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P R O G R E S S 2 0 1 0 -

2 0 1 4

master of landscape architecture | 2013 university of texas at austin








i n te r n ati on al com pe ti ti on

L FA12


Cl e v e l an d, O H






SU1 2 2010




INDIVIDUAL, PARTNER, GROUP individual project

# of collaborators


Ossining, NY [my hometown]

S small


0 1 W al l er Creek W el l s pri ng

0 2 Li fe Cyc l es Cem etery

0 3 Des i gn- Bu i l d


re c l a m a t i o n o f a n u rb a n c re e k + g reenbel t v i b ra n t c o m m u ni t y s p a c e + re d e v e l o pm ent c atal ys t o p p o rt u ni t y t o c o nne c t d i s p a ra t e c i t y areas

sk illse t

o n - s i t e a n a l y s i s fo r a l a rg e u rb a n p ro j ec t i n ne rd i s c i p l i na ry c o l l a b o ra t i o n [m . bri ght, m . entro p, t. c am pbel l ] a d o b e s u i t e , G IS, s k e t c hu p

aw ar d

T X ASL A St u d e nt Co m p e t i t i o n, A w a rd o f Exc el l enc e

stu di o sh e ar e r FA11



A ust in, T X

di agram m ati c pl an

con text

Tow n Lake per spective

sit e plan

s i d e/ c r o s s w a l k c o nt i nui ty sh ade d si de w al ks

b i k e r a c k s + r o u t es

bus stops + r ou te s/r ai l

cr e e k/r i v e r /l ak e e xi sti n g si de walk abse n t si de walk

mark ed crossing unmark ed crossing low capacit y bik e rack high capacit y bik e rack

st abiliz ed bank s

tras h c an s

habit at cont inuit y

perv i o us s urfac e

c reek/ri v er/l ake wal l ed s tabi l i zed s l o pe v egetated s tabi l i zed s l o pe

WC C C o n se r van cy

na t u r e/ di scov e r y c en te r

a d v e n t u re p l a y

water di s c o v ery

adv e n tu r e play area

st abiliz ed bank

pal m park s i te pl an

pat h t o creek

wat er discovery

st abi l i zed ban k/ veg etated c o i r l o gs


perv i o us pl aza/ c afe

WC C o n s erv an c y

lon git u din al se ct io n


02 LIFE CYCLES CEMETERY st udio sowell

2500-acr e ecologically soun d cemeter y sustain able r ef or estation f ollow in g w ildf ir e degr adation pr otection of en dan ger ed species h abitat gr avemar ker details, n ur ser y, small + lar ge ch apels main ten an ce plan + lon g-ter m ph asin g

s killset

sketch up, autocad, illustr ator , ph otosh op ph ysical modelin g, laser cuttin g lar ge scale site plan n in g usin g a design w ith n atur e appr oach par tn er pr oject [a. palon e]

L SP12

su cce ssio n al e co lo g y s e c t i o n + p l a nt i ng p a l e t t e

progr am


Bast rop, T X

h hig


1 y2 mainte nance

ret r e at / con fe r e nce ce nt e r com m erci a l n u rsery

main chape l co mple x

phase s 3-6

phase 2 phase 1

B a s tr o

p S ta te

P a rk

cr it ical ho ust o n t oad habit at

s it e plan

bas tro p wi l dl i fe | key s pec i es

l arges t pres en c e rec o rded pres en c e pres umed pres en c e

en dan ger ed species h abitat

site se ct io n s


Sc atter G arden s

w ater columbar ium per spective

Ent ry Sequence


sit e se ct io n s


mausoleum per spective

design -build pr ocess

design -build pr oduct

03 DESIGN-BUILD pro gram

c hi l dren’s seatin g + sketch in g ar ea in a w etlan ds education cen ter wi l dl i fe + bir d blin d w ith a ligh t f ootpr in t i ns pi re s tew ar dsh ip of th e lan d fo c u s o n con cr ete f abr ication c l i ent c o mmun ication + satisf action

s ki l l s et

des i gn- build w ith str ict budget con str ain ts c o nc rete, w ood + steel con str uction rhi no + autocad


