learning to do the right things, for the right reasons and for the right principles. 183


Our Dietrich Karate Studios has been offering instruction and training in martial arts since 1988. Located in Burke, VA, our studio has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts. As CEO, I am joined by a talented staff of expert instructors and managers. Dietrich Karate Studios offers a number of programs for physical fitness and instruction in martial arts. I am also pleased to be joined by an international group of very talented martial artists in the World Federation of Elite Martial Arts (WFM). Our mission underscores our long-term intention of professionalizing every aspect of martial arts, from instruction to World Championship televised competition. Through the WFM, we are actively uniting, sponsoring, mentoring and challenging martial artists around the world to be part of the “faith”, this lifestyle. Our Goal is to unite people of all colors, religions, martial arts styles and age, to grow this belief structure for the sake of humanity. Martial arts professionals are leading the way and will continually inspire generations to come. Through great empowerment gained through the martial arts comes great responsibility. We are in this together and together we can change the world. Martial Arts Philosophy : “Keep the Faith” This was the phrase shared with me by Brandon Lee, son of the late Bruce Lee, when I was 11 years old. I have known for a very long time that martial arts was more than just a physical activity. It is a belief structure that can unite us all with a phenomenal ideology. It is a unique lifestyle. “Where there’s a warrior, there’s a way.” – Michael Dietrich



Jos e Dima cali − − − − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – born, Philippines; grew up, Honolulu, Hawaii Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Shotokan and Goju Ryu, 8th degree Black Belt Instructor - Kiyohisa Hirano Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1976. Years in the Martial Arts – 41 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 29

Personal Achievements I represented Team USA in the world championship not once but twice. I can say it was one of the greatest moments in my life because I was there representing my country. Another achievement I am striving for is passing down the teachings of traditional karate to my students. I am honored to say that I get to make a difference in someone's life.

very rewarding. I based my teaching on the foundation that I received from Soke Hirano.

The third achievement I am aiming for is for my Dojo to become a community and support system to all my students. In a Dojo everyone is important and a part of an extended growing family. In all, the achievement that shaped me to become who I am today would be my wife and son. Without their love and support I would not be here today because they are my inspiration to better myself every day.

In 2004, I became the Shidokan USA/International Karate Federation Champion and met Hanshi Bernard. For the next decade, I was the Shidokan USA/International Grand Champion. In 2009, I was awarded the title of Shihan and my dream to start my own dojo started taking shape in Fairbanks, Alaska. In June of 2010 I was invited to teach traditional karate to the military youth in the Sky Program on Fort Wainwright in Alaska. In those years, I traveled between Alaska and New Hampshire to compete in the Shidokan USA/International Tournament.

In His Ow n Words I grew up in the projects of Honolulu, Hawaii. To prevent me from mingling with trouble, my single mother pushed me to traditional karate hoping it would guide me and prevent me from getting into trouble. I was taught by Soke Kiyohisa Hirano with Japan International Karate Center and discovered my passion for the art. I was instructed in traditional karate was and found it to be hard work, but very rewarding. In 1986, I decided to push ahead and measure my traditional karate training by entering the Japan International Karate Center's tournament. I won 1st place in kata and my training for competition grew. In 1987, I attained the title of Sempai and started my teaching foundation. Also in 1987, I competed in the Hawaii state karate tournament and won 1st place in kata. In 1999, I attained the title of Sensei and found another passion from the art, my love for teaching. I continued to teach and found it

My family and I relocated to New Hampshire in 2012 to start a new chapter of our lives. I became the Chief Instructor at House of the Samurai in Londonderry, New Hampshire. In the next four years, I came to understand the meaning of the sacrifices and dedication a Sensei really gives to his students. In 2015, I had the honor of representing Team USA in Rugby, England and I brought back two gold medals from the World Martial Arts Organization. As I stood on the podium to become world champion, my father passed away. Looking back, there was always a void inside me wanting to get a sense of validation from my father saying that he was proud of my accomplishment. I realized that day might not ever come and it never will. It taught me that life is too



short and don't get so caught up on building a life that you forget to live your life. In closing I want to say thank you to all my family and friends who supported me through my journey to become who I am. "A champion is not born but made by hard work, sacrifice, dedication and the support from his family, friends and instructor." - Jose Dimacali-

Shidokan USA/International Grand Champion (2004 – 2008), (2010 – 2015) WMO World Championship Gold Medalist 2015 WMO World Championship Gold Medalist 2016 WCMA USA Open Gold Medalist 2015 Trained U.S. Armed Forces (USAR C.I.D)

Major Martial Arts Achievements

Trained U.S. Secret Service personnel

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2007 Ranked 1st place in J.I.K.C tournament in Kata (forms) 1986 Ranked 1st place in the State of Hawaii Karate Tournament in Kata (forms) 1987



Rocky DiRico − − − − − −

Birth P lace Gro win g Up Orsogna, Italy Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) \ Kenpo karate & Okinawan Kobudo Instructor GM Nick Cerio and O'Sensei Brian Ricci Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1972 Years in the Martial Arts 45 Years Teaching Martial Arts 43 Professional Organizations − World Martial Arts Federation International − Kenpo Counsel if Grandmasters − Team Paul Mitchell National Museum of Sport Karate Personal Achievements − Rated #1 in forms & weapons over 50 times since 1988l − #1 ranking: NASKA, NBL, PKL & KRANE − Member of Team Paul Mitchell since 1990 − Owner, Rocky DiRico's Karate School, Arlington, Massachusetts and Natick, Massachusetts − Instructor for the Meadowbrook School Veritas Christian Academy − Represented the United States in Italy (1995) performing 10 shows in 10 days in 10 cities

Rated Boston Nationals Karate Championships every year from 1986 through 1988. I was a tournament competitor in the "Senior/Master” divisions in 1987 and joined Team Paul Mitchell in 1990. Over the years my competition record stands at winner of over 700 first place victories and winner of about 100 Grand Championships. These Grand Championships were won at national events including: Ocean State Grand Championships, New England Open Championships, Metropolitan Nationals Championships, Capitol Classics Martial Arts Grand Championships Quebec Open Karate Championships and The East Coast Karate Championships. − − − − − − − − −

In His Ow n Words I started training in 1972 with a friend of mine, Steve McGowan. After teaching me some of the basics he recommended that I join United States of Self Defense in Waltham, Massachusetts. I earned my Black Belt in October 1974. I started teaching in January 1975 as a manager for United Studios of Self Defense. I attended several tournaments in the 1970s. In the 1980s, I started attending national tournaments.

− −

In 1982, I hosted my first large tournament attracting many rated competitors from the northeast. I was chosen as an Official and Referee for the prestigious Bermuda Invitational Grand Championships every year from 1984 through 1987. I was the promoter of the NASKA "A"

− −


Major martial arts achievements World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Budo Magazine Hall of Fame KRANE Hall of Fame PKL Hall of Fame Ocean State Nationals Hall of Fame Quebec Open Nationals Hall of Fame Action Martial Arts magazine Hall of Fame International Kenpo Council of Grandmasters Hall of Fame Personal Best karate Hall of Fame International Martial Arts Federation Hall of Fame Golden Shuto Hall of Fame National Museum of Sport Karat


S ha wn Doyle −

− − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Born, Southbend, Indiana; Grew up, Jacksonville, Florida Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – Karate, 5th degree Black Belt; Muay-Thai Kick Boxing; Jiu-Jitsu Instructor - Shihan Mark Glazier Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1980 Years in the Martial Arts – 34 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 20

Prof essional Organizations Master Glazier's Karate Gracie Jiu-jitsu In His Ow n Words My older brother was a martial artist so from the ages 6-10 he practiced martial arts with me. When I was eleven I started going to a couple different martial arts schools officially. In the late 90s, I was a sempai working for Shihan Mark Glazier at his martial arts schools in Long Island, NY, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Since 2001, I have owned and operated my martial arts school in Jacksonville, Forida. Martial Arts Achievements 1998 United States Martial Arts ITF Heavy Weight World Champion, fighting 1998 United States Silver Medalist 2007 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee 2010 Florida State Heavy Weight Florida State gold medalist, jiu-jitsu 2011 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame assistant coach, jiu-jitsu championships, Trelaney, Jamaica I take extreme enjoyment in being a positive influence on others and giving back to society.



G regory Dunca n Birthplsce and Growing Up Born in Brooklyn, New York; Raised on Long Island, NY − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Jujutsu, Aikijutsu, Taijutsu, Weapons (Kobujutsu), − Ninjutsu; 9th degree Black Belt − Instructor – OSensei Ronald Duncan, Sr. − Started Studying Martial Arts - My father, the late Ronald Duncan, often stated that my training started at birth. − Years in the Martial Arts - 48 − Years Teaching Martial Arts - 29

Hanshi Gregory Duncan is a son of legendary martial arts pioneer, the late Professor Ronald Duncan, who was the first martial artist to introduce Ninjutsu to the American martial arts community, and founder of the “Way of the Winds Martial Arts System.” Gregory has been involved and exposed to various disciplines of the martial studies since childhood and currently, along with brother, Ronald Duncan Jr., is the co-inheritor of the “Way of the Winds System.” With well over 48 years of experience, Gregory has attained a great deal of proficiency in the art forms of Jujutsu, Aikijutsu, Taijutsu, Karate-Do, Ninjutsu, as well as Kobujutsu. Known for his precise and practical concepts of selfdefense which implements the teachings and concepts passed on by his father, Gregory continues to broaden his approach to his Martial Sciences training while at the same time respecting the deep traditions that sustain his system.

takes pride in knowing that this commitment represents two generations of commitment, and he is striving to further the art. Major Martial Arts Achievements − − −

Hanshi Duncan is also a champion tournament competitor and is recognized as a top weapons practitioner. Like his father, Gregory’s proficiency in the weapon arts of Kobujutsu and modern-day weaponry, has garnered him National acclaim. Hanshi Gregory Duncan runs a school in Union New Jersey and is committed to continuing and preserving his father’s legacy by teaching, and developing students from ages that range from four to seventy. Hanshi Gregory Duncan

− − − − −


Inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine – Hall of Honors received the "Silver Lifetime Contribution to the Martial Arts" award Martial Arts University, received the "Samurai Award" presented by IFOJJ Legion of Honor World Professional Martial Arts Organization – Hall of Fame, "Master of the Year" award Co-inheritor and head of the WAY OF THE WINDS MARTIAL ARTS SYSTEM Has offered and taught Women's Self Defense Workshops Introduced Corporate Self Defense and Fitness Programs Offered Martial Arts as a Physical Education Curriculum




Pa ul Dyer − − − −

Martial Arts Title and Styles: Grandmaster; Hachi Instructors: Dai Soke Rod Sacharnosk Teaching for 25 years Studying Martial Arts over 40 years; 8th Degree Black Belt Hap-Do [The Combined Art System]; 8th Degree Belt American Combative Jiu-Jitsu; 8th Degree Black Belt Kenpo Karate

Professional Organizations American Combined Arts Federation State of North Dakota Director; Founder of 8th Mukan Do Black Belt Personal Accomplishments____________________ * Earned 3 Doctorates in Martial Arts Science, Health Sciences, Chinese Medicine * Past Vice president of the International Kenpo Karate Academies * Sokeship under Authority of Shinja Martial Arts University * North Dakota representative of the United States Martial Arts Association * USA director of the World International Martial Arts Association Organization * International Koryu Bujutsu representative * International Bujutsu Society Masters Council Member of Grandmasters Council * International Continental Martial Arts Union North Dakota Director * United Sokeship Alliance International * Member/ representative of the Wakazamura International Martial Arts Organization * International All style Budo Federation Master Council * USA Director of the World Martial Arts and Defense Sport Federation * Member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society * Member Modern Martial Arts Union * Member of the World Self Defense Association * International Martial Arts Union Instructor/Examiner * Brotherhood of Traidic Arts Member * Iron Dragon Style Warrior Arts Study Member * Charted School of the International Moy-Ryu Karate Do Federation * WNPS Dojo Affiliated, Shinja Training Facility * President of the Fargo All Martial Arts Seminar Inc. * United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee

* United States Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame Inductee * Certified Personal Trainer * Certified Nutritionist * Certified Wellness Coach * American Combined Arts Federation Hall of Fame Inductee * Action Martial Arts Hall of Honor * United States Hall of Fame Inductee * International Martial Arts Hall of Fame * Chin woo martial arts hall of fame * World budo martial arts hall of fame * Author of 4 self-help books.

Major Achievements__________________________ POLYMATH OF MARTIAL ARTS, SCIENCE, ART, WRITING 2016 My Dojo (Arizona Hombu Dojo), selected as best of Mesa Arizona for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 2015 Selected Cambridge Certificate for Outstanding Professional Achievement in Martial Arts and Geological Sciences, Cambridge, England 2015 Inducted in Who's Who in America (70th Edition) 2015 Inducted in Who's Who in the World (32nd Edition) 2015



Selected for DaVinci Award as a Polymath of Martial Arts, Art, Writing, Astronomy, Geology, and Public Speaking 2015 Selected for IBC's Top 100 Professionals of 2015 2015 Presented Golden Anniversary in Martial Arts award by the Students of Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai 2014 Who's Who in America (2014-15) 2014 Who's Who in the World (2014-15) 2012 Awarded Junidan (12th dan) by Dai Soke Sacharnoski, Juko Kai International 2009 Juko Kai International Honor Award "One Who Points the Way" 2008 Appointed to Supreme Elite Warriors Council (USHOFMAA) 2008 Appointed to International Examiners Committee, Seishinryoku Kai 2008 Appointed International Representative and Advisor for IOSKDKA, Athens, Greece 2008 Appointed World Sokeship (Grandmaster) Council, Seishinryoku Kai 2008 Lifetime member International Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate-Do Kobudo Association 2007 Appointed member of United States Soke Council 2006 Awarded Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy of Japanese Martial Arts Sciences 2004 Awarded Judan (10th dan), Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo World Organizer of Martial Arts and Soke Head Council of Japan, Soke Tianero 2004 Awarded Judan (10th dan) in Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo, Juko Kai International, Dai Soke R. Sacharnoski 2004 Lifetime member, World Organizer of Martial Arts, Dept. of Martial Arts Affairs, Delaware 2004 Awarded 'Honorable Grandmaster', Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do, World Organizer of Martial Arts, Philippines 2001 Lifetime Member, Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Kokusai Kempo-Karate-Do & Kobudo Federation 2001 Appointed to World Soke Council board 2000 Top Juko-Kai International affiliated 'Soke of the Year' 1999 Headmaster of Top-Rated JKI Martial Arts School (University of Wyoming Shorin-Ryu Karate) 1999 Awarded Sokeship of Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai 1997 Awarded Kyoju (Professor of Martial Arts) 1996 JKI Samurai (more than 4 black belts in different arts) GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2016-17 Who's Who in Science & Engineering (12th Edition)

2016 Selected, Honorary Professor of Science, Cambridge England 2015 Selected, Honorary Doctorate of Science, IBC, and Cambridge 2009 Presented Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Thayer Lindsley Award for discovery of a major international gold deposit 2008 Top 2000 Scientists of 2007-08, IBC, Cambridge England 2007 Leading Educators of the World IBC laureate. 2007 Inducted Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering 2007 21st Century Achievement Award in Science, Martial Arts & Writing 2006 Archimedes Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Geological Sciences. 2004 Wyoming Geological Association, Distinguished Service Award 2003 Colorado Mining Association, Elected Member. 2003 Honorary member of International Order of Ragged Ass Miners, Colorado Chapter 2001 Wyoming State Gem & Mineral Society Honorary Lifetime Member 2001 Wyoming Prospectors Association, Honorary Member 2001 Education Award, National Rock Hound & Lapidary Hall of Fame 1998 University of Wyoming Department of Geology & Geophysics, Distinguished Lecturer 1998 Rocky Mountain Prospectors & Treasure Hunters, Colorado, Prospectors Best Friend Award 1998 Inductee, American Biographical Institute's Millennium Hall of Fame 1994 Laramie Lyceum, Distinguished Speaker 1992 Energy Minerals Division, American Association of Petroleum Geologists President's Certificate 1992 Wyoming Geological Association, Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Endeavors & Contributions 1989 Geological Survey of Wyoming, Award for Outstanding Service & Contributions 1985 Geological Survey of Wyoming Award for Outstanding Service & Contributions 1980 Instructor's Award - University of Wyoming, Wyoming Mining Association & Casper College 1971 U.S. Army School of Artillery, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma Honor Graduate. Grandmaster Paul W Dyer is the owner of Dakota Dragon Defense and has been a Martial Artist for over 40 years. Founder of the Fargo All Martial Arts Seminar and Cancer Benefit, Master Paul Dyer has been a student of martial arts for over 40 years. He has



studied with many of the great martial artists of our time and continues to learn from his Grandmasters who are still on this earth. Paul holds ranks in kenpo, wing chun, kung fu five animal, escrima, jujitsu, chi na, American Combat Karate, Shaolin Boxing, and TaiChi/ Chi gong, Shotokan karate, medical qigong, krav maga, Traditional African fighting, and Traditional Indian knife. Master Dyer is an acclaimed Personal Trainer who has been training professional athletes and senior citizens for 25 years. His dedication to the health of our society is his passion and goal. Master Dyer's saying is "healthy life leads to peace of all things." He is the past

vice president of the International Kenpo Karate Academies, the United States Director of the world International Martial Arts Association Organization, and the Northwest regional director of The Intercontinental Martial Arts Union. Master Dyer is also a member of the most prestigious society, The Black Dragon Fighting Society. Through extensive testing, certification and tournament level competition, Grandmaster Paul W Dyer has attained Mastery in his Martial Art and is now enjoying sharing his skills and passing them on to his students.



Keit h Elkins Martial arts title: Master Reside in Frederick, Maryland Started studying martial arts in 1972 Teaching for 34 years and currently ranked as 6th Dan, studying martial arts styles: American Tae Kwon Do − Instructor: Grandmaster Jeff Smith − − − −

Personal Achievements 1976 1st Dan Okinawn Karate; 1978/ 79 trained shoalin su shu (Master Dennis Brown); 1982 head Instructor (Jhoon Rhee Institute Marlow Heights Md); 1986 founded Keith Elkins Martial Arts; 1991 Man of the year (karate Helps Kick Diabetes Foundation); 1992Member of the Force One National Team; 1994 2nd Dan Combat Hapkido (GM John Pelligrini); 1995 founded the HERO Character development program; 1997 International Hall of Fame (World Head of Family Sokeship Council/Master Instructor of the Year); 2001 6th Dan American Tae Kwon Do; 2014 Certified Instructor (Kali/Master Apolo Ladra); 2015 Certified Instructor Krav Maga( GM Bill Clark); 2015 U. S. Capitol Classic Hall of Fame Induction

expertise to be a builder of people. Developing empowering relationships and teaching others to do the same. I've learned that this life is not about only serving yourself it's about serving others. My mantra is "How May I Serve"? My students and I have done countless demonstrations at competitions, community events, schools etc. I take great pride in a program that I developed called The H.E.R.O Program. (Helping Everyone Respect Others) I implemented the 9-week program in elementary schools to work with at risk kids in 3rd to 5th grade. I then implemented the program in five local middle schools for 6 to 8th graders from 2001 to 2010.

In His Ow n Words I was influenced by the Kung Fu T.V. Series. It inspired me most, being useful of the young monk's reflections of the life lessons his teacher shared with him. I'm proficient in Tae Kwon do, combat Hapkido, kickboxing, Okinawn Karate, Filipino Kali, Krav Maga. My overall life experience has been a wonderful journey and exploration not only of the physical aspect of martial arts but even more the lifelong impact the the journey of training provides me but even more importantly passing it on to my students. Helping others to realize their potential through martial arts.

I have participated in major tournaments including U.S. Capitol Classic, U.S. Open, Compete Nationals, Empire State Nationals, Bluegrass Nationals, Battle of Atlanta, Diamond nationals, Jhoon Rhee Nationals. My major achievements iinclude 1991 man of the Year award (Karate Helps Kick Diabetes Foundation), 1995 founded the HERO program for at risk youth, 1997 master Instructor of the Year (World Head of Sokeship Council), 2001 Director of the Connections Program for at risk youth, Author of the Pony Principles (lessons in optimism because of adversity), 2009 honorary PHD in Martial Science/philosophy.

My life has been enhanced through the relationships that I have had with so many over the years. I stopped calling myself a martial arts instructor years ago. I consider myself a personal development coach, because in the end it's about who you become not just how much you know. I would say that I've used my



Ma urice E lmalem − Maurice Elmalem is a Seven Time World Champion, an 8th Dan Black belt with W.T.F. a 9th Baysa/Dan/ in KUF and a 10th Dan Black belt with PWMAF. − He also holds a PH.D. in Martial Arts from the National Dragon Council University of Asian Studies, Virginia, USA. He has 8 Guinness Book World Records, a 7 Time U.S. Cup Gold Medalist and Four Time AAU Champion. − He has studied the Martial Arts for 49 years under renowned Grand Masters, such as Dr. Richard Chun, World Champion Joe Hays, Tiger Kim and Gidon Kadari.

His fighting and breaking skills have been documented in the Guinness Book of World Records witnessed by millions on live television; Channel 5, ABC Wide World of Sports, David Letterman, Chanel Plus, MSG Network, Discovery, Spike TV, live shows at Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum, Studio 54, Apollo Theatre and the Gleason Arena... Many who see Grand Master Maurice look up to him and try to emulate him. They understand the discipline, hard work and commitment to excellence and to a dream required to master such feats. He has become a consummate martial artist. He credits discipline, hard work and dedication to becoming the best. Winning with honor has made Maurice a hero to both adults and children alike. He has been featured in over 250 magazines and newspapers, participated in over 750 Championships worldwide, and has accumulated over 750 trophies and over 57 gold medals in fighting and breaking. Maurice has been inducted into many Halls of Fame. He holds eight World Records in breaking, splitting five 1” boards with speed head break, shattering 105 sheets of glass with an elbow strike, and 50 sheets of glass with a knife hand strike, breaking five 1” boards with a flying side kick over six chairs. Most boards broken simultaneously with each leg while in mid air, won Maurice his 6th World Championship Title. Maurice has perfected his art of breaking and transforming its potential to fighting and made him a master fighter. He is known as the “World Champion Greatest Martial Arts Daredevil,” and the Architect of martial arts. Guinness World Records Organization awarded him the title of “A Renaissance Man,” and most outstanding martial artists of all time. He was nicknamed, “The Houdini and Architect of Martial Arts,” demonstrated at two Olympic Games and was guest of honor in Korea WTF Headquarters in September 2000 after his performance in “Oriental World of Self Defense” at Madison Square Garden, New York City, movie star, Chuck Norris presented him with the world champion belt, which was engraved, “World Extreme Daredevil Champion” and said to Mr. Elmalem, “You are a Great Champion.” The two most recent Guinness World Records held by Maurice Elmalem were established in 2001. He shattered 50 sheets, amounting to 8½ inches of glass, with a karate chop at Fox Studios in Hollywood, California. It was televised on Fox Channels worldwide. In April 2002, Maurice established a new world record at Budo Martial Arts Magazine Studio in Madrid, Spain, breaking a hundred sheets of glass reaching to 13 inches high and in May 2003, Maurice established a new world record at Placio de Vistalegre in Madrid, Spain, breaking a hundred and five sheets of glass measuring 13⅝ inches high with one single elbow strike downward. In 2006 Maurice won his Best of the Best Champion Belt at the Arnold Sports Festival, Ohio hosted by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.With his outstanding grades in school and high IQ he has achieved and experienced much in his life. He is a gifted musician, artist, sculptor, marathon runner, gymnast and acrobat, photographer, craftsman, a real estate developer and architectural designer. He studied at Columbia University and New York University. Among his past job experiences are Bloomingdale –Costco Wholesale and etc. His brilliant ideas in architecture and outstanding craftsmanship got him listed several times in “Who’s Who” in the East for outstanding contribution to Architectural Design, and was voted among the Top 400 General Contractors in the U.S.A. by Engineering Report Magazine. His Motto is, “Work hard and go for the best, win and nothing less.” Author of three books “The Will Power,” “Fighting Dynamics The Sport for Champions,” and “Breaking Unlimited The Complete Version,” producer and creator of 31 instructional DVD programs, editor of Budo Magazine and film executive producer■



Robert Fletcher • • • •

Martia l arts title : Ma ster Suffern, New Y ork Started stu dyin g martia l arts in 1982 Teaching fo r 25 y ears and curren tly ho lds the ran k of Master, stu dyin g martial ar ts sty les : Amer ican Kara te/Tiger Schulmann Instruc tor : Ma ster Gar y Hellman

In His Ow n Words Martial Arts had a great influence, and positive impact on my life. As a youngster, teen ager, my life was on a downward trend. Trouble, and lots of fights causing heartache within my family. Not a trouble maker but not one to back down led me to some pretty bad situations. I realized I had to take this energy and put into another direction. As fate would have it I met Master David Lee, and soon after Master Gary Hellman. Within a very short period time my energy, and focus became an obsession with both martial arts and fitness. My life immediately changed. I knew what I wanted, one was my black belt. Pursuing this with a relentless passion. I was labeled by Men’s Workout Magazine as Karate's Fitness Fanatic. I am grateful for the opportunities martial arts has presented to me, and for what the martial arts has instilled in me as a competitor; more so as a human being -- for the values, hard work ethic and never give up attitude which I apply to my everyday life -- the Black Belt Spirit.

thoughts, my actions, and what I allow into my life. I apply and I execute. I set goals just as I did when I set the goal to achieve my Black Belt and win a National Kickboxing Championship. Whatever it maybe I will take to the final bell, I will will go the distance to whatever it takes to get it done. Most importantly, it has allowed me many opportunities to inspire, motivate and empower others. To give to others what the martial arts has given to me..."the will to win in the game of life" I know where I am because of the martial arts and fitness lifestyle. Honestly, I do not know where I would be without it. My life has been enhanced in many ways as a result of what has been instilled through the martial arts - as a competitor, performer, instructor, business owner, speaker and mainly through the lives I have touched in one way or another. There is no greater satisfaction, or feeling of fulfillment knowing you had a positive impact on others. Hearing the words, "thank you, you changed my life." One of the most empowering words came from a father, "It was basically like Rob took his own soul and put it into

My overall experience in the martial arts since entering has been “Empowering". Building a solid belief system. Knowing I am in control, and I will decide my fate regardless of circumstance. Having the confidence to believe in myself, stay focused on the goals, mission and task at hand, whatever it may be; presently, ANGT America's Next Great Trainer. Under no conditions cave into the negative peer pressure that surrounds us on a daily basis. I have the inner strength to choose my



my son’s future." These are words, and things that money cannot life is truly blessed and I am forever grateful.

Major Martial Arts Achievements Alan Goldbergs Martial Arts Hall of Honors Masters Hall of Fame - Daniel Hect

As an instructor, there is no greater satisfaction than knowing you had a positive impact, and have made a difference in someone’s life. Martial Arts transforms lives physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. It instills, builds and reinforces a strong belief system. To never underestimate the strength and the power of the human spirit. Every day. Every opportunity I have. Through the values of martial arts, I try to inspire and empower others. Whether speaking to a youngster, large group, school or university, radio or tv show, through newspaper and magazine articles reinforcing the message to others in the game of life Fight HARD! Fight STRONG! Fight to WIN! Believe in yourself. Work hard. Respect others. Never give up. Never give in. Go the distance. Do whatever it takes to get it done.... whatever your it may be. Most important, encourage others to do the same.

The Arnold Sports Festival 1993 - Bringing the martial arts to the forefront in this fitness arena. Now the largest sports and fitness event in the world A quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Thanks Rob to your great help, the Arnold Martial Arts festival surpassed our best expectations. We greatly appreciate the work you did in making this event the great success that it was. We want to thank you for all the work and planning that made it so successful.” -- Arnold Schwarzenegger A quote from Chuck Norris: “I think this is a great step for the martial arts industry. Rob Fletcher spearheaded martial arts into this weekend. It’s great for fitness, it’s great for the martial arts and it’s great to be here.” -- Chuck Norris

I have demonstrated my martial arts expertise by facilitating Force ONE - New Project with Hollywood Producer Juan Marquez, Self Defense Workout for Women, Kickboxing, Karatics, Self Defense in 7 Minutes and sdi7 HIIT

The Olympia Weekend Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas Author America's Next Great Trainer Transform Your Life" My specific martial arts awards include

Street Kombat,S.A.F.E - Secure Aware Focused Educated to live a positive, healthy, fit, self protective lifestyle,

Action Hall of Honors - Outstanding Martial Arts Achievement

Elementary, Middle Schools High Schools Colleges and Universities.

Masters Hall of Fame Arnold Sports Festival - Columbus, Ohio

Contributed and took part in many charitable events and organizations such as: WIN Women in Need, Shelter for Abused Women, St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, American Heart Association, Colleen Giblin Foundation, Relay for Life, Inner City Youth Program, Harlem NY Boys & Girls Club, in addition to others.

Olympia Martial Arts Extravaganza - Las Vegas, NV ISHOF International Sports Hall of Fame - Global Advisory Board



Jerry Fonta nez Jerry "Fast Feet" Fontanez is a highly talented and gifted athlete and a lifetime entrepreneur whose love for martial arts prompted him to initiate his first martial arts business in 1982 at the age of 16. In the decades to follow, his career thus far has covered a vast range of areas from martial arts to entertainment, public speaking and marketing. Mr. Fontanez is an 8-time World Champion in the Martial Arts. He has appeared on various National Shows and TV channels such as Good Day New York, The Regis Show, ESPN & MSG Network, as well as having his own Karate Show on Bronx Net. Articles on his accomplishments, skills and success have been featured in New York Daily News, News Day and El Diario just to name few. He was featured on the cover of Sport Karate International both in 1988 and 1994.

In 2010, he started to do Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a search engine to help clients get more visitors to their websites. In 2011 because of the shift towards mobile marketing, Jerry founded www.InhandMarketing .com to service friends and small businesses ranging from Landscapers, Karate Schools and various other businesses. Then in 2013 with the rising demand in mobile applications, he launched www.Localappbiz .com

His passion for music and entertainment led him to become an official member of the world famous Rock Steady Crew in 1991. "Fast Feet" performed on various stages with artists which include C&C Music Factory at the New York Palladium. He also appeared in 2 commercials, for Burger King and with Chuck Norris.

Since then Jerry Fontanez has been ranked 1 of America's Top 10" Small Business Consultants (as seen on Google). Earlier this year, with the desire to continuously help small businesses stay relative and competitive with the changing times, he created

From 1997 to 2011, Mr. Fontanez designed, developed and distributed his own highly successful International Clothing Line. He created the logo for his clothing line "Rekonize" in 1998. The new Rek Suits are currently marketed with Macs Martial Arts.

Through the years Jerry has become extremely diverse in all social media and has even worked as a Social Media Director for a well-known politician. He presently owns various businesses and continues his quest for personal and professional excellence while teaching and motivating others.

In 2000, Jerry discovered an additional internet marketing passion while building his first ecommerce Website. In 2008, he started a Martial Arts Social Medium called Dojine, which included in depth interviews, industry in site and tutorials.



John G ill −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Sydney Australia

− −

− −

Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) -7th Dan Blackbelt in Hapkido and Taekwondo Instructor – 9th Dan Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1973 Judo 2 years then 1980 onwards Karate, Kung Fu . Kickboxing ,Taekwondo and then Hapkido Years in the Martial Arts - 39 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 32

Prof essional Organizations Hapkido Moohakkwan, Korea Hapkido Federation, Taekwondo Jidokwan, World Taekwondo Federation. Martial Arts Australia, International Martial Arts Alliance Taught self-defense workshops in Australian schools since 1985

Personal Achieve ments

Taught at Anaheim Schools in the USA

Featured numerous times on National Radio and Television


Orange County


Presenter for Corporate motivational empowerment workshops In His Own Words The martial arts of Hapkido and Taekwondo has enriched my life in so many ways―it’s been the ultimate personal development system. My confidence and feeling of psychological and physical wellbeing has stayed with me and only improves as time goes on. Over the years, my health, fitness, co-ordination, reflexes, concentration, focus, resilience, mental toughness and overall self-confidence and selfesteem have improved immensely. The benefits of training in martial arts have also assisted me in winning competitions and tournaments in my other sport of tennis.

Master instructor for the Australian School of Self Defence, the Los Angeles School of Self Defense, the USA School of Self Defense and Motivational Masters.



worth which results in ultimate peace of mind and happiness. Passion, dedication and focus has been the secret to my success―you can do the same!

Major Martial Arts Achievements

I have always emphasized to my students the philosophy of non-violence, respecting others, politeness, manners and doing the right thing by other people, to develop themselves to their full potential. I am a strong believer that you are a product of your environment, and that your parents, teachers, coaches and friends are all influences and mentors that make a major impact on your attitude to life and your philosophy.  “View rightly, feel rightly, think rightly, speak rightly, order rightly, contribute rightly, have rightly, conduct rightly.” ― Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee’s Hapkido Moohakkwan and Taekwondo Jidokwan Membership cards Martial artists seem to have greater discipline and respect towards others. The physical moves such as the hand and foot movements for a self-defense situation seems to have a reverse effect, in that it makes you more peaceful, respectful, disciplined and much more likely to not fight. Martial Arts is a complete system of life skills. I truly believe if everyone practiced martial arts, taught by a good instructor with a great philosophy, the world would be a safer place with less crime, less need for drugs or excessive alcohol, less depressed people and less bullies. Training in martial arts develops self-esteem, self-confidence and self-


• •

Curren t World Se lf-de fense Cha mp ion

7th Dan b lack b elt master instruc to r in Hapkido and Ta ekwond o

Winner of the 2016 Action S tar e ven t guaran tee ing Ma ster Gill a ro le in an action martial arts mo vie

Induc ted into th e USA Martia l Arts Ha ll of Fa me as 2016 Hapk ido Master of the Year

Austra lian record -ho ld er fo r the most individu al world title win s in Austra lian sportin g history

Amba ssad or for the W hite Ribbon  Founda tio n fo r the P re ven tio n of Viole nce Aga inst W omen

Named Lo cal Sportsp erson of the Year a t the 2013 Austra lia Da y awa rds Curren t and se ven time no mine e fo r Austra lian of the Year fo r his contribution to wo men’s and children ’s ‘Think Big ’ and Author of ‘How to Sta y SA FE for Life

Winner of 2 6 ma rtia l arts titles,  inc luding 15 World Champ ion ship s a t the USA World Martia l Arts Cha mpio nsh ips (Adult o ve r 18 ye ars Blackbe lt division s) ru n b y Grand mas ter Stan W itz of th e In te rnationa l Ma rtia l Arts Counc il (IMAC


A la n G oldberg One must wonder what Master Goldberg, publisher and promoter of the event is thinking looking out in this vast sea of martial artists. How did it all start? Over fifty years ago Alan Goldberg set forth on a path in Martial Arts that some of us could only dream of. Master Goldberg’s early training was in the art of Shotokan Karate and he studied with Masters Manard Miner and George Cofield. He would later learn the traditional and non-traditional arts of Five Animal Kung Fu. As the 1970s entered, Master Goldberg met a young Master who took him on the path to where he is at today. That young Master was Jason Lau. Sifu Lau is the disciple of famed Shaw Brothers stable, Master Jiu Wan. Sifu Lau and Master Goldberg would form a student and Master bond that has lasted over thirty years. Their friendship so close that they even spent five years living in a Shaolin Wing Chun temple with three other disciples, and Master Lau now holds the title of #1 Disciple of the Family. Master Goldberg jokes of those days saying, “Sifu Lau would wake up at 2:00 in the morning, telling his disciples it was time to train.” For Master Goldberg, it was like a dream. But sometimes woke up the next morning wondering was it or wasn’t it. “I would have lived there longer with Sifu Lau, but I was due to get married soon and my wife did not agree with my continued plan of living in a temple.” (And he wonders why not…)

Master Goldberg now teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu in the heart of Brooklyn to a small but dedicated group of students. The temple has been active for over 25 years and there have been opportunities to expand it as a business. “I have had opportunities to expand, but I am really not interested in having a large school because it loses some of the tradition and close family ties that I have built with my students,” Master Goldberg tells us. The tradition continues as three of his oldest disciples teach in different areas of the United Stated. Master Goldberg’s other notable students include actor Joe Piscopo of Saturday Night Live, Heavy-weight World Champion Dimitrius “Oak tree” Edwards who is notoriously known as the man who broke Mike Tyson’s ribs in a sparring match, and world renown orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Pearl. Others associated with his kung fu family include Phil Morris

When Sifu Lau left New York City in the early 80s, he suggested Master Goldberg train with the late Sifu Moy Yat of the Yip Man family. This would give Master Goldberg the opportunity to study Wing Chun under different Sifus and allow him the chance to have a well-rounded education in the art. Known for his longevity in the art, Master Goldberg is a pioneer of Wing Chun in the United States.



Martial Arts Magazine Collector Cards. Master Goldberg created Law Enforcement Survival System (LESS), the only self-defense course taught to the NYC Emergency Service Unit of the New York Police Department. He starred in Great Karate Inspirations was the only person performing Kung Fu. He has an instructional video on Wing Chun produced by Yamazato Productions, and appears in Rising Suns’ production Martial Arts Masters. He has also taken a position as Vice-President of Shaolin Brand Products, is a board member of the Martial Arts History Museum, the Martial Arts of China Historical Society, and Black Belt Magazine’s Festival of Martial Arts, and is Co-President of Sidekick Publications.

from Seinfeld, and Joe Venerrie from the oldies group the Tokens.

He was also one of the promoters and Vice-President of 21st Century Warriors, which showcased some of the legendary martial artists of our time. This event saw the return of Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Royler Gracie, Orlando “The Warrior” Rivera, Dan “The Beast” Severn and others battling it out on Pay-Per View.

Master Goldberg is the holder of Black Belt Magazine’s “Kung Fu Instructor of the Year – 2004” award, and has been inducted into 70 other Halls of Fame. He holds a position on boards in major martial arts federations. He is a founding member of Martial Arts Grand Master International Council (MAGIC), a founding member of World Black Belt along with Chuck Norris and Bob Wall and he is a board member of the International Sports Hall of Fame with Dr. Bob Goldman and Arnold Schwarzenegger

His proudest moment is yet to come at the Atlantic City Tropicana Casino and Resort, when he will again produce his MEGA Martial Arts weekend showcasing the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame Banquet, and the world’s largest martial arts trade show and expo.

Publisher of Action Martial Arts Magazine, the largest free magazine in the United States today, he created one of the nation’s hottest martial arts fads, Action



Micha el G oldma n With a flashy fighting style, an almost uncanny kicking ability, a pair of fast hands and a refined sense of timing that put him in the winners bracket more times than not, Goldman was pegged with the nickname “Hotdog” by peer Super-Lightweight black belt fighters in the south. After watching legendary Hapkido Master Bong Soo Han throw that now famous crescent kick that laid out the “bad guy” in the 1973 film “Billy Jack”, Goldman was hooked on the Martial Arts, and in 1973 he signed up for karate lessons in Columbia, SC. Watching fighters like Mike Warren, John Natividad, Howard Jackson and many other karate superstars during his first trip to a major karate tournament (The Battle of Atlanta) as a blue belt convinced him that competing in Sport Karate (and winning) was what he wanted to do. He trained at various times with instructors Howard Vanderbeck, Tom Jorge, Bruce Brutschy and future Black Belt Hall of Fame Fighter Keith Vitali. Goldman received his 1st Degree Black Belt in 1976 in Tae Kwon Do (from Vitali) and was a member of the USC Karate Team (with team-mate Richard Jackson) competing in and winning numerous Open Karate Tournaments throughout the Southeast USA. After Vitali moved to Atlanta, Goldman continued his training with a man he calls the “smartest fighter God ever created” Mike Genova.Under Genova’s guidance, Goldman continued to win placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any tournament he entered and consistently climbed in the Karate Illustrated Ratings at one time even holding the #1 position over instructors Vitali, Genova and Brutschy (an honor that to this day Goldman calls a “terrible mistake” by the voters). During that time, he was named the 77-78 South Eastern Karate Association (SEKA) Super-lightweight Black Belt Fighter of the Year, and when the World Journal of Martial Arts became the first magazine to officially recognize the top sport karate fighters in the world in the late 70’s, they ranked him the 7th best light-weight black belt in the world (even though he was a super-lightweight fighter). He has competed and won tournaments sponsored by virtually every major sanctioning sport karate organization, including the PKA, PKC, ISKA, NBL, WKF, USKA, KRANE and NASKA. In 1979 Goldman was bitten by the music bug and put karate tournaments on the back burner to compete in dance contests. He went on to host a television show called DANCE on NBC affiliate WIS TV in SC before deciding that DJ’ing and the entertainment business was in his future because (in his words) “there was no



money in sport karate and it wasn’t part of the Olympics at the time”. In his professional career outside the Sport Karate world (now as an Executive Producer) he has been involved in numerous high profile productions including The Red Bull Air Race for a live audience of 500,000, the Superbowl XXIX Half-Time Show for Disney, The Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies in New York (2017 will be his 11th time as Producer of that event), The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame Ceremonies and has worked with NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN and FOX. He has worked with countless performers, actors and sports superstars including; Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Academy Award Winner Shirley MacLaine, Tony Bennett, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Smashmouth, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Dana Carvey, Joe Dimaggio, Yogi Berra, Miami Sound Machine, Bill Cosby, Loverboy, Lionel Richie, Leann Rimes, The Beach Boys, Jason Alexander, Tom Cruise, Jay Leno, Destinys Child, Akon, Pitbull, Cyndi Lauper and many, many more. An avid lover of Sport Karate competition Goldman continued to stay active even after “retiring” occasionally jumping into the ring whenever it suits him. In 2000, he decided to fight seriously for 1 year (or as seriously as a full time producer could while doing shows and events around the country) managing to win the NASKA 40-49 Lightweight Black Belt World Championship in the process. Finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in every major open karate tournament held on the world tour (and some that weren’t on the tour) including the following: • • • • • • • • • • • •

The USA Nationals The World Series of Martial Arts The Empire State Nationals @ Madison Square Gardens The Compete Nationals The Southern American Karate Championships The New England Open The Cactus Classic The Bluegrass Nationals The US Capitol Classic The US Open & International Sport Karate Association World Championships The Battle of Atlanta The Diamond Nationals

Additional Accomplis hments / Aw ards: • • • • • • • • • • •

Consistently rated Top 10 in either the National or World Sport Karate Rankings from 1977 until 2001 and throughout his sport fighting career, rated #1 at various times in each of the following divisions: 18-29-Year-Old Super Lightweight Black Belt Fighting 30-39-Year-Old Lightweight Black Belt Fighting 40-49-Year-Old Lightweight Black Belt Fighting 77-78 South Eastern Karate Association Super-Lightweight Black Belt Fighter of the Year 1998 USA National Champion 1998 KRANE AAA Warrior Sword Lifetime Achievement Award 2000 NASKA World Champion 2004 Living Legend of Sport Karate Award 2012 Keith Vitali Natural Fighter Award SC Black Belt Hall of Fame Induction



Dr Robert G oldma n Dr. Goldman is a 6th degree Black Belt in Karate and Chinese weapons expert. He has been inducted into martial arts Halls of Fame in North and South America, Europe and Asia. He is also a world champion athlete with over 20 World Records including 13,500 consecutives straight leg situps and 321 consecutive handstand pushups. Dr. Goldman was an All-College athlete in four sports, a three-time winner of the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Physical Fitness Award, voted Athlete of the Year, was the recipient of the Champions Award and was inducted into the World Hall of Fame of Physical Fitness. He founded the International Sports Hall of Fame recognizing the world’s greatest sports legends with ceremonies held annually at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival. Dr. Goldman holds two Physician & Surgeon Medical Degrees and two PhD Doctorates and has served as a Senior Fellow at the Lincoln Filene Center, Tufts University and as an Affiliate at the Philosophy of Education Research Center, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University. He holds Visiting Professorships at medical universities around the world. He co-founded and served as Chairman of the Board of Life Science Holdings and Organ Inc, biomedical research and development companies which had 150 medical patents under development, many of which he was co-inventor. These led to the formation of Organ Recovery Systems Inc. and then LifeLine Scientific Inc, a public company, which became a world leader in organ preservation and transport. He has overseen cooperative research agreement development programs in conjunction with the American National Red Cross, NASA, the Department of Defense, and the FDA's Center for Devices & Radiological Health.

development of Sport & Olympism. Dr Goldman was also awarded the 2012 'Life Time Achievement Award in Medicine & Science'. Dr. Goldman was a recipient of the Healthy American Fitness Leader Award, presented by the United States Chamber of Commerce and President's Council. Dr. Goldman has served as Chairman of the International Medical Commission overseeing Sports Medicine Committees in 194 nations and is Chairman of the IFBB and NPC Medical Commissions. Dr. Goldman also served as Chairman of the AAU/USA Sports Medicine Council. He is the founder of NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), the premier fitness certification organization, coined the term CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), and wrote the first certification exam for that profession. He was a Special Advisor to the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports, founder and international President Emeritus of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Board Member Emeritus for the US Sports Academy and Chairman of their Board. Dr. Goldman is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). Dr. Goldman Co-

Dr. Goldman is the recipient of the 'Gold Medal for Science', the 'Grand Prize for Medicine', the 'Humanitarian Award', and the 'Business Development Award'. Dr. Goldman has also been honored by Ministers of Sports and health officials of numerous nations. He was awarded the International Olympic Committee Tribute Diploma for contributions to the



authored 40 books and medical textbooks and hundreds of articles, and is the founder of international medical websites.

Developed the American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM) and the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners (ABAAHP) Board Certifications, and the American College of Sports Medicine Professionals (ACASP) certificate exams.

Dr Goldman donates 80% of his time in charitable pursuits around the world, supporting sports, fitness and medical education for the sports and medical communities worldwide, visiting dozens of nations with a focus on youth mentorship.

He is also co-Founder and Chairman of the World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine and a Co-Founder of the Tarsus Medical Group. Dr. Goldman has



Bernie G ora k −

− − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Born, Chicago Illinois; Grew up- Streamwood and Bradley, Illinois Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) American Kenpo Karate, 7th degree Black Belt; Renzuko Jiu Jitsu, 1st degree Black Belt Instructors - John Cozatt, Burley Wagner, and Larry Tatum Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1978 Years in the Martial Arts - 39 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 21

Prof essional Organizations − − − −

Professional Karate Commission Shin Tai Ryu Martial Arts National College of Martial Arts MAKA

Personal Achievements Father of 7 children, six of them active in Kenpo class on a regular basis When I was 9, my parents divorced and I moved to the Bradley, Illinois area with my mother since she had family in this area. This is where I discovered the martial arts. At the age of 10, I started in martial arts with my stepfather, two uncles, and three best friends. My stepfather was a Burley Wagner Black Belt, and at that time Burley Wagner’s school was one of the few in the area that produced top notch martial artists. It was said that if you wanted to learn karate you went to Burley’s place on Armour Road, an over-sized garage behind his house, with no air in summer.

Married to Cassandra since 2008 Owner of a dojo 21 years Promoted my son Bernie Gorak, III to 1st degree Black Belt in 2013

In His Ow n Words I was born May 12, 1969 to Bernard and Roberta Gorak in Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been a fighter my entire life because at three days old I had a heart attack and required surgery at St. Luke’s Hospital Chicago, IL.

I have trained and ranked in several styles of martial arts, Shurin Ryu, Soo Bak Do, and Tae Kwon Do, but never found my niche in martial arts until I discovered American Kenpo Karate. I never felt at home with martial arts until I saw the movie Perfect Weapon staring Jeff Speakman, and the rest is history from that movie.

In the surgery, the doctor went up through my upper right thigh and went to the heart. Since there was damage to my heart, the doctor went in and cut out the damaged part leaving the heart round like a soft ball. After the surgery, I spent many weeks in the hospital with my parents. The day finally came when I was able to come home for the first time. My mother had to give me medication every 12 hours on the dot, and if she gave me too little or too much of the medication it could’ve killed me. This went on for a year. After that year I was a healthy and a bouncing baby boy.

Major Martial Arts Achievements Former Professional Licensed Boxer in the State of Illinois Former MMA fighter 27-2 record Former Kick Boxer 6-3 record



Sport Karate Sparring record 112 wins 28 losses.

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2016 - SRMAA Hall of Fame as Kenpo Instructor of the Year

2006 - Sensei to PKC Region 1 sparring champion Katelyn Gorak

2008 - AKA Hall of Fame as Kenpo Instructor of the Year

2006 - Sensei to PKC Region 1 runner up sparring Bernie Gorak III

2013 inducted into the International Kenpo Hall of Fame

2016 - Sensei to PKC Region 1 champions Zachary Gorak, Cody Beland, and Collin Beland

2014 inducted into the Alliance Hall of Fame 2015 inducted into the Association Hall of Fame

2016 - Sensei to PKC Region 1 sparring and weapons champion Cody Beland


Certified Woman’s Safe Network Agent

2016 - Sensei to PKC Region 1 sparring, self-defenseweapons and kata champion Shyanne Griffiths

Promotion to 7th degree Black Belt

2016 - PKC Region 1 Self Defense Champion Nationally Rank #7 through the PKC





Keit h Graham Martial Arts Title: Lakan Guru Woodbridge, Virginia Started studying martial arts in 1984 Teaching for 15 years and currently holds the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt, studying Martial Arts Styles: Kuntaw − Instructor Lakan Datu Roberto "Bogs" Lao − − − −

In His Ow n Words Although my formal Martial Arts journey began while I was 18, it was the informal that prompted my interest. Kung Fu theater and Bruce Lee films were the highlight of my summer weekends. A local Black Belt "Bernie Way" taught us in his backyard. When I arrived in the Philippines I started my formal education in the Art of Kuntaw under Roberto "Bogs" Lao. Since that time I have earned a Black Belt In Shotokan and received an Instructors permit under Master Lester Bromell. In addition, I have studied various Filipino Martial Arts stick fighting styles to include Bias Tres Manos, Balintawak, and Modern Arnis. My Martial Arts foundation has provided me with life long friends from various styles and disciplines. It has allowed me to develop inner strength and confidence in myself. It instilled in my mind how to be humble and have an open mind. To never judge anyone because of their physical appearance. To give more than I receive. To respect all Martial Artist no matter what belt or level they have obtained. Being able to give back to children and mentor them in martial arts, as well as life. Watching them change right before your eyes from someone who maybe a bit timid or shy, to a person who's is proud of themselves for their accomplishments. It gives me gratitude and graciousness to bless someone else with my knowledge and wisdom. My philosophy towards martial arts is “Always be a sponge when taking instruction. Absorb the physical, mental, and technical aspects from whoever is providing instruction, demonstration, and philosophy. That no art is greater than another art. Greatness comes with skill, training, and will.” As an instructor, I bond with my students to earn their trust and respect. I encourage parental participation of the school aged children by including them in seminars and tournaments. In addition, I lecture students on life experiences and personal development. I encourage them to get involved in outside activities and church programs as well. Martial Arts has taught me to be confident in my abilities and overcome my disabilities. I’ve demonstrated my martial arts expertise since 1992 Women's Self Defense for College Bound Students; 2001 Personal Protection Seminar for U.S. Air Force Personnel; 2003 - 2008 Annual Women's Self Defense for College Bound Students; 2011 Head Instructor Red Scorpion Martial Arts Academy. I participated in major tournaments including 1985 Luzon Invitational ; 1986 Pacific Air Force International; 1989 Space Coast Invitational; 1993 Washington D.C. Invitational; 2001 Northern Virginia Classic. I was appointed U.S. Director of Kuntaw Legacy International Martial Arts and awards given by Commissioner of Kuntaw Northern Virginia / D.C., Head Instructor Red Scorpian Martial Arts Academy, V.P. Business Operations International Kuntaw Federation, U.S. Director of Kunt.



Da ne S . Ha rden Master Dane S. Harden began his study of Martial Arts in 1969 - at the age of ten. He was introduced to a local Aikido program. He would go on to train in Tae Kwon Do at the Jhoon Rhee Institutes in Cumberland Maryland and eventually studied many martial arts in his fifty years of training. He eventually earned multiple Black Belts in Yoshinkan Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing and the Samurai sword. He received licensing in the Samurai Sword and a Shidoin license in Yoshinkan Aikido. Finally, he would eventually earn a Seventh Dan in Tae Kwon Do. His teachers are no less impressive including the legendary Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, Grand Master Jeff Smith, Shihan Dana Abbott, Grand Master Joe Lewis, Hanshi Kevin Blok and he directly trained with numerous other military instructors. His combat experiences include operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan as well as vast disaster experience doing search and rescue during Hurricane Katrina and numerous NATO missions including rotations to Tallinn - Estonia, Republic of Georgia, Dominican Republic and is currently at this time serving with NATO in Romania.

Master Harden would also go onto and impressive academic background and is currently serving as a Senior Flight Surgeon with the United States Army. Colonel Dane S. Harden he has deployed a dozen times wherein his services have involved management combat trauma that service has earned him many prestigious military honors and awards.

Of his numerous military awards - he was admitted to the Highly prestigious order of Military Medical Merit reserved for the very top medical officers currently serving! Awarded by the President. He is currently in the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Senior Mentor Board - appointed by Joe Lewis himself. He has been published many times Black Belt Magazine, Aikido Journal, USA Dojo and ran a yearlong series called Dojo Medicine for Black Belt Magazine. Harden has been admitted to various Halls of Fame over the years. Finally, it is his real world martial experiences - boots on the ground and his completion of well over one hundred trauma medical evacuations in combat - that has saved many lives and has earned him the deep respect of our military. He also have a charity the Healing Warrior Initiative Project and has raised over $60,000 for veterans’s groupsof this success to his initial entrance into a small dojo many years ago it taught him to follow a warrior’s path, in the truest sense of that tradition.



Jua n Harnet t − − − − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Havana Cuba Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Bak Sil Lum Kung Fu, Okinawan Goju Ryu Instructor - Sensei Antonio Ferrer Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1971 Years in the Martial Arts – 46 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 38

Professional Organizations − The International Information System Security Certification Consortium − National College of Martial Arts − USA National Karate-do Federation

Personal Achievements Mr. Harnett is a retired Technical Sergeant of twentyone years from the United States Air Force. Over the course of his active duty, he traveled to bases around the world, the Far East (Okinawa), Europe, and stateside. In his early years (1984) he taught Okinawan Goju Ryu both informally and privately. He could always be found in the USAF gyms or recreation centers. Most notably, while stationed in Warner Robins Georgia with the 5th Combat Communications Squadron, he was invited to serve as an instructor for a recently opened Jhoon Rhee affiliated Tae Kwon Do (TKD) Academy. His mission was to prepare the Black Belt instructors for competition against Okinawan and Japanese stylist as their competitive experience was isolated to only Korean TKD. His efforts resulted in a truly successful showing in the ring by the academy against their Uechi Ryu rivals in a pre-championship warm-up match, and resulted in his being named "The Bull" by the senior instructor/owner and his students. Mr. Harnett was awarded Kuri Obi in honor and gratitude for his work. 1999 Sensei Harnett continued his training at The Mechanicsville Okinawan Kenpo Karate. In 2001 under Sensei Steven Carbone, taught Okinawan Goju Ryu at Niagara Shobukan Martial Arts Center of Woodbridge. He has assisted training Northern Virginia Community College students in Self Defense Techniques and Physical Education.

Participated in open AAU competitions in the State of Virginia and served as Kumite and Kata judge for Amateur Athletic Union competitions. Awarded Godan under Hanshi Lou Angel.

In His Ow n Words In 1972, while attending Boston Technical High School I was introduced to Okinawan Goju Ryu, with Sensei Kent Davis. I also trained in Bak Sui Lum (Northern Shaolin) Gung Fu at the Voy Wu Kung Fu Club in Boston’s China Town. I enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF) and was stationed at Hanscom AFB, and by 1978 I was continued training at the US Headquarters of Meibukan Goju Ryu with Sensei Mirakian. In Okinawa, Japan I studied with Masanobu Shinjo, a class mate at Dai Sensei Yagi’s dojo of Sensei Mirakian. I traveled throughout my career, and found martial artists to work with. Eventually my family and I settled down in Virginia where we participated in Okinawan Kenpo in Mechanicsville. I discovered Niagara Shobukan Dojo in Dale City in 2001. It was there that I was reunited with Shobukan Goju Ryu through Sensei Steven Carbone and The East Coast Shobukan Association. Welcomed as a member of the family, the Harnett



unique, and special gift....unlimited potential. We teach the importance of remembering and respecting the true values of the martial art as handed down by Master Chojun Miyagi.

family put down deep roots in Dale City, Woodbridge VA. At Seiryuu Karate Do we are the community’s leader at bringing together the best traditional karate, modern teaching methods, and outstanding teachers to create an environment of learning experiences so parents find it easy to raise successful kids. We are changing the world one child at a time by creating a unique and special community providing parents, and their children, higher standards, and gifted teachers/mentors to accelerate their lives. We believe every person has a

My greatest achievement has been teaching our youth how to become good citizens. The focus, preparing our children by giving them tools to face an unforgiving world, and assist our young adults in finding their own path through the maze of life.



