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Jessica True GRA 423 3/26/14 The End is Nigh Proposal Description and Application For my Innovation Space campaign we are creating a device, miGO, that gives children the opportunity to be active and healthy in a fun and entertaining way. For my final project I would like to design the interface that will be on this device. The Industrial Designer on my team has proposed that the screen display for our device use e-ink techonology to keep our costs low and help with the battery life. Although the e-ink display will have to be simply designed, I would like for it to have multi-functional uses. Ideally the experience the child has with the interface will be to set would be to set their theme and pick their character. A few options of “adventures” will load based on their decision. Such as picking Tarzan as a character and a safari adventure would load. Most tasks will be audible through a speaker but the screen will show basic icons in reference to the task given, such as “find a branch to swing from” and a branch will display. There will be various screen options for tasks completed, tasks needed to complete, a map showing the course they are on. The interface will have a simplified design so that children of all ages will have a clear understanding of how to interact with it and the device. The final deliverable will be an animated presentation of how the interface workflow functions while a child interacts with it.

Schedule April 1 T: work day April 3 Th: workflow diagram/basic wireframes/begin mockups April 8 T: work day April 10 Th: completion of mockups/begin interface animation April 15 T: work day April 17 Th: 1/2 way completion of interface animation April 22 T: work day April 24 Th: Final completion of interface for review and feedback April 29, T: Edits made and completed interface submitted

The End is Nigh Proposal  
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