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Autumn/Winter 2015-2016

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“To lay all emotions bare the end is near. Raw and Confused. Going from exetreme to the next.”

For too long, we have been enslaved to technology. So uch so that we have morphed into drones. The one thing that never changes is our inability to completely shed our emotions. We are starting to lreply on the past as well as our present and future to help us reveal our deepest vunerablities. How to find this core in a world that tells us how to exist? We look to our music. We turn from connecting to a platform. We find escapism in the lyrics and music of others. Their pain and angst becomes our pain and angst. We find their journies just as important as ours. They are well worth the replay. In a way, it is these small moments that delicately unifies a group. IIt is these recurring themes that have given birth to the latest lifestyle trends. Heartless focuses on our nod to the past. Looking to moody, smokiness of film noir. The classic femme fatale pulls from the


current uber feminine trend and amps up her sex appeal and aloofness. Clarity shows us the need to push through to end of our wit. It is need to break from tradition and jump into the first extreme availible. Colors turn from moody to bright pops of neon. Influnences goes from the West to the East. Done expresses our need to end situations that are uncomfortible. It refers to our need to move towards the confort we crave. This trend explores the conflicts of rural princles in an urban society. Mine refers the possesiveness of the self. From an early age when form bonds and stake a claim by declaring, “Mine!” MIne is about revolution. What is in it for me? What can be made and owned by me? Stay is the internal conflict of complacency. This is best summed up as Modern Ethereal, a combination of hard fabrics like leather with wspy fabrics like siilk and lace.



uncovered manifest


sealed unveiled




bared revealed shown


naked resolved solved caught cledivulged exhibited

stripped brought to light dug up


apparent found out laid bare


on view


made manifest unhidden



evident for on display on the






Clarity 6



Stay 7

capturedHineartless tells the story of a cold, mysterious world that could only be film noir. Dark reds and blues set forth by black and white frames. Heartless encourages the inner siren to be released. It is time to join a world or of old school wreakless abandon. The two world of vintage films and the present collides. It is time to take the New Look into the age of espionage. We see a rebellious side emerge. It is ok to be bold and unapologetic. It is time to dare.

adj. Devoid of compassion or feeling; Pitiless







Heartless look to classic and geometric patterns and prints. It borrows for the tride and true prints of the past like polka dot and play with scale and direction.


Materials Heartless takes the current trend of leather and push for more feminine applications. Leathers treated to emerge with silk qualites. They have a good drape, soft hand, and lusterious sheen. Texture is key word through out Exposed.


The top trim for the Heartless one is classic lace. Lace has the deceptive prowess to appear innocent, but can harbor cruel intentions.


Beauty Women We are seeing strong classic faces. It is all about the oxblood lips and heavy lashes. For the nails, something more sinister and dark. Instead of the tried and true black, we are seeing a shift in Navy blue. It is bold without expected. Heartless is all about the unexpexted and the drama that occurs. Key looks willl include soft ruffles, peak-a-boo slits, and fit and flare.



Beauty Men


For men, we are seeing a twist on the classic clean cut style. Slim fit pants are still popular. We are also seeing a rise in cropped pants. For hair, we are seeing clean done with a twist. The hair is fluffed for a messy appearance. The face is still clean shaven.


Home All hail to Diana Vreeland. The heartless crowd embrace the idea of being bold and full of drama. This has spilled over into the and white and red all over. Printed pillows and curtain plays off the serverity of the color blocked walls. This enhances the drama. Rules are there aren’t any rules. For the faint of heart, add a red sofa with a red and white accent pillows.




Cuba is a place that has always been known for it luxury and mystery. Politics have started to stablize. Now a focus have shifted to the emerging nightlife and rich history. The colorful energetic atmosphere and historic, distressed buildings are the perfect set set to the soundtrack of romance and mucsic for any good drama.



Trims and Accessories

The secret to Heartless is the accessories. The top accesseries will be envelope clutches and brow bow glasses. These will bring out the seductress out of anyone who wishes.