Brya nt Harrell Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Paterson, NJ Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s): Master - Jade Dragon Kung Fu, 8th Degree - Black Belt in Hapkido, 8th Dan - Zen Nippon Ku Do, 9th Dan - Combat Jujitsu, Senior Master Sun Moon Fist Kung Fu, Grandmaster - American Gung Fu, VSK Ryu Jujitsu - Senior Master − Instructors Sifu James McKinns (Jade Dragon), Grandmaster Joseph Harrel (Hapkido), Professor William Brown Sr. (Zen Nippon Ku Do), Dr. John Enger and Soke Javier Galan (Combat Jujitsu), Grandmaster Pete Pernagani and Sifu Karen Schlacter (Sun Moon Fist Kung FU), Sijo Floyd Mims (American Gung Fu), Sokei Little John Davis (VSK Jujitsu) − Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1970 − Years in the Martial Arts 47 − Years Teaching Martial Arts 33 − −

Professional Organizations US Navy, Shinja Martial Arts University, Crime Stoppers, Unified Kung-Fu Association, The Original European Jujitsu Union, United Martial Arts Referees Association, Philadelphia Historical Martial Arts Society, Black Dragon Society Personal Achievements Consecrated as a Bishop of the Gospel Founder of Fists of Faith Ministries 2016 Pinellas County Sheriff's Department Community Leadership Award Creator of Officer B. Safe - Safety and Awareness Program for the Youth Associates Degree from Liberty College in Biblical Studies United Security Services Commendation Award for Bravery Doctorate of Martial Arts and Science

In His Ow n Words I spent most of my life studying various aspects of the Martial Arts. I am blessed to have had such a broad and diverse wealth of experiences. I began Jujitsu training in 1970, at the age of 5, with my uncle - Grandmaster Joseph Harrell, who then began teaching me Hapkido. By the age of 12, I received my Black Belt in Hapkido. In 1977, I started training Kung-fu, under Grandmaster James McKinns. By the time I was 21, I had become the youngest Master in the Jade Dragons, a worldwide, respected organization. In the early 80's, I trained with Dr. Moses Powell and Soke Little John Davis. I began teaching in 1980, and over the years, have produced numerous top state, regional, as well as several National and World champions. I became an executive protection agent, at the age of 18, and then joined the U.S. Navy, where I became a Naval Special Force member of November Company, an anti-terrorist group - based in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.



In 1988, I formed and trained the first and only Naval-sponsored Martial Arts team in sports karate history, the USS Kitty Hawk Fighting Team. They dominated their competition along the east coast, throughout my Naval career. While in the Navy, I continued to train in the Martial Arts and Sciences, and I received Senior Master rank from Grandmaster Peter Pergnagani and Sifu Karen Schlacter - I Sun Moon Fist Kung Fu. In 1996, I became a Senior Master, and was awarded Obi 8th Dan, from Professor Bill Brown, in Japanese Zen Nippon Karate Do. Over the years, I have also earned a 9th degree Black Belt in Hapkido, Kempo-Jujitsu, Kung Fu, and a Senior Master of Kobudo Martial Arts. I am the founder of Real World Combat, and have created and established several Martial Arts programs - over the past 30 years- throughout New Jersey, North Carolina, Iowa, and Florida. As the founder and Bishop, of Fists of Faith Ministries, I continue to teach today. I teach a Christian-based Martial Arts program, that is based on Godly principles, real-world scenarios, and over all social survival. The true meaning of a Martial Artist, is not just about a Black Belt, sash, or rank. It's about character, and true character development, which can be a challenge. As a Security Specialist, Man of God, Martial Scientist, Teacher, and student - I believe I was born to protect people and teach them to be safe.

Martial Arts Achievements 2016 Original European Jujitsu Union Spirit and Leadership Award - 2016 Greatmats Martial Arts Instructor of the Year - 2016 Pinellas County Sherrif Department Community Award (for Community Leadership) - SMAU Hall Of Honors Recipient - 2015 Self-Defense Instructor of the Year - 2016 Philadelphia Historical Martial Arts Society Inductee - 2014 SMAU Hall of Honors Recipient Christian Martial Arts Master of the Year - 2014 SMAU Hall of Honora Recipient Outstanding Grandmaster of the Year - 2011 Black Warriors Hall of Honors Member - Man of the Year/Conflict Resolution and Anti-Gang Involvement and Gang Prevention - 2004 Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame Member - Outstanding Achievement in the Martial Arts Spirit Award - 2002 Dragon Master Hall of Fame Member - Master Teacher of the Year - 1999 Dojo Masters Hall of Fame Member - Competitor of the Year 1996 World Christian Martial Arts Hall of Fame Member - Outstanding Achievement and Dedication to the Youth USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 Honors 1988 Master Instructor of the Year/1989 Referee of the Year - Chaplain for Shinja Martial Arts University - Bishop and Founder of Fists of Faith Ministries - Founder of Real World Combat - Founder of Hands off K.I.D.S (Karate International Defense System) - Founder of USS Kitty Hawk Fighting Team - Founder of the US Military Combative Order - Founder of World Hapkido Alliance - Former VP of American Gung-Fu Certified Member of the US Free Style Karate Federation - Referee in the United Martial Arts Association Internationally Certified Black Belt - Member of the Unified Gung-Fu Association - Member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society



Rit a Hundley Harris − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – 7th degree Black Belt − Instructor - Sensei Robert Morton

Personal Achievements − Loving wife, mother, daughter and sister − Obtained B.A. in Biology and Psychology (Double Major) − Mary Baldwin College Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges − Obtained M.A. in Clinical Psychology–University of the District of Columbia Psi Chi Honors Award for Clinical Psychology − Thirty years of professional work in the Affordable Housing Industry − A member of Union Wesley AME Zion Church, Washington D.C. for 47 years

In Her Ow n Words leadership, I trained five days a week and earned my Black Belt at the age of 12.

I developed my love for martial arts early in life. It started in the inner city of Washington D.C. at eight years old. My parents had four children and wanted us all involved in structured program activities. Like most children in our neighborhood, we were exposed to the local recreation center and enrolled in the Howard University summer gymnastic and swimming programs. Curiosity led me to the Tae Kwon Do martial arts program at Banneker

As a 2nd degree Black Belt I competed and won several tournaments and recognitions from the National A.A.U. Tae Kwon Do Committee. I competed and won first place and grand championships in tournaments and performed arts demonstrations locally almost every weekend. For me, the martial arts are a way of life and I committed myself to be all in. If you want to excel in anything; especially martial arts, you must commit your time, effort and energy.

Recreation Center across the street from the Howard University summer programs we attended. I was eager to excel once I became a member of Cobra Dojang under the tutelage of Sensei Robert Morton. Under his

My philosophy about life has been deeply entrenched in Christianity and for over 44 years I have been an active member of the Union Wesley AME Zion Church in Washington, DC. As an Usher, my Pastor always prayed for, encouraged and celebrated my athletic achievements. In the last 10 years, I served several positions including, Vice Chair of the Housing and an officer of the Trustee Board. I have shared martial arts disciplines with many over the years. While in high school, I began a small selfdefense class for my peers. I went on to teach martial arts classes in Staunton, Virginia, and Washington D.C. I taught in the Towns of Laurel and Cheverly, Maryland for many years and held fighting strategy



seminars throughout the DMV. These achievements resulted in opportunities to share my God given talent with others who took martial arts to the next level.

− 1984 - Everhart’s 8th Tri-Area Karate and Kung-Fu Championships, − Grand Champion Women’s Forms − 1985 - Battle of the Southern States Open Tournament – Overall Black Belt Grand Champion − 1985 Fighting Strategy Seminars − 1986 - New England Open Karate Championships Black Belt Superstar Finalist − 1986 - Athlete of the Year, Mary Baldwin College − 1986 - National Regional PKL Rated #1 in Women’s Forms − 1992 - Promoted to 7th degree Black Belt − 1997 - 3rd Annual Living Legend Awards – Kenpo Karate Washington, D.C. − 2000 - US Capital Classics – 1st Place Lightweight Seniors Division final competition − 2010 - Mary Baldwin College – Hall of Fame for Martial Arts − 2011 - U.S. Capital Classic Induction − 2015 – Housing Opportunities Commission Leadership Tomorrow Inductee

Major Martial Arts Achievements − 1982 - Athlete of the Year – Notre Dame Academy − 1982-1983 - U.S. Capital Classics First Women’s Sparring Grand Champion



Tim Harris on − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Naperville, Illinois − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) TKD 6th Dan; Combat Hapkido 5th Dan; Joe Lewis Fighting Systems 1st Dan − Instructors GM John Pellegrini; GM Kyung Ho Park; GM Joe Lewis; Master Mike Allen; GM Bill Wallace; GM Jeff Smith; Master David Rivas and Master Mark Gridley − Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1972 − Years in the Martial Arts 30 − Years Teaching Martial Arts 15

Professional Organizations − − − − −

International Combat Hapkido Federation Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Independent TKD Association Steven Oliver's Martial Arts Mastery Chris Sutton's COBRA Self-Defense Systems

I resumed my TKD/ Hapkido training with GM Park in Illinois from 1996 thru 2004. In 1996, I attended Karate College in Radford, Virginia when I was exposed to GM Bill Wallace, GM Joe Lewis, Master Mike Allen, and it was then that I started my training with the Joe Lewis organization.

Personal Achievements I have 2 Sons Timothy and Marc. Timothy, 31, is an entrepreneur running his computer technology support company and specialty costume manufacturing company. Marc, 30, is a law enforcement officer and US Marine Staff Sargent.

In 2002, I went thru a downsizing in my current career so I decided to open my own martial arts school. I opened the doors in 2003 in Joliet, Illinois offering TKD and Combat Hapkido. By 2006 we were a 200-student school offering TKD, and Combat Hapkido and adding kickboxing and self-defense seminars. In the past several years we have become involved with Stephen Oliver's Martial Arts Mastery Group where I have become better acquainted with GM Jeff Smith, who has helped us take our school to the next level. Our philosophy is to build great leaders who will make a positive contribution to their community and be very capable of defending themselves and others.

In His Ow n Words In 1972 my f1Dad took me to Tracy Kenpo in Downers Grove, Illinois where I studied there for approximately 3 years. From the mid to late 80s I was able to get myself back into training in Kenpo. In 1990, I started training in Taekwondo and Hapkido with GM Kyung Ho Park in Naperville IL. In 1993 my work brought me to the Washington DC area and in 1994 and 95 I trained with Master Keith Elkins in Waldorf, MD. Master Elkins introduced me to Combat Hapkido and Karate College, two things that would have a great impact on my martial arts life.



Major Martial Arts Achievements 2004 USA martial Arts Hall of Fame Hapkido Instructor of the Year 2006 Budo Magazine's Hall of Fame 2006 International Federation of JuJutsuans Legion of Honor 2007 Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame 2013 Designation as World Training Center of the International Combat Hapkido Federation Host of the International Combat Hapkido Federation annual National Training Conference



S cot t Harts ell Scott Hartsell was born on Feb. 17th, 1971, in Concord North Carolina just a few miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina. He started Martial Arts at an early age. In 1979, he joined the N.C. Tae Kwon Do Association. After only three years he earned his junior Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Mr. Hartsell left Tae Kwon Do in 1985 to join the Northwest Cabarrus Junior High wrestling team. In 1986, he made the varsity team as a freshman at Northwest Cabarrus High. That year his team won the Southern Piedmont Conference Championships. Mr. Hartsell went on to have a terrific wrestling career. In 1989, he won the conference championships, the sectional & regional championships and was named North Carolina’s All-State Wrestler. Right after high school, Mr. Hartsell joined the International Shorinji Kempo Karate Federation where he met Master Irwin Carmichael. He quickly became a senior student of Master Carmichael’s. In 1990, he became and instructor in Mr. Carmichael’s Survival Tactics International (S.T.I.), a company dedicated to women’s awareness response and rape prevention. Between 1990 and 1995 Mr. Hartsell participated in many point sparring tournaments and grappling competitions as well as full contact fights. In 1992, with the help of Master Carmichael, Mr. Hartsell Joined the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff. From 1993 until 1997 he also had the opportunity to work part time for the United States Marshal’s service. Mr. Hartsell left law enforcement in 1997 to pursue a career in Martial Arts. He became the assist instructor at the Harrisburg location of the Martial Arts Training Institute.

Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) to be trained as a crewmember self-defense instructor. Mr. Hartsell now trains all flight crewmembers defensive measures in case of another terrorist’s attack. Mr. Hartsell is currently a Sixth Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Kempo Karate. He is the CEO & Master Instructor at the Martial Arts Training Institute. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Shorinji Kempo Karate Federation. He is a lifetime member of the World Black Bureau, a Black Belt Instructor of the American Federation of Jujitsu and a member of Cane Masters International Association, a Full Completion of the art in Balintawak Arnis under Grand Master Guillermo Bobby Taboada and a NRA pistol and rifle instructor.

In January 2000, Mr. Hartsell Began teaching Full time at the Martial Arts Training Institute’s Huntersville location, and part-time at Central Piedmont Community College. He also teaches after school programs to the children in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system as well as defensive tactics to law enforcement officers. In 2007 Mr. Hartsell was invited to The United States Federal Air Marshall’s (FAMS) Training Facility in Atlantic City, NJ. by the



Mr. Hartsell’s Knowledge of Martial Arts has made it possible for him to impact every segment of our society, from elementary school children to college freshman, from Police Officers to women’s selfdefense. When asked Mr. Hartsell replied. “Learning is a lifetime endeavor, the more I learn the more I realize just how little I know. My goal is to learn as much as I can every day and to share what little I know with anyone who’s willing to learn with me.”

In 2004 Mr. Hartsell was honored at the World Head Sokeship Council’s Martial Arts Hall of fame for Outstanding Student of Balintawak International. In 2006, he was Fame for Instructor of the year for 2006. The United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame also inducted him that same year for Man of the Year 2006. On Nov. 7th, 2009 Mr. Hartsell was inducted into the Martial Arts World Magazine Hall of Fame for 2009 Master of the Year. On May 29th, 2010 Mr. Hartsell was inducted into the World Head Sokeship Council’s Martial Arts Hall of fame for Man of the year 2010.



Da n Ha usel − Martial Arts Style and Rank: Soke Shodai (grandmaster) − Born in Salt Lake City, Utah − Teaching for 46 years − − −


ART, WRITING 2016 − My dojo (Arizona Hombu Dojo), selected as best of Mesa Arizona for 2013 thru 2016 − Cambridge Certificate for Outstanding Professional Achievement in Martial Arts and Geological − Sciences, Cambridge, England − 2015 Who's Who in America − 2015 Who's Who in the World − 2015 DaVinci Award as Polymath of martial arts, art, writing, astronomy, geology, − and public speaking − 2015 IBC's Top 100 Professionals of 2015 − 2015 Golden Anniversary in Martial Arts award by Students of Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate − Kobudo Kai − 2014 Who's Who in America (2014-15) 2014 Who's Who in the World (2014-15) − 2009 Juko Kai International Honor Award "One Who Points the Way" − 2008 Supreme Elite Warriors Council (USHOFMAA) − 2008 International Examiners Committee, Seishinryoku Kai − 2008 International Representative and Advisor for IOSKDKA, Athens, Greece − 2008 World Sokeship (Grandmaster) Council, Seishinryoku Kai − 2008 Lifetime Member International Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate-Do Kobudo Association − 2007 United States Soke Council

− 2006 Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy of Japanese Martial Arts Sciences − 2004 Judan (10th dan), Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo, World Organizer of Martial Arts and Soke − Head Council of Japan, Soke Tianero

− 2004 Awarded Judan (10th dan) in Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo, Juko Kai International, Dai − Soke R. Sacharnoski − 2004 Lifetime Member, World Organizer of Martial Arts, Dept. of Martial Arts Affairs, Delaware − 2004 Honorable Grandmaster, Okinawa Shorin-Ryu KarateDo, World Organizer of Martial Arts − 2001 Lifetime Member, Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Kokusai Kempo-Karate-Do & Kobudo Federation − 2001 Appointed to World Soke Council board − 2000 Top Juko-Kai International affiliated 'Soke of the Year'

− 1999 Headmaster, Top-Rated JKI Martial Arts School (Univ. of Wyoming Shorin-Ryu Karate) − 1999 Sokeship of Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai − 1997 Kyoju (Professor of Martial Arts) − 1996 JKI Samurai (more than 4 black belts in different arts)

− GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2016-17 Who's Who in Science & Engineering

− 2016 Honorary Professor of Science, Cambridge England − 2015 Honorary Doctorate of Science, IBC, Cambridge − 2009 Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Thayer Lindsley Award



− 1998 University of Wyoming Department of Geology & Geophysics, Distinguished Lecturer − 1998 Rocky Mountain Prospectors & Treasure Hunters, CO Prospectors Best Friend Award − 1998 American Biographical Institute's Millennium Hall of Fame − 1994 Laramie Lyceum, Distinguished Speaker − 1992 Energy Minerals Division, American Assn. of Petroleum Geologists President's Certificate − 1992 Wyoming Geological Association, Certificate of Appreciation − 1985 & 1989 Geological Survey of Wyoming, Award for Outstanding Service & Contributions − 1980 Instructor's Award - University of Wyoming, Wyoming Mining Assn. & Casper College − 1971 U.S. Army School of Artillery, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma Honor Graduate

− 2008 Top 2000 Scientists of 2007-08, IBC, Cambridge England − 2007 Leading Educators of the World IBC laureate − 2007 Inducted Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering − 2007 21st Century Achievement Award in Science, Martial Arts & Writing − 2006 Archimedes Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Geological Sciences − 2004 Wyoming Geological Association, Distinguished Service Award

− 2003 Colorado Mining Association, Elected Member − 2003 Honorary Member of International Order of Ragged Ass Miners, Colorado Chapter − 2001 Wyoming State Gem & Mineral Society Honorary Lifetime Member − 2001 Wyoming Prospectors Association, Honorary Member − 2001 Education Award, National Rock Hound & Lapidary Hall of Fame

− 2002 World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Springdale, Ohio − 2001 North American Black Belt Hall of Fame, Lakewood, CA. Int’l Instructor of the Year − 2001 National Rock Hound & Lapidary Hall of Fame − 2000 World Karate Union Hall of Fame, Tannersville, Pennsylvania Lifetime Achievement − 2000 ABI's Millennium Hall of Fame

Major Achievements − 2013 'Meijin Wa Jutsu' by Dai Soke Rod Sacharnoski of Juko Kai International − 2012 Shinja Martial Arts University Hall of Honors as Grandmaster of the Year − 2012 Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Honors (Outstanding Contributions to Martial Arts − 2008 & 2006 USHOFMAA International Hall of Honor, Maryland

In His Own Words My philosophy is well-stated by Gichin Funakoshi "The purpose of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of its participants." We do not compete - we focus on traditional values, self-defense and selfimprovement.

− 2005 World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame, Malaysia Grandmaster of the Year − 2004 World Head of Society Hall of Fame, Philippines Honorable Grandmaster & Life Member − 2004 American Karate Association Hall of Fame, Cincinnati Ohio - Instructor of the Year − 2004 US Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee, Nashville, Tennessee − 2003 Latin America Martial Arts Society Worldwide Hall of Fame, Puerto Rico − 2002 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Orlando, Florida Founder of the Year



A my Ha wkins − Birth Place Growing Up - Gaston County, North Carolina − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - 6th Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Kempo Karate 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Kubodo − Instructor - Soke Irwin Carmichael − Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1988 − Years in the Martial Arts - 29 − Years Teaching Martial Arts - 15

Prof essional Organizations North Carolina Police Explorers Association; Federal Air Marshals Crew Members Self-Defense Association; North Carolina Crime Prevention Officers Association North Carolina Hostage Negotiators Association

Personal Achievements − Level 5 Shorinji Kempo Karate Instructor − Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Woman of the year) Inductee − North Carolina Certified Law Enforcement Officer − North Carolina Certified General Instructor for Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Specialized Instructor in Subject Control & Arrest Techniques (SCAT) − Crime Prevention Specialist for Gastonia Police Department in Gastonia, North Carolina − Certified Law Enforcement Officer for the State of North Carolina with 26+ years of service − Certified Womens-Children self-defense instructor − MATI (Martial Arts Training Institute) since 1988 − Gastonia Police Officer / Crime Prevention Specialist − Officer of the Year 2004 − North Carolina Law Enforcement General Instructor − Specialized Law Enforcement Instructor in SCAT (Subject Control Arrest Techniques) − TSA / FAMS Crew Member Self Defense Instructor − Women’s Self-Defense Instructor − Owner of MATI Karate School of Gastonia 2016-2017

In Her Ow n Words In 1988 while in college at CPCC (Central Piedmont Community College) in Charlotte, North Carolina I signed up for a physical education class in the martial arts under instructor (Soke) Irwin Carmichael. I liked it and continued to train for my career in law enforcement. Since I was 18 years old I’ve trained and studied two to four days a week. I have now achieved the rank of 6th degree Black Belt and 2nd degree black belt in kubaton and cane weapons. I have attended seminars in grappling, nunchucks, and self-defense techniques. My philosophy is "You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something that you want." I have been teaching for 15 years and have held classes and seminars for women and children who needed selfdefense who could not afford it. I believe that everyone needs self-defense knowledge for safety. I have taught many students to many ranks within our system. I have shared many techniques with students and cadets in basic law enforcement training. I’ve trained one student to the rank of 4th degree Black Belt and twelve students to 2nd and 3rd degree Black Belt. I also taught the youngest student to the rank of Black Belt in the MATI Association when she was 5 years old.



− Leadership Award from Eagle Scouts by my 3rd degree Black Belt student − Police and Fire Olympics - 2 medals for Kata in two different years − Police and Fire Olympics – 2 medals for Sparring in two different years − * USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Woman of the Year 2013

Major Martial Arts Achievements − Martial Arts Hall of Fame: Women of the Year Most Dedicated Most Improved − Numerous Women's and Children's Self Defense Classes − Cane Classes − Kubaton Classes − MATI Sparring and Kata Tournament Judge



Riley Ha wkins − − − −

− −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Baltimore City, Maryland Martial Arts Style and Belt Rank - ShorinRyu, 10th degree Black Belt Instructors - Herbert Hines (Shorin-Ryu) / Robert (Bob) McPherson (jiu jitsu and judo) Year Started Studying Martial Arts - Boxing 1958 / jiu jitsu and judo 1958 / Shorin-Ryu 1959 Years in the Martial Arts - 59 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 55

Prof essional Organizations Riley Hawkins Avengers Foundation, Inc. Head of Family Martial Arts Association Bantu Martial Arts Federation of Ohio and Canada Oriental Defensive Arts Association

Personal Achievements

free jiu jitsu and judo with Bob McPherson. This helped to fine tune my fighting spirit. I was taught Shorin-Ryu by Mr. Herbert

Being able to work with and help children grow positively Teaching martial arts to children since 1965 Establishing the Riley Hawkins Avengers Foundation Inc. and the Avengers Karate Club

Hines prior to going into the Army. My good friend Grand Master Henry Wilson and I planned to start teaching karate when we returned home from the military. The opportunity came while working with my younger brothers and teaching table tennis in the church recreation center where I was asked to teach martial arts to other children. I did this at no charge to help keep the children out of trouble and off of the streets. My training days were hard, long and continuous and the same way that I taught the students. After a year of training and sparing with each other I took them to tournaments and my legacy began. I’ve traveled to other states for kick boxing matches with the Avengers Kick-boxing team during the 1970s.

Having close and personal friendships with Grand Masters F. E. Conde, Edmund (Ed) Parker, Daniel (Danny) Pai, Robert Hawkins, Furman Marshal and George Dillman. Employed at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore for 40 years Founder of the Riley Hawkins Avengers Foundation, Inc. Founder of the Avengers Karate Club and Dojo

In His Ow n Words

Two of my many philosophies are to train ten rounds for a five-round fight and to be better prepared than my enemy.

I was and am today a very competitive individual that likes doing my best at in everything I start including football, basketball, swimming, table tennis and racket ball. I started boxing in the Police Boys Club which led to

I am known for bringing martial arts to Baltimore’s innercity community in a different manner, and I’m also



known for being a fierce, hard, fast, fair and respectable competitor. My energy is always high when I speak about martial arts and that same energy increases when I speak about the students. I have even assisted families as needed along the way. I have taught in basements, parks, churches, recreation centers and now my own facility where the children are fed after every class.

Oriental Defensive Arts Association, Senior Member Sun Paper, featured in newspaper article News American, featured in newspaper article Baltimore Times, featured in newspaper article Black Belt Magazine, featured subject in magazine article Action Martial Arts Magazine, featured subject in magazine article

Over the years I have used karate as a tool to pull the children in and I’ve spent my own money giving children the opportunities to train, travel, compete, meet stars and make new friends outside of the Baltimore area. Many of my students have grown into successful adults where they excel in school, martial arts and the workplace to the extent that some have started their own businesses.

Maryland Institute College of Art, award winner Maryland Institute College of Art, certificate winner Maryland Institute College of Art, annual staff award presented in the name of Riley Hawkins Hall of Fame induction, Eastern Martial Arts Association, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Hall of Fame induction, Action Martial Arts Association, New Jersey

I like to let others speak of me. I feel I have not done anything out of the norm except take care of the children for they are us in the future. I pass on to others what was freely given to me in the same manner.

Hall of Fame induction, Bantu Association, Ohio Hall of Fame induction, Bantu Association, Canada

Major Martial Arts Achievements Baltimore Martial Extravaganza, 2008




Presented, hosted and taught workshops, seminars and demonstrations in Baltimore and Pennsylvania


Sponsored and promoted point fighting tournaments

Living Legend of Martial Arts in Baltimore, 2008

Sponsored and promoted kick boxing matches in Baltimore

Head of Family Martial Arts Association, Senior Member



G eorge Heath B ir t h P l ace Gr o wi n g Up USA Unionville PA Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) 7th dan TaeKwonDo-4th dan Hapkido-1st dan Jujitsu America-Kickboxing I n str u cto r s Grand Master Goh, Grand Master Park, grand Master Ji Han Jae, Grand Master Ken Mackenzie, Grand Master Geoff Booth & Instructor - Filipino Martial Arts Certified Instructor John R. Hacman Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s 1973 Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s 44

skills and philosophies and the philosophies of the Kung Fu Program. I knew this is what I have been searching for or at least this is where my path was guiding me. Since then I have been actively training in Korean Martial Arts of Tae kwon Do, Hapkido and various other Korean Martial Arts disciplines since 1973. As of today, I have owned and operated my own Dragon Martial Arts School since 1987. I currently hold the rank of 7th dan in World Taekwondo Federation (Kukkiwon)-4th dan World Hanminjok Hapkido Association & 1st dan Jujitsu America. My Dragon Martial Arts (Yong Moo-Do Kwon) School Program uniquely blends the best of the Ancient Korean Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and various other hard and soft style Martial Art Forms. This program is founded and based on two major principles: first—UM and YANG; and second, KI or Internal Spirit, which incorporates the development of weaponless defense techniques that have the effect of transforming the practitioner’s hands and feet into weapons so that in the event of a situation demanding defense action he or she is victorious over the aggressor. The program is also a philosophy of mental discipline and self control which will influence the student’s behavior and therefore encourage participation and pride in their home, school, work place and community. In this way, the Art is used for the betterment of society. Physically one will become healthier and stronger, plus they will learn valuable and practical self-defense techniques. A strong body builds a strong mind. Mentally, one well builds their inner strength and become a more powerful and confident individual. A positive mental attitude provides the best ideas for selfimprovement. Philosophically one will create, set, and strive to achieve his/her own personal goals. Through achieving these goals, they will increase their self-respect, and lead a more productive and peaceful life. This selfmotivating program will help them to get better grades in school, succeed in their career, develop better social relationships, build stronger communities and become

Year s T eac h i n g Mar t ia l Ar t s 35 Pro f e s sio na l O rg a niza t io n s World Taekwondo Federation-Kukkiwon-Hanminjok Hapkido Association-Sim Moo Hapkido FederationUSATaekwondo

Personal Achievements 30 Years School Owner; 1986 Pennsylvania Tae Kwon Do Forms Grand Champion; 1987, 1992, 1993 Pennsylvania State Tae Kwon Do Forms & Fighting Champion; 1992 Bronze Medal National Tae Kwon Do Fighting Championship Letter Of Appreciation Kukkiwon Tae Kwon Do Headquarters/ Dr. Un Yong Kim; 1993 Pennsylvania State Tae Kwon Do Forms & Fighting Championship; 1995 Letter Of Appreciation Kukkiwon Hodori (Tiger) Tae Kwon Do Demonstration Team President Dong Kyon Kim; 2009 Letter Of Appreciation Kukkiwon Tae Kwon Do Headquarters President Kukkiwon Woon Kyu Uhm Produced many children and adult Black Belts in the Tri-State Area; 2015 Legands Of The Martial Arts Hall Of Fame; 2016 Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall Of Honors Award; 2016 Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall Of Fame; 2016 Legends Of The Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Grand Hapkido Master In H i s O w n Wo rd s I was born and raised in Unionville Pennsylvania (Chester County) and was always fascinated by Bruce Lee & the movie Kung Fu with David Caravan. I have play Baseball 7 Soccer growing up but then after watching Bruce Lee



happier in their everyday life. This is an exciting, evolving program designed to benefit each individual’s different needs and the chance to develop the Best Mental and Physical Health possible. This program teaches each individual how to utilize their own natural instincts as they learn effective and practical self-defense skills. In order to accomplish this, Dragon Martial Arts (Yong Moo-Do Program) offers a flexible program combining both traditional and modern Martial Arts techniques along with physical fitness exercises. Our primary goal is to maximize the Health and Well Being of each individual. With increased physical and mental capabilities, one will create, set, and strive to achieve their personal goals. Through achieving these goals, they will increase their self-respect, and lead a more productive and peaceful life. This self-motivating program will help develop better grades in school, succeed in your career, increase and develop better social relationships. Dragon Martial Arts (Yong Moo-Do Kwon) Program brings both sides of ourselves into a healthier harmony. This facilitates personal growth and change so that our dreams become our achieved goals and we can live a more peaceful and happier way of life. As parents and educators in today’s society we are faced with many challenges and outside influences that may confuse and infect our children with negative decisions and attitudes. Many parents struggle to find activities that will help their children build those important values that they themselves have been taught, often through hard work and responsibility.

participate in their children’s programs and functions. This will help and aid parents to learn and see how they can assist and help teach their children with the difficult portions of their curriculum. It also teaches and helps parents how to maintain their child’s interest by expressing perseverance. If children are encouraged to attend every class, eventually it will become a natural part of a child’s weekly routine, and then become an important part of his/her life. Although the child’s main goal is to achieve their Black Belt. Our program makes sure that children are both physically and mentally ready to accept this special promotion and re-set their goals to continue to a higher level. When you build a child’s self–esteem their sense of self worth grows. When they can see themselves for the unique and valuable individual that they are, then they can appreciate others for themselves. You must respect yourself before you can respect others. Dragon Martial Arts teaches other ways to express themselves than through violence. The art teaches when violence is acceptable and how to avoid conflict. Self-control is a hard commodity to come by but will stand them in good stead as they progress in life. Dragon Martial Arts teaches self-discipline, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility. Quitting and casting blame on others is entirely easier than forging ahead against adversity and accepting responsibility for both the results of your own actions as well as the attainment of the goal. It’s only through internal strength that we succeed in the task that is set for us either by ourselves, or others. Dragon Martial Arts was developed out of a sense of selfpreservation to defend one’s self from attack from others. However, spears and swords aren’t the only dangers that face the martial artist of today. Self-doubt, feelings of worthlessness and the inability to deal with day-to-day conflicts in a productive manner pose as big a threat to the soul, as do weapons to the body. (For so fares the soul so fares the body). If you can help one child to see the beauty in them and others, then you may look around and realize that things look a little better to you. There is no endeavor worthier than the development and education of our future children. Therefor a dream projection is to oneday see this construct infused in the American Education System. Then each child would be able to experience this manifestation of Mind-Body-Spirit as a daily passage for becoming a better human being. “Helping Build Todays Children to Become Tomorrows Leaders” The general perception of the public is that martial arts are all about fighting, how very wrong they can be. The martial arts are about having confidence to deal with a situation in a strong, positive, fair and assertive manner so that you don’t have to fight. I believe that through the teaching of true Martial Arts we can build a more peaceful world to live in. In a modern world that places so much emphasis on material gains and materialistic items, its nice to be reminded that what is truly important are the things that

This is difficult today, as so many restrictions are placed on parenting, even by people and organizations of people who do not have the experience of raising a child. Korean Martial arts is one of the greatest ways for children to learn all of the most important characteristics of positive role models, because it keeps the child’s interest, and it is something the family can easily do together. It does all of this without convincing the child that he /she is required to win, no matter what the cost. The Korean Martial Arts are the best martial arts for children. They teach respect and discipline, encourage education, and discourage the use of violence. They also strive to build self-confidence and humility. Contrary to popular belief, most martial arts styles are meant for self defense rather than physical violence. I have recognized the importance of young Individuals acquiring the confidence to become strong leaders in their homes, schools and communities. This must be demonstrated by their ability to make choices that create a positive influence on their family and friends. I believe that a “Strong Mind-Body-Spirit” relationship is the key for such confidence. The Dragon Martial Arts (Yong MooDo Kwon) Program provides the essential tools for personal growth and achievement in their home, school and community. Dragon Martial Arts (Yong Moo-Do Kwon) also encourages families and parents to attend and



will guide and will help his/her students through and along this Journey of Life.

money cannot buy. It may be necessary in today’s world to drive a car, own such electronic items such as, computer, television, radio, cell phone etc. as our living may depend on it. However, it’s important to realize that through martial arts we can promote even greater values, courtesy, respect, humility, discipline, patients and a willing to help others. Instilling in us a true feeling of harmony and peace to really strive to build a more peaceful world. That is what a Master Instructor is all about? A Master is more than just someone who can do very well in tournaments, breaking boards, performing forms or demonstrating weapons as well as teaching techniques and self-defense.

Personal Achievements Fund Raisers for the following: Aids Foundation Local Schools Local Churches Nemour's AI Dupont Children's Kennett Area Community Service Self Defense & Awareness Seminars for: Local Boy Scout Troops Girl Scout Troops Local Schools Local Businesses Held Children's Summer Camps Held Adult & Children Seminars

I truly believe that training in the Martial Arts is the finest way for any individual to develop him or herself physically, mentally and spiritually into the Best person

they can possibly be. A Master is an individual who




Otis Hoo per my students attended college with ten of those students

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Baltimore, Maryland and Hampton, Virginia Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Tae Kwon Do, 6th degree Black Belt Instructor - Supreme Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1966 Years in the Martial Arts - 51 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 45 Professional Organizations United States Amateur Boxing, Inc., Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum, Inc. Per so na l Ac hiev e me n t s − Founder and Executive Director of The Peninsula Boxing Academy, Inc. − Executive Director of TAM-East Aviation − President of Hooper's Academy for Self-Protection, Inc. − Attended Howard University and member of the Howard University team − 2nd Lt. with the D.C. National Guard − National Brown Belt Karate Champion, 1968 − Ranked as a top three Super-Lightweight full contact karate fighter in full contact 1973 to 1978 − Professional Boxer with a winning record upon retirement − From 1980 to 1986 worked at the Newport News Shipyard as a Nuclear Engineer Designer − 2004-2006 Director of Peninsula Crime Line, Virginia State Crime Stoppers and Healthy Families Partnership − Former Chairman, Tuskegee Airmen − Former Chairman, Howard Baugh Chapter Youth Aviation Program

attending United States Military Academies. On a personal note, both of my sons as well as my brother's son attended the Air Force and Naval Academies and are now pilots. Other students from my youth programs have become Architects, Doctors, Engineers, Attorneys, Probation Officers and Educators.

In His Ow n Words

Major Martial Arts Achievements

In April 1969, I test and receive my 1st degree Black Belt under Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, and start teaching for him. What I learned during my training years was "rest if you must but never give up." In 1972, I graduated first in leadership from Officer Candidate School and 3rd overall to become a 2nd Lieutenant. In 1980, I moved back to Virginia with my two sons and started my own Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts School. During this period and my association with the many programs and organizations, more than thirty-five of

− 2006 - 2011 developed the TAM-Aviation East Coast Program − 2005 incorporated the Peninsula Boxing Academy, Inc. − 2005 inducted into the 9th Annual Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame − 2005 developed ESCP Program for Employees at NASA − 2001 developed Kick Boxing Program for employees at Ft. Monroe and Ft Story Military Bases



− 1999 to 2000 established the ESCP Program for Chase, America − 1999 to 2000 developed the Senior Citizen and Children ESCP Antioch Community Development Corporation in Hempstead, Long Island − 1997 developed ESCP Program for Employees at Ft. Eustis − 1996 Promoter of the Colonial National Karate Championship − 1990 to 1995 Promoter of the Busch Garden Karate Championship − 1985 Incorporated Hooper's Academy For SelfProtection, Inc. − 1983 Designed and directed Riverside Hospital Women Employees (ESCP Program) − 1982 developed ESCP Program for YMCA Richmond − 1981 - 1983 Designed and directed Children’s Tae Kwon Do Program and the ESCP Program − 1978 - an instructor of World Champions Charlie Lee, John and Helen Chung − 1978 - sparring partner for the former World Welterweight Champion Sugar Ray Leonard − 1975 - Who's Who in the Martial Arts − 1969 to present judged at tournaments every year of the U.S. Capitol Classic − 1969 - 1997 - worked with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris during Demonstrations and Fundraisers − Former Instructor for the Mid-Atlantic Airline Cabin Crew, America Homeland Defense Program

Leadership Roles: Instructor in late 1960's, 1970's 1980's under GM Brammer. Instructor and Operations Director under GM Rudy Smedley at Rudy Smedley Self Defense and Martial Arts.



Christ opher Hovey Birth Place & Growing Up Hollywood Florida

Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s)

5th Dan Okinawan Goju-Ryu 2nd Dan Okinawan Kobudo 1st Dan Okinawan Shuri-Ryu


Hanshi Andy Horne

Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1992

Years in the Martial Arts 24

Years Teaching Martial Arts 13

Professional Organizations


Personal Achievements 37 ISKA NASKA World Championships Undefeated in weapons and forms competitons 2002 Best Fighting Record 2002 Inducted into multiple Halls of Fame

In His Ow n Words Over my 25 years, I’ve trained with the best. Andy Horne, my primary Shuri Ryu and Jiu-Jitsu Sil Sozio Goju-Ryu. Among other things along the way, I was given the hinor of carrying on the Katori Shinto Ryu Art of Drawing the Sword which was passed to me by Hanshi Andy Horne before he passed away in 2016. This honor was bestowed upon him by the late Master Swordsman Ken Ogawa. I’ve had the privledge of learning real old school karate and I getgto teach it in my Dojo in Lake City. I have the honor of opening up my first karate school and carrying on my Instructors legacy and love for the martial arts. We teach for practically nothing. We believe knowledge is power, not money.

Achievements Never lost in any forms or weapons dividion Inducted into NPL Promoters League All Around Grand Champion

Won the ISKA US Open Weapons



Johnny Hunter •

• •

Originally fro m Hous ton, TX Johnny Hunter has be en in the ma rtial arts fo r 47 ye ars and has been teaching fo r 32 years. His instruc tors were Leroy Hunte r, Percy Mungu and Os u mu Ozawa He has s tudied Shoto kan Kara te

Personal Achievements − Hunter Shotokan Kempo, Member of the GrandMaster Council and Director of the North Dakota Division, Member of the Shriner International, Traditional Karate Confederation, World GrandMaster Sokeship Council, Black Lotus System. Black Dragon Fighting Society. Holder of 10th Dan (Hanshi). Owner of 2 Hunter Shotokan Kempo Schools. Owner of Hunter Shotokan Trucking LLC., Certified Medical Coder. (20042007). Truck Driver Supervisor for Key Energy (2010-2014). Member of the Shriner International. (Noble), York Rite (Royal Arch), Scottish Rite AASR Valley of Minot SJ. (32°) and the Eastern Star.

greater task and that was to help others—the kids that were going through what I went through as I was able to relate to their pain.

In His Ow n Words

I opened my Dojo in the same place I grew up to help those kids. I feel I made a difference. Fast forward 47 years, and I’m a 10th Degree Black Belt and 2-time Hall of Famer. Along the way, the late Shotokan Master Osumu Ozawa became my Mentor. I am still honored to be one of the few who was part of his Dojo Family. But my biggest pleasure is helping and sharing the Arts with others. I am an eternal White Belt and will always continue to learn. Today, I am still grateful to my beloved Uncle Leroy for the positive male role model he was—and I know he is smiling down from Heaven. RIP. I am the founder of the Hunter Shotokan Kempo Dojo and Kuro Tora Kempo System—a hybrid system from all my years in the Martial Arts combined from the teachings of my different Martial Arts Masters with the foundation built on Shotokan. Rank by GM Donald Miskel Head of the BDFS and Senior Examiner of the GrandMaster Council, I also rank 8th Degree from the Soke Council of the UMAHOF under Prof Silverado Guerra. I have 47 years in the Martial Arts and has Rank 4th in the State of Texas for Kumite

I grew up in the Hard Houston 5th Ward where my Karate has been tried and tested on the mean streets of the Ghetto. But I would not be where I am today if wasn't for my beloved Uncle Leroy Hunter taking time to introduce me to and teach me Martial Arts. He was my 1st Sensei. I was bullied at my elementary school. My Mom discussed my situation with my uncle, and he started me on my karate path. My friend, Rodney Edwards started about the same time and he later branched out to learn Kung Fu, and we made a deal to share with each other. Later, GM Percy Mungu became my 2nd Sensei. GM Mungu took me under his wing. The Karate ~Kempo that he taught was fashioned for the streets. I became very popular in Junior and Senior High School because of my Karate matches and putting Karate acts in Talent shows. Along the way, I also got revenge on some of those earlier bullies. Naturally, I began to realize that there is so much more to this art than just hurting people. I found that the good Lord was preparing me for a



and 9th in NASKA rating. Featured on Fox 26 City under Seige and Channel 13 News.The Houston Defender newspaper and Forward Times. MA Master Magazine Warrior Magazine and Radio Meeting with the Master.

Martial Arts Achievements Inducted in the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1997 and 2012 2015, I held a Seminar and received an Award at the Genesis Hall of Fame in Rhode Island At the UMAHoF in Houston, Tx. I was Inducted in to the USA Hall of Fame. Attended and gave a Demo at the Kung-fu and Karate Expo in Atlantic City NJ. Member of the Legendary Black Dragon Fighting Society Member of the Black Lotus System Member of GrandMaster Council Award from the Kung-fu and Karate Expo Award from the Genesis International Hall of Fame Opened the 1st Karate free standing Dojo in the Houston 5th Ward Featured on Channel 13 News for Making an Difference Taught Karate for Enrichment Program for At Risk Males Ambassador for the Sport Karate Museum

I worked with Earnest McMillian in his 5th Ward Enrichment Program teaching Karate in the School system.



G uy Ja mes − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Cleburne, Texas -Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) American Karate, 7th degree Black Belt − Instructor Shelbron Barnes − Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1962 − Years in the Martial Arts 55 − Years Teaching Martial Arts 27 Professional Organization World Martial Arts Ranking Association

Particularly, I have gleaned a system of learning from martial arts that has led to learning that expands to all areas of learning. This particularly has led to a philosophy for me which are well stated in the principal tenets of Tae Kwon Do. I have embraced mind, body, and spirit training as a way of life. In my unique skill set as a professional businessman, clinical hypnotherapist and martial artist, I have used this philosophy to train martial artists, financial professionals, sports players, musicians, and others in numerous endeavors.

Personal Achievements Branch president and Board member, First State Bank of Rio Vista, Texas Senior V. President of Community Bank Currently, Senior V. President of Lending for Pinnacle Bank As a professional musician, wrote “Black Belt Dream” for the National Sport Karate Museum

As a speaker and presenter, I bring martial arts philosophy and training as a great way of development training. I help numerous people through training, and direct service as a commercial lender in the financial industry.

In His Ow n Words I started my martial arts training as a child in 1962 first studying Judo and in 1965 started training in Korean karate as taught by Allen Steen and the Texas Karate Institute. In my youth, I was fascinated by the martial arts for self-defense, and developed confidence and an ability to learn, transcended even martial arts. I furthered my training through Pat Burleson and was promoted to 5th degree under Pat Burleson & Richard Morris in 2000. My primary art is American and I am cross trained in JiuJitsu.

As the operator of James Karate” in Johnson County, Texas I have trained sport karate champions including eight karateka who won Texas National Tour titles. I’ve done self-defense and martial arts workshops and seminars with GM Pat Burleson, and I also have done and still do civic and group presentations.

Major Martial Arts Achievements 1993 Sport Karate International World Champion

The martial arts have given me self-confidence from skill development and a mindset to achieve, win, and overcome obstacles. They have provided me a discipline and philosophy providing me a life-long endeavor and pursuit producing health, wealth, and mental well-being. I have really enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others to enhance their lives.

1994 National Black Belt League Title 1998 Texas National Tour State Heavy Wt. Champion 2001 Pioneer Presenter Award at George Minshew’s / Zulfi Ahmed’s World Master Symposium



2012 Dragon Image Fighting Award from Sport Karate Museum 2013 nomination by National Sport Karate Museum 2013 inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2015 Joe Lewis Fighting Award 2015 History General Award 2015 guest speaker, Legends Roast and Sport Karate Gathering 2016 guest speaker and performer, Legends Roast / Sport Karate Museum 2016










Richa rd Jenkins Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Houston, Texas Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) Shotokan Karate, 1st Dan / Kodokan Judo, 1st Dan / Tamg Soo Do, 1st Dan / Taekwondo Moo Do Kwan, 7th Dan / Ni-Gogu Ryu Karate Do, 8th Dan / Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan, 10th Dan Instructors Jerry Spates, 3rd Dan Shotokan / James Giles, 3rd Dan Kodokan / Allen R. Steen, 10th Dan Taekwondo Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1958 Years in the Martial Arts 59 Years Teaching Martial Arts 56

Professional Organizations

Japan Karate Assn. / Japan Kodokan Judo Assn. / Jhoon Rhee's American Taekwondo Assn. / Southwest Karate Black Belt Assn. / American Karate Black Belt Assn. / American Karate Black Belt Assn. ~ Chin Sook Hage Kwan / World Martial Arts Ranking Assn.

Grandmaster Allen R. Steen and the High Dan Board of the American Karate Black Belt Assn. ~ Chin Sook Hage Kwan, which has included well noted and respected world, national, and state martial arts leaders, such as: Grandmasters J. Pat Burleson, Roy Kurban, Skipper Mullins, Keith D. Yates, Phil Wilemon, James B. Toney, Linda Denley, Ishmael Robles, etc. When I was a kid I was short, skinny and bullied unmercifully until the age of 15, when I finally struck back at a bully, and kept striking back at bullies for the next 10 years, until I met my Allen Steen and began training at his Tang Soo Do school (later he changed to Taekwondo), and this began my own change in attitude and philosophy about street fighting, eventually making me a far better, patient, more tolerant man, and helped me overcome the rage that had haunted me from those many youthful years of being bullied. Teaching and competing has helped me learn so very much more about others and myself, too. I have taught many advanced classes for others at their schools and at seminars I have been invited to teach over the years, passing along whatever I've learned to many students, and helped a good number of school owners become highly successful business leaders, as-well. There is so much more I could add, but so much of it slips my aging mind, and there just is not enough room here to mention all of that which I consider my proudest moments achievements in the martial arts.

Personal Achievements Opened and/or successfully ran karate schools in Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Brownfield, TX, St. Louis, MO, Oklahoma City, OK, St. Petersburg, Seminole, and Largo, FL. Authored Business and Instruction Book for Karate School Owners and Instructors, "The Game of Social Sales" Taught literally thousands of martial arts students in over a 56 year span. Studied and achieved dan grade rank in six martial arts styles. Helped several individuals build, open, and run successful professional martial arts schools ownership, including Jack Hwang, OKC / George Minshew, Houston / Hee Dok Park, Odessa / Mo Ye Ahn, Dallas Taught and promoted over 60 students to Black Belt Rank A Family Black Belt Tree that spans over 50 years and includes over 60 1st generation, 500 second generation, and uncounted 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation black belts.

In His Ow n Words I began my martial arts training at age 18 in Shotokan Karate, earning my 1st Dan, then to Kodokan Judo, earning 1st Dan, then more advanced Dan grades in Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan, Ni-Goju Ryu Karate, and finally promoted in Taekwondo to 10th Dan under

Martial Arts Achievements 1961, 1st Dan in Shotokan 1964, 1st Dan in Judo 1966, 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do 1970, 2nd Dan in



Taekwondo 1976, 3rd Dan in Mo Duk Kwan 1980, 4th Dan in Taekwondo 1986, 5th Dan in Chung Do Kwan 1987, 6th Dan in Moo Duk Kwan and Taekwondo 1988, 6th Dan in NiGoju Ryu 1990, 7th Dan in Taekwondo 1991, 7th Dan in Moo Duk Kwan 1995, 8th Dan in Moo Duk Kwan 1995, 8th Dan in Taekwondo 1995, 8th Dan in Ni-Goju Ryu 1999, 9th Dan in Taekwondo 2012, 10th Dan in Taekwondo 1988, AKBBA~CSHK Instructor Of The Year 1989, Appreciation & Honor Award by United Martial Arts Academies 1989, Martial Arts Dedication and Support Award by Members of the American Karate Black Belt Assn. 1991, Shihan to North America for the International Ni-Goju Ryu Karate do Assn. 2004, Induction into the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame, by Nomination & Vote of Seated Members Texaswide 2014, Inducted into the U.S. Master's Hall of Fame 2017, Listed in WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts GRANDMASTER RICHARD W. JENKINS, MARTIAL ARTIST by Keith D. Yates Grandmaster Jenkins’ martial arts career spans almost 60-years, beginning in 1958, with Shotokan Karate while in the U.S. Navy, earning his 1st Dan in 1961, then to 1st Dan in Kodokan Judo in 1964, in Houston, Texas. His serious martial arts career did not begin until 1966, when at the health club and gym he managed in Dallas, he met one of the members, Allen R. Steen, who would soon promote him to 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo, and 46-years later to 10th Dan. 1966-2001, Richard was a charter member of Steen’s original Southwest Karate Black Belt Association and its present day inheritor, the American Karate Black Belt Association, and American Karate Black Belt Association–Chin Sook Hage Kwan, which he served on its High Dan Board as Secretary and Association Secretary, from 1985 to 2001. He currently serves the AKBBA High Dan Board as an Emeritus Member and Lifetime Member/Advisor. In 1970, Richard traveled with Fred Wren and Mike Anderson to St. Louis, where they opened five successful karate schools. In late 1971, Anderson and Jenkins opened three highly successful karate schools. The schools were eventually sold to their students, and the South-side school, was sold to Jim Butin, one of J.Pat Burleson’s top arts to hundreds more. He still teaches seminars or an advanced class at selected schools. , is happy to sit in on an exam board when invited black belts, where he successfully operates it to this day. In late 1972, Jenkins was asked by Jack Hwang, of Oklahoma City, to help him setup his two schools, to teach him the successful business end of martial arts, which included how to best communicate with and teach Americans. Jack has since gone on to become one of the most successful and highly respected

martial arts teachers and businessmen in America. In 1973, Richard agreed to help George Minshew open and operate his highly successful Northline karate school in Houston. In early 1974, Richard, with Walt and Debbie Bone, moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, and opened three highly successful karate schools, which were run continuously until Walt’s death in a private plane crash in 1992. In 1977, Jenkins was asked by Ye Mo Ahn, of Dallas, to travel to Odessa, Texas and help a newcomer to America, Hee Dok Park, to learn to run his karate school, how to hold tournaments, and how to teach Americans. They hosted West Texas’ first major tournaments, The West Texas, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter National Karate Championships. Park ran a highly successful school for several years, eventually selling to one of his students and moving to the Dallas area to continue his teaching career. In 1979, Jenkins moved to Brownfield, Texas, and opened his own karate school, which he ran successfully for a number of years, turning out some excellent black belts, until moving to Houston, in 1989, following his father’s death, to take over operations of his family’s utility business, the Orange Grove Water Supply, which he operates and where he has lived since. In 1988, Jenkins was voted The American Karate Black Belt Association–CHSK Instructor Of The Year. In 1991, he was appointed Shihan in North America for the International Ni•Goju Ryu Karate Do System. In 1999, Richard was awarded The National Living Legends Award for his dedication and contributions to martial arts in the United States and South America. In 2004, he was inducted to the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame by nomination of the Texas Hall of Fame Board of Directors, Allen R. Steen, J.Pat Burleson, and Alumni. In 2012, Jenkins was inducted into the Karate Masters Hall of Fame, one of America’s most prestige martial arts institutions. In 2014, Grandmaster Jenkins was inducted into the prestigious U.S. Master’s Hall Of Fame. In 2017, he was Listed in WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts Richard had a successful competitive career spanning over 30-years, as-well, placing in or winning many tournaments across the United States, including the Texas Karate Championships, American vs Taiwan Full Contact Matches, Illinois State Championships, United States Open Karate Championships, Florida State Championships, Karate Olympics, and the All American Open Karate Championships. Grandmaster Jenkins taught and promoted many black belts in his lifetime career, many of whom became champions and winning individuals in their own right, opening successful karate schools of their own, passing along martial



Ron Jenkins − −

− − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Warrenton, Virginia Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) 9th Degree Black Belt Styles: Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Taekajudo, Judo Instructors Grandmaster James Roberts Others include: Grandmaster C.W. Quenzel Grandmaster Myung Seok Seo Grandmaster Junior Codrington Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1970 Years in the Martial Arts 47 Years Teaching Martial Arts 38

Professional Organizations

International Congress of Martial Arts Inc. PKL- Professional Karate League NBL- National Black Belt League SKIL- Sport Karate International NASKA- North America Sport Karate Association AAUAmateur Athletic Union WOMAA- World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes WFM- World Federation of Elite Martial Artists Boys & Girls Club Better Business Bureau East Coast Promoters Association

Per so na l Ac hiev e me n t s 1974- Graduated from Fauquier High School in Warrenton, Virginia

1 9 7 7 - W o n m y fir s t mar tia l ar t s tr o p h y 1 9 7 8 - Re cei ved B la c k B e lt i n T ae K wo n Do 1 9 7 9 - S tar te d m y o wn kar at e st ud i o

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1 9 8 1 - R ece i ved 2 nd d e g r ee B l ac k B e lt 1 9 8 2 - R ece i ved 3 r d d e gr ee B l ac k B e lt 1 9 8 2 - W o n m y fir s t Gr a nd C ha mp io n T it le 1 9 8 4 - Mar r ied to m y b e a ut i f ul wi f e, C ar o l yn J e n ki n s 1 9 8 5 -2 0 0 4 Ho sted m y to ur na me nt B at tl e o f t he Mar t ia l Ar t s C ha mp io n s hip s 1 9 8 5 - Had m y f ir s t c h il d ( R a h ni " N i k ki" J e n ki n s) 1 9 8 6 - R ece i ved B lac k B elt i n T a n g So o Do 1 9 8 7 - R ece i ved 4 t h d e g r ee B l ac k B e lt 1 9 8 9 - Had m y s eco nd c h ild ( Kir k J e n ki n s) 1 9 9 0 - B eca me As s is ta n t Co a c h a nd Co mp et ito r f o r DKT Fo r c e O ne 1 9 9 1 - R ece i ved 5 t h d e gr ee B l ac k B e lt 1 9 9 3 - B eca me H ead Co a ch o f D KT Fo r c e O n e 1 9 9 5 - R ece i ved 6 t h d e gr ee B l ac k B e lt 2 0 0 4 - R ece i ved 7 t h d e gr ee B l ac k B e lt 2 0 0 6 - R ece i ved 8 t h d e gr ee B l ac k B e lt 2 0 1 0 - R eti r ed a f ter 3 6 y ear s o f ser v ice at Ge n er al Fo o d s



In His Ow n Words Throughout middle school I was a top athlete in basketball and wrestling, but that didn't hinder people from bullying me because of my small physique. Fed up with getting picked on, I turned to my older cousin who had been taking martial arts and asked if I could learn too. So, in 1969, I began my martial arts training at Parks Martial Arts, then switched studios and became a student under Grandmaster James Roberts. My training was very intense and as many call it nowadays "old school." What do I mean by "old school"? Training consisted of things like staying in stances for longer than 15 minutes, no A/C, no sparring gear, beat on the Makiwara (which was wrapped in rope) until our knuckles bled to toughen them, and kicking 4x4 posts to toughen our shins. Unlike many other schools, we could not promote until our techniques were perfect, no matter how we felt about it. Grandmaster Roberts stated his goal was to have perfect students at all costs. He would tell us that if we couldn't discipline ourselves, we'd never be successful in life. Although I may not have enjoyed every second of training, I can proudly look back and appreciate every moment. Once I received my black belt, I knew I wanted to take after my mentor, Grandmaster Roberts. In 1979, I began my very own martial arts studio - Karate Sports Academy. I knew that my philosophy was much like Grandmaster Roberts. I didn't just want my students to be good, I wanted them to be better than anyone else out there. I cut my students zero slack and instilled many core values that are necessary to become the best person you can possibly allow yourself to be. As an instructor and martial artist, I believe no one can beat you but yourself, and because of that you can never be beaten. I want to instill the skills necessary for every person to walk in and out of my studio door more confident, selfdisciplined, respectful, stronger (physically and mentally) and courageous. I believe that anyone can accomplish the goals they set before themselves and sometimes they just need an extra little push or someone to simply hold them accountable. My martial arts career didn't stop at the opening of my studio. It grew to be so much more than that and I became a top competitor on multiple circuits even in the realm of kickboxing. I also began my own annual tournament in 1985 that composed of many of the top athletes in the nation. These successes led to my acceptance on DKT Force One Team in 1990. Initially a competitor and assistant coach, I began traveling the world and winning international championships. In 1993, I was blessed with the privilege of becoming the head coach of DKT. Over the following years I coached some of the best martial artists known and claimed a multitude of world titles. After DKT, I focused on my studio and raising my children alongside my wife, Carolyn. It was during this time that my kid’s competition years kicked off and were gaining titles on the NBL, NASKA and AAU circuits. I coached them all the way to the World Martial Arts Games where they both

claimed grand champion world titles. This World Games experience is what got me started on being the tournament coordinator with my wife at the 2013, 2015, and 2016 WOMAA World Games. Currently, I still own my martial arts studio in Warrenton, VA, and work with top athletes both nationally and internationally.

