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New Tech First Edition Your weekly source of new technology iventions across word Somarribas Escalante, Jose 3/28/2014

Smarth Ring Would you marry me? It is the phrase that most men in the word want to say someday and most girls want to heard, always having a ring in the center of the situation, but, what your couple would think if your gift is a smart ring?, maybe you would be a geek couple. Smart Ring or just Ring is the newest whim of the technology inventors, and will be a bum to internet navigation and texting.

Ring, works in the same way that the popular “move” of play station and other similar devices, it’s made of silver and can establish a connection to your TV, PC or cellphone via Bluetooth. People who had tested it with similar drones like google glasess and others said that the device can recognize around of one thousand gestures in the air in order to texting, navigate the net and also buy online.

It belongs to the new generation of electronical devices called “wearebles� that in the last four years have been giving us new awesome wearable devices like smart watches or heart rate sensors. The project is searching for financial costing in order to start massive manufacturing according it developer company Logbar, it would cost 145$ and will be available on July 2014.

Logbar with sites in California, USA and Tokyo, Japan has only one year of been working on Ring and it is now one of the biggest projects that started in the popular amateur developers’ webpage

What this company will have for us in the future? Only waiting will answer that question. Reference:

Isak, Cristopher, 2014, New gesture controller from future, Taken from:

Blog Cellphone What you can buy with 50 bugs? Maybe a nice shirt or the newest game for your PS4, but after reading this, you would consider in expend your 50$ in the first blog cellphone of the word. What we mean according to a “blog cellphone”? It’s a modular Phone in which you can easily change all the parts of the device, giving it a very large useful life and a variable personalization according to the client!

The Giant of net google announced that is working on this “modular device” besides they currently don’t have any prototype acoording to Paul Eremenko, who is responsable of this project, also he mentioned according to RT magazine

that low cost mobile devices are the future, and will be taking the place that nowdays high gama cellphones have.

The project is called Ara is not available a lot of information of it, what we know is that will be awesome to have this device on our hands, can you imagine change your 5mpx camera for one of 15mpx? Or change your 1500mA battery for 3000mA one? All that definitely caught our attention, but unfortunately we would have to wait in order to have more information about this great device. Reference: RT News, Google fabrica un celular







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