The top trim we saw on the streets of Millan was jewels and gemstone. The bigger and gautier the better. A perfect companion to your clutch and brow bow sunglasses.

The Murch or man cluch is also set to become more popular. It is a smaller version of the murse, but big enough to carry all of the essentails.


reach.CIt islarityhypnotic, takes place in the moment when the breaking point has been freeing and spiritual. It is a new set of eyes that opens us up to new possiblities. Out of the dark, comes light. In this trends our blacks work alongside vibrant, neon colors such as lime greens and fuchias. In Clarity, newfound knowledge is taken to the street. Our need to reach more into the East sees their street culture continuing their grasps on our interests. Its ok to question. Its time to explore.

n. The state of being easy to see, hear, or understand.





For prints, they also use a lot of geometic shapes. Instead of a printed pattern, Clarity moves towards cut out. They also look to a beveled effect. Having these patterns cut around to give a raised effect. Also we see a play on graphic prints and inspiration from stain glass.





Clarity looks at stretches and synthetics. They want more variety. They want more creative touches. The most popular material for them is neoprene. It is a synthetic that rose to fame for its use in wetsuits and recently in leggings and body con dresses. This winter it wil recieve another tranformation in the coats for the ones who seek and ponder.

Other fibers we are seeing are jersey blends, spandex, and cotton blends. A key to the Calrity trend is comfort and adaptability.


Beauty Women

We are seeing strong expressions uniqueness. We are seeing strong art faces. Neon pink and oranges for lips and eyes. Neon greens are popping up on eyes. Apparel is taking her cues from club and street culture. Exploration, experimentation, and curiosity defines Clarity.



Beauty Men

The Clarity man is just as bold the woman. We are seeing bight electric colors offset by neutrals. We are also seeing these colors worn both on the top and bottom as a set. For hair, the Clarity man is also venturing out in color, but he isn’t as willing to commit to all over color. He take a rich hue and wears it in chunky hiighlights. For the face, he is keeping his beard trimed low.





For the home, we see the same boldness. The walls are done in oversaturated colors like electric blue. If that is too much, stick with a paler blue, but let your furniture do the talking. Bright greens and blues with accent pillows of pinks makes a statement without being too overpowering.





For the one who seeks answers, Burma is the new place to go. Thier political stife have ceased leaving ancient temples open for contemplation. A bit of a warning to the tech geeks, Burma has limited internet access. For the shopiholics, Burma doesn’t have any ATMs. A colorful place to help stir a colorful soul.

It Girl Chloe Nordgaard

Who is Chloe? She is an American model,who has become known for her constant changing hair and tattoos. She is a true free spirit. He epitomize a carefree approach to life. She perfers reading to mindless clubing. She has become the face of Benetton.


Trims and Accessories

The top trim we see for Clarity is feathers in birhgt colors. We have seen this trim used on jackets, bags, and even tops. A big theme this year the extended summer. For accessories, it is all about the neon shoes and earrings. The shoes for ladies must be at least 6 inches. Height is everything.



Done D one takes place in struggle. The not knowing of where to belong or go. takes notes from both urban and rural influences. The clashing and mixing of the two. Prints that are inspired by the subway but also greenery. Done is for the people who find commonity with two opposing forces that must live together to be complete.

Done adj, Having been carried out or accompished; finished; worn out; exhausted





Prints will be be very graphic. They take inspiration from subway tile as well as cultural prints such as plaids.




MOst of the materials will be natural. There will be cottons, wools and hemps. They contrast the sythnetic cords and ropes of this group.


Beauty Women Beauty shows women paying more attention to what on the inside as well as the out. Organic prouduct flatlined for a bit. Now it will be in the forefront once again. Makesup show a perference to mineral makeup. Natural looking faces with a pop of color around the eyes. The key color is green! In nature colors of moss or evergreen. Hair is worn messy around the face. Key looks ifor clothing is slip dresses and a-line shapes in natural colors.