Martial Arts Achievements

. 1 9 7 9 - F ir st p e r so n to st ar t a mar tia l a r t s p r o gr a m fo r Fa uq u ier C o u n t y P ar k s & Re cr ea tio n

1 9 8 2 - Na me d # 1 i n B r ea ki n g o n t h e E a s t Co a s t

1 9 8 2 - Na me d O v er a ll Gr and C h a mp io n at Ro b er t s K ar a te T o ur n a m en t

1 9 9 0 - W o n W o r ld T it le in Me n 's M id d le W ei g ht Sp a r r i n g 1 9 9 1 - W o n W o r ld T it le i n Me n 's M id d l e W e i g ht Sp ar r i n g 1 9 9 2 I nd uc ted i nto t he P K L H all o f F a me

1 9 9 3 - P r e s id e nt B i ll C li nto n p r e se n ted me wi t h a Cer ti f ic at e o f Re co g n it io n fo r Mar t ia l Ar t s E xc el le nc e

2 0 1 3 - I nd u ct ed i n to W O M AA Ha ll o f Fa me as T o ur na me n t Co o r d i na to r o f t h e Year

2 0 1 3 - I nd u ct ed i n to t h e I n ter na tio n al Co n gr e s s o f Mar tia l Ar t s

2 0 1 4 - P r e se n ted t he C la s sic A war d fr o m Gr a nd ma s ter De n n is B r o w n

2 0 1 4 - I nd u ct ed i n to t h e I n ter na tio n al Ho us e o f W ar r io r s Hal l o f Fa me

2 0 1 5 - W OM AA Me n 's P o in t Sp ar r i n g GO LD M ed a li st Ot h er

Major Achievements - Wa r re n t o n P o l i c e D e p a r t me n t a w a rd e d me the Certificate of Community Service for Fighting Drug Abuse -Lead Women & Teen Self Defense Workshops for the community -Conduct Bully Prevention Programs within surrounding school districts



Wes ley C. Jenkins − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Waterbury, Connecticut − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) Tang Soo So, 8th degree Black Belt − Instructor Grandmaster Robert E Beaudoin − Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1968 − Years in the Martial Arts 42 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 40+

Prof essional Organizations World Tang Soo Do Federation

Major Martial Arts Achievements − Started martial arts lesson in 1969 − Promoted to 1st degree Black Belt in 1975 − Promoted to 8th degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do − Won the First World Tang Soo Do Championship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In His Ow n Words The streets were mean and tough in Connecticut where I grew up, and this led me to thinking about the martial arts as a viable means of self-defense. I started training in earnest in 1968 and when I saw the physical benefits after a few months, and I had gained a comfortable sense of self confidence in myself and my ability to protect myself from trouble, I was hooked. In 1976, I joined the US Army and was eventually stationed in West Germany. While I was there on active duty I taught Tang Soo Do to other members of the military and participated in competition events and demonstrations both on and off base.

championship at the First World Tang Soo Do Association held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not long after that I retired as a competitor, but I maintained my training and other activities in the martial arts. In 1994, my family and I moved to Waldorf, Maryland and I began studying Tang Soo Do under Grandmaster Myung Seok Seo. My love for the martial arts and Tang Soo Do led me to opening my own school. I called it the Tiger Do Jang and it was located at a Gold’s Gym facility in Waldorf.

After my active-duty with the Army was over in Europe I returned to the USA to resume my training with Master Beaudoin. For the next years I trained for competition and fought in tournaments throughout New England. From 1979 through 1986 I won my share of Black Belt division events. My proudest win was in 1986 after taking the

Today in our facility at Tiger Karate, I teach traditional Tang Soo Do to men, women and children who all enjoy the training and the discipline that I try to instill in each of my students. While my instruction features emphasis on old world values, the programs we share are very progressive.



regardless of their backgrounds. I want my deep feelings for my martial art to live on forever through my students. My martial arts training has made my body at peace and I am at eternal rest with my teachings of honor, courage, strength and patience that will live on in the hearts and minds of my students and my fellow Black Belts for generations to come.

The mission statement of Tiger Karate is for me to touch as many people as I can by being a positive role model. I want to help shape and mold the lives of my martial arts students with a strong emphasis on fitness. One of my goals is to be stronger myself and be emotionally, physically, and spiritually fit so I can be a better practitioner of my beloved art. I want to be able to share my knowledge and my experience with all people,



Jerome Johnson Grandmaster Johnson is a 9th Degree Black Belt with more than 45 years of Martial Arts experience, a Martial Arts Hall of Famer, Winner of the Sport Karate Museum Dragon Image Fighting Award, the Dojo Organization, United Karate Federation, American Martial Arts Association and many others. Mr. Johnson has been awarded multipliable Competitor of the Year Awards, and fighting championships in light, middle and light heavy weight divisions. He is the National Arbitrator for the National Black Belt League as well as several other Sport Karate competition circuits. Mr. Johnson has also received Business Man of the Year, Martial Artist of the Year, Instructor of the Year, Promoter of the Year, and Man of the Year. He has been listed with Who’s Who of the Martial Arts, and the prestigious Life Time Achievement Award.

him, know that he works hard at being a good friend, he always says “everyone counts”.

To show his versatility as a business man, he pioneered a sports drink call Karate Kooler (Kick your Thirst), which proved to be a very successful venture. He served as president and CEO of the KI Group.

Magic’s favorite quotes are “To whom much is given much is required”, “Life is Karate, Karate is life, “Honor and Respect Always”. GM Joe Corley says, “Grand Master Jerome Johnson’s picture is in the martial arts encyclopedia under ‘Class Act’. He has been the consummate Martial Arts Professional in everything he has done and touched. A terrific human being!”

Magic, as he is affectionately known is a successful business man, CEO and President of W&J sales, President of CPG Technology and former President of Tsoftsoftware and President of Polaris International. He is currently serving as president of The RRV Corvette car club. Magic has many other business social titles. Magic truly enjoys working with young fighters helping them to accomplish their goals. His first love is being a mentor for young people and a life coach, helping them to reach their dreams and goals and more importantly to be better people. Magic is passionately involved with his church and if you know Magic, family is first and he loves them dearly; also those that know



Da niel Jolly − Pla ce o f B i rt h & P la c e Gro w i ng U p Washington, DC

− Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s)

− − −

Tae Kwon Do, 6th degree; Kajukenpo, 2nd degree; Kuk Sool Won, 6th degree Instructors Grand Master Albert Cheeks, Ki Wah Kim System; Grand Master Manual Arcos, Kajukenpo, Executive Master in Joo Suh Kuk Sool Won; Master Arnold Zip White, Tang Soo Do Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1971 Years in the Martial Arts 46 Years Teaching Martial Arts 28

Prof essional Organizations World Kuk Sool Won Association United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Chief Master Sergeant, Retired – United States Air Force United States Martial Art Hall of Fame

Personal Achievements - 1975 - Black Belt under GM Albert Cheeks

− − − − − − − −

− − − − −

− 2016 – Recognized at San Antonio Comic Con as the writer of anime character Belle Sparta

1980 - Black Belt under Master Manual Arcos 1986 - Black Belt under Master Larry White 1971 - 1st place fighting champion, Capital Classic 1972 - 1st place team championship, Maryland State Championships 1974 - 1st place middleweight division, New Jersey Championships 1984 - Most Valuable Fighter, Northwest Open Team Championships 1983 - Gold Medal Light Heavyweight AAU Champion, Tae Kwon Do Championship, Stanford 1985 - 1988 1st place Pacific Armed Forces Fighting Champion 1988 - Pacific Armed Forces Weapons Champion 1992 - 2nd place fighting Heavyweight Division, World Kuk Sool Won Championships 1993 - Grand Champion – Fighting, San Antonio Kuk Sool Won Open Invitational 1995 - 2000 Oversaw Kuk Sool Won training of 3000 military personnel 2005 - Promoted to Chief Master Sergeant, retired highly decorated after 29 years active duty

In His Ow n Words I started training in 1967 at the age of 8 and officially entered formal training under Master Albert Cheeks where I watched Mike Warren and Bernard Floyed, who are now in the Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame. Grand Master Kim came to the Y Street Gym to train us. I’ve been trained in class and privately with GM Cheeks. He was like a father to me and has always been there for me even today. We talk every other week. In 1979, I met Grand Master Arcos while looking for a place to practice. The day I met him, he had me spar with everyone in his class in my street clothes. Afterwards he smiled and invited me back. I showed up the next day, and he’s treated like his own son ever since. Arnold Zip White and Grass Hopper Anthony Linson help me transition to Texas style of tournament fighting. They were like my big brothers and though we fought like no tomorrows they always considered me a technical genius because of the way I moved.



Major Martial Arts Achievements

When I got to California I saw Kuk Sool Won. I never thought I would learn such an art until I met Larry White. The first time we sparred he threw, kicked, joint locked and palm struck me. A week later I was training in his class as a White Belt. I always hear his laugh and that voice urging me to do better. These men have molded me and forged the traditional values of honor, respect and never quit into my very soul. I always tell people I only mastered the art of sticking with it. Once I had a dream to teach military Kuk Sool Won and I did it. Now I have students in Iraq and Afghanistan tell me how I have helped them not just in combat but spiritually and mentally as well. When I returned from the Philippines I ended up in San Antonio where I became a student of Master In Joo Suh and I did the beginning level form of Kuk Sool for a year. He believed you have to pay attention to small things to make the big things work. His favorite saying was Easy Give, Easy Gone. My favorite saying is, “I have no favorites I yell at all of them the same�. I share my military discipline principles with my students in order to make them accountable for there actions and have a sense of responsibility. I also stress the importance of respecting other people and cultures. I always tell my students we all bleed red.

Selected by Kuk Sool Won Association to go to Argentina to instruct instructors and students to ensure standards Personally trained 5 people to Master level in Kuk Sool Won Advise World Kuk Sool Won Association on all military promotions ensuring military recreational programs meet Kuk Sool Won standards Taught military personnel how to apply martial art training in combat circumstances Personally trained 5 Kuk Sool Won world champions Head Arbitrator for the World Kuk Sool Won Championships held every year in Katy, Texas Requested by GM Albert Cheeks to submit accomplishments for Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame In 2013 picked as best judge in the Korean Cup Championships held Busan, Korea United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2017



Robert “ Teddy ” Jorda n Master Robert “Teddy” Jordan currently holds the rank of Godan (5th Degree) Black belt in the art of Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo under Hanshi Clarence P. Murray. Sensei Teddy Jordan was born in 1980 in Washington DC and he was raised in Clinton, Maryland. Master Teddy Jordan has been studying martial arts for 30 years. He began training in 1987 at the age of seven in the art of Tae Kwon Do at Kim’s Karate dojang under the instruction of Sah bum nim Michael Tull. By the age of 12 Master Jordan had already tested and earned a 1st Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do along with being an assistant instructor. In 1992, he started to compete in local tournaments under the coaching of Sifu Eric Jones, a Wushu stylist and top ranked NASKA fighter from the Dennis Brown Shaolin Wushu Academy. Sensei Jordan quickly excelled on the local tournament circuit and decided to start competing in sanctioned tournaments on the NASKA, NBL, and Promoters Plus circuits. In 1992, in addition to becoming a national competitor, Master Jordan strived to increase his knowledge and skills by training in Hapkido for 4 years under Grand Master Yong Sung Lee and Master Dong K. Kim.

National and International competition. Master Teddy Jordan has placed in the top 3 of numerous National karate tournaments and he has multiple Hall of Fame Inductions. Some of Master Teddy’s most recent accomplishments are:

As a teenager, Master Teddy Jordan held a summer job as a camp counselor in Maryland. During that time, he introduced himself to Hanshi Clarence Murray who was teaching a class at the camp facility. He recognized Hanshi Murray from numerous local karate tournaments. After having an extensive conversation with Hanshi Murray, and a brief lesson on kata and bunkai applications, Master Teddy Jordan decided to start training in Okinawan Karate and Kobudo under Hanshi Murray. Sensei Teddy was completely overwhelmed by Hanshi Murray’s techniques and vast knowledge of the martial arts. Sensei Jordan joined Murray’s Okinawan Karate in 1996.

H a ll o f Fa me • • • •

Sensei Teddy Jordan has been highly ranked in sparring, kata, and weapons kata competition on the NASKA, NBL, and the Promoters Plus circuits. Teddy Jordan is best known for his use of the “Flying Kama” or kusarigama in weapons competition. The Flying Kama is a highly advanced weapon only taught to high level black belts. Mr. Jordan is one of the elite martial artists on the east coast currently training and competing with the Flying Kama in weapons competition. Sensei Teddy currently teaches a few dedicated students the Flying Kama. Some of his students have competed and won gold medals in

Un it e d St a t e s M a rt ia l Art i st H a l l o f F a me: 5 - t ime in d u c te e ( 2 0 1 2 , 2 0 1 3 , 2 0 1 4 , 2 0 1 6 , a n d 2 0 1 7 ). Ea st er n US A M a rt ia l A rt s A sso cia t io n H a ll o f F a me: 5 - ti me in d u ctee (2 0 1 2 , 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). Act io n M a rt ia l A rt s M a g a zi ne H a ll o f H o no r s (2 0 1 7 ). M a rt ia l Art s E x po 1 1 H a ll o f F a me (2 0 1 7 ).

To ur na me nt s

Jo h n Ch u n g ’ s Wo rld Cu p Ma rt ia l A r t s Ch a mp io n sh ip - Re sto n , Vir g in ia (2 0 1 7 )

Gra n d Ch a mp io n - Men’s Black Belt


• •


1 s t Weapons 3 r d Kata


• • • • • •

Maryland Victory Cup Karate Cham pionships- Baltimore, Maryland (2017)

− − − − −

1 s t Kata 1 s t Weapon Worldgate Challenge Martial Arts Cham pionship- Sterling, Virginia (2016) Grand Champion- Adult Black Belt Weapons 1 s t Kata 1 s t Weapons

− − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − − −

− Amerikick International Karate ChampionshipPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania (2016) − 3rd Creative Weapons-A − 4th Traditional Weapons-A − 1st Creative Weapons-AA − Jeff Doss’s Grand Slam Open- Richmond, Virginia (2017) − 2nd Contemporary Weapons − Worldgate Challenge Martial Arts ChampionshipSterling, Virginia (2015) − 1st Weapons − 2nd Kata − US Capitol Classics/ China Open-Washington D.C. (2016) − 3rd Creative Weapons-A − 4th Traditional Weapons-A − 3rd Traditional Kata-A − 1st Traditional Kata-AA − 1st Creative Weapons-AA − 1st Traditional Weapons-AA − Kombat Klassic- Waldorf, Maryland (2014, 2015, and 2016) − 3x Grand Champion- Mens Black Belt Kata/Weapons (2014-2016) − 1st Kata − 1st Weapons − NAFMA War at the Shore Karate ChampionshipsAtlantic City, New Jersey (2017) − 1st Kata − 2nd Weapons − US Capitol Classics/ China Open-Washington D.C. (2015) − 2nd Creative Weapons-A − 3rd Traditional Weapons-A

3rd Traditional Kata-A 1st Traditional Kata-AA 1st Creative Weapons-AA 1st Traditional Weapons-AA North American International Karate ChampionshipsDetroit, Michigan (2016) 1st Traditional Weapons 1st Contemporary Weapons 1st Traditional Kata (Japanese/Okinawan) North American International Karate ChampionshipsDetroit, Michigan (2014) 2nd Creative Weapons Battle of Baltimore- Baltimore, Maryland (2016) Grand Champion- Adult Black Belt Traditional Kata 1st Kata 2nd Creative Weapons Battle of Baltimore- Baltimore, Maryland (2015) 1st Weapons 2nd Kata Diamond Nationals- Minneapolis, Minnesota (2016) 3rd Creative Weapons-A 4th Traditional Weapons-A 4th Traditional Kata-A 1st Traditional Kata-AA 1st Creative Weapons-AA 1st Traditional Weapons-AA Diamond Nationals- Minneapolis, Minnesota (2015) 4th Traditional Weapons-A 1st Traditional Kata-AA 1st Creative Weapons-AA 1st Traditional Weapons-AA

Although Master Jordan has had many accomplishments in his martial arts career, his biggest accomplishment occurred in November 2016 when he passed his Godan (5th Dan) exam and was awarded the prestigious title of “Renshi” by Hanshi Murray. It was at this time that Hanshi Murray publicly recognized Master Teddy Jordan as his successor, and he was given Hanshi Murray’s personal Renshi belt. Master Teddy Jordan enjoys training under Hanshi Clarence Murray and teaching students of all ages. He is currently the senior instructor at the Wayne Curry Sports & Learning Complex located in Landover, Maryland. Master Teddy Jordan continuously strives to become a better martial artist and a better person. He pushes students to strive for excellence in everything that they do and he encourages the “Yes I Can” attitude. Students are trained to



become “Black Belts� in life and not just in the dojo. This means applying the lessons learned in martial arts to every aspect of their daily life. The importance of education is strongly emphasized. Teddy Jordan holds a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Maryland, and a B.S. degree in Cardio Pulmonary Science from Florida A&M University.

Hanshi Clarence P. Murray 9th Dan, Hanshi William Hayes 9th Dan, Kyoshi Troy Price, Grand Master Ali Shabazz 9th Dan Aikijujitsu, Bram Frank (Knife and Stick), Sifu Eric Jones, Grand Master Dennis Brown, Master Michael Tull, Master Dong K. Kim, Grand Master Yong Sung Lee, and the late Jody Paul 9th Dan.

Master Jordan credits his martial arts skills and abilities to some of the best martial arts masters of this era. They are



Mous ta fa Khedr − − − − −

Martial Arts Style: Chinese Wushu, 5th Duan Born in Egypt Started studying in 1990 Won 11 gold medals, 2 silvers at various Wushu Championships Instructors: Li Yuanjun, Huang Kanghui in Chang Quan and Taiji Quan

Major Martial Arts Achievements Studied Wushu in Beijing Sport University in 2010 and again in 2011.

In 2013, he participated in the Chinese Wushu Duan Wei examination; he received fifth Duan; in the same year, he participated in the first Hong Kong Traditional Wushu International Championship where he won a silver medal in Yongchun Quan. In 2014, he participated in the 12th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship. Here he won three gold medals in 32 Style Taiji Quan, Traditional Nan Quan, Yongchun Quan, and silver medal in Shaolin Quan. In 2015, he participated in the 13th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship, competing in Chang Quan, Optional Nan Quan, 32 Style Taiji Quan, Dao Shu, Shaolin Quan, Yongchun Quan, Traditional Nan Quan, and Xiangxing Quan, won gold medals in all categories

could find at that time from China or USA. The first book I bought was “Chinese Martial Arts-Teach yourself”. I practiced diligently day and night. I had no excuses to stop researching or practicing Wushu. To further improve my Wushu skills, I decided to go to China in 2010 and again in 2011. During that time, I participated in training courses at Wushu school of the Beijing Sport University (considered as one of the top ranked universities in the field of sports inside China). I trained under respected coaches like Li Yuanjun, Huang Kanghui in Chang Quan and Taiji Quan.

In His Ow n Words Born in Egypt in November 1967, I, Moustafa Khedr, began martial arts training in 1980 after being impressed by the Bruce Lee movie Enter the Dragon. Until the film’s first release, Egyptians had only ever seen Karate. The Chinese Martial Arts were almost unknown to them. In those days, there were no Wushu schools inside Egypt. As a result, I started Japanese Shotokan Karate.

In 2013, I participated in the Chinese Wushu Duan Wei examination; I received fifth Duan (Grade) in Yongchun Quan from the Chinese Wushu Association. In the same year, I participated in the first Hong Kong Traditional Wushu International Championship held in Hong Kong where I won a silver medal in Yongchun Quan.

In 1990, I discovered Chinese Wushu. When I first enrolled at the “Kung Fu” classes, I always felt that my teacher had no scientific approach to Wushu. So, I decided to break off and train on my own. In other words, I became my own master. I started to buy all the instructional Wushu books, VHS, and magazines I

In 2014, I participated in the 12th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship, held in Hong Kong. Here I won three gold medals in 32 Style Taiji Quan,



Traditional Nan Quan, Yongchun Quan, and silver medal in Shaolin Quan.

Yongchun Quan, Traditional Nan Quan, and Xiangxing Quan. I won gold medals in all categories.

The biggest leap was in 2015, when I participated in the 13th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship held in Hong Kong. To prove my proficiency in both traditional and modern Wushu, I competed in eight events: Chang Quan, Optional Nan Quan, 32 Style Taiji Quan, Dao Shu, Shaolin Quan,

I truly believe that Wushu is not just a sport, it is a way of life. The learning and training of Wushu is an integral part of my life and I will never stop practicing itit.



A nt hony Lingo Pla ce o f B i rt h & Gro w ing U p - Bridgeton, New Jersey Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Nisei Goju Ryu Karate Do & Jitsu; Urban Goju; Okinawan Goju & Kobudo Instructor - Dr. Joseph Artesi; Grand Master Peter Urban Year Started Studying Martial Arts - May 1963 Years in the Martial Arts –53 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 49 years

Prof essional Organizations − − − − − − − −

UMARA - United Martial Arts Referees Association, past Director Past FIST - Federation of Interstate Tournaments Past President BITMA - Blacks IN The Martial Arts Historic Hall of Fame Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Class of 2013 Philadelphia Martial Arts Hall of Fame Legends & Champions Hall of Fame Maryland Living Legend Hall of Fame, Washington DC The of Mayor of the city of Camden, NJ and the New Jersey State Dept of Education, "The Amistad Commission", The Michaels organization, "A community health organization" has recognized Shihan A.D Lingo in 2012 as a "Living Legend".

Hanshi & Menkyo Kaiden of Goju Ryu Karate Do & Jitsu Shihan Lingo: Sensei has been teaching the advanced training with the NJSBBA while teaching preparing and considering the “principles set out by the masters of old.” Additionally, Shi Han Master Lingo Sensei has met all of the requirements for the Rank Raising to Kyudan – 9th Degree Black Belt. These requirements as given by me Dr. J.A. Artesi was the task of instructions to all instructors in the arts of the sword Iaido, kenjutsu and the other arts made famous at the famous Olympic Center of Bridgeton and other facilities. For the past 49 years, Sensei A. D. Lingo has caused this association to raise the ranking of more than 150 Black Belts. Sensei was given the responsibility to be the 2nd in Command and Chief Instructor of the entire New Jersey State Black Belt Association in the year 1982. Subsequent to this responsibility Sensei Lingo has been placed in charge of the Twentieth Century Sword Seminars, all kata and conducts the advanced classes for the NJSBBA. Additionally, Master Sensei A. D. Lingo Rank Raising to 9th degree has consistently improved his standing in the Nisei System of the NJ State Black Belt Association by holding to the old ways of the Budo. The of Mayor of the city of Camden, New Jersey and others have recognized Shihan A.D Lingo in 2012 as a "Living Legend". In his own words…I lived and grew up in Bridgeton, New Jersey. At 11 years old, I found myself admiring an older man with balding and gray hair picking 4 rows of vegetables in the fields of Seabrooks, New Jersey at one time when everyone else would be able to pick only two rows of beans or tomatoes. By the middle of the picking season I begin to help this older man, Ky Su Kwon. At the end of the season he was kind enough to reward me by asking me to Oriental Church of Seabrooks; after church, everyone went out back and performed kai Men. Later, he allowed me to come to his home where they studied a little-known art form he called Lou Shou of the Turtle System. I became proficient in many of its unorthodox technical presentations. Later that year a martial artist moved to Bridgeton. Master Ron Sacarnoski and his wife introduced the youth of the town to Jujitsu & Jujutsu. Mr. Lingo went on to be superlatively instrumental in the foundation of the martial arts in various small communities in New Jersey. He is regarded to be the ad-hoc laureate historian and archivist for the area.



Achievements − Our organization NJSBBA [New Jersey State Black Belt Assn.] was one of the first to place martial arts into the university level curriculum − Longest running martial arts dojo in Camden City & County, New Jersey − Promoted and Directed the first karate tournament in Camden, New Jersey in 1974 − 1979 - 2017 Annual Sword Seminar & Clinic − 1974 - 2017 Annual Fighting Seminar & Clinic − Trained three world rated full contact karate fighters − Board of Directors and Chief Instructor of the Bridgeton Olympic Centers − Who's Who in Martial Arts Book Board of Directors of the Chinese Goju Assn.



A polo La dra − Martial Arts Title: Master, Grandmaster, Sensei, Tuhan − Ft Lauderdale, Florida − Belt Rank: Mandala/6th Tae Kwon Do − Started karate in 1972 Teaching for 36 years and currently holds the rank of 6th degree Black Belt, studying Martial Arts Styles: Pekiti tirsia Kaali/WTF, Ernie Reyes WC/ATA

Personal Achievements Master Rank in Pekiti Tirsia Kali Student of and Promoted by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gage 6th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon DoIn their own words… Master Apolo Ladra started in martial arts in 1972 in Tae Kwon Do with Jae Kim in Baltimore; later he would run 57 schools for Mr. Kim’s organization.

Pines Police Dept., the DC Swat Team, Maryland Police Dept. in Providence, Rhode Island, Jacksonville, Fl., Philippines Force Recon, to Navy Seals, and US Marshals who accepted the methodology along with in some of the most elite martial arts organizations Master Apolo has traveled the world as a performer and a choreographer for Empire entertainment, for industrial LIVE shows for companies like GM, American Express, Johnson and Johnson, Boston Scientific, Calvin Klein, and various international companies. He was the founder and choreographer of East Coast Demo Team.

Today, just 4.4 decades after he started his training, Master Apolo is the Director of Combat for Karate America and Lead Instructor for Warrior Kali with Grandmaster William Clark. He is much sought after for his seminars, guidance and leadership. “Deadly fast and accurate, smooth and nasty” is the way Joe Corley describes Master Apolo’s technique. “Charismatic, empowering, inspirational and humble is how I describe his teaching methodology”, Master Corley added. In September 2016, Master Apolo, is humbled to have been promoted to the second highest rank in his art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali by Grand Tuton Leo T. Gaje, Jr., his direct instructor. “A proud moment for me”, Master Apolo said in his recent seminar of Warrior Kali Jacksonville, Fl.

He has also implemented a physical education class at some of the various charter and private schools in Maryland, Florida and California. (Fitness, discipline and character Development-Life skills program) His students are excited to have learned that Master Apolo is currently working on an online class for the world to have an opportunity to take class with him at their convenience.

Master Apolo has made major contributions to students all over the world, to name a few, he has instructed the Coral Springs Police Dept, Pembroke

He is a primary propagator of the Indigenous art of Kali-Pekiti Tirsia worldwide under the tutelage of of his instructor, Living Legend Grand Tuhon Leo T Gaje, Jr.



Robert Leclerc Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – born, Queens, NY; grew up, Newburgh, NY Martial Arts Style and Belt Rank - Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan - 7th Dan Black Belt Instructor – Original Instruction: Master Donald Southerton Current Instructor: Grandmaster Song Ki Kim Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1979 Years in the Martial Arts – 38 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 33 Professional Organizations Leclerc's Martial Arts United States Goodwill Tang Too Do Association

I grew up in the karate school, spending hours there daily. I credit my involvement in the martial arts from a young age to my drive, self-discipline and love for teaching. Although I have had an illustrious career to date, I remain humble and driven. I continue to train daily and compete regularly, setting an incredible example for my students and colleagues. I love training and teaching. I lead from the front, never shy from a challenge, and strive to help people however I can. I believe everyone can learn martial arts given the right direction and motivation and I work to ensure my students feel successful and proud.

World Tang Soo Union Personal Achievements 1990-1993, Military Police Officer with the US Army, trained personnel in unarmed combat and taught martial arts to children of soldiers stationed on the base 2015-Current, Vice Chairman of United States Goodwill Tang Soo Do Federation Since 2011, organized fundraising initiatives donating more than $60,000 to Relay for Life, $20,000 to Sparrow’s Nest, and $4,000 to a local veteran’s home.

I focus a great deal of daily effort creating the next generation of martial artists, and mentor my young professional staff toward greatness. I can regularly be found on the NASKA circuit with my team. I have shared the love for the martial arts through his teachings all over the United States and Europe. I have taught fighting and forms seminars and spent time with school owners across the globe helping them to improve their schools. However, I remain happiest teaching my students and am regularly present to offer motivation and encouragement to those of all ages. Currently, I run three successful karate schools in the Hudson Valley, New York area. I also have two other affiliated schools that I provide instruction, leadership and business mentorship to in the

In His Ow n Words I began training in 1979 at age seven with Donald Southerton in Newburgh, New York. I started training because I was getting bullied by older children in my neighborhood. I lacked self-confidence and my parents felt martial arts would be a good outlet for me. I was lucky to find Master Southerton, a student of H.C. Hwang. I began competing as a Red Belt in 1982 and tested for Black Belt at age 12 in 1984.



2001-2004 WCMAO World Champion Continuous Sparring

Northest. I am proud to say that no matter how large my schools get, I pride myself on providing personal service to all of his students.

Tournament Promoter

Major Martial Arts Achievement

1996-Present - New York State Martial Arts Championships

2017 Amerikick Hall of Fame Inductee

2002-2009 - Promoter and Affiliated with Master John Chung's World Cup Martial Arts Organization 2011Current - Organizer World Tang Soo Do Union Nationals

Competition Achievements 2016 NASKA World Champion - Men's Light/Heavyweight Fighting (40+)

2011-Current - United States Goodwill Tang Soo Do Association Tournaments

2016 NASKA World Champion - Men's Traditional Forms (40+)


2015 NASKA World Champion - Men's Light/Heavyweight Fighting (40+)

2016, MA Success (December issue) "Behavior Management: 10 Ways to Redirect Students to Get the Results You Want"

2014 NASKA World Top Ten - Men's Light/Heavyweight Fighting (40+)

2017, MA Success (July issue) "Today’s Hovering Parents: Create the Culture You Desire by Training Your Staff to Communicate Effectively with Parents"

2014 NASKA World Top Ten - Men's Traditional Forms (40+) 2011 NASKA World Top Ten - Men's Light/Heavyweight Fighting (30+)

2017, MA Success (scheduled; in production) "Battle Burnout: Keep Yourself & Your Staff Productive, Healthy & Innovative"

2006 NASKA World Top Ten - Men's Light/Heavyweight Fighting (30+)

2017, MA Success (scheduled; in production) "Develop a Tournament Team to Increase Revenue, Improve Retention & Boost Loyalty"

2005 NASKA World Champion - Men's Light/Heavyweight Fighting (30+) 2004 NASKA World Champion - Men's Light/Heavyweight Fighting (30+)



Dongju Lee ready to impart the beauty of the the art which is selfdefence never an offence. The art itself is deadly. You will learn how to kill so you'll never have to kill or harm any other human being. It teaches you humility.

− Ale x a nd r i a, V irginia − Sta r ted kar a te i n 1 9 5 7 − T each i n g fo r 4 0 + year s and c ur r e n tl y ho ld s th e r a n k o f 8 t h De gr ee B lac k B e lt , st ud yi n g ma r t ial ar t s s t yle s : T ae K wo n Do − I n str u cto r : J ho o n R he e

I always impart the knowledge that Martial Arts is not all about kicking and punching. It's a way of life that you can use on your day to day activity. Such as going to school, work, and extracurricular activities. You have to be mindful all the time and behave like a true respectful martial artist. It teaches you life skills to survive and be a better person personally and professionally.

Personal Achievements Junior Asian Champion, Head Instructor of Jhoon Rhee Institute, International Head Instructor, Department of State Hand-to-Hand Combat Master Instructor

In His Own Words

I have gained true self confidence that enable me to face any life's circumstances. It provided me discipline to be consistent on what I do so I can turn around and teach other how to be a successful martial artist. I always preach the true meaning of honor and integrity to my student so they walk tall and proud. A lot of my students become, if not all, became successful in school and in their careers. It provided me good health, wealth, and I gained a lot of friends around the world. I have a better quality of life.

My uncle owned his first Tae Kwon Do school in South Korea and he raised me as an International Instructor. Martial Arts has given discipline, balance, and focus. I became mindful and have total awareness of my environment. It taught me how to become an effective leader and influencer in the local and international community. It provided me the means to hone the youth to build true self confidence. Martial Arts is about making your body and mind become one. Once you achieve that, you become self-aware and



World Tae Kwon Do Federation Tournaments Nationwide/International, Local WTF and Open Style Tournaments.

I have facilitated the following: - WTF classes to the Tae Kwon Do Athletic Department in the Philippines.

I always focus on teaching and helping others to learn the True Martial Arts. It's not about receiving fame, it's about seeing the results on others.

- Conducted Anti-Bully Program to several Martial Arts School Businesses nationwide. - Empty Hand Combat to Government Agencies.

I honed and raised Master Instructors, World Champions, and Grand Master. Martial Arts Business Owner Mentor and Business Adviser.

- Conducted from and High Tae Kwon Do Technical Kicks to Several Martial Arts Businesses nationwide. - Conducted Instructor Trainings



Y oon Lee Martial arts title: Master Virginia Beach, Virginia Started studying martial arts in 1971 Teaching for 35 years and currently ranked as 6th Black Belt, studying martial arts styles: Tong-il Do − Instructor: Jhoon Rhee − − − −

Personal Achievement s Bachelors Degree from Virginia Tech. Born in Seoul, Korea in 1963, Yoon Lee started martial arts training in grade school as a part of Physical Education. Having immigrated to the U.S., Lee continued his journey in Taekwon Do under the Jhoon Rhee system prior to when the modern training method was implemented. Lee earned the rank of black belt under the Jhoon Rhee system in 1977, earned the 2nd degree in '80. and 3rd degree in '85. Lee then were certified in upper ranks through other former instructors from Jhoon Rhee Institute, including W.A.K.O. World Champion, John Chung and Grand Master led Lee to 6th degree black belt. Neil Ehrlich who prom He trained in Taekwon Do to enhance his English speaking while learning to be confident. Martial Arts helped develop his character with confidence, integrity and ethics. As a result of participating in martial arts I see life with clarity. He believes that one should train the body, the mind will ask questions. Mastery will be achieved when the body and the mind come together as one. He has helped bridge the gap between the modern combat systems with the traditional ethics and morals. He learned to be patient and kind. He has given demonstrations to local middle and high schools: Lynnhaven Middle School and Princess Ann High School. He participated in major tournaments including Battle of Atlanta, U.S. Open, L.A.M.A., Capital Classics, Battle of Baltimore. Lee's current formulated system is based on the second generation Jhoon Rhee system that have roots in the development of full-contact fighting. Influences by Grand Master Jeff Smith, the former P.K.A. World Light-Heavyweight Champion and training methods based on contact fighting is the foundation behind Lee's system he calls Tong-il Do, or "Unified" System.



Jea n Le G ra nd − Birth Place and Growing Up- born in Haiti; raised in Brooklyn, New York − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - 8th Degree Black Belt in Tiger Jude 7 Styles; Tiger Paul Tae Kwon Do; Modern Karate; Kodokan Judo; Duncan Martial Arts, Way of the Winds Ninjutsu; Iomasda Ryu; Sanuces Ryu and New Shaolin Boxing Kung-Fu − Instructors - Grand Master Dr. Jude Innocent; Grand Master “Tiger” Paul Innocent; Master Pierro Innocent, and Grand Master Richard Sinclair − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1974 − Years in the Martial Arts – 43 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 31

Prof essional Organizations New Shaolin Boxing Association (N.S.B.A.); Kuro Bushi International; Way of the Winds Martial Arts System; Family of Sanuces (F.O.S.); Dong Koo Yudo Kwan; Jun Mo Wing Chun Association; Lee Koon Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Association; International Meihua Quan Federation; S.W.A.M. Academy of Modern Martial Science

Personal Achievements Founder & Creator of Lost Legacy Systems Mixed Martial Arts in 1998

In His Ow n Words I was exposed to the martial arts by my parents, both Black Belts, and began my training when I was 4 years old under tutelage of my uncles Grand Master Dr. Jude Innocent, Grand Master “Tiger” Paul Innocent and Master Pierro Innocent. I have trained in and mastered the disciplines of Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu, Ninjitsu, Taijutsu, Aiki-jujitsu, Uke-Jutsu/Ukemi, Karate-Do, Judo, Kung Fu, Kobu-Jutsu/Kobudo, grappling, wrestling and ground fighting, boxing and hand-to-hand combat. My overall life experience since entering into the martial arts is summed up in one word: evolution. As a young practitioner I was more intense, looking to execute and display my skills at any opportunity. Over the years, I have become more conservative and reserved allowing the mental and spiritual aspects of the arts dictate what I become involved in next. I execute and demonstrate as needed or when asked for my expertise. One becomes more refined and better with age, like fine wine. Since founding my system, my focus is now on team and family structure within the dojo. It is the value and cohesiveness of our team taking us to the next level. New ways of thinking and going about planning, solving, or approaching a situation in everyday life will become clearer. All this results in confidence and self-discipline.



My passion and expertise in so many styles and systems within the martial arts influenced me to create my own martial arts system in 1998, Lost Legacy Systems Traditional Mixed Martial Arts. I am relentless exposing my system and its philosophies. I remain active participating in demos, seminars, expos, publications, fight promotions and in all creative aspects action films. I constantly promote my brand and philosophy, ending every post with "The Legacy Continues..." The lessons that I have learned as a result of life-long practice, self-confidence, honor, tradition, and discipline lend themselves to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development and well-being. Being balanced in these areas can create a more harmonious enhanced lifestyle. One of the more profound ways that my life has been enhanced by life- long practice is experiencing true brotherhood and sisterhood by fellow practitioners. Freely giving, receiving and experiencing authentic honor, respect, gratitude and loyalty is as powerful as it is humbling. Living a life within the Martial Arts means living by a creed of honor, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-discipline, courage, structure, tradition, gratitude, lineage and most importantly, legacy. Realizing that I live and lead by example, I endeavored to demonstrate this creed in all that I do.

Major Martial Arts Achievements − − − − − − − − − − − − − − −

2017 Munich Martial Arts Hall of Honors Founder of the Year 2017 Elite Martial Arts Magazine Shield of Honor + Medal of Respect 2017 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honor as an Ambassador to the Martial Arts 2016 Nominee of Black Power Award: Self Defense & Protection 2016 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honor Ambassador of Goodwill to the Martial Arts 2016 EXPO10 Masters of the Martial Arts Award 2015 MwanzoVita Saana BitmaHonors HODARI MZEE Award 2015 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honor Silver Lifetime Contributions 35+ Years to the Martial Arts 2015 House of Warrior Families Kuroshi-Kai-Kan Recognition Award 2004 Worldwide Martial Arts Hall of Fame Silver Lifetime Achievement Award 2004 World Martial Arts League Hall of Fame American Fudoshin Award 2003 US Martial Arts International Hall of Fame Humanitarian and Most Dedicated Martial Artist Award 1999 Teacher of the Year IOMASDA, presented by the late Sosai Richard Sinclair 1999 Black Man of Distinction Award (NY)



Bob Leiker Sensei Robert L. (Bob) Leiker, M.S.

• • •

9 t h Deg ree B lack Be lt

*Instruc to r/De ve lope r, T.A.K.E. Defen se The Ali Ke mp Educa tio nal Found ation, Women 's S elf Defen se P rogra m

*P ro mo ter: 38 t h Annual Ame rikick Inte rna tio nals World S port Ka ra te Champ ion ship s, P hilad elph ia, P a.

*Boa rd of Dire cto rs, N.A.S.K.A., North Ame ric an Spo rt Ka rate Associa tion

• •

*P residen t, W KA -USA Tata mi-Mat S ports

Fo rme r Execu tive Dire ctor & De ve lope r of Northwest Ka nsa s Co mmu nity Correc tions (First mu lti-c o unty proba tion /pa role se rvic es in th e U.S.)

P residen t, A me rik ick Midwest Owner A me rik ick Martial Arts O verland P ark, Ks.

*Coach & Owne r A me rikick World a nd Nationa l Co mp etition Tea m

Fo rme r Offic ia l Ma rtia l Arts Instructor Kansa s City Ch iefs N FL

Fo rme r Offic ia l Ma rtia l Arts Instructor Kansa s Unive rsity Foo tball NCAA

Fo rme r Offic ia l Ma rtia l Arts Instructor Mid A me ric a Nazarene NAIA Foo tba ll

Fo rme r Adjunc t P rofes sor Crimina l J ustic e, Fort Ha ys State Universi ty


Fo rme r Tra ine r Co mba tive Tac tics: Fede ra l P arole Office rs, Departmen t o f Correc tio ns

• •


50 Years in the Martial Arts Janua ry 1, 1967 -2017

Co-Rec ipen t o f the P re siden tial Citizenship A ward, b y Barack Oba ma 2011

6 Time World Fighting and Forms Champ ion


Ja rret t Leiker Sensei Jarrett L. Leiker, Esq.

• •

5 t h Degree B lack Be lt *CEO of A me rik ick Ka nsas, O ve rland P ark, Ks.

• •

*P rac tic ing A tto rne y

• • •

*P residen t Le iker Sports Repre sen tation

*Owne r and Develop er of VMAT (Virtua l Martia l Arts T raining ) *WA KO Tata mi Sports Coach Tea m USA *Cap ta in and D irec to r for the All S tars Sport Ka ra te Tea m, A merik ick Na tional Tea m

Martial Arts Achievements

• • • • • • •

* N AS K A W o r ld C ha mp i o n *I SK A W o r ld C ha mp io n *W K A W o r ld C ha mp io n

* W T K A W o r ld C h a mp io n *NB L W o r ld C ha mp io n *W SK F W o r ld C ha mp io n *D ia mo n d N atio n al s Di a mo nd R i n g W i n n e


• •

* AKA Wa r rio r Cu p Wi n n er

• •

*B e g a n M ar t ial Ar ts S t u d y at a g e 3

*M ac ho Mar tia l Ar t s: P r o d uc t Ca ta lo g Fea t ur ed At h le te /Mo d e l *C e n t ur y M ar t ia l Ar t s: P r o d uc t Cat alo g Co ver Mo d e l/P r o d uc t M o d el

*C o a c hed st ud e nt s to o v er 1 0 0 W o r ld C ha mp io n s hip s *O r i g i nato r /I n ve n to r o f th e Do ub le B o fo r Sp o r t Kar at e Co mp e ti tio n


A nt hony Let ourneu Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Born in Waterville, Maine and grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Sanshinkai American Karate - 7th Degree; Sanshinkai Jujitsu - 3rd Degree; USJA/ATJA Judo - 1st Brown Instructors - Masters Rob and Kathy Olevsky; Master Peter Moss; Master Troy Price; Grand Master Jan Wellendorf Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1990 Years in the Martial Arts - 27 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 24

Professional Organizations American Martial Arts Association

Personal Achievements A.M.A.A. Karate Hall of Fame

In His Ow n Words I started training in 1990 to get my Black Belt before I enlisted into the Marine Corps. I fell in love with the art and decided to dedicate my life to training and teaching.

Major Martial Arts Achievements A.M.A.A. Karate Hall of Fame



A nt hony Linson Anthony Eldon Linson holds the rank of 5th Dan in Tang Soo Do – Moo Duk Kwan and 9th Dan in Japanese Goju. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Linson first became interested in martial arts as a child while living in Japan and eventually followed in his father’s footsteps to become a Black Belt. He credits his instructors Sensei Rogers Reese, Arnold “Zip” White, Richard “Dickie” Dixon and Professor Gallop Franklin for his training and he has followed in their footsteps teaching karate for 38 years. Personal Achievements Serving in the United States Air Force and receiving a Meritorious Service Medal and two Air Force Commendation medals Graduated Cum Laude from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a degree in criminal justice. Police officer for the San Antonio Police Department, was promoted to the rank of Detective, and after 24 years with the department retired as a Sergeant While with the department he received a Meritorious Service Medal for Bravery, and in another incident, he was awarded a Lifesaving Medal During his tenure as a police officer he received the "Blue Tiger" award which is only presented to San Antonio's "Fittest of the Fit" among all police officers on the department. As a competitor Mr. Linson became one of four contestants to compete against the "American Gladiators.” In karate tournament competition, Mr. Linson participated in major events including The Battle of Atlanta, the U. S. Open in Florida, Mid-American Diamond Nationals, Chicago Lama Nationals, Portland Pro Am, Fort Worth Pro Am, New Mexico National Championships, and other cities across the country. According to Karate Illustrated Magazine’s “Top 20 Fighters in the Nation” his tournament record led to his being ranked 12th among all competing Black Belts in that time period. As an instructor, Mr. Linson taught many of San Antonio's policemen and policewomen karate and self-defense. Mr. Linson has been an entrepreneur, owning karate schools among his other endeavors. His experience in the Martial Arts along with his police training enabled him to provide personal protection services for celebrities such as LeBron James, Eva Longoria, Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker, and Julio Caesar Chavez. He was awarded the "Top Black Business Owner" Award among black owned businesses in San Antonio by the San Antonio Business Journal, and received an award for outstanding achievements as a Law Enforcement officer by the Black Community Leaders of San Antonio. Mr. Linson’s Professional Organizations include AOK, UMA, UPKU, IMAC/USMAHOF, and SAPOA. His latest achievement is to have been inaugurated into the Black Belt Hall of Fame.



G reg Ma cy Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – Tae Kwon Do, 5th degree Black Belt Instructors – Grand Masters Stephen Oliver, Jeff Smith and Joe Corley

Per so na l Ac hiev e me n t s Founder and Master Instructor of Ripple Effect Martial Arts Fort Collins, Colorado

In H i s O w n Wo rd s I began training at seven years old at Mile High Karate in Lakewood, Colorado, studying under Grandmaster Stephen Oliver, International Kickboxing Champion Jeff Smith, and the legendary Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, “Father of American Tae Kwon Do.” I earned my 1st degree Black Belt when I was 13 years old and went on to train and teach karate through high school. I continued teaching martial arts full-time while studying chemistry at the University of Colorado.

I founded Ripple Effect Martial Arts following an entrepreneurial career in the field of hydro engineering. As the founder and Master Instructor at Ripple Effect Martial Arts, I guide the creation and execution of all martial arts and character development curriculum at our schools. I also teach martial arts classes at the Ripple Effect schools in Fort Collins and Longmont, as well as at our special seminars in martial arts and leadership and self-defense courses for women.

Maj o r Mar ti al Ar t s Ac h i ev e me n ts Founder and Master Instructor of Ripple Effect Martial Arts Fort Collins, Colorado



S teve Ma gill − − − − − −

Rank: O-Dan (5th Degree TKD) Residence: Herndon, Va. Started Studying Martial Arts: Judo-1963-Taipei, Taiwan, Tae Kwon Do-1978-Falls Church, Va. Teaching: 35 years. Instructors: John Chung, Charlie Lee, Andre Yamakawa, Jimmie Rhee, Jhoon Rhee, Michael Coles, Jeff Smith, Otis Hooper, Rodney Batiste, Dan Boccagno. Time training with Steve “Nasty” Anderson, Joe Louis and Bill Wallace.

Martial Arts Achievements − − − − − − − −

World Karate Association-World Championships, Ocean City, Md. 1991 Jhoon Rhee Institute Head Instructor Magill’s Martial Arts School Owner Force One National Karate Team Chuck Norris Security Team C.I.A-Head Instructor-Agents, Employees, Trainers & V.I.P. Protective Detail Secret Service Trainer F.B.I. Martial Arts Trainer

In H i s O w n Wo rd s Born in Vietnam and growing up in Asia, I earned the rank of Brown Belt in Judo as a child under the guidance of Air Force Black Belts at the local Taipei, Taiwan base.

Working under Jeff Smith, Michael Coles, Dan Magnus, Otis Hooper, Rodney Batiste, Andre Yamakawa and other extremely accomplished pioneer American Martial Artists, I felt that I blossomed into a talented martial artist myself. Training in kickboxing with Jeff Smith, Michael Coles and Dan Magnus it set my fortitude in the toughness of American Kickboxing. As Michael Coles assumed the Jhoon Rhee Institute Head Instructor role from Jeff Smith, he was responsible for excelling my teaching abilities to whole additional level. When Michael Coles left to open his own school, I was promoted by Jhoon Rhee as Head Instructor of Jhoon Rhee Institute.

My first Tae Kwon Do class in Falls Church, Va. was with John Chung. He was my instructor until blue belt, when he went to college at Wake Forest. Still at the Jhoon Rhee Institute under tutelage from Charlie Lee, Jimmie Rhee, Howard Chung and Andre Yamakawa, I achieved my black belt in 13 months from white belt. I spent a period teaching and assisting Otis Hooper at the DC Jhoon Rhee Institute school. Jhoon Rhee assigned me to teach as the Head Instructor at the Prince Georges Plaza school. John Chung would spend summers helping me develop as an instructor and develop the school. During that time, I developed the school along with David Nyce into the top school of the Jhoon Rhee Institute. We had developed many top forms and fighters of all ages. It was my privilege to bring along and help develop students such as Grey Maye, Hakim Alston, Jose Romero and many others.

During the early 1980’s John Chung, Charlie Lee and then myself in back to back years represented Jhoon Rhee Institute in Hollywood, Ca. in the TV show Dance Fever. These shows propelled choreographed musical martial arts to a nationwide audience. Coming in second was a fun experience and showed the world what we were doing in DC.



With my wife Pamela and my three children, all martial artists, Stephen Jr., Crystal and Heather, we all have had wonderful experiences training, competing, performing and doing charity shows together over the years.

Taking my skills to competition locally, regionally and then nationally, I became ranked in the top 10 in forms, fighting and weapons in the late 1980’s. I competed on the U.S. Karate Team in Birmingham, England with Jeff Smith and Steve Anderson as well as many other talented martial artists in 1985.

I opened my own Martial Arts School in Sterling, Va. It was during this time that was the instructor to David Oakley and Vonnie Andros. They and our competition team won many tournaments. I had also expanded my specialized training regimen to train the Central Intelligence Agency in hand to hand combat, selfdefense, weapons neutralization and other special tactics. That training

The first World Champions Training with Bill Wallace, Jeff Smith and Joe Louis in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania was a first as I was one to be selected to be trained simultaneously by all three champions during a fighting match culminating the end of the event. Truly an honor to be selected amongst the fine martial artists attending the program.



While an instructor for World Champion Jeff Smith Karate, we hosted Chuck Norris and served as his security detail during his movie promotions. Chuck is a fine gentleman and great person.

expanded to include training Secret Service, FBI agents and congressmen and senators. Later I merged my school with World Champion Jeff Smith Karate, Sterling, Va. In the early 1990’s, I became part of the Force One National Karate Team competing in forms, weapons and fighting. Force One was the top team in the U.S. at the time. Competing against the Paul Mitchel Team was a great experience and the toughest competition.

It has been my pleasure and distinction to have served, learned and be a friend of one of the best martial artist of all time, Jeff Smith. My experience with him is one of noble friendship. He is one to always help someone and to take them further than they thought they could go themselves. I see it with all the people that surround him, whether they are champions or everyday people

In August 1991, I won the WKA World Championships TKD division and fought with the Force One team fighting for first place. Truly an honor working with Ron Jenkins, Shah Alston, Hakim Alston, Ibby Abdallah and many fine fighters of the time. A few months after this time, I became part of the WKA Karate Team to perform and compete in St. Petersburg, Russia against the East European competitors. The comptition there was against the best Russia had to offer and was shown nationwide at the famed Ubelany Hall, home of the Russian Olympics. We were the first to compete against them as they were not allowed to compete against West European competitors during the reign of the Soviet Union. It was in 1991, that Soviet bloc countries had broken up into independent states and competition had opened up to other countries.



Louis Ma rkst rom − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – born inEnglewood, New Jersey; grew up in Long Island, New York − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Running Fist Kung-fu, 5th dan − Instructor - Sijo James Robinson − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1979 − Years in the Martial Arts – 38 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 35

Prof essional Organizations − World Warrior Alliance − Running Fist Kung-fu Federation

Personal Achievements The characteristics, attitudes and habits I developed as a martial artist have served as the foundation for the successes I have achieved in areas throughout my life. I'm currently the founder and CEO of Results Group International. I have worked with over 35,000 individuals in a variety of organizations to develop high performance organizations, teams, and individuals. I am the co-author of "Unleashing the Power of IT: Bringing People, Business, and Technology Together." My upcoming book "Results: Creating High Performance Organizations, Teams, and Individuals" is to be published later this year. I write a monthly column for CIO Magazine and am the feature of the Video series CIO Insights. I'm a graduate of the Stern School of Business at New York University. In addition to my martial arts Hall of Fame inductions, I have also been inducted into the Stern School of Business Hall of Fame, the NYU Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame and the Association of Collegiate Hall of Fame.

journeys. Over the years I have trained in many arts including Shotokan, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, Tang Soo Do, and kick boxing. My belief and philosophy of martial arts is that it is a way of life that develops individuals as a complete human being and to do this both the "martial" and the "art" must be present. As martial artists on the "martial" side, we must be able utilize and apply our techniques to defend ourselves, our loved ones and those who need defending. On the "art" side we must strive to improve ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We must strive to develop our students and ourselves as human beings, to develop character, integrity, disciple, focus, determination and to then bring these qualities out to be successful in life. We must always remember that we are martial artists and that we must hold ourselves to a high standard. One of our precepts is that "through developing the depth of your mind, the strength of your body, and the vastness of your spirit, you can accomplish anything." It is this belief that I want to instill in all those who I have the opportunity to teach, train, or work with in anyway.

In His Ow n Words As the head instructor for Running Fist Kung-fu Australia, I have had the privilege of establishing the Running Fist Kung-fu branch of Australia. I began my martial arts journey at the age of 9 in 1979. I first trained in an American eclectic style of martial arts and achieved my rank of Shodan in 1986. In 1984, I began training in Running Fist kung-fu under Sijo James Robinson. I was awarded the rank of 5th Dan in 2014. I hold the title of Sibak and am honored, humbled and proud to be the "elder" of the Sifus of Running Fist and to help guide their

Martial Arts Achievements − − − − − − −


Awarded Title of Sibak, 2017 Teacher at World Warrior Alliance Summit, 2017 Promoted to 5th dan, 2014 Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, 2006 American Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 2005 Awarded Title of Sifu, 1996 Promoted to Shodan, 1986


Bob Martin Soke/Grand Master Bob Martin, Founder and Chief Instructor of Unified Force Martial Arts In August of 2010, the International Bujutsu Society – Kokusai Bujutsu Keesha certified Unified Force Martial Arts as a Martial Art System and recognized Grand Master Bob Martin as the legitimate Founder or Soke (Head of Family) of the system. Grand Master Martin has been studying martial arts for over 40-years. His first formal training was in the U.S. Army in the early 1970s. Master Martin was one of the founding members of the Zujitsu Federation under Soke Chaka Zulu. He’s also the originator of the popular Zujitsu training exercise known as Nudging/Joint Manipulation. Advanced nudging techniques include Body Substitution Strikes and Locks. Master Martin also teaches Yang style Tai-Chi for health. He continues his Tai Chi studies under Dr. Christopher Viggiano, Shen Wu Dao. He is also an instructor of “Mimchi” Qi Gung, under GM Sijo Floyd K. Mims Sr. Over the years, Unified Force schools have been located throughout New Jersey. Presently the main instruction locations are in Clifton and Hackettstown. Master Martin is a 9th Dan in his Unified Force Martial Arts System. He holds a 7th Dan in Zujitsu-Ryu and a Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Arts Magazine; Legends Champion Martial Arts; International Federation of Ju Jutsuans; Great Grand Master Aaron Banks World Professional Martial Arts Org.; SOBBA; UFoMA; Universal Song Do Kwon Alliance; The Philadelphia Historic MA Society; Gary Alexander’s IAMA; World Headmasters Sokeship Council; and Combat Warrior E-Magazine.