UT A u s ti n Sch ool of Ar ch itectur e Design Excellen ce f or B uilt Wor k A IA A u s tin Studen t Design A w ar d

s tudi o c o ker

S SP1 3


Po rt Aran s as , T X


0 1

Pl anti ng Des i gn + Co s t A nal ys i s

0 2

Tec hni c al Drawi ngs + Co ns tru c ti o n

pl ant pal e t t e o v er s t o r y

u n de r stor y


pl an ti ng p l an


n ative plan ts plan tin g design


autocad con str uction documen tation n ative plan ts kn ow ledge cost estimation an alysis + budgetin g gr aph ic design f or clien t compr eh en sion


S 2013


A us ti n , T X

b r ea u x

S 2013


A usti n , TX

p ro g ram

c reati v e detai l i ng fo r res i denti al c l i ents pro j ec t c o ns tru c ti o n

s k i l l s et

c o o perati o n wi th o ther des i gners + bu i l ders c o nc eptu al i z i ng c o ns tru c ti o n o f s i te s pec i fi c detai l s c o s t es ti m ati o n o f des i gn o pti o ns c i ty perm i tti ng c o o rdi nati o n adapti ng pl ans as needed du ri ng c o ns tru c ti o n

c us to m s tai rc as e fo r perm i tti ng


gri l l tabl e

po o l benc h const ruc t ion pr o gr e ss


0 1

0 2

O ne S i te, Infi ni te S o l u ti o ns | H ayni e’ s Co rner Co mpetition

Cl ev el and Co m peti ti o n | Trans fo rm i ng the Bri dge

diagr ammatic per spective

01 ONE SITE, INFINITE SOLUTIONS HAYNIE’S CORNER A I A I nd i a na c o m p et i t i o n

pro gram

i deas c o m peti ti o n fo r reu s e o f an u nder- u ti l i z ed u rban s i te “ be c reati v e, be o ri gi nal , be u ni qu e” po tenti al fo r an arts di s tri c t c o m m u ni ty anc ho r treatm ent o f a hi s to ri c al l y s i gni fi c ant pro perty repres entati v e o f c o m m o n u rban v ac ant l o t i s s u e

s ki l l s et

c o m bi ned hand- drawn pers pec ti v e + c o m pu ter graphi c s u rban des i gn + c i ty pl anni ng


A rt by A rc hi tec ts H o no rabl e Menti o n

M FA13


E v an sv i l l e , I N


linking the past, present + future

Assess Preserve Introduce Catalyze Reconnect s i te pl an

an alysis

E x po s i n g T h e Bri dge

R epurpo s i n g T h e V i aduc t

02 CLEVELAND COMPETITION TRANSFORMING THE BRIDGE i nt er na t i o na l c o m p et i t i o n

L FA12

Li n ki n g To C o n tex t

pro gram

adapti v e reu s e o f the detro i t s u peri o r bri dge c o m m u ni ty perfo rm anc e s pac e redev el o pm ent c atal ys t nei ghbo rho o d c o nnec to r

s ki l l s et

i nterdi s c i pl i nary c o l l abo rati o n [ e. l edes m a, a. c rai g] pho to s ho p, i l l u s trato r, au to c ad rem o te s i te anal ys i s , res earc h + des i gn dev el o pm ent


C l e v e l an d, OH


en try po i n t

E s tabl i s h i n g Po i n ts o f A c c es s

Fi rs t Pl ac e water

pedes tri an path way Layeri n g New Sys tems perfo rmati v e

ex peri en ti al demo n s trati v e C atal yzi n g In c remen tal Dev el o pmen t

tr an sf or mation diagr ams

1 2


9 4



Legen d: A c c es s Po i n ts Amen i ty H ubs Po o l s R ai s ed Fl o o r Sys tem 6


sit e plan


E as t E n d Po o l s


T h e G ro v e


T h e New Market Pl ac e


T h e Meeti n g Po i n t


T h e C en tral Span


T h e Labo rato ry


Memo ri al H al l


V i aduc t


E as t E n d C o n n ec to r

“a day in t h e lif e ” dia g ra m : p e o p l e + w a t e r


labor ator y axon

wi n t e r viadu ct po o ls

mar ketplace axon

summ e r viadu ct po o ls

east en d pools axon


exper ien tial collages

cen t r al span ax o n

int er io r k it o f par t s

m eeti ng pl ac e axo n

gr ove axon

SKILLS design-build construction, physical modeling, hand-drawing, drafting, grant- writing | Analog Adobe Design Suite, GIS, AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Rhino, Google SketchUp, construction documentation, graphic design | Digital community organization + development, collaboration, multi- tasking, volunteer management, communication with diverse communities | Interpersonal