Beauty Men


For men’s beauty, we see a Grissly Adams look emerge. Influences of the Duck Dynasty culture is growing strong in subtle ways. Men are forgoing the razer and letting their locks grow. For the done man, he is investing in beard kits that allows him to constantly maintain his locks and keep them looking lustrious. Key looks for him is denium. There is a western influence that pulls him toward the yoke shirts.



ban. Taked Home is about the constant opposition between nature and urall that is urban and take it to nature. Treehouses and 50

houseboat get a new facelift. Why sacrifce luxury just to appeal to mother nature? Tree houses and houseboats stocked with rope and wicker furnishing. A great frame for the previous shabby chic craze.



Providence, France is the place for the artist within. It is composed of five regions. It is known for housing and being muse to artists such as Van Gogh. It is surrounded by fields of lavender and sunflowers.

Providence, France


It Girl Jessy Lanza

Who is Jessy? She is a native of Ontario, Canada. She brings a new take on R&B music. She beatboxes and experiments with synthesizers, giving a current medium a feel of the past while nodding to the future. She was recently discovered playing at the SXSW festival.


Trim and Accessories


LG lifeband counts steps, miles, and calories while playing music and keeping track of goals. This band connects to your phone via app. It shows your friends your activities.

The lastest accessories is merely a reinvention of a classic. The backpack or knapsack is functional and practical. It is a fixture in both urban and rural communities. Whats new about this is the treatment. We see the backpack getting a natural uplift with prints that invoke a mighty tree. We are seeing crochet trims and wooden beads and buttons on scarves, tops, and bags.


sire toMclaiminewhats is about our selfish desire to think only of ourselves. It is our derightfully ours. This is the result of us living this technolgy driven world. Who cares about reality when we can create a reality that suits us? We see this trend using stark color and painterly lines.

Pron. Something or someone belonging to or associated with me.





Patterns to look for are ink bots, checker prints and painter strokes. We see a 60’s mod revival still looming. We feeling that in 2015-16, these prints still be a hit. They will be used with colorblocking and slim lines to modernize them.



Materials We are seeing a flux of chambray, wools, wool mixes, and twills. This is a little lace being used but only as trim. We are also see thin knit sweaters. The look for Mine is about unclutter. It isn’t about chunky. It is about funtionality and starkness.



Beauty Women


Key looks for MIne is the sheath dress. The style lines are visible in a contrasting color. We are also seeing a continuation of colorblocking. We see the block done using shapes.

Key looks in beauty is simple hair either worn sleek or loose waves. For make up, strong metalic take on the smokey eye and pink lips are the take aways. To take this look to the next level, we see gold adornments. A little piece of gold goes a long way.


Beauty Men

What is the MIne man looking for? He wants layers. He wants functionality that doesn’t exclude his indiviuality. Key looks to watch out for are mixed media shirls. The bodice is made of one material while the sleeves are made of something else. In terms of hair and face, we are seeing the afro remaining strong. The fuller and more defined, the better.





The lastest craze in home is to think small. There is no reason to live in massive mansions. Those are no loger attention grabbing. To fully make an impact, you condense. We travelled to Canada and Scotland and saw this modern dwellings starting a revolution. Floor to ceiling glass snowcases your neutral home. This home plays into the green movement. It is floor the ceiling energy saving windows. The house pictured is only 93 square feet!


Travel Crimea, Ukraine Lately the only news about Ukraine. is grim and fully of strife. We are seeing the full effect politcal turmoil can attract. Upon our travels to Crimea, we noticed the lure of the harsh reality looked vibrant against the backdrop of their lush beaches and cliffs. We have noticed that former top spots like Paris and Rome are giving way for more exciting locales.




BMW Vision Future Luxury

My team and I travellled to China to grasp how cars and technolgy could progress. We found that the answer isn’t a trip the flying car. It is a reimagining of luxury. This beauty from BMW is currently still in the concept phase. There isn’t any word on whether it will ever make production. Key notes on this car is old luxiry features such as suicide doors. Newer innovations such as the interior is made of wood and carbon fiber breaths new life in to BMW.