For over 30-years Master Martin worked as a television producer/reporter; covering many crime stories. From this experience, he has designed Women’s Self Defense/Self Protection Seminars for major corporations over the past 20 years including NBC; Paine Webber; CNBC; MSNBC and Reed Travel Group. He has also given instruction to the Hoboken and Park Ridge Police Departments in New Jersey.

Television appearances include Fox News & Friends. He has been featured twice over the years in the Jersey Journal.

Grand Master Martin serves on the boards of The World Karate Union; The Society of Black Belts of America; The United Fellowship of Martial Artists; and American Chi Kung International.

Master Martin is known for his motto of “WHATEVER WORKS” and teaches concepts surrounding techniques. This enables the practitioner to create techniques that work for the individual.

Hall of Fame honors include World Head of Family Sokeship Council; World Karate Union; Action Martial



P at rick Ma tt hews Cammarata who also trained him in Jeet Kune Do Concepts to 4th Intermediate Level.

Kyoshi Patrick M. Matthews began his martial arts career in March of 1986 while stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

In August of 1996, Sensei Matthews was awarded Kata of the Year in American Kobudo Ryu. In addition, that same year, he earned Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt) under Grandmaster Bowling.

His training started in the art of Zen Bujutsukan under Sensei Rob Wilson. He trained in both traditional and full contact karate. He achieved the rank of Orange Belt prior to Sensei Wilson’s relocation.

During his time in Nebraska, he taught karate in three schools and Martial Arts Aerobics in one school. He also organized a Kick-a-thon for Chuck Norris’ Kick Drugs Out of America Program. He continued his teachings and training until he received orders to work the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee in Washington, D.C., in June 2000 for the Presidential Inauguration.

In October of 1988 at Holloman AFB, he continued his instruction under Sensei Kevin Porter in Okinawa ‘Te American Ryu Karate, now known as American Kobudo Ryu Karate. He achieved the rank of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in April of 1990. In May of 1990, Sensei Matthews took over Sensei Porter’s classes as instructor after Sensei Porter moved on. He received his Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) from then Master R.G. Bowling, the Founder of the American Kobudo Ryu Association, in September of 1991.

During that short tour there, he continued to teach military members and law enforcement officers during his free time and was also promoted to Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) and received the title of Master by Grandmaster Bowling.

He continued to teach at Holloman AFB until he received orders for Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii in January of 1992. While stationed in Hawaii, he started classes at Hickam AFB. Due to his involvement in tournaments and the martial arts community, he was elected into the Hawaiian Karate Congress in January of 1993. He brought about changes and improvements in the way tournaments were run within the Congress.

In March 2001, he departed for McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey. While assigned to the 305th Operations Group, Special Operations, he taught individuals in Special Operations as well as a small class at a nearby church. He also taught a small class at the Community Center in Pemberton, New Jersey. On January 1, 2015, he was promoted to 8th Dan in American Kobudo Ryu Karate by Grandmaster Bowling. On November 11, 2016, he was promoted to Lakan Dalawa (2nd Degree Black Belt) in Filipino American Martial Arts by Grandmaster Bowling. He currently lives in Galloway, New Jersey and continues to teach privately and semi private lessons. In addition, Kyoshi Matthews teaches a remote class in West Virginia by Video. He makes occasional visits to make corrections and give hands on training while his Senior Student Clint Utt teaches the classes from video's and training given to him by Kyoshi Matthews. His Senior Student is one of his students from when he taught while in Special Operations and convinced Kyoshi Matthews to teach this class by video. These students have excelled beyond what he imagined.

During a visit by Master Bowling and Chief Instructor Bill Brown, he was tested and promoted to Nidan (3rd Degree Black Belt) before his class. He continued his teachings in Hawaii until May of 1995 when he received orders for Offutt AFB in Nebraska. During his move to Nebraska, he took time to attend a conference of the American Kobudo Ryu Association in Las Vegas, Nevada where he was awarded, by Master Bowling, the award of Instructor of the Year for 1995. He immediately started classes at Offutt AFB in addition to training in Filipino American Martial Arts under Guro Dave Hendrick and trained under Instructors Mike McHale, Bob Ryan and John



Awards. He was also recently honored in the Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame by Grandmasters Cynthia Rothrock and Eric Kovaleski in October 2016.

Kyoshi Matthews is a retired veteran of the United States Air Force. In addition to his rank in American Kobudo Ryu Karate, 8th Dan, under Grandmaster Bowling, he also currently holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt (Instructor) in Filipino American Martial Arts (FAMA) also under Grandmaster Bowling and 4th Intermediate Level in Jeet Kune Do Concepts under Sifu Bob Ryan.

Aside from Kyoshi Matthews recent promotions in Karate and Kali by Grandmaster Bowling he has been teaching in other states by video and project started by a recommendation of a student from when he was in the military.

Kyoshi Matthews received recognition from Action Martial Arts Magazine Black Belt Hall of Honors for the last 16 years. He has also been honored at the Kung Fu & Karate Expo 10 Masters of the Martial Arts

He was recently presented the Bronze Lifetime Contributions to the Martial Arts Award by Action Martial Arts Magazine.



CJ May o − Martial Arts Title and Styles: Black Belt 8th Degree; Shobacon Karate − Born in Tacoma, WA − Instructor: Soke Randy Thomas − Teaching for 19 years − Started studying Martial Arts in 1988

Professional Organizations Alliance Black Dragons Karate Federation

Personal Accomplishments Owner/Head Instructor of Dragons Den Martial Arts in Tacoma, WA. Head Coach of Striking Stars International Tournament Team Veteran of the US Army

In His Ow n Words

Major Achievements • • • • •

My father got me started as an energy outlet. I fell in love with Martial Artsand never left.

Ro se C it y Na tio na l s E mer a ld Ci t y Cl as s ic US Mar ti al Ar t s Al li a nc e Fr eed o m G a me s Head I n str u cto r Ma st er o f t he Year Vic e P r e sid e nt o f t he B lac k Dr a go n s Kar a te Fed er at io n

I have trained in Shobacon Karate, Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Shito-Ryu and Kobudo. Karate as a lifestyle has been a great experience, and I have found that I am more easy going. I am more encouraging to others. The martial arts have made me become more focused and aware. I have gained family through the martial arts. I have met and trained with some amazing people because of it. My philosophy is “Be better today than you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than you are today”. I have learned so much, and Living with Honor is probably the biggest lesson. Without Honor, nothing else can fall into place.



Robert Ma xwell Robert Maxwell was born on December 13, 1943 in Washington, D.C. He has been in the martial arts for more than 44 years and has taught for a larger portion of those years. He is a 7th degree Black Belt in Bando and a 1st degree Black Belt in Isshin-Ryu. He has trained in Bando, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Isshin-Ryu, and has combat handgun training. Bob Maxwell began his Bando training with Dr. Maung Gyi at American University. He received his 1st level in Bando in 1965 and competed against Chuck Norris and Joe Lewis at Jhoon Rhee’s Washington, D.C. Tournament. In 1966, he put on Kukhri and Balloon Breaking Demo’s with Dr. Gyi at Gary Alexander’s Isshin-Ryu Tournament at “Manhattan Center”. Between 1965 and 1967 he was a US Navy Hospital Corpsman. He served at NNMC Bethesda, Maryland, at Oakland Naval Hospital, on the USS Enterprise RNVN, and at Air Crew Development Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1967, he formed a Bando Class on the USS Enterprise. He competed in Manila and in the Philippines. Mr. Maxwell received Brown Belt in Judo while stationed in Philadelphia. He won 2nd place at Ki Wang Kim’s National Championships against Skipper Mullins in a closely contested 3 to 2 matches in the Finals. Maxwell knocked out three other competitors on way to finals, and was not disqualified because Chief referee Jhoon Rhee said that his opponents all “ran into” the punches. (These fights took place before the use of safety gear). During this time, he also defeated Black Belt Magazine Ranked and N.Y. Tournament Defending Champion Julio LaSalle at S. Henry Cho’s Tournament in New York. Also during 1967, he began a life-long association with Isshin-Ryu through Tom Lewis, Harvey Hastings, Don Bohan and Rick Niemira. Bob Maxwell Fighting Between 1967 and 1969 Maxwell formed a Bando School at Montgomery Junior College, Rockville, Maryland, with Geoff Willcher and Mark Bjishkian as assistant instructors. He held the first public Bando boxing match at the Eastern Regional Karate Championships where Mike March fought Bill Price (Harvey Hastings student). During this time, Bob Maxwell took on Jon Collins (future Bando Boxing Champion, Bando Association President and Head Instructor at Catonsville Community College) as his Bando student at Montgomery Junior College. In 1968 Mr. Maxwell was a founding member (along with thirteen others first generation students of Dr. Gyi) of the “American Bando Association” when it was formally organized in Athens, Ohio. He served as Chairman of the American Bando Association for six years. 1969, together with Harvey Hastings and Tom Lewis, Bob Maxwell conducted the first Bando/Isshinryu Tournament in Salisbury, Maryland. This event is where Rick Niemira first became associated with the Bando group. Don Bohan, Dr. Maung Gyi, Bob Hill and Steve Armstrong served as Chief Referees. Donald Bohan had his historical match with Ralph Chirico at this tournament. During 1971 and 1972, Bob taught Bando tactics to members of US Secret Service and FBI while attached to the Secret Service in Washington, D.C. Between 1973 and 1975, Mr. Maxwell formed the Atlantic Coast Institute of Martial Arts with Harvey Hastings in Ocean City, Maryland. Promoted the first “Professional Karate Tournament” on the East Coast with Harvey Hastings. Bando



Boxing premiered at this event with Harvey Hastings soundly defeating the International TaeGun Champion, John Dutcher. Jeff Smith won Grand Champion in a field of eight of the Black Belt Magazine rated, Top Ten in attendance. Chuck Norris, Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Skipper Mullins, Mike Anderson, Fred Wren, Howard Jackson, Mitchell Bobrow and many other Nationally Rated Competitors were in attendance. He was Assistant Coach and corner for Ronnie Barkoot at his Heavyweight Title Kickboxing Match with Joe Lewis in New York. Bob Maxwell was the corner for Dr. Gyi at his Sunnyside Gardens Kickboxing Match. He was promoted to 1st Dan in Isshin-Ryu by Tom Lewis and Harvey Hastings in 1975 and he formed the first Bando Full Contact Competition Team in Baltimore, Maryland. Members of the team were Rusty Gage, Jon Collins, Percy Pair, Stevie Crockett, Joe Hanlon, Kevin Keane, Ron Orem, and Carl Beamon. Bob Maxwell’s team soundly defeated (8 to 0) the top ranked team of Fred Hamilton’s from New York City, at Community College of Baltimore. During the 1970’s, together with Phil Schreiber, Bob directed three “Bando Kick Boxing and Special Weapons Camps” at Buffalo Gap, West Virginia, were great training and personal friendships began. Guest instructors at the camp included Don Bohan, Karl Hovey, Jeff Smith, Phil Torres, Mark Bjishkian, Rick Niemira, Bob Hill, and many others from all different styles and disciplines. Mark Bjishkian, Bob Maxwell, Rick Niemira and Phil Torres Bob MaxwellMr Maxwell served as Chief Referee for the Professional Karate Association, officiating over many title bouts, including Jeff Smith and Bill Wallace. Bob was involved with Don and Judy Quine and Mike Anderson, owners of PKA, when the official rules for PKA fights were being established. He served as an Official for many title fights across the U.S. He lived and worked in Saudi Arabia and Jordan for two years where bob was a contractor teaching Armed and Unarmed Combat Tactics, Hand To Hand Combat, Protective Operations and Firearm Training to the Saudi Royal Guard Brigade, Saudi Air Defense Forces, Jordanian Royal Guard and the Jordanian Special Forces. He continued to host members of the Jordanian Special Forces for advanced Kukhri and Hand to Hand Combat training in the United States at the Bando Association’s Ohio training facility. Bob Maxwell is currently teaching Bando Class in Bethany Beach, Delaware and conducting seminars in the Hard Style of Bando as a guest of numerous other style and systems.



Richa rd Mccla in Martial Arts Title: Grandmaster Richard McClain Born: Cleveland, Ohio Martial Arts Style: American Karate Current Belt Rank: 9th Dan Instructors: Grand Master Larry Black; Grand Master Edmund Celebucki and Grand Master Bill Wallace − Started Studying Martial Arts: 1972 − Years in the Martial Arts: 45 − Years Teaching the Martial Arts: 35

Personal Achievements:

Professional Organizations All American Karate

Major Tournaments and Aw ards

− − − − −

Military 9th Degree Black Belt in All American Karate 8th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do 8th Degree Black Belt in the “Superfoot” Fighting System 4th Degree Black Belt In American Hapkido

International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame Richard J. McClain was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952. In 1972, while in the United States Air Force he began the study of martial arts. In 1976, after being honorably discharged he continued his study under Master Sang Oh Moon at the Moon’s Institute of Tae Kwon Do, and was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt in 1981. He continued as a student and an instructor within Master Moon’s organization. In 1986 while working as a Cuyahoga County Corrections Officer, Rick founded the World Tae Kwon Do Center. In 1988, Rick re-enlisted in the Air Force Active Reserves as an Air Base Ground Defense Security Police Officer where he instructed his reserve unit in both traditional Tae Kwon Do as well as the basics of self-defense. Under the supervision of Master Edmund Celebucki, Rick had obtained his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degrees of Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Rick was promoted to 5th degree Black Belt by Master Dong Sup Kim in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rick decided to continue additional training in the Chuck Norris System in Phoenix, Arizona. By 1988, Rick had expanded his study of martial arts by training under Master Bill “Superfoot” Wallace in the art of Kickboxing and All American Karate under Master Larry Black. By 1990, Rick had started World Karate Productions, a company specializing in promoting martial arts training videos, books and tournaments as well as instructional



In 2005, Rick created the American Karate System combining a mixture of 5 different styles of martial arts he has trained in to deal with real life situations. Rick drew on his past experience as a Corrections Officer to develop his system.

seminars. Rick’s seminars hosted some of America’s foremost instructors including Bill Wallace, Danny Lane, Michael DePasquale Jr., Jerry Roberts, and Rick Fike. In 1993, Rick, along with Master Larry Black, produced a video titled, “The Right Choice” as a learning tool for prospective students on choosing a proper martial arts school. In addition to Master Larry Black, this video featured martial arts greats including Joe Lewis, Mike Bernardo, Chris Casamassa, Christine Bannon Rodriques, the legendary Pat Johnson, and J.T. Will.

Rick continues his study of martial arts working with Bill Wallace and has joined forces with Master Don DeVries to promote The Superfoot World Championships under Sport Karate Productions. Rick and Don have combined two great and well known Cleveland-based karate tournaments (Superfoot Nationals and All American Karate Nationals). In 2012, he promoted the Martial Arts Odyssey seminars with Don DeVries that included a fund-raising dinner for the late Joe Lewis. He was inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame and was appointed Rules Arbitrator by the Professional Karate Comission.

In the mid 1990’s, Rick joined with Master Joe Doyle and Master Don DeVries to formeda new company, Sport Karate Productions, which hosted one of the most successful Karate tournaments in Cleveland. Over the next 20 years, Rick continued to promote under Sport Karate Productions and World Karate Productions which hosted the Superfoot Nationals in Cleveland, Ohio. Rick received a special acknowledgement from Master Wallace for his help with the format of the “Superfoot” Training Manual.

Rick is still owner and operates the All-American Karate (east) and Superfoot Center located in Mentor, Ohio.



Robert W . McG ee Born in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1947, Robert W. McGee learned some grappling skills as a member of his high school wrestling team, and as a jiu jitsu student of Dick Adelman. In his junior and senior years, he was a sparring partner for Mike Pistorio, a boxer who had 56 pro fights. In his thirties, he studied Tae Kwon Do under Henry Cho in Manhattan and Shukokai, a Japanese style, under the late Soke Shigeru Kimura in Hackensack, New Jersey. His work responsibilities caused him to stop his martial arts training in 1986. He got back into the martial arts when he moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina 26 years l ater, in 2012, at the age of 65. Starting over as a white belt, he earned his first and second degree Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do under senior masters Michael and Kimberly Brown. He also studied kung fu and tai chi under Joseph Adames and Richard Martin. He has won 22 gold medals in national Tae Kwon Do championship tournaments, 6 first places in national karate championship tournaments, and 4 silvers

and 3 bronze medals in world championship tournaments, and is still competing at the age of 70. In 2017, he was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.



Dr. Mark McCumber Martial arts title: Master Instructor North East, Pennsylvania Started studying martial arts in 30+years ago Teaching for 25 years and currently holds the rank of 6th Dan, studying martial arts styles: In TKD − Instructor: Stephen Oliver − − − −

Personal Achievements Getting Nominated For Instructor Of the Year By Bill Superfoot Wallace in 2008 and Getting My 6th Degree Through Jim Thomas and USA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame... Working for Chuck Norris While Promoting his Movie SIDE KICKS, also with Steven Seagal In

UNDER SIEGE Dark Territory

In His Ow n Words As a youth, I was influenced by Bruce Lee watching The Green Hornet and Batman. and TV show Kung Fu. I studied Kenpo off and on as a child moving all over the USA. Finally got my black belt as a teen, studied Pankration Juijitsu and received my black belt. I got back into the martial arts in 1989 with Grandmaster Stephen Oliver and a program director. and then started the lil dragon program. It’s a life style where I have always lived clean living no smoking, no drinking, no drugs. I want to be that example that kids can look up to. I’ve discovered that by staying active in martial arts I'm staying way younger than my classmates are. I’m 56 ...i look better than most 25-year-olds.

being humble... I continue to share by facilitating and being an integral part of tons of bully seminars in high school, elementary schools, day care and hundreds of women self-defense classes. I’ve participated in major tournaments including Mile High Karate Classic... Diamond Nationals...Us Open... Blue Grass Nationals. My major achievements include USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 2 times Jim Thomas' Organization. I’ve received numerous Awards with Mile High Karate, for Helping Facilitate the Running of the Mile-High Classic.

My philosophy towards martial arts is to never give up... my expertise in the martial arts has afforded me the opportunity to influence many through the act of kindness. As a result of being in the martial arts, I’ve learned the importance of self-image... I was very shy in school...



Jus tin McDa niel − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – born, Washington, NC; grew up, in Cleveland, NC − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - American Open Style Karate – 4th dan; American Open Karate System – 4th dan; American Shorei/Shorin Karatedo – 4th dan Joe Lewis American Karate Systems – 1st dan − Instructors - Randy Smith, Ricky Smith, Jerry Piddington, Joe Lewis, and Troy Price − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 2000 − Years in the Martial Arts – 17 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 15

Prof essional Organizations American Karate Academies National Association Personal Achievements Title of Sensei AKANA teaching credentials Hanshi Jerry Piddington's 10 KATA TOMOE WARRIOR AWARD − Ricky and Randy Smith's SideKick Karate Martial Artist of the Year - 2003 − − − − −

In His Ow n Words I met Randy Smith in Gold's Gym in Salisbury, North Carolina. He invited me to take a karate lesson. I realized I knew nothing about fighting. He encouraged me to join his karate class. I loved it, especially the kickboxing for cardio. I never knew someone could kick that hard when I saw Ricky and Randy kick pads, and I wanted to kick like them. From there, I ended up training and fighting in the sport of kickboxing. I continued training under Randy and Ricky and they introduced me to Jerry Piddington and Joe Lewis who also became my teachers. I liked the fact that Ricky and Randy were not ashamed to say that Jesus was their Lord and Savior. I joined their SideKick Ministry Team and enjoy sharing the Gospel through our martial arts while making a difference in the lives of others. I love the martial arts and I am grateful to have met Christian teachers who introduced me to great martial art legends. I am very blessed.

Major Martial Arts Achievements Jerry Piddigton Kata Workshops Joe Lewis Kickboxing Workshops Ricky and Randy Smith Kickboxing and Karate Tournaments Ridgely Abele Symposiums Troy Price Jiu-Jitsu Workshops




Da rlene McPhers on Martial arts title: Shihan, 6th Dan Anahuac, Texas Started studying martial arts in 1960 Teaching for 41 years and currently holds the rank of 6th Dan, studying martial arts styles: Tang So Do, Tai Chi, Kenpo, Shotokan-Integrated − Instructors: Professor Gary Lee, Master Peter Hill − − − −

Personal Achievements Competed in martial arts tournaments at the pioneering of sport karate--no hand or foot gear. Lucky enough to compete in Mardi Gras Nationals in New Orleans under Mr. Jim Miller. Competed in tournaments in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana in the 70's. History General for Sport Karate Museum; Texas State Karate Championships 2015

In Her Ow n Words I started martial arts by watching at the door of a dojo in Gulfport, MS when spending summers with my grandparents there. It was Tang Soo Do and I was mesmerized and wanted what those students had. Only problem--no girls--especially little, small for their age 9year-old girls. The instructor eventually told me I could come in and train in the cinder block building with no windows and a concrete floor.... Martial Arts was my escape. Later, I joined a Tae Kwon Do school under Master Vern Foster. He brought in He Young Kim who taught us Hapkido along with our TKD. From 19781982 as a 1st dan, I trained at Mr. Joe Corley's studio in Atlanta while I was working there. I began Kung Fu in 1982 and Tai Chi in 1990. I train Hawaiian Kyoshi Kenpo and other styles under Professor Gary Lee, Jujitsu with Garett Lee, and I train Tai Chi and some Kung Fu and Chinese Kenpo under Master Peter Hill. Currently I am still training with my teaching partner, Garett Lee.

My philosophy towards the martial arts is “to learn from everyone and integrate new learning into things previously learned”. The discipline of martial arts and applying the principles of not compromising the discipline is what influences my students. I am only the instrument through when those foundations are shared.

I am able to keep calm in a crisis and feel confident. In 1976 I completely subdued an attacker in a dangerous situation. I am aware of my surroundings and make decisions about potential danger quickly. In the last few years my most rewarding experiences are influencing the lives of young people through martial arts. I am older than 60 and move and train like a much younger person because of martial arts.

I have learned that even small women can be powerful if they are instilled with the foundation and strong techniques of good martial arts. I am disciplined to do that which I do not want to do; follow through and teach others what I have learned. Ladies self-defense workshops; presented martial arts to schools, women's organizations, and churches; guest presenter at other martial arts schools.



Okinawan kata and Tai chi/Kung Fu kata as they progress to Black Belt. Self Defense is based on all the styles and includes Jujitsu.

Major tournaments: Mardi Gras Nationals; Southland; Battle of Mobile; Texas State Championships Joe Lewis Fighting Image Award; Sport Karate Museum History General

Martial Arts Awards: Co-owner and Instructor at Gulf Coast Karate School, World Tai Chi Association Board of Directors, Joe Lewis Dragon Image Fighting Award, Sport Karate Museum Board of Directors, Owner and Instructor at Third Coast Integrated Martial Arts, Sport Karate Museum History General

Major Achievements: Integrated Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Hawaiian Kyoshi Kenpo, and other styles into a teaching method with Okinawan and Japanese influence to form a school system in southeast Texas that does not strictly adhere to a particular style or system. I require students to know Korean kata, Japanese kata, Hawaiian Kenpo kata,



Richa rd Morris − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Fort Worth, Texas − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – American Karate, 10th dan; Tae Kwon Do, 10th dan; − Shine-Na Karate, 10th dan; Jiu-Jitsu, 10th dan; Judo, 6th dan; Hapkido, 4th dan; Kenpo, 4th dan − Instructor - Grandmaster J. Pat Burleson; James P. Morris; Jonathan Kruge − Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1962 − Years in the Martial Arts – 54 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 46

Prof essional Organizations • • • • • •

Ame ri ca n Ka ra te B la ck B el t As so c ia t io n Wo rld Ma rt ia l A r t s Co n g re s s fo r Ed u ca t io n Wo rld Ma rt ia l A r t s R a n kin g As so c ia t io n Wo rld B la c k B e lt As so ci a tio n I n te rn a t io n a l Co a ch in g F ed e ra t io n Zig la r L eg a cy C er ti fi ed

Personal Achievements As an international speaker, Richard has taught and spoken from the platform to tens of thousands of people across the United States, Mexico, Belize, Grand Cayman, Ireland, and India. He has been featured on ABC Nightline with Ted Koppel, NBC Nightly News with Peter Jennings, CNN, Good Morning America, Good Morning Texas, and LETN Law Enforcement Television Network and other television programs.

Investigations Division after thirty-six years. He worked closely with the FWPD Homeland Security Intel, Criminal Tracking,

Human Trafficking, SWAT, Homicide, and Narcotics units. Richard served on the DEA Task Force for a joint investigation and on the Homeland Security Investigations Blue Lightning Task Force. Richard continues to serve the Fort Worth Police Department as a veteran member of the Peer Support Team and the Critical Incident and Stress Management Team and as a Reserve Tarrant County Deputy Constable and Police Chaplain.

As a Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Richard teaches programs, including: leadership, goal setting and achievement, being the best you, building winning relationships, and live to win. As a Ziglar Legacy Certified Coach, Richard brings his wealth of life experience with him. Richard is the founder of Ziglar Blue to bring hope and encouragement to our law enforcement community.

He has a Master’s Police Officer License with TCOLE (Texas Commission of Law Enforcement and Education) and is a licensed TCOLE instructor and consults with law

January 1, 2013, Richard was promoted to 10th Dan by Grandmaster J. Pat Burleson. Richard retired in 2014 from the Fort Worth Police Department’s Tactical



$25,000. Linda Lee spoke of my tournament and what Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee and I were doing in her book, The Bruce Lee Story. In 1991, along with Grandmaster J. Pat Burleson, I founded the Youth Enrichment Skills Program of America, Inc. (YES Program). Even today, thousands are being trained in Grandmaster Burleson's Christian Soldiers Program and my Christian Samurai Program, both offshoots of the YES Program. I have been teaching karate since 1971 and have never missed a week of training or teaching. I began teaching police officers in 1975, and joined the police department in January, 1978. In 1983, I instituted the Fort Worth Police Department's defensive tactics, arrest control tactics, baton, and officer survival programs. I continue to teach these programs to police officers.

enforcement agencies with training, and use of force issues. He is a published author of books and videos and magazine articles. He was featured in Linda Lee's book The Bruce Lee Story, and has appeared on television shows and has been in four movies. Chuck Norris appointed him to Kick Drugs Out of America (now Kickstart) as a member of the Board of Governors. Richard has received awards for community service, lifesaving, and Officer of the Year and Supervisor of the Year nominations with the Fort Worth Police Department.

In His Ow n Words I always knew how to fight, since my dad began teaching me as a child. I was trained to always stand up for the defenseless. In 1971, I started karate with Pat Burleson and began teaching for him the same year. I won tournaments from 1971 until 1985. I was one of the original full contact kick boxers with Pat Burleson's Fort Worth Texans and Texas Gladiators.

Martial Arts Achievements: Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame Karate Masters Hall of Fame Masters Hall of Fame

I won the American Karate Black Belt Association tournament and the Texas State Championships. I opened my school in 1982 and began the Fort Worth Karate Championships. In 1985 and through 1990, I was the promoter of the National Bruce Lee Scholarship Tournament. At Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee's request, Linda Lee allowed me to use Bruce Lee's name for this tournament, and for five years I gave college scholarships to the winners of the scholarship division totaling

USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Museum of Sports Karate Hall of Fame World Black Belt Hall of Fame Living Legends Who's Who in Karate and the Other Martial Arts, 1982, 1983 and 1985



Mwa nz o Mwalimu Umeme Mpingo Mwanzo Mwalimu Umeme Mpingo is the creator and founder of an Afrikan martial art he has named Vita Saana. He describes Vita Saana, which translates to “Warrior’s Art” from its original afrikan language, as a “combative science” resembling boxing. A casualty of street violence and urban city life in Philadelphia in 1961, Mpingo developed his system of fighting with no formal Asian training. He describes its humble beginning as a fusion of street fighting, boxing but with knees and elbows added, head butting, classical fencing, African polyrhythmic dancing movement, and common sense. Civil unrest in the United States highlighted by Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, the Black Panther Party and other revolutionary entities, Mpingo found the Pan African movement that led him down another path in life. As a sub-combat system to Vita Saana, Mpingo developed EPCT (Elite Professional Combat Training) which borrowed and meshed together the fighting talents of the dragon, lion, snake, butterfly, monkey, grasshopper, and elephant along with kickboxing and “dirty combat.” Vita Saana and EPCT are taught in Philadelphia in parks and recreation centers, churches, YMCAs, PAL centers, school systems and many other institutions. These programs have won a Citation of Honor from the City of Philadelphia and the State of Pennsylvania. Students of Vita Saana also competed regionally, nationally, and on an international level and from the 1970s through 2000 they have won over 2,500 trophies ranging from 4” to 10’ tall.

weapons and dirty combat, again nationally and internationally, and he has been inducted into 25 Halls of Fame throughout the country. Further, Mpingo indicates that in the mid-1990s he was the creator and CEO of WAKA, the World Amateur Kickboxing Association, and that organization is recognized by the Pennsylvania State Commission. Still further, he reports that he was the original head coach of the Philadelphia National Karate Team, and also the founder and creator of BITMA, Blacks In The Martial Arts.

Mpingo has been featured in magazines, on television news broadcasts, and on the internet throughout the years, and he has competed from Florida to Canada and internationally as well. Mpingo has taught “thousands and thousands” of men, women, children, and professionals, and has had demonstrations, seminars and workshops teaching



Cla rence P. Murray Clarence P. Murray, Head Instructor of Murray’s Okinawan Karate, currently holds the rank of 9th Degree Black Belt (Kudan) in the Okinawan ShorinRyu style of Karate. Sense Murray has taught the martial arts to students of all ages for over forty years in the Washington Metro area. Clarence Murray began studying martial arts in 1964 under the late John Osaka (8th Dan Kodokan Judo) at the famous Detroit Judo Club. He began studying Karate under Master Willie Adams at the Dexter/Davidson Dojo in 1968. In the fall of 1970, Clarence Murray relocated to the state of Maryland and became a student of James H. Coffman, a 4th Degree Black belt and 1st generation student of Master Fise Kise and Grand Master Hohan Soken. He received his Shodan in 1971 and Nidan in 1974 in Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate. Sensei Coffman was responsible for building the strong principles and setting the tone of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo that Clarence Murray instructs today. Clarence Murray competed in Karate tournaments from 1970 to 1993. He won over 300 trophies and awards competing in kata, kobudo and kumite. Clarence Murray is nationally known for his expertise in Okinawan weapons, specializing in the Sai. Sensei Murray has received numerous awards for his contributions to martial arts, including the Everhart’s Nippon Kenpo Karate-Do Living Legend Award and being inducted into the North American Black Belt Hall of Fame, the United States Naval Academy Hall of Fame in 2011 and US Capitol Classics Hall of Fame in 2014. The Martial Arts Practitioners named Clarence Murray Outstanding Weapons Competitor in 1982 and Outstanding Referee’s in Region 10 (1980). Sensei Murray also received the prestigious Classics Award from the famed US Capitol Classics in 2016.

cable media. Clarence Murray and his weapons demo team were featured on ABC Wide World of Sports in 1975. Clarence Murray credits his martial arts skills and abilities to some of the best Okinawan Karate Masters of this era. They are: James Coffman 7th Dan, Willie Adams 10th Dan, Jody Paul 9th Dan, Frank Hargrove 9th Dan, William Hayes 9th Dan and Jiro Shiroma 9th Dan. Other Martial Arts Master includes Ali Shabazz 9th Dan Aikijujitsu.

Clarence Murray has been featured in the Washington Times, Official Karate, Karate Illustrated and Black Belt magazines, and in local broadcast, television and



G len Murra y Martial arts title: Master Maralya, NSW Australia Started studying martial arts in 1971 Teaching for 35 years and currently ranked as 8th Degree Black Belt, studying martial arts styles: Taekwon-Do − Instructor: Grand Master Lou Grasso, Master Park Castillo, and Grand Master John Chung − − − −

Personal Achievements Numerous martial arts competition awards inUSA and Australia, head referee and arbitrator for Iska Australia, referee for Wako organization, professional dancer and original cast member for Hello Hollywood Hello Show at the MGM Grand Hotel in Reno,Nevada,opened in 1978 as well as dancing all over the world. to give back to the world we all live in and try to make a difference to everyone.

In His Ow n Word Being a professional dancer, I loved the movements and kicking style of Taekwon-do. I started studying this art and have loved every moment of it and my hobby has turned into profession now for many years. I have loved watching children and adults that I teach change their lives through martial arts into wonderful caring people, who give back to the community. It gives a great sense of achievement. I have been able to set aside my needs and wants to that of others, to help them, give them self-pride and a purpose to carry on.

I have given my time to teach martial arts students at my headquarters, taught the security industry, the police sector, awareness bullying for kindergarten, TKD extra curriculum at a private school for the past 25 years, taught after school activities, gala day demonstrations at schools, self-defense programs for girls and the most rewarding is teaching the disabled and handicapped. From the late 1970’s till present, all California open. Long beach internationals, ska us open. Captain Webber days tournament, winter nationals, Nevada state tournament, Australia, ISKA World Cup., Australian Championships, CCP Championships, plus years of competition in USA. Major achievements include Nevada state 2nd fighter of the year, Australia Hall of fame. Received awards for ISKA instructor of the year, ISKA lifetime achievement award, ISKA Taekwondo instructor of the year, SKA Hall of Fame fighter of the year for 5 separate years late 90’s and 2000’s. Received 7th degree black belt from Grandmaster John Chung.

My philosophy is to cultivate wonderful people that study the martial arts, to be honest, caring and loyal to their family, friends and country. To bring together people from all walks of life and unite as one for the benefit of all, to give pride to the parents of those that struggle but can give their best in martial arts, to create wonderful caring instructors that the main aim is to guide students to become humble and caring people that study martial arts. Martial arts have given me courage to continue under any situation, the honour and integrity to walk the talk but most of all

Have held position of Head referee and NSW promoter for national all styles martial arts championships.



A bis u Na nji − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Brooklyn, NY, Jacksonville FL, Bridgewater/Somerville, NJ, New Brunswick, NJ − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - NMAFI Blend System (10th Dan); Goshi-Shun Karate-Do / Tae Kwon Do / Jafa Jujitsu 9th Dan; Isshin-Ryu Karate-Do-8th Dan; Sanuces Ryu Jujitsu--5th Dan; Goju Ryu Karate-do--4th Dan; Tae-Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan--4th Dan; Inosanto Blend / Filipino Martial Arts, Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do, Maphilindo / Majapahit Silat---Guro, Level One, Northern Shaolin Mantis Kung Fu---Sifu (Black Sash), American Freestyle Grappling/ WSW − Instructors - Sensei Richard Gorrell, Jr., Shihan Antonio Echeverria, Grandmaster James Fain, Oso Tayari Casel, Sifu Sheria Enahora, Sabumnim Don Williams, Dr. Moses Powell, Jo-Si Steve Muhammad, Sifu / Guro Dan Inosanto, Dr. Maung Gyi, Sifu / Guro Ron Balicki, Pendekar (Guru) Bahati Mershant, Coach Robert Ferguson, Coach Ruben Hawkins − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1968 − Years in the Martial Arts - 49 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 40

Prof essional Organizations NAPMA, MAIA, Inosanto International Martial Arts Association, Hakimmian Federation of Martial Arts, American Freestyle Grappling Association (AFGA), Kuntao Silat Atlanta

In His Ow n Words My personal journey in the martial arts began in 1968. My father starting training me in boxing. He was a competitive boxer when he served in the U.S. Army and had set his sights on making me a Golden Gloves champion. Well, all that changed one eventful night when I was watching a show called "The Green Hornet," starring Van Williams as the main character and an unknown Asian actor and martial artist named Bruce Lee, who co-starred as his crime-fighting sidekick Kato. Kato was mesmerizing and was destroying his adversaries with a dynamic array of kicks, punches and strikes that prompted me to tell my father that I wanted to learn how to fight like that and I did not want to box anymore. After a brief debate, he agreed to enroll me in a karate school but I still had to train in boxing at least 3 days a week. We located a local community center called the Neighborhood House, Inc. in New Brunswick, NJ and my entire family enrolled in the karate classes being offered there. The classes were taught by Mr. Richard Gorrell, Jr. who was also the Executive Director of the center---he

Personal Achievements I studied at Morehouse College and was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. I am a professional vocalist and live entertainer * Multi-lingual *. Being able to perform onstage with major musical artists such as Issac Hayes, Tevin Campbell, Stephanie Mills, Patti LaBelle, Archie Bell and the Drells, Peabo Bryson, TROOP, and others has been a grand experience. As a Professional Transformational Speaker, raising three adult children, working as vocal coach for amateur and professional singers, acting on stage and screen, and releasing two recordings back in the late 80s that had regional success in the Southeast U.S are amongst my fondest achievements. Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)



taught an Okinawan system of karate called Isshin-ryu and I am the only member of my family who stayed long enough to earn a Black Belt. I continued to expand my martial arts knowledge and skills by training with many other instructors in different martial art disciplines in an effort to grow and develop into a complete martial artist and translate the philosophy into my daily life. I have been highly blessed and fortunate enough to train and study under some of the greatest martial artists of our time as both a student and instructor. My participating in countless seminars and workshops by many other master teachers has contributed greatly to my personal development as a man and martial artist. My personal philosophy of martial arts is that it should serve as a lifestyle system of self-analysis, self-discovery, selfactualization, manifestation, health and wellness will outcome achievement and mental and spiritual growth. In 2003 I created the NMAFI Blend System which was designed to merge the best of the Afrikan systems I studied with the best of Western Boxing, Southeast Asian Arts, Grappling, and other systems that worked for me to make a complete martial artist using the marriage of modern scientific approaches with Ancient Afrikan Science along with Universal Laws and Principles. This is what makes it unique as a hybrid system created to honor all my various teachers and as a vehicle that assisted me in problem-solving during the course of my development.

defense and fitness on my system. My seminars and workshops are offered nationwide.

Over the years I have taught countless men, women, and children at my martial arts school, in after- school programs, through seminars and workshops, defensive tactics training for law enforcement and military personnel, specialized programs for small businesses, at colleges and universities, corporations and civic organizations. My areas of specialization are: personal fitness, personal protection and personal safety, rape and assault prevention, bully prevention and applied martial arts concepts for athletes to enhance human performance. My workshops and seminars have been recognized with numerous awards. I have produced several DVDs, Audio CDs for personal protection / self-

Martial Arts Achievements

I am presently completing the task of writing a seven volume book series entitled, "The Secret Revealed: an Introduction to the Afrikan Origins / Influences of the Martial Arts Worldwide”, in an effort to present a comprehensive analysis of Africa's powerful focusing on overlooked contributions to the world of martial arts from ancient times up to the present. I am a professional transformational speaker and a certified personal trainer. My researching, studying and training of the martial arts is ongoing.

Major martial arts achievements − 2004 USA martial Arts Hall of Fame Hapkido Instructor of the Year − 2006 Budo Magazine's Hall of

Fame − 2006 International Federation of JuJutsuans Legion of Honor − 2007 Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame − 2013 designation as World Training Center of the International Combat Hapkido Federation Host of the International Combat Hapkido Federation annual National Training Conference

− 1974--1977 East Coast Karate Champion/ Black Belt-Lightweight Division (Sparring) − Competed in the Battle of Atlanta and defeated nationally ranked competitor, Freddie Letul − Inducted into the Kuroshi-Do Hall of Fame and the Action Martial Arts Mega Weekend Hall of Honors − Featured in the book, "The Masters Speak: In Their Own Words by Cleveland Robinson and the newly revised upcoming edition of "Black Heroes of the Martial Arts" by Ron Van Clief and Glenn Perry



Rebecca Nova k −

− − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – born, Fort Riley, Kansas; grew up, Herington Kansas Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan, 3rd degree Black Belt\ Instructor - Master Arnold Zip White Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1980 Years in the Martial Arts - 37 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 20 Years

Prof essional Organizations Tang Soo Do Karate Association (TKA) Personal Achievements Enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1979; retired with 20 years of service in 1999 directed Graduated from University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelors Degree of Science in Education, with a major in Kinesiology in December of 2005 Received my Physical Certification in 2006


became very enthusiastic in being the best I could be in point fighting. While I was a Green Belt, I began traveling to national tournaments outside the state of Texas, and Master White allowed me to fight in Women's Advanced Belt Division. I was very successful, so by the time I had a Black Belt I was nationally ranked 9th and 10th by Black Belt Magazine 1983 and 1984. I was also ranked 2nd in region 6th behind Grand Master Linda Denley.


In Her Words I started my martial arts training after I joined the Air Force. I’d always wanted to join a class growing up, but I lived in a very small farm town and no karate classes were available. I have always admired the self-discipline the martial arts require.

I was an assistant instructor for the Red Dragon demonstration team, and in charge of choreographing our karate demonstrations. The team performed for the Underprivileged Youths of San Antonio, for the Asian American month, and for the Defense Language Institute on Lackland Air Force Base We did this on a yearly basis in the 1980s and 1990s. The Red Dragons also performed at the United States Air Force Thunderbird’s Air Show annually.

When I arrived at Kelly AFB, in San Antonio, Texas, I inquired about a good karate class to join and I was to a class instructed by Sgt. Arnold "Zip" White. I began the class in June of 1980 and by 1983 I had my Black Belt. I was so inspired by the whole martial arts experience that I began working out every day of the week and going to karate tournaments on the weekends.

Major Martial Arts Achievements I will be inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in July 2017

Master White instilled in his students the self-discipline, dedication and determination to be the best you can be as a person and a martial artist. The Red Dragons had a very good reputation as a point fighting team, so of course I

Under Master White I was the top female instructor and fighter in the Red Dragon organization



Dav id Ny ce − − − − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Washington D.C. Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Tae Kwon Do, 5th degree Black Belt Your Instructor - Grand Master Jhoon Rhee Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1979 Years in the Martial Arts - 38 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 36

Professional Or gani zat ions Jhoon Rhee Institute of Tae Kwon Do Personal Achievement s I’ve been married to my beautiful bride Lisa Nyce for 32 years, and we have two great kids, Christina and Daniel. We opened our own Tae Kwon Do school called The Black Belt Academy and have had a successful karate school business for 28 years. As a martial artist, I achieved my first degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do from GM Jhoon Rhee, earned the position of manager of one of his schools, and was then promoted to General Manager. Subsequently we opened several of Master Rhee’s franchises in Fairfax, Virginia. I earned my 5th degree Black Belt in 2013. From there I successfully passed the torch from me to my son Daniel who is now a 3rd degree Black Belt. Together Daniel and I opened and continue to operate the Fearless Family Martial Arts school in Gainesville, Virginia.

In my career in dance I met many great dancers including Jeff Smith, John Chung, Dong Ju Lee, and Neil Ehrlich all famous martial artists themselves and many of them came to my dance studio. That's when Jeff Smith introduced me to Grand Master Jhoon Rhee and the rest is history. I started training with the Jhoon Rhee martial arts program and all of these great masters and loved it. Given my business experience with my own dance school it was easy to make the jump to the martial arts industry and I’ve have been teaching and leading young people to Black Belt ever since. I have been honored to have studied under GM Jhoon Rhee, Master Jeff Smith, Master John Chung, Master Michael Coles, Master Dong Ju Lee, and Master Neil Ehrlich, and many others as well, but these are martial artists that I owe my sincere appreciation, thanks, and gratitude.

In His Own Words When I was in my 20s I was a master Latin dancer and owned and operated a very successful dance studio in Fairfax, Virginia. And as we all know; martial artists are also great dancers.



M ike O’Brien Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Tralee, Kery, Ireland Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) Kickboxing, 8th dan; Bushido, 6th dan;

Tae Kwon Do, 1st dan; Jiu Jitsu, Orange Belt Your Instructor - GM Patrick White Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1987 Years in the Martial Arts – 30 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 15

Prof essional Organizations WKA, WKC, WKF, WMO, WTM, USMTA BWF and Wushu kung fu

Personal Achievements − − − − − − − − − − − − −

Fitness instructor NCEF level 6 ACE certified personal trainer Certified LABA boxing coach Certified boxercise, kick boxercise, personal trainer World Championship Gold and Silver medals Hall of fame award World Vice President for WKF World Director for WMO World President CEO founder of WFM and to be in over 100 countries World President for BWF European Director for WMF World Director, Adaptive Boxing Association Voted best coach in Austria

There was time when I pulled away from my martial arts training due to some negative factors and outside interferences, and I developed some bad habits. With help from friends and good influences, I was able to break away from all this and eventually I resumed my interest in the martial arts. Grateful for the helping hands, I went back to Tae Kwon Do for training. lt really helped me, but it always took me that bit longer to learn, especially the patterns, but I fell in love with a great coach again loved competition, especially fighting. Eventually karate got to be a family sport, and I trained with my three daughters. And then I started kick boxing and fell in love with it. After Naomi had won her second World Championship, I had a vision and dream that she could go to the Olympics; it's a thought that always ran through my mind. We have traveled the world fighting and I won a Silver Medal in a WKS event in Florida where Naomi won a Gold Medal. We’ve traveled to tournaments on the weekends, and in Spain my daughter Tisha won a Bronze Medal in the World Championships there. I feel and believe I will help get us to the Olympics.

In His Ow n Words I come from a family of eight, three brothers and four sisters, and I am a half twin to my sister. School was not very easy for me. I day dreamed a lot and had trouble staying focused on my schoolwork. I started boxing when I was eight and really enjoyed it. By the time I turned twelve I found myself working out in a kung fu class, and it was great. Right away I knew this was something that I could focus on, and my coach was a brilliant teacher.



Major Martial Arts Achievements − − − − − − − − −

− Brought my daughter training with the Irish high performance team − Hosted and promoted World Title Fight Nights in Ireland − Coached six students to win Irish kickboxing titles − Irish President for United States Muay Thai association − European Chairman for World Muay Thai Federation − Hall of Fame, best coach in Egypt − Coached seven students to Best of the Best, Ireland; all won Gold Medal, World Peace Award − Confirmed host with six year Las Vegas contract for two events a year, 2016 thru 2018 − Confirmed host with four year Dubai contract for one event, 2016 thru 2018

Leinster champion, Tae Kwon Do WKA-Florida, silver medal kickboxing WKF World Championships, Gold Medal, 2011 Coached my daughter Naomi to win two World Championships, Prague and Spain Coached team Ireland, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals WMO Irish President and World Director WFM CEO, Founder, and World President Brought team Ireland to WFM International Open, won championship belts and Gold Medals Coached boxing students to win All Ireland Gold Medals and Cadet Titles



Jerry Ot t o − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland; in Baltimore until age 12; − Taiwan, 3 years; Germany, 3 years − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Grand Master of Shen Dragon Karate Dojo; Okinawan Shorin-ryu, Hanshi-Dan; Chi Ling Pai, 4th dan; Okinawan Kempo, 4th dan − Instructor - Grand Master Tadashi Yamashita; Grand Master Ed Hartzell; Grand Master Paul Ortino − Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1974 − Years in the Martial Arts - 43 years − Years Teaching Martial Arts - 40 years −

Prof essional Organizations Yamashita International Martial Arts Association United Tae Kwon Do Association United Karate Kung Fu Association Oriental Defensive Arts Association East Coast International Kosho-Shorie Association Kenpo Jujutsu Ryu Kosho Kenpo Ryu Schools and Temples − Victory Martial Arts International Council − − − − − −

spent time with the Hindu Pandits to deepen my philosophical knowledge. I have a long career in construction project management achieving the position of Senior Project Manager for federally funded projects in the US Virgin Islands and managing projects with construction cost of more than $30 million dollars with consistent on time deliveries. I own a project management and consulting company. I have owned and operated three karate dojos: Phillipsburg, New Jersey, St. Croix US Virgin Islands, and St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Personal Achievements and Philosophy Founding the Shen Dragon Karate Dojo in 1981 has been one of the greatest achievements of my life. My philosophy is based on the principles of humility, honor, virtue and compassion. The Shen Dragon is not just a karate school; it has become a legacy for students who have gone on to great achievements. Many students from the 80s and 90s still consider themselves a Shen Dragon. The system was also taught in Dominica, W.I. at the Caribe Indian Reserve.

In His Ow n Words I started the study of martial arts in 1965 when my father was stationed in Taiwan. I studied a local style of Chinese Kung Fu in a small village on Yamingshan Mountain, outside of Taipei. After returning to the United States in 1973 I began formal training in Korean Tae Kwon Do and the next year undertook studies in two other styles, Okinawan Shorin-Ryu and Chinese Kempo at the Red Dragon Karate Dojo in Easton, Pennsylvania. I trained under Grandmaster Master Al Smith, Sr., who was a student of Grandmaster Lou Cassamassa, of the Red Dragon Karate Dojo in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1978, I was promoted to the 1st Degree Black Belt and 2 years later was promoted to the 2nd Degree Black Belt under this system.

I traveled Puerto Rico from 1997 to 2000 where I was the guest instructor of karate schools of different styles. I continued to teach the concepts and principles of the Shen Dragon System, sharing my knowledge with interested students. From 2007 to 2010, I traveled and lived on Mauritius Island, South Indian Ocean. There I taught privately and also continued personal studies in ancient philosophy. I visited the Dravpadhee Amen Kovil Hindu Temple and



kata. In 1987, I decided to test my skills by entering the U.S. National Karate Championships to challenge the top nationally ranked Black Belt competitors in the United States and Canada. I entered my first National Karate Competition at Master Dennis Brown’s U.S. Capital Classics, in Washington, DC. in 1987. My debut at this level had an unprecedented outcome. I won all the eliminations, finishing in a tie with Master Steven Curran, the First-Place ranking national karate champion of the senior division. Finally, in the tie-breaking round, I defeated the champion to become the Classics 1st Place Senior Forms Division Winner. The success at the Washington, DC tournament set in motion a series of events that would elevate the level of the competition in the national karate senior’s division forever. I continued to compete in tournaments across the country setting new standards for with fellow competitors and by the end of 1987 accumulated enough points to earn 3rd Place Ranking in Kata from the North American Sport Karate Association. The next year, 1988, I competed in the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) and the Professional Karate League (PKL) events, winning First Place in 18 of 22 competitions to earn the top ranking in the U.S. and Canada in the Senior Forms and Senior Weapons Division in both Karate Leagues. In 1988, I won two First Place National Titles in the NASKA league and two First Place National Titles in the PKL league. I repeated my success with the PKL in 1989, finishing the season as the only Undefeated Champion in both Kata and Weapons, an unprecedented feat in the two Black Belt categories. In all, I won Six First Place National Titles in two years. I became known for my quick agile movements and powerful Bo skills. My accomplishments during those years earned a new respect for the senior competition division. My accomplishments also earned a special distinction - a place in the PKL Black Belt Hall of Fame prompting league President Glen Hart to describe; “Master Otto is the greatest senior competitor in weapons kata and open hand kata in the history of the national pro/am circuit.”

In 1981, I founded The Shen Dragon Karate Dojo in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. We gained recognition for our ability to teach students from the ages of 5 to 60. The school and its students became involved in various community projects, including disaster relief for families and the March of Dimes. I also offered services as a guest speaker to schools, church groups, and other local organizations to talk about sexual-assault prevention, general self-defense, and substance abuse prevention. My efforts as an instructor and community leader earned me the recognition in 1986 from the United States Karate Kempo Association as Teacher of the Year. I continued to study philosophical concepts as it applies to martial art development through writings of ancient Japanese text translations by Zen Masters like Daisetz T. Suzuki. His legendary knowledge of Zen and the Samurai martial arts inspired me to seek a deeper understanding of how the concept of Zen could be brought forth to modern day martial art training. I studied text from Tibetan Buddhism and frequently visited the Labsum Shedrup Ling, Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center, in New Jersey from 1983 to 1989. Through my continued visits I became friends with the founder, Geshe Ngawang Wangyal, a Kalmyk Mongolian Guru. There I studied the philosophy and psychology of Tibetan Buddhism with Buddhist scholars and resident monks. In 1989, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama visited the Buddhist Learning Center. I was asked to body-guard His Holiness. A few of my top Black Belts and I guarded the Dalai Lama during his sessions at the Center. I had the honor and privilege of a personal invitation from the Dalai Lama to attend an informal gathering with temple staff in his private chambers. I continued my studies, practice, and teaching, eventually achieving the master rank of 5th Degree under Master Edward Hartzell, of the Okinawan Shorinji Kenpo System and Master Nimr Hassan, who is a direct disciple of Grandmaster James M. Mitose, of the Koga Ha Kosho Shorie Kempo System. I also earned the rank of master (4th Dan) in the art of Chi Ling Pai under the instruction of Master Denis Decker and master (4th Dan) under Master Cliff Comparano, in the art of Okinawan Kenpo. Throughout these studies, I was introduced to the scientific concepts of physics as it applies to martial art technique development.

Martial Arts Achievements − Among numerous honors Master Otto has earned through the U.S Karate Kenpo Association (USKKA), North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA), and the Professional Karate League (PKL): − Regional Champion East Coast USA 1975 to 1985,

I was an avid tournament competitor throughout the 70s and 80s and well-known throughout the east coast regions, as a top competitor in kumite, kata, and weapons



− HALL OF FAME Professional Karate League 1988, − Ranked 1st Place Senior Forms, Undefeated U.S. & Canada Professional Karate League 1989, Ranked 1st Place Undefeated Senior Weapons U.S. & Canada Professional Karate League 1989 − Elected to Executive Committee Profession Karate League 1990-91 − Nominated to World Head of Family Sokeship Council 2017 − − At the same time, I sought to promote a greater public interest in the martial arts by organizing tournaments, seminars, and exhibitions. As a part of this, I brought the first National Tournament to Pennsylvania, the Keystone National Karate Championships, in 1988 and 1989.

− Teacher of the Year US Karate Kempo Association 1986, − National Competitor of the Year US Karate Kempo Association 1987, − Ranked 3rd Place in Senior Forms in U.S. & Canada Professional Karate League 1987, − Ranked 3rd Place in Senior Weapons U.S. & Canada Professional Karate League 1987, Ranked 1st Place Senior Black Belt Forms U.S. & Canada Professional Karate League 1988, Ranked 1st Place Senior Black Belt Forms U.S. & Canada North America Sport Karate Association1988, − Ranked 1st Place Senior Black Belt Weapons U.S. & Canada Professional Karate League 1988, − Ranked 1st Place Senior Weapons U.S. & Canada North Amer. Sport Karate Association 1988, Ranked 3rd Place Black Belt Fighting, Region 10, U.S. & Canada North Amer. Sport Karate Association 1988,



Ha milt on Perkins − Martial arts title: Kyoshi − Graham, North Carolina − Started studying martial arts in 1976 − Teaching for 35 years and currently holds the rank of 7th Degree-Japanese, 4th Degree-Okinawan, 3rd Degree-Korean Tae Kwon Do, 2nd DegreeAmerican Karate, studying martial arts styles: Shito Ryu, Okinawa Te, ITF Tae Kwon Do, American Karate − Instructors: Japanese-Irvin Shelton, OkinawanLarry Isaac, Korean-Yong Kim, American-Jan Wellendorf and Bill Osterholt Personal Achievements • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kyoshi Menkyo-Ka iden PKL Nationa l Bla ck Be lt Hall of Fame Instruc tor of the Y ear Awards Instruc tor of Wor ld Ch ampion - Sue Brazelton Promoter o f Na tion al a nd Region al Tournaments Ranked in Figh ting, Fo rms, and Wea pons - PKL Featured in Seve ral Ma rtial Arts Magazines Seminar Conduc to r Producer, Acto r, o r S tu ntman in over 20 Mov ies High Schoo l Soc io logy and Psycholo gy Teach er Varsity H igh Schoo l Ba sketb all Coach - Over 450 win s Public Speake r

International Organization. I attribute my success in every area of life, to the tremendous level of desire, dedication, and determination that I've gained through 40 years of martial arts training. The martial arts has greatly enhanced my ability to remain humble through victory, and to remain dignified during setbacks. To me, what you learn through martial arts can be applied to all aspects of life. My goal is to inspire others to succeed through good character, courage, dedication, and determination. The leadership qualities that I've learned through the martial arts has allowed me to positively influence others, as a karate instructor and competitor, as a high school teacher, as a high school coach, and as a public speaker at educational and civics events.

In His Ow n Words As a teen I was influenced by the amazing athleticism of Tae Kwon Do. As a college student, I was influenced by the technical excellence and business aspects of karate, by Jan Wellendorf and Dale Brooks' AMAA – Karate

These important "Pillars of Character" (confidence, courage, discipline, honor, integrity) have been greatly emphasized during my training, and I try to live by



Nationals (Chung's) - 2nd Fighting; Boston Summer Open - 3rd Kata; Niagara Nationals - 2nd kata; Battle of Atlanta - Made it to the Seeded Fighters;Top Ten Fall Nationals (L. Arthur) 1st Fighting, 1st Forms, 3rd Weapons

them daily. For Martial Artists - I've conducted Kata, Kumite, and Kobudo Clinics. I've also conducted Seminars on Bunkai and Oyo Applications. For the Community - I've been a Keynote Speaker at Educational, Civic, and Athletic Events. I've also conducted Self Defense and Safety Awareness Courses for Business and Professional Groups.

