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YOUR PERSONAL SHIPPER Mail & Package Concierge Services for Corporate Relocation Clients With the flurry of details and logistics connected to relocating an employee overseas, it is easy to understand why Expat mail is often overlooked. But for your overseas employees, US mail is more than a detail; their mail often represents an important connection to home. Proper handling of Expat mail can enhance the employee’s overseas experience and can increase productivity. Luckily, US Global Mail makes managing Expat mail easier than ever before. Our personalized Mail & Package Forwarding and Concierge service offer maximum privacy for your client’s overseas employees and takes the non-core activity of repackaging, forwarding and managing employee mail off the plate of HR and into the hands of the experts at US Global Mail. HOW EXPAT MAIL/ PACKAGE FORWARDING & CONCIERGE SERVICES WORK 1.) Employees are given a physical address (not a P.O. Box) in the US where their mail and packages will be received. 2.) A USGM concierge photographs and documents the dimensions of all mail/packages and uploads those to the employee’s private Virtual Mailbox. 3.) Employees log-on to their Virtual address Mailbox and view & manage mail via an easy-to-use Visual Dashboard.

4.) Using the dashboard, employees can see pictures of every item, request letter scanning, repacking, hold items for bundling, select shipping method and timing, discard the junk mail and track packages all with the click of a mouse. WHY USGM FOR CORPORATE RELOCATION COMPANIES? YOUR CLIENTS ARE LOSING MONEY DOING THIS IN-HOUSE Save your clients costly monthly expenses and opportunity costs associated with involving their staff in handling Expat mail, an activity outside their core competencies. International shipping formalities are only becoming more stringent, so this process is getting more difficult. Now is the time to adopt a new process.

YOU GAIN COMPETITIVE EDGE Be an innovator and increase your portfolio of services by providing an excellent solution for a thorny HR issue. Our game-changing Expat mail services are an innovative answer to what has, until now, been patched together efforts utilizing the time, resources and talent of company HR and their internal Mailroom. st

WE ARE THE EXPERTS. (the first two talk to the relo person- this one is 1 person usgm?) Our company has specialized in international mail for more than 10 years, we have developed and perfected technology that streamlines this process, eliminates error and provides transparency for both the Expat and the Company. After all, your clients rely on you to be a trusted advisor. By using trusted, experienced mail services professionals that focus on international mail, you show your commitment to your clients’ best interests.


Custom Relocation Portal Expense Tracker Easily track expenses through a user-friendly visual dashboard

Carrier Options & Discounts Clients and employees can take advantage of multiple carrier options and enjoy volume discounts Set Spending Limits Clients can set budgets per employee to help keep costs down Custom Reports Keep track of employee activations and monthly charges via customized reports

White Labeled Services This service is for great for relocation companies who wish to offer USGM services under their own umbrella. Options are fully customizable based on each client’s unique needs.

Referral Discount Programs Companies and employees benefit from a low pre-negotiated rate for the service simply by using the company’s referral code. WHY HR AND GLOBAL MOBILITY SPECIALISTS LOVE OUR SERVICE

Removes Liability and Compliance headaches Leave all worries about being in compliance with complicated shipping requirements. Stay clear of employee privacy concerns by outsourcing this function to the experts at US Global Mail. Never have to worry about a company shipment to Saudi Arabia being held in customs because there’s Pokémon toys in an expat’s package!

Increases Efficiency and Savings Eliminate the costly and time-consuming non-core activity of forwarding employee mail from your workload and your mailroom by outsourcing. Free up your internal mailroom and alleviate unnecessary receiving, sorting, repackaging and forwarding. Let employees manage and pay for their mail and shipments to reduce costs.

A Proactive Way to Add Innovative Benefits Your clients rely on you as a trusted advisor. By using experienced mail professionals that only focus on international mail solutions, you demonstrate your commitment to researching the best service providers and looking out for their interests. Extending unique and valuable benefits to your employees like USGM’s

Mail & Package Concierge Services will help boost employee moral, and productivity.

Complete Control and Transparency Our customized and fully transparent visual dashboard gives you complete control and a 360-degree view. Allocate spending limits and track expenses, generate reports and manage resources more efficiently.

Work with Experts We specialize in worldwide mail and package services. This is our primary business and we have been in business for more than a decade. We are a real company, not just an online storefront. We have names, backgrounds and phone numbers and we are members of Worldwide ERC and the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Rest assured that a mail concierge is always available to address concerns and take immediate action.

Timely Mail and Privacy for Employees Mail is a private and personal thing. Employees may be getting prescriptions, personal goods, specialty food items and clothing to maintain their lifestyle; subscribing to trade journals & magazines; receiving personal mail like notices from the IRS and other Federal and State Tax notices, that they don’t necessarily want others to see. We believe that they should be afforded this privacy. USGM’s mail and package service ensures timeliness and privacy for Expats.

ABOUT US We are worldwide mail and package-forwarding experts that specialize in providing personalized, technologically advanced, and private expat mail concierge services. USGM works with individuals, travelers, corporate relocation companies, HR, and small businesses to streamline, demystify, and provide access to the US market and US mail. CALL US TODAY TO SET UP A FREE DEMO FOR YOU, OR YOU AND YOUR CLIENT!

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With the flurry of details and logistics connected to relocating an employee overseas, it is easy to understand why Expat mail is often over...