What is so special about a bicycle? Bicycling has been hot for the past few years. They are recession proof. For health, they are a good source of cardio. For the environmentalist, they don’t give off any pollutants. They haven’t evolved much since their inception. NOw we are seeing hybred bicycles popping up. Their no chain configuration is baffling but genius. It comes in 4 different colors for the trendy.

Mando Footloose


Trim and Accessories

Ponce is an app that allows you to take a picture of an item and order it instantly. In a world that strives to finid to newest fastest way of getting something done, we see people gravitating towards this. A new way to turn your phone into your own personal shopper.


In terms of trims, exposed zippers and zipper trims are still in. We are also seeing a rise in buckles. They are very streamline and provide a flash of. This will lead to a possible collaboration.


you become Stay is opposite of Mine. It is selflessness. Giving so much of yourself another’s reality. The ties that bind. Like Clarity, it draws on some contemplation. What is the real you? Who are you? This trend futher see the spring being traslated for autumn and winter. Think pastels and floral meets frost.

adj, Having been carried out or accompished; finished; worn out; exhausted





We are seeing a continuation of the Spring prints for Summer. We are seeing alot of florals both scaled and small. They will be both graphic and watercolored. We are also seeing a ornamental work used in cut outs. This is a continuation of the very popular French style happening now.





We are seeing that light fabrics won’t truly hibernate until spring. We will different types or nets and novelty laces come into play. We see this trend gaining more momentum within the next few years. Just in case the weather gets too cold, we are seein piques move from sports and uniforms to everyone.




What is the “Stay� look? It is sleek. It is braided with a pale face and lip. The only pop of color is provided by the eyes. It reminds us of an angry ice queen. We will still see influences of the Disney movie Frozen. The key looks are laser cut details, flowy skirts, a-line and matching long jackets.



Beauty Men


We are seeing the wet look continues to rise in popularity. It is a resurgance of the metro gentlemen. To complete the look, the face must be clean. Some key scents to look for are sandelwood and lemongrass. In terms of looks, we are seeing lots of cowls. We are also seeing oversized coats and knee lenth knits. For accessories, fingerless is coming back. The perfect thought of hot and cool.



For a the home that is stuck in spring, pastels easily translates to a safe subdue choice for wall colors. To break up the monotony, we see accents being done in the same color group but a few shades darker. We are allso see bold pattern rugs done a shade darker but in the same color family. The furniture takes a more modern appoarch. Ottomans are round while accent tables are are done in a platform style. In terms of the the bedroom, the furniture is white and also in a platform style.



Fairbanks, Alaska



For 240 nights a years this forzen oasis comes to life with theiiir northern light show. Watch it from amoung the blankets of snow or in some of the world’s hottest warm springs. This beauty also snowcases rugged terrian. It is well-known for it hiking and canoeing. A place full of uncertainity and isolated, is perfect for the one who feels pulled along by stings. This one of our few spots that is located at home in the United States, this is perfect for the homesick or homeward bound. A play on the popular staycation.


It Festival Primivera Sound What is Primivera Sound? Also known as Primivera. It is a festival in Barcelona, Spain. There is also an edition called Optimus Primivera Sound that takes place in Porto, Portugal. The festival has an eclectic showcase. It is mostly set up as a venue to newly established artists. They cater to a wide range of genres such as hip hop, pop, elcetronic, jazz, metal, folk,and indie. Previous bands and artists to play were Arcade Fire, Pixies, The White Stripes, Neil Young, Pavement, The Cure, and The Smashing Pumpkins. There are about 8 stages and most are indoors. The festival takes place in the Parc del Forum.



Trim and Accessories


The newest technology will be the curved tv. It gives an isolated feel. It has a self healing back that makes it virtually indestructible.

The lastest trim is the toggle set. It is a mainstay in jewelry and home good, now it is rising in apparel. It will start off in belts and shoes. Soon the easygoing feeling will translate into jackets and dresses. Easy, simple closure that sends a huge message of separation and isolation.



Jessica Soles Trend Book  

Trend book for Trends class Autumn/Winter 2015/16.

Jessica Soles Trend Book  

Trend book for Trends class Autumn/Winter 2015/16.