Competed at Capital Classics; U.S. Open; Ocean State Nationals; Bluegrass Nationals

I have participated in major tournaments including New York Nationals - 2nd Kata, 3rd Fighting, 3rd Weapons; Battle of Baltimore - 2nd Fighting, 3rd kata, 3rd Weapons; Coors Silver Bullet Nationals - 2nd Fighting, 3rd Kata; California Nationals - 3rd Fighting, 3rd kata; Dixieland Nationals - 1st Kata; Jhoon Rhee

Martial Arts Achievements Kyoshi, Menkyo-Kaiden, P.K.L. National Black Belt Hall of Fame, Instructor of the Year Awards, Ranked Competitor-Fight, Forms, and Weapons – PKL.



A J Perry − −

− − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Cleveland, Ohio Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Tang Soo Do, 8th dan; Tae Kwon Do, 4th dan; Judo, 2nd dan Instructors: – Grand Masters Myung Hwan Kim, CS Kim, IJ Kim, and Sung Hwan Kim Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1970 Years in the Martial Arts – 40 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 38

Prof essional Organizations

Myung Hwan Kim. My parents told me that if I wanted to take martial arts I would have to pay for the lessons by myself. That was a great lesson my parents taught me. In 1979, I started helping GM Kim in the children’s classes, and in 1981 I opened my first club.

Moo Do America World Traditional Martial Arts Association Personal Achievements Bronze medal, Championships






The martial arts have taught me to give back. The word “Samurai” means "To Serve." This is my philosophy. I am dedicated not only to my students but also to the Marines. I served as president of The Three Deuce Five Marine Foundation, and now I serve as vice president. The 3/25 Marine Foundation offers personal and financial assistance to Marines and sailors in need.

Gold medal, 2017 Battle of Columbus Traditional Forms competition In His Ow n Words From a young age, I always had an interest in the martial arts. It started with seeing Bruce Lee in "The Green Hornet." I also saw a movie with James Garner called "Marlowe." In the movie Bruce Lee kicked a light out with a jumping kick. I was hooked from that point on. Shortly afterward my brother-inlaw returned from the Air Force. He was stationed in Thailand where he trained in Tae Kwon Do and he reached the rank of Brown Belt. In October 1970, he exposed me to Tae Kwon Do, and I started training then.

Major Martial Arts Achievements Greater Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame 2014 Masters Hall of Fame 2016 World Karate Union Hall of Fame 2015 World Sokeship Council Hall of Fame 2006 World Traditional Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame 2006

I started wrestling in school and was training in a garage with a friend. In 1977, I started with GM



Fra ncis Pineda Starting his training in 1981 at the Jhoon Rhee school in Marlow Heights, Maryland, Francis Pineda received his black belt with outstanding marks three years later. Francis Pineda's impressive lineage is under martial arts legends Chuck Bittle, Norman Gavin, Dongju Lee, and Michael Coles. Within five years, Master Pineda was the manager and head instructor of the Glenn Dale Jhoon Rhee school, a position he held until 1991. He then became Assistant Manager and Head Instructor at Jhoon Rhee’s Georgetown school, further developing his martial arts and school operations skills. In 1997, Master Pineda set out for Arizona, where he served for five years as Vice President and Head Instructor of America’s Best Karate, a system of five 7,000-square-foot schools with 300 students each. In 2004, after returning to Virginia, Master Pineda began his current role as Co-owner and Head Instructor of Jhoon Rhee Arlington. A year later, he was also appointed Head Instructor of Jhoon Rhee International. Francis Pineda along with his partner Barry Shackelford currently have over 650 students. Over the course of his career as a martial arts educator, Francis Pineda has trained more than 20 national champions; he has also provided training for the Maryland State Police, the Washington D.C. Metro Police, and the Arizona DPS. Francis Pineda has assisted Grandmaster Rhee in training many members of the U.S. Congress. The many students who have benefitted from his instruction include Congresswoman Mary Bono as well as national champions Carmichael Simon, Rasta Thomas, Jeff Durbin, Ashley Lane, Billy Hillmuth, Mallory Woods, and Garry Waugh.

of the University of Maryland’s Sport Karate Team. He has also served as Tournament Director of regional and national martial arts tournaments for more than 12 years on the NASKA and NBL circuits.

Master Pineda, a 6th Dan Black Belt, has excelled in competition, as well. Ranked nationally in forms and sparring for five years running, he has been a nationally sponsored member of both Team Otomix and Team Prestige. Notable team mates on Prestige include John Valera, Don Theerathada, Willie "The Bam" Johnson, brothers Hakim and Shah Alston, Michael Tull, Phil Baroody, and Lydia Amaya to name a few. In college, he was Team Founder and Captain

Given his impressive martial arts credentials, it’s perhaps no surprise that Francis Pineda also finds himself in the entertainment spotlight from time to time. In addition to being featured in the 2002 movie Leather and Iron, he works as martial arts choreographer and director for Creative Edge Studios in Sterling, Virginia, and appears as “Khan” in the company’s series of Untouchable computer, coin-op, and console games.



Ca rl Piper − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – American Karate, 5th degree Black Belt − Instructor – GM Joe Corley − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1973 − Years in the Martial Arts - 44 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 37 − Professional Organizations − Professional Karate Association (PKA) − Professional Karate Commission (PKC) − International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) − International Kickboxing Federation (IKF)

Personal Achievements Currently ranked 5th Degree Black Belt

In his ow n w ords I began martial arts training in the service (U.S. Army) in late 1973 in Shorin-Ryu Karate under Staff Sergeant Mike Brown. After about six months, SSG Brown was transferred out and, much later, Sgt. Interior Taloulou began a Hapkido class on base. I trained with him until he was transferred and the club fell apart. Later, I was transferred to a restricted missile base in Turkey and formal martial arts i nstruction was non-existent. Even so, a group of us trained and ran together.

Instructor of the Year, and later with National Karate in Roswell, Georgia. I started refereeing full contact karate/kickboxing bouts in the late 80’s, with excellent assistance and guidance from the late Jay T. Will (RIP), GM Bill Clark and Master Truman Irving, have been certified by the Professional Karate Association (PKA), the Professional Karate Commission (PKC), the International Sport Karate Association, (ISKA) and the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF ) and have accumulated over 250 rounds as a professional referee. During this time I also continued my martial arts education, attending many seminars hosted and taught by Professor Remy Presas ( Modern Arnis) Master George Dillman ( Pressure Point Attacks) Master Wally Jay (Small Circle Jui-Jitsu) and ,much later , Kyoshi Robert Ferguson (laido/Kendo)

Since the Turkey posting was categorized as a “hardship tour,” I had a better opportunity to choose my next station. After reading about Joe Corley in the karate magazines at the time, one of the locations I chose as my next station was Fort McPherson, Georgia, outside of Atlanta. Luckily there was an opening there for my MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) and the Army okayed the new post. As soon as I settled in, I visited the Buckhead school of Joe Corley American Karate and began training under Mr. Larry Black, Mr. Keith Vitali and Mr. Richard Jackson, earning my 1st Degree Black Belt in December 1980. I immediately began teaching karate and continued doing so for the next 20 years with the Joe Corley American Karate schools twice being awarded



Dona ld P lummer Per so na l Acco mp l is h ment s AA Degree at Coppin State University Baltimore, MD Philosophy Special Recognition Senior Indomitable Spirit Battle of Columbus Bruce Lee Hall of Fame M a j o r Ach iev e me nt s I was inducted in the Battle of Columbus Bruce Lee Hall of Fame on May 22, 2015. I have won many Gold medals for breaking including Florida, New York and Ohio In H i s O w n Wo rd s I started in Karate, and then began studying Tae Kwon Do. I started in 1968 with GM Ki Whang Kim in Silver Spring, MD, earning my 2nd Degree Black belt in 1978. After moving to Connecticut and studying Soo Buk, I later moved to California and studied WTF TKD. I moved back to Baltimore and studied under Grand Master Say Unn Chang where I was certified as a 2nd degree black belt with WTF. I moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida after 7 years and studied with Grand Master Frank Laureda who promoted me to a 4th degree Master Instructor in 2016. I am also a certified referee and an AAU Official.



P et er Port er − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – born, Lebanon, New Hampshire; grew up, Hartland Vermont − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Okinawan Kempo, 3rd dan; Shorin Ryu, 10th dan; − Japanese Goju, 1st dan − Your Instructor - L. Michael Hancock, Bill Wallace, George Dillman, Seiyu Oyata, and Sekichi Odo − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1961 − Years in the Martial Arts – 56 − Years Teaching Martial Arts - 43 years

Personal Achievements − Fishing Guide, Alaska and New York − Hunting Guide, Florida, New York, Vermont and Canada − opened the Wolf & Wild Canine Sanctuary in 1986

In His Ow n Words I build guitars professionally as Teleporter Custom Guitars I have 5 state record Whitetail deer kills, three with archery equipment In karate, I have had many tournament wins and grand championships. Currently two of my black belts are rated #1 in kata, kumite and kobudo in New England IPPONE circuit--one in men’s, the other in women’s.

I opened my first karate school in June 1974 and received my 10th dan in 2008 from Richie Bernard, a 10th dan in Shorin Ryu and Goju Ryu. In 2011, I was awarded my own style through the Zen Kokusai Budo/Bugei Renmei Sokeship Council that also acknowledged my Shorin Ryu 10th dan. My own style is called Mizukoori-Ryu, an offshoot of Shorin-Ryu. After retiring from tournament participation, I kept teaching and plan to continue instructing until it is impossible. In reflection, my students excel at any karate competition they go to in fighting, forms or weapons. My background with some of the best in the world shows with their abilities, and I can see Bill Wallace in their fighting and Oyata-Sensei in their weapons and kata. I taught and have taught stretching, fighting and weapons seminars all around the country.

I started in judo and Isshin Ryu karate in 1961 under my older brother David who was stationed in Okinawa. David had trained directly with Don Nagle and Tatsuo Shimabuku. In the mid 60’s, I started boxing and then into Shorin Ryu Matsumura Orthadox karate better known as Matsumura Seito. I spent the late 60's through the mid 80's competing in New England and Pennsylvania at karate tournaments. During my training years I practiced with Dan Lockwood, George Dillman and Edward Harper in Okinawan Kempo, Douglas Hooper in Japanese Goju, Wayne Renfrow in Mongolese, Chou Con Di in Hapkido, Sali Emen Azem in Uechi Ryu, Sekichi Odo in Okinawa, Kenpo, Seiyu Oyata in Ryu Kyu Kempo, and L. Michael Hancock in

Major Martial Arts Achievements − Appointed the first USANKF Director of New England by Roger Jarrett

Shorin Ryu. In 1976, I met Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, sparred with him in a demo match, and we became friends. I based my stretching, kicking and sparring on techniques he taught me. I lost only one match after training with him. I won most of the tournaments.



Jos eph P reira −

− − − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Born, Bronxville, New York; Grew up, Putnam County New York Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) Tae Kwon Do, 6th degree Black Belt Instructor - Master Instructor Doug Cook Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1993 Years in the Martial Arts - 24 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 20

Prof essional Organizations − −

World Tae Kwon Do Federation Martial Arts Mastery Group

Personal Achievements 1997 - Promotion to 1st degree Black Belt and assistant instructor 1998 - Promotion to 2nd degree Black Belt and certified instructor

became the foundation for me building my mind and body. Regular ongoing training, competition and instruction gave me the tools to be selected as a staff member by my instructor at age 16. At age 19 I was presented the opportunity to take over as branch manager of a newly opened school. I remember writing in my Black Belt essay when I was 15 that I wanted to run a school one day. I dropped out of college and followed my dream. I attribute the success of my school to my martial arts training.

2000 - Promotion to 3rd degree Black Belt 2001 - Made branch manager of a new school at age 19 2003 - Promotion to 4th degree Black Belt and Master Instructor Certification 2003 - Awarded opportunity to own the school I was managing 2008 - Promotion to 5th degree Black Belt after testing in Korea

The confidence, perseverance and leadership skills that I developed through my training were, and still are, the back bone of my philosophy in running a school at the age of 19. Since opening the school 15 years ago I have committed to expanding the school's reach and making a positive impact on my community. I'm an advocate of ongoing and never-ending learning for myself and my students, and I set the example by actively training under my instructor, Master Doug Cook.

2008 - Acquired and renovated a building, - the home of Success Martial Arts 2016 - Promotion to 6th degree Black Belt under Grandmaster Richard Chun and Master Doug Cook Present owner / operator of Success Martial Arts, Central Valley, New York In his ow n w ords I started martial arts at age 11. I had not excelled in any sports or activities, and the martial arts 304


I'd like to thank my parents for their unwavering support of my training and business endeavors. I'm thankful to my instructors and mentor’s past and present for their coaching and encouragement and for all of the opportunities granted to me. And thank you to Grandmaster Jeff Smith for nominating me for this publication; it is very humbling.

Major martial arts achievements I continue to be mentored by Grandmaster Stephen Oliver, Grandmaster Jeff Smith, and Grandmaster Greg Moody on how to have an even greater impact on my students and my community.



Pa ul Prendergas t - Place of birth & Place growing up- Flushing, NY & Jackson, NJ

- Martial Arts style(s) and Belt Rank(s)-Kenpo 7th dan, Jujitsu 3rd dan, Submission Fighting Level 2 Instructor, Arnis,

- Instructors- GM Art Beins, Professor Wally Jay,

Professor Remy Presas, Frank Shamrock, GM Jeff Smith, GM Bill Wallace, GM Stephen Oliver, GM Joe Lewis, Erik Paulson, Dan Severn.

- Year started studying Martial Arts-1980 Prof essional Organizations

Stephen Oli ver’s Mart ial Arts Mastery Personal Achievements I have two successful martial arts schools servicing over 500 families, I am a classically trained chef, and I recently wrote a book “STOP PAINFUL PARENTINGTALES FROM OUR SIDE OF THE MAT”, but my greatest achievement I believe is that I have raised a beautiful, bright, and kind daughter who recently started grad school.

passion and knowledge of their art inspired me to become the best instructor I could be. In 2005, I met five time Undefeated UFC Champion Frank Shamrock, I studied and train with him getting to become a Certified Instructor in his fighting system. After working with Mr. Shamrock, for a short time, I entered my first grappling tournament in 2006 winning my division at 43 yrs old.

In His Ow n Words In 1980 my older brother took me with him to a Karate class taught by GM Art Beins of Howell, NJ. From my first class, I was hooked on the martial arts. I was the short fat kid who constantly got teased and harass in public school so the martial arts provided me with the self-respect and confidence I needed. In 1982, I had the great honor and pleasure to meet two legends in the martial arts, “Superfoot" Bill Wallace and the late great Joe Lewis. These legends influence me to train hard and seek the best in myself. In 1985, I attended a seminar by GM Jhoon Rhee. Master Rhee inspired me too much that I wanted to open my own school. I did, and in 1989 my doors where open for business.

In 2016, I had the good fortune to meet GM Jeff Smith at this school in Sterling, VA. I became a student of his through Martial Arts Mastery Group where he has helped me raise my standards and bring my businesses to the next level.

Martial Arts Achievements 2014- Self Defense Instructor for US Mens National Soccer Team

In 1990, I met Professor Wally Jay, and Professor Remy Presas. These two great instructors introduced to the arts of Jujitsu, and Arnis. I would work these gentlemen as much and as often as I could. There

2014- Ocean Happening Magazine’s Best of Ocean County Karate Schools



2008- Asbury Park Press “Best of the Best Karate Schools”.

2002- Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame 1994- Martial Arts Business Magazine “Top 200 Schools in Nation” award

2007- State of New Jersey Proclamation (Community Service)

1993- US Martial Arts Association Award Special Achievement

2007- Jackson, NJ High School Alumni Hall of Fame 2006- NAGA (North Atlantic Grappling Assoc.) Super Heavy weight Div. Winner

1992- East Coast Martial Arts Hall of Fame



Dea n Pyles Grand Master Dean Pyles (aka. Wolverine), trained under World Champion Instructor, Grand Master Joe Lewis (RIP), and Professor Gary Lee, who had the biggest impact on him. He is a 13-time World Champion in NBL and Vale Tudo, and looking to be a N.A.S.K.A world Champion this year. He is also the Europe Games Grand Champion, 30-time Hall of Fame Inductee, History General, actor, stuntman, and fight choreographer. He has been training in martial arts for 44 years, has competed for 42 years, has won hundreds of local, regional, national and international titles and has owned martial arts schools for 25 years. Grand Master Dean Pyles has an extensive background including military and law enforcement service, having been involved in training them since 1987. He is the combative instructor for the military Special Forces and trains law enforcement, CIA members, security personnel and more. He has developed a combative program known as L.A.S.T. Defense (Lethal Assault Survival Tactics, which has replaced Krav Maga), utilized by military Special Forces and law enforcement worldwide. He is also a member of the military advisory board for the Sport Karate Museum archives and a member of the Guardian Angels. Grand Master Pyles is currently on the board that is developing the scoring program for the sport karate division being featured in the 2020 Olympics. He maintains a consistent state of physical prowess, even when not competing. His power, speed and intensity have gained him the nickname Wolverine. Grand Master Pyles is currently a number one ranked competitor in his divisions in three different Karate Circuits.

Warrior, featuring Nick Nolte, The Favorite with John Schneider, and is also scheduled to film several other movies in the near future.

Grand Master Pyles has been featured in several newspapers, sport karate magazines and action martial arts magazines. He has also been featured on television shows such as Sports Corner, Martial Arts TV, Across the Canvas Productions, ESPN, Blitz Kick, NBC and Americas Got Talent featuring with his daughter Alex Pyles. They have worked in movies such as Avenger of Blood, Registered Lethal, Kevlar, Lion’s Gate’s

Grand Master Pyles has 3 children who have won a combined total of 39 World Titles. Including his own kids, the school has a total of 45 World Titles. His children are also MMA competitors. His oldest child is undefeated in MMA and his middle child, Alex Pyles, was a finalist on America’s Got Talent, performing choreographed fighting. Grand Master Dean Pyles’ dedication to perfection, disciplined



world renowned as one of the most well rounded teams competing in kickboxing, grappling, MMA, sport karate’s traditional and extreme empty hand competition as well as weapons divisions.

training and patience makes him an award-winning instructor and competitor. He has assisted parents that have children with behavior issues and has helped those who have been bullied as well. His dedication to children is apparent through his fostering of children and the one on one time spent with a kid struggling to learn basic and advanced techniques.

Overall, Grand Master Pyles’ achievements make him a great competitor and world-renowned instructor. He and his world champion instructors all provide students with the skills and techniques needed for selfprotection and competitions. Added benefits include weight loss, body transformation and overall health!

Elite Combat has many teams which form Team PVT (Pyles Vale Tudo), also known as the Southern Spartans. The teams travel and compete nationally and internationally. The team has been to hundreds of regional, national, and world championships and is



Khalid Ra heem −

− − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Born, Newark, New Jersey; Grew up, Louisville, Kentucky Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – Jeet Kune Do, 4th level; Hapkido, 5th dan; SaitoHa Shotokan Karate, 6th dan; Combat Aikido, 7th dan; Daito-Ryu Goshinkan Renmei, 7th dan; Kyoshi - Shorin-ryu Karate-Do, Shihan; Kenjutsu, 7th dan; Japanese Shuitu Ryu, 7th dan; Goju Ryu Karate; Cross-N-Ryu Sogo Budo, 10th dan Instructors - G.M. Preston Baker, PH.D.M.A.; Mfundishi Baba Seri Khali; Grandmaster Mustafa Kenyatta; Soke DrAkeweya Nicobi Tirhakah-Bey; Kaiso Darryl Chase; Grandmaster PH.D.M.A. Steven Allen; Grandmaster Roger Haines; O'KA Hanshi Loyld Johnson; GM Henry Cook; Master Hosea Longhorn Jr. and Dr. Dana Matherson Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1969 Years in the Martial Arts - 47 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 36

I began my study of martial arts in 1969 at the age of (3) Three in the basement (The Dungeon) of my father’s house. I learned the discipline of Judo and Japanese Shitu Ryu from my father, then Master Chuck Cowan. Martial Arts was the form of discipline and respect not just in the household but throughout the family. Everyone trained!!! At the age of (6) I began the study of Tae Kwan Do, under the leadership and direction of Master Gaylord Duke of Jersey City, New Jersey. Later, moving to Kentucky in 1977, to be closer to my father,

Personal Achievements

Master Chuck Cowan of The Infamous “COWANS KWANZA KARATE ACADEMY”. Now PH.D.M.A. Mfundishi Baba Seri Khali School of Science & Martial Arts. Recognized as The Founder of Martial Arts in the Kentucky Area, Founder and Chief Instructor of The International Ti-Chi Health Research Institute. I furthered my study (again in the basement, backyard and alley of my father’s house) in the African and Japaneese Arts. It was in Kentucky where I was also introduced to the art of Jujitsu and Hapkido. I then studied Jeet Kune Do Under the Teachings of Hosea Longhorn Jr. At the same time, I enhanced my studies with Master Lloyd Johnson where I received my Shodan in 1977 in Okinawa Goju. It was at the stiff requirements of my father, I learned many different styles and Systems of Combat including Wrestling, Boxing and Gymnastics. I began my study of Japanese Shuitu Ryu, under the leadership and direction of Master/Dr. Dana Matherson, Dr. VanHorne of The

1984 AAU Olympic Karate team member; 18801986 member of the Sampan National Competition Team; Middle Weight Full Contact title holder 1984-85; competed in over 2,000-point tournaments since 1980 to present; founder and chief instructor of the Arabian Federation Martial Arts Academy (The Arabian Knights); chief instructor of the Arabian Federation World Competition Team; founder of the Cross-N-Ryu Style and System established 1984; co- founder of the Cross-N-Ryu Integrated Fighting System

In His Own Words Teaching from 1980– Present Founder / Chief Instructor The Arabian Federation Martial Arts Academy Founder of the Style/System “Cross-N-Ryu - Sogo Budo” Est:1984



Major Martial Arts Achievements

Kentucky State University, Ervin Williams, and Lee Brown, of “BROWN AND WILLIAMS KARATE SCHOOL”. In 1980, I received my Shodan and my Sandan in 1983 in Japanese Shorin Ryu Karate. In 1982, I became a member of the Sampan National Competition Team. In 1982, I received my Shodan in Shorei and GoJoRyu from Preston and Otis Baker of the Famous “Bakers Dojo of Karate and Bodybuilding” located in Chicago Illinois. In 1983, I received my Sandan from Mustafa Kenyatta, and a Sandan from Oka Hanshi Loyld Johnson in Okinawa GoJu. I have been under direct one on one instruction with “Soke Darryl Chase” The Headmaster and Kaiso of Goshinkan Daito-ryu Aiki-bujutsu, a modern system of Aiki-budo, which consists of Aiki-jujutsu, Jujutsu, Ken-jutsu and Chiyu-jutsu (Healing Arts).

− 1977 1st degree in Okinawa GoJu − 1982 member of the Sampan National Competition Team − 1983 3rd degree in Okinawan GoJu − 1983 3rd degree in Japanese Shorin Ryu − 1984 founded The Arabian Federation Martial Arts Academy − 1984 became a Member of the AAU US Olympic Karate Team − 1984 founded Cross-N-Ryu style and system − 1985 created the Cross-N-Ryu Integrated Fighting System − 1986 Kentucky Tough Man Contest - 2nd Place − 1987 Kentucky Baddest Man In Town Contest Winner − 1989 Kentucky Tough Man Contest - Winner − 1998 6th degree from "Pops" Soke Dr-Akeweya Nicobi Tirhakah-Bey − 2013 inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame − 2014 inducted into U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame. − 2014 USA National Representative of the International Martial Arts Association − 2015 recipient of the country of India Martial Arts Hall of Fame − 2016 9th degree from Grandmaster Otis and Grandmaster Preston Baker − 2016 10th degree from the World Korean Martial Arts Union



Dr. William A. Ra nkin,PhD. Dr. William Rankin is the Founder and Director of the Unied States Martial Artist Association. He was born in Texas and have worked on farms, ranches, gas stations and in the oil field. Dr. Rankin served in the U.S. Military for 26 years. He enlisted in the U.S. Army November 1965. During basic training in Ft.Dix, NJ. Dr. Rankin was intrigued with hand to hand combat training. This training came in handy when he was assigned duty in South Vietname March 1967. While serving with members of the Korean Army, Dr. Rankin witness first hand while on his initial patrol how martial arts (jungle warfare) training can save your life. Received permission to train with the Korean Army proved to be fruitful for the next 2 years in South Vietnam. Dr. Rankin served 2 tours in South Vietnam and returned to the United States late 1968 with a new look on life. Dr. Rankin also served in the U.S. Air Force from 1971 to 1988 and has served in many parts of the world becoming an internationally known martial artist. Dr. Rankin has excelled in his martial skills to the point of becoming one of the highest ranks in the martial arts as a 10th Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Karate and Ancient Weaponry (Uchuno Shorin Ryu). From 1968 to present time he has had the priviledge of training many law enforcement personnel from Frederick City Police Frederick Maryland, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Maryland, Maryland State Police, Oklahoma State Police, Texas State Police, Bexar County Texas Sheriff’s Office, San Antionio Texas City Police, Florida State Police, members of the Secret Service, U.S. Marshal’s Office, members of capitol hill as well as being an international advisor for the German Police Forces.

Accomplishments − World Street Combat Systems International Technical Advisor − International Matsumura Seito Society Senior Advisor − 2000 Member World Head of Family Sokeship Council − 2000 WHFSC International Hall of Fame Inductee − 1998 World Karate Union Hall of Fame Inductee

Dr. Rankin has taught more than 2,000 individuals from all walks of life. He also has assisted in many Rape Awareness and Children Abuse community programs as well as member of the clergy. Dr. Rankin preserntly trains in personal protection and jungle warfare.



Freddie Releva nte 8th Degree Red-Black-Red Belt **Regional Commissioner Bicol Region** − Former Instructor M.K.A.Olongapo City**N.A.T.O. Official/Referee +++ − 1973 First Runner Up Central Luzon Karate Championship-San Fernando,Pampanga PHILIPPiNES − 1973 Kuntaw Team vs. U.S.S. Oklahoma City Martial Arts Tournament - Fil.-Am.Youth Center ,Olongapo City** − 1974 Kuntaw Team-Central Luzon Selection for Goodwill Match-San Fernando, Pampanga .Philippines** − 1974 awarded as the Youngest Instructor of the year;First Philippine Blackbelters Licensee Examination-Linda Theatre Olongapo City,Philippines** − 1974 Invitational Karate Tournament Champion-Sta.Rita Pampanga,Philippines.** − 1979 Bicol Team Champion-5th National Karate Tournament.U.N.C. Sports Palace Naga City;Sponsored by Philippine Karate Association ** − 1983 KuntawTeam-National Battle of Karate Champion Angono,Rizal** − 2005 Instructor P.N.P. Special Action ForceCamp Vicente Lim,Canlubang,Laguna Philippines** − 1986-14th RP.-US. Martial Arts Tournament Coach -Bicol Team. Fil.-Am Youth Center,Olongapo City ,Philippines** − 2012

Outstanding Leadership Achievement Aw ard-

− Great GrandMaster Award-Trece Marteres,Cavite City,Philippines-December 15-16,2012.Pugay.(( Marter Freddie C. Relevante- Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas At Jardin Real111 Concepcion Grande Naga City,Philippines



G eorge Rey nolds − − − −

Martial arts title: Master Detroit, Michigan Started studying martial arts in 1948 Teaching for 20 years and currently holds the rank of 8th Dan, studying martial arts styles: Isshinryu Instructors: Grand Master Willie Adams/ GM David Praim

Personal Achievements Team 1st place TaeKwondo-Germany, member of Detroit Alstars, Spirit of Isshinryu, Michigan Hall of fame, akebulan hall of fame, Isshinryu Hall of Fame, 2007 best martial arts school in Detroit, community best business supporting kids, and our after school program with transportation.

In His Ow n Words Martial arts developed my can-do attitude. I started training in Tang So Do by my friend Marvin Ashford at the age of 16. I am Ni Dan in Tang Soo Do, Ni Dan TAE KWON Do, 8th Dan in Isshinryu.

business in insurance and real estate. Now we have become part of our community by being a place parents can bring their children to help develop them in life.

Since becoming a part of the martial arts, I have achieved BS Electrical Engineer, small business owner in Detroit. Licensed insurance agency, Reymac Insurance Group Agency and Owner/ Operator of Detroit Martial Arts Institute, Detroit, MI. From day one, Grandmaster Praim influenced me in code of karate, manners, doing the right thing. Promote karate where you can and develop your community. My philosophy towards martial arts is never, never, never give up, and to "each one teaches one". I have used my expertise in martial arts to develop mentoring program for ADHD children, Autistic program and others to help them cope with their world. I have learned to have lifelong friends. To help others develop and grow. I have pushed to have courage, discipline and integrity in everything I do. This has led me to a great work career with Michigan bell- retired. Then a decent small

I involved myself in many career days, River Days openings with school Walt Disney, after school programs and community affairs. I’ve participated in major tournaments including Battle of Atlanta, Detroit program, in 70's. Indiana. Pennsylvania. My achievements include Michigan Hall of Fame, Akebula Hall of Fame, Spirit of Isshinryu Award, WDIV channel 4 best martial arts school in Detroit, Community Leader in Detroit, Isshinryu Hall of Fame, Best dojo in Isshinryu. Martia l a rts aw ard/le adership ro les Isshinryu hall of fame, Executive board member of Aoka and President of Detroit Martial Arts Institute.



Chun Rhee Chun Woo Rhee is the son of Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee. He is most famous as the young boy who winked in the famous “Nobody Bothers Me” commercials that aired for 17 years in the Washington Metropolitan area between 1972 to 1989. Master Chun Rhee is a 6th Dan in the Jhoon Rhee System and was trained by notable instructors Andre Yamakawa, Dong Ju Lee, Neil Ehrlich, and John Chung. He currently owns and operates the Jhoon Rhee Studio in Falls Church, VA which was opened by his father in the Mid 70’s. The school exists in the same building and was the central studio of Jhoon Rhee organization during the late 70s and through the 80’s. 90% of the students in the Jhoon Rhee System who test for their Black Belts, have tested at this studio under Grandmaster Rhee’s supervision from 1973 to the present date. Currently, Master Rhee has over 300 active students and specializes in teaching children.




Neil Rips ki Martial arts title: Master Creston, British Columbia Started studying martial arts in 1986 Teaching for 17 and currently ranked as Master & Standard Bearer, studying martial arts styles: Ma Family Kung Fu, Drunken, Bagua, Xinyiliuhe, Taiji Instructor Ma Qing Lung

Personal Achievements Named Standard Bearer of the Family style, formal disciple under masters Ma Qing Long (Ma Style), Chen Qi Ming (Shaolin 18 Lohan Palm) and Xu Guoming (George Xu - Xinyiliuhe) Formal Disciple under Abbot Phra Tep Jetiyajarn Luong Phor Viriyang Sirtharo in the Thervada meditative tradition.

to learn it we help them learn about themselves and help to create better citizens for this world we all share. My life is much richer since having begun my training and it is all I work for to preserve and understand in my everyday life. I am a far better person who understands compassion and service to others as a real passion. My physical health has been preserved especially helping me recover from a serious car accident in 2004 which left me barely able to walk. Martial Arts are a way to cultivate the self in a real and visceral way. It is testable in the way that we can examine our minds in a real way when we are under pressure. If we are in the moment and not making elaborate fantasies in our minds about our skills, we will not be punched in the face. If we falter we have a real reminder to keep us in the present moment.

Renowned Drunken Kung Fu Master and Internal Arts teacher who teaches worldwide. published author of 5 books seen in Kung Fu / Qigong Magazine Seen in Deep Water Martial Arts Magazine

In His Ow n Words I was bullied as a child and that led me to want to learn self-defense. A Chin Woo master held a class in my hometown and from there I was in love with the arts. I pursued and still pursue them relentlessly. I have trained over the past 30 years in: Martial Arts Family Style, Chen & Yang Taiji, 18 Lohan Palm, Cheng & Ba Xian Baguazhang, Ma Family Drunken Style, Xingyiquan 5 elements style, Xinyiliuhe from the Yu Hualong lineage and of course my first style Chin Woo. Internal training became my most important part of my life - Traditional Chinese Medicine, 18 Lohan Palm qigon.

Self-cultivation towards happiness is all that matters in this life, but we run the risk of constantly ignoring evidence, ignoring reality and lying to ourselves. With a physical representation of the mind like we see in martial practice we can cultivate in a real and uncluttered way towards finding out who we are and what that person really is. Like Taoism states one must cultivate true lead, true mercury and true gold to become enlightened - A real look at the body, mind and reality around us. This is my philosophy of training

Martial Arts quickly became a way to pursue selfcultivation and still brings me much joy and furthers my self-exploration. I see the arts as a path to understanding the difference between our true selves and our acquired selves in this life. By helping others



have gained as a result of working through the bitterness of martial arts in order to taste the sweet. I am simply a better person now that I ever could have been without training.

and why I feel it is such a gift to us from our teachers and from us to our students. I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child and as such we are all a part of the team. I write my articles and books, post videos on my course and on YouTube and so on in order to simply try and get information out there into the world for people to use and hopefully share. If we can all work towards becoming truly ourselves, we can help others do the same.

I teach workshops to various clubs of my own students (Red Jade Martial Arts) as well as other organizations throughout the world. Military personnel, stress relief seminars to school teachers and the business world and have been asked to help with training world champion competitors when one of my students went to and won in the world championships in Germany. I have seen many students grow into good people, this is my most major accomplishment in life.

I do not perform charity stunts, or other publicity ventures as the arts are not a product to sell. They are worth far more than that. I try to help when and where I can, I travel the world to share and learn and further peoples’ development. Not for money or fame. Even this application is to bring attention only to have a wider audience. I have become a more real and true human being (Zhen Ren çœ&#x;äşş). I progressed from a frightened boy who was bullied and insecure to a more powerful force in the world. Unafraid to help others or to look stupid doing what I think is right. Wu De or martial virtue is what it is all about. I can list confidence and courage and so on as things I have gained but they pale in comparison to the self-worth I

I am the standard bearer of the Ma family style and oversee the next generation training and now teaching it. As mentioned before I hold lineage in different styles under different teachers. I have been an international level competitor, coach and judge as well as being a part of the selection committee for team Canada for the international



Ra ndy Robinson − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Asheville, North Carolina − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – Sakura Ryu, 8th dan Black Belt − Instructor - Grand Master Ernest Dukes and Soke Michael DePasquale, Jr. − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1975 − Years in the Martial Arts - 45 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 42

Prof essional Organizations • • • •

Kuro Bushi Mar tial Arts Organiza tion American Independ ent Karate Instruc tor s As sociation Inte rna tiona l Fed era tio n of J uJutsua ns Federation o f Un ited Martia l Artists Against Crime

Personal Achievements BA Degree in Literature

Seeing my grandchildren and our students grow to their potential has given me more happiness that anyone should expect in one lifetime.

Published writer in non-fiction, fiction, & poetry Board of Directors - Pediatric Cancer Treatment Foundation

My personal life has been enhanced because I've gained the things that the martial arts offer to everyone who will work for them: discipline, integrity, and respect for others - even those who disagree with me. But probably most important, my life has been better because I've been given the opportunity to help improve other people's lives by passing on the principles of the martial arts. I believe that our reason to exist is to help others live happier, more productive, safer, and healthier lives. Many people do this through volunteer activities. Some, physicians and school teachers for example, do this through their jobs. I have been unbelievably fortunate to have that opportunity by teaching martial arts full time.

In his ow n w ords As a young adult serving in the U.S. Navy in Hawaii, I was drawn to Chinese Kempo because I liked the fact that my ability to succeed was my own responsibility. After many months of training, I began to understand the real reason for studying the martial arts. My instructor, Professor Martin Buell, told me, "This is not about kicking and punching. This is about making people's lives better - physically, moral, and spiritually!" That changed my life. The past 45 years seem to have gone by so quickly. Albert Einstein said that time passes more rapidly when you are doing something you enjoy, so maybe that's the reason. I've looked forward to every workout, even when my body screamed, "No!" Competition became a positive drug, and sharing this passion with my son gave me one of the greatest joys of my life.

Every morning when I leave for the dojo I focus on one goal: making a positive difference in at least one person's life that day. Hopefully I have been able to do that by showing our students how to treat others with respect, creating a safe environment in which to learn



and cultivate discipline, and by setting an example through my own behavior. I realize that I can't make sweeping changes like creating world peace or eradicating hunger, but if I can have a small impact on just one life each day, maybe there will be just a little less hate, prejudice, and divisiveness in the world . . . and a little more love, kindness, and empathy.

− Kidz Action Martial Arts Choice Awards Board of Directors

Major tournament participations • • • • • • • • •

My dad always told me that failure was not the act of falling down, but rather the refusal to get back up and try again. Training, competing, and especially teaching, has taught me how true those words are.

Major Martial Arts Achievements Civic activities: Seminars in women's self-defense kick boxing, and Chinese Kempo

Wo rksho ps fo r cance r surv ivo rs, senio r citizen groups − Phys. Ed. classes at request of local school system − On-going classes for Parkinson's patients (Team HOPE) − Demonstrations and mini-lessons at festivals, YMCA health events, schools, and health fairs

• • •


Battle o f A tlan ta AAU NC State Champio nship s AAU Tri-S tate Regio na ls AAU Nationals Professional Kara te Assoc. Circu it Numerous Nationa l Opens Hall o f Fame induc tion s: U.S. Martia l Arts Hall of Fame Action Martial Arts Magazin e Hall o f Honor Kuro Bushi Hall of H onor - Maste r Inst. o f the Y ear AAU NC State Kata Champion AAU Tri-S tate Kata Ch ampion NASKA Top-Ten Ranking in Kata & Kumit


Ja mes Robinson − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Great Neck, New York − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Running Fist Kung Fu, Sijo/Shihan 8th dan − Your Instructor - Sensei Harris, Judo; Sifu Holden, Tai Chi; GM Frederick J. Hamilton and − Sifu Michael Alexander, Five Animal Kung Fu and Sensei David Webb, Tae Kwon Do − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1964 − Years in the Martial Arts – 53 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 41

Personal Achievements − Acting in three independent films, "Jesse," "Dishonorable Vendetta," and "Nomad" where I was the lead actor and fight choreographer. − I'm also a credited actor in the 2012 movie "Here Comes the Boom"

In His Ow n Words I got started in martial arts because my grandmother wanted me to be more confident and have the skill protect myself. At the age of 16 I started teaching other kids at a youth center in Great Neck called Levels. Back then there were no Anti-Bully programs, so the only way to keep from being bullied was to have the confidence and ability to fight back as a last resort. My martial philosophy is simple: avoid all conflict if possible but get home by any means necessary.

Major Martial Arts Achievements − Former United States Director for the American Federation of Martial Arts also known as AFMA − Co-founder of the martial arts federation, "World Warrior Alliance" also known as "WWA" − Co-founder of World Warrior Camp, one of the largest and most successful martial arts camps in NY/Long Island area

My Inductions: − − − − − − − − −

2003 - Just for Champions - Life Achievement Award 2004 - American Federation of Martial Arts A.F.M.A. - Golden Life Achievement Award 2005 - Action Martial Arts Magazine - Golden Life Time Achievement Award 2005 - US Head of Family Martial Arts Association - Golden Life Time Achievement Award 2006 - Action Martial Arts Magazine - Outstanding Achievements in the Martial Arts Award 2007 - American Federation of Martial Arts A.F.M.A. - Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 - Just For Champions - Grandmaster Warrior of Honor Award 2011 - American Federation of Martial Arts A.F.M.A. Elite Platinum Warrior Lifetime Achievement Award 2014 - Action Martial Arts Magazine Outstanding Achievements as a Grand Master Award



Is hm ael Robles Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Galveston, Texas

Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) Tae Kwon Do Testing for 9th in September


Jhoon Rhee, James Stevens, Fred Simon, Les Armentor, Earnest Smith, Demetrius Havanas

Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1969

Years in the Martial Arts 45

Years Teaching Martial Arts 42

Professional Organizations AOK, AKBBA, WMARCE

Personal Achievements -Two-time United States Karate Championships light weight champion -Two-time Ft Worth Pro Am light weight champion (defeated #1 fighter in the nation) -Rated number one lightweight in the world by the World Journal of Martial Arts -Captain of the victorious Texas team which won 3 team titles in a row at the U.S. Championships -team matches Flyweight on the Dallas-Ft Worth Texans the first professional kickboxing team in Texas and defeated the highly favored L.A. Stars 1975 -1981 WKA US Welterweight Kickboxing Champion -1982 PKA US Welterweight Kickboxing Champion -1983 KICK World Welterweight Kickboxing Champion --Record 27 wins 19 KO's 3 losses -One of the original founders of the Amateur Organization of Karate one of the longest established in Texas and Southwest

In His Ow n Words In 1968, I attended a martial arts class on the insistence of a dear friend. Because of an amateur boxing background, I got into the sparring and won my first tournament after 2 weeks training. I was hooked. In 1972, I got my black belt and after a few first round exits started getting the hang of black belt fighting and became one of the top lightweight black belts in Texas. In 1975 kickboxing became popular and I also began competing in kickboxing bouts. I won many fights and several titles. I promoted one of the largest karate tournaments in Texas and it also became an NBL National event for several years. I helped found the dominant tournament association the AOK in Texas and served as president several years. I founded Robles Karate Academy, now called Martial Arts America, in 1975 and continue to actively teach. I have been promoted to Black Belt by karate greats: Jhoon Rhee, Pat Burleson and Allen Steen. In September, I will be promoted by Roy Kurban and a host of karate greats to the rank of 9th. My students and fighters I have trained included Regena Thompson 33-time NBL world champion, 7-time world kickboxing champion Cliff Thomas, 5-time kickboxing and 2-time boxing world champion Troy Dorsey, GrandMaster Al Garza and Judge Roy Moore the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. At my upcoming promotion, I will be 2 months shy of 66 years of age. I train regularly and again will spar with 2 of the greatest fighters to come from the state of Texas. Because of my work with kids, I was hired by the City of Galveston for 5 years to lead the Department of Parks and Recreation. Being involved heavily in my community I was twice selected by the Chamber of Commerce as its Man of the Year. I expect to continue to teach and impact young and old with my martial art teachings and develop and create better citizens to lead and improve our society. When I became a student of GrandMaster Jhoon Rhee he set a standard of black belt



promotion requiring a B average or better. Since 2010 my Black Belts have been named Valedictorian 4 times and in 2016 the Valedictorian and Salutatorian were Martial Arts America Black Belts. I expect to continue to teach martial arts for a long time. One of my instructors died at the age of 86 and had taught his last class 2 weeks before.

Martial Arts Achievements AOK Tourna men t o f th e Year NBL Tou rna me nt of the Year P romo ted the AO K S ta te Tourna ment Masters Hall of Fa me Texas Ma rtia l Arts Ha ll of Fa me P residen t AOK Execu tive Co mmittee AOK P ro moted to 5 th a nd 6th b y GrandMa ster Jhoon Rhee P romo ted to 7 th deg ree b y Chie f Exa mine r P at Burle son P romo ted to 8 th deg ree b y Chie f Exa mine r Allen Stee n



Ruben Rodriguez − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Weslaco, Texas − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Jeet Kune Do and Kali, Full Instructor − Your Instructor - Paul Vunak − Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1970 − Years in the Martial Arts - 47 years − Years Teaching Martial Arts - 39 years − Professional Organizations − Progressive Fighting Systems − AMA

Personal Achievements − Tae kwon Do Black Belt, 1980 − Kajukenbo 2nd degree Black Belt, 1993 − Jeet Kune Do and Kali full instructor, 1997

In His Ow n Words I started my martial arts career at the age of 7 learning different styles of karate. At the age of 17, I received my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do from Instructor Tony Trevino. I started kickboxing a year later and finished with a 4 wins 3 losses amateur career. I studied Kajukenbo with John Valdivia, receiving my 2nd degree in 1993. I then began my training with Paul Vunak and received my full instructorship in 1997. I have been teaching full time ever since. The arts included in my classes are Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing and Krav Maga Self-Defense and Fitness. My school is a 2000 square foot studio where I teach men, women and children of all walks of life. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, DPS officers, FBI agents, Army Rangers to every day housewives have trained with me. Once a month our local police department and I, with the help of my students, hold a free self-defense seminar for women. This is my way of giving back to my community and I will continue to do so as long as I'm able. I have 50 instructors under me that teach my system in the U.S., Mexico and Sri Lanka and all of them share the same passion that I have. I feel very fortunate to be able to teach martial arts for a living as it has always been my passion.

Major Martial Arts Achievements − Annual Edge Weapons seminar − Annual Rapid Assault Tactics seminar − Krav Maga Israeli self-defense seminar − Special guest speaker at Weslaco I.S.D. (Anti Bully Program) − Telemundo Special Report on women's self-defense − Univision special guest at the Alegre Despertad morning show − Amateur kickboxing, 4 wins 3 losses − Dungal Wrestling Championships, silver medalist



Keit h Ros ary Grandmaster Keith Rosary’s career began at the age of 5, when his parents took him to an open house at a local Karate studio in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. His parents enrolled him in the program where he studied Judo, Tang Soo Do, and Tae Kwon Do from instructor Richard Landry, under the guidance of Kwang Sup Lee and Hwang Kee. By age 14, Keith received his first Black Belt and began teaching as an assistant instructor. Keith was well known on the competition circuit, winning several State, National, and U.S. Open Championships. Keith opened his own studio,” Tae Kwon Do Karate Academy” at 15 years old which made him the youngest Sensei in the world. He was featured on the hit TV show “That’s Incredible.” Wanting to continue his education, Keith started traveling to Boston to study Pai Lum Kung Fu from instructor Clarence Cooper under the guidance of Daniel K. Pai. After 2 years of Kung Fu training, Keith moved to California to broaden his teaching and studying of the arts. He also thought the move would help position him to try out for television and movie roles. Once in California, Keith met Howard Jackson who became his 5th instructor. Howard taught Tang Soo Do under the Chuck Norris system and Muay Thai. Keith received master level status in both arts. Around this same time, Keith was professionally trained as a bodyguard with evasive driving and firearms skills.

Then holding 5 Black Belts, Master Rosary ventured into Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles to study Karatedo from Kazuo Sakai, and Nihon JuJutsu under the guidance of Shizuya Sato. After several years of training Keith received Black belt ranks in both arts. Grandmaster Rosary has been back on Cape Cod for the past 13 years. At age 53, he is the owner and head instructor of “Keith Rosary’s International Martial Arts Academy.” Under his tutelage, IMAA students continue to win International and World Championships.

In Hollywood, his movie and television career began to flourish. Keith landed several roles on both cable, and network television. His commitment to the martial arts helped him to land roles in many action films with fellow actors Eric Lee, Don Wilson, James Lew, Tadashi Yamashita and director Art Camacho.

SGM Rosary is a 3-time U.S.A. Hall of Fame receipt and holds 7 black belts representing 7 different styles of martial arts. He is the Massachusetts representative for the Coalition of Ancestral Martial Arts International and a member of the International Martial Arts Federation (I.M.A.F.). Keith's long-standing commitment to the martial arts continues to inspire many, as he continues his life long journey in the art that he loves.

His martial arts ability combined with his bodyguard expertise afforded Keith the opportunity to protect various celebrities such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Prince and many others.



Da rius Ros s − −

− − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Elizabeth, New Jersey Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Combat Kai Ninjutsu, 6th degree Black Belt; Black Tiger Hung Ga Kuen, Black Sash 4th duan; Northern and Southern GungFu WuShu: Black Sash 4th duan; judo and jiu-jitsu, Green Belt Instructors - GM Hanshi B. Miller; SiGung Chow; SiGung Richard Alies; Master Arias Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1967 Years in the Martial Arts - 50 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 42

Prof essional Organizations Black Dragon Association Jing Wu Chin Woo Association WOMA, USA WOMA, Japan American Karate and Kung Fu Federation International Kung Fu WuShu Federation

In His Own Words I got started in the arts, judo and jiu-jitsu, by my neighbor’s father, Master Arias. My mom did this to keep me off the streets and receive guidance from a male role model other than those that were around me at home. Throughout my years I learned patience, tolerance, strength and courage in facing the odds against and for me.

Personal Achievements Father of 4 Grandfather of 15 Founder Sil-Lum Black Tiger HungGa Kuen GungFu WuShu Kwoon Az Qi Gong Physical Therapy for healing arts UN Higher Learning Chinese Medicine certificate International Who’s Who Martial Arts Hall of Fame

In 2000, I was diagnosed with acute kidney failure and had to go on dialysis. I remained in that condition for 9 years until 2010, when I finally received my transplant. If it wasn’t for my training and discipline in the arts, I don’t think I would have made it after all that I’ve been through.

New Jersey Representative for Combat Kai Ninjutsu Chief, Sand Hill Band of Lenape and Cherokee Indians of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York



S teve Ross − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Tulsa, Oklahoma − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Tang Soo Do, 8th dan − Instructor - Grandmaster Hwang Kee − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1971 − Years in the Martial Arts – 46 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 40

Prof essional Organizations United States Tang Soo Do Association

Personal Achievements − 1988 - 1991 - Worked with Jean-Claude Van Damme in Lionheart − 1991 & 1993 - Had two beautiful daughters − 1996 - Achieved MBA in Business Management from Columbia University − 2004 - Awarded State and National Employee of the Year − 2009 - Purchased first home

In His Ow n Words My training started in 1971 after inspiration from the movie "Billy Jack." Being part American Indian and having been bullied and picked on most of my childhood, and I could relate to that movie. When I was 11 in Kingston, Oklahoma, there was a posting for karate lessons under Leon Reeder, Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan at our community center. I went to my father and asked if I could train. He said, "What for? You won't be any good at it! If you want to do it then you have to find your own way to pay for it." I got a job and started training.

skills grew. When I received my Black Belt my relationship with my father changed. He finally saw his son as an achiever. Late one evening three guys tried to mug me. Before I knew it two of them were on the ground while the third took off running. That experience created more questions in my mind about my abilities. In 1981 a friend asked me to assist him as a bouncer at a redneck bar, and I did. That environment opened my eyes to the realities of selfdefense and what would not work. Before long I was the head bouncer, and with a reputation. This was a pivotal point in my life; my instructor didn’t approve of me working as a bouncer, and I started looking over my shoulder. As long as I continued to work as a bouncer my instructor refused to teach me. Eventually I left that lifestyle. I was broke, jobless and homeless when I contacted my instructor. He said if I could find my way to California I could take over a new studio for him. He kept his word and I started teaching again.

Six months later a bully began picking on me. He tried to hit me and I blocked his attempts. The next thing I remember he was running from me and from that day forward I was hooked. I was no longer afraid. I haven't stopped training since. From 1971 to 1978 I trained in Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Goju-Ryu, and whatever was available. In 1978 a friend introduced me to Rick Bailey who taught Tang Soo Do in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I trained with him and my



Ten years later I became a student of Grandmaster Hwang Kee. I’ve come a long way since then. I’ve been on regional and national teams, won national and world championships, acted in movies, worked as a body guard, and ended up in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. I have dedicated much of my life to martial arts training, and I’ve learned that with dedication, perseverance, and a good mentor you can achieve anything.

− 2001 - Established WRAP (Women's Rape, Assault, Prevention) program − 2008 - Founder of "Kid Kicks" program ("Helping kids today become better adults tomorrow") − 2009 - Established Orange County Academy of Martial Arts, LLC − 2010 - Inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame − 2010 - Certified Tactical Defense Instructor − 2011 - Co-founder of the International Women's Self Defense Day − 2016 - Inducted into the Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame − 2016 - Founder and President of the United State Tang Soo Do Association − 2017 - Founder and Host of Martial Arts Celebrity Fest

Major Martial Arts Achievements 1981 - Received 1st degree Black Belt 1983 - Established West Coast Tang Soo Do Academy 1986 - Won world championships in London, England 1992 - Featured in documentary film, "Martial Action" 1993 - Achieved Master's rank under Grandmaster Hwang Kee − 1995 - US Team Member & Representative, 50th Anniversary of Korean Martial Arts in Seoul − − − − −



Kirby Roy III − Martial Arts Title and Styles: 10th Degree Black Belt; Meijin; Juko Ryu Jujutsu (JKI) − Instructors: Shihans Bill Pearson, James Marler, Jimmy Gauthier, Bill Ryder, Donald Gagnard, Butch Gauthier, Gary Tisdale, Ted Gambardella; Currently: Rod Sacharnoski − Started Martial Arts: 1972 − Taught Martial Arts: 40 years

Personal Accomplishments − Married to Samantha, father (4), grandfather (11), great grandfather (1) − 10th Degree Black Belt-Juko Ryu Ju-jutsu -- Many martial arts TV appearances. − Member in civic/community organizations and clubs: Elected Official. − LSU (BS Degree); NSU (M.Ed); Teacher/Coach: 41 years

Major Accomplishments Earned rankings in Aiki (3rd dan, 1984), Seidokan (5th dan, 1985), Toide (6th dan, 1986), Iai-Jutsu (5th dan, 2005), Okuden (3rd dan, 2006), Judo (2nd dan, 2010) UOP [Dr. Degree (non-certified), 1987] JUKO-RYU Hall of Fame, 2011; USAMAHOF, 2015; USHOF, 2015.

Jujutsu. In 1985, I achieved the level of Shihan (5th dan), and 10th dan (both in Juko-Ryu Ju-Jutsu/Kempo) in 1994. In 1996, I was awarded the title of Kaiden, and in 1997 the title of Meijin (martial arts genius).

In His Ow n Words I started martial arts at LSU-A in August 1972, and became a member of the LSU-A Judo class, for credit. I then joined the ju-jutsu classes and became part of the “demo team.” Later 1972 Shihan Bill Pearson and James Marler started classes in Mansura and I attended. My other instructors included Jimmy Gauthier (without him I would have never received my Black Belt), Bill Ryder, Donald Gagnard, Butch Gauthier, Gary Tisdale, and Ted Gambardella. I received my Black Belt in 1977 in Oikiru

In 1988, John Allen and I achieved our Shihan (5th dan) in Ki-Jutsu. This was done at the second Dallas Cowboys spring training clinic. I took John and my son, Brandon to a three-day demo. A month later, we returned for a five-day training session and the famous demo which made all local major newspapers, The Today Show, half time of a New Orleans Saints game, The Johnny Carson Show, ESPN, and Black Belt Magazine.



Odett e Russ ell − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Bronx, New York City, New York − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - FuJaKa Kickboxing System – 8th degree Black Belt − Your Instructor - Sijo Abdul Mutakabbir − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1981 − Years in the Martial Arts – 36 − Years Teaching Martial Arts - 25

Prof essional Organizations − Whole Life Health Center, Inc., Wellness Manager / Patient Educator − Health & Wellness Association, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist − Damit Control, Inc., Vice President of Health and Wellness

Personal Achievements my twenty years of training in this system, I have customized the female version of SWAM.

I have a Master of Science degree in Health Psychology and am currently seeking a Ph.D. in Health Psychology at Walden University with an anticipated graduation date of December 2017.

The martial arts have impacted my life. Without them I would not be as grounded, accomplished, and directed in acquiring my goals. My confidence inspires me not to compete with others on superficial things. The martial arts have developed the desire to want to continue to I would never turn my back on anyone who needs help.

My dissertation focus is on the "Bio-Sociocultural Factors that Elevates Acceptance of Obesity Among African American Women.” I designed "Life Defense Workshops for Females" that are conducted in local churches, colleges, and community centers.

The art that I study is a deadly art designed for urban and street circumstances. It has provided me with the tools to take someone's life 50 different ways in seconds. The true aspect of martial arts is to live in peace, tranquility and calmness.

I provide lectures to small businesses on employment wellness. I am well known in Atlanta's wellness industry as a health advocate, a life coach, well-being counselor, and wellness educator. I have conducted many fitness and wellness workshops, training camps, lectures, and presentations to many interested community partners.

The more I learn about how delicate and sensitive the human body is, the more I understand that I need to avoid placing myself in situations where I could hurt someone. I follow the philosophy that true self-defense is avoiding violent situations. I live my life in a peaceful manner with claws that are always sharpened. Growing up in the Bronx I had my share of street fights but overall, I was blessed not to get seriously injured.

In Her Ow n w ords I met my husband Abdul Mutakabbir when I was 18 years old. We started dating and I started training under him. During the first few years of my training in the 1980s I participated in semi-contact tournaments. In

Once I started training, I developed the ability to defuse hostile situations peacefully. I believe martial



arts training is important for women because women are the mothers of civilizations. Women have the responsibility of molding lives, and we need to be aware of what are the best choices to promote and elevate protection and safety for ourselves and our families.