INTERESTS Gardening, Reading, Art, Travel, Volunteerism, Continuing Education, Yoga, Cooking, Camping + Outdoor Sports


2014 | CSD Portfolio in Sustainable Urban Place Making 2013 | MLA The University of Texas at Austin




Breaux Design: Landscape Architecture + Construction _ Conceptualized projects details, produced construction documentation + technical calculations. _ Responsible for schematic design, presentation materials, permitting + probable cost bidding. _ Provided client relations + responded to necessary adaptations throughout the building process.

Art by Architects Competition, Honorable Mention UTSOA Design Excellence Award for Built Work AIA Austin Student Award UTSOA VRC e-newsletter, Featured Research

Studio Balcones: Landscape Architecture + Urbanism _ Spearheaded a social media, marketing + networking campaign for a small firm. _ Assisted lead designer with site planning + surveying of residential landscape projects.

Cleveland Competition, 1st Place Landscape Architecture Department Service Award UTSOA Architecture + Urban Design I Review Critic ULI/Hines Student Competition Mentor ULI/Hines, UT In-House Competition, 1st Place TX ASLA Student Competition, Award of Excellence

Urban Land Institute/Hines Design Competition Participant _ Worked on an interdisciplinary team to develop a solution to a complex urban problem. _ Created conceptual diagrams and rendered design proposals in a two- week period.


Graduate School of Architecture Representative Council _ Served as a Landscape Architecture representative, to increase visibility for the profession. _ Advocated for better integration + collaboration of disciplines in the School of Architecture.

Dallas Center for Architecture Kolb-Berglund Fellowship UTSOA Student Independent Travel Scholarship [Paris, New York, Philadelphia]

University of Texas Mebane Gallery Assistant

UTSOA Dean’s Ambassador

Eddy Wylie Landscape Architecture _ Responsible for rendering residential landscape plans + designing marketing materials. _ Communicated between clients + collaborating consultants. _ Met deadlines in order to keep projects on track.

UTSOA Student Independent Travel Scholarship [Argentina]

UT Austin, Student ASLA Chapter | Co-chair _ Imagined + implemented student initiatives in the University community + city of Austin. _ In charge of coordinating communication, meetings and events with professors, students, staff and Landscape Architecture professionals.


Your Town Design Workshop, National Endowment for the Arts | Charrette Facilitator _ Engaged a diverse population + helped generate ideas on how to reimagine their city.

Boone Powell Family Prize in Urban Design Nominee

University of Texas Recruitment Scholarship University of Texas Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Boulder County Master Gardener _ Learned about gardening + ecology in a semi-arid climate + volunteered locally. _ Wrote articles for publication in the Colorado State University newsletter. Harvard University Career Discovery Program | Landscape Architecture Focus


2006 | BFA Manhattanville College


D Acres Farm and Educational Homestead | Sustainable Farm Intern University of Colorado, Architecture + Planning | Learning Landscapes _ Organized + implemented revitalization projects such as garden improvements, play equipment installation, mural painting, tree planting + community events. _ Served as a liason between school, neighborhood + organizational affiliates. Growing Gardens of Boulder County Non-Profit _ Taught about benefits of gardening, composting + eating local to all ages. _ Utilized problem-solving skills to conceive of alternative solutions + refine designs.

Manhattanville College, Graduate Cum Laude Manhattanville Presidential Scholarship

Institute for Intentionally Sustainable Neighborhoods | Research Assistant

David Fagin Studio Art Award Nominee

t o v i e w o r dow n load an una b ri d g ed p o rtfo l i o p l ea se v i s i t: ht t p : / / i s suu.c om/jes s ic a za ro wi tz/d o cs/j essi ca _za ro wi tz- _ fu l l _ portfol i o

Jessica Zarowitz- Work Sample  

Landscape Architecture Work Sample

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