− 6/25/16 - 2016 Bushido Open Hall of Fame as Grandmaster Martial Arts Contribution & Life Achievement − 11/12/16 - 29th Annual 2016 USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame as Woman of the Year − 1/21/17 - Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Honors & Spirit Awards as Woman of the Year − 11/15/17 - 30th Annual 2017 USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame as “Grandmaster of the Year” award. − My accomplishments include co-director in 1987 of Juko-Ryu Ju-Jutsu. In 1988, I was a − Division Head of Ki-Jutsu, and over the years served on the US Board of Advisors, Governors,and Executive Committee. In 1997, I received my Kyoju (professor). I have been a life time member of JKI for over 32 years. In the 80’s, I became a member of the Society of Black Belts. Today I am a Division Head in JKI. − I have been part of many demos with Soke Sacharnoski since 1987. Other demonstrations − include “You Asked For It” on NBC, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Discovery Channel (twice), The − Learning Channel, Univision, Sport Science, visited Japan in 2010 and 2011, and the latest, − Stan Lee’s “Superhuman” on the History Channel. What an adventure it has been.

Relating to providing us protection and security, women after high school hardly get into fights, but have a 50% higher chance than men of getting attacked. Predators search for weakness in people to determine who their next prey is. Martial arts create a personality that enforces strength that predators avoid. This developed personality enhances the desire for improving our lives. Adversaries, setbacks, and hardships will not be a deterrent for reaching our goals, as we are more motivated to live and promote a healthy lifestyle. Internal strength will reduce disrespect and abuse from anyone.

Achievements − Black Belt “Grand Master” under the SWAM Martial Arts Academy − Current awards within the last two years... − 6/18/16 - 2nd Annual 2016 Shinjitsu Jissen Karate Justsu Honor Awards as Grandmasters Silver Lifetime Couple Award



Kevin Schultz − − − − − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Richmond, VA Martial Arts Style - American Okinawa Isshinryu Instructor - Jerry Piddington Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1971 Years in the Martial Arts - 47 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 41 Professional Organizations - U.S.ARMY

Personal Achievements Virginia state champion 13years; National champion 4 years; state full contact champion 4 years; created Arts of Self-Defence; promoted to 10 dan in American Okinawa karate

Major Martial Arts Achievements − 1971 State champion kata and kumite − 1972 State champion, as a brown belt won the Black Belt division. − 1978 State champion kata and kumite − Promoted to Black Belt by Jerry Piddington, Allen Miller, and Keith Haflick − Retired from kickboxing with a 13 - 1 record − 1979-2000 I was the chief instructor for an inner city karate program held in Gilplin court. − 1981-1987 chief instructor at the Jewish community center − 1996 Promoted to 5th dan by Grandmaster Danny Wilson − 1997-1999 co-founder of the American Okinawa-te Karate-do System − Promoted to 10th degree in the Arts of Self-Defence system 2006 by

− Grandmasters Germon Smith, Joe Blake, Sonny Strong, and James Chance − Instructors and trainer I've have had the honor to work with Shihan Jerry Piddington, Shihan − Danny Wilson, Sensei Keith Haflick, Ruben Campbell, Shihan Sam Justice, Renshi Vernon Mason, Grandmaster Germon Smith, Sifu Tracy Fleming, Grandmaster Roger Dabney, and Grandmaster Jeff Smith P.K.A Light-heavy weight world champion

In His Ow n Words I was given karate as a gift for my 11th birthday, and made Black Belt in 1975. My martial arts training, including kung fu, boxing, muay tai, jiu Jitsu, and 13 years in the army shaped me into the very disciplined person I am today.



Sa muel Scott Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Hempstead, New York and Gordon Heights, New York Martial Arts Style Tien shen Pai Kung Fu; Filipino martial arts; Tai Chi/Chi Kung; Kyusho Jitsu Combat Kuntao Your Instructors Grand Master Dennis Brown; Ama Guros Billy Bryant and Raffy Pambuan Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1975 Years in the Martial Arts 42 Years Teaching Martial Arts 29

Prof essional Organization World Head Sokeship Council

Personal Achievements Gold Medal winner in International Police Olympics, 1992 Founder of Full Circle Martial Arts Academy, 1992 Founder of Combat Kuntao International - currently promoted 123 black belts Certified; Meditation Instructor-American Institute of Healthcare Professionals Author of 3 Children’s Character Building books Author of a Women’s Personal Safety handbook and book about Point Fighting Certified Speaker, Teacher and Coach with The John Maxwell Team In His Own Words I started martial arts training as a child solely for self-protection. Growing up in Long Island, New York, if you didn’t know how to protect yourself, then you basically ended up being a victim of the neighborhood/school's bullies. As time went on, I realized that martial arts was much more than self was truly a way of life. In 1982, I moved to Washington DC to pursue a career in law enforcement and started training in Wing Chun under Sifu Charles Martin. I instantly fell in love with this style for two reasons: 1) it was Bruce Lee's original style and 2) it was very applicable for the street. In 1985; after our instructor moved out of the area, I started my career as a Correctional Officer for the Prince Georges County Department of Corrections and joined Shaolin Wu Shu Academy under Grand Master Dennis Brown’s School, in Temple Hills, Md. This is where I started my point fighting career. In 1990, I started training in the Filipino arts under Ama Guro Billy Bryant until I started training with my current instructor, Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan. It was during this time I became inspired to be the innovator of what is now known as Combat Kuntao; which means, Combat Fist Way. This is a simple yet extremely effective art of self-defense that I've shared with numerous law enforcement officers, security personnel and protection specialists both here and



abroad during the last 25 years. Additionally, I started an online training platform called Combat Kuntao International and began training school owners and other enthusiasts around the world. Throughout my years of training at this formidable school under Grand Master Dennis Brown, I became a highly competitive point fighter with more than 300 matches under my belt. After establishing myself as a fierce competitor in 1992, I entered the International Police Olympics and won a Gold Medal in Point Sparring. This awesome achievement was literally the launch pad to realizing my dream of sharing the true power of martial arts as well as the power of believing in yourself and your dreams, with our young future leaders. The Journal News did a front-page story on me titled; “Fighting For The Kids.� I shared my story with local schools and started giving free life skills seminanrs. I also began teaching free women safety workshops for various organizations within the community. Finally, in 1993, I made the conscious decision to open my own school. I, along with my business partner Master Wallace Powell, opened Full Circle Martial Arts Academy in the basement of my home and started with only 3 students. Today we have trained more than 6000 students through the program and are still actively part of our community. Our headquarters is in Capitol Heights, Maryland, and our number one commitment remains the same; developing our next generation of leaders. I attribute most of our success to being a "Life Skills" school with major emphasis on personal development. Kicking and punching has always been a small part of our training. We address the critical needs of our children, which include: positive self-image, respect for self and for others, strong character traits, and rock-solid confidence. Simply put, we have been on an unstoppable mission to transform lives, and bring back a strong sense of family. After 24 1/2 years, I am truly honored to have been given the passion and drive to serve others thru the transformational vehicle of martial arts excellence. I wouldn't trade this journey for anything in the world.



Ja ck S ha mburger Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – New York, New York; Hawaii; California Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Shorin Ryu – Black Belt Your Instructor - Dalmacio Grarrido, J.T. Will, Dick Willett, Arthur Bergin, Orned Gabriel, Ron Henderson, Big Al Tracy Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1964 Years in the Martial Arts - 53 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 1971

I have done what my teachers have expected me to do: teach and grow and push the young to their dreams, and I have watched them get on with their lives. If they talk the talk they had better be ready to walk the walk.

Prof essional Organizations − − − − − −

Tracy's U.S.M.C. Karate Team The U.K.F. Dick Willetts A.K.K. Personal Achievements United States Marines Black Belt May of 1971

I have been running a women's self-defense program for about 26 years here in New York City. It started at one day a week and in 2017 increased to 3 times a week. A lot of people have sent us death threats but we’re still here, still strong.

In His Ow n Words

There is a lot l can say, but there is a lot more l can do. God bless America, yes sir!

When I started my real training, I was a child of many places. Some of my teachers were not world known guys but it did not matter. What they have given me has seen me through a lifetime. I taught and ran the USMC karate team out of Camp Pendleton, California from about 77 to 81 and had a school in San Clemente, California.

Major martial arts achievements l am not a World Champion, but l am still here and still strong.



W illia m Shelton − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up San Antonio, Tx − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) Ju Kwon Do - 5th Dan Black Belt − Your Instructor Grandmaster Al Francis − Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1987 − Years in the Martial Arts 30 − Years Teaching Martial Arts 7 Prof essional Organizations

Al Francis Karate Organization, United States Martial Artist Association, Budo Alliance Association, Highland Hills Neighborhood Association

Personal Achievements

Earned Black Belt in 1994 Became an Eagle Scout in 1996 Awarded the Vigil Honor Award in the Order of the Arrow in 2005

In his ow n w ords I was born in 1979 to a wonderful single parent. I was born premature. My lungs had collapsed and I had a heart murmur. I was a short skinny kid. In 1987, when I was 8, my mother enrolled me in a Ju Kwon Do class. She joined a few months later. The instructor was sensei Luis Elizondo. I studied with him until he had a tragedy in his family in 1990 and closed his dojo. I had then started studying under Grandmaster Al Francis. In 1994, I earned my black belt. I continued to be as active as I could be. For the last few years I have been assisting Grandmaster Francis with out Young Defenders program, where we have troubles youth sentenced to take our class for 6 months. They are great kids that have made a few bad choices. We tech them confidence, respect, anger management and several other lessens Martial Arts teaches. I inform them that as long as they give us 100% and respect we can try to make it as enjoyable as possible. My mother remained active in the class until she passed away in 2013. I made sure that I was in class the next day. When I tested for my 5th Dan I wore the belt to honor her. I love helping the class and giving back what I received in my years as a student. The Black Belts in our class truly are a family. I also have a few friends that teach other styles that I try to help as much as I can. Martial Arts Achievements -2016 United Stated Martial Artist Association Hall of Fame - Apprentice Master of the Year 2016 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Black Belt of the Year 2016 Masters Hall of Fame -2016 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Inspirational Black Belt of the Year



Kurt S hy rock −

− − −

P lace o f B ir t h & P l ace Gr o wi n g Up I was born in Baltimore, MD and grew up in North East Baltimore City. Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) I hold a 7th Degree Black Belt in ChungDo Kwan Taekwondo. I am a 5th Degree Kukkiwon Certified Taekwondo Black Belt ( soon to get my 6th) and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in TangSoodo I n str u cto r s: I started my young career with Grand Master Bobby Jae Kim... then as an older teen I was trained by Grand Master Eun Sang Ki ( a classmate of GM Jhoon Rhee) ... then was tutored in from my 20's & 30's by Grand Master DongJu Lee. Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1982 Years in the Martial Arts 35 years Year s T eac h i n g Mar t ia l Ar t s 30 years

Prof essional Organizations Kukkiwon, WTF , WOMAA , NASKA, Chungdokwan, NAR, MAR, MRIS , Washington Moodo Assoc., Md state TKD Assoc.,, Korean Society of MD

Personal Achievements

1 9 8 5 ear n ed fir st B lac k B elt 1 9 8 9 wo n Md Sta te T K D c ha mp io n s hi p 1 9 9 5 Op e ned m y T KD st ud io at a ge 2 6 1 9 9 7 to p r an ked r eg io na l f i g ht er i n N B L M id At la nt ic r eg io n 1 9 9 7 f ir st wo r l d ti tle i n f i g ht i n g, Co lo r ad o Sp r i n g s, CO 1 9 9 8 u nt il 2 0 0 6 P r o mo t er o f t he S u m me r S ho wd o wn . A N ASK A 2 A Sp o r t k ar ate T o ur n a me n t i n Co l u mb ia , MD 1 9 9 9 tr a in ed i n Ko r ea wi t h Ko r ea n Ol y mp ic Co l le g e T ea ms... Yo u n g I n U ni ver s it y a nd Ha n g G u k U n i ver si t y 1 9 9 9 cho se n to d o T V De mo s o f o ur Ame r i ca n Sp o r t kar ate st yl e s o n 3 cha n ne ls i n 3 d i f fer e n t ci ti es i n Ko r e a ( MB C, KB S a nd UB S) 2 0 0 0 Co ac h a nd T ea m Me mb e r o n P r o mo t er s P l u s W o r ld Kar a te T ea m 2 0 0 1 T ea m Me mb er wi t h T ea m U S A T ea m to d ef ea t T ea m G er ma n y o n t heir Ame r ic a n T o ur 2 0 0 7 T r ained a t Ra n g s it S tad i u m i n B an g ko k, T h ai la nd a nd Fair te x, P a tta ya , T hai la nd i n M ua y T ha i Kic k B o xi n g 2 0 0 9

MD Sta te T KD As so c D e mo T ea m C ap ta i n 2 0 1 3 til l p r es e nt d a y, H ead Co a c h o f T ea m Vic to r y o n t he N AS K A C ir c u it a nd o t h er Sp o r t Kar ate C ir c u it s 2 0 1 4 P ic ked fo r 9 8 Ro c k Mo r ni n g S ho w g u es t i n B al ti mo r e to d e mo n s tr a te a nd ta l k ab o u t Mar ti al ar ts and sp o r t kar ate 2016 Co ac h a nd Co mp e ti to r o n T ea m US A Co mp e ti n g at th e W o r ld M ar t ial Ar t s Ga me s i n CJ B 2 0 0 1 tr ai n ed at t he K u k ki wo n W o r ld Head q u ar ter s fo r T KD , a nd co ac hed a n A mer ica n T ea m i n Ko r ea 2 0 0 3 Co mp e ted o n a n E a st Co as t Es se nb a c h, Ger ma n y 2 0 1 6 W o n Go ld Med a l, wo r ld c ha mp io n in

Korea n Traditiona l Fo rms and Bronze in Tea m figh ts at th e World Ga me s in Essenbach , German y



In His Ow n Words

Karate Teams and Competed with them as well. I have coached several NASKA World Champions along with WTF JR Olympic Gold Medalists. I am kind of a hybrid of Olympic TKD and Sport Karate. I even have 2 students in some movies and tv shows now. When I thought I was retired from competing...? I agreed to help coach Team USA in Essanbach, Germany in 2016 and they asked me to compete once we arrived. I won a gold medal in Korean Forms and was able to fight on the same team with my son against the German team. This was a very proud and memmerable moment for me and him to be fighting together and for our Country.

In North East Baltimore City, MD, the times and location meant that I was actually fighting outside a lot. I was constantly coming home with my clothes ripped or marks from a after school or summertime scrap with another kid or two. And we knew our neighborhood and knew at a young age who was ok and who was not supposed to be walking through...looking back I laugh, but its true. But at age 11, I had a gun pulled on me in the local park and items stolen including the bike I rode to the park on... My grades were falling and my dad had enough. He was a tough man of the streets that had his own issues with the law and gangs and didn't want me to be like him! So, without me knowing, he found a local Taekwondo Studio and enrolled me at age 12. I was not that good but knew I loved it immediately! I now had a place to channel all my energy, positive and negative.

Major Martial Arts Achievements 1999 and 2000 World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Honored by Amerikick Internationals Hall of Fame in 2015 and US Capitol Classics Hall of Fame in 2013 2015, inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame. Conduct Self Def seminars at the University of MD for female sororities the past 10 years. Self Def Seminars for the Dpt. of Defense and Social Security offices the last 10 years Annual Self Def Seminar for the local Au Pairs and Real Estate agents through HCAR. hosted a NASKA 2A tournament for 10 years in the 2000's. Head Arbitrator and Coordinator at many of the NASKA 5 and 6A Tournaments the last 5 years Coach Team Victory with many world and top 10 competitors Coached on Promoters Plus World Karate Team in the 90"s and was a team member of Team CJB Won World titles in Korean Forms and Sparring. Competed and coached at all levels from local, regional to national and international events Studied Taekwondo in Korea at the major sports Universities (Young In and HangKuk ) Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt MD State Demo team head Coach Performed Taekwondo demos on Korean TV shows when touring ( MBC, KBS, UBS channels in Korea ) 1 Proud owner of Victory Martial Arts in Elkridge Md since Nov of 1995, almost 22 years now.

I trained very hard. I used to cheat and try and copy the more advanced students moves and kicks. I actually got hurt 3 times during my trainings as an underbelt and my father was going to pull me out of martial arts, telling me that maybe it wasnt for me? I begged him not to take me out and trained even harder to get better...but back then there were mostly adults in classes and I was this skinny kid sparring with adults all the time. (this however is what most likely made me a better fighter as I grew older) I earned my first-degree black belt at age 15 and really never faught out on the streets anymore. Taekwondo had channeled my energy and gave me respect for myself and others and taught me how to set goals with the discipline to know I can achieve anything. 5 of my friends, that I grew up with never made it out of my neighborhood to see the age of 25! Drug deals gone bad, gun fire and gang related issues caught up with them. I know if it wasn't for my parents putting me in martial arts, I could have been one of them as well. Realizing that as I grew older made me appreciate the chances Martial Arts gave me and I have been an educational partner with my local surrounding schools since 1997. I mentor and give classes to students that the schools system hand picks as "Troubled Kids" in the school. I love what I do... I still have my own studio that I opened up in November of 1995 (Victory Martial Arts) but I never charge the schools a dime for my services. I believe God has given us all some kind of talent and when we realize that we need to use it and give to others. Especially the youth of today that need focus, goals, discipline and love. I have had my own Taekwondo Dojang for almost 22 years now. Just treat people like family and they know and will appreciate you. I have been blessed to learn and train around the world, Korea, Thailand, and Here all over the US. I have won many regional, national and world titles. Coached many Sport

Although I have had success as a competitor, my biggest success is as a coach and instructor... many of my students have found success winning titles in the olympic

and sport karate arenas and 2 have gone on to be in movies! I am prouder of them then I am of anything I did as a competitor! I will email you more not sure which ones you might be able to use best? But I will submit a few with this nomination paper



Ma rk Shuey − Martial arts title: Grand Master − Christmas Tree Village − Started studying martial arts in 1969 − Teaching for 40 years and currently holds the rank of 10 Dan, studying martial arts styles: American Cane System − Instructor: Harland Gross, Noel Citron Personal Achievements

− Founder, Cane Master, Cane Fu, America Cane System, YogaPlay, Cane Chi − Black Belt Magazine 2003, Weapons Inspector of the year In His Ow n Words I have trained in the areas of and become proficient in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido. I founded Cane Masters, where we make Custom Handcrafted Combat Canes and was the first person to create a martial Arts System on the Crooked Cane. My overall life experiences since entering martial arts has been amazing. It has afforded me the opportunity to travel the world, meeting amazing people. My philosophy towards the martial arts is, “It is the Best thing you can do for your life, Practice Every Day, Never Stop Learning, Helping others, Save Lives”.



Da rrell C. Simms , Sr. − − − − − − −

Martial Arts Title: Shihan Master Simms Homewood, Illinois 7th Dan, Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System Teaching for 40 years Started studying Martial Arts in 1968 Founder of Simms Martial Arts Academy Professional Organizations include Professional Karate Commission; Martial Arts Karate Association; Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System

Personal Accomplishments -Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Chicago State University -Master of Business Administration from Olivet Nazarene University -Public Administrator: City of Chicago (1984-88); Chicago Park District (1989-91); Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (1994-98); Chicago Housing Authority (2001-05) -Business Owner (2005-14) -Assistant Director, Hazel Crest Park District (Present)

Major Achievements − National Karate League Championships Chicago Metro Championships Tri-State Championships AKA National Championships, Featured in a recent documentary on martial arts produced by Grand Master James A. Jones Jr.; Promoter/Director: The Traditional Warrior Karate Championship and Martial Arts Exhibition (like us on Facebook @ Traditional Warrior); View tournament videos on YouTube: Search "Simms Traditional Warrior". Special Award for Outstanding Demonstration at the National Karate League Martial Arts Expo (Arie Crown Theater, Chicago, IL 1975); Championship Awards: National Karate League Championships, Chicago Metro Championships, Tri-State Championships and AKA National Championships. Instructor of the Year (1992); Currently, Vice President, Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System; Professional Karate Commission, Outstanding Leadership Award (2017).

In His Ow n Words Master Darrell C. Simms was introduced to the Goju (Japanese) style of Karate in 1968 by first Degree Black Belt Roderick Hawkins. It was this initial training that developed his desire to increase his knowledge and understanding of the martial art After searching for a Dojo where he could receive comprehensive training in martial arts, he discovered JJ school of Karate LTD. He trained there under Master James A. Jones and Sensei Ben Peacock who was the Chief Instructor at the school.



After returning from school to complete his college education, Sensei Simms joined Shihan Ben Peacock at 3 Circles School of Karate and Physical Fitness. He experienced the most extensive Black Belt training under Shihan Peacock, became Head Instructor and received the “Instructor of the Year Award� in 1992. In addition to winning several Black Belt competitions, Master Simms has taught Karate and self-defense at: The City Colleges of Chicago; The Chicago Housing Authority; The South Suburban YMCA and Governors State University. He is currently Vice President for the Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System; a Regional Promoter for the Professional Karate Commission and is the Head Karate Instructor and Assistant Director for Hazel Crest Park District.

During this period Sensei Simms experienced the most dramatic development as a karateka (Karate Student). Under the oversight and intense training of Master Jones and Sensei Peacock he developed his knowledge and skill of theory, technique and martial arts weaponry. While attending JJ School of Karate LTD., Sensei Simms won several awards and championships, including: Special Award for Outstanding Demonstration at the National Karate League Martial Arts Expo in 1975 and First Place sparring at the National Karate League Championships in 1976.

Master Simms holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Chicago State University; A Master of Business Administration from Olivet Nazarene University.



Ca rmicha el Simon Martial Arts Title: Master Cedar Park, Texas Started studying martial arts 35 years ago Teaching for 30 years and currently holds rank of Black Belt, studying Martial Arts Styles: XiaolinGruv − Instructors: Jhoon Rhee, Charlie Lee, Francis Pineda − − − −

Personal Achievements With over 35 years of martial arts experience I have been one of the leading innovators of “Jhoon Rhee’s Martial Arts Ballet™”. I have been very instrumental to our sport by being an ambassador to the American sport martial arts system by traveling globally, performing and evangelizing the philosophies and methods to “Jhoon Rhee’s Martial Arts Ballet™”. Being a prize student and one of the last “Living Legends” taught by Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee (, I was able to apply the wisdom and define the standards to sport martial arts as he defied gravity by innovating AcroKicking (’92-93) and incorporated the fusion of soft/hard style performances (’90). I was the first to land a 720degree hook kick (’94) and Stunting Combinationstricking/acrokicking (’95). I am a 5-Time International Forms Champion and 3-Time winner of the NASKA Triple Crown Award ( I am a member of the Jhoon Rhee Institute, Metro All Stars Karate Team, and Team John Paul Mitchell. A few of my greatest style(s) have been depicted through media as I starred as “KID Carmichael” on the FOX TV show “WMAC Master”, “LIU KANG” on the “Mortal Kombat Live Tour”, “Tommy Base” on “The Untouchables” video game series, and was the 1st Sport Martial Arts Athlete on an “Affinity Master Card”.

themselves through XiaolinGruv (Shaolin Groove). Being a unique choreographer within the dance and martial arts arena, I continue to give back to the communities. I was influenced in martial arts by Ernie Reyes Jr. I trained and became proficient in Tae Kwon Do, Northern Shaolin, Southern Shaolin, Sport Karate, Tricking, Freestyle Dance, XiaolinGruv, Action Film Stunts, and Motion Capture Animation. As Grandmaster Rhee would note: "Lead by Example" and "Truth, Beauty, and Love".

Through my personal freedom of expression, I have expanded my skills as an artist/athlete by fusing martial arts to modern day freestyle dance. I continue to perform with the world-renowned hip hop dance crews “Housin’ Authority/The Architeckz who’s credentials have been leading the hip hop dance community through choreography presented through artists such as Michael Jackson, Usher Raymond, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Timberlake to name a few. Having studied a variety of styles, I have paved a way for a generation to express

The 7 qualities of a Champion defined by Grandmaster Rhee: Power, Posture, Quickness, Timing, Flexibility, Endurance, and Balance in which I use in my daily life as a martial arts philanthropist. I competed in the NASKAChmpion tournament.



Ron S mith Ronald B. "Ron" Smith (born March 1, 1946) is an American martial artist, active since 1962. He is currently Chairman of the Board and CEO of the USA National Karate-do Federation of VA, Inc., a Virginia based non-profit martial arts organization.

Early lif e and career: Smith was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the son of Rubena Bernice (nee Allen) and James William Smith. His mother was a registered nurse and his father was a logistics engineer working for the McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corporation. He started taking martial arts 8 years after the family moved to Los Angeles when he was 8 years old. His first instructor was Bill Ryusaki of Kempo fame in North Hollywood, CA in 1962. In 1964, after enlisting in the Air Force and assigned to the Air Force Security Service (now Air Force Intelligence), Smith was transferred to Ona Point Air Base outside of Koza, Okinawa Japan. There he studied Goju Ryu with Seikichi Toguchi, a prominent student of Chojun Miyagi, founder of Goju Ryu. He transferred to Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas where he continued to study Goju Ryu under Toguchi's student Gerry Fearr. After discharge from the military, he returned home to Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, where again he took up the practice and study of Kempo under Bob Martinez. 1984, Smith began his study of Isshin Ryu under Al Shelton. Shelton was a student of Jim Appelian, under the Tatsuo Shimabuku/Steve Armstrong lineage. Shelton later studied under Arsenio Advincula a direct student of Shimabuku's and passed on those concepts and interpretations to Smith who at the time was Shelton's prime student. Over the next few years, Shelton and Smith established a dojo in Burbank and modified all of their teachings to be close to Advincula's model of Isshin.

Shorin Ryu, Jiu Jitsu, Goshin Jitsu (self-defense), and Okinawan Weapons. After retiring from the California State Assembly as a chief of staff (District Director) for a local assemblyman and moving to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1997 he later became a direct student of Tadashi Yamashita, famed head of Yamashita Shorin Ryu and direct student of Shuguro

In 1986, Smith affiliated with Dr. Rod Sacharnoski, Soke and Founder of Juko Kai Martial Arts Federation, presently located in New Braunfels, Texas. With Sacharnoski, he studied Okinawan Kempo, Seidokan



Nagazato. In 1998, he established the Beikoku Ryu Budo/Bugei Remmei - an Okinawan recognized martial arts ranking organization based in Virginia.

Accomplishments − Education: Juris Doctorate: University of La Verne College of Law − Founder: Beikoku Ryu Budo/Bugei Remmei − Founder: Burbank Management Association (President:1992-1997) − Founder: Preparing The Way, Inc. (Chairman of the Board/CEO: 2000-2009) − Founder: USA National Karate-do Federation of VA, Inc. (Chairman/CEO: 2000-present) − Adjunct Professor: Tidewater Community College − Facilitator: Investment In Excellence − Facilitator: Getting To Yes (non confrontational labor relations) − Trainer: Kolbe Conative Concepts

Personal lif e and education Ron attended St. Joseph's elementary in Cincinnati as a child. After migrating to Los Angeles and spending approximately a year in downtown Los Angeles, the family moved to the San Fernando portion of L.A. During that time, he attended Santa Rosa Elementary and graduated from Bishop Alemany High School. After spending a year at Los Angeles Valley College majoring in Business Administration, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, serving in Air Force Security Service (now Air Force Intelligence) spending time in Texas, Mississippi, and Okinawa, Japan. After returning to L.A., he enrolled once again in Valley College majoring in music, additionally seeking certification in Commercial Music. Over the next few years he accomplished those goals working with such acts as the Younghearts and Carla Thomas (of Stax Records fame). Leaving the music business, he went into government work spending 9 years with the local police department, additionally working in Personnel, Risk Management, Employee Benefits, and Safety.

Author: o Martial Arts, A Way of Life o Oneness A Christian's Guide o Pilates − Meditation, A Christians Guide − Co-Producer: Arnold Martial Arts Festival, Columbus, OH (2003-2009) − Co-Producer: USA-NKF National Karate Tournament, Norfolk, VA (2002) − Co-Producer: Battle of the Boardwalk − Co-Producer: World University Games [FISU], Long Island University, Long Island, New York − Co-Producer: USA Classic Martial Arts Tournament: Virginia Beach, VA − Co-Producer: Beach Blast Open Martial Arts Championship (2011-present)

1984 he served as a shop steward for government employees. 1986 he was elected to the board of directors of AFSCME Local 3143, later serving over two years as their president. During his tenure, he helped to author the first comprehensive written contract for city employees. In 1986 Smith also enrolled in law school at the University of La Verne College of Law, graduating in 1990. Due to his education, he moved into management and later founded the first ever manager's labor union in California, helping to establish several others in the state. After retirement from public service, he moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia where he continues to teach martial arts and anti-bullying concepts.

Ranks: − 10th Dan: Juko Kai Nihon/Shorin Ryu Karate-Jutsu: Shihan − 8th Dan: Yamashita Shorin Ryu: Kyoshi − 6th Dan: Aiki Inyo Goshin Jutsu: Shihan − 5th Dan: Ryukyu Kobujutsu − 4th Dan: Okinawan Kempo: Shihan-Dai − 3rd Dan: Aiki Inyo Tai Ki − 3rd Dan: Aiki Inyo Ki Jutsu − 2nd Dan: Seidokan Shorin Ryu − 1st Dan: Member: Juko-ryu Okuden Society



Cla rence S mith − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up San Angelo, Texas − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) Tang Soo Do - 9th Dan (Gudan)/Chu Ida Yong Tae Kwon Do - 1st Dan − Your Instructor Grandmaster James Cummings Jr. (Retired Army, Deceased Agent Orange-2003) − Year Started Studying Martial Arts 1967 − Years in the Martial Arts 47 − Years Teaching Martial Arts 40 plus years

Prof essional Organizations Tang Soo Do Karate Association, IMAC-Director (California) , Karate Institute (San Angelo Texas) and Karate For Your Body Systems

locations in Texas with the major one being in San Angelo, Texas and Four satellite facilities. While in California Grandmaster Smith taught 5 learnings centers. One of his biggest achievements was teaching at the church he attended. Professionally, Grand Master has worked in corporate America for the 30 plus years. Grandmaster Smith received his B.B.A. from Angelo State University and his M.B.A. from University of Phoenix in Global Management. Grandmaster Smith is also a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (CLSSGB and in his spare time, Grandmaster Smith enjoys reading, music, movies, and playing golf. Clarence is a true family man and enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

Personal Achievements Grandmaster Clarence “Daddy-O” Smith was promoted to 9th Dan (GU-DAN) by the International Martial Arts Council of America, July 23, 2016 and is a member of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame and inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Ambassador of Martial Arts.Grand Master Clarence “Daddy-O” Smith currently resides in Arlington, Texas. He currently owns and operates Karate for Your Body Systems. As a martial arts enthusiast, Master Smith earned and was awarded his title of Grandmaster in 2004 after practicing Tang Soo Do for 35 plus years. Most of his teachings and competitions were on the Texas state circuit where Grand Master James Cummings mentored him. Grand Master Smith competed on both the state, national, and international levels. He received many accolades including: four-time Instructor of the Year, three-time School of the Year, 2003 Competitor of the Year, and was also inducted into the National Hall of Fame in 2003. Grand Master Smith was the proprietor of the Karate Institute, a state of the art training facility in San Angelo, Texas and produced well-accomplished martial artists such as Walter (Putt-Putt) Bryant, Clarence (Juice) Bowman, Jim (JR) Ross, Mike Jones (also instructed by Grandmaster Balmos) and Darrell Dickerson. Some of his protégés went on to compete nationally and internationally. he operated 5 different

In His Ow n Words I started, your training, your philosophy, how you have shared your martial arts expertise and major achievements. I am fortunate to have trained in the martial arts and teach hundreds of students that turned out to be great parents and leaders, My philosophy was to take care of our own. We had all kinds of students and they all brought something to the table. A talent I felt we could use and whether it was a carpenter, teacher, dancer, artist, janitor it did not matter and everyone was important. I tried to take what they had and train our students in numerous of ways. We formed an after-school program to help



was nationally ranked by Karate Illustrated (Top 10) in Kumite-Fighting and Kata-Forms with his close friends for over 40 years (Grandmaster Johnny Thompson and Grandmaster Tom Balmos). Grandmaster continues to compete in the executive division. As a martial arts enthusiast, Grandmaster Smith earned and was awarded his title of Grandmaster in 2004 after practicing Tang Soo Do for 35 plus years. Most of his teachings and competitions were on the Texas state circuit where he was mentored by Grand Master James Cummings. Grand Master Smithcompeted on both the state, national, and international levels. He received many accolades including: four-time Instructor of the Year, three-time School of the Year, 2003 Competitor of the Year, and was also inducted into the National Hall of Fame in 2003. Grandmaster Smith was the proprietor of the Karate Institute, a state of the art training facility in San Angelo, Texas with multiple satellite training facilities in West Texas. He produced well-accomplished martial artists such as Walter (Putt-Putt) Bryant, Clarence(Juice) Bowman, Jim (JR) Ross and Mike Jones (also instructed by Grandmaster Tom Balmos) and Darrell Dickerson. Some of his protégés went on to compete nationally and internationally. They competed on multiple tournament circuits-AOK / UMA / Gold Cup Circuit / Texas / Germany / Mexico / California / Atlanta / Washington /Louisiana /Oklahoma. His tenacity to build a powerhouse karate team and determination to be amongst the best was a driving force that lead to many accolades: Four-time Instructor of the Year, Three-time School of the Year, 2003, 2006, 2010 Competitor of the Year. He has also has been inducted into the National Hall of Fame by the International Martial Arts Council in: 2003 - “Most Distinguished Master” 2007 – “Most Distinguished Grandmaster” 2008 – “Lifetime Membership Award” 2009 – “Silver Life Award” 2010 – “Golden Life Award” 2011 – “Excellence in Teaching Award” While in Los Angeles, California Grandmaster taught at 5 Learning Centers, Churches for Christian Ministry and Boys and Girls Clubs. He had an opportunity to teach and compete with great martial artists Tory Russo and Stephanie DeLoach. Grandmaster Smith was named to the Directorship of Southern California. Professionally, Grandmaster Smith has achieved an MBA in Global Business and BBA in Business Management, Blackbelt in Lean Six Sigma Methodology. In his spare time, Clarence enjoys reading, music, movies, playing golf and attending church with his family.

students with their homework and whether they were enrolled or not we still wanted to help any kid or adult. We talked about giving back to our communities so we did numerous of positive activities to practice what we preached. I always I was teaching the students but reality they were teaching me. I learned from what I was taught at the Boy's Club and growing up in the projects in San Angelo, Texas and being the smallest in my class and always being picked on. I had great elementary teachers that taught me to stand up for what I believed. They taught me about consequences. If you did not behave in their class you were spanked and then let your mother know about so you would get another spanking. Needless to say, I tried to stay away from that. The martial arts came into my when I needed it most because I was small for my age and needed help. We had a great instructor but he left after about six months. When I met my Grandmaster after touring around the country staying with my dad and being a military brat, I was ready I thought. There were trying days in my training but I hung in there. Grandmaster Cummings was a calming force in my life and continued to challenge us to do better in whatever you did. This attitude helped me graduate from and receive my degree and go back to school to receive my MBA in Global Management. Grandmaster was an awesome individual because he taught us how to compete in tournaments by knowing the rules and understanding how accept defeat and get back and get back to it. I learned how important my karate family was and how I would never be able to live without the martial arts. My closest martial art family is with two individuals I competed on the circuit with and still remain to be brothers of the arts today Grandmaster Johnny Thompson and Grandmaster Tom Balmos. We competed on the circuit and always pushed each other and were honest with ourselves and each other.

Major Martial Arts Achievements Grandmaster Clarence “Daddy-O” Smith was promoted to 9th Dan (GU-DAN) by the International Martial Arts Council of America, July 23, 2016 and is a member of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame and inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as "Ambassador of Martial Arts". Grandmaster Smith started his martial arts training in San Angelo at the Boys Clubs under Mr. Cooksey from Goodfellow Air Force Base and continued his training under Grandmaster James Cummings. During the 1980’s Grandmaster Smith competed on the state, national and international level and



Ricky a nd Randy S mit h The Gold Dust Twins From China Grove, North Carolina Ricky and his twin brother, Randy, from China Grove, North Carolina, were named The Gold Dust Twins by Karate Illustrated in 1977. Ricky was ranked 3rd in the United States and 10th in the World in Professional Kickboxing. The highlight of Ricky and Randy's exciting career came in 1978 when the duo won the Double Pro-Team (Tag Team) Kickboxing Championship of the World, sanctioned by the National Karate Association. This fight is still considered by many as one of the most action-packed bouts in the history of Full-Contact Karate. The twins also fought as super lightweights for the world famous undefeated five-man kickboxing team, The Charlotte War Hawks, alongside Danny McCall, Jimmy Horseley, and the late Keith Haflick. Randy had an extremely powerful straight right hand punch and was properly named The Bullet. Ricky had lightning fast hand and feet combinations and was nicknamed Flash after knocking out his first opponent in a record setting seventeen seconds. The Gold Dust Twins were two of the most colorful and popular fighters of their era. (Randy is pictured above performing a roundhouse kick on Ricky - 1977) Ricky, and his wife, Edie, currently operate a karate school in Salisbury, North Carolina. In 1976 Ricky and Randy opened their first karate school in China Grove and began their teaching career. The twins are founders of SideKick Karate Schools and have produced over 150 black belts. Their black belts who presently own schools are Robert Taylor with Traditional Martial Arts of China Grove, Jeff Dixon with SideKick Karate of Concord, and Madison Hobbs with Hobbs MMA. Ricky is Headmaster of American Open Karate System and Chief Instructor of the American Karate Academies National Association chartered by Hanshi Jerry Piddington. (Ricky is pictured on the right performing a flying side kick on Randy) Ricky and Randy have had the honor of studying and ranking under some of the best karate teachers and competitors in the history of martial arts, including Jerry C. Piddington, the late Ridgely Abele, Troy Price, Vitus Bilking of Denmark, the late legendary Joe Lewis, David A. Adams, and the late Gary Basinger. Their first karate teacher was Gary Basinger (pictured on the left in the center of Randy and Ricky - 1975). The twins joined Gary’s school in 1974 and traveled the sport karate circuit for years under his tutorship racking up wins all over the Southeast. “Gary was one of the best sport karate competitors with more grand championship trophies than anyone I know,” said Randy.



In 1976 the twins received their first black belt from David A. Adams, a pioneer of karate in the Southeast. The brothers also began their fullcontact karate profession under his leadership. In the next few years, Dave coached the twins to a top ranking kickboxing career as they fought some of the best kickboxers of their era, including world champions Tony Lopez, Richard Jackson, and Vernon Mason. Ricky and Randy currently hold 8th degree black belts in American JeeDo Kwan under Mr. Adam’s American Jee Do Kwan Association. In 2005 the twins also starred in one of Dave Adams’ films, Angel with a Kick, along with the late martial arts legend Thomas C. LaPuppet. The Smith Brothers began training American Open Style Karate under Grandmaster Jerry C. Piddington in 1977 and developed a student-teacher relationship that has lasted to this day. Ricky is one of Hanshi Piddington’s highest ranking students of 8th degree black belt in American Open Shorei/Shorin Karate and his brother, Randy, is 7th degree black belt. In 1990 Ricky and Randy began teaching American Open Style Karate in their schools and became a lifelong chartered member of Grandmaster Piddington’s American Karate Academies National Association. “Hanshi Piddington taught me how to love, teach, and play karate,” said Ricky. Ricky and Randy are also 5th degree black belts under Joe Lewis in his American Karate Systems (pictured above in the center of Ricky and Randy). “Joe was 52 years old when we had to spar him three rounds for our 5th degree black belts,” said Randy. “My dad paid for the promotions for our 36th birthday so he could watch us get knocked around,” added Ricky with a laugh. Ricky is also 2nd degree black belt in Shuri-te Bujutsu and 1st degree black belt in Shintoyoshin-ryu Jiu-jitsu under Kyoshi Ridgely Abele and Troy Price. Ricky and Randy also have 5th degree black belts signed by the late John Pachivas, Grandmaster of Shuriryu. The Gold Dust Twins’ accomplishments have not only been in competition, but teaching. In 1994 the twins were inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Instructors of the Year and Ricky also won the Kata Grand Championship in the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Tournament that year (pictured on right). “We feel that we received our passion for teaching from our mother, who was a 12th grade English teacher for 34 years,” said Ricky. In 2003 Ricky and Randy were also inducted into the Living Legends Sport Karate Museum as Living Legends of Sport Karate. As promotors of sport karate, Ricky and Randy have promoted kickboxing and karate tournaments since 1981 Their televised kickboxing productions, held in China Grove, included some of the best fighters in history of the sport, such as Bill “Gentleman” Morrison, Johnnie “Superfoot” Davis, and the infamous Joe Lewis. In 2003 Ricky and his wife decided to give back to the martial arts community by honoring some of the great legends of sport karate. They promoted an event, Living Legends of Sport Karate, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, honoring the world’s greatest fighters of all-time, including Jeff Smith, Jerry Piddington, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Bob Wall, Joe Lewis, and Howard Jackson (pictured to the left in respective order). In the



same event, Ricky and Randy’s father, Gene, was honored with the Living Legends Pioneer Award. Since 2004, Ricky and his wife have given back to their community by founding and promoting The Bushido Warrior Sparring Tournament with special guest such as: Bob Wall and Howard Jackson. The event has raised over $100,000 for Godstock, a local organization that helps families with critically ill children. The Smith’s are still kicking, promoting annual karate tournaments through their SideKick Karate Schools. In 1989 Ricky and Randy gave their hearts to Jesus and began to serve God. Ricky traveled all over the country with a well known youth evangelist, Eastman Curtis, out of Lakeland, Florida and Randy served as a youth pastor in Tallahassee, Florida. In 1991 Ricky and Randy founded Double Impact Ministry Team using their martial arts demonstrations as a tool to reach the youth of America. Ricky and Randy also have a love for film making and a vision for martial arts films made for family entertainment with a Godly message of hope. Their film resume includes: Angel with a Kick - a 2005 Dave Adams Film starring Thomas LaPuppet with Ricky and Randy Smith, The Quest - A 1996 Universal Picture starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Roger Moore which Ricky was a stuntman and portrayed a pirate (pictured to the left with Jean-Claude Van Damme on the left), Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite - A 1996 FM Entertainment Production starring Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) and Daniel Bernhardt which Ricky portrayed a fighter in the Kumite (pictured below with Jerry Piddington on the right and Mr. Miyagi in the center), and The Russian Godfather - A Hollywood Star Entertainment Production starring Jeff Conway which Ricky and Randy were stuntmen and portrayed bodyguards.

Ricky and Randy are the authors of a Volume I, II, and III series of karate books. The first hardback edition titled, American Open Karate System Illustrated Training Manual, will consist of 650 pages with over 6,500 drawings illustrating every technique in American Open Karate. “I own a couple of O’Sensei Robert Trias’ publications called, The Pinnacle of Karate, along with Ridgely Abele’s, Karatedo, Art-Sport-Science, and Troy Prices’ Combative Kyusho-Jutsu Training Guide, and the drawings in their books inspired me to draw the techniques for our book,” says Ricky. “Drawings are traditional and timeless.” Ricky and Randy have worked on this project since 1979. “This book is our legacy to American Open Karate and a gift to my teacher, Hanshi Jerry Piddington,” adds Ricky. “This will be the most complete book on martial arts ever written,” says Mr. Piddington. “And I am proud to endorse it.” Ricky and Randy have also produced several martial art training videos with their company, SideKick Karate Productions. Their first instructional video titled, Get Started in Karate, was endorsed by Joe Lewis and Jerry Piddington in the introduction. Also, they produced an instructional video titled, Living Legends Sport Karate and Kickboxing Seminar, featuring four of the greatest legends in karate and kickboxing history: Joe Lewis, Don Wilson, Jeff Smith, and Howard Jackson. Their company has also produced and directed several television commercials. In 1998 Ricky and Edie, along with the help of Randy founded one of the premeir 5K road races, The China Grove 5K Challenge. The Smith’s decided to raise the bar in the size of trophies given in 5K runs, giving out 6-foot trophies to overall winners



along with substantial cash. This attracted world class runners to their hometown event. Edie, Ricky’s wife, an elite runner herself, explained, “I wanted to give back to my passion of running and this race was a good mix with the martial arts community.” The First Annual China Grove 5K Challenge hosted over 540 runners the first year and remains a huge success to this day. The race is now hosted by the local YMCA and proceeds go to underprivelged kids to attend camp. Ricky and Randy grew up at their Dad’s 43 acre recreational park, Happy Lake. There they began to lifeguard and learn work ethic at an early age. Randy still has lifeguarding in his blood. He currently works for Lack’s Beach Service and manages ocean rescue and water safety in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He received the 1997 Rookie of the Year Award and was honored with the 2009 Carl D. Righter, Jr. Horry County Beach Front Veteran Meritorial Service Award. You can visit Ricky and Randy’s website at or contact them at P.O. Box 922, China Grove, North Carolina. Their email is



Da rren S. Smit h − − − −

5th Degree Black Belt World Champion Jeff Smith Karate Started Martial Arts in 1973 Started Teaching 1989

Darren Smith began training martial arts under the tutelage of his Uncle Master Jeff W. Smith in 1973 at 9 years of age, with the Jhoon Rhee Institute in the Washington D.C. area. Darren was active as a junior competitor, fighting with the Maryland State Jr. All Stars from the Jhoon Rhee Institute, and as an individual winning the PKA Junior Nationals in 1978. Baltimore Maryland, and 1979 in Denver Colorado, Darren entered the Martial Arts business in 1989 with his father Dean Smith and his uncle G.M. Jeff Smith, opening 2 World Champion Jeff Smith Karate locations in Westminster, and Orange California. Jeff Smith traveled to the West Coast to oversee all Black Belt testing and provide special training and seminars, establishing their American Tae Kwon Do system on the West Coast. Darren’s students began winning many titles and awards in the West Coast region, and Darren’s World Champion Jeff Smith Team became a formidable force in tournament competition, winning the “Top School” honors at the Compete Nationals NASKA event for 10 consecutive years. Darren’s World Champion Jeff Smith Karate Demo Team had the honor of performing for President George H.W. Bush, Chuck Norris, G.M. Jeff Smith, and an audience of over 4000 at Eddie West Field in Santa Ana California in 1989, and performed with Ernie Reyes Jr. on his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Demo Tour throughout Southern California in 1990 and 1991.

blade that allowed students to learn to spin the kamas alleviating the danger involved with the steel bladed weapons. The “Sof-Kama” weapons were an instant hit, prompting Darren to produce the instructional videos “Beginning Kama and Winning Spinning Techiniques” and “Advanced Kama and Winning Spinning Techniques” taught by Darren and featuring segments by Butch Togisala, Gabe Reynaga, and Terri Smith, setting a new standard in production value and selling thousands of copies well into the early 2000’s. The “Advanced Kama and Winning Spinning Techniques” video also featured Darren’s 10-year-old student Jack Felton, who went on to become one of the top Point Fighters in the world. In the late 90’s Darren began working with then 16-year-old tournament standout Raymond Daniels. After certifying Raymond as a Black Belt in the World Champion Jeff Smith Karate system, Darren directed and produced Raymond’s first two Point Fighting instructional videos under the “Hard Style” brand. In 1997 Darren choreographed the fighting stunts and played the role

In 1992 Darren founded “Team Hard Style” bringing together some of the West Coast’s top fighters including: Jose Pacheco, Jeff Newton, Zane Frazier, Chris Mcbride, Michael Yawn, and Kata Standout Cha Bliayang. Darren competed with and managed the team throughout the early 90’s, and in 1993 after seeing the popularity of the “flying kamas” introduced by his friend Butch Togisala, Darren invented the “SofKama” weapon, creating a safe high-density foam



Estate training manual “The Black Belt Real Estate Agent” which takes the reader through a benchmark training system defined by belt levels, teaching Real Estate Agents to be competent, diligent, and to work with the integrity that the Martial Arts instill.

of a hitman in the independent film “Deadly Illusion” starring his friend and Black Belt Student Jeff Orman. In 1999 Darren left the martial arts business to pursue a career in real estate and licensed the “Hard Style” brand and curriculum to Raymond Daniels and Jack Felton, who continue this tradition to this day. Raymond Daniels and Stephen Horst’s “World Champion Karate” in Orange California is one of the top schools in the nation and teaches the system passed down from G.M. Jeff Smith, and Darren continues to volunteer his time teaching at the facility.

Darren lives in Laguna Beach California with his wife Terri, (also a Black Belt under G.M. Jeff Smith) and his son Dylan who is a student of Raymond Daniels, Stephen Horst and Jack Felton. Darren is an avid Surfer and board sport enthusiast, snowboarding whenever possible and still skateboarding pools at the tender age of 53.

Darren is now a successful Real Estate Broker in Southern California and authored the acclaimed Real



V ict or Theriault − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – born, New Brunswick, Canada; grew up, Ottawa, Ontario − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – Jiu Jitsu, 3rd degree Black Belt; − PKA KICKBOXING 5th degree Black Belt − Instructor – John Therien − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1972 − Years in the Martial Arts - 45 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 10+

Prof essional Organizations Professional Karate Association (PKA) Vic Theriault started martial arts at 15 years old with his brother Jean Yves at Therien Jiu Jitsu in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and became a Black Belt at the age of 18. Jiu Jitsu fighters were not accustomed to winning open karate tournaments but that changed in Canada after Victor won the first Wally Slocki Invitational at the Etibecoke Center in Toronto in a grand championship bout with heavyweight winner Ernie Starr.

one of the PKA’s greatest venues for historical events. Once PKA cut ties with TNT promotions, Vic hosted ESPN shows as the on-site promoter. In one event, the PKA had Richard Green fighting the Iceman and later the Iceman vs Ernesto Hoost. Vic took the fighters he had personally molded into PKA Canadian and North American champions across Canada, the United States, and Europe. He established a network of contacts that lead him to create a USA vs The World championship in Las Vegas. That event featured a bout with Bad Brad Hefton vs Vitaly Klichko at the Thomas & Mack Center.

Vic went on to win Pierre Myre’s Open Canadian Championship in 1981 and 1982 and subsequently competed all over Canada. He fought in team competition in Greece, and was seeded at the Battle of Atlanta. In overtime, there he lost to Jerry Rhome. Vic also won first place in Joe Jennings’ Canada vs USA tournament in Rochester, New York, but was disqualified for excessive contact in an overtime grand championship bout with Taebo`s creator Billy Blanks.

Vic got his promoter’s break after doing a Canada vs Russia event in Montreal when Showtime asked him to host an event in Canada, the Karatemania V. It was a huge success was followed by Karatemania 6 and then the Pay Per View final on S.E.T. Quite possibly this was the greatest kickboxing event since it featured three world title fights.

Vic was on one of the first kickboxing cards in Canada with his brother Jean Yves. Later as the Canadian Karate Champion he was asked to do two demonstration bouts with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace in Sorel, Quebec and Kitchener, Ontario.

After the retirement of the Iceman and the start of MMA in the fight game, Vic promoted a show called Battlecade. Held on an Indian reservation, it was a “whatever it takes to win” competition that created an international scandal when eight fighters were jailed after that event. pure PKA kickboxing. He formed the World Combat Arena League and created and amateur tournament to find the heir apparent to the Iceman in a tournament called Aisudan.

When PKA Kickboxing took off in Canada, Vic worked on all the jobs from kick counter to PKA judge, and learned the ropes working under John Therien on the Molson Pro Kickboxing tour. At one point when Kickboxing was banned in Ontario, Vic was offered the job to jump start the sport in Montreal as the go-to guy for a Montreal business man who knew nothing about the sport. Vic was the practical link between John Therien and Joe Corley to make Montreal

In Japanese, “aisu” means “ice” and the “dan” is a level of Black Belt. After a successful first year creating seven events for the Montreal Casino, Vic has been offered a ten-fight promotion opportunity to bring the Aisudan



mind racing at 200 miles-an-hour, connecting dots and ideas and fighters and managers and media all at once. He is a pleasure to watch, and his results are among the best ever!”

tournament and pro Kickboxing back to Montreal in the near future. After a 20-year break as a promoter and the hype of MMA passed, Vic decided to get back to his first love,

Today Vic Theriault is still considered one of Canada`s top striking coaches and for more than two years he has worked closely with Georges St Pierre in Montreal.

Joe Corley, Vic`s mentor and friend said, “Victor Theriault is a ‘Promoters Promoter’ with a promotional



Ja mes Theros •

P lace o f B ir t h & P l ace Gr o wi n g Up : I nd ia nap o li s, I nd ia n a

Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) : K u n g F u , T ae K wo n Do / T an g So o Do , Hap kid o

Yo ur I n str u cto r : Gr a nd ma s ter Hi S e up N a, Gr a nd ma s ter Yo u n g P yo C ho i, Gr a nd ma s ter Yo n g S u n g L ee

• • •

Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s: 1 9 7 6 Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s: 4 1 Year s T eac h i n g Mar t ia l Ar t s: 2 4

Professional Organizations World Mudo Federation, North American Wushu Alliance, World Hapkido Alliance, Korean Kung Fu Federation

Volume 1 - Tae Kwon Do & Sip Pal Gi: Special Interview with: Master James Theros on Speed, Health, Self Survival, and Power Training (Martial Arts Review: Tae Kwon Do) I overcame asthma through my martial arts training. I have trained over 120 black belts and produced many local champions.

Personal Achievements I earned my first grand champion title in 1996 after competing for 8 years (where I didn't even place in the top 3 in any division). I began a winning streak that lasted for 6 years before I retired. I came back out of retirement to win 5 more grand champion titles. I wrote the first English book on the art of Korean Kung Fu in 2008 and wrote an updated version of it in 2014. I was featured on the front cover of Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine in July of 2014 and have been featured in the magazine many times, both as a contributing author, and as a featured school owner. I opened my first commercial school in 1995 and developed it into one of the most successful schools in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our school was voted #1 school in Indianapolis in April of 2017. I moved to Tarpon Springs, Florida to open a new location for our school. I have written a book on parenting (Successful Parenting: Restoring Lost Values in a Modern World)- both books available on I have been featured in two other books, The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Martial Arts ***Special Edition***: Featuring A Unique Interview With Master James Theros From Level 10 Martial Arts College andMartial Arts Review:

In His Ow n Words I got started in martial arts when I was in 2nd grade (1976) at an after school martial arts program that we are being offered there. I immediately fell in love with it and after my very first class, I ran home and told my mother that I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up (a martial arts instructor). I began my training in Shorin Ryu at the after-school program, enrolled in a fulltime commercial school in Shorei Goju Ryu, then found my home with Grandmaster Young P. Choi in Indianapolis in 1983 where I began studying Tae Kwon Do/Tang Soo Do (our style was a blend) and a special brand of Kung Fu taught in Korea, called Sip Pal Gi (pronounced "Ship"). I trained with Grandmaster Choi for 20 years, and began training with other teachers as well. I have trained with Wushu master, Kenny Perez, since 1997; I trained in Hapkido with the late Grandmaster Bong Soo Han as one of his last students (I then formed a relationship with Grandmaster Yong Sung Lee to continue my Hapkido training-and continue to train with him today). I began training with Grandmaster Hi Seup Na to continue my Korean Kung



Fu training in 2004 and continue to train with him today. My philosophy on training is that it is more of a lifestyle than it is an art, a sport, a hobby, or a selfdefense system. It is all of those things and much more. To me, martial arts training is integrated into every single area of my life. I use the mental and physical training of martial arts to enhance everything I do each day, by using the principles taught in martial arts. I have shared my martial arts expertise through writing books, producing training videos, teaching seminars, mentoring young instructors and providing career opportunities for them to become full-time martial arts instructors. I have also been a contributor to Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine for several years and I record a weekly podcast that is hosted on iTunes (Success Weekly).

Martial Arts Achievements Numerous commendation awards from Korean Kung Fu Federation, World Mudo Federation and others •Student of the year 1996 •Leadership Award 1997, 1998 •Instructor of the year 1999 •Instructor Certification from Oriental Martial Arts College 2000 •Instructor Certification from World Black Belt Bureau 2003 •Instructor Certification from ACMA (American Council on Martial Arts) 2003 •Best Demonstration Award at Battle of Indianapolis 2002

I have taught monthly seminars on a variety of subjects (forms, weapons, self-defense, sparring, philosophy, meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong). I retired from competition in 2002 as a 9-time international grand champion in forms and weapons and came out of retirement in 2012 to compete in 10 competitions, where I added 5 more grand champion trophies, before retiring again as a 14-time grand champion.

•Martial Arts Dedication Award from Classic Martial Arts Federation 2004 •Businessman of the Year (Business Advisory Council) 2005 •Pioneer Award (World Mudo Federation) 2008 •Student of the Year (Awarded by his own students) 2008 •Vice President of World Mudo Federation 2010 •Hall of Fame Award (World Mudo Federation) 2017



E ddie Thomas In His Ow n Words I was introduced to martial arts by my uncle who was stationed in Okinawa and trained there. He was a major influence, but I was also strongly influenced by Bruce Lee and the movie Billy Jack. When I began training, I had severe asthma and through the struggle and discipline of martial arts, I overcame it. I went on to travel extensively, meet celebrities and to train with some of the most notable icons in the world. I have been exposed to many cultures and experiences I would have never been privy to otherwise. Martial arts have improved my health, wellbeing, selfconfidence, opened my eyes to the world. I have friends in every American state and in many different countries, as well as my own students who have now spanned the globe.

Atlanta, Silver Bullet, and many others. I have been fortunate to be able to travel. I have received a number of awards over the years, including PKA Instructor of the Year. I have been in a few businesses Who's Who books and two other editions of Martial Arts Who's Who, including the previous edition of this Who’s Who by Grand Master Bowen.

My martial arts philosophy is to grow continually and experience all that life has to offer through the vehicle of martial arts. I've always seen martial arts as a spiritual quest. I have been teaching since 1978 and have taught conservatively 10,000 students. I am proud that there have been many, many families who have thanked us deeply for our positive influence.

I have been in 15 Hall of Fames to date, the most notable being the London International Hall of Fame In competition, I stopped counting trophies at 400; I have black belts in 7 systems. I am a former #1 fighter on the East Coast by Karate Illustrated PKL ratings and Former # 1 Fighter by karate review. I am also Former member of world champion DKT Force One National Karate Team.

Through martial arts we learn the meaning of honor, integrity, humility and gratitude--to always be open to learn as long as you live with a white belt's attitude and enthusiasm. Over these many years, we have participated in countless charitable events where my school raised money for many groups. We continue to contribute time and resources as well as seminars all over the country for other schools.

I also wrote, directed, and starred and produced the full length indie film Talos. In summary, these life experiences in the martial arts = my life.

I have participated in many major events: US Open, Capitol Classics, Battle of Baltimore, The Battle of



Herbert Thomps on • •

• • • •

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up Miami, Florida Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – Nisei Goju-Ryu; Moo Duk Kwon, Tang Soo Do Instructor - Nisei Goju-Ryu, Frank Ruiz; Moo Duk Kwon, Tang Soo Do, Carl White Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1961 Years in the Martial Arts - 56 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 52

Personal Achievements • • • • • • • • •

AA in Computer Technician (1970) Sargent US Army Paratrooper VIETNAM VETERAN Bronze Star and Purple Heart Adopted 18 youth all of which graduated with BA or BS Degrees Started People Against Crime (PAC) youth program with karate as basis for the program Founded Bahamas Martial Arts Federation Founded FBBA (Florida Black Belt Association - longest running organization of 45 years) Founded FSKA (Florida Sports Karate Association) Founded Four Seasons (Tournament Promotions)

Title, F.B.B.A State Title and U.S.K.A World Championship in the same year (1987) (14) founded first and longest running martial arts organization in Florida the FBBA (Florida Black Belt Association) (16) secure American Airlines Arena in Miami for International Karate Tournament.

His Story

Martial Arts Achievements First Martial Artist to:

During high-school, Mr. Thompson’s brushes with gang related problems and his love of fighting led him to Sensei Carl White where he studied Moo Duk Kwon Tang Soo Do (a Korean style of Martial Arts) for four years. In 1966, after experiencing more gang related problems, Mr. Thompson joined the United States Army as a Paratrooper. In 1967 Mr. Thompson was deployed to Vietnam as a Sargent where he was awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. In the Army, he was able to continue his Martial Arts training with Sensei Peter Glenn.

(1)fight in Florida's first kickboxing match (2) add academic programs to karate afterschool in Florida (3) develop karate Juvenile Program in Florida (4) Karate College Placement Program (5) Karate Court Ordered Diversion Programs in Florida (6) Karate Student Exchange Program in Bahamas and Caribbean for youth to complete high school (7) Form partnership with local Police to implement federally funded Weed & Seed Program (8) First and only to receive Presidential Award for two students from two presidents, Bush and Obama (9) Win Grand Championship in Florida (10) coach of five year undefeated Black Belt team in national and international competition (11) win first place in 48 consecutive karate tournaments without a loss, (12) longest prize winning history and Florida's only martial artist to win all four of Florida’s “Four Seasons Karate Championships” (13) only Black Belt to win Fame State

Upon returning from Vietnam, Grand Master Thompson was invited into the Nisei Goju Ryu Karate system by instructor Sensei John Giodano. He accepted the invitation and joined Grand Master Frank Ruiz, founder of Nisei Goju-Ryu Karate. Sensei Thompson was promoted to the rank of Hanshi –10th degree Black Belt



Grand Master by the International Grandmaster & Masters Sokeship Union.

his expertise to develop diversion programs for at-risk and juvenile delinquents for the Department of Justice Weed and Seed program in Miami, Florida.

In 1969, Mr. Thompson began working with inner-city youth. Former Congresswoman Carrie Meek appointed him as Director of Model Cities Scott Carver Peer Counseling Program. At the close of the program he opened a karate school to continue the programs he instituted. Grand Master Thompson’s passion for sports and teaching sports led him to organize karate, football, track, and basketball teams from 1962 to the present. They placed in local, state, national and international tournaments.

From 1971 to 1996, under the guidance of Grand Master Bill Liquori, Grand Master Thompson was a professional kickboxer with 68 wins, 5 losses, and one draw. He fought in the first kickboxing match in Florida (1971), and went on to fight some famous kickboxers including Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, and Jeff Gripper. In tournament competition, his initial claim to fame was during a 1970s tournament when Joe Lewis fought and won over Chuck Norris; then Herbie Thompson fought Joe Lewis for championship and won.

Sensei Thompson opened his first karate school in 1969 and specialized in working with inner-city youth. He was the first martial artist to provide after-school programs that included academic programs, karate, a student exchange program, and college placement. He has worked with disadvantaged youth, some coming from prison, and has many success stories of youth achieving greatness as medical doctors, sickle cell researchers, financial advisors, CPAs, movie stars, police and corrections officers, congressmen and other professional vocations.

Major Martial Arts Achievements I have been inducted in five Hall of Fames, conducted over 100 workshops, started FBBA the longest running tournament promotion in Florida (over 45 years), and held over three karate tournaments a year since the 1970s. I have over 15 martial art related awards, three Hall of Fame Legend awards, a special thanks from Yoshukan Grand Master M. Yamamoto, an award by Professional Karate Association for Japanese Karate Instructor and Japanese Fighter of the Year, the Humanitarian Teacher of Martial Arts Award, and was voted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Grand Master Thompson also specializes in teaching karate to the disabled. He has great success with youth labeled ADD/ADHD, autism, and other challenges. He also tailors karate programs for youth and adults with missing limbs, the hearing and sight impaired, and muscular dystrophy. Sensei Thompson’s programs were so successful that the US Attorney, Patrick White sought



Lloy d Thomps on − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Ohio − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Tang Soo Do, 5th Degree Black Belt − Instructor - Grandmaster Steve Allen − Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1982 − Years in the Martial Arts - 35 − Years Teaching Martial Arts - 25+ Prof essional Organizations World Korean Martial Art Union Personal Achievements 5th degree Black Belt National Association Tang Soo Do Union 2017 inductee, U.S. Hall of Fam − Promoted my first student to Black Belt − − − −

In His Ow n Words My journey began in martial arts in 1982 in a Japanese style. In 1984, I was promoted to Black Belt from Mr. Van Barnes. We traveled the circuit tournament circuit throughout Ohio, and Canada. In 1984, I met Steve Allen in Dayton, Ohio at a recreation center where he taught Tang Soo Do. He had and all-around program, Young's sparring, weapons and history of the arts, and I fell in love with my career in martial arts. I trained hard from 1984 to 1986 and received my 1st degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, and went to the world championship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and won first place in the heavyweight division. I returned to Dayton to continue my studies in martial arts. I receive my 2nd degree Black Belt in 1988 and relocated to Zanesville, Ohio to raise my family and continue my education. During this time, I was inducted into Halls of Fame throughout the country. In 2013, I received my 3rd degree Black Belt and opened a martial arts studio with blessings from my instructor Grandmaster Steve Allen. I relocated to Columbus, Ohio where I started working in the mental health field. I kept in contact with my instructor and in 2015 I received my Master Black Belt.

Major Martial Arts Achievements − World Tang Soo do champion 1986 − Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame − Living Legends Hall of Fame − Ohio Martial Arts Hall of Fame − USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame



Johnny K. Thomps on •

• •

• •

Mar t ia l Ar t s T it le a nd S t yle s : A mer ica n T a n g So o Do - 9 t h D a n ( G ud a n) / C h u I d a Yo n g T ae K wo n Do - 1st Dan B o r n i n C ha tea ur o u x , Fr an ce I n str u cto r : Gr a nd ma s ter J a mes C u m mi n g s J r . ( Re tir ed Ar m y, Dec ea sed Ag e nt Or a n g e -2 0 0 3 ) T each i n g fo r o v er 3 7 ye ar s B eg a n st ud yi n g Ma r t ial Ar t s i n1 9 7 1

Professional Organizations Tang Soo Do Karate Association, True Force Alliance, IMAC, AKBBA, PKA (at one time), WBBB

station, Goodfellow AFB, in San Angelo, Texas. While stationed in San Angelo I began studying under one of the toughest hard knocks schools in Texas: The Martial Arts Academy of San Angelo, Texas. GM Cummings was ever so tough but fair. Every weekend we were competingat tournaments throughout the State, working hard to win and score points for our dojang. I then got stationed back at San Antonio at Kelly AFB where i opened up my first school in 1980 with my first student being my cousin Master Frank Jakobs and Master Lowell Lyle. Both of whom went on to become successful businessmen in the corporate arena. This is where I consistently taught until slowing down a few years ago after having to retire from running a dojang and teaching due to major surgeries resulting in becoming 100 percent disabled according to the VA. I currently mentor and/or teach at two local Dojangs: Christian Karate Academy run by Sensei's Andrew Moody and Hugh Price and Christian Taekwondo League run by Sensei's Jose, Kayo and Gio Ramirez. Equally fantastic schools that both allow me to impart my knowledge. Other blackbelts that have come into my life over the span of 37 years that have taught me humility and respect for all are: Danny Valdez, Gabriel Green, Jesse Rodriguez, Michael Hornsby, Shannon Ramsey, Eric Jones, Tim Connally, Sean Thomas, Arnold White, Dan Walthers, Stephanie Deloach, Rod Garrett, Michael Simpson, Arthur Lopez, Mike Jones, Joey DuPuis, Heather Duty, Helen Espinoza, Dr. Mike and Angie Ryder, Jimmie Samuel, Gary Floyd, Larry Kaminski and Guy Shinkaruk. I have been blessed to have been surrounded by so many outstanding martial artists and human beings, owing much of my thanks to the

In His Ow n Words My father Billy Thompson, now retired from the United States Air Force was stationed in Wiesbaden Air Base, Germany in the 60’s and 70’s at the time and married to my mom Erna Thompson who was from Trier, Germany. German was my first language and I found it a hard transition going into an American school in Germany in the 60's and 70's as this was a time of dissention and lack of acceptance between Americans and the German community resulting in my having been bullied on a regular basis. I was fortunate that I discovered a YMCA that taught Judo which provided a strong outlet that was much needed. I thought how amazing and effortlessly a small person could flip and throw people twice their size and I was eager to learn. Having a father that did not believe in the arts at the time but has since come around to respect it and having no money, I cleaned the mats, swept and did whatever I could do in exchange for free lessons and it was amazing. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, my dad received orders for Hurlburt Field AFB, in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. It was there that I was fortunate to have met a classmate who was a Korean Master in Tang Soo Do. Yung Su Gilroy was his name and with him the intensive training began. He was an outstanding technician. I will never forget him and what he taught me. I continued to study under him until my father moved us to San Antonio to retire from the Air Force. It was there that I graduated Judson High School with honors, entered the United States Air Force in December of 1976 and was assigned to my first duty



martial arts itself and of SR. GM James Cummings JR. who showed me the path.

Major Achievements

I am now a retired United States Air Force Veteran, having served from 1976 - 1997. After graduating with honors from High School in San Antonio, Texas, I went on to complete some college but quite frankly was too involved in the progression of my karate degree thus did not finish. Although I chose not to pursue higher education I endorse higher education for all my students and Blackbelts. Having dedicated so much to learning and teaching martial arts, my proudest moments have come from seeing students flourish and my Blackbelts become better stewards and honorable citizens. Through these experiences I firmly believe it is better to give than to receive. These days I am retired from competing but I still elect to teach a few classes and run our Tang Soo Do Karate Association (TKA). As head of TKA, I am so proud of all the Blackbelts we have helped grow over the years which today can boast over 120 and still going strong. We now welcome and incorporate all systems in our Association. I have learned over the years that no one system is better than another so to grow and become a better person one should learn from the experience of others. Additionally, I am humbled to have two loyal, lifelong martial arts partners: Grandmaster Tom Balmos and Grandmaster Clarence "Daddyo" Smith as ViceDirectors of the TKA. The three of us have been consistently together throughout our martial arts careers. Outside of the realm of martial arts, I am the Sergeant At Arms at my Alamo Chapter Harley Owner's Group in San Antonio of whom I have been a member of for over 14 years.

Inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2002; In 2003 inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame/International Martial Arts Council of America (IMAC); Tested and earned my 9th Dan through IMAC with Sr. Grandmaster Richard Bustillo as the Head Chairperson IN 2016; Nationally rankedin the early eighties in Region Six (Texas And Louisiana) by Black Belt magazine and Karate Illustrated with my partners Grand Masters Tom Balmos and Clarence Smith in kata, kumite and specialty katas; Certified in the 90’S as a Police Instructor, while gaining certification in the training of the ASP baton & various other enforcement tools such as handcuffing, pepper spray usage and handgun retention; Certified many commissioned security officers in the State of Texas; Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent; Commissioned concealed weapons owner and has taught several courses pertaining to Bail Enforcement and was theowner and operator of Technical and Tactical Security Consultants. Owner of J&L Trophy’s; One of the successful promoters of the Annual Battle of the Alamo Open Karate Championships in San Antonio during the 80’S and 90’s along with being a board member of the United Martial Arts (UMA) organization during that time.



Rudy Timmerma n − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Ohio − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Tang Soo Do, 5th Degree Black Belt − Instructor - Grandmaster Steve Allen − Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1982 − Years in the Martial Arts - 35 − Years Teaching Martial Arts - 25+ Prof essional Organizations World Korean Martial Art Union Personal Achievements 5th degree Black Belt National Association Tang Soo Do Union 2017 inductee, U.S. Hall of Fam − Promoted my first student to Black Belt − − − −

In His Ow n Words My journey began in martial arts in 1982 in a Japanese style. In 1984, I was promoted to Black Belt from Mr. Van Barnes. We traveled the circuit tournament circuit throughout Ohio, and Canada. In 1984, I met Steve Allen in Dayton, Ohio at a recreation center where he taught Tang Soo Do. He had and all-around program, Young's sparring, weapons and history of the arts, and I fell in love with my career in martial arts. I trained hard from 1984 to 1986 and received my 1st degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, and went to the world championship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and won first place in the heavyweight division. I returned to Dayton to continue my studies in martial arts.

martial arts studio with blessings from my instructor Grandmaster Steve Allen. I relocated to Columbus, Ohio where I started working in the mental health field. I kept in contact with my instructor and in 2015 I received my Master Black Belt.

Major Martial Arts Achievements − World Tang Soo do champion 1986 − Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame − Living Legends Hall of Fame − Ohio Martial Arts Hall of Fame − USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

I receive my 2nd degree Black Belt in 1988 and relocated to Zanesville, Ohio to raise my family and continue my education. During this time, I was inducted into Halls of Fame throughout the country. In 2013, I received my 3rd degree Black Belt and opened a



Richa rd “Duke” Tirschel It has been said that Grandmaster Richard “Duke” Tirschel is a multi-talented and unique individual among men. He has been an undefeated boxer and undefeated professional full-contact fighter and body guard for countless figures. He was hired to double Steve McQueen in the movie Papillion and that began his work in films. He later became partners with Chuck Norris in a Stunt School designed to train Martial Artists for Motion Picture fight scenes. He went on to become the Vice President of an Advertising Agency in Los Angeles, an Executive for the Industrial Marketing Division of Polaroid Corporation, and an owner of a chain of Karate Studios Grandmaster Tirschel was the National Director for Chuck Norris' UFAF organization and co-author with Chuck Norris on two books on karate and fitness. He recently penned a book titled “I Stand Convicted”, another named "Go Ahead" and most recent, "With Each Breath". He recently assisted close friend and Academy Award actress Terry Moore with her book, "How Do I Stay So Young." He was the official photographer for the Modern Pentathlon in the 1996 Olympics and has been the writer and photographer for dozens of magazines e.g.; Official Karate, Martial Art Insider, Black Belt, Inside Kung-Fu, and Professional Karate, to name a few. Duke is president of the American Fighting Arts Federation, heads a Georgia based Karate Ministry, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of California and holds a Masters Degree in Theology from the Jacksonville Theological Seminary, and is currently working on his Doctoral degree. After being ordained into the ministry he served Charles Stanley's First Baptist Church of Atlanta with the Hope Prison Ministry, and later served as an Associate Pastor at R.C. Banks', Church of God in Rex, Georgia.

between shoots he is working on his next book called "Time after Time". He recently finished work on a script for an action film slated to begin shooting in (to-beannounced.)

He has been a Post Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor at the Georgia Police Academy, International Karate Champion, California Heavyweight Professional Karate Champion, member of SAG and AFTRA and appeared in major motion pictures and television with Burt Reynolds, Patty Duke, Chuck Norris, Julie Andrews, David Carradine and others.

Contact Info: Martial Art School Photography R.L. "Duke" Tirschel 223 Jay Lane Canton Ga. 30115 770 713-0240

Grandmaster Tirschel travels to 38 states and Canada photographing everyday Martial Artists practicing their art. He started the Martial Art School Photography program in America over forty years ago. In his time



Dennis Wa rren − − − − −

Martial arts title: Kyoshi Residence: Warren, Ohio Started studying martial arts in 1969 Teaching for 45 years and currently studying Shorin Ryu Instructors: O’Sensei Seitu Kenyatta

Personal Achievement s First black master to open Dojo in the city of Warren, Ohio; first to do martial arts film in Warren, Ohio; Platinum Award Hall of Honors; Award for Masters of Martial Arts; Masters Hall of Fame, first to have the Mayor of the city to declare a holiday in my honor.

In His Own Words… I have trained in the styles of Shorin Ryu, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Kendo, Judo, Choi Kwang Do, Kick Boxing. Since entering the martial arts I have found life to be very humbling, exciting, and as I got older rewarding. I enjoy being of service to all. How has my life been enhanced by the martial arts? Definitely the people I have helped along the way.

Battle of Boston. PKA.


Hall of Honor 2times, Hall of Fame, Grandmaster Dennis Warren Day Aug 27th.

To help my neighborhood, and the youth in it.

Chief Instructor, Shorin Ryu, Chief Instructor Choi Kwang do, Regional Director Choi Kwang Do, Ambassador Ohio Koru Bushi International.

Humility, Humbleness, and Honor. Boy Scouts, Churches, College S, Rotary Club, Civic Hall's, Schools.



Bill Viola Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Pittsburgh, PA Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Shotokan, 6th dan Black Belt Instructor - Bill Viola Jr. Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1979 Years in the Martial Arts - 38 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 27 Prof essional Organizations WAKO - World Association of Kickboxing Organizations USANKF (United States of America National Karate Federation) USAKF (USA Karate Federation) SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild)

Personal Achievements Bill Viola Jr. is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based producer, Amazon bestselling author, and international martial arts champion who experienced the “Golden Era” of MMA firsthand. His father, Bill Sr., is credited as the co-creator of the sport (a decade before the UFC) by the Heinz History Center, in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute. Bill graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and immediately moved to Hollywood, California to gain hands-on experience in the entertainment industry. Subsequently, he earned acceptance into the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio (AFTRA) en route to establishing his own production company, Kumite Classic Entertainment in 1999. The company’s signature event, the self-titled “Kumite Classic,” is regarded as the mecca for martial arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

attracting sports and entertainment icons Lynn Swann, Franco Harris, Antonio Brown, Ice-T, and Royce Gracie. Viola established Kumite Quarterly magazine in 2003, serving as publisher and overseeing distribution throughout North America until 2007. The magazine was the official publication of Kumite International, a scholarship foundation (the first of its kind) established by Viola Jr. in partnership with Eckert Seamans Law Firm. He is an accomplished freelance journalist. In 2014, he published the critically acclaimed non-fiction book Godfathers of MMA inspired by the life of his father. The book is the subject of the documentary film Tough Guys (2016). Viola has also served as an independent consultant for a number of major

The company hosts the annual Pittsburgh Fitness Expo, regarded as the largest and most established multi-sport convention in Western Pennsylvania



on June 15, 2017 at the famous Landmark Theatre in Washington, DC.

motion pictures including the mixed martial arts movie Warrior (2011) and as an Associate Producer for the film Tapped Out (2014) starring former UFC champions Lyoto Machida and Anderson “Spider” Silva. In 2016, he co-authored Go Ask Your Dad, an inspirational book about fatherhood which debuted on the Amazon best sellers list.

Major Martial Arts Achievements Established the “Kumite Classic” in 1999 Director, Europa Martial Arts and the "Road to Vegas" tournament with Century Martial Arts and UFC Fight WeekAwarded the “Willie Stargell Pittsburgh MVP Award” (Most Valuable Person)

Viola was one of the most consistent sport karate competitors in the country recognized as a multiple time United States of America Karate Federation (USAKF) national champion and All-American Athlete. In 1998, he was recognized by Arnold Schwarzenegger as a World Champion at The Arnold Sports Festival, Columbus, Ohio. Sensei Bill is the head coach of “Team Kumite,” an all-star travel team that represents Pittsburgh on a global scale and continues to teach martial arts at Alleghney Shotokan, the same school his father established in 1969. He is credited with developing the award winning “Sensei Says®” curriculum for teaching martial arts and instilling character in children. He is part of a growing Pittsburgh karate legacy that that includes all four of his sisters and now his daughter, Gabriella Capri Viola. Further reading on Bill Viola Jr: • Wikipedia: • Facebook: • Website:

Named as one of the most influential “40 Under 40” people in Pittsburg by Pittsburgh Magazine Recipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award, Sport Karate Museum, 2005

In His Ow n Words I am following in the footsteps of my father. I began Shotokan karate as a toddler at Allegheny Shotokan Karate my father's dojo that was established in 1969. I am a successful author and journalist. My book, the award winning and critically acclaimed Godfathers of MMA (available on Amazon) is the subject of the upcoming documentary film, Tough Guys (2017). Initial praise attracted a star-studded lineup of executive producers including Academy Award® Nominated Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) and Oscar winning writer Ross Kaufmann (Born in Brothels). The world premiere of “Tough Guys” took place at the American Film Institute (AFI) Docs



Robert Wet more − Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Born, Portchester, NY; Grew up, Bethlehem, PA − Live in Allentown PA − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Kosen and Kodokan Judo, 1st degree; − Karate Budo, 3rd degree; 5th Degree under Master Mark Glazier − Instructor - Master Mark Glazier − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1991 − Years in the Martial Arts - 26 − Years Teaching Martial Arts – 23

Personal Achievements I do not count my personal achievements in trophies and awards. I qualify my achievements in the fact that I am able to make a very good living by sharing with others what martial arts have done for me.

In his ow n w ords My formal training began at the age of 19 when I wandered into Master Glazier’s karate school and signed up for a trial class. I was enamored by the school, the instructors, and the program. I couldn't get enough of it and spent hours at the school before and after my classes. I was offered a job answering phones, cleaning the school, and helping with classes. I learned the martial arts simultaneously with learning how to teach. It wasn’t long before I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I was fortunate to have Shihan Glazier take me under his wing and teach me about being a martial artist, a teacher, and a martial arts business man.

the common business practices of contracts, renewals, and upgrades and decided instead to go with the "Field of Dreams" approach. In less than a year, the student body grew to over 125. After 4 years I moved to a beautiful 7,000 sq. foot space. Our student base grew and we have an active student count in excess of 350. In 2010 we opened a second location which has over 250 active students. My greatest accomplishment in the martial arts is that I get to do what I love for a living. I get to share the martial arts and their benefits. I work in pajamas and bare feet every day, tell people what to do, improve their lives, and get paid for it! Along my journey, I have become friends with so many great people in the industry including Shihan Mark Glazier, Master Jeff Smith, Master Stephen Oliver, Shihan Danny Schulmann, and Kyoshi Roger Dabney. Leading Edge Martial Arts is 17 years old now, and. I still love what I do. I still teach every day. I am able to do what I love for a living, make a good living doing it, and contribute to the community in a positive way.

When Shihan Glazier sold his schools in 1997, I spent time training under and teaching for Shihan Danny Schulmann. After spending time there, I moved home to work at one of the remaining Master Glazier schools. When Shihan Glazier told me he planned to sell his remaining schools, I decided it was time to start teaching on my own. In June 2000 I opened Leading Edge Martial Arts. I bought a small martial arts school with only 20 students enrolled. I opened my doors and abandoned



A rnold “Zip” W hit e Martial arts title: Master San Antonio, Texas Started studying martial arts in 1971 Teaching for 40 years and currently ranked as 5th Degree, studying martial arts styles: Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan − Instructor Mr. Rogers Reece at Red Dragons − − − −

Arnold White, nationally better known as Arnold "Zip” White, on the sport karate circuit. Zip was born in Richmond, Virginia on September 18, 1955. He was raised in Chesterfield, Virginia in foster care with his two older siblings Timothy and Raymond White under the care of Jack and Delia Elam. He has lived in San Antonio for the last 39 years. His Instructor is Mr. Rogers Reece who lives here in San Antonio as well. Zip has studies martial arts for over 44 years in different disciplines. However, he has been in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan for over 39 years.

Martial Arts by putting on demonstrations for both Kelly and Lackland AFBs at such events as the Christmas Program for Underprivileged Children, the Asian History Month Program, and Annual Air Show at Kelly AFB.

Zip’s first martial arts training began in 1971 at Thomas Dale High School during a mini course session in the Japanese Martial Arts with Instructor Charles Perkins an upper classman in his school. Although, he never competed in a tournament in Virginia he watched his idol Bruce Lee in the TV series Green Hornet. That was his inspiration to seek more advance training in v1.5_White_Arnold_IMG_ the Arts.

As a karate instructor at Lackland AFB he taught for 7 years without charging his students anything for their lessons. This was his way of paying it forward. Then he was given an ultimatum to either charge tuition or not teach on base any longer. He finally decided to charge his students only $15.00 a month, so he could continue to keep kids off the streets, teach them discipline, integrity and skills that would stay with them throughout their lives.

Arnold “Zip” White is a retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant! He started training with Mr. Rogers Reece at the base gym at Lackland Air Force Base AFB. When his Instructor was assigned to another duty station, Zip was tapped with leading the class and that is when the Red Dragon’s name was established! Having many military members and civilians in training during his tenure, Zip formed a close and personal relationship with all of his students and has vowed…once a student, always a student! Even today he stays in contact with many of his students and if he is needed for advice or encouragement he is there for them.

In Zip’s travels while competing on the National circuit, he traveled to California in 1984 in which he was fighting the National Champion Steve “Nasty” Anderson. The fight was so intense the movie producer put the fight scene with Nasty Anderson into a movie called “Kill Point”! Zip was ranked number one black belt in Texas for many years and ranked the number one heavy weight, in the country as well. With such notables on the national circuit as Steve “Nasty” Anderson, Billy “Tae Bo” Blanks, Richard Plowen and Russ Mapes, Zip had to maintain his top-notch performance while serving his time on active duty for his Country.

During his time in the Air Force he served overseas in Korea twice. Both times he studied with the locals and also taught on base. He has always been very dedicated to sharing his love and knowledge of the



Alto Junior College in 1997 and University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Major in History in May 1999. He graduated with Honors at both Palo Alto and was on the Dean’s List every semester as well as being named the college Most Distinguished Graduate and graduated Magnum cum laude from UTSA! He is the first in his family to graduate from college! His oldest daughter Ashley White is the second to finish when she graduated from University of Texas in Austin in May 2014 with a Double Major in Public Relations and Advertising with a Minor in Business. He went on to teach 4th and 5th graders at Raba Elementary School. Zip taught all subject from Science to Mathematic and also tutored students in algebra and poetry after school.

Zip was a consultant for the U.S. Air Force when the Armed Forces wanted to have tryout for picking a team to train in Norfolk, Virginia. He and other Air Force members went to train against the best of the best in the military for an opportunity to go Colorado training camp. One of his Black belts did make it in the light weight division. Because of injuries, Zip did not continue the training but the take away from learning from many disciplines during his stay helped foster his own agenda of making his class becoming the best of the best. Zip went on to be named the best of the best by the Amateur Organization of Karate (AOK) as the Top Instructor of the year and the number one Fighter of the Year! He has always said, “To be the best you have to beat the best”! Put in the work is another one of his quotes. Zip lifted weights, taught himself to hit the speed bag as well as his students so he could become stronger and faster than his competitors. Some of his top fighters who also competed on the national level is Rebecca “Tornado” Novak who was ranked number two behind Superstar Linda Denley in Texas and finished 9th nationally, Daniel “Snake” Jolly, Lewis “Hulk” Gafford, and Anthony “Grasshopper” Linson. Each one of them went on to teach and pass on the knowledge and camaraderie of the Arts.

Although, Zip White has stayed humble in life, he has always stated he is not a perfect man. His family is the most important thing in his life. After his youngest son Adam died in a car accident in Oct. 1999 which left him devastated. Arnold, Aaron, and Ashley have their own careers.

Because of Zip White’s national rankings his Red Dragons Martial Arts class received national attention as well. Such celebrities as Chuck Norris from the TV show Texas Rangers, Sho Kosugi the Actor/Director and Star as a Ninja in the Movie Pray for Death, and Daniel Bernhardt who was the star in Blood Sport 2 came to his class and shared their own knowledge of the Martial Arts and Mentorship to his students. Therefore, he in turn does the same in paying it forward. He still is requested to come and talk to Martial Arts classes when he get a chance. This summer Zip White and Rebecca Novak gave a seminar in Mary Ester, Florida for Master Amado Garcia a Kuk Sool Won and his students. He is a student of Daniel “Snake” Jolly retired Chief MSgt from the U.S. Air Force who was a student of Zip during his time at Lackland.

While most of his children are grown Angel, who is 15 years old is the only one who never took lessons in his class. He has used Martial Arts in his everyday life to help foster his own career as well as mentor others. Discipline is the one thing that has helped him succeed in life. Zip has followed his dreams and conquered most of life’s most challenging quests. Of all the quotes, he has tried to live by, the one his High School Football Coach Westfall preached is the one that stays with him the most…Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win! He just wants to be remembered as a U.S. Veteran, a Teacher in the public-school system, and a Martial Artist who gave his all in everything he started.

After retiring from the military, Zip went back to college to fulfill his lifetime goals of getting his degree in education. He attended and graduated from Palo



Kennet h White Place of Bir th & P lace Grow ing Up Born and grew up in Lancaster, SC

Martia l Arts S tyle (s) and Belt Ran k(s) 7th degree Black Belt in Universal Style Karate, MMA, Black Belt American Freestyle Karate, Brown belt in Aikido, Blue belt 3rd stripe Jiujitsu

Instru ctor s O'Sensei, Nathaniel White Jr, Grandmaster Ernest White, Earn my 7th Degree from Grandmaster Dewey Earwoord

Year Started Study ing Martial Ar ts 1972




August 2017 will be 45 years

Martia l

Arts class as if it is the most important class that I will ever teach. I

Years Teaching Martial Arts 34 years

will be patient, energetic, and teach with enthusiasm. I will always lead by example; and I will always have fun!") I have shared my martial arts expertise by establishing the first Kenaki Karate Association/becoming a franchise owner. Then by having people become financially independent by becoming, Head Floor Instructors, Office Managers, Assistant Floor Instructors and karate school owners. Also at Kenaki Karate Association, children are taught the foundations and beginning values of martial arts, its history, its practices, and basic self-defense. Also, they learn to gain and improve focus in all areas (which often transitions to a significant improvement within the classroom). From building the confidence of a shy child to helping children who are in need of structure and discipline, this program helps children develop their true self. Children in our organization learn the value of building themselves as strong young people. They learn that Karate is more than just kicks and punches.

Prof essional Organizations Kenaki Karate Association, LLC

Personal Achievements I am a father of three, two of which are college graduates, and a grandfather of four. Earned my Doctorate degree in July of 2008. The franchise owner of four Karate Studios and Fitness Centers in South Carolina. The recipient of South Carolina's NAACP Local Hero's Award. I have received the Community Hero's Award from Governor Jim Hodges. I was inducted into the National Register of Who's Who in Executives and Professionals. The Owner and Editor in Chief of South Carolina's first Internationally distributed full color magazine, S.P.A.R. Sporting Performance and Athletic Report Promoter of the first tournament in the Carolina's that was sponsored by the McDonald's Corporation and Tiger Claw Distribution, where I awarded all-inclusive trips to the Bahamas and awarded Harley-Davidson and Honda motorcycles to Grand Champions. I assisted the Defensive Line coaches for the Carolina Panthers in 1995-96.

Major Martial Arts Achievements

I am a USA Martial Arts Hall of Famer AFKA Lifetime Achievement Hall of Famer Had one, second place and two, third place finishes in the NBL Supergrands (for fighting). Numerous forms and fighting "Competitor of the Year". Recipient of a few 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes (for fighting) at Major NASKA events (back when there were 50+ competitors per division). Team "1" (for fighting) for Team Prestige National/International Competition team. I am a coach, instructor, and trainer of numerous local/regional/national champions. Earn my 7th Degree from Grandmaster Dewey Earwoord.

In His Own Words I started out in 1972, when I was just five years old with my father, Nathaniel White. Later, my father and uncles started the famous White Brothers Karate School, which was where I eventually earned my black belt. My father and my uncles were both tough and demanding, but they built me into the man I am today. My philosophy is personified in our instructor's creed ("I will teach this



C. Ma tthew W hit e Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Born: Tampa, Florida - Grew up: Atlanta, Georgia − Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) Shintoyoshin Kai Jiu Jitsu, 5th dan Black Belt; Shuri Ryu Karatedo, 4th dan Black Belt; Danzan Ryu Jiu Jitsu Kuntau, Silat - Instructor - O'Sensei Steven Roensch − Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1992 − Years in the Martial Arts – 25 − Years Teaching Martial Arts - 17 −

Prof essional Organizations American Budokai International American Budokai Society Personal Achievements

2000, I spent my senior year of high school teaching at my dojo. This experience was the beginning of my love for teaching the martial arts and working with children and adults.

Bachelor of Science – Exercise Science/Sports Physiology (Georgia State University) Police Detective, DEA

After attending the University of Tennessee, I returned to Georgia where I began teaching full time at my childhood dojo. During this time, I was able to truly take my martial training to a whole new level of awareness and ability. These few years were spent practically living in the dojo and constantly training and improving not only the psychical attributes but also the teaching traits that make for effective instructors. In 2005, I returned to Georgia State University where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Sports Physiology. After college, I began a career in law enforcement as a local police officer. As a police officer, I have ample opportunities to see the effectiveness of my karate and jiu jitsu skills. I quickly moved up to Detective where I served on a federal drug task force aimed at high level drug traffickers and cartels. My task force group won the Administrator's Award in 2010 for the hugely successful Operation Coronado which resulted in the arrest of nearly 1,200 subjects and the seizure of $32.8 million in cash and assets.

Task Force Officer, Alpharetta Police Department Awarded DEA Administrator's Award in 2010 Awarded Police Cross for Valor in 2008 Officer of the Month December 2007 and August 2008 Advanced Police Officer Certification Certified First Responder Support/First Aid)



All Levels of Red Cross First Aid, Lifeguarding, CPR, and AED In His Ow n Words I began martial arts training in 1992 at the age of 10. The major reason for starting karate was based on being bullied in school. After training for several years, my abilities grew and the need to fight bullies became less of an issue. The focus was more toward my growing skill and truly diving into the philosophy of the warrior mentality. Prior to earning a Black Belt in Shuri Ryu Karatedo in March of 371


child Roselyn who at age 4 became a student at my school.

In 2012, I left law enforcement to pursue my dream of teaching martial arts full time. In 2013, I finally opened my own martial arts school, Crabapple Martial Arts Academy. My martial arts philosophy is centered around the idea that combat martial arts is not about the techniques one perfects or understands, but rather the guiding principles of these techniques. When one learns and truly grasps the principles of biomechanics, physics, physiology, and psychology of combat and movement, then he can truly peel away the layers of kata, techniques, and combinations to find alternative and more effective or more advanced levels of application. I also believe that the martial arts are about changing an individual making him better. Martial arts are not meant to be "changed" by the practitioner. Evolution of the arts is important, and ever present; however, the individuals must humble themselves enough to allow the principles to change them and make them better physically, mentally, and most certainly in character. In 2017, I am most honored to finally be able to begin passing my training down to my oldest

Major Martial Arts Achievements Achieved title of Renshi in 2016 Promoted to 5th dan - Shintoyoshin Kai Jiu Jitsu in 2016 Granted Lifetime Membership status with American Budokai International Inducted into the American Budokai Society in 2012 Received Superior Leadership award from American Budokai International in 2010 PAMAI (Professional Association of Martial Arts Instructors) member since 2003 Member, International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA-USA) Georgia Representative, Modern Army Combatives Instructor, Okazaki Restorative Massage Certified



Timot hy W hite Style of Kiru-Do. I studied with Sensei til 1974 receiving an intermediate rank, when in was leaving the Military. In 1974, I started Tae Kwon Do with Master J. Park in Darmstadt, achieving the rank of 3rd Kup. I left Germany in 1975 and returned to Indiana and started Kung Fu Lessons with Sijo Tak Cheung Wong, who was a Disciple of HB Un (UK) and NG Yiu. Later developing his own system of Molum Pai Kung Fu, In 2008 He passed for Cancer and I was name the Head of the system. I also studied Aikijutsu with Kyoshi Dan O'Nan for several years as well. In 1981, I went back on active duty with the US. Army. At that time, my self defense skills were getting the attention of the Military Police SRT teams at Ft. Bliss, Texas. I trained all the members of those teams in self defense and subject control training. As a Military Policeman, I was able to train at every location I was stationed in. Sijo Wong was my mentor for all those years and he helped me develop my skills for life. I continued to train for many years, and I became a certified Police Trainer with the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board, both as a commercial trainer and an agency trainer. I believe that training should be as realistic as possible. Training to be your best and not worrying about the other guy. I believe that sport martial arts are just that, sport. I believe that self defense is just that. They can mix, but doing your best at what you want to do. I believe rank is a sign of achievement and not necessarily what you can do. I respect the rank because of my discipline. I believe you should give your best at everything you do. While I was in the Military I received several letters of appreciation for my teaching skills, my current friend and mentor Soke Wes Ruiz, have merged his Kiru-Do System with Molum Combat Arts and we have expanded to meet the needs of his Black Belts as well. Many of my peers see me as a Police Trainer more than a Martial Arts Teacher. However, I have a small club in Franklin, Indiana and continue to teach Martial Arts and Police Defensive Tactics on a regular basis.

− Martial Arts Title and Styles: Hanshi;Si Tai Gung Molum Pai Kung Fu, Hanshi Keisatsu Jujutsu − Born in Milwuakee, Wisconsin − Instructor: Sijo Tak Chueng Wong (deceased 2008) Dan ONan (decease 2010) Soke Wes Ruiz − Teaching for 40 years − Started studying Martial Arts in 1972 − Professional Organizations include FOP, PKC, CMAA UK, MLCAA Honor Society, EUSAMA

Personal Accomplishments Wrote a Copyrighted Cell Extraction Instructors Course used by many counties in the state of Indiana; Developed a Police Physical Force Training Program for the Public Safety Institute; Developed and wrote the first Pepper Spray Program for the United States Disciplinary Barracks, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas; Became the Senior Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Johnson County Sheriff's Office 1996 to 2002. Retired from the U.S. Army in 1995; Currently Serving as a Command Sergeant Major for the Indiana Guard Reserve; Created the Molum Combat Arts Association for all our schools here and abroad. Training my sons to be top Martial Arts Teachers themselves. Inheriting the Molum Kung Fu System upon the Death of Sijo Tak Cheung Wong.

Major Achievements Letters of Commendation from Army Commanders for Self Defense Training; Top Ten Competitor in the PKC since 2002. 2004 PKC Region 2 Champion for Self Defense; Action Martial Arts Magazine (Alan Goldberg) Hall of Honors Golden Life Time Achievement Award; EUSAMA Tactical Instructor of the year; EUSAMA Legends Award; PKC Humanitarian Award 2003; Top 5 Competitor for PKC international 2002-2006; Participated in the PKC Legends 2015 to present; Created the Molum Combat Arts Honor Society in 1983, now an International Fraternity for Martial Arts. Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame (Texas); PKC Certified Referee and Judge; Facilitated the International Alliance of MA Schools Summer Seminar in Indiana. Participated in Numerous PKC International Tournaments since 2002.

In His Ow n Words In September 1972, while stationed in Darmstadt Germany, I met Sensei Wes Ruiz. During one of our Conversations he told me he trained in the Martial Arts



Russ ell W illey Martial arts title: SIFU Taylorsville, North Carolina Started studying martial arts in 1977 Teaching for 25 years and currently holds the rank of 5th black sash, martial arts styles: kung fu − Instructor: Grandmaster Doug Armstrong − − − −

Per so na l Ac hiev e me n t s

watching some of my students become world champions. starting my own film production company being able to tell my story on how a kidney transplant saved my life In H i s O w n Wo rd s …

free self-defense lessons to abused and battered women and children.

I got started in martial arts, by watching Bruce lee movies and was tired of being bullied, I have trained in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. Aikido, and American Ching Sai Do.

The confidence to start my own film production company evolved from my studies in the Martial Arts. It gave me the courage to not give up when I lost the use of my kidneys and the strength to keep going while on dialysis.

Martial Arts took me out of a bad childhood and showed me how to be a better person and look out for the ones who can't help themselves. I have learned selfcontrol, the ability to make a difference in someone’s life, how to be a caring and understanding person, and to treat others with respect and the strength to never give up, doing the right thing even when it is not the easy thing.

I have started a free women’s self-defense class for my wife's work. Also, I have been a fight choreographer for a few independent films, as well as an anti-bulling class for my son’s school. − − − − − − − −

Martial Arts should teach one to have respect, discipline, strong work ethic, to be willing to sacrifice, and how to maintain humility. Also, learning how to walk away from trouble, lose the ego and fight only as a last resort is essential to my Martial Arts philosophy. I have helped kids deal with mental and physical disabilities, showing them that they can do anything. I go to nursing schools and talk to the students about my kidney transplant and how doing martial arts keeps me alive, by not letting anything stop me, as well as giving

The Michigan karate games (1980) The Mountain view open (1997-1999) Drill set of the year 1993 (U S ARMY) The dragon's lair hall of fame (1997) Best SFX make-up 48hr film festival The dragon's lair hall of fame (1997) Instructor of the year (1999) Mountain View life time award (2006)

The action martial arts magazine hall of honors (2011)



Don Willis − Martial Arts Title: Kyoshi − Fellsmere, Fl − Canton, Oh − Started studying martial arts in 1960 − Teaching for 35years and currently holds the rank of 7th Dan, studying Martial Arts Styles: American Karate Personal Achievements Who’s Who Autobiography I became fascinated with the martial arts in the military in 1960; I trained with various teachers until 1965, when I joined a full-time school. My first official martial art was Song Moo Kwan Taekwondo. I have been since been influenced by a number of martial arts over the years. My martial arts path has been one of constant learning and has influenced my life in many ways. The most important lesson I learned was “never give up” --”to not quit until you are finished”. I have learned respect for myself and others.

compete many times as a group, but we are always on an individual journey. I have done clinics, seminars and demonstrations for homeowner groups, schools, senior centers, hospitals and more.

I have been able to influence lives in a positive manner. I have been able to travel and meet many great friends.

I competed at the Battle of Atlanta, the Northern States Championships, Tae Kwon Do Nationals, just to name a few.

Martial arts mean so much more than combat. To me they are a guide to life.

I was nominated for Ohio Governor's Cup; I was appointed as Police Training Sergeant

As a martial arts instructor, I have tried to give back to the community, offering self-defense programs as well as free training to police departments.

I was Chairman of PKA Official's Certification on the PKA Executive committee. Only person ever to be named both PKA Man of the Year and Official of the Year at the same time (1983). Later. I was the original Director of U S Operations for the PKC (Professional Karate Commission).

Martial arts for each of us is a personal journey. Although we all look up to and would like to emulate our champions and heroes, it isn't necessary. We don't have to be a Chuck Norris to feel that we are accomplished martial artists. We train and



Keit h Zielke − Martial arts title: Renshi − Kennesaw, Georgia − Started studying martial arts in 1970. − Teaching for 20 years and currently holds the rank of Renshi 5th Degree, studying martial arts styles: Goju Ryu − Instructor Grand Master James Sisco

In His Ow n Words Martial Arts have become a way of life, helping me to excel in life and in business. It has taught me self-confidence, discipline, patience, respect, honor, courage, integrity, and has given me an extended family. Everyone should experience it. For some it will become a way of life if you embrace it. I use my expertise in the martial arts to pass on to kids, adults, professionals, instructors, and other students by passing on what I have learned.

− Self Defense for Realtors − Self Defense and Awareness for Runners (Balanced Running Atlanta, GA) − Police Tactics (LAPD, LA County Sheriff, St. Petersburg K9, SFPD) − Battle of Atlanta − International Karate Championships − US Open − California Karate Championships

− United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2013 − Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors 2016 − Many local, regional, national, and international tournament awards, Induction into a couple hall of fames.



A lex Zwa k Grandmaster Alex Ziwak formally started training in Tae Kwon Do when he was 10 years old. He trained under Grandmaster Tae Hee Yi, Grandmaster Suk Juen Kim and Grandmaster He Il Cho. He was a member of the USA All American Tae Kwon Do team. He was a top competitor on the circuit and competed all over the world. He currently owns Ziwak’s Martial Arts school in Hamden, Connecticut and recently was conferred his ninth degree, fulfilling the highest rank available in Tae Kwon Do and bestowing on him the title, “Grandmaster” or “Professor.” Grandmaster Ziwak carries on the martial arts legacy by having trained many world champions over the years and continuing to train world champions today. He plans on continuing to teach, train and coach forever. “I teach because I can and because I am blessed that I have my health so that I can teach. How could I not? I believe in leading by example. A lot of people can’t anymore. I will never retire.” -- Grandmaster Alex Ziwak In addition, Grandmaster Ziwak has a successful career as a TV, movie and commercial actor. He is best known for his role on Blue Bloods, but has also appeared in movies such as John Wick. Along with martial arts and acting, Grandmaster Ziwak’s artistic and creative endeavors include music (singing), photography and art. Grandmaster Ziwak’s teaching philosophy is to treat all individuals as individuals, promote friendship among all people and to spread positive energy.

able to effectively defend themselves. Classes are not only geared towards self-defense but also to improving your overall health. When you train at Ziwak’s, you will experience weight loss, stress reduction, improvement in concentration and confidence, and the pride of selfdiscipline.

Ziwak’s Martial Arts School was established over 20 years ago in Hamden, Connecticut. We pride ourselves on being a “House of Discipline” focused on improving an individual’s overall wellbeing: physical, psychological and intellectual. We are deeply rooted in tradition, tracing our lineage from General Choi through Tae Hee Yi and He Il Cho to Grandmaster Alex Ziwak. Like our commitment to tradition, we pay equal attention to practicality. Our training methods and techniques are not stagnant, but evolve and focus on real-life effectiveness. This approach to training enables our students to have a real sense of security. They are

In addition, Ziwak’s is a special community. The feeling of camaraderie you experience at the school facilitates the creation of an extended family. You will want to come to train because of the people you train with. When you start training, you may think you are just going to learn how to defend yourself, but the next thing you know you will have formed bonds and relationships that last a lifetime. We are a diverse community of individuals working together to train, to promote friendship among all people and to courageously stand up for the true and the right. You



will find us welcoming and supportive in your journey.

a lot of opportunity to go outside and play. It establishes healthy lifestyles for kids. For adults, training improves overall health, relieves stress, and provides a safe haven from a chaotic world. It teaches you self-defense, mindfulness, and self-awareness.

Ziwak’s benefits individuals of all ages. By training, kids can build self-confidence and self-discipline and develop listening skills and focus. Training also increases awareness of bullying and helps children to develop strategies and techniques for dealing with it (whether regarding themselves or others). Training also provides good physical activity for kids who don’t have

Finally, at Ziwak’s “If you stick with it, the rewards are endless. It is a journey.” –Grandmaster Alex Ziwak


Black Belt Legends in the American Martial Arts

AMAA WHO’S WHO Legends Weekend ~Washington DC August 4-5, 2017



Jos h A llen − − − − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - McLean, Virginia Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) - Tae Kwon Do, 3rd degree Black Belt Instructor - Grand Master Jeff Smith Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1974 Years in the Martial Arts - 30+ Years Teaching Martial Arts - 4

Prof essional Organizations NASKA In His Ow n Words As an under belt with Jhoon Rhee Karate in Falls Church, I was an outstanding student at many of our graduations and won most of the intramural tournaments that Grand Master Rhee held. After breaking my shoulder, I had to stop my training. Several years later when my two oldest boys wanted to join karate we joined World Champion Jeff Smith Karate in Sterling, Virginia. I started over as an under belt with my boys and we joined NASKA and competed in local, regional, and national tournaments. My two sons and I won nearly every time we competed. As we rose through the ranks we continued to train hard and our winning continued as well. At this point, other students asked us for pointers and to spar with them to help them improve. teaching and training hard. When my third son decided he wanted to take karate the only logical choice was to train with Grand Master Smith. My son Cain and I started competing again and once again we were winning. Although I had not competed, or trained, for over 10 years I helped coach my son giving him the tools to compete and win on a consistent basis. Once again, we were asked by students and parents to help work with them and or their children to help them improve. Although I had regular employments with various technology companies I always had a passion for karate.

We decided to form a competition team at World Champion Jeff Smith Karate in Sterling, Virginia. We quickly created a name for ourselves, and our team swept many of the local competitions. In April 2017 Grand Master Smith and I, who have been friends for over 30 years at this point, worked out an agreement to buy the Sterling Jeff Smith Karate School. My journey in this art would not have been possible without Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, Grand Master Jeff Smith, Master John Chung, Master Helen Chung, and so many others who had a passion to teach and give back to this sport. I believe this is where my passion to give back to this sport is derived from, and I cannot thank them enough. I believe most of the positive decisions in my life



stemmed from my training and afforded me the confidence to make some tough choices. My philosophy can be summed up fairly easily. If you work hard on fundamentals, nothing else matters; if you don't work hard on fundamentals nothing else matters.

I coached the competition team for World Champion Jeff Smith Karate in Sterling, Virginia.

Major Martial Arts Achievements

When the team asked me to compete in sparring, although I had not competed in years, I won my division. Leading by example, I showed them what I was teaching them actually worked.

I have facilitated sparring workshops. I have let my sons and our students join our competition team.

I have competed in numerous tournaments winning my division the majority of the time. I have worked with tournament promoters as a judge.



S herri Arthur •

• •

• •

Mar t ia l Ar t s T it le a nd S t yle s : A mer ica n Fr e e st yl e Kar ate L e ve l 3 I n str u cto r , W ar r io r K r a v Ma ga L e ve l 3 Ad va nc ed I n str uc to r B o r n a nd r a is ed i n Lyn c hb ur g, Vi r gi n ia I n str u cto r s : AFK A - Gr a nd Ma st er La wr e n ce Ar t h u r , Sr . M as ter Do n All e y, Mr . Cl i f Ab er c r o mb ie, Kr a v Ma ga - Ma st er E r ic Al f ar o T each i n g fo r 5 ye ar s Sta r ted s t ud yi n g Mar ti al Ar t s i n 1 9 9 8 ( as so o n as I co u ld wa l k )

Professional Accomplishments AFKA (American Freestyle Karate Association) Certified Level 3 Black Belt Instructor Warrior Krav Maga, Level 3 Advanced Instructor

as a full-time student in 2017 as a Communications major. My goal is to go into broadcast media. Going to karate class was as normal to me as going to school every day. Being that my father was the Grand Master of AFKA, I grew up accustomed to fighting, self-defense techniques, weapons and forms. In Elementary School, I would bring in my instructor for the talent show and showcase what I could do. Afterwards, I would try to get names and numbers from my friends so they could sign up for classes (again, this was normal to me). Throughout Middle School and High School, I would continue this process of showcasing my skills.

Major Achievements_____________________ • •

AF K A Ha ll o f F a me - F u tu r e I n st r ucto r 2002 Ho s t o f AF K A Ha ll o f F a me - 2 0 1 6 a nd 2 0 1 7 Kr a v Ma ga - 2 0 1 2 - 2 0 1 7

In Her Own Words_____________________ I graduated from Brookville High School 2015 and received the Service Award. In 2015, I also completed two years (Fall 2015- Spring 2017) at Central Virginia Community College, dual enrolled with CVCC and Randolph College (Spring 2015Spring 2017). I was accepted into Randolph College

Later, I got into fighting at tournaments, local and national. Jeff Doss trained me and taught me a form to compete with. As time went on I had to focus on me to learn realistic self-defense (and achieve my black belt) in Krav Maga through Grand Master Bill Clark of Karate America in Jacksonville, FL. At the age of 16, I fell in love with Krav and became a 3rd level instructor. Now I'm hosting boot camps to friends and strangers who are interested in Krav as well as improving themselves in protection and their physical health. I personally believe that every young girl has the power to push herself and enhance her knowledge in protecting herself. This I feel will lead into womanhood.



Dona ld W.Ba rlow In May 2004, Kyud Barlow became a practicing member in the Filipino Martial Art of Kuntaw under the instruction of Lakan Guro Gatpo while working overseas in Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2010, by direction from GM Bud Cothern and GM Alicia Lanada Kossmann, Kyud Barlow became the Assistant Director of the Eastern Province KSA. In 2011, GM Bud Cothern personally trained Kyud Barlow to become the Technical Director of Kuntaw Legacy, KSA. Through numerous seminars and lectures, Kyud Barlow demonstrated his managerial ability, personal initiative and commitment, as he trained all black belts and colored belts the correct technical attributes of each form in order to unify each chapter and in keeping with the highest traditions of Kuntaw Legacy. Currently resides in Panama City, Florida and continues to teach private classes.

Personal Achievements − − −

2007 IKF Tournament Forms (Kata) Champion 2009 IKF Tournament Forms (Kata) Champion and 2nd Place Individual Sparring 2012 Kuntaw Legacy Tournament Forms (Kata) Champion



Micha el Biorn • • • •

Mar t ia l Ar t s T it le: I ns tr uc to r Mar i et ta, Geo r g ia Sta r ted s t ud yi n g mar tia l ar t s i n 1 9 8 7 T each i n g fo r 3 ye ar s a n d c ur r e nt l y r an k ed a s 1 s t De gr e e B l a ck B el t st ud yi n g W ar r io r Kr a v Ma ga . I n str u cto r : Gr a nd Ma ste r J o e Co r le y

Personal Achievements •

• • • •

Black Belt in Warrior Krav Maga from Grand Master Bil l Clark, Grand Master Joe Corley and Master Erick Alfaro. Black Belt in Ten-Chi Kenpo from Yondan Richard Grandberry and Ryokudan Elliott Edwards. Married for over 20 years. Loving husband and proud parent ! Medical IT and Medical Sales Professional U.S. Navy Lieutenant Cum Laude Harvard University

In His Ow n Words After narrowly avoiding a fight my first month of college, I wanted to learn to defend myself. A couple new friends were interested, too, so we checked out several options. Our favorite was Ten-Chi Kenpo karate because of the talented instructors, energized students and clear self-defense applications. We joined together and trained together religiously (often when we should have been studying our course work) for four years until we earned our black belts. During that time, I learned to love the study of martial arts. The combined pursuit of physical, mental and spiritual improvement is rare in any other endeavor, but is a common thread throughout many martial arts. It builds character and friendships and capabilities all at once. It has been thirty years since I took that first karate class. In that time, I have moved frequently for the Navy, for jobs, for education and for family, but I have almost always been able to find new teachers, new friends and new skills to learn. I studied Kokushi-ryu jujutsu, Tai Chi Chuan, Tien Shan Pai, Cuong Nhu, F.I.G.H.T. Haganah, MMA and Muay Thai, sometimes earning belts of varying levels depending on how much carry-over there was from previous studies and how long before my next move. Sometimes I just studied as much as they would teach me and didn’t worry about the belts. Seven years ago, was the last time I moved. After a year or so, my wife wisely told me, “You need to find a new karate school.” When I took too long to get started, she researched a few and said, “This looks like a good one, I signed you up for an intro class.” She was right! I started studying Krav Maga at Atlanta Extreme Warrior & Joe Corley Karate. Grand Master Corley and other talented instructors had a lot to teach, and I studied eagerly. At first, I wasn’t worried about earning more belts as long as I kept learning, but Grand Master Corley reminded me that testing and earning belts was part of the process to bring out the best in myself and my fellow students. I began to pursue the Warrior Krav Maga curriculum in earnest and eventually proudly earned my black belt. I now teach Warrior Krav Maga for Grand Master Corley. In Grand Master Bill Clark’s Warrior Krav Maga System we are now happily pursuing Defence Lab training as well with Master Andy Norman.



Over 30 years, no exercise has held my attention like the pursuit of martial arts. You can’t be lackadaisical while someone is trying to punch or kick you in the head! Focus and dedication are mandatory. You have to build from where you are and learn from your mistakes. You have to push yourself each day to be a little stronger, a little faster, a little smoother, a little better, a little more aware. On those days when you don’t think you have it in you to push yourself, your instructors and classmates and friends are there to help pull you forward. No matter how bad (or good) the rest of my day has been, I have never regretted the classes I attended – only those I missed.

Now, as an instructor, I strive to help others find that love of the martial arts. The combined pursuit of physical, mental and spiritual improvement is rare these days. You can test your courage and patience and perseverance. You can fight with everything you’ve got, then (win or lose) finish with a solemn bow and a friendly handshake or bro-hug, knowing that everything that happens in class is supposed to make you better outside the class. It builds character and friendships and capabilities all at once.



E ric Ca ldeira • •

• • •

P lace o f B ir t h & P l ace Gr o wi n g Up Ne w B ed fo r d , M A Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) - Kar aze np o Go S hi nj ut s u / K e np o 2 nd d a n B la c k B e lt I n str u cto r s - Gr a nd ma st er Lar r y Mar ti n ( KG S) a nd Gr a n d ma st er Ro c k y Di R ico ( ke np o ) Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s – 1980 Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s - 3 7 Year s T eac h i n g Mar t ia l Ar t s – 2

Prof essional Organizations • •

T he G at her i n g o f S t yle s P er so na l Ac hi e ve me n t s C he f T eac her

In His Ow n Words At 8 years old, I was bullied. It was at the Boys Club in my town, where children go and play after school. A group of boys wanted a ball I was playing with. When I refused, I got beat up. Never again! I was helpless. I asked my dad to put me in karate and the rest is my history.

Major Martial Arts Achievements • • • • • • •

2010 Police Tactics certified 2011 Inside Kung Fu magazine 2013 thru 2015 State champion – weapons and forms 2013 thru 2015 Divisional champion – weapons and forms thru 2015 National champion – weapons and forms 2014 creator and founder of The Gathering of Styles 2015 World Title – weapons and forms



Kenneth Day − − −

− −

Martial Arts Title and Styles: Tae Kwon Do 2nd degree black belt Born in Washington DC; Grew up in Arlington, VA Instructors: Grand Master Myuang Hak Kang, Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, Master Cleanzo Vollin, Master Instructor Andre Yamakawa (deceased), Grand Master John Chung, Grand Master Dongju Lee, Master Apollo Ladra, Grand Master Michael Coles. Teaching for 10 years Started studying Martial Arts in 1974

Personal Accomplishments I am a twenty-five-year cancer survivor. I worked thirty-two years with Giant Food and retired. I have been with Anne Arundel County Public Schools for fourteen years, the last four of which has been a promotion to Senior Facility Engineer and am responsible for the operation and maintenance of a middle school, including supervising seven employees. I have advanced in Tae Kwon Do from white belt to black belt and I have been an instructor for ten years.

Major Achievements I have earned numerous awards from the Jhoon Rhee tournaments and my role as Chief Instructor for Martial Arts requires strong leadership skills.

In His Ow n Words I am from a family of twelve children living in a twobedroom house. My mother died when I was fourteen years old. In 1974, I took my first Tae Kwon Do class under Grand Master Myuang Hak Kang located in Arlington, VA and the Grand Master is still teaching classes today. I studied Tae Kwon Do in 1976 with Grand Master Jhoon Rhee and trained with Jangs Tae Kwon Do from 1976 to 1981. My training continued in Maryland with Grand Master Lee at the Lee Karate studio and Grand Master Apolo at the Apolo East Coast Tae Kwon Do School. I was diagnosed with cancer in 1992. I endured radiation and chemotherapy treatment from 1992 to 1998, including two reoccurrences of the

cancer. To this day, Tae Kwon Don has been an important part of my life and has made me the person that I am today. At present, I am the Chief Instructor for Performance Martial Art in Bowie, MD. I strive to be fair, compassionate and loyal in everything that I do and that is how I live my life. I have mentored other cancer patients and young martial arts students, instilling in them the determination and the spirit to never give up, whether in athletics or health related situations.



Ba rba ra Duffy • •

Mar t ia l ar ts t it le: M is s

• •

Sta r ted s t ud yi n g mar tia l ar t s i n 2 0 1 3

I n str u cto r Ha n s h i J e ss ie B o we n

D ur ha m, No r t h Car o li na U ni ted Sta te s T each i n g fo r 1 ye ar a nd cur r e nt l y r a n k ed as Dep u t y B l ac k B e lt, s t ud yi n g mar ti al ar t s st yl e s: Ai k i - S hi n k ai Kar ate

Personal Achievements Business Owner, Onyx Management and Consulting, LLC UNC-CH alumni '95 NC Bankers Association Full Academic Scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill In Her Own Words The concept of physical fitness combined with the learned ability to defend myself and others prompted me to take my first lesson at KI Durham approaching my 40th birthday. I currently hold a Black Belt in AikiShinkai Karate of the American System. Karate has given me the focus, additional confidence and honed my inner warrior to fight through life's battles. I am stronger physically, mentally and emotionally because of karate. It is a great responsibility to have the knowledge and skills to defend yourself. It is important that one continue to use the self-discipline to be prepared in case of a fight, but also use the same discipline to walk away knowing you have the ability to seriously injure and/or kill. We are warriors in training and we must know when and where to use those skills. My hope in and out of the dojo is to be an encouragement to anyone I come in contact with. In the dojo, I want for myself and our students to be the best, do our best and show sportsmanship in the process. I try to connect with parents, and I make a point to contribute to the overall success of the school. Outside the dojo, I use the skills I've gained to help be a productive and successful business owner and contributing member of society. I've learned to push through the pain of "hitting the wall" in all of life's circumstances. I've gained physical strength and pushed my body to greater levels. I've gained confidence with every minor and major success that translates into who I am. I have participated in Durham Karate Open 2013, 2014, 2105, 2016; AMAA Nationals 2015; Shihan Isaacs Tournament, Jacksonville, NC 2014; 2015 Hillsborough Tournament 2016; World Karate Do Open 2016. My major achievements include American Freestyle Karate Association Hall of Fame and Student of the Year Award 2016. I have received awards for Karate International Durham Student of the Year.



Jens Finck •

P lace o f B ir t h & P l ace Gr o wi n g Up B r e mer ha v e n G er ma n y

Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) W ad o R yu

I n str u cto r - S i ha n W al te r Si eb er t u nd er s up er v is io n a nd g uid a n c e o f T er uo Ko no

• • •

I went to required us to attend as many Teruo Kono seminars as we could. I also attend several tournaments in Germany, including German championships and state championships. After my nomination for the National Team I had to step back because I had an accident which precluded my high level of training for that team. In 2004, I moved to the USA and started to study Kenpo Karate and I earned a 2nd degree Black Belt. I attend several tournaments in which I competed with Kenpo Karate and Wado Ryu Karate. After a while I started my own school, the Dragon Karate School of Martial Arts. In my school, I try to give young kids a chance to start in the martial arts, and I work with low-income families. I donate my time and I have the full support of my church. I enjoy working with kids and adults, taking them to tournaments, and have fun with everyone.

Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s - 1 9 7 1 Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s - 4 5 Year s T eac h i n g Mar t ia l Ar t s - 2 5

Professional Organizations Wado Ryu DKV

In his own words I was 6 years old and a bad kid - no respect, no discipline.

Major Martial Arts Achievements

My mom finally had enough and put me in a karate schooltold me that is the best place to learn about discipline respect, control. And that it was a good place to get beat up so I’d have the chance to find out how other kids felt after they got beat up by me. Anyway, I met my first instructor which I didn't pay much attention to him. I did my thing and felt that was cool until I met Sihan Walter Siebert. He impressed me so much that it changed my life and I didn't realize it. I studied Wado Ryu Karate under the guidelines of Teruo Kono, Master Student of the founder of Wado Ryu Karate Professor Hironori Ohtsuka Meijin, 10th dan.

Ger ma n C ha mp io n s h ip , t wo ti me s s eco nd p lace

Ger ma n S ta te C ha mp io n s hip , fo ur t i me s seco nd ; t hr ee ti me s t h ir d

US A to ur n a me n t s, se ver al t i me s f ir st, seco nd o r t h ir d p lac e

NB L C ha mp io n s hip , r a n ge ei g h t, o nc e

Mr. Kono was an 8th dan Wado Ryu Karate. The private school

AMAA WHO’S WHO Legends Weekend ~ Charlotte, NC ~ September 2016



Const a nce Funderburk •

P lace o f B ir t h & P l ace Gr o wi n g Up La nca st er , S C

Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) – Kar a te ; 3 r d d e gr e e B l ac k B elt

• • • •

I n str u cto r – Dr . S h i ha n Ke n ne t h J W hi te Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s - 2 0 0 2 Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s - 1 5 Year s T eac h i n g Mar t ia l Ar t s - 1 0

Prof essional Organizations

• • • • •

Ke na k i K ar a te As so c ia ti o n L L C Do j o O r ga ni zat io n P er so na l Ac hi e ve me n t s B u fo r d Hi g h Sc ho o l gr a d ua te

disabilities preschool. As the years went by I learned about business and Martial Arts. I became the head instructor and manager at the studio where I once worked front desk, and went on to open a second location. I now play a huge role in our multi-location association. Now I have a staff of my own and I am able to make a living doing something that I LOVE. In working with the South Carolina Autism Society and the Lancaster / Chester Special Needs Board, I've implemented martial arts for Special Needs children and adults in my area; that may be my biggest accomplishment of all.

Gir l S co ut s o f A me r ic a Go ld A wa r d r ecip ie n t

Personal Achievements

As so c ia te 's De gr ee fr o m U ni v er s it y o f So ut h C ar o l i na ( wi t h hi g h ho no r s)

B ac helo r 's D e gr ee fr o m th e U ni ver s it y o f So ut h C ar o l i na ( wi t h ho no r s)

Co mp e ti to r o f t he Ye ar i n t hr ee d i v is io n s d ur i n g m y f ir st ye ar co mp e ti n g a s a B lac k B elt

• • •

Major Martial Arts Achievements

Var io u s acad e mi c a war d s W ho 's W ho : co ll e ge W ho 's W ho : b u si n es s

In Her Ow n Words I began by being invited by our Grand Master to do a trial session. I was reluctant but I quickly fell in love with the Martial Arts. I attended classes in my hometown during breaks while I was in college. As I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree, my Grand Master offered me a front desk position. I took the job but also worked at our local


• •

Sp ec ia lt y co ur s e s Sp ec i al Need s

B lac k B e lt " Ro o ki e o f t he Ye ar " r u n n er - up in 2 0 1 0

B lac k B e lt T eac her 's C e r ti f ica te Ha ll o f Fa me no mi n ated t hr o u g h AF K A

• •

Fea t ur ed i n " T o d a y's W o ma n" ma g az i ne

B lac k B e lt F e ma le Co m p eti to r o f t he ye ar in K u mi t e a nd W eap o n s

Fea t ur ed o n te le v is io n s ho w a nd i n var io u s ar ti cl es


E lis a G reene • •

• • •

P lace o f B ir t h & P l ace Gr o wi n g Up – b o r n, B r o o k l yn , Ne w Yo r k ; gr e w up , W ill i n gb o r o , Ne w J er se y Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) W u s h u, S hao li n, T a n g S o o Do , T aek wo nd o , Ame r i ca n Ke np o a nd S ho to ka n, 3 r d d a n; Ar ni s, B lac k B e lt I n str u cto r - Gr a nd ma st e r s Z h ao C ha n gj u n, Ho S i k P a k, Ala n C h e u n g, Les Kier s no ws k i, and S i f u J o y Gr ee ne Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s – 2004 Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s - 1 3 Year s T eac h i n g Mar t ia l Ar t s – 7

Professional Organizations Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation USA Wushu Kung Fu Federation National Sports Karate Association NAFMA Blue Phoenix Entertainments

Personal Achievements Certified Graphic Designer in 2012 at Burlington County College in Pemberton, New Jersey During a 15-month recovery, I competed and taught martial arts. Created a unique curriculum for students in American Kenpo weapons and testing As a Personal Trainer developed unique nutritional plans and workouts for individual clients 2006-2009 Team USA for NAFMA 2017-2018 Team USA under USA Wushu Kung Fu Federal to compete in China in 2017 Mummers Fancy Bridge, Clevemore Team, 2015-2017 Mummers New Year performances on national TV, 2016

In Her Own Words On August 1, 2004, I went to International Kids Day where Sensei Bill D'Zio signed up anyone interested in Isshin-Ryu Karate at the Boys and Girls Club in Willingboro, New Jersey. On August 2, 2004, Monday at 4pm, I started my martial arts journey. I also trained with my mom, a Wing Chun Master and other prominent teachers. In August 2016, I was on a USA team for Competition in the United States. I started Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo in 2005 and American Kenpo in 2006. In my most involved times in the martial arts I trained at the dojang for 3 to 5 hours a day and at home I was practiced 2 hours as well. As I got older I still trained 6 days a week, sometimes 7, depending on my different schedules. I still test in each still style, and as of May 22, 2016 I received my 3rd dan Black Belt.



I believe that the martial arts are a way of life, health and mediation. Besides being a military art of self-defense and survival, it is also an art of physical and visual expression from the uniforms we wear, to the weapons we carry. Ego doesn't mean you have it and you're the best or one of the best; skills, humility and contribution to oneself and others, in my opinion, does. My film credits include a Tang Soo Do DVD and a Women’s Self Defense DVD, trailers for Beast and Brotherhood of Silver, and movies Chronicles of Parker, Yes, They Bleed, Call 2 Action and The Pantheress.

Major Martial Arts Achievements Action Magazine Hall of Female Sifu Cliff's Kung Fu and Karate Expo 8-11 Hall of Fame Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation instructor certification from Korea in 2012 Kyo Sa Nim title for Tang Soo Do Sensei title in 2010 for American Kenpo Battle of Baltimore 2009-2014 - 10 title belts for weapons, forms and fighting World Cup 2006-2009 - 1-3rd Places for weapons, forms, fighting and sticking



Jos eph G ut ows ki •

P lace o f B ir t h & P l ace Gr o wi n g Up – b o r n in D etr o it, Mi c hi ga n ; g r ew u p in We s t Vir g in ia a n d V irg in ia

Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) O ki na wa n Ke np o Kar ate - Ko b ud o Le a g ue,

Fir s t d e gr e e B l ac k B e lt ; P r o mo t ed to Ma ster b y Gr a nd ma st er L a wr e n ce Ar t h u r .

I n str u cto r - S ei k ic h i Od o , Ke n ko C h ib a na , Seij i r o Ma e har a

• •

Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s - 1 9 6 9 Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s - 4 8 ye ar s

Prof essional Organizations

• • •

and a half hours were on the Marine base, and then I’d ride with Mr. Odo back to his Dojo in Gishkawa City for another 3 hours of training. After I left Okinawa I came home to Virginia and was looking for a place to practice but at the time there were no karate schools in Martinsville except the one run by Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur, who was a Brown Belt at the time. In exchange for a place to work-out, I taught him and helped teach his classes. I also taught in Martinsville at PHCC college, Ray Hollandsworth’s dance school, and the Collinsville recreation center. While I was teaching I attended two tournaments, but I could not get used to the safety kick and safety punch. I was used to working out in the elements and not used to air conditioning. I like a dojo with wooden floors and makiwara pads and hand and foot toughening techniques. Since then I have been teaching on and off for Grandmaster Arthur and have recently in the last 8 years practiced the art of Thai Chi.

O ki na wa n Ke np o Kar ate Ko b ud o Le a g ue As so c ia tio n A mer ica n Fr e e st yl e As s o cia tio n

Personal Achievements

• • • • • •

Fir s t d e gr e e B l ac k B e lt , O ki na wa n Ke np o A mer ica n Fr e e st yl e Hal l o f Fa me 2 0 0 1 Hal l o f Fa me Al u mn i 2 0 0 5 A mer ica n Fr e e st yl e Hal l o f Fa me 2 0 1 7 Mo s t d ed ica ted Mar tia l Ar t is t 2 0 1 7 P r o mo t ed to Ma s ter 2 0 0 1 b y Gr a nd ma s ter La wr e n ce Ar t h u r

In His Ow n Words I started 1969 while in the military; worked out for six months with a Brown Belt. When I reached Okinawa, I searched for the best martial arts instructor who was Sensei Odo, an 8th degree Black Belt. I trained with him 6 days a week for 5 hours a day and watched karate full contact tournaments on Sundays from 1970 until December 1971. This included all weapons training and full contact sparring in a full Kendo outfit. The first two

Major Martial Arts Achievements


T ha n ks to Gr a nd ma s ter Ar t h ur I ha ve h ad th e o p p o r t u ni t y to mee t and so cia l i ze wi t h th e to p ma st er b l ac k b el ts a nd to mee t B i ll S up er fo o t W a lla ce i n p e r so n .


Rod Hillegass •

P lace o f B ir t h & P l ace Gr o wi n g Up B ed fo r d , P e n n s yl va n ia

Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) J eet K u ne Do , F ul l I n str uc to r ; W i n g C h u n Gung Fu, Hap kid o – 1 s t d e g r ee B l ac k B e lt ; S atr ia Fi g h ti n g Ar t s P e n ca k Si l at, L e ve l 1 I n str u cto r

I n str u cto r s - W i n g C h u n G u n g F u, Si f u Ra nd y W il li a ms a nd Si f u Mar k B e ar d sel l; J eet K u ne Do , Si f u B il l Geb har d t, Si f u W a yn e J ac k so n, S i f u An d r e ' P ar ker ; Hap kid o - Gr a nd ma st er Ni ge l M a y; Sa tr i a Fi g h ti n g Ar t s S ila t - P e n d ek ar Ste v e n B en it ez

• • •

this time in the Satria Fighting Arts a system of Pencak Silat under the guidance of Pendekar Steven Benitez and in 2016 obtained a first level certification. Also in 2016 under the tutelage of Grand Master Nigel May I earned the rank of 1st degree Belt in Hapkido as well as Level One Instructor Certification in Wing Chun Gung Fu under Sifu Mark Beardsell.

Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s – 1 9 9 2 \ Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s – 2 5 Year s T eac h i n g Mar t ia l Ar t s - 2 2

Personal Achievements

• •

F ul l I n str u cto r i n " Or i g i na l" J eet K u ne Do

Le vel O ne I ns tr uc to r i n Sat r ia F i g ht i n g Ar t s

• •

1 st De gr ee B lac k B el t i n Hap k id o

Le vel O ne I ns tr uc to r i n W in g C h u n G u n g Fu

De ve lo p ed a nd i mp le me nt ed a Se l f P r o tect io n / Ma r t ial Ar t s p r o gr a m fo r t he W es t V ir gi n ia Sc ho o l fo r t he Dea f a nd B li nd

In His Ow n Words In 1992, I began studying Jeet Kune Do concepts with the late Sifu Bill Gebhardt of the State College Martial Arts Academy. My interest in Wing Chun Gung Fu began in 1997 when I met the late Sifu Wayne Jackson and Sifu Randy Williams of the Close Range Combat Academies. At this time, I met "Original" Jeet Kune Do Instructor Sifu Andre' Parker, and in 2010 I earned my Full Instructor Certification. In 2015, I began another journey



Donna Ca ncila Kea ting •

P lace o f B ir t h & P l ace Gr o wi n g Up P hi lad e lp hi a, P A

Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) Go j u -r yu – 2 nd d e gr e e B lac k B e lt ; Ni ho n Go s h i n Ai kid o - B l ue B e lt

I n str u cto r - M as ter J a me s H at c h; J o sep h Mee ha n

• • •

Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s - 2 0 0 8 Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s - 9 Year s T eac h i n g Mar t ia l Ar t s - 5

Personal Achievements 1st Place and 2nd Place and 14 Gold Medals in kata, sparring, and weapons

In Her Ow n Words At the age of 55 I needed to do more in my life and I decided to take up martial arts. I went to Shore Kick Karate in Rio Grande and there I was a student under Joseph Meehan, Antonia Cruz and James Hatch. Grand Master Smith was our mentor, and personal friend who privately trained me. With my many instructors, I gained confidence in myself, and learned an art that taught me to be humble and appreciative. I learned that at any age a woman can be powerful. I participated in martial arts tournaments, and I have trophies, plaques and two first place belts from the Action Martial Arts Magazine Championship. I taught preschool karate and was an assistant instructor in my school. I enjoyed being a role model to the many students I taught. With my instructors, I presented several seminars on martial arts, and on career days in high schools, demonstrated and shared my love for martial arts.

of my accomplishments was the Grand Championship from the North American Federation of Martial Arts. As an assistant instructor and instructor for the preschool, teen and adult class, I consider myself a role model for women of all ages. My karate demonstrations for the local community college awarded my master and me the opportunity to teach at the college. This fall the Atlantic Cape Community College will offer a three-credit class in the introduction of Martial Arts. This is a wonderful opportunity and another chance to share my talent.

Major Martial Arts Achievements I attended classes and workshops in my 9-year career in the martial arts, and I competed in tournaments. One



Michele Kennedy •

P lace o f B ir t h & P l ace Gr o wi n g Up W as h i n gto n D C

Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) T ae K wo n Do , 3 r d d a n B lac k B e lt ; T a n g So o Do , 2 nd d a n B lac k B elt ; W i n g C h u n G u n g F u cer ti f ied f u ll i n str u cto r

I n str u cto r - S a h B u m Ni m J o h n C h u n g ; Si f u Ro d H il le ga s s; Ma s ter J er r y B o r r o r

• • •

Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s - 2 0 0 5 Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s - 1 2 Year s T eac h i n g Mar t ia l Ar t s – 3

Personal Achievements

• • • •

Do cto r o f O s teo p a t hi c m ed ic i ne 1 9 8 9 - 3 r d d a n B lac k B e lt T ae K wo n Do 2 0 1 6 - 2 nd d a n B lac k B e lt T a n g So o Do F ul l I n str u cto r W i n g C h u n K u n g F u

In Her Ow n Words I began martial arts at 55 and I achieved Black Belt 2nd dan in Tang Soo Do in 2012. I received 3rd dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 2016. I enjoy training very much and continue to practice daily and study with Sah Bum Nim John Chung and Sifu Rod Hillegass. I began studying Wing Chun Gung Fu in 2008 and continue to practice. I have taught yoga in the tradition of BKS Yenger since 2005. Two years ago I began studying Satria silat and yoga with Pendekars Steven and Laarni Benitez.



Ron Lee •

Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s – Sta r ted wh e n I wa s 5 ye ar s o f a ge

Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s – 5 0 + year s

Prof essional Organizations

• • • •

W o r ld M ar t ial Ar ts F ed e r atio n P er so na l Ac hi e ve me n t s Or ie n ta l C ul t ur e I n s ti t ut e T r ained T o n g Re n T her a p is t ( C hi n e se Hea li n g Ar t )

In His Ow n Words I have been active in the martial arts for over 50 years. I started my path in the martial arts at the age of 5. Living in a tough neighborhood of Roxbury in Boston, Massachusetts, my mother introduced me to martial arts. As I became more advanced in my studies, I began to share with the neighborhood kids. I became well known. My love for the martial arts has become my “very close fried”. Martial arts has taught me Honor, Respect, Knowledge and Wisdom. I can’t imagine life without my “very close friend”. It has provided me the opportunity to teach Tai-Chi to those in wheelchairs, the elderly and the handicapped.

Major Martial Arts Achievements

• •

Re co g niz ed b y t he Gat h er i n g o f S t yle s Re co g niz ed b y t he Ho us e o f Rep r es e nt at i ve s, t h e Co m mo n wea lt h o f Ma ss ac h u se tt s i n T eac hi n g t he Mar t ia l Ar t s – Ac tio n Mar tia l A r ts Ma g azi n e H al l o f Ho no r s


2 0 1 6 U ni ted St ate s Mar t ial Ar ti st As so c ia tio n – Ha ll o f F a me I nd uc tee

• •

2 0 1 7 E x ce lle n ce

2 0 1 7 W o r ld M ar t ia l Ar t s Fed er at io n Hal l o f Fa me

2 0 1 7 O ut st a nd i n g Ac h ie ve me n t i n t he Mar t ia l Ar t s - Mar t ia l Ar ts Ac tio n Mar ti al Ar t s Hal l o f Ho no r s


A ndrea McKey Martial Arts Title: Sensei BermudaRank – 3rd Dan Studying for 16 years, currently holds the rank of 3rd Dan studying style Shotokan Instructor: Sensei Charles Butterfield

In Her Ow n Words Attaining my 1st Dan in January 2008 was a great achievement. I was the first female to be graded to a black belt in the 30 plus year history of Bermuda Shotokan Karate-Do. issues with my health and at time training can be hard on these issues but I worked through the pain and continue to work through the pain.

I started martial arts in my early thirties. My children were training and I was there every night watching them so I decided to join for the exercise. After the first couple of years I became more serious and dedicated to training. Everyone knew that they could not ask me to do anything on training nights because I was not available. Training became a way of life.

I have used my martial arts training to influence various individuals around me. I have a god rapport with my student’s teachers and parents. When a student has shown disrespect at school or had a fight their teacher or parent will contact me to speak with them, I speak with the student and let them that what they have done is against the Dojo Kun, which we say at the end of every class.

My Sensei was my greatest influence in the Dojo. His love and dedication to Martial Arts has enabled me to become who I am today. My life has been enhanced since entering martial arts immensely. I was quite shy and would never think of talking to groups of people etc. Since joining martial arts and moving up through the ranks as well as competing in tournament my shyness has all but gone. I have spoken in front of large crowds, and also conducted training seminars at my job as well as reading in Church and other functions. I am now more aware of my surroundings and conduct myself accordingly. This has helped me in my work environment when dealing with an agitated passenger who could potentially become violent during the course of my duties.

I am a Customs Officer and I am always talking to my colleagues about being aware of their surroundings and I also show them simple techniques that can be used in the event that we have an unruly passenger. I am often used to watch an unruly or dangerous passenger. I look back to the start of my journey, where I’ve been and where I am now, and realize that along the way Shotokan Karate has taught me something very special. It has taught me to be kind to myself. Karate is not a team sport; every mistake I make lands directly on my shoulder. I am my own worst enemy. Karate is a way of living for me. Students should strive to attain their black belt. Receiving a Black Belt means hard work, studying, classes, and confidence building and requires discipline. By that I mean you can't just go through it all lazily. You also can't try to make it look like you are trying, when you actually aren't. I cannot blame anyone else if my stance is too narrow, or if I forget where I am in a Kata. Seeking perfection means achieving

This saying sums up my philosophy towards martial arts. So many times, I quit karate, in my head, but was back at training the next day. I didn’t think that I would be able to pass a yellow belt as I found it difficult to understand and retain what I was learning; I thought that I would fail the gradings. However, I overcame my fears and succeeded. I have multiple



performed a kata at the funeral of the Late Sensei Calvin Fox.

perfect forms, practicing them endlessly; at home and whenever you can. It also means attending classes consistently. If you come rarely (and not consistently) you will not advance. Being a true martial artist means actual devotion. Many people are just too lazy to do any practice. I made this mistake early on. When I first started karate, I was told to study at home and learn the required forms. At the time, I didn't value karate too much, which was a big mistake. So, I thought I didn't really need to practice at home. I started to work harder, mainly because my mindset changed, I was no longer there for the exercise, I put a lot of value into karate and wanted to become a Black Belt. Now, I know most of my forms, and I am a hard worker. Martial Arts training also means confidence and strong desire. If you are weak or do not really care, it was not meant for you. You have to truly believe and actually try to get to a Black Belt, only with determination will you deserve it fully. Confidence is everything. It can change your overall performance, your life. Your confidence needs to be high. To get it high, simply believe and work hard. Just believe that you can do whatever it is that you are aiming to do, and you will gain more confidence than anything else can give you. The Black Belt requires confidence which I have gained.

Martial Arts Achievements − −

− − − −

Battle for Boston in 2012 2nd in Kata and 1st in Weapons & 2014 - NAKF World Cup Finals Open Tournament, Reston VA – 1st in weapons (traditional and open) and Kata for the last 2 years Shai Tournament, Bermuda – 1st in weapons and kata for the last several years Bermuda Martial Arts Open Tournament – 1st in weapons and kata for the last several years Lepercq Memorial Tournament - 1st in weapons and kata for the last several years Skippy Kick - 1st in weapons and kata for the last several years

I have won the Bushido Award at Shotokan-Do Bermuda. The “Bushido Award” is presented to the student who shows good spirit, regular attendance and has shown constant development over the last year. They also show dedication, respect and are seeking the perfection of their character not only in the dojo but also in their everyday life. Winning this award at Prize Giving is a great honor and should be something that each student should strive for each year.

All of this above comes to one thing= The Black Belt. The Black Belt means building confidence with relentless hard work. It means respect for self and everything else that makes up this world.

I also received the Chief Instructors Award, most improved and most dedicated awards at Bermuda Shotokan Karate-Do.

To put it simply, Karate has enhanced my life. It has provided me with many years filled with personal goals and challenges. It has tested my patience (and as it turns out, I do have some - very deep down, who knew!?!) It has also given me a real sense of pride in the commitment I made to myself to make it this far in my journey.

I am currently the Secretary of Shotokan-Do Bermuda and the past Secretary of Bermuda Shotokan KarateDo. I have also represented my school the Bermuda Martials Arts Federation, the former sanctioned body for Martial Arts in Bermuda

For the last 4 years I have held a week-long summer camp for the students aged 4-10. The mornings were dedicated to karate training, break falls, rolls, and simple defense techniques. I have also done various demos at schools and also had the privilege of doing a demonstration for the Premier of the day, for her birthday celebration. I also



S tepha n Morris Now a martial art journalist sharing varied historic, current and future news pieces, Stephan Morris has fought one of the more unusual battles martial artists have faced. “Attacked by agoraphobia”, he explains, “improperly diagnosed, I had an unnatural fear of leaving home”. Buoyed by Deb, the love of his life, he ultimately ventured out and trained in martial arts, the other love of his life. His first success was in Tang Soo Do and later was exposed to other great martial arts instructors. Stephan was acknowledged for his fast kicks, and he was at the same time a big fan of Fighting Stars Magazine and Bruce Lee. Set back by the personal loss of his bride, he rebuilt his spirit through the martial arts through instructors like Grandmaster Danny Lane (WMAF), Master Paul Mimidis (WTSDA), David Cooper (Tae Kwon Do WTF), Master Luis Meja (Tae Kwon Do - ITF) and Master James Harlan (Wado Ryu Karate). Today Stephan delights in bringing online joy to others interested in his greatest interest, the martial arts.

Martial Arts Ranks:

• • •

1 st Da n W o r ld T a n g So o Do As so c ia tio n

3 r d Da n ( i n p r o gr es s)

• • •

E x cel le n ce i n P r o mo t i n g Mar tia l Ar t s A war d ( U S A Mar ti al Ar ts Ha ll o f F a me)

P r o mo t er o f Mar tia l Ar t s A war d ( Ma s ter s o f Mar tia l Ar t s)

E x cel le n ce i n P r o mo t i n g Mar tia l Ar t s ( M u nic h Ha ll o f Ho no r s )

O ut st a nd i n g P r o mo ter o f t he Year ( W o r ld Kar a te U nio n Ha ll o f F a me )

E d ito r s C ho ice A wa r d ( Nat io na l Sp o r t Kar a te M us e u m " 2 5 t h A n ni v er sar y Li vi n g Le ge nd s" ) Fa ceb o o k G ro u p s (1 7 ):

1 s D a n T ae K wo n Do ( K u k k i wo n) 2 nd Da n ( W o r ld M ar t ia l Ar t s Fed er at io n, P r es. Gr a nd ma s ter Da n n y L a ne)


P r esid e nt, S up er fo o t I n t er n at io na l Ma r t ial Ar t s Fed er at io n ( SI M AF ) *O f fi ci al B il l W all ace Fa n Cl ub " A war d s : Go o d wi l l Amb as s ad o r o f Mar tia l Ar t s I n ter na tio n al A wa r d ( Gl o b al Ko r ea n Mar t ia l Ar t s Fed er at io n) Ex cel le n ce i n P r o mo t io n o f Mar ti al Ar t s A war d ( Act io n Ma r t ial Ar t s M a gaz i ne)


B ill " S up er fo o t" W all ac e: W o r ld 's Gr ea te st Ki c ker fo r 5 0 y ear s

• •

Fi g h ti n g S tar s M a gaz i ne

Le ge nd o f Ka t h y Lo n g : 5 x W o r ld C ha mp io n Kic kb o x er a n d MM A F i g ht er

Ma ster Ka r e n Ed e n -H er d ma n : ( Au t ho r , C ha mp io n) - " M as ter o f I n sp ir at io n"

• •

I an R AP I D FI RE B i s ho p

Sa mu r ai B u s hid o - " T he W a y o f t h e W ar r io r " ( 1 1 8 5 -1 8 6 8 )

C hr is ti n e B a n no n - Ro d r i g ue s : " 9 x W . A.K .O W o r ld C ha mp i o n"

Si l ver Fo x - " H wa n g J a n g - L ee K u n g F u Ci n e ma"


J J Mcp ar l a nd Go ld e n Dr ago n : " No t E ver y Gir l Dr ea ms o f B ei n g a P r in ce ss"

• • •

Le ge nd o f B r u ce L ee : F i r e o f t h e Dr a go n

• • • •

Ste p ha n ’ s Fac eb o o k P a g es fo r Yo ur Mar t ia l Ar t s P le as u r e: ( 1 3 ) :

B lac k B e lt B ul let i n B o a r d

J OE LEW I S - " T he Gr e a te st Kar a te Fi g h ter o f All T i me"

Si f u Al a n Go ld b er g - " G o d fa t her o f t h e Mar t ia l Ar t s W o r ld "

Le ge nd o f B o b W al l - " W o r ld B la c k B elt. co m Fac eb o o k Co m mu n i t y"

Mic h ael Dep as q ual e J r . 's - " Kar at e I n ter na tio n al Ma ga zi n e"

C hi n e se M ar t ia l Ar t s - " L e gac y o f W i n g C h u n"

• • • • • • • •

I n sid e K u n g F u Ma ga zi n e - 1 9 7 3 - 2 0 1 1

Ke np o Kar a te " La w o f t he F is t a nd t he E mp t y Ha nd "

Mar t ia l Ar t s P r o fe s sio na l Ma g az i ne

W o me n o f M ar t ia l Ar t s Sp ir it o f t he W ar r io r o f th e M ar t ia l Ar t s Re s tit a D eJ e s us - P o d ca st P er so na li t y/ Fo r ms W o r l d C ha mp io n - F ir e & W ate r

S up er fo o t I nt er na tio na l Mar t ia l Ar t s Fed er at io n ( SI M AF)

Da n n y La ne O f fi cia l Gr o up ( i n p l a n ni n g)


B UDO I nt er nat io na l M a ga zi ne P r o fe s sio n al Kar a te Ma g azi ne KI CK I ll u s tr at ed M a gaz in e - 1 9 8 0 -1 9 8 4 O f fi cia l K ar a te Ma ga zi n e - 1 9 6 8 – No w Kar a te I ll u s tr at ed M a ga zi ne Kar a te Ma ga zi ne - 1 9 6 9 - P r e se n t Mar t ia l Ar t s Co m mu n i t y - " W ar o n Dr u g Ad d ic tio n"


Da niel Ny ce − − − − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Fairfax, Virginia Martial Arts Style and Belt Rank - Tae Kwon Do, 3rd degree Black Belt Instructor - Master David Nyce Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1995 Years in the Martial Arts - 22 Years Teaching Martial Arts - 10

Prof essional Organizations NASKA Personal Achievements Ranked #2 in 18-29 Traditional Bladed Weapons NASKA 2015 Ranked #2 in 18-29 Traditional Korean Forms

Over the subsequent years I learned from the various champions on the circuit, including martial artists Matt Emig, Mackensi Emory, Tyler Weaver, and Jackson Rudolph. In 2016, I brought my team to a World Title in the Team Demonstration division on the NASKA circuit. My philosophy is that I want to teach my students how to find health, wealth and happiness. I do this by teaching self-discipline, which I define as the ability to choose what you want the most over what you want in the moment. I've shared my expertise with my students at my school, Fearless Family Martial Arts, in Gainesville, Virginia.

NASKA 2015 Ranked #3 in 18-29 Creative Bladed Weapons, NASKA 2016 founded, trained, and participated in a sport karate competition team NASKA 2016 won the World Title for Team Demonstration Founded Fearless Family Martial Arts karate school in 2015 in Gainesville, Virginia In His Ow n Words

Major Martial Arts Achievements

My story began as a child when I started training under my father, Master David Nyce. From the beginning, I was taught the importance developing life skills and the attitudes that support them. As a teenager, I also received training from Master Neil Ehrlich, from whom I learned much more about sparring. In 2011, I was exposed to Hyper and NASKA, and began to learn and teach in my father's school. Here I founded Team Fearless as a competition team meant for eventual competition on the NASKA circuit.

Founded the sport karate competition team which won the World Title for Team Demonstrations in NASKA in 2016 Consistently ranked by NASKA in traditional forms and in bladed weapons competition from 2015 through 2016



W alt Sa pronov •

Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) – A mer ica n Kar ate , B l ac k B elt

• • • •

I n str u cto r – G M J o e Co r le y Year S tar t ed St ud yi n g Mar t ia l Ar t s – 1 9 6 6 Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s - 5 1 Year s T eac h i n g Mar t ia l Ar t s – 3 5 +

Prof essional Organizations

• • •

P r o fe s sio n al Kar a te As s o cia tio n

Fed er al Co m m u n ic at io n s B ar As so ci at io n

La w Se mi n ar s I n ter n at io na l A mer ica n B ar As so c ia ti o n, Sc ie nc e a nd T ech no lo g y s ect io n

Personal Achievements

Fea t ur ed Sp e a ker , I nter n atio n al Ar b i tr a tio n S y mp o si u m

Fea t ur ed Sp e a ker , L a w I nt er na tio n al 2 5 t h An n u al Co n f er e n ce

After moving to Atlanta in the late 1970’s, Walt joined the Joe Corley American Karate Studio. Eventually, he adapted his original Okinawan style to the American Karate style of karate, boxing and kickboxing. For many years thereafter, Walt trained with other Professional Karate Association (PKA) fighters under the late Asa Gordon. He competed in the Battle of Atlanta, the Vitali Gold Star Challenge and other tournaments. Walt also was a sparring partner for then PKA Heavyweight Champion Jerry Rhome, Master Joe Corley and other professionals. For over half a century, he has continued his martial arts practice, regularly working out to this day at American Karate schools with (Joe Corley Black Belt) at Joey Imperatori Karate and at GM Corley’s own Atlanta Extreme Warriors.

Major Martial Arts Achievements

• •

Co mp e ti to r , B at tle o f At la nt a Co mp e ti to r , Vi ta li G o ld Sta r C hal le n g e

Walt Sapronov began his martial arts training in ShorinRyu, a classical Okinawan style of karate, while attending Ohio State University. It was to become a life-long pursuit. Walt began training in 1966 and earned his Black Belt under one of the first Americans, Gary Tiktin, to train in Okinawa directly under Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine, the founder of the Matsubayashi style of Shorin-Ryu. In 1970, Walt moved to Iowa City, Iowa to attend the University of Iowa. There, he established the Iowa City Shorin-Ryu dojo, which was affiliated with the college’s recreation department. The dojo flourished and some of its students became Shorin-Ryu karate teachers in their own right.

Walt regularly shares his years of experience and instruction with junior students as “my way of giving back”. Insightful and well-versed on the history of the art / sport and its nuances, Walt’s contributions to these juniors are inspirational. In addition to his martial arts practice, Walt is a practicing attorney, concentrating on telecommunications law, transactions, and regulation. He and his law firm, Sapronov & Associates, P.C., have represented large institutional clients in this area for over 35 years. He has



held leadership positions with the American Bar Association Section of Science and Technology and with the Federal Communications Bar Association. He has been named in Atlanta Super-Lawyers and in the “International Who’s Who Legal” publications. For more information, please visit Walt resides in Atlanta with his wife, Susan. Their daughter, Sophia, a New York University (NYU) honors graduate in vocal performance, is a member of the Actors’ Equity Association and a professional actress in New York. Inspired by their Faith, the family is actively involved in Christian Church work in Atlanta and New York.



Ujjwal Tha kuri •

Mar t ia l Ar t s St yl e( s) a n d B elt R a n k( s) – A mer ica n Mar i ne Go j u Kar a te, 2 n d d e gr ee B lac k B e lt

I n str u cto r - Gr a nd M as t er Ga r y K la u s, US M C

Year s i n t h e M ar t ial Ar t s – 1 8

Personal Achievements

Nep a li / U S A Co m mu n i t y Ce r ti f ic at e o f Ho no r , Re co g ni tio n a nd Ap p r ec ia tio n

Cer ti f ic ate o f Ho no r p r e se n ted b y en ep al e m a nd Rad i o Z i nd a g i M ed ia Vir g i nia ; a war d r ec ei ve d fr o m t he A mb a s sad o r o f Nep al G o ver n me nt – J u ne 2017

A mer ica – r ec ei ved fr o m Dr . S ha s ha k Ko i ra la , Gen e ra l S ec re t a ry o f Nep a li Co n g re s s Pa rt y o f Vi rg i n ia

Cer ti f ic ate o f Reco g n it i o n p r es e nte d b y A mer ica n Nep al So c ie t y - a wa r d r e cei v ed fr o m t he A mb a s sad o r o f Nep a l Go ver n me n t – Ma y 2 0 1 7 ( 5 0 t h An n i v er s ar y Cer e mo n y)

Major Martial Arts Achievements

Cer ti f ic ate o f Ap p r ec iat i o n p r es e nte d b y Nep a li P ub l ic R el at i o ns Co m mi t tee , A mer ica n A wa r d r e ce i ve d fr o m Co n gr e s s ma n Ro d W i tt m an o f V ir gi n ia – Ap r i l 2 0 1 7 Cer ti f ic ate o f Reco g n it i o n p r es e nte d b y A mer ica n Nep al So c ie t y – a wa r d r e cei v ed fr o m A mb as sad o r o f N e p al Go ver n me n t – Octo b er 2 0 1 6 Cer ti f ic ate o f Ap p r ec iat i o n p r es e nte d b y NR N, U S A A wa r d r e cei ved fr o m A mb a s sad o r o f Nep al G o ver n me nt – Au g u s t 2 0 1 6 Sp ec ia l Ho no r Cer t i fi ca t e p r e se nt ed b y I n ter na tio n al Nep a li Li t er ar y So ci et y, W as h i n gto n, D C M etr o Co m mi t tee , U S A and I nter n at io na l Ar ti s t Fo r u m; Ame r ic a n A war d Rec ei ved fr o m P r es id e nt R a m P r asad K ha n al, Vir g i ni a Cer ti f ic ate o f Ap p r ec iat i o n p r es e nte d b y Nep a li P ub l ic R el at io ns Co m mi t tee ,


2 0 1 7 K ur o B u s hi W o r ld C ha mp io n s hip – Cer ti f ic ate o f Reco g n it i o n

2 0 1 7 Mer c er Co u nt y Kar ate C h a mp io n s hip – Ce r ti f ic at e o f Re co g ni tio n A wa r d wi t h P laq ue

2 0 1 7 Amer i ki c k I nt er na t io n al – Cr ea ti v e Kat a Go ld C up W i n ner

2 0 1 7 K h u k ur i W eap o n – 2 n d p lac e S il v er Trophy

2 0 1 7 U ni v er s al Mar ti al Ar t s C ha mp io n s hip s – C er t i fi cate o f Re co g ni tio n

2 0 1 6 B att le o f B al ti mo r e – W o r ld T i tle B elt fo r V a nDa m me T yp e Op e n B r ea k i n g

• •

2 0 1 6 W o r ld C up Fi n al – Go ld C up

2 0 1 6 Mar yl a nd Vic to r y C up – Sp e cia l De mo wi t h Go ld C up

2 0 1 6 K ur o B u s hi W o r ld C ha mp io n s hip – W o o d B r ea ki n g – T r o p h y wi t h med al a nd cer t i fi cat e

2 0 1 6 Amer ica n Mar i ne Go j u Da n B lac k B elt T e st - Go ld T r o p h y


2016 USA Mas ters Games – Crea tive Kata Gold Meda ls

2 0 1 6 US A Ma ste r s Ga m es – P o i nt Fi g h ti n g Go ld Med a l s

2 0 1 6 Na tio na l Cap it al O p en T ae K wo n Do C ha mp io n s hip – P o i nt F ig h ti n g F ir st P lace Go ld

2 0 1 5 US C ap i to l C la s si c C h i na Op e n - 6 Fo o t T r o p h y P o i n t F i g ht in g

2 0 1 5 US C ap i to l C la s si c C h i na Op e n - 1 8 0 - 1 8 9 Op e n W ei g h t Fi g h ti n g 2 n d p lac e Trophy

2 0 1 5 B r eat h o f N at ur e – P o in t Fi g h ti n g Go ld C up

2 0 1 5 Fa ll B al l I V – P o i n t F i g ht i n g 1 s t P lace W al l F la g A wa r d

2 0 1 5 W ar r io r W it h i n I I – Op e n W ei g ht Go ld T r o p h y

2 0 1 5 W ar r io r W it h i n I I P o in t Fi g h ti n g Go ld T r o p h y

2 0 1 5 Mer c er Co u nt y Na t io n al Kar at e C ha mp io n s hip – P o i nt F ig h ti n g 2 n d P lac e Si l ver Med a l

2 0 1 5 B att le o f B al ti mo r e – P o i nt F i g ht i n g 2 n d P l ace Si l ver T r o p h y

2 0 1 5 U ni ted Mar tia l Ar t s Re f er ee As so c ia tio n – P o i nt F i g ht i n g T h ir d P l ace B r o nz e M ed al s



Jeff Thomps on − −

− − − −

Place of Birth & Place Growing Up – Atlanta, GA Martial Arts Style(s) and Belt Rank(s) – American Karate 3rd Degree, Joe Lewis Black Belt 1st Degree Instructor – Rick Drew –> Joe Lewis -> Joe Corley Year Started Studying Martial Arts - 1994 Years in the Martial Arts - 23 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 21

of my martial arts training was the enormous benefit to my professional career.

Professional Organizations

The increased discipline and

confidence led to rapid success and promotions in

Joe Lewis Fighting Systems


Shuman Concepts

In 2001, I tested with my new instructor, Joe Lewis, for

Certified Systems Professional

my Black Belt under the Joe Lewis Fighting System. The

Certified Instructor- American Council of the Martial Arts - Cooper Institute

test requires a legitimate black belt in a fighting style to

Personal Achievements

needs to go a few three-minute rounds with Lewis or three

start, and after approval from Master Lewis one only of his top black belts, without being knocked out or

Helped over 60 people start their own fitness and / or martial arts businesses Founder of Operation Boot Camp, which expanded to 117 locations nationwide, across 35 franchise owners. Founder of AK CrossFit, one of the first CrossFit gyms in Atlanta Business and Technology consultant to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, GeorgiaPacific, Coca-Cola Enterprises, The Gap, Emory University Hospital, and many other fortune 500 companies.

giving up. In addition to building a large martial arts school, I decided the best way to get the benefits of the martial arts, physical training and discipline to the greatest number of people would be to find people that shared my values of humility and generosity - and help them launch their own businesses.

Since 2001 I’ve helped over 60 people open

over 120 small business locations – many times without charging them a dime. I did all of this with my business

In His Ow n Words

partners, Heidi Ziegele and Alison Massa.

I became interested in the martial arts in the early 1990s

Major Martial Arts Achievements

when working for the UN near Copacabana in Rio De

-Founder of Atlanta Kick, -24 years in business

Janeiro, Brazil, near The Carlson Gracie Academy. Though I loved BJJ, upon returning to the states there was limited availability back then to train in BJJ, instead

-Over 140 classes per week offered

started training in American Freestyle Karate. At age 23,

-Consistently voted ‘Best Martial Arts’ in Atlanta

over a 2-year period I took 780 classes on the way to black belt – so many nights taking 2-3 classes, as well as fighting in tournaments on many weekends along the way - while at a full time corporate job. An unexpected benefit



A dria n Turpin •

Or i g i nal l y fr o m An d e r so n, S C. Ad r ia n T ur p i n ha s b ee n i n t h e ma r t ial ar t s fo r 3 7 ye ar s a nd h as b ee n tea c hi n g fo r 2 8 ye ar s.

• •

Hi s i n s tr uc to r wa s Ma s t er Ric k y S to we He ha s s t ud ied Ame r ic a n Kar a te, Ke mp o , Go j u R yu a nd i s a 5 t h D egr ee B lac k b el t

Personal Achievements Earned Eagle Scout, Works with the Youth of the Church, and is Asst. Scout Master with the Boy Scouts of America. Owns and Operates TM KICK Karate School. Kick boxed for IKF, PKC, and KICK. Works with all ages in Self Defense in the community, including Self Defense for females entering college. Is proud of his son Son Kyle L. Turpin. In His Ow n Words I was first introduced to the martial arts by my father, Ben L. Turpin. My father had trained under Master Bill Hong in Tae Kwon Do and trained me since I was a child. As a teenager, he enrolled me in a structured program at Ricky Stowe’s American Karate School. Martial arts have become a way of life for me. I have learned that the journey is what it is about, rather than just getting a black belt. Making better citizens, better students and better people in general is our goal. Always respect others. Never Quit. Be Morally Straight. Working to keep the Mind, Body and Spirit balanced, Strong and True, as a Martial Artist therefore helping to make us better people. While teaching at the Dojo is very rewarding, seeing the kids grow and learn, having former students come back bringing their kids to take classes and working with adults as they work on their journey in life—all of this combines to make teaching a life mission.

always been a passion of mine. Giving back and sharing with others what I have learned is how I try to Honor and Respect the Instructors who have given their time and knowledge to me. I participated in The Battle of Atlanta, IKF/PKC Kickboxing Regional, USA and North American Tour. I teach self- defense classes for United Disciples, ladies going to college and ladies of the community.

I have also gained a passion for sharing our art by teaching self defense in our community centers, churches and to people in the work force. We work on character and self- confidence with the kids. We teach awareness and confidence as well as self-defense to our young adults and college students. With our older “young adults” we work on teaching awareness and setting up their homes

to feel safer. Helping and teaching others who may not have the opportunity, for whatever reason, to train has



Ka ren Ware Martial Arts Title: Mrs Waterford, New Jersey Started studying martial arts in 1991 Teaching for 4years and currently holds the rank of 4th degree Black Belt, studying Martial Arts Styles: Taekwondo and wushu Instructor - Mr John Chung

Personal Achievements Married 43 years, 2 sons, showed horses for 20 years and now competing in karate.

In Her Ow n Words My son started doing karate and after watching the classes for several . months I started. I have trained in taekwondo and wushu I have a black belt from Pierson's 4H karate club, a black belt in Wushu from Mr. Lee Pei Yun, and a 4th degree black belt under Mr John. Chung. I have learned to train, workout, and condition my self. I have done a lot of traveling across the US, Canada and Bermuda that I wouldn't have done otherwise. My philosophy towards the martial arts is “Anything is possible as long as you are willing to work for it”. I try to be an example of what you can accomplish with training and practice. I have learned to be disciplined in my like and make the time to workout almost every day and the confidence to travel to new places and compete in front of e everyone.

Cup Martial Arts Org. I taught at Person’s 4H Club for several yearrs and won grands at the US Open, Diamond Nationals and many other tournaments.

I have participated in the Hall of Fame Universal Martial Arts Assn., Hall of fame NBL Great Planes Conference, black belt competitor of the year World



Charles " Buddy " W ats on • • • •

Mar t ia l Ar t s T it le: C h ie f I n s tr uc to r

I n str u cto r s : J o h n H el ler , Ar t He ll er , GM Ro yc e Yo u n g, Ge o r ge O wi n g s , Ma ste r B r en t B e nd el l

P ueb lo , Co lo r ad o Sta r ted s t ud yi n g mar tia l ar t s i n 1 9 6 6 -6 7 T each i n g fo r 3 8 ye ar s a nd c ur r e nt l y ho ld s th e r a n k o f Fir st Da n , s t ud yi n g Ma r t ial Ar t s St yl e s: K u n g f u, T ae K wo n Do , S ho to k a n

In His Ow n Words I've taught hundreds if not thousands of people, from all walks of life, martial arts. I've watched them change from one kind of person into someone completely different. I've worked out with some of the greatest martial artist of all time. I've raised four great children, this in my greatest achievement. I began when watching Bruce Lee in The Green Honet in 1966-1967. I joined a kung fu dojo in 1972 after seeing his movie. In 1974 I went to work for a landscape company owned by Art and John Heller. After kicking John in the eye, Art started taking me to the gym at T.I. in Richardson Tx, where GM Royce Young was then a first degree black belt. I was there from 1974 into 1976. In the late seventies I was traveling a lot, and found myself in a Shotokan dojo for a long while. In the early eighties I was working out with Ronny Clark, who is a seven time Texas full contact champ. I have been in dojos all over Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and now in Colorado. Before I started working on basic kicks as a child, I was a tall skinny kid which seemed to be a magnet for the bullies. After I taught myself how to do a roundhouse kick, I found myself surrounded by three of them. They all found themselves on the ground trying to breathe. I haven't been bullied since. Martial arts has given me confidence, motivation, goals, and a lifetime of personal training which has kept me strong and alive.

I earned my black belt in the seventies, but I was not certified until 2016. I am not trying to reach a destination, I'm on a journey. So many reach the goal of back belt, and then quit. They don't realize the journey has just begun. So many kids are brought to us broken. And oft times the parents want us to fix then. We do not only teach people how to punch, kick, and block, we are mentors, to not only the children we teach, but to their parents as well. These people are looking up to us. This is an awesome responsibility, and not one to be taken lightly. We teach lessons in morality, honesty, bravery, and I believe we have a duty to live by what we teach.

Martial arts taught me how to set a goal, and accomplish it. I have learned self control and I will succeed in what ever I do. I would not have the work ethic nor the never give up, never quit attitude I have always had, but not for martial arts.



I've learned all these things: Confidence, discipline, honor, integrity, self worth. I have learned we do not always need to fight. Most fights are won in our minds.

Every dojo I have been in for thirty-eight years has placed me in a teaching/leadership role. I am currently a chief instructor.

I've been involved in countless demonstrations. The various dojos I've been in have put on demonstrations in schools, colleges, and at the dojo itself.

I am proud to have been in last years Who's Who; I will be testing for and hopefully promoted to Second Dan in April. At that time, I will be a certified black belt in two different styles.

I have not participated in tournaments, as I have always been working and traveling. I've changed the hearts and minds of young people, from negative to positive.



Thomas Wright Place of Birth & Place Growing Up - Biloxi, MS Martial Arts Style and Belt Rank - Judo, Tang Soo do, Kokusaitekido Karate, Kumdo, Songahm Tae Kwon Do 4th Degree Instructor - Sr. Master Choung Soo Ko Year Started Studying Martial Arts – 1971 Years in the Martial Arts – 46 Years Teaching Martial Arts – 10

Prof essional Organizations ATA International; MA Wealth Mastery; East Memphis Kiwanis

Personal Achievements US Army Ranger; Married; Father; Owner of Wright's ATA Martial Arts

In His Ow n Words I was about ten years old and had seen Bruce Lee as Kato and running through the house yelling "High Karate" (from the aftershave commercial) when my father signed my brother and me into Judo classes being taught at Hickam AFB in Hawaii. When Kung Fu came to television I desperately wanted to learn. My father told me that they only took Buddhist students so I continued to attend the Judo classes on base. Judo worked fine since I thoroughly enjoyed throwing my younger brother around when I got the chance. Being an Air Force brat, we moved a lot so I was always starting over as a white belt. Very frustrating but it was fun to beat up on the other white belts that didn't have a clue. While at Wright State University in Fairborn, OH, I took an informal karate class from a friend of mine. I joined the Army for the college money and the combat arms bonus. Through the encouragement of Drill Sargent Jimmy Akuna, I worked to be accepted into Jump School and then 1st Ranger Battalion. We were encouraged to train in martial arts but literally were kept too busy. After being injured I was medically retired and sent home.

2 to 3 hours every class. This is where I learned the Taoist way of becoming one with myself and my surroundings. I was transferred and end up in Munford, Tennessee. My son and I enrolled in the Millington ATA Black Belt Academy where I met and trained under Mr. Choung Soo Ko, a talented Korean 5th Degree who taught me everything I could learn from him. Through his inspiration I opened Wright's ATA Martial Arts. I felt then and do now feel the need to teach a better way of life for my students. It's my dream to inspire my students to always learn and succeed in life. I feel that Martial Artists should strive to make a better community and world through our students.

Major Martial Arts Achievements Awards are hard to write down as we all, over time, receive so many that they end up in the attic packed away. I did achieve Tennessee State Champion 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012, then World Champion in 2013.

Pissed off at the world, I needed better focus and found my way to the Peaceful Tiger Academy owned by Sifu Mustafa Kenyata and his incredible